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Full text of "A French and English dictionary : with indication of pronunciation, etymologies, and dates of earliest appearance of French words in the language"

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2011 with funding from 
Brigham Young University 







Professor of Romance Languages in the University of Nebraska, author of various works 
in Romance, Germanic, and Sanskrit philology 



Of the High Schools of Chicago, formerly Adjunct Professor in the University of Nebraska 



Copyright, 1901, 







Modern study of living languages does not yield in thor- 
oughness to that of the classical. Yet, while the more scholarly 
Latin and Greek dictionaries used in America are quickened with 
the results of recent philological research, no dictionary of a mod- 
ern language (saving, conditionally, Whitney's German) is calcu- 
lated to satisfy the philological student in the college, much 
less in the graduate school. That there is need of a more scho- 
lastic work in this line may therefore be asserted without any 
implied disparagement whatever of various practical dictionaries, 
excellent within their own sphere. This need is especially pro- 
nounced for a language which, like the French, can be traced, in the 
main, to its source by every student of Latin, and the historical study 
of which may thus be to him both a valuable discipline and a 
practical aid. 

It is in this belief that we have endeavored to prepare a 
work embodying : 

I. A scholarly and yet thoroughly practical French-English 
dictionary, founded upon the highest modern authorities, and 
embodying a measurably complete list of modern and obsolescent 
French words with their pronunciation, derivation, and earliest 
occurrence in the language, as well as their meanings and less 
obvious uses; and 

II. An English-French dictionary serving the purposes of 
French composition and speaking, and containing a sufficient 
amount of modern and archaic words with their pronunciation, 
and etymologically arranged, to serve the French student of 

These general features of the present work are more fully 
explained below. 


1. Authorities. The main authorities relied upon have been 
Hatzfeld-Darmesteter-Thomas' "Dictionnaire general de la langue 
française" (to fascicule 28), and Littre's "Dictionnaire de la langue 



française." But various other lexical works, such as Scheler's 
Spiers', Thibaut's, Sachs', Roubaud's (Heath's), Webster's an 
the Standard dictionaries have been used, and "Romania" an 
"Zeitschrift der romanischen Philologie" consulted for the mos 
recent philological suggestions. 

2. Yocahulary. Without any claim to completeness, unattain 
able by even far bulkier works, this dictionary nevertheless 
contains a much greater number of French words than ordinary 
school dictionaries of its size; and many of these words, recently 
become current, are wanting in most large lexical works. Th 
words have not been compiled promiscuously, but selected on th 
joint authority of Hatzfeld-Darmesteter-Thomas (which bids fai 
to be the standard dictionary of France) and Littré. Very fe 
words contained in the former work have been omitted, bu 
several not found there are included. Numerous proper nouns o 
somewhat unfamiliar form, but of ordinary occurrence, have als 
been given in the general alphabetical list. The important dis 
tinction between living and obsolete words has been indicated 
throughout by the use of a dagger (t) before the obsolete. 

3. Irregular forms of inflection have been noted, and where 
it seemed advisable (as for the principal parts of the simple irregulai 
verbs) in alphabetical order. The full conjugation of each irregulai 
verb is given either directly where the verb occurs, or by reference, 

4. Of French idioms^ all that are self-explaining have, as a 
rule, been omitted as mere chaff, hiding the grains that are sought 
It is different in the French-English part, where any idiomatic? 
turn of an ordinary expression deserves notice. 

5. Pronunciation. Regarding pronunciation, this workj 
though using a wholly independent system of presenting it, ha^' 
otherwise followed, in the main, that of Hatzfeld-Darmesteter- 
Thomas. Only an exceptional use has been made of Michaelis- 
Passy's pronouncing vocabulary, which was not published before 
our work was nearing its completion. Fortunately the discrepancies 
between the two great authorities are not serious, and the advantage 
of following in the main one of them will be readily recognized. 

The pronunciation of each word is denoted directly, without 
special transliteration, by the aid of subscript diacritical marks 
for the less common sounds. The student knowing that all signs 
above a letter (and the cedilla) are French, and all other 
conventional, will feel at home at once. A glance at th 




P'rench words will show that they are not marred in clearness 
by this unobtrusive marking, while their pronunciation stands out 
from the more or less unphonetical spelling, forcing itself upon 
the attention of the student, who is apt to neglect phonetic respell- 
ings. To avoid such complexity and minuteness of marking as 
would necessarily defeat its own purpose, some few finer shades 
of utterance, as especially the distinction between long and semi-long 
quantity, more or less uncertain and wavering (somewhat differ- 
ently treated by the two works referred to above, and left 
undistinguished in Victor's "Fonetik"), have been omitted. The 
Key to our plan of marking the pronunciation is found at the 
end of the preface (p. xi). 

6. Dérivation. The immediate etymological derivation of 
every French word is given, as far as known, within brackets (or, 
in case of direct French derivation, indicated, where alphabeti- 
cally feasible, by their place under the source-word). When 
the derivation is unknown or questionable, this is denoted by 
an interrogation-mark, alone or before a suggested etymology. 
Hypothetical etymologies are only sparingly resorted to, because 
in a work of this kind cautious reserve is preferable to guessing. 
Besides the immediate source of the French word, a yet re- 
moter source is also denoted in parenthesis whenever this 
seems advisable in order to explain the present meaning of 
the French word, or to point out a Latin word apt to be more 
familiar to the student than the immediate source-word. This 
:;econd word is chosen without reference to its immediate or more 
remote antecedency to the first. The meaning of the Latin word, 
whenever deviating from the French, is given. It is an ana- 
chronism to suppose every student to know Latin, and the 
etymologies are calculated for all students. For a like reason 
Greek words are transliterated. Popular Latin source-words 
postulated by philologists are, as usual in such cases, preceded 
by an asterisk. Instead of the accusative, from which the French 
nouns, etc., are ordinarily derived, the Latin nominative is given. 
This will not trouble the Latin student, while it will serve other 
tudents who may wish to know, in its ordinary form, the Latin 
'word from which the French is derived. Latin prototypes of 
rimitive French words (words marked °) have their long vowel 
^quantities marked : the popular Latin forms, again for practical 
ends, without consideration of their gradual surrender of long 



quantities, and exchange of quantitative for qualitative differences 
(a conversion easily made by the student of French phonetics). 

7. Principles of arrangement. The dictionary is entirely 
alphabetical. Kindred words following each other are grouped 
together. This for three reasons: first, as a means to furnish a 
valuable aid of association in acquiring the language, and foster 
the etymological sense; second, to avoid needless repetition of 
etymologies; third, to save space. This grouping will in nowise 
impede the ready use of the dictionary, since the words of each 
group stand out boldly, and there is a time-saving element in the 
very grouping, which provides for a rapid passing from one set of 
forms to another. 

The first word of each group is given in full; the following 
words are abbreviated as far back as practicable. The division 
is marked by a rolled hyphen ( ^ ) for the head- word of the 
group, and by an ordinary hyphen ( - ) for the other words. 
Besides, to aid the eye in finding the head-word within the group 
— for it is not necessarily the first word, but the word under 
which the etymology is especially treated — it is preceded by 
double bars ( II ) . 

In the division of words, the principles of spelling, pronun- 
ciation and space-saving have been reconciled as far as practicable, 
to the exclusion of a more etymological division, which is in- 
compatible with them, and superfluous in view of the special 
statement of etymologies everywhere. 

The words are not grouped with reference to immediate deriva- 
tion from one another, which would have necessitated very nu- 
merous groups, but simply, and as far as it has seemed advisable, 
with reference to near relationship of some kind. Hence the 
head-word of the group, though often the actual source-word 
from which the others are derived, may be simply the word 
lying, on the whole, farthest back of them all, or best suited 
for explaining the etymology of the group. Yet every word not 
directly derived from that head-word, has its immediate etymo- 
logical source indicated. The student will thus find not merely 
helpful etymological suggestions, but an historically exact etymology 
a» far as known, for every French word, enabling him to use the 
dictionary for scientific purposes, if desirable. 

8. Date of occurrence. In addition to the etymology of the 
French words, their earliest occurrence in the language is also 


indicated. Words of popular Latin origin, brought into Gaul 
directly by the Romans (often identical with their classical 
types), are followed by a small circle; those introduced later, from 
whatever source, by an exponent number denoting the century 
of their earliest authenticated appearance in the language {e. g. 
abîiue° =' abîme, of direct popular Latin origin'; abat^^= 'abat, 
first known appearance in 1500-1599'). The philological value of 
this information needs no demonstration. 

9. Definitions, The definitions of the French words, though 
not exhaustive, cover all the ordinary meanings, and to a consider- 
able extent also such as are more exceptional or technical. The 
aim has been, especially for other than source-words, to give 
distinct varieties of meaning rather than mere synonyms, which 
the student may readily make out for himself. The definitions 
are arranged, as far as it has seemed practical, in the sequence of 
their historical development, and always so as to show their inter- 
relation. Such definitions as for instance être^ "be, belong, have," 
etc. — found in much used school- dictionaries — are bewildering 
and uninstructive to the student, especially where his grammar 
furnishes no key to them, which it does in the instance quoted. 

An attempt has frequently been made — though, as not ar- 
ranged for from the beginning, with some discordance for different 
letters — to indicate the true relation between French and English 
cognates or equivalents overlapping each other in meaning, by 
parenthesising after the English the meanings covered also by 
the French, thus aiding the student not only in selecting the 
appropriate rendering, but also in appreciating an interesting 
correlation (cf. abandon, fourche, goutte, gousset, œil, etc.). 

English cognates, from whatever source, when not evident at 
first sight, are in small capitals, but only once and under the 
French source-word, provided an English cognate occurs there, 
and in a form suflâciently suggestive also for derivative words, 
To denote perfect identity of form, English cognates written 
like the French are denoted simply by the sign = . 


This part of the dictionary, though more immediately based 
on previous works of a similar scope and purpose than the first, 
is arranged, however, like it, to show the etymological kinship of 


the words, as well as their pronunciation. The requirements of 
pronunciation and accentual variation have at times necessitated 
a less rigorous and complete grouping of related words than in 
the first part. Except as suggested by the etymological grouping, 
and by French cognates (found for more than half of the English 
words), no etymologies have been given, as it would generally 
lead to sources unknown by the ordinary student of this part 
of the work. 

As regards pronunciation, the principle of subscript signs 
for sounds deviating from the ordinary has been followed also 
here, except for the tone-vowel, which always has a sign over 
it, this being the easiest way of denoting the shifting English 
accent. To avoid a confusing multitude of signs, the many varying 
shades of toneless vowels are marked only when distinctly deviating 
from the ordinary or neutral sound (cf. further the table below), 
and the palatal n only when the following g is silent. Though 
the marking might have been more detailed here, the greater 
gain has seemed to be attained on the whole by greater simplicity; 
and it is believed that any one familiar with the rudiments of 
English pronunciation will be amply helped by the system here 

The work on this dictionary has been divided between its 
authors in such a way that Mr. Edgren, besides its general plan- 
ning, has prepared the letters A, D, E (part of this letter with 
the assistance of Dr. M. Osterholm), G, H, I, J, K, O, Q, R, T, 
U, V of the French-English Part, and all of the English-French 
Part; and Mr. Burnet the letters B, C, F, L, M, N, P, S, W, X, 
Y, Z of the French-English Part. 

If, in spite of frequent conferences on all points of detail, 
some discrepancies are found in the execution, it is believed that 
they are all of minor consequence. And the authors now submit 
their work to the public in the hope that, though it have not 
attained a result adequate to their aim, nor their liberal outlay 
of time and labor, it may, however, contribute its share to both 
a practical and scholastic study of a language of the greatest 
cultural and philological interest. 

August, 1900. 

Hjalmar Edgren. 
Percy B. Burnet. 



1^=* As no description of linguistic sounds, however detailed, can satisfactorily 
teach to the student untrained in phonetics their reproduction, the subjoined list gives 
but the briefest hints of the approximate English equivalents of the French sounds. 
The best way of acquiring their exact utterance is to learn from a competent person 
the pronunciation of the French key-words in the list. 

1. All signs above a letter, and the cedilla (^), are genuine French signs, and not 
to be considered in the pronunciation, except for é, which is constantly = e, and ç, 
always = s. 

2. Other signs are conventional, to denote pronunciation. 

3. Short quantity is unmarked. Long is marked by the usual long quantity mark 
placed below its vowel(s), and above any other subscript sign (cf. 8 below). Medial 
quantity is unmarked (cf. Preface, p. vii); but the student may remember that a long 
thematic accent-vowel is ordinarily semi-long in a protonic syllable (rose, rosé). 

4. Silent letters are in heavy italics (e.g. les = le, dette = dett, an = a, 
title = fil, élever = élve). 

5. French always accents the last or only fully pronounced vowel of the word 
(donne' r, a'me). 

6. The pronunciation of the repeated part of the first word of a group applies to 
all the words of the group, observing that long quantity belongs only to accent syl- 
lables (cf. § 3). 

Observing these principles, our system of marking the French pronunciation is as 
follows : 

7. SIMPLE VOWELS (cf. §§ 1, 3, above) 

a = open a of Eng. calf (Webster) : la, à (§ 1) 

a = close a (nearly as in Eng. far) : "bas (4), âme (1, 4) 

a = nasal a (a with nasal resonance) : an, danse (3) 

e = open e in Eng. me^ ; mette, même (1, 3) 

e or é = close e (approaching e in they; e of Germ. 

sehr, but short) : donner (4, 5), été 

E (*e mute') = e in Eng. proclitic the: 1e, mEner* (4, 5) 

e = nasal open e (e with nasal resonance) : bien 

e = a, above : en, vendre (3) 

i = i in Eng. pique : il, île (1, 3) 

= i in Eng. piano, before vowel : fier, bien 

i = i'y (or i) : prier, étrier 

i = e, above : vin, mjnee (3) 

o = open (as in Germ, soil; in Paris approaching u 

of Eng. bun) : bonne 

o = close (in Eng. no, without glide) : nos, cçte (1, 3) 

o = nasal o (o with nasal resonance) : on, Londre (3) 



u := Germ, ii (Eng. i with rounded lips) : du, une, mur (1, 3) 

= same sound, slightly dimmed, before vowel : . . . lui, tua 

u = u in Eng. guano (Eng. w): guano, quadrat 

u =^ nasal Fr. eu (eu, cf. below, with nasal resonance) : . un, Innd 

y = Ft. i (of. above) : y, analyse (3) 

y = nasal 1 (cf. above) : syntaxe, n^ntphe (3) 

8. VOWEL- COMPOUNDS (cf. §§ 1, 3, above) 

ai = open Fr. e (cf. above) : fait, paître (1, 3) 

an = open Fr. o (cf. above) : Paul, centaure (3) 

an = close Fr. o (cf. above) : an, aane (3) 

ay = Fr. è-y: pay®^ (pè-yé) 

ei = open Fr. e (cf. above) : peine, reitre (3) 

en = open Fr. e with rounded lips (Germ, open o; near u 

in Eng. fur): seul, jeune (1, 3) 

eu = Fr. eu, close (Germ, close o) : feu, heur^se (3) 

oi (not 0Î) = Eng. wa- in wag (Fr. oua,) : moi, boire (3) 

oi = Eng. wa- in wattle (Fr. oua.) : bqis, croître (1, 3) 

oi = Fr. oi ("«ri, Eng. w): moins, moindre (3) 

ou = Eng. 00 in /ooi (long /ooZ): foule, épouse (3) 

= Eng. w, before vowel : oui 

çy = Eng. wà'y- (Fr. oi'y) • '97»! 

•qj = Fr. ui'y- : fuyard 

In other vowel-compounds, unless differently marked, each, or the extra, vowel has 
its own sound (slightly dimmed as initial): noël, 7ta-ïr, a-éré ; -ehi-ourme, lu-eur, 
lon-er; on-i. 


These, as already indicated (§ 3, and in the examples above), are denoted by the 
sign _ placed below the vowel (s), but above the subscript sign: a, q^ (4)» $; «(©,§), 
ftf e, etc. ; ai ; en, q^, etc. 


Those not given below are pronounced as in English, observing that mutes before 
a vowel are less forcible, but before another consonant more distinct than in English ; 
and that d, t are more dental. 

"b = jp: absolu 

= A:; car 

•c (ç) = «; i-ci, ça 

■cb = Eng. sh: .... «baqne, co-ebe 

g = ^ in Eng. go: gai, gnet 

g = Eng. z in azure: .... gene 
b silent, for ' h aspirate ' : . . beros 
j == z in Eng. azure: .... je, jour 

1 = j/inEng. 2/ow; . taiUer, bétail, 


n = Eng. iCy- (but n pala- 
tal) : aj/neau, rec/ne 

q = A;; qtti, -ebaqne 

r = dental trill (stage r); or 

uvular r (about as 

Germ, ch in ach; in 

Paris, etc.) : . . . rpse, parler 

8 = sharp s: son 

s = s of Eng. as (very sonant) : rçse 

t = s; nation 

X =: gz: eacil 



Attendu qu'aucune description de sons linguistiques, quelque détaillée qu'elle 
soit, ne pourrait les enseigner entièrement à l'étudiant sans connaissances phonétiques, 
la liste ci-dessous ne donne que quelques indications approximatives de la nature des 
sons anglais. Pour les connaître parfaitement il faudra bien apprendre les exemples 
anglais de la liste. 

1. Le son de la voyelle tonique (accentuée) est marqué au-dessus d'elle. Les 
autres signes de prononciation sont en règle placés au-dessous de leur lettre (excepté 
pour -c, tih^.v^y. plus bas) : accumulate. 

2. Les lettres muettes sont imprimées en italiques grasses : able, fatten, 
Hhôugh, chronique, 

3. Les voyelles atones non marquées se prononcent comme celles de signe court 
(a, é, etc.), quoique moins distinctement, s'approchant souvent de Ye muet en français 
(ainsi dans les désinences -er, -or, -ar, -on, -or ou -our). Celles qui ont un signe se 
prononcent comme les voyelles toniques du même signe, mais moins distinctement, et en 
général sans l'appendice glissant ("glide") de celles-ci. 

4. L'accent anglais, ordinairement descendant, est variable, et ne porte que rare- 
ment sur la dernière syllabe. Il est plus énergique que l'accent français, obscurcissant 
ainsi plus ou moins renonciation nette des syllabes atones. 

5. La prononciation des mots repétés n'est pas marquée, excepté pour des raisons 

Observant ces principes, voici notre système de désigner la prononciation anglaise : 


a (aton. a) = a de la (français), tirant sur è: . . . àt; attain (§ 1) 

â (a) = ci (é glissant en i, § 3) : aie, f âin ; emulate (1, 2) 

à = de Za; àsk, dàn-ee 

a = de bas, plus guttural : art, father ; ârcâ'de 

à (a) = a angl., tirant sur au ouvert : àll ; although 

à = ô anglais : was, qnality 

â = ai défaire: câre, fâir 

ë (e) = e de mette (e -\- r =^ e muet) : .... met, letter 

ê (e) ^ î d'île: mê, seen; concrete 

ê =: â anglais : pr©l/, vein 

è = â anglais : liière, ^èir 

é (e) = eu de leur: érr, ëarn; fertility 

ëw = you: few 

ï (i) =1 i d'iZ, tirant sur é; ït, bitter; cabin 

i (1) = ày anglais : • . . mine, aisle ; idêa 

î — î d'île: pîqxte, mien 

i (i) = ê (e) anglais : f îr, bird ; tapir 

ô (o) = de /oWe, tirant sur â angl. : odd, f ôUy ; oppress 

ô (o) = de rose, glissant en om, § 3) : .... rose, rôam ; poetic (3) 

ô == à angl. (ou tirant sur ô angl.) : . . . . ôrb ; môrtà'lity 

ô = en donne (Paris) = ù angl. : . . . . done, love 

ô (o) = ou long de blouse : move, fôol ; hecatomb 

6 = ou bref défoule wolf, foot 

ô = é anglais : work, world 



oi = à'y anglais : oil 

ÔU, Ô-W = an anglais: foul, oiirl 

Ù (u) = de donne (Paris : o bref tirant sur eu) : . up, bût ; submit 

qn = kn (k\ir) anglais : quarrel, conquest 

ù (u) =: you (après d, t, s, l, presque = ou) : . . use, pure, dûke ; unite 

n = ô anglais : rule, ruin 

ù (u) =: ou hreî de foule : fùU, hateful 

û (u) = ë anglais : nrn, overturn 

y (y) = ï (i) anglais : mystic, pity 

y (y) = i (i) anglais : style ; mystify 


Les consonnes omises de la liste se prononcent en pratique comme en français. 
Observez pourtant que les plosives {k, t,p; g, d, h) sont énoncées avec plus d'emphase 
(d'aspiration) devant une voyelle, mais moins distinctement devant une autre consonne ; 
que les sonnantes (g, d, &, v, z) finales sont moins sonnantes qu'en anglais ; et que d, t 
sont formés contre le palais antérieur. 

c = k: cart 

« = s de son: -cell 

ç = cA en cher: ferocious 

ch = tek (le tout plus pa- 
latal): . ckap, ckest, ckurck 
■ek = sk anglais : -ckarâde 

g = ^ de garde: gâme 

S = j anglais: g^m^ gist 

il = h, distinctem. aspiré : kâve 

j =: dj- d'adjoint (mais j 
plus uni, et plus pa- 
latal) : jôke 

n = 71 formé contre le pa- 
lais postérieur : . . songr, lôviuf/ 

q^ ^ k qu =: A;ou : ... pîqwe; quest 

r, non roulé, formé contre le 
palais antérieur; (après 
une voyelle lougue, r 

= 6"r; dans le Sud 
de l'Angleterre -r final 
est tombé): rôU, rear, fâtker 

s = s de son: sell 

s =: s de rose: as, rose 

s = c^ de cher: sûre 

s z=z j de jour : pleasure 

sk = ch de cher: skè, skûn 

t = c^ de cher: option 

t = ck anglais : question 

tk =: i avec la pointe de 
la langue entre les 

dents : tkin 

ih. =: th angl., sonore : . . tkë, kaike 
■w = ^^, (-wk = ^o^) : . . -was ; wkist 

X = gz: exist 

X z= k'sh angl. : anxious 

z = s angl. ; , 4znre 


(Explanation in French added where needed.) 

abbr., abbreviation. 

adj., adjective. 

adv., adverb. 

agri., agriculture. 

alch., alchemy. 

alg., algebra. 

Am., American. 

anat., anatomy. 

antiq., antiquity. 

Ar., Arabic. 

arch., architecture. 

arith., arithmetic. 

art., article. 

artil., artillery. 

astrol., astrology. 

astron., astronomy. 

auxil., auxiliary. 

bot., botany. [gion. 

Cath. rel.. Catholic reli- 

earp., carpentry, charpen- 

chem., chemistry, chimie. 

coll., collective. 

com,., commerce. 

conj., conjunction. 

cook., cookery, cuisine. 

dial., dialectic. 

dy., dyeing, teinture. 

êcc, ecclesiastical. 

ech{oic), onomatopoetic. 

Eng(l)., English. 

engr., engraving, gravure. 

ent., entomology. 

exc, exclamation. 

/., feminine. 

fam,., familiar. 

fenc, fencing, escrime. 

fig., figuratively, au figuré. 

fin., finance. 

fort., fortification. 

Fr., French. 

Fut., Future. 

gard., gardening, jardi- 

geol., geology. 

geom., geometry. 

Ger{m)., German, alle- 

Germ'c, Germanic. 

Gr., Greek. 

her., heraldry, blason. 

hist., history. 

horl. or horol., horology. 

hort.y horticulture. 

hunt., hunting, chasse. 

hydr., hydraulics. 

ichth., ichthyology. 

im,p., impersonal. 

Ind., Indicative. 

indecl., indeclinable. 

intr., intransitive. 

interj., interjection. 

iron., ironically. 

Ipf., Imperfect. 

irr., irregular. 

It., Italian. 

I've, Imperative. 

jest., jestingly, par plai- 

jur., jurisprudence. 

L., Latin. 

leg., legal. 

lit., literature. 

I. L., late Latin (vulgar or 

log., logic. 

m,., masculine. 

mam., mammalogy. 

man., manege. 

manu., manufacture. 

mar., marine. 

math., mathematics. 

mec. or mech., mechanics. 

med., medicine. 

metal., metallurgy. 

mil{it)., military art. 

min., mineralogy. 

mot., mollusk. 

mus., music. 
myth., mythology. 

n., noun-substantive, nom 

nav., naval. 
OFr., old French, ancien 

opt., optics. 
or ni., ornithology. 
P., Past. 

paint., painting. 
part., participle. 
pers., person. 
pharm., pharmacy. 
philos., philosophy. 
phys., physics, physique, 
pi., plural. 
p. L., popular Latin. 
poet., poetic. 
pol., politics. 
pop., popular. 
Pr., Present. 
pref., prefix. 
prep., preposition. 
Prêt., Preterit. 
print., printing, imprime- 
pron., pronoun, pronom-. 
prov., proverb. 

refl., reflexive. 

rel., religion. 

rhet., rhetoric. 

Sansk., Sanskrit. 

sculpt., sculpture. 

s{inç)., singular. 

Subj., Subjunctive. 

Swed., Swedish. 

Span., Spanish. 

surg., surgery, chirurgie. 

Syr., Syriac. 

tech., technology. 

theat., theatre. 

theol., theology. 

tr., transitive. 

triv., trivial. 

vet., veterinary art. 

zo'ol., zoology. 

t, obsolete word or meaning. 

", of popular Latin origin (brought directly by the Romans). 
*, ^°, etc., 10th, 11th, etc., century (first authenticated appearance). 
* before a word, hypothetical form. 
II, sign to help find the source-word within a group. 

'*', division-sign of the source-word of a group (showing primary etymology). 
-, division-sign of other than source-words. 

=, abbreviation -mark for féminines and plurals, without reference to ordinary 
division (^, -). 

-, French hyphen between compounds. 





Fr. c. 





1 00 
3 00 

3 00 

4 00 

5 00 
G 00 

7 00 

8 00 

9 00 

10 00 

11 00 
13 00 

13 00 

14 00 

15 00 

16 00 

17 00" 

18 00 

19 00 
30 00 

ë 2 

o OJ 

S c. 









1 00 
1 30 
1 40 
1 60 

1 80 
3 00 
3 30 
3 40 

2 GO 

2 80 

3 00 
3 30 
3 40 
3 60 

3 80 

4 00 


Mètre (ten-millionth part of the arc of a ) 
meridian between the pole and the equa- >- 33808992 feet, 
tor) S 

Décamètre (10 metres) 3-3-808993 feet. 

Kilomètre (1,000 metres) 1093633 yards. 

Myriamètre (10,000 metres) 6 3138 miles. 


Décimètre (10th of a metre) 3-937079 inches. 

Centimètre (100th of a metre) 39371 inch. 

Millimètre (1,000th of a metre) 03937 inch. 


Are (100 square metres) 0*098845 rood. 

Hectare (10,000 square metres) 3"471143 acres. 

Centiare (1 square metre) 1196033 square yard 


Litre (1 cubic decimetre) 1*760773 pint. 

Décalitre (10 litres) 3-2009668 gallons. 

Hectolitre (100 litres) ] 22.^9668 gallon^s^or 

Kilolitre, mètre cube (1,000 litres) ] ^S?f g^-ll^" ee|; 

Décilitre (10th of a litre) 0176 pin*.. 

Centilitre (100th of a litre) 0176 pint. 


( 1*31 cubic yard or 

Stère (1 cubic metre) ■< 35 cubic feet, 547 

( cubic inches. 

Décastêre (10 stères) ] ^^l cubuj jards^S^ 

T-iA •^4.- /m+i, ^# „ e.+«^^^ J 3 cubic feet. 918*7 

Décistere (10th of a stere) j cubic inches. 


Gramme (weight of a cubic centimetre of ) 

water in its state of maximum density or V 15*433349 grains troy. 

S9è Fahrenheit or 4 degrees centigrade).. ) 

Di-'cagramme (10 grammes) 5*6438 drams avoird. 

TT A ^ nnf\ „^«^^^o^ i 3*537 07. avoird. or 

Hectogramme (100 grammes) -j 3.2154 oz. troy. 

„., /wvnn ^^ ^\ j 3*2046215 lb. avoird. o? 

Kilogramme (1,000 grammes) -J 2-(î79327 lb. troy. 

Quintal métrique (50 Icilogrammes) 110*231 lb. avoird. 

Millier, tonneau de mer (500 kilogrammes) 9 cwt. 94 Ib 5 oz. 

Tonne (1,000 kilogrammes) 19 cwt. 86 Ib. 10 oz. 

Decigramme (lOth of a gramme) 1*.54'32 grain. 

Centigramme (lOOth of a gramme) 0-1543 grain. 

Milligramme (l,000th of a gramme) 0015433 grain. 


0° Centigrade Melting ice 32° Fahrenheit. 

100° do. Boiling water 312° do. 

0° Reaumur Melting ice 33° do. 

80° do. Boiling water 313" do. 

* The " par " of French Exchange in New York is 5 francs to the dollar. It fluctuates 
by eighths of centimes. Perhaps the most frequent quotation is 5.13>è, which makes 
the franc represent $0.19512192. 



a pj.], m.; a (the letter). 

à" [L. ad, to], prep.: to, till, until; to- 
wards ; at, on, in ; with, by ; for ; per. 

a-, ab- [L. ah, from, or ad, * to,' or Fr. à, 
to] : prefix. 

abais-se^^, /.; flattened dough, crust, 
under-crust. -se-langi/e-^*^, m.: (surg.) 
tongue-depressor, -semeut^^, m.: low- 
ering, depression ; abasement (degrada- 
tion ; humiliation) ; decline (fall, dip ; de- 
crease); subjection. H^ser^^ [baisser], 
tr. : lower, depress ; abase (degrade, de- 
base ; humiliate, humble) ; reduce, level, 
cut down ; lop ; disparage ; s' — , be low- 
ered ; fall (subside, decrease ; abate, de- 
cline); humble one's self (stoop), -seur^^, 
771. ; depressor ; (anat.) dépriment. 

fabait = abet. 

abajoue^'^ [? la bajoue],/.: cheek-pouch 
(of certain animals), chop, chap. 

abalourdir ^^ [balourd], tr. : make heavy ; 
dull (stupefy). 

abaii-doït^'^, m.; abandonment (sur- 
render, relinquishment) ; surrender of 
self, hence abandon (unconstraint, ease ; 
recklessness) ; f orlornness : à V — , at 
random ; in confusion ; uncared for, un- 
protected, in utter neglect ; to wreck 
and ruin; {nav.) adrift, -donnataire^^, 
m.: person to whom property is as- 
signed, assignee, releasee. -donné, 
part.: abandoned, etc.; reckless, forlorn; 
dissolute (lewd, profligate); m.,f.: reck- 
less or forlorn creature, etc. -donne- 
ment^^, m.: abandonment (surrender, 
renunciation) ; recklessness, profligacy. 
t-donnément ^^, adv. : unreservedly 
(freely); recklessly. || -"donner^* [à, 
OFr. bandon, 'power'], tr.: surrender, 
give up ; abandon (forsake, desert) ; re- 
lease ; s' — , give one's self up (to), become 
addicted, indulge ; neglect one's self, be 
careless ; prostitute one's self, lead a dis- 
solute life ; begin to walk unaided ; slacken 
one's pace. 

abaqwe^^ [L. abacus, counting-board], 
m.: abacus. 

abasourdir ^"^ [fr. sourd, like abalourdir 
fr. lourd], tr.: stun, dumfound. 

aba-t^^ [-ttre],m.: ffelling ; thing felled, 
offal ; downpour, -tage ^^ [-ttre], m, : f ell- 


ing, cutting down ; clearance ; slaughter ; 
leaning down, tendency to fall ; work 
knocked down (quantity of work done) : 
vente à V — , sales of wares spread out on 
the pavement, -tant^^ [-tire], m.: (piece 
falling upon another, as) flap, falling- 
door, shutter. 

abâtar^dir^^ [bâtard], tr.: render de- 
generate, debase, corrupt (akin to, but 
differing in sense from bastardise). 
-dissemeiit ^^, m.: degeneracy. 

aba-tée^^, /. ; {nav.) falling off leeward. 
-t-faim^'^, m. ; fore-dish (esp. joint of 
meat), -t-toin^^, m.: hay-hole (to a 
rack), loft-trap, -tis^^, m.: felling, cut- 
ting down ; killing ; thing felled : fallen 
heap ; (fort.) abatis ; giblets ; (hunt.) foil- 
ing, -t-jour^^, m, ; (what brings down 
the light, as) sky- light, small window; 
reflector, lamp-shade ; (what softens or 
turns off the light, as) window blind or 
shade, Spanish blind ; awning, -t-son-^^, 
TO.; sound-reflector (over church bells), 
louvre-window, -ttement^^, to.; ftear- 
ing down ; dejection, depression ; prostra- 
tion ; weakness, -tteur ^^, to. ; knocker- 
down, feller ; slaughterer : — de besogne, 
hard worker; — de quilles, busy pre- 
tender, -ttoir ^^, TO. ; slaughter-house, =. 
Il-^ttre" [p. L. *ab-bâttvere, cf. battre], irr. 
(cf. battre); tr.: beat or knock down, cut 
down ; fell, overthrow ; slaughter ; cast 
down, dishearten ; lower, abate ; lay (the 
dust) ; lay down, heave down (a ship) ; 
strike off, remove ; intr. : lay down one's 
cards; (nav.) cast, fall off; «' — , break 
down, tumble ; be cast down, be de- 
jected ; fall, abate ; stoop ; strike or come 
down suddenly (upon), pounce ; (nav.) 
heel over, lie along : — les cuirs, skin 
(dead animals). -ttn, part.-: beaten 
down etc. ; depressed, downcast, low- 
spirited, sad ; prostrated ; low, down ; 
languid, faint; drooping, -tture^^, /.; 
knocking down, felling ; fhavoc ; '\(hunt.) 
abature, foiling, -t-veitt^^, to.; (what 
turns off the wind, as) wind-screen ; pent- 
house (of a steeple) ; weather-board ; 
garden mat. -t-voix^^, m.: sounding- 
board (of a pulpit). 

ab-batial^^ [L. -batialis], adj.: =. 




-"baye° -bé-i [L. -batîa], /.; abbey; fhos- 
pitable mansion. H-'be" [L. -bas (Syr. 
-ba, father)], m.: abbot, priest ; ecclesias- 
tic, clergyman ; lay-abbot, reverend gentle- 
man : monsieur V — , reverend Sir, Sir. 
-besse° [L. -batissa], f. : abbess. 

abc ^"^ a-6é-sé, m.: a,b,c; alphabet. 

a.h'^^éâ.er^^ [L. abs-cedere, go off], intr.: 
open (of an abscess), -eès^^ [L. abs- 
cessus], m.: abscess. 

fab-eisse = abscisse. 

Abdias, m.: Obadiah. 

abdi-catio?i^^ [L. -catio], /.; =; dis- 
inheritance. Il-i'qiter^^ [L. -care, dis- 
own], tr.: abdicate, renounce. 

abdo-i'inen ^^ [L.], m.; =. -minal^^, 
adj.: =. 

abduc^teur^^ [L. ab-ducere, lead off], 
m.: abductor; adj.: abducent, -tion-^^ 
[L.-tiolf.: =. 

abé-eé~(dé)^^,m.; a,b,c; alphabet; primer. 
-daire^^ [L. -darius], adj.: abecedary, 

abecque»'^* [à, bec], tr.: feed (a bird). 

abée** [OFr. a-beer (= bayer), be open], 
/.; opening or shoot (of mill-dam to the 
wheel), mill-leat. 

a-beii^lage^^, m.: bee-culture; bee- 
right (ownership of swarming bees). 
Il'«'beiile^* [Prov. abelha (L. apicula, 
small bee)], /.; bee : — bourdon, humble- 
bee ; — de ruche, hive-bee, honey-bee ; — 
mère, queen-bee. -heiller ^^, =ère, adj. : 
with bees, of a bee, bee-. 
abeqtter = abequer. 
aberration ^'^ [L. -tio (errare, wander)], 

tabetic [? OFr. -ter, lure], m.: bait. 

abe-^tir^* [à, bête], tr.: stupefy; dull; 
intr. or refl.: be stupefied, grow stupid 
or dull, -tissemerit^^, m.: stupefying, 

ab ^oc et ab ha.c^'^ [L.], adv.: this way 
and that, at random, confusedly. 

ab/iorrer^^ [L. -rrere {horrere, bristle, 
shiver)],' ir.: abhor. 

abigéat^'^ [L. -geatus (ab-igere, carry off)], 
m.:' cattle-stealing. 

abî-me" [p. L. *abissimus, superl. of 
abyssus (Gr. a-bussos, 'bottom-less')], in.: 
abyss, abysme ; middle (of a shield). 
-mer^^ -bi-, tr.: throw into an abyss, 
ingulf, bury deeply; (fam.) destroy, 
injure ; s' — , fall into an abyss, be en- 
gulfed or swallowed up, be lost or ruined. 

ab intestat^* [L. -tato], adv.: abintestate 
(without a will). 

ab irato^^ [L.], adv.: in anger. 

abjec-'t^^ [L. -tus], adj.: = (wretched, 
base). -tEinent-^^, adv.: abjectly. 
-tion^^ pj. -h*o],/.; = (baseness, low or 
wretched condition) ; (self-) contempt. 


abjn-ration ^^ [L. -ratio],/.: =:. H-^rer 

[L. -rare], tr.: abjure, forswear. 
ablactation^^ [L. -tatio (lac, milk)], 

abla-^tif^^ [L. -tivus (ab-latus, carried 
off)], 771.; ablative. -tion^"'^ [L. -tio], 

able" [p. L. *albulus (L. -bus, white)], m.: 
ABLET (a fish), bleak. 

ablégat^''^ [L. -gatus (-gare, send off)], m.: 
ablegate (pope's representative). 

a-blEret^^ [-ble], m. : hoop-net. -blette ^^ 
[-ble],f.: small ablet. 

ab-^luer^^ [L. ab-luere, wash off], tr.: 
wash, revive (old writing) by washing. 
-lution^^ [L. -lutio],/.: =. 

abnégatioîi ^* [L. -tio, deNlAL], /.; = ; 
self-deNiAL, self-sacrifice. 

a-boi^^ [-boyer], m.: barking, BAYing; 
cry; urgent appeal; pL: barking (of hounds 
closing around the stag) ; desperate con- 
dition (as of the stag), last shift, bay : 
aux — s, at bay, at the last extremity. 
-boiement ^^ or -boixnent [-boyer], m.: 
barking, baying. 

abo-^lir^^ [L. -1ère (olere, grow), destroy], 
tr.: abolish, annul, -lissement^*, m.: 
abolishment, -lition^^ [L. -litio],/.: =, 
royal pardon. -litioniste -^^ [Eng. -t], 
m.: abolitionist. 

abomi-nable ^^ [-nabilis], adj.: =. 
-nablEment ^^ [-nable], adv.: abomi- 
nably, -nation ^^ [L. -natio], /.; =, 
horror. ||~ner 
as ill-omened,' 

abon-damment ^^ [-dant], adv.: abun- 
dantly, -dance -^^ [L. -dantia], /.: 
abundance, plenty, profusion ; (students' 
phrase) drink of wine and much water: 
parler d' — , speak extempore ; parler 
avec — , speak fluently, -dant^^ [L. 
-dans], adj.: abundant, abounding, pro- 
fuse. Il^der^^ [L. -dare (unda, wave)], 
intr. : abound, overflow ; be affluent ; 
trust abundantly (as in one's own opinion), 
have full confidence ; be over-confident. 
abon-nataire ^^, m.: subscriber; con- 
tractor, lessee. -ne^^ -née, m., f.: 
subscriber; ticket-holder, -nement^^ 
m. : subscription ; agreement ; season- 
ticket ; ticket. Il-^ner^^ [à, borne, 
limit : OFr. * agree to pay a limited 
sum'], tr.: subscribe, engage; contract; 
s' — , subscribe. 
abon-'^nir^^ [à, bon], tr., intr.: better, 
improve, -nissement^^, m.: improve- 
a-bord ^^, m. : landing ; approach ; access ; 
attack : d' — , or de prime — , at first ; 
in the first place, to begin with ; at once ; 
first of all; an premier — , at first 

'^^ [L. -nari (omen), 'shun 
abhor], tr.: abominate, 


approach ; at first view, at first; tout cT — , 
at first; at once, -bordable^^, adj.: 
approachable, accessible, -bordage^^, 
m.: (nav.) boarding; collision, fouling. 
-bordée^*,/.; (nav.) boarding. IKbor- 
der^^ [à, bord, 'shore,' (nav.) 'board'], 
tr., intr.: come to the border or shore 
(of), land (at), approach; enter (on); touch, 
approach, accost ; (nav.) board ; run foul 
of. -bordeur^^, m.: (nav.) boarder. 

aborigène ^^ [L. -gines], m. or adj.: ab- 
original ; pi. : aborigines. 

abor-nEmetit^^, m.: placing of limits or 
land-marks. H-^ner^^ [à, borne], tr.: set 
boundaries or limits to. 

abortif^^, :^tive \L.-tivus (ci. avorter)], 
adj. or m.: abortive. 

abot^^ [for -bout], m.: break or clog (for 

fabou-ebcment ^^, m. ; parley, interview. 
W-^-ehev^^ [à, bouche], tr.: bring together 
('mouth to mouth'), effect an interview 
between ; fn^^ks fall forwards ( ' on the 

tabou^grir^^[à,6oM^re],mfr.; be stunted. 
-grissement^^, m.: stunted growth. 




BUT-end. -tage 


splicing, tying together (two rop'es). -te- 
ment^^, m.: joining together (end to end). 
Il-^ter-^-^ [à, bout], tr.: join by the end (but 
to but), -tir-^^ [à, bout], intr.: come to an 
end, issue, come (to) ; border on, abut ; 
break (of an abscess) ; push: — à rien, come 
to nothing, be aimless, -tissant ^^ [-tir], 
adj.: issuing, bordering, abutting ; 
ends, bounds ; circumstances, conditions ; 
details : les tenants et — s d'une terre, the 
property and bounds of an estate (i.e. all 
pertaining to it) ; les — s d 'une affaire, 
the circumstances (details) of a thing ; 
savoir tous les — s, know all the circum- 
stances (or details) ; les tenants et — s 
d 'un homme, a man's surroundings, -tisse- 
m.ent^^ [-tir], m.: ending, termination; 
(med.) suppuration ; joining piece. 

ab ovo [L., 'from the egg'], adv.: from 
the beginning. 

abo-yanf, adj.: barking, baying. 
||i.^yer° [old a-bayer (bayer t)], intr.: 
bark, bay ; "^tr. : bark at ; dun. 

2.tabo-yer^^ [à, bayer], intr.: long, yearn, 
i.-yeup^'^, m.: aspirant. 

2.aboyeur^^ [^--yer], m.: barker, snarler. 

abracadabra^^ [QtV.], m.: = (charm- 

abraqiter'-^'^, tr.: haul taut. 

abrasion ^'^ [L. -rasus (part, of radere, 
scrape off)],/.; =; excoriation. 

abré-gé ^^, m. : abridgment, summary : en 
— , in an abridged form, briefly, -ge- 
ment ^^, m. : abridgment ; dismember- 
ment (of a fief). Il^ge?^** [L. ab-breviare 

absolu 3 

(brevis, brief, short)], tr.: abridge, 
shorten, abbreviate ; dismember (a fief). 
abreu-vage ^'^ or -vement ^^, m. ; water- 
ing. |l'^vèi*° [p. L. *ab-biberàre (L. ad, 
bibere, drink)], tr.: make drink, water 
(esp. animals) ; fill, soak, steep ; s' — , 
drink plentifully ; go to water ; be steeped. 
-voir ^■^, m. : watering-place (for animals) ; 
(mas.) ==. 
abré-viateur^^ [L. -viator], m.: abbre- 
viator. -viatif^^, =ive, adj.: abbre- 
viatory. -viation^* [L. -viatio], /.: 
abbreviation, -viativement ^^ [-viatif], 
adv.: briefly, f-viature^^ [L. -viare], 
f.: sign of abbreviation. Ilf-^vier [L. 
-viare (brevis, short, brief)], tr.: abbre- 
abreyer = abrier. 

abri^^ [abrier], m.: shelter: à V — , shel- 
tered ; tente d' — , shelter tent. 
abri'-'cot^^ [Port. (L. prœ-coquus, pre- 
cocious, early ripe)], m. ; apricot, -coté ^^, 
m.: candied apricot, -cotier^^, m.: 
apricot-tree, -cotin ^'^, m. ; apricot-plum. 
abri-'cr [?], tr.: shelter; (nav.) becalm. 
-te^' ^'^ [abri],tr. : shelter, screen, -vent ^"^ 
[abri, vent], m.: shelter against the wind; 
wind-break ; sentry-box ; cover. 
abro-gation ^^ [L. -gatio], f.: =, repeal. 
||^gç,U3 ^L^ -gare (rogare, ask)], tr.: 
abrogate, repeal ; s' — , be abrogated, fall 
into disuse. 
abrou-^tir ^" [à,brout], tr.: fbrowse; part. 
-ti, nipped, stunted, -tis^^, m.; browsed 
copse, -tissement^^, m.: browsing (of 
young trees), damage done by browsing. 
abrup-t^' [h.-tus (rumpere,hre3ik)], adj . : 
=, rugged. -tEinent^^, adv.: abruptly. 
-tiqn^'^ [L.-tio],f.: =; fracture. 
abru-^tir^^ [à, brute], tr.: brutalise; 
besot. -tissant ^^, adj.: brutalising, 
stupefying, -tissement^^, m.: brutal- 
isation ; brutalised condition, beastliness. 
abscisse^'' [L. -ssa (scindere, cut)], /.; 
ah-sen-ee^^ [L. -sentia], f. : =; lack: — 
d'esprit, absent-mindedness. H'-^sent^^ 
[L. -sens (ab-esse, be away)], adj.: =; 
lacking, -senter^^ [L. -sentare], tr.: 
tabsent; s' — , absent one's self , withdraw. 
a.hsi-àal'^^, adj.: apsidal. W^de^^ [L. -da 
(Gr. apsis, tying, arch)],/.; apse (apsis, 
semicircular termination of a church, 
etc.). -diole^^,/; small apse. 
absin-'t/ie [L. -thium, wormwood], /.; 
absinth (plant or drink), -thé^^, adj.: 
mixed with absinth, -thiqiie^^, adj.: 
abso'^lu ^^ [L. -lutus (solvere, loosen)], adj. : 
absolute, -luement^^ adv.: absolutely. 
-lution^^ [L.-lutio],f.: =. -lutisme^® 
[L. -tus], m.: absolutism, -lutiste^^ 

4 absorbant 

[-lutismé], adj. or m.,f.: absolutist, -lu- 
tqire^^ [L. -lutorius], adj.: absolutory. 
absor-bant ^'^, adj.: absorbent. -he- 
ment^'^, m.: absorption. ||~ber^^ [L. 
-6ere, drink down], <r.; absorb, -ption^' 
[L. -ptîo], /.; =. -ptivité^^, /.: ab- 
ab-'soudre" [L. -solvere], irr.; tr.: ab- 
solve (acquit ; exculpate ; give absolution 
to), -sont, ;)arL; absolved, -soute, /.of 
-sont ; tabsolution ; funeral prayer ; public 
absolution (on Thursday before Easter). 
abstème-^^ [L. -temius {ab-s, -\tejnium, 
strong drink)], adj. or m.: abstemious 
abs-^tisnir^^ [L. -tinere (ah-s, tenere, 
hold)], irr.; refl.: abstain (refrain, for- 
bear); decline, -tention^^ [L. -tentio], 
f.: =; withdrawal, -tentioniste ^^ [-ten- 
tion], m.: abstainer from voting. 
abster-gent^^ [L. -gens], adj.: =. 
Il-^ger*^^* [L. ab-s-tergere, wipe off], tr.: 
abs'terge (cleanse), -gif■^^ =ive, adj.: 
abstergent. -siqn'^^'[L.*-sio],f.: =. 
absti-ne»i,-ce^^ [L. -nentia],/.: =. -nent^^ 
[L.-nens (ab-s-tinere, hold off)], adj.: =:. 
abstrac-teur^^ [L. -tor], m.: abstracter ; 
subtle reasoner. IKtif, =ive [h.-tus (ab-s- 
trahere, draw away)], adj.: abstractive. 
-tivement ^'^ [-tif],adv.: abstract(ive)ly. 
-tion-^^ [h.-tio],f.: :=; separation. 
abs-'traire^^ [L. ab-s4rahere, draw 
away], irr.; tr.: abstract (withdraw, 
separate) ; contemplate separately. 
-trait ^^ [L. -tractus], adj.: abstract(ed) ; 
isolated ; abstruse, -traitemeiit, adv. : 
abstract (ed)ly. 
abstrus ^^ [L. ab-s-trusus, thrust away], 
adj.: abstruse (recondite). 
absur-~de^^ [L. -dus], adj.: absurd. 
-dement, adj.: absurdly, -dité^^ [L. 
-ditas] , f. : absurdity. 
abu-^s^^ [L. -sus], m.: abuse (misuse; 
offence); error, mistake, -ser^'^, tr.: 
abuse (misuse, maltreat ; revile ; violate ; 
tEng. deceive) ; s' — , deceive one's self, 
be mistaken ; intr. : abuse, misuse ; take 
undue advantage, impose (upon), encroach ; 
(leg.) consume, -seur ^^ [-ser],m. : abuser, 
deceiver ; seducer, -sif ^^, =i ve [L. -sivus] , 
adj.: abusive, improper; fdeceitful. -sive- 
ment, adv.: abusively, improperly. 
abuter^^ [à, but], intr.: throw (a ball, 
etc., towards a mark) for a start; fit; '\tr.: 
lean upon. 
abyssal [L. -ssws {ci. abîme), abyss], adj.: 

abyssal, immeasurable. 
ac- [L. ad-, 'to'; or Fr. à-], pref. 
facabie^*,/., -bit[?],m.; nature (quality). 
acacia ^^ [L.], m.: = (plant). 
acadé-mi-eieri^^ [h.-micus], m.: acade- 
mician, ll^mie^^ [L. -mia (Gr. Akademia, 


Akademos' garden, where Plato taught] 

/. ; academy (Plato's ; society of learnei 
men ; high institution of learning, uni 
versity ; district sub-division of the Uni 
versity of France) ; training-school; riding 
school; gaming-house. -miqwe^* [Ij 
-micus], adj.: academic(al). -mique 
ment^^ [-mique], adv.: academically 
-misme^^, m.: adherence to academic 
traditions (esp. in paint, and sculpt.) 
-miste^®, m.: academist (fmember 01 
the French academy) ; pupil of a riding 

aca^rnarder^^ [à, cagnard], tr.: mak( 
slothful ; confine in a corner. 

acajou ^^ [Port. (Brazil)], m.: mahogany 

a-carit/ia-cé^', adj.: acanthine. -c%n 
the^^ [h.-canthus],f.: acanthus (plant 01 

acare or -rus {L.-rus, mite], m.: acanis 

aca-ri^tre^^ [?], adj.: fpossessed (witl 
the devil); crabbed, cross-grained, f-'i»' 
trEté,/.; fwicked nature. 

acatalectiqtte^^ [L. -ticus (Gr. a-katâ- 
lektos, 'not defective at the end')], adj.. 

acatalep-sie^'^ [Gr. a-katalepsîa, non- 
comprehension], /. ; acatalepsy, incom- 
prehensibility of things, -tiqite-^^, adj.. 

acaule^^ [Gr. a-kaulos, stem-less], adj.. 

acca-blant ^^, adj. : overwhelming. -blE- 
me»it^^, m.: overwhelm, crushing blow 
or fall ; crushed condition, extreme de- 
jection, exhaustion. ||-«'ble?'^^ [à, OFr. 
câbler (1. L. cadabula, Gr. kata-bolé, CATA- 
pult), crush], tr.: crush or weigh down, 
overwhelm ; deject. 

accalmie ^^ [OFr. a-calmir, CALM down],' 
/.; lull. 

accapa-rement ^^, m. : entire occupation, 

engrossment ; monopoly. || 




rar (-rra ■= Fr. arrhes, EARnest-money)], 

tr.: ftake in paying earnest; by extens. 

take or buy up entirely, forestall; engross; 

take for one's self, monopolise, -reur^*, 

-reuse, m.,f.: engrosser, monopolist. 
accastit-lage^®, m.: fcastle of a ship; 

upper works of a ship. H-'^ler^^ [Sp. -liar 

(cf. château)], tr.: furnish (a ship) with 

its CASTLE or upper works. 
ac-eeder^^ [L. -re (cedere, yield)], intr.: 

have access ; accede, agree. 
accélé-rateur^®, -ratrice [L. -rare], 

m., f. as adj.: accelerator, accelerative. 

-ration ^^ [L. -ratio], /.; acceleration. 

Il^rer^* [L. -rare (celer, quick)], tr.: 

accelerate, quicken.^'^ [L. -sus (-sere, join)], m.: 

(Rom.) apparitor. 


2.aC'ef »t-se, -ser = acense, -ser. 

ac-een-^t^^ [L. -tus (ad, cantus, singing)], 
m.: accent, -tuation^^ [-tuer],f.: =. 
-tner^^ {L. -tuare], tr.: accent(uate). 

accop-table^®, ac(;.; =. -tant, -tante, 
m., f.: accepter; legatee, -tation^^ 
f,: =. ||-*ter^^ [L. -tare (capere, take)], 
tr.: accept. -teur^'^, m.: acceptor. 
-tilation^^ [L. -tilatio], f.: =, release 
without payment, -tion^^/.: faccept- 
ance ; taking into account, consider- 
ation, regard; acceptation or sense (of 

ac-^eès^* [L. -cessus (ac-cedere, move to)], 
m.: access (approach ; admittance; attack, 
fit ; return of a fever, etc.) ; turning over 
" ^ -eessibilité ^^ 

of votes (for a pope). 
[-cessible] , /. ; accessibility. 



[L. -cessibilis], adj.: =:. -cession ^^ [L. 
-cessio], /..'=; adhesion ; union, -cessit ^^ 
[L., *he has approached'], m.: prize or 
distinction granted to one coming next to 
the required votes, honourable mention ; 
turning over of votes (for a pope), -ces- 
solre^^ [1. L. -cessorius], adj.: accessory, 
additional; m.; accessory, -eessoire- 
ment^^ [-cessoire], adv.: accessor ily. 

aO'Ciden'»'*^^ [L. -s (ac-cidere, fall to, 
happen)], m.: = (cASUalty, mishap); 
irregularity (unevenness, variation) ; result; 
(mus.) accidental, -té^^, adj.: irregular 
(of ground), broken., -tel^^, =lle, adj.: 
accidental, adventitious. -tellement 
[-tel]y adv.: accidentally. 

accise ^^ [1. L. -sia (ac-cidere, cut into)], 
/. ; finipost (gen'ly) ; fexciSE ; octroi. 

acola-matenr ^^ [L. -mare], m.: ac- 
claimer, shouter. -mation^^ [L. -matio], 
f.: =, shout. Il-^nier^^ [L.-mare (clamare, 
shout)], tr.: acclaim (greet with accla- 
mation, cheer). 

aoolantper^^ [à, clamp], tr.: clamp. 

acdima-tation^^, /.; acclimatisation. 
-tement^^, m.: acclimation. H-'ter*^'^ 
[à, climat], tr.: acclimatise. 

accoinçon^"^ [à, coin], m.: hip-rafter. 

aoooin-tan-ee ^^, /. ; acquaintance ; inti- 
macy. ||-.^ter^^ [à, OFr. coint (L.cognitus, 
known), friend], tr.: make ACQUAiNTed; 
bring into intimacy; s' — , become ac- 
quainted or intimate. 

accqi-sement^^, m.: appeasement. H-'ser® 
[p. L. *ad-quietiâre (L. quies, quiet : cf. 
coi)], tr.: render quiet (appease, calm). 

acco-lade ^^ [Prov. -lada (L. collum, neck)], 
/. .' embrace ; = ; brace ; (print.) double 
brace, -lader^^ [-lade], tr.: (print.) 
brace together (words in a paragraph), 
-lage^'^, m.; tie up (vines), -lement^*, 
m.;' joining, coupling. H-^ler^^ [à, col], 
tr.: put the arms around the neck of, 
embrace; couple; tie together, tie up; 

accort 5 

brace, -lure^'^, /.; (what serves to tie) 
band ; (thing tied) bundle ; raft-frame. 

accommo-dable^^, adj.: =, adjustable, 
-dage^®, m.; arrangement; dressing (of 
meat'; or fhair). -dant ^^, adj. : accommo- 
dating, -dation ^^ [L. -datio], f.: ==, 
adaptation, -dement ^^, /.; accommo- 
dation, suitable arrangement, fitness-, 
agreement, reconciliation ; term ; dispo- 
sition to agree, agreeable disposition ; 
t(economical) ease. H-'^der^^ [L. -dare 
(ad, com-modus, commodious)], tr. : accom 
modate (adapt, suit, fit; adjust; make 
agree, reconcile) ; dress, trim; s' — , accom- 
modate or adapt one's self; be suited or 
pleased ; agree, come to terms, -deur^^, 
-dense, m.,f.: accommodator. 

accontpa-gne ^'^, m. : sort of gold-brocade. 
-(/nateur, -grnatri-ce, m., /.; accom- 
panist. -f/BLEment ^'^, m.: accompani- 
ment; attendance; appendix. H-'grner^* 
[à, old campaign (cf. compagnon)], tr.: 
accompany (follow) ; join ; fassociate. 

accomparer^^ [à, comparer], tr.: com- 

accont-pli^^, adj.: accomplished, perfect. 
Il-'plir*^ [à, old com-plir (L. plere, fill)], 
tr.: accomplish (fulfil, effect; fcomplete); 
s' — , be accomplished, etc. -plisse- 
ment^^, m.: accomplishment, fulfilment. 

ac-'con^^ [?], m.: small lighter, -co- 
nage^^, m.: lighterage. -conier-^^, 
m.;' lighter-man. 

accoqttiner == acoquiner. 

accorage^^ [-rer], m.: popping (of a 

accor-ci^^,m.; = (agreement; accordance; 
bargain ; harmony) : d ' — , agreed ; être 
(demeurer) d' — , be agreed, agree; tomber 
d' — , come to an agreement; tenir V — , 
keep in time, -dable^^, ac?;.; grantable; 
= ; tunable, -da? ties ^^, / pi.: (pop.) 
betrothal, f-dant^^, adj.: =. -dée^^, 
adj. : wedded ; m. : bridegroom ; /. ; bride. 
-deon^^ [Ger. -dion], m.: accordion. 
Il-^der** [p. L. *-dâre (cor, heart)], tr.: 
accord, bring to agree, harmonise ; recon- 
cile ; tune ; wed ; accord, grant, bestow, 
concede ; s' — , accord, agree, correspond, 
concur; -de! ready! (order to pull to- 
gether), -deur^^, m.: tuner; fharmo- 
niser: clefd' — , tuning-hammer, -doir^®, 
m.: tuning-hammer. 

accoo^re^^ [OEng. score, now shore, 'prop; 
coast')], fn.: prop or shore (for a ship); 
bluff, declivity, -rer ^^, tr. : prop, shore up. 

accorne^^ [à, come], adj.: (^gr.) HORNed; 
(fort.) provide with a horn-work. 

accor^t^^ [It. -to (L.cor-rigere, lead right), 
clever], adj.: fclever; engaging, pleas- 
ing, -tement ^^ arfi;. ; cleverly, -tise^', 

/.; complaisance, affability, 





accos- table ^^, adj.: =. 
coming alongside, approach, -tant ^^, adj.-: 
affable. ||'«'ter^^ or (nav. term) -kô-té 
[It. -tare (L. -casta, rib, side)], tr.: accost 
(come up to); (nav.) come alongside of; 
fbe at the side of; s' — , keep company 

accot^^ [-ter], m.: support. 

accotar^^ [?], m.: (nav.) filling piece. 

accotement ^^ [2.-coter], m.: (horl.) 
friction of two pieces ; side of a road 
following a causeway, a bank ; side of 

I. accoter ^'^ [à, côte], tr.: support by one 
side ; intr. : lean on the side ; (her.) place 
at the side. 

2.acco'*ter^^ [OFr. cote, support], tr.: 
prop up. -toir^^, m.: prop; leaning-stick. 

faccouardir ^'-^ [couard], tr.: cow. 

accou-chée^^, /.; lying-in (or confined) 
woman, -ehement ^^, m.: =, delivery 
(giving birth) ; aid in delivery : il a fait 
bien des — s, he has delivered many women, 
ll-^-eher^^ [à, coucher]: give birth to; 
deliver (of a child) ; intr. : be delivered : 
être — ée, be confined, -eheur^^, m.: man 
midwife, --elieuse-^^,/..* = (midwife). 

accou-demeiit^, m. : leaning ; (mil.) ser- 
ried order (elbow to elbow). ||-^der*^^ [à, 
coude], tr.: support by the elbow; s' — 
lean with the elbow, -doir-^^ m.; elbow- 
rest (cushion, etc.), support. 



[à, OFr. couer (coue =: queue, 
tail)], tr.: train-halter, tie (horses, etc.) 
head to tail (one after another) ; ham- 
string (a stag). 




coupling, -pie 


/.; coupling, leash, -plisment-^'^, m.: 

coupling, pairing ; copulation ; fcombi- 
nation. H-'^pler^^ [à, couple], tr.: couple 
(join by twos; yoke, pair; match); s' — , 
couple, pair ; copulate. 

accour-'-eir^^ [à, court], tr.: shorten, 
abridge, CURTail. -eissement^^, m.: 
shortening, abbreviation. 

ac-'courir" [L. ac-currere (cf. courir)], 
irr.; tr.: run to, hasten to. -caarres^^, 

f. pi.: (hunt.) starting-place (where the 
pack waits for the game), -course^'', 
-coursie^^, /.; (nav.) passage-way (in 
the hold) ; (arch, -se) external gallery. 

accou-trEment ^*, m. ; = ; garb. 
Il-'trer'^''^ [?], tr.: accoutre, dress; dress 
in a strange fashion, dress out. -trenr^"'^, 
m. : (old) arranger ; workman rounding 
the holes of wire-drawing plate. 

accoutu-man-ee^®, /.; custom, habit. 
If-^mer^^ [à, coutume], tr.: accustom, 
habituate ; fuse habitually : f^ l'-fnée, as 
usual ; usually. 

accréditera^ [à, crédit], tr.: accredit 
(give credit or sanction to); make credible; 


s' — , get into credit; ingratiate one' 
self ; gain credit. 

accremen-titiel^^ [L. -mentum], adj. 
referring to accretive generation. H-'ti- 
tion^^ [L.-tum (crescere,grow)],f.: AC 
CRETIVE generation (of plants or animals). 

accres-eent^^ [-cens (crescere, grow)], 
adj.: (bot.) accrescent. 

tac-croc-^^, m.; hooking; 





?-plat-^^, m.: plate- 
'^'-' [à, croc(he)], tr.: 

tear, rent ; 

hooking ; 

grappling; catching; tearing, -cro-ehe^'' 

/.; hooking; clasp; check, -cro-elie- 
cœurs^^, m.: heart-breaker (curl) 
-cro-chement ^^, m. ; hooking; grappling; 
tearing. -croclie-**"* « * -^^ 
rack. ||-«'Cro-cher' 

hook (on), hang, grapple ; catch (by a 
hook), check ; catch and tear, rend ; pick 
up ; put upon the shelf ; s' — , hook on ; 
catch in, hang on. 

accroire ^^ [à, croire], tr.: only in faire 
— , make believe : en faire — à, impose 
upon ; s'en faire — , be self -conceited. 

ac-croissan-ee^^,/.; increase, -croisse- 
ment^^, m.; increase, enlargement, 
growth; accretion, -croît ■^^, m.: in- 
crease. Il-^croitre** [L. -crescre (grow)], 
irr. (cf. croître); tr. (or refl.); inCREASE 
(grow, augment, enlarge) ; '\intr.: increase, 

accrou'-'pir-^^ [à, croupe], tr., refl.: sit 
down upon the hams or heels, squat down, 
squat; cower; (fr. croupir) fbe stagnant. 
-pi, squat, cowering; (her.) couchant; 
fstagnant. t-pie» /••' squat position. 
-pissement-^^, m.; squatting; cowering. 

ac-^cru, part, of -croître, -crue^'^,/. of 
-cru; f: tincrease; increase of land by 
the retiring of waters; extension of a 
forest ; extension of a net. 

accue-il^^ aken-y, m.: reception, wel- 
come; acceptance. -itlant^^, adj.: 
kindly receiving, affable, accessible. 
Il-^itiir" [p.L.*ac-colligere (ci. cueillir)], 
irr. (cf. cueillir) ; tr. : gather (up) ; receive 
(well or ill) ; welcome, entertain ; accept 
honour (a draft, etc.) ; tjoin; fassail; over- 
take : la tempête nous -illit, we were over- 
taken by the storm. 

accu'-'l^^ [à, cul], m. : place without egress, 
tight corner ; burrow, hole ; blind alley ; 
cove; breeching (of a gun), -lement^^ 
[-1er], m.: cornered position; running 
down, -let'^2 [à, cul], tr.: fseat or place 
on the back ; place with the back against ; 
push back, drive into a corner (or place 
without egress); run home, bring to a stand; 
intr. : bend down astern ; heave astern. 

accumu-latenr ^^, -latri-ee, m,, f: 
accumulator, -lation^^,/.; =. H-'ler^^ 
\L.-lare (cumulus, heap)], tr.: accumulate 
(heap up). - 


aectt-çable ^'^j adj.: =. -sateur^*^, 
-satri^e [L. -sator], m., /.; accuser. 
-satif^'* [L. -sativus], m.: accusative 
(case). -satio»i^- [L. -satio], f.: ^=, in- 
dictment: actes d' — , articles of indict- 
ment ; mise en — , arraignment ; chef d' — , 
count of indictment, -satoire^* [L. -sa- 
torius],adj.: accusatory, -sé^^, =ée, m., 

/. ; (person) accused ; m. (com.) acknowl- 
edgment : banc des -ses, dock; bar; -se de 
réception, receipt. ||'«'ser'° [L. -sâre 
{causa, cause, lawsuit)], tr.: accuse 
(indict, impeach ; reprehend ; betray) ; 
dispute the validity of; acknowledge {la 
réception, the receipt) : -se, accused, etc. ; 
prominent, marked ; and cf. above. 

a-eens^^ [à, cens], m.: taxed domain 
('subject to a cense'), -eense^^ [censer], 

/.; tax-contract, -censer -^^ [à, cens], 
tr.: give for a tax or cense (quit-rent). 

acéphale ^^ [L. -lus (Gr. a-, not, kephalé, 
head)], adj.: acephalous, without a head 
or chief. 

a-eerain^^ [acier], adj.: steely. 

acer-lie^^ [L. -bus {acer, sharp)], adj.: 
acerb, sour, sharp, -bite [L. -bitas],f.: 
acerbity, sharpness. 

acère^^ [Gr. a-, not, kéras, horn], adj.: 
hornless, without feelers. 

acé-ré-^^, adj.: steeled, sharp. H-^rer^^ 
[acier], tr.: steel, sharpen. 

a-certEner-^^ [à, certain], tr.: render 

a-cescen-ee^'^ [L -scens {acer, sharp)], 

a-eét . . .^^'^"^ pj. acetum {acer, sharp), 
'vinegar'] in many technical {esp. chem- 
ical) words, much like corresponding 
words in English. 

Ac/tab, m.: Ahab. 

a-ehalan-dage^^, m.: procuring of cus- 
tomers; customers {coll.). H^-der^^ [à, 
chaland], tr.: draw customers to, get 
custom for. 

acbar-nEinent^^, m.; furious intentness, 
desperation, obstinacy, -ne-^^, adj.: in- 
furiated, desperate, intense. ||~ner*-^^ 
[à, OFr. charn (L. caro, flesh) = chair], 
tr. : flesh or lure (by flesh) ; make eager, 
madden (with desire), infuriate, make in- 
tent; s' — , make desperate eflfort, be 
intent upon, persist. 

achat ^^ [-ter, old form of acheter], m.: 

ache" [p. L. *apia (L. apium)], f: small- 
age (sort of parsley : fEng. ache). 

achee^^ [L. esca {edere, eat), food], f: 
earthworm, bait. 

achemi-nement^^, m.; walking for- 
ward, advance. H^net'^'^ [à, chemin], 
tr. : start on the way forward ; s' — , take 
one's way, walk on, journey, advance. 



Acheron ^^, m.: Acheron (river of the 
infernal regions ; infernal region). 

ache^ter° [p. L. *accaptâre (L. ae-cipere, 
accept, viz. for cash)], tr. : buy. -teur ^% 
-teuse, m.,^.; buyer. 

a-cheve^^, adj.: complete(d), finished, 
perfect, absolute, downright, -cheve- 
ment^^, m.: completion, close; perfec- 
tion. Il-'^chever® [p. L. *ac-capàre (L. 
caput, head)], tr.: bring to a close (lit. 
'head'), complete, finish; perform, suc- 
ceed, achieve; serve out: -chevez! out 
with it ! go on ! 

Achille ^^, m.: Achilles. 

ac7tilléc^^ [L. -llea],f.: milfoil. 

achop-pement-^^, m.: stumbling; im- 
pediment. Il^per^'-^ [à, chopper], intr.: 
stumble ; fail. 

ac7ior(e)-^^ [Gr.], m.: achor, tetter. 

ac/troma^tiqite •^'^ [Gr. a-, not, chroma, 
colour], adj.: achromatic, -tiser^^, tr.: 
achromatise. -tisme^^, m.: achroma- 

aciculaire^^ [L. -la (dim. acus, needle)], 
adj.: acicular. 

aci-^de^^ [L. -dus {acer, sharp), sour], 
adj.; or 771.; acid, -difiable^"^ [-rff/lerj, 
adj.: =. -difier^'^ [-fier, L. facere. 
make], tr.: acidify, -dité^^ [L. -ditas], 
f.: acidity, -dule^"^ [L. -dulus], adj.: 
acidulous, -duler^^ [-dule], tr.: aci- 

a.^-eier° [p. L. *aciàrium (L. acies, 'edge,' 
same root as âc-er, sharp)], m.: steel. 
-cierage, m. -cieration^^, /.; con- 
verting 'into steel; plating with steel. 
cierer*^®, tr.: convert into steel, steel; 
plate with steel, -cierie-^'^, /..* steel 

acoly-tat^"^, m.: order of acolytes. ||~te^^ 
[1. L. -tus, attendant], m.: =:. 

acompte ^^ [à, compte], adv.: as an 
instalment, in advance. 

aconit -^^ [L. -tum], m.: aconite (herb). 

acoqni-nant^'^, adj.: fascinating. 
||->^ner*-^^ [à, coquiner], tr.: (/am.) attach 
by habit ; ^. — , be greatly attached, be 
fascinated: il s'-ne auprès de cette femme, 
he is fascinated by that woman. 

acotyledone^'^ [Gr. a-, not, cotylédon], 
adj. : acotyledonous ; /. ; acotyledon. 

facoulure = accolure. 

k-covLp^^ [à, coup], m.: jerk. 

acoustiqite -^"^ [Gr. -tikos {akouein, hear)], 
adj. : acoustic ; /. ; acoustics. 

ac-qnereur^*, m., /.; acquirer, buyer ; 
vendee. H-^qiterir" [p. L. *acquœrere, 
L. ac-quirere {quœrere, seek)], irr. § ; 
tr.: acquire (procure; obtain, gain, se- 
cure) ; gain over ; purchase (buy), être 
acquis à, be attached or wholly de- 
voted to. -qnêt, m.: acquest; {leg.) 

8 acquiescement 

common acquisition (made by husband and 

§ Ind. : Pr. acgtiier-s, -s, -t ; acquér-ons, 
•ezy acquièrent. Ipf. acquérais. Prêt, ac- 
quis. Fut. (Cond.) acquerraiis). — Subj. : 
Pr. acqjiièr-e, -es, -e ; acquér-ions, -iez, ac- 
quièrent. Ipf. acquisse. — Vvq acquiers. — 
Part. : Pr. acqtiérant ; P. acquis. 

acqules-cement^^, m., -cen«e^*,/.; ac- 
quiescence, submission. ||-^cer^^ [L. 
-cere (quies, rest)], intr.: acquiesce, sub- 
mit, agree. 

acqui-^s^* [acquérir], part.: acquired, 
etc. ; m. : acquirements (attainment, re- 
finement), -sitif, =ive [L. -sitivus], 
adj.: facquired; acquiring, -sitioii^^ 
[L. -sitio], f.: ^: contrat d' — , deed 
of purchase; faire V — de, purchase, 
procure, -sivite^^, /.; acquisitive fac- 

acqui-^t^^, m.: acquittance (discharge); 
{com.) receipt; {leg.) acquitted; lead (in 
placing a ball at billiards) : pour — , 
received (on bills) ; en V — de, for the 
discharge of ; jouer de V — , play for who 
shall pay for the whole, -t-à-caution, 
m.; {eust.) permit, -ttable^^, adj.: 
payable. -ttemeiit^^, m.: payment, 
liquidation; acquittal, -tter^*^ [à, quit- 
ter], tr.: acquit, discharge (from an 
obligation) ; pay, liquidate ; fulfil ; re- 
ceipt; s' — , acquit one's self, perform, 
get through ; pay off. 

acpauac^^ [? for a-crocs\, m. pi.: harpoon 

acre^^ [1. L. acra (pi. of acrum, fr. Eng. 
acre)], m.; =. 

^-^cre^^ [L. acer], adj.: acrid, tart, sharp. 
-crEte a-, f. : acridity, tartness ; acri- 

acri'^'dé^^ [L. acris (Gr.), locust], adj.: 
locust-like ; m. pi. : crickets. -do- 
phage^^ [Gr. phagein, eat], adj.: locust- 

acriiiio~nie^^[L. -wia {acer, sharp)],/.; 
acrimony. -niejtoc^^, =euse, adj.: 
acrimonious, sharp. 

aorO'«' [Gr. âkro-, high, extreme] : -bate ^^ 
[Gr. -hatos {bainein, go), 'extremity- 
walker'], m., /.; acrobat, rope-dancer. 
-"batie^® [-hate], /.; acrobatism, rope- 
dancing, -batique^^ [-bate], adj.: ac- 
robatic, -mion^^ [Gr. -mion {homos, 
shoulder)], m.; = (extremity of the shoul- 
der blade), -nyqite^^ [Gr. -nukos {nux, 
night)], adj.: acronycal. -pole^^ [Gr. -po- 
lis {polis, city), 'high-city', upper part or 
citadel of a city],/.; acropolis, -sti-ehe^^ 
[Gr. -stichon {stichos, verse)], m.: acros- 
tic, -tere^^ [L. -terium (Gr. -têrion)], 
m.: acroterium, small pedestal. 

ac-'t^* [L. -tus {agere, drive)], m.: act 
(= action ; document ; part of a play) ; 


deed, charter : — faux, forged deed ; — dt 
brevet, unrecorded act ; donner — de, put 
upon record, give an official certificate 
of ;. prendre — de, have (a thing) recorded, 
demand official certificate of ; signer à un 
— , witness a deed; signer un — judi- 
ciaire à, serve a writ upon, -teur^^, 
-trice \h. -ctor], m.,f.: actor, actress. 
-tif, =ive [L. -tivus], adj.: active; act- 
ual; m.: active (voice); assets: — net, 
surplus ; — et passif, assets and debts. 
-tion^^ [L. -tio], /.; = (act, deed; en- 
gagement, battle ; lawsuit ; tEng. 
share): — libérée, paid-up share; — de 
jouissance, revenue share, profit ; par — s, 
joint stock ; intenter une — , bring a suit. 
-tionnaire^^ [-tion], m.: share-holder. 
-tionner ^^, tr. : bring an action against, 
sue ; {fam.) = tiver. -tivement^^ [-tif], 
adv.: actively, -tiver ^^ [-t'if],tr.: give 
increased activity to, hasten or urge on. 
-tivité^^ [L. -tivitas], f. : activity; active 
service, -tuaire^^ [L. -tuarius], m.: 
{Rom.) scribe; actuary, -tualiser^® 
[L. -tualis, actual], actualise, -tualité ^^ 
[-tuer\,f.: actuality, -tuel^'^, =lle [L. 
-tualis], actual (real ; present), -tuelle- 
raent [-tuel], adv.: actually (really; at 

acuité ^^ [L. acutus, sharp],/.; acuteness, 

aculeiformc ^^ [L. -leus (dim. acus, 
needle), Fr. forme], adj.: aculeate. 

acuminé^^ [L. -men, point], adj.: acu- 

acutangle ^^ [L. acutus, Fr. angle], adj.: 

adage ^^ [L. -gium {aio, say)], m.: adage, 

adagio ^'^ [It. {agio, ease)], adj.: =. 

adamantin ^^ [L. -tinus (Gr. a-, not, da- 
mâein, conquer)], adj.: adamantine. 

adap-table ^^, adj.: =. -tion^^, /.; ==. 
Il-^'tor^'^ [L. -tare {aptus, fixed)], tr.: adapt, 
fit, suit. 

addiction ^^ \L.-tio {ad-dere,2,àà)],f.:^^', 
bill, -tionel^'^, =lle, adj.: additional. 
-tionner^^, tr.: add up, sum up. 

adducteur ^^ [L. -tor {ducere, 
m.: adductor; adj.: adducent. 

adewtption^' [L. -tio {emere, 

aden-t^^, m.; mortise. W^^ter^^ [à, dent], 

tr.: fix (as by teeth). 
adepte -^^ [L. -tus {apiscor, reach), attained 

{sc. proficiency)], m.: adept. 
adéquat ^^ \L.-tus {œquare, make equal)], 

adj.: adequate. 
adeactrer^^ [à, dextre], tr.: flead with the 

right hand ; {her.) place on the dexter 

(right) side. 
ad^ié-renee^^ /.; adherence, -rent^^ 


ad hoc 

-Bute \L. adhœrens], adj. or m., /.; ad- 
herent. Il-^rer^* [L. ad-hœrere, stick to], 
intr.: adhere (stick, cling), -sif^^, =ive 
[-siOTi], adj.: adhesive, -sion^* [L. -sio\, 
/.; adhesion, adherence. 

ad hoc [L.], adv.: =, to that effect, pur- 

adiabatiqtte^^ [Gr. -tos, impenetrable], 
adj.: adiathermic, impervious to heat. 

adiante \L. -turn], m.: adyantum, maid- 

adieu ^^ [à, Dieu\, interj. or m.: ■=, 

adipeuo?, =euse [L. adeps, fat], adj.: 
adipose, fatty. 

adirer ^^ [?], tr.: mislay, lose. 

adition^^ [L. -h'o (ire, go), going to], /.; 
(leg.) acceptance of an inheritance. 

adja-eettt [L. -cens (jacerCy lie)], adj.: =:. 

adjec-^tif-^^, -We [tr. -tivus (jacere, 
throw), thrown to, added], adj.: adjective ; 
-tif [L. -tivum (sc. nomen)], m. : adjective. 
-tivement^*, adj.: adjectively. 

ad-joindre** [L. ad-jungere, join to], 
irr. (cî. joindre) ; tr.: adjoin, associate, 
-joint, joarL; adjoined; to.; adjunct, as- 
sociate, colleague; deputy, -jonction ^^ 
[L. -jundio], f. : adjunction. 

adjudant -^^ \^'^. ayudante (L. ad-juvare, 
assist)], TO.; adjutant; (French army) 
commissioned or non-commissioned officer 
attached to a superior. 

adjudica-taire^^, to., /.; (person to 
whom a thing is adjudged, hence) pur- 
chaser (at auction), vendee; contractor. 
Il'-'teur^®, TO.; adjudicator, awarder, 
-tif ^^, =ive, adj. : adjudicating, awarding. 
-tion^^ [h. -tio {-re, adjudge)],/.; =: ; 
(assigning by sale, hence) auction sale ; 
contract ; (com.) allotment. 

adjuger" [L. -judicâre], tr.: adjudge 
(adjudicate, award) ; knock down (at auc- 
tion) ; grant a contract for ; (com.) allot ; 
s' — , appropriate. 

adju-ration ^^ [L. -ratio],/. : =. H-^rer ^^ 
[L. rare (jus, oath)], tr.: adjure (charge 
or entreat earnestly) ; make promise by 
oath ; fconjure. 

adju'»'vant^^ [L.-vans (juvare,a,id)],adj . : 
=, auxiliary, -vat^^ [L.], to.; aid. 

ad libitum. [L.], adv.: =^ (at pleasure). 

admettre^* [L. ad-mittere (after mettre, 
which see)], irr.; tr.: admit, allow, let in. 

adminicule^^ [L. -lum (manus, hand)], 
TO.; support, auxiliary; (leg.) adminicle, 
presumptive proof ; (hot.) plant-support. 

adminis-trateur^^, -tratrice [L. -tra- 
tor], m.,f.: administrator, -stratrix, man- 
ager, -tratif^'^, =ive, adj.: adminis- 
trative, -tration^i [L. -tratio], /.; =, 
management, -trativement ^^ [-tratif], 
adv. : by way of administration. ||~trer ^^ 

adouber 9 

[L. -trare (minister, servant)], tr.: ad- 
minister (manage ; apply) ; (leg.) furnish 
(proof), find (witnesses). 

adxni-rable^^ [. -rahilis], adj . : ^= ; fas- 
tonishing. -rablEment^^ \_-rahle],adv,: 
admirably, -rateur ^^, -ratri-ee [L. -ra- 
tor], TO., /.; admirer, -ratif^^, -ive [L. 
-rativus], adj.: admiring, -ration ^^ 
[-ratio], f.: = ; fwonder. H-.'rer^^ [L. 
-rari (mirari, wonder, mirus, strange)], 
admire (fEng. regard with wonder, marvel 
at ; regard with delight). 

ad-missibilite^^, /.; admissibility. 
1 1 omissible -^^ [L. -missus (-mittere, 
admit), admitted], adj.: =, allowable; 
passed (allowed to enter a higher course). 
-mission -^^ [L. -ssio],f.: = ; admittance. 
-mittatur^'^ [L., Met him be admitted'], 
TO.; =, (students' or priests') certificate. 

admo'^nestation^^ or f-^i^étation 
[-nester], f. : admonition, reproof. ||-^nes- 
ter° or f-i^cter [p. L. *ad-monestâre (L. 
monëre)], tr.: admonish, reprove ; fwarn. 
-niteur^^, -nitrice [L. -nitor], to., /.; 
adviser. H^^nition [L. -nitio (monere, 
remind)],/.; = (warning); fadvice. 

adoles-een-ee^^ [L. -centia], /.; =. 
ll-'-eent^* [L. -cens (olere, grow), growing 
up], adj.: = ; to.; lad. -eente,/.; lass. 

adom.estiqtter ^^ [à, domestiquer], tr.: 
attach to one's home. 

Adon [cf. Adonis], to.; fAdonis (the god) ; 
Adonis (handsome man). 

adonc^^ [à, donc], adv.: then. 

ado-nien^^ or -niqtie [L. -nius], adj.: 

adonic (verse — ■^ ^ || ). Adonis 

[L.-Gr.], TO.; Adonis. -niser^^, tr.: 
adonise, deck out. 

adonner ^2 [à, donner], tr.: fgive; fem- 
ploy; s' — ; give one's self up, devote or 
apply one's |[self, addict one's self; fre- 
quent ; flead to ; (nav., of the wind) turn 
favourable, veer. 

adop-tant^"^, to.; adopter, -tée, part.: 
adopted; m.,f.: adopted son or daughter. 
Il'-'ter ^^ [-tare (optare, choose)], tr.: adopt, 
-tif^^, =ive [L. -tivus], adj.: adoptive: 
père — , foster-father, -tion^'^ [L. -tio], 
f.: =. * \ 

ado-rable^® [-rahilis], adj.: =. -ra- 
teur^^, -ratri-ee [L. -rator], to.; adorer. 
-ration [L. -ratio],/.: =. H-^rer^^ [L. 
-rare (orare, pray)], tr.: adore (worship). 

ado-s^^, TO.; (gard.) sloping platband, 
shelving-bed. -ssement^^, to.; leaning 
(as with the back), backing, bordering. 
Il'-'sser^^ [à, dos], tr.: sit or lean with 
the back (à, against), lean, support ; s' — , 
lean ; tplace on the back. 

adouber** [p. L. *ad-dobbâre (Germ'c dub- 
ban, strike)], <r.; dub (i.e. strike with the 
sword and make knight) ; fput in repair ; 



(nav.) repair ; (chess, etc.) adjust (a piece 
without moving it). 

adou-^-eir^^ [à, doux], tr.: soften, soothe, 
assuage. -■cissage^'', m.; smoothing. 
-•cissaiit^^, adj.: softening, soothing, 
emollient; m.; (med.) emollient, -eis- 
semeîit^*, m.: softening, assuagement, 
mitigation, -eisseur, m.: glass-polisher. 

adoue^^ [OFr. dou (= deux), two], adj.: 
(hunt.) paired. 

ad rem [L.], adv.: ==, pertinently. 

a-dresse^^, /.; direction (ftowards, fdi- 
rect way or guide) ; address (of resi- 
dence ; speech, formal message ; adroit- 
ness, skill, cleverness) : bureau d' — , in- 
telligence office ; tour d' — , sleight of 
hand, trick ; avoir V — de, be able to. 
Il^-dresser^^ [dresser], tr.: direct (fset 
RIGHT or on the direct way) ; address ; 
s' — ; direct one's self (one's step), be 
directed; address one's self, apply; ^intr.: 
go straight : — mal, misdirect ; s' — mal, 
apply to the wrong person ; s' — ici, in- 
quire here {or within). 

adroger^'^ [L. -gare (rogare, ask)], tr.: 
(Roni. law) adopt. 

adroi-'t" [p. L. ad-diredus, well directed], 
adj.: adroit, dexterous, skilful, clever; 
fstraight. -tement^^, adv.: adroitly, 

adscrit^^ [L. -scriptus], adj.: written at 
the side. 

adu-lateur^^, -latri-ee [L. -lator), m., 
/.; adulator, flatterer, -latio^i^^ [L. 
-latio],/.: =. Il^ler [h.-lari], tr.: flat- 
ter servilely, fawn upon. 

adulte ^^ [L. -tus (olere, grow), grown 
up], adj. : adult, 




adulterant, -té- 

ration, /.; adulteration. Ili.-^tère^^ 
[L. -ter {alter, other)], adj.: adulterous ; 
{theol.) apostate, false ; adulterate ; m., 
/.; adulterer, adultress. 2.-tère^^ [L. 
-terium], m.: adultery, -térer^^ [L. 
-terare], tr.: adulterate (corrupt, fdefile 
by adultery), -térin^^, -térine [L. 
-terinus], adj . : adulterine; m.,f.: adulter- 
ine (adulterous child). 
advL^reut^^ [L. -rens {urere, burn)], adj.: 
burning, -ste^^ [L. -stus {urere)], adj.: 
adust, burnt, -stion^^ [L. -stio {urere)], 

/••• =. 

ad^vEuir [OFr. avenir, L. ad-venire, 
come to], irr. (cf. venir), intr. impers.: 
come up, occur, happen. -vEuaj}.t, part. : 
happening, in the event of. -venti-ce^"^ 
[L.-venticius], adj.: adventitious, -ven- 
tif-^'^, =ive [L. -ventum, advent], adj.: 
adventive, casual. 

adver-'be^^ [L. -bum {ad, to, verbum, 
verb], m.: adverb, -bial^^ [L. -bialis], 
adj.: adverbial, -bialement^'* [-bial], 


adv.: adverbially, -bialite [-bial], /.: 
adverbial nature. 

adver-^se^^ [L. -sus {ad-vertere, turn to or 
against)], adj.: =. -saire^^ [L. -sarius], 
m.: adversary, -satif, =ive [L. -sati- 
vus], adj.: adversative, -sité^'^ [L. -si- 
tas],f.: adversity, -ten^e^^ [L. -tencia], 
f.: =, direction of (the sinner's) mind (to 
his sin). 

adyua-'^niie^'' [Gr. a-dunamta, lack of 
strength],/.; (77ie(Z.) adynamy. -xniqite^^, 
adj.: adynamic. 

aé^r ... [L. aer or Gr. aèr, air], -rage 
[-rer], m.: airing, -ratioti [-rer], Jf.: 
airing, i.-ré^^ [-rer], part. : aired, airy. 
2.-ré^^ [L.aereus],adj.: aerial, -tbv^^, 
tr.: air. -rieti^^, =enne, adj.: aerial. 
-rifère^^ [L./erre,bear],ac(;..- aeriferous. 
-riforme^^ [h. forma, form], adj.: aeri- 
form, -robie-^^ [Gr. bios, life], adj.: 
{zool.) living by air. -rographie ^'^ [Gr, 
graphein, write], /.; aerography. -ro- 
lit?ie^^ [Gr. lîthos, stone], m.: aerolite. 
-rologie [Gr. logos, discourse], /.; aerol- 
ogy, '-romancie^^ [L. -tia {manteia, 
prophecy)],/.; aeromancy. -rometre-^'^ 
[Gr. mêtron, measure], m.: aerometer. 
-rométrie^'^ [-romètre], /.; aerometry. 
-naute^'^ [Gr. nautes, pilot], m., /.; 
aeronaut, -ronautiqite [-ronaute], adj . : 
aeronautic ; /. ; aeronautics, -rostat -^^ 
[Gr. states, placed], m.: aerostat, air-bal- 
loon, -rostatiofi [-rostat], /.; aero- 
station, -rostatiqne^^ [-rostat], adj.: 
aerostatic. -rostier*^'^ [-rostat], m.: 
aerostat soldier (during the French revo- 

af- [L. af- = ad; or Fr. à, 'to'], pref. 

affa-bilite ^''' [L. -bilitus], /.; affability. 
llaflPa^^'ble [L. -bilis {fari, speak), 'easy 
to speak to'], adj.: =. -blEment^^ 
[-ble], adv.: affably. 

afPabulatio^i^'^ [L. -tio (cf. fable)], /.; 
moral of a fable, (fEng. =). 

affa-'dir^^ [à, fade], tr.: make VAPID, un- 
savoury, or tasteless; fdisgust. -dis- 
sant ^^, adj. : disgusting, -disseme^it ^^, 
m. : rendering insipid or tasteless ; insip- 
idity, tastelessness ; languidness. 

afFai^blir^^ [à, faible], tr.: enfeeble 
(weaken, impair, lessen), -blissant^^, 
adj.: weakening, etc. -hlissement^^, 
m.: enfeeblement, etc. 

afPaiueantir ^^ [à, fainéanter], tr.: make 

affai-re^^ [à,faire],f.: affair (thing done 
or to be done, matter; business, trans- 
action ; serious affair ; fight ; lawsuit, 
case) : — d'intérêt, money matter ; s'at- 
tirer une - — , get into a scrape ; faire V — 
de quelqu'un, answer some one's purpose ; 
tirer d' — , extricate, help out; se tirer 


à! — , get out of trouble ; vider une — , 
settle an affair; j'en fais mon — , I take 
it on myself, -ré ^^, adj. : appearing very 
busy; fin need (rfe, of), -remeii-t^^ [-ré], 
m.; hurry. 

affais-sement ^^, m. ; depression, weighing 
down, sinking. ||-^ser^^ [à, faix], tr.: 
weigh down (under a burden), press down ; 
s' — , be weighed down, give way, sink. 

afiPai-t-^*, m.: tannery; tanner's business, 
-tage^®, m.: falcon training, -teraent^^, 
TO. ."'falcon training; dressing of leather. 
Il-^ter" [p. L. *affactâre, L. fectàre (fa- 
cere, make), strive after], tr.: fFASHiON ; 
dress (leather); train (falcons). 

affaiter^^ [à, faîte], tr.: provide with a 

afPaler^^ putch af-kalen], tr.: (nav.) 
HAUL down; s' — , slide down; be embayed; 
ifam.) sink down. 

affamé ^^, adj. : famished, hungry, greedy. 
Il-^mer"" [p. L. *-TOâre (L. fames, hunger)], 
tr.: FAMISH (starve); bait (fish); [build.) 
weaken, cut away. 

affangissexiierit8 -^^ [fange], m.pL: mud 
(in a fiver). 

afféa-gement-^®, to. : enfeoffment. 
ll^gç/,15 [à^ fêage], tr.: enFEOFF (give a 
nob'le estate as an arriere-FEE). 

affec-tation^*, /.; =; (leg.) mortgage, 
charge. H^-'ter^^ [L. i.-tus (af-ficere, 
affect); 2.-tare (af-ficere), aim at, dispose], 
tr.: I. affect (touch); 2. affect (dispose; 
affect, pretend ; fEng. have a preference 
for, love, aspire to ; assume), -tif, =ive 
\L.-tivus], adj.: affective, -tion^^ [L. 
-tio],f. : =, love, -tionné ^^ [-tion], adj. : 
affectionate, -tionnément ^^ [-tionne], 
adv.: affectionately, -tionner^^ {-tior^, 
tr.: have an affection for, love, fancy; 
faffect ; s' — , conceive an affection (for), 
become fond (of), take a liking or fancy to. 
-tueusement ^^ \_-tueux], adv.: affec- 
tionately, -tueua?^^, =euse [L. -tuosus], 
adj. : affectionate ; fdevoted. -tuosité ^^ 
\L. -tuosus], f. : affectionate nature. 

affe-nage^^, to.: feeding (animals). 
Il-n.ner''^^ [à, foin], tr.: feed (animals). 

I. afférent ^^ [OFr. -rir (cf. férir), 
affect], adj.: coming due (of property), 

2.afférent^^ [L. -reus (ferre, bring)], 
adj.: afferent, conducting. 

affer-mage^*, to.; leasing land; fhiring 
(a servant). i-H-^mer^^ [à, ferme], tr.: 
lease (land), farm. 

2.tafferiner, pop. form of affirmer. 

affer^mir^^ [_à, ferme], tr.: make firm, 
strengthen ; fix firmly, fasten ; confirm ; 



harden, consolidate. 

strengthening, etc. 

affé-téi^ [old -ter 




affaiter], adj.: af- 

fected, pretentious, -terie^^,/..* affec- 

affi-cliage^^, to.; placarding, --che^^,/.; 
placard, * hand-bill ; poster ; fadvertising 
sheet ; t(fisher's) fixing-pole or stake ; for- 
nament (fixing) : homme-affiche, man carry- 
ing a placard or advertisement for public 
show, street-advertiser. ||-^-elier^^ [à, 
ficher], tr.: post, fix or stick up (a placard), 
placard; make public, proclaim; s'—, set up 
(for) ; expose or compromise one's self, 
observe no decency, --eheur, to.; bill- 

aflS-davit^^ [Eng. (p.L.'he has attested')], 
TO.; =. -dé(e) ^^ [It. -data], adj.: trusted, 
trusty; m.,f.: trusty friend, conFiDENT; 
member. H-'der*' [p. L. *af-fidàre (fides, 
faith)], <r.; conFiDE ; afllirm; attest. 

affi-le^^,/.; grease-bag (for a whet-stone). 
-1©^\ adj.: whetted; sharp, nimble (of 
the tongue) ; d' — lee, adv. : in file, in suc- 
cession. Il-'ler^^ [à, I. fil, 2.file], tr.: 
set an edge (fil) on, whet, sharpen ; 2.draw 
out into threads ; put in file or in a row. 
-leur^^, TO.; sharpener, grinder. 

affi-liatioRi« [L.-liatio],f:=. H-lieri^ 
[L. -Hare (filius, son)], tr. : affiliate ; fadopt. 

affiloir(e)^^ [-1er], to., (/.); sharpening in- 
strument ; (/.) whet-stone. 

aifi-nage ^^, to.; =, refining, -nement^^, 
TO.; refining; cheating. H-n©»-^'^ [à,.^7i], 
tr.: refine (make fine, purify); finish off; 
tcheat (by fine tricks), -nerie,/. ; refinery 
(-furnace); wire-forge; roll of refined iron. 
-neur^^, -nense, m., f: refiner; fde- 

affinité ^^ [L. ~tas (ad-finis, neighbouring), 
relationship by marriage], /.; affinity, 
alliance ; congeniality. 

affinoir^^ [-Tier], to.; hatchet; frefinery. 

affiqi^et^^ [l^orm. -que = -ahe], to.; little 
fixing, hair-ornament (pi. baubles, gew- 
gaws) ; kni4ting-sheath. 

affir-matif ^'^j =ive [L. -mativus], adj. or 
/.; affirmative, -mation^^ [L. -matio], 
/.; =; (log.) predication; oath, -mative- 
ment^^ [-matif], adv.: aflSrmatively. 
Il-^met'^^ [L. -mare (firmus, firm)], tr.: 
(affirm, assert ; leg. affirm to by oath) ; 
(log.) predicate ; s' — , pretend to be. 

affi^xal^^, adj.: =. ||^xe^^ [L. -xus 
(figere. Fix)], adj. or to.; affix. 

affleu-rement^'^, to.; levelling, making 
flush; evening; (toiti.) cropping. -ré(e), 
adj.: even, flush;/.; pulp. ||~rer^^ [à, 
fieur, even], tr.: make level (even, flush), 
level ; (nav.) fay ; be level with, rise to ; 
intr.: be even or level; (min.) crop; 
mix evenly barley, wheat and rye flower. 

af-flictif^^, =ive [L. -fiictus], adj.: faf- 
flictive ; (leg.) affecting the criminal. 
-flictioni^ DL. -ftictio], /.; =, grief. 



-fligeant^^, adj.: afflicting, grievous, 
ll-^-fllger^^ [L. -fligere (fligere, strike)], 
tr. : afflict (grieve, distress) ; mortify (the 

afflon-age-^^, m.: setting afloat. H-^er*^^ 
[à, flouer], tr.: set afloat. 

afflu-en-ee^^ [L. -entia], f.: (abundant) 
flow ; influx ; abundant supply, affluence ; 
concourse, -ent [L. -ens], adj.: flowing 
into, tributary ; m. ; tributary ; tjunction 
(of a river). H-^er^^ [L. -ere {fluere, flow)], 
intr.: flow (abundantly towards a place), 
flock, crowd, congregate, -x^^, [L. -xus], 
m.: afflux(ion). 

a.So-l%nt^^,adj.: infatuating, -lement^^, 
m.: infatuation. H-^ler^^ [à, fol (fou)], 
tr. : make foolish or mad, infatuate ; de- 
range; bewilder; s' — , be or grow infatu- 
ated, dote (on), -lir, tr.: s' — , get mad, 
madden ; faire — , drive mad. 

affourage ^^ [OFi. affouer (cf. feu)], m.: 
FUEL ; right of cutting wood (for fuel) ; 
repartition of fuel (from communal 
woods), -ager^^, adj.: relating to fuel, 
etc.; m.; licensed wood-cutter ; sharer of 

affou-iilement^^, m.: washing away, 
undermining. W'^iller^^ [à, fouiller], tr.: 
wash away, undermine. 

affourager ^^ [à, fourage], tr.: fodder, 
provide with fodder. 

affour-ehe^^, /.: (nav.) small bower, 
ll-^-cher*^^ [à, fourche], tr.: arrange fork- 
wise; (nav.) moor (by two anchors with 
crossed cables) ; straddle. 

affran«hi(e) ^^, adj.: freed, (en)fran- 
chised; postpaid; m.: freed man; /.; 
freed woman. H-^-chir^^ [à, franc], tr.: 

%et free (free, enFRANCHiSE, liberate) ; 
relieve; pay the postage or carriage of 
(prepay) ; pass (leap) over or across, 
cross ; castrate, -cliisseinent 



freeing, enfranchisement, ^c. -chis- 
seur^^, m.: liberator. 

a£Fre^* [Frank, aibhor (ak. to Eng. abhor), 
bristled],/, (only in pL): fterror; agony. 

affré-tement^^, m.; chartering (a boat). 
Il-'ter^^ [à, fréter], tr.: charter (a boat 
for freighting) ; ff weight. -teur, m. : 

af-freusement^^, adv.: frightfully, hor- 
ribly. Il-'freua?^^, =euse [affre], adj.: 
frightful, horrible. 

af-friander ^'^ [à, friand], tr.: allure 
(by dainties) ; accustom to dainties. 
-frioler^^ [à, frioler], tr.: allure (by 

afiFron-t^^ [It. -to], m.: = (open in- 
sult, outrage ; fam. shame, reproach). 
-tement^^, m.: fconfrontation ; ap- 
proach from the front ; bold approach ; 
affront; fcheating. H-^ter^^ \à, front]. 


tr.: tput face to face (confront) ; (carp.) 
fit together ; fapproach from the front ; 
approach boldly; affront (insult, out- 
rage, offend) ; cheat impudently, deceive, 
-terie^^,/.; boldness; impudent cheating. 
-teur^^, =eT^se, m., /.; confronter; fim- 
pudent cheater. 

afFruiter^^ [à, fruit], tr.: provide with 

a£Pu-blEiner)t^^, tr.: covering, wrapping, 
old garment. JK'bler'*' [p. L. *af -fibular e 
(L. fibula, clasp)], tr.: cover (with a 
dress), wrap up, muffle ; dress or rig out ; 
-é d'une opinion, wrapped in (wedded to) 
an opinion ; s' — de, be wrapped up in, be 
always with. 

afiFu-t^*, m.: watch (place or act); frame 
or support ; gun-carriage : être à V — , 
be on the watch, lie in wait, be on the 
look-out, watch; chasse à V — , stalk- 
ing, -tage^*, m.; fputting in position 
(esp. a pi'ece of ordnance), mounting; 
putting in repair, repair (of tools), setting, 
whetting ; set of tools (arranged for work), 
implements. H-^ter^^ [à, fût], tr.: fpost 
behind a tree (fût) or a bush, etc. (to 
watch the game) ; fpl^'Ce in position, 
fmount (a gun) ; fdispose ; put in shape 
(of tools), esp. set, sharpen, -teur^^, 
m.: (hunt.) stalker; saw-setter, grinder. 
-tiau^^, m.: bauble, trifle. 

a-fin^^ [à, fin], adv.: in order (de or que, 
that), so (that). 

à fortiori [1. L., 'from the stronger,' 
viz. to the weaker], adv.: = (all the more). 

afri-caiti, -caine, adj. or m., /.; 
African. H-^qite,/.; Africa. 

taga^^ [dial, for -gare, Imp've of OFr. 
-garer (cf. gare), regard], interj.: lo! 
look ! now ! 

agaçant ^^ [-cer], adj.: vexing, inciting; 
enticing ; /.; sort of jewel. 

taga-ee [OHG. agalstra], f. : magpie. 

aga-eemenfc^^, m.: setting the teeth on 
edge, (nervous) irritation. H-^-eer^^ [?], 
tr.: cause a nervous irritation, irritate, 
set (the teeth) on edge; plague, tease; 
provoke, incite, -eerie ^^,/.; irritation, 

agame^^ [Gr. â-gamos, without marriage], 
adj.: agamous. 

aga-'pe^^ [L. (Gr. agape, love)], /.; =, 
love-feast, -pètes ^^ [L. -petœ (Gr. -petos, 
beloved)], m.,/.j9Z.; agapetae (eccl.: clercs 
or women living in the communities of the 
opposite sex). 

Agar,/..- Hagar. 

agaric ^^ [L. -eus], m.: ==. • 

fagasse =: agace. 

agate ^^ [L. achates], /.; =; 

agat/ie^® [Gr. -thé, good],/.; tulip. 



agave ^"^ [Gr. -^aiié, admirable], /. ; agave 

age [dial, for 2.haié],f.: plough-beam. 

^^ge** [p. L. *œtàticum, (L. œtas, age)], m.: 
age ; century: bas — , infancy; — virile, 
manhood ; fleur de V — , prime of life ; 
honoré par V — , time-honoured, -gé^^, 
adj.: aged, old; elderly; — de cinq' ans, 
five years old. 

agf n-ce^^ [-gent],f.: agency. 

age»i-ceiiie?it^^, m.: arrangement, dis- 
position. ||-*-eer° [p. L. *-tiâre (L. geni- 
tus, cf. Fr. gent, fair), make nice], tr.: 
arrange (appropriately), order, dispose, fit 
up ; s' — , dress up. 

ageii'^da^^ [L. pi. (agere, act), things *to 
be done'], m.; memorandum-book, register. 
agen-de^^ [L.-rfa],/.; (Protestant) ritual. 

agenou-'iller^^ [à, genouil, old form of 
genou], refl.: kneel down; (with ellipsis of 
se) make kneel down : -illé, kneeling, on 
one's knees. -iiloir^^, m.: kneeling- 
stool, hassock. 

i.a-^gent^^ [L. agens (agere, act)], m.: 
agent, active principle. 2.-gent, -cçnte, 
TO.,/.; agent (person), mediator : — ^ comp- 
table, accountant, purser; — de change, 
stock broker ; — de police, police ofl[icer, 

Aggée, TO.; Haggai. 

a.sè}-omé-Tatiqn [L. -ratio],/.: agglo- 
meration. Il-.^rer^'^ [L. -rare (glomus, 
ball)], tr.: agglomerate. 

agglnti-nant ^^, adj.: ^. -natif ^^, 
=ive, adj.: agglutinative, -nation ^^, 
/. ; =. H'-^ner ^^ [L. -nare [gluten, glue)], 
tr.: agglutinate. 

aggra-vatit ^^, adj.: aggravating, -va- 
tiori^*, /.; :=. -ve^^ -âv,f.: anathema. 
-jrer^^ [L. -vare (gravis, heavy)], tr.: 
aggravate ; fmake heavy (weigh down) ; 

faggrég . . . = agrêg . . . 

agi'-^le^'^ (L. -lis (agere, act)], adj.: 
=^ (nimble), -lement^^, adv.: nimbly. 
-lite^^ [L. -litus],/.: agility. 

I -agio ^* [? Gr. hagios, saintly], to.; cere- 
monious manner, gew-gaw, trinket. 

2.agio^'' [It. aggio (?)], to.; =. -tage^'^ 
[-ter], TO.; ^, stock-jobbing. -teV^^, 
tr.: speculate in stocks, job. -tenr [-ter], 
TO.; (stock-)jobber. 

a-^'gir^^ \L. agere], intr.: ACT (operate); 
(leg.) proceed ; s' — de, (be agitated as a 
question : hence) be the question about, 
be at stake, be the matter : e.g. il s'agit 
de, it is the question about, the question 
is, the point is ; de quoi s'agit-il ? what is 
the question (about)? what is up? what 
is the matter? il s'agit de sa vie, his life 
is at stake ; ■\en — avec quelqu'un, use 
or treat any-one (well, etc.). -gissaiit^^, 



adj.: acting, active; effectual, efficacious. 
-gissements ^^, to. pi. : manner of acting ; 
le'gal proceedings. 

agi-tateur^^ [L. -tator], to.; agitator; 
Cphys.) agent. -tation^^ [L. -tatio], 
/.; =; emotion; disturbance, -tato^'^ 
[It.], adv.: =, hurriedly. H-ter*^^ [L. 
-tare (frequ. of agere, act)], tr.: agitate 
(shake ; disturb, trouble) ; ruffle ; a — , be 
agitated, be disturbed; get rough; stir 
about, wag. 

faglom . . . ^ agglom . . . 

faglut . . . = agglut . . . 

agna-'t^^ [L. -tus (ad, natus, bom)], 
TO.; agnate (relative on the male side). 
-tion^^ [L.-tio],f.: agnation, -tique ^'^, 
adj.: agnatic. 

a-fifneaii° [L. agnellus (agnus, lamb)], to.; 
lamb. ||-vgfnel° [old form of agneau], 
TO. ; (orig. lamb) ; cold-coin (bearing the 
mark of a lamb), -grnelle" [L. agnella], 
/.; ewe. -gnclage^^ [agneler], to.; 
lambing. -gnEler^^, intr.: lamb, yean. 
-grnElet^^, TO., t-fifCElette,/.; lambkin; 
half of an agnel (coin), -gjanlin^ adj. 
of a lamb, lamb's; to.; lambskin (with 
the wool). -Êfnèlement ^^ [agneler], 
TO.; lambing. 

Afifnes,/.; Agnes; artless girl. 

agnus Dei dé-i [L., ' lamb of God'], to. ; =. 

ago-^nie^^ [L., (jr. -nia (Gr. agon, 
struggle)], /.; agony (fanguish; death- 
agony, death-struggle) ; hour (point) of 
death, -nir-^^, tr.: (dial.) overwhelm 
(with insult), insult, -nisatit^^, =ante 
[-niser], adj.: in death-agony, dying ; to., 
/.; dying person, -niser -^^ [1. L. -zare], 
intr.: be in the agony (pangs) of death, 
be dying, -nistiqite^^ [Gr. -nistikos], 
adj.: agonistic, athletic. 

agora ^^ [Gr. -râ],f.: =, public place. 

agra-fe^^,/.; agraffe, clasp ; cramp-iron; 
thook. ll-fe^i^ [à, OFr. grafe (cf. 
grappe), hook], tr.: fhook ; clasp. 

agrainer^^ [à, graine], tr.: give grain 
to ; strew with grain (for game). 

agraire [L. agrarius (ager, field)], adj.: 

agran-'dir ^^ [à, grand], tr.: enlarge, 
make greater, aggrandise ; magnify, exalt. 
-dissement^^, to.; enlargement, aggran- 
disement ; advancement. 

agrape^^ [OFr. -per =^ -fer], /.; fhook; 
boring tool. 

fagrav . . . = aggrav . . . 

agre-able^^, adj.: agreeable: avoir pour 
— , be pleased to permit, allow, -abls- 
ment^^, adv.: agreeably, -é, part.: 
accepted, etc.; to.^^; attorney (in the tri- 
bunals of commerce). i.\\^ér^^ [à, grê], 
intr.: be agreeable (be convenient or 
pleasant, suit) ; tr, ; receive agreeably 



or pleasantly ; (be pleased to) accept, ap- 
prove, agree to, relish. 

2. agréer ^^ [à, gréer], tr.: rig (a ship). 

agr©-gaf^^> wi-' [L« -gatum], aggregate. 
-gatif^^, =ive, adj.: aggregative, -ga- 
tiqn^^ [L. -gatio], /.; aggregation, ag- 
gregate; assemblage; admission (into a 
body, society, etc.) ; admission to the 
title of agrégé (cf. below) or licentiate : 
concours d' — , examination for the licen- 
tiate degree, -g©-^*, part.: aggregated, 
etc.; m.; associate; esp. licentiate (uni- 
versity graduate entitled to lecture in a 
lyceum or faculty) : — d'histoire, licen- 
tiate in history; etc. H-^ger [L. -gare 
(ad, to, grex, flock)], tr.: aggregate, take 
up (receive) into a body (a society, etc.), 
associate, unite. 

agréiiien-«^t ^* [agréer], m. : agreeableness 
(pleasingness, charm ; comfort) ; (esp. pi.) 
ornament, embellishment ; (mus.) fgrace ; 
(theat.) fdivertisement ; agreement (ap- 
probation, consent) ; fremedy, finjection : 
arts d' — ; accomplishments, -ter^^, tr.: 
render agreeable ; ornament. 

fagrEner =: agrainer. 

agréner [?], tr.: pump or bale out. 

agrès ^* {agréer, rig], m. pi.: rigging. 

agres-seur^* [-sor], m.; aggressor. 
Il-^sif^^, =ive [L. -sus (ad, to, gradi, go)], 
adj.: aggressive, -sion^* [L. -sio],f.: =. 

agreste ^^ [L. -tis (ager, field)], adj.: 
agrestic, rustic. 

agreyenr^^ [?], m.: wire-drawer. 

agri-'cole ^^ [L. -cola (ager, field, colère, 
CULTivate)], m.; fa^griculturist ; adj.: 
agricultural, -culteur ^^ [L. -cultor] ,m.: 
agricultor ; fwriter on agriculture, -cul- 
ture ^^ [L. -cultura], f. : =. 

agrifiFer*^* [à, griffe], tr.: grasp with the 
claws, cling to. 

agri-'inenseur ^^ [L. -mensor (ager, field, 
mentirs, measure)], m.: (Rom.) surveyor. 
-pajime ^^ [L. -palma],/.: motherwort. 

agripper ^^ [à, gripper], tr.: snatch, 

agrono-^me^^ [Gr. -nomos (agros, field, 
nomos, law)], m.: agriculturist, -mie^^, 
/.; agronomy, -miqite^^ {-mie], adj.: 

agrou^elle or -ette [dial, for écrouelle], 
f. : prawn ; (-elle) sort of scrofula. 

agrouper^^ [It. ag-groppare (cf. groupe)], 
tr.: groupe. 

aguerrir^^ [à, guerre], tr.: inure to war, 
harden, train. 

aguet^^ [OFr. -ter (cf. guetter)], m.: 
twatchfulness ; pi. watch : être (se tenir) 
aux — s, be upon the watch, lie in wait. 

agtcitïipé^^ [à, guimpe], adj.: provided 
with a chemisette ; veiled. 

B.hy inter j. : ah ! oh ! 


ta-Tian.i*', m.: bodily exertion. ||*/iane?* 
[?], intr.: make a painful effort, toil. 

a/teur-tenie>it^^, m.; stubbornness. 
Il-ter^^ [à,heurter],tr.: (fknock against); 
stop before (find) an obstacle ; esp. s' — 
(a): persist (in spite of obstacles), be 
stubborn (in), stick (to). 

aZti 1^, inter j. : ah ! ay ! oh dear ! 

ahu'«'rir [à, hure: 'bristle in head'], tr.: 
astound, bewilder, -rissement^^, m.: 

i.aï^^ a-i [Brazil], m. ; aye-aye, ai, sloth. 

2. aï a-i [Ai, a city], m.: foaming 

ai-de^, /.; aid (help or relief; grant or 
tax; tfemale assistant); m.: aid (assist- 
ant, ADJUTANT, staff-oflScer) : appeler à 
V — , call for help ; cour des — s, court of 
aids (settling finally questions of taxa- 
tion) ; — de camp, aid-de-camp ; — du pa- 
tron, master's mate ; — major d'escadre, 
naval adjutant. Il-«'der*' [L. ad-jutâre 
(juvâre, help)], tr.: aid (help, assist); 
intr.: aid, give assistance; s' — ; help 
one's self, make use (of) ; help one 

aïe ay, interj. (of pain) : oy, oh (dear) ! 

aïeu-'l", -le** a-yeul [p. L. *avi-ôlus, -ôla 
(L. avus, avia, same meaning)], m., f.: 
grandfather, grandmother; -Is^^, -les, 
pi.: (m.) grandfathers, grandfather and 
grandmother ; (/.) grandmothers ; an- 
cestral mothers. -x°, pi. m.: (fgrand- 
fathers) ; forefathers, ancestors. 

aigle** [L. aquila], m.: eagle (the bird 
generally, or as an emblem ; a coin) ; /. ; 
she-eagle ; eagle (Roman standard sur- 
mounted by an eagle ; arms) : — de mer, 
osprey ; — criard, spotted eagle ; — blanc, 
(chem.) muriate of mercury ; — noir, 
(chem.) sublimate of cobalt. 

aigr-e** [L. àcer, sharp], adj.: sour, ACid, 
sharp ; shrill ; musty ; sour-tempered, acri- 
monious ; m., sourness, etc. ; acid drink 
or liquid. -E-doux^^, adj.: sour-sweet, 
sourish. -E-ftn^^, m.: adventurer; 
sharper [deriv'n not certain]. -Elet^^, 
=ette, adj.: sourish, -niaent^^, adv.: 
acrimoniously, sharply. 

aigrEmoine^^ [L. agrimonia], /.; agri- 
mony, liver-wort. 

aigret, =ette [-gre], adj.: sourish. 

aigret-i^te ^^ [aigron, dial, form of héron], 
f. : EGRET (white heron) ; aigret(te) (tuft 
of feathers, plume, crest; tuft of hair; 
head-ornament of precious stones, esp. in 
the form of a heron's crest), -té, adj.: 
(bot.) with an aigret, tufted. 

ai-greur** [L. acror, sharp],/.; sourness, 
acidity; acrimony (sharpness, surliness, 
ill-temper). H-grir^* [-gre], tr.: sour, 
make sour ; sharpen, embitter, incense) ; 


sharpen (increase) ; intr. : turn sour (be 
soured) ; grow bitter ; grow worse. 

aigu°, =ué* [L. acûtus], adj.: sharp 
(pointed ; keen, acute ; shrill). 

ai^^ua . . . [OFr. -gua (L. aqua, water)] ; 
-gitade ^^, f. : (nav.) water-supply ; water- 
ing-station ; faire — , take in fresh water. 
-gitall^^, m.; {hunt.) dew-drop, -gita- 
yer, tr.: wash, bathe (ahorse). -gi/^- 
martne ^^, /. ; aqua-marina, beryl, -gui- 
ère^^, /.; ewer, pitcher, -gwiérée^^ 
(-guière),f.: ewerful, pitcherful. 

aiguii-lade^* [through Prov.],/.; goad. 
-lage^^" [rter], m.: (railr.) shifting of 
points, -lat^^ [through Prov.], m.: dog- 
fish. Ilaiguii-^ie" [p. L. acûcula (L. acus, 
needle)],/.; needle (sewing-needle; pointed 
piece of metal, as hand of a watch, etc. ; 
index of a balance ; spindle of a compass, 
etc.) ; spire (of a steeple) ; {railr.) switch 
or frog ; needle-fish (horn-fish, etc.) : — 
à reprises, darning needle ; — d'ardoise, 
slate-pencil, -lee^'^,/.; needleful, -le?^, 
tr.: {railr.) set or turn (a switch); '\{surg.) 
couch (a cataract), -letage^''^ \_-leter\ 
m.: (nai7.) seizing; lashing, -leter [-lette], 
tr.: trim {or lace) with tags, fix or button 
with lace {or cords), lace ; {nav.) bind with 
ropes ('seize,' lash), -letier^* [-letie], 
m.: tag-maker, lace-maker, -lette ^^, /. ; 
A(i)GLEt (pointed tag of cord or lace) ; 
aiglet-tipped cords or braids ; ornamental 
cordon or lace (of various kinds, but 
especially on uniforms), shoulder-knot ; 
tricing line or rope ; thin slice of skin or 
flesh, -lenr^^, m.: {railr.) switchman. 
-lier, m.: needle-maker; fneedle-case. 
-iière,/.; needle-maker; fnet. 

aiguii-'lon® [p. L. *acûleo (L. -leus, 
sting)], m.; goad; incentive; sting (of in- 
sects, etc.) ; prickle, -lonne ^^, adj. : 
provide with a goad; -lonne r^^, tr.: 
goad ; incite. 

aigui-sage^^, -semetit^^, m.: sharpen- 
ing, whetting. IKser** [p. L. *acutiàre 
(L. acûtus, sharp)], tr.: sharpen, whet, 
-seur^^, m.; sharpener, grinder, -soir^*, 
m.: sharpening-tool. 

ail" pi. auto, or, esp. in bot., ails [L. 
al{l)ium'\, m.: garlic. 

ailante^^ \Q\m. allanto'], m.: {bot.) ailan- 

ai^le° [L. àla, wing],/.; wing (of birds, 
bats, etc.) ; wing-like appendage (as wind- 
mill, vane, van, fan) ; side-appendage {as 
wing or aisle of a building; wing of an 
army ; etc.) : à tire d' — , at a single flight ; 
tirer de V — , take to wing; en avoir 
{tenir) dans V — , be affected or struck, 
have a screw loose, -lé, adj.: winged. 
-leron^*, m.; extremity of a wing (with 
the big feathers), pinion; fin (of certain 



fishes) ; wing-like appendage {as feather 
of an arrow ; float-board of a water-wheel ; 
scroll over a window, etc.) -lette ^^,/.; 
flittle wing ; wing-like appendage {as 
small wing of building ; shoulder-piece 
ornament ; side-lining ; screw-blade ; rifle- 
band of a projectile to fit in the rifles of 
a gun. 

ai'/lade^^ [Prov. alhada (ak. to ail)],/.: 
garlic sauce. 

ai/leur.s" [L. alidrsum {alio-versum, else- 
where directed)], adj.: ELsewhere : d' — , 
besides ; in other regards ; from another 
reason or cause. 

ai/loli^^ [Prov. aioli, 'garlic-oil'], m.: 
cullis of garlic (sort of jelly).] 

ai-^nia"ble° [L. amâbilis {amo, love)], 
adj.: amiable, agreeable, -mabls- 
meiit^^ adv.: amiably. i.^mant^^ 
\rmer'\, adj.: loving, affectionate. 

2.ainian^f° [L. adamas (Gr. a-damas, 
in-vincible)], m.: magnet, load-stone, fEng. 
adamant, -tatimi^^, /.; magnetisation, 
-ter-^'"^, tr.: make magnetic, magnetise: 
-té, part., magnetic, -tin, adj.: mag- 

Aimée,/.; Amy. 

ainie?'° [L. amâre], tr.: love; be fond of, 
like : — mieux, like better, prefer. 

i.aine° [p. L. inguina (L. inguen)], /. ; 

2.aine^" [?], /.; herring-stick (on which 
they are strung). 

aî-^né^^, -née [ains, né], adj.: elder, 
eldest, senior ; m.,f.: elder (-est) son or 
daughter, -nesse, /.; primogeniture, 

fains^ [p. L. *anteis (L. ante, before)], 
adv.: but. 

ai>jsi^'^ [ain ? si], adv. or conj.: thus, so ; 
then (= consequently) ; just as ; so that ; 
fat the same time ; flike : — du reste, and 
so forth ; — que, just as, as well as ; pour 
— dire (or parler), so to say, as it were. 

air" [L. àer, air], m.: air (atmosphere; 
appearance, look, or style ; tune) : avoir 
r — ban {mauvais), look good-natured (ill- 
natured) ; avoir V — de, look like ; avoir 
r — à, have a mind to ; être en V — , be in 
a flurry ; faire prendre V — à, give an air- 
ing to ; un coup d" — , a scold ; des gens 
du bel — , people of high life ; un homme 
du grand — , a man who makes a great 
figure ; un — de famille, a family likeness. 

aiTain° [L. aerdmen {aes, metal)], m.; 
brass, bronze ; object made of bronze {as 
guns, bells) : un front d' — , a brazen face. 

air-e° [L. àrea],f.: area; threshing-floor; 
paving-foundation, bottom ; rock-surface 
on which the eagle builds its nest, aerie, 
EYRY (the nest itself, nest of large birds) ; 
forest-area ; point of a in the di- 



rection of the wind ( — de vent). -é(e), /.; 
lot of sheaves on a barn-floor; (bak.) batch. 

airelle, /. ; whortle-berry. 

airer^^ [à, aire], intr.: make its eyry or 

ais° [L. axis, plank], m.: plank, board; 
{print.) whetting-board ; butcher's block. 

ai-san-ee ^^ [OFr. -ser], f.: ease, free- 
dom; comfort, easy circumstances, compe- 
tency ; fS'CCommodation, privilege ; pi. : 
water-closet : lieux (cabinets) cT — s, wa- 
ter-closet ; fosse d' — s, cess-pool. ||ai-*se 
[OFr. -ser (?)], /.; ease, convenience, 
comfort; content, gladness, joy; adj.: 
glad, happy: à V — , comfortable; easily; 
être à son — , be well (off), be at ease or 
unconstrained ; se sentir mal à V — , feel 
uncomfortable ; aimer ses -ses, love one's 
ease ; fen suis bien — , I am very glad of it. 
-se^^ [OFr. -ser], adj.: easy; comfort- 
able ; in easy circumstances, well-to-do 
{also as noun). 1f-aein.Bnt^^, m.: := 
-sance. -sèment ^^ [se], adv.: easily, 
with ease ; comfortably. 

aissangue^^ [Prov. -go (?)], /.; fishing- 
net, fishing-boat. 

I. aisseau ^^ [OFr. -sse (L. ascia, ax)], 
m.: adze. 

2.ais'^seaii^^ [ais], m.: roof-shingle. 
-selette, /..' bottom-piece (of a cask). 
-selier, m. : {carp.) brace, f-selière, /. ; 
= -selette. 

aisselle° [L. axilla], f: arm-pit; {bot.) 
axil(la) ; jointure. 

aissette^^ [ais],/.; adze. 

aitre^*^ [L.airiwm, fore-court], m.; atrium, 
fore-court; free ground round a church 
(for cemetery). 

ajointefi^ [à, joint], tr.: joint, connect. 

ajonc [?], m.; furze; thorn-broom. 

a-^jour^^ [à, jour], m.: hole, orifice. 
-jouré, adj.: provide with holes (for the 
daylight) ; {her., etc.) fretted. 

ajour-nEment^^, m.; adjournment; {leg.) 
summons. ïl-^ner [à,OFT.jorn = jour], 
tr.: adjourn, put off; {leg.) summon; -^im- 
pers.: dawn. 

ajou-tage, m.: added piece. H-'ter" [p. 
L. *ad-juxtâre {L. juxta, near)], tr.: add, 
join ; give added value (to) ; refl. be 
added; — foi à, give credence to, believe 
in; — an conte, embellish (or stretch) a 
story ; -té, part. ; also m. : addition (in a 
proof-sheet, etc.). -toir, m.; added piece. 

aju-st^^, m. 

(nav.) tying, -stage ^^, m. : 
adjustment ; fixing the legal rate *(of coin). 
-stEment^^, m.: adjustment (fitting, 
arrangement; accommodation, reconcilia- 
tion) ; fixing (of the toilette, etc.) ; toilette 
(attire, garb); fcorrectness. ||-^ster^^ 
[à, juste], tr.: adjust (set aright, adapt, 
fit ; fix, fix the value of) ; aim (a gun) ; 


take aim at; adjust (make agree, recon- 
cile ; accommodate) ; fix or arrange (the 
toilette, etc.), attire, trim, fit up ; tgive it 
well to, punish, -steur^^, m.; adjuster, 
fitter ; weigher at the mint, -stoir ^^, m. : 
assay-balance; adjusting tool, -stnre^^, 
/. ; curve given to a horse-shoe, -tage or 
-toir, m.: adjutage; connection tube or 

al- [L. ad ' to ' or Fr. a] : pref. 

falaise = alèze. 

alamhi^c^^ [At. al-ambiq (Gr. ambix, 
vase), the vase], m.: alembic, still: tirer 
à V — , pass through the alembic, strain ; 
passer à V — , examine critically, scrutinise. 
-qiter^^, tr.: pass through the alembic, 
distil, extract (the essence),, strain ; refl.: 
strain or puzzle one's self, refine too much 
upon: -que, part.: strained, subtle, fine- 
spun ; s' — Vesprit sur, puzzle one's brain 
about. t-q^<®Br^^, m.: alchemist. 

alandier^^, to.; mouth of a furnace. 

alan-^giiir^^ [à, languir], tr.: fmake 
languid; refl.: become languid, languish. 
-giiissement^^, to.; languor. 

alargitei' [Prov. -gar {large)], intr. : {nav.) 
stand out to sea, sheer off. 

alar-mant^^ [-mer], adj.: alarming, 
li-'ine^^ [à Varme!],f.: summons to arms, 
alarm; sudden fear, anxiety, -mer^^, 
tr. : alarm, startle ; fcall to arms (give 
the alarm to), -miste^'^ [-mer], m.,f.: 

alaterne^^ [L. -nus], m.: {bot.) alatern. 

albâtre ^^ \h. alabastron], to.; alabaster. 

albatros [Engl.], to.; albatross. 

alber-^ge^^ [Sp. -chiga (Ar.)], /.; small 
peach, =. -gier, TO.; alberge-tree. 

Albiçeqis ^V iw- •' {pl-) Albigenses, 

albi-nisme ^^, to.; albinism. IKnos^"^ 
[Port. -710 (L. albus, white)], m.,f.: albino. 

albu-gine [L. -go, whiteness],/.; albugo. 
-giné', -gineux, /. =euse, adj.: albu- 
gineous, whitish. 

album ^'^ [L., 'white'], to.; scrap-book; 
album ; (Rom.) white inscription tablet. 

albu'-'Mien^^ [L. {albus, white), white of 
an egg], to.; =. -mine^'^, /.; albumin. 
-mineua?, =euse, adj.: albuminous. 
-m.inoïde^^ [-mine, Gr. eîdos, form], 
adj.: albuminoid, -minose^^ [-mine], 
/.; =. -minorie [-mine, Gr. ouron, 
urine] , /. ; albuminuria. 

alcade [Sp. -calde (Ar.)], to.; =, alcaid. 

alcaïqite^^ [L.-caicus], adj.: alcaic. 

alca-lescen«e^'^ [-lescent], /.; alkales- 
cence, -lescent^^, adj.: alkalescent. 
IKli^^ [Ar. al-qali, the ashes of salt-wort], 
TO.; alkali, -lin, arfj.; alkaline, -liser^®, 
tr.: alkalise. -loïde^^, to.; alcaloid. 

alcarazas ^^ [Sp. -rraza (Ar.)], to.; =, un- 
glazed jug. 


al-cée^' [L.-cea],f.: holly-hock. 

Al«ép, m.: Alcœus. 

Alcest^, m.: Alcestis. 

Alcibiade, m.: Alcibiades. 

al-ehi-^mie ^' [Tp.L.-chymia ( 
cf. chimie)],/.: alchemy, -miqife, ac(;.; 
alchemical, -miste, m.; alchemist. 

al-eide, m.: Alcides. 

alcoo'"!^^ -ko-ol or (gen'ly) -kol [fr. Ar.], 
m.: alcohol. -lat^^, m.: alcoholate. 
-liqiie^^ -lik, adj.: alcoholic, -lisatiott, 
/.; alcoholisation. -liser, tr.: alcoholise 
-lisme^^, m.: alcoholism. 

alcoran^^ [Ar. al-goram, the reading], 
m.: Koran. 

alcc'^'sre^^ [Sp. -coba (Ar. -kobba, the bed- 
room)], /.; alcove, recess; tenir — , hold 
reception (like les femmes précieuses). 
-viste^^, m.: attendant (at the receptions 
of les femmes précieuses). 

al'-'cyon^^ [L.], m.: halcyon; king-fisher. 
-eyonieti ^^, =enue, adj.: halcyon. 

aldébaran^^ [Ar.], m.: (astr.) aldebaran. 

alderman [Engl.], m.; =:. 

ale ^6 el [Engl.],/.; ale. 

ale-^a^^ [L., throw of dice], m.; hazard. 
-atoire^^ [L. -torius], adj.: hazardous, 
uncertain, -atoirement ^^ [-atoire],adv. : 
by chance, in an uncertain manner. 

ale-'^ne^^ [OHG. alesna = Ger. ahle], m.: 
AWL. -nier*^*^, m.; awl-maker. 

alénois^^ [L. aurelianensis, 'from Or- 
leans'], m.; only in cresson — , garden 

alen-vtir^^ [à, lent], tr.: make slow, 
slacken, -tissement, to.; slackening. 

alentour or à I'entonr^*, adv.: around, 
about ; to. pi. (only alentours) : surround- 
ings, environs, neighbourhood; persons 
about or around. 

alepine^^ [Alep, Aleppo (where made)], 
/.; bombazine. 

alerion*' [OHG. adalaro = Ger. adler, 
eagle], to.; flarge eagle; (her.) spread- 
eaglet (without beak or foot). 

alerte 16 [It. all' erta, 'on the top' (for 
watching)], interj.: up! look out; noun 

J.: warning signal, alert, alarm; adj.: on 
the watch, alert, vigilant; ready, quick, 
wide-awake ; en — , on the watch. 

ale-sage 1*^, to.; boring, drilling. H-^ser^'^ 
[= aZiser], tr.: polish or even a bored 
surface (or the edge of a coin), bore. 
soir^'^, TO.; boring-instrument. 



(nav.) lighten the 
borings (chips) of 

alestir [à, leste], tr. 

rigging of. 
alésure^'^ [-ser], f. 

ale-^'virt" [p. L. *allevâmen (L. al-levare, 

elevate)], to.; young fry (for breeding). 

-vlnage^^ [-ner], to.; fish-breeding; 

rejected fry. -viner^^ tr.: stock 

with fry; intr.: spawn, -vinier^^, fry- 

alexandrin 1*^ [L. -drinus], adj.: Alex- 
andrian (school) ; alexandrine (verse), 
also TO. 

al(e)zani^ [Sp. alazan], adj.: chestnut- 
(coloured) ; to.; chestnut-horse : — saure, 
sorrel ; — roux, red bay. 

aleze^* [OFr. -lesier (L. latus, broad, 
spread)],/.; sheet (under sick persons); 
extra board (to widen another) ; osier 

falézer = aliser. 

alfa^^* [Ar.], to.; alfa (plant). 

alfange [Sp. (Ar.)], to.; scimitar; long- 
leaved' lettuce. 

alfenide^^ [Halphen, the inventor], /.; 
alloy of nickel and copper. 

algalie^^ [1. L. argalia],f.: catheter. 

alganon^^ [L. organum, instrument], m.: 
chain for galley-slaves. 

algarade 1^ [Sp. -da (Ar.), battle-tumult], 
/.; fsudden attack; petulant insult, af- 

algazel [Ar.], to.; African gazelle. 

al-^gèbre^^ [1. L. -bra (Ar.)],/.; algebra. 
-gebriqite^^, adj.: algebraic(al). -gé- 
b'riqitement ^^, adv. : algebraically. 
-gébriste^^, to.; algebraist. 

Alge-^rie,/.; Algeria; -rien, -rienne, 
adj. or noun: Algerian. 

algi-'dei^ [L. -dus], adj.: algid, ice-cold. 
-ditei^/.; algidity. 

algologie^^ [algue, Gr. logos, speech], 
/.; algblogy. 

algonqtiin^"^ [Am.], to.; Algonquin; un- 
civilised person. 

algorithme 16 [p. L. (Ar.)], to.; algorithm. 

algnazil^^ [Sp. (Ar. al-wazir, the vizir)], 
TO.; = (Spanish constable). 

algite^^ [L. -ga],f.: alga, sea- weed. 

fallaire = alliaire. 

alibi 1^ [L., elsewhere], to.; := ; fdiver- 
sion, tsubterfuge. If-toTain^^ [forain], 
TO.; irrelevant or shuffling talk (answer), 

alibile^® [L. -lis], adj.: alible. 

aliboron^*, to.; only in maître — , fper- 
son able to do everything, handy-andy; 
ready-witted or cunning fellow. 

alicante or -cant [province Alicante, 
where made], to.; alicant (Spanish wine). 

ali-ehon^^ [aille], to.; float-board. 

alidade 15 [L. -da (Ar.)],/.; =. 

alié-nablei6, ad!/.; alienable, -nation ^^ 
[L. -natio], /.; alienation (transfer of 
property; mental derangement), -no, 
=ée, part.: alienated, etc.; m.,f.: luna- 
tic, maniac: maison d' — b, mad-house. 
Il-^ner [L. -nare (alius, other)], tr.: alien- 
ate (transfer as title ; estrange or dis- 
affect) ; derange the mind of, drive 



mad. -niste-^^, adj.: alienist (treating 

ali-g-n.em.ent ^2, m. ; alignment, line ; 
{mil.) dressing (à droite — ! right dress !) 
\\^g-n.ev^^, [à, ligne], tr.: align (form to 
a line or in a line ; mil. dress) ; refl. (mil.) 
dress ; take position (to fight a duel) : — 
ses phrases, square one's sentence ; -gné, 
part.; fstraight. -gn.ette^^ , f. : herring- 

alimen-*t^^ [L. -turn (alere, nourish)], 
m. ; =^ (food, nourishment) ; (leg.) allow- 
ance (pZ. alimony); things insured, -taire^^ 
[L. -tarius], adj.: alimentary: pension 
— , alimony; maintenance; régime — , 
diet, -tation-^^ [-ter], /.; ^, feeding. 
-ter^^,tr.: aliment, nourish, feed; sup- 
ply, -tenx^^, =ense, adj.: alimentai, 

alinéa [L. a linea, 'from the line'], 
inter j. : new line ! (i.e. from the old) ; 
m. ; break (between paragraphs) ; para- 

aliqitante^® [L. -tus, some], adj.f.: ali- 

aliqifote^* [L. -t, some], adj.f.: aliquot. 

alise^^ or -ze [OHG. eliza], f.: service- 

aliser or -zer [OFr. alis (cf. lisse), 
smooth], tr.: make even; {her.) shorten. 

alisier ^^ or -zier* [-se], m.: service- 

ali-temertt^^, m.: taking to bed. H-^ter^^, 
[à, lit], tr.: put to bed; lay down {refl. lie 
down) ; arrange in layers : -té, part. ; bed- 

alivrer*^^ [à, livré], tr.: make up into 
parts of one pound. 

aliza-^ri^^ [Sp. (Ar.)], m.: madder-root, 
=. -rine^^,/..* alizarin. 

alizé ^^ [? aliser], adj.: vents — s, trade- 

talizer, f-zier = aliser, -sier. 

talkali = alcali. 

alkéke»tge^* [fr. Ar.], m.: winter-cherry. 

alkermès^^ [fr. Ar.], m.: ==. 

AUa/t [Ar. al-ilah, the god], m.: =. 

allai-te^^, /.; dug of a she-wolf, -te- 
meiit^*^, m.: nursing, suckling. ||'»'ter*° 
[L. al-ladâre {lac, milk), give milk to], 
tr.: nurse, suckle ; fsuck. 

allant ^^ [-Her], part. : going; adj.: ever 
going Con the go'), stirring, active; m.: 
goer : — s et venants, comers and goers. 

fallargtf^er = alarguer. 

allé-ekant ^^, adj.: alluring, enticing. 
-•chemetit ^^, m. : allurement, enticement. 
||-^-elier° [p. L. fallecticâre (L. al-licere, 
attract)], <r.; allure, draw. 

allée ^^ [aller],/.: going; passage; entry, 
alley; lane. 

fallé-gateur^^ [L. -gare], m.: alléger. 


Il-^-gatimi^^ [L. -gare (cf. -guer)], f.: 

al-'lège-^^ [-léger], f.: lighter, tender; 
window-sill. i.-légea»t«e^^ [-léger],/.: 
alleviation, consolat'ion. 

2.allégean-ce^^ [Eng. allegiance (Fr. 
^wé)],/: allegiance. 

allé-gement ^^, m.: alleviation, relief. 
ll-'geV** [p. L. *alleviàre (L. levâre)], tr.: 
LiGHTen (render less heavy; alleviate; 
reLiEVE ; disburden, unload) ; {nav.) buoy 
up. -gir^^, tr.: lighten, reduce. 

allego'-^'rie^^ [L. -ria (Gr. alio-, other, 
agoreuein, speak), 'describing one thing 
by another'], /.; allegory; allusion. 
-riqite^^ [L. -ricus], adj.: allegorical. 
-riqitemetit^^ [-rique], adv.: allegoric- 
ally, -riser ^^ ^r.: allegorise, -riseur^"^ 
[-riser], m.: allegoriser. -riste-^^, m.: 

al'«'lègre*' [L. alacer], adj.: lively, quick, 
cheerful, allacrious. -legrsmetit ^^, 
adv.: lively, joyously, alacriously. -lé- 
grer^^, tr.: render lively, alacrify. -lé- 
gresse^^, /.; falacrity; lively joy, glad- 
ness, cheerfulness, mirth, -légretto-^'^ 
[It. -gretto], adv.: {mus.) allegretto. 
-légro^^ [It. allegro (L. alacer, lively)], 
adv.: {mus.) allegro. 

tallégiter* [L. al-legare, send to or for, 
summon], tr.: allege (adduce, plead, af- 
firm ; fEng. cite as authority). 

alléluia ^^ a{l)-lé-lui-ya [L. (Hebr., 
' praise God ')],m.; hallelujah; (6o^) wood- 

Alle-^maÊrne", /.; Germany. alle- 
mand**, -martde, adj. or m.,/.: German. 

aller ^[?], irr.%', tr.: go, move; go on; 
proceed, be about (to do a thing) ; get 
along, be (in health) ; amount (to) ; {/am.) 
go or be suitable (with, to), suit ; impers. 
with y: be at stake or concerned (e.g. il 
y va de la vie, life is at stake) ; refl. with 
en {s'en aller) go away, leave ; pass away, 
be dying ; be going, be about to ; pass, 
proceed ; pass away ; be lost ; infinit. : 
going ; run ; {nav.) outward voyage ; 
imperat. {va, allons, allez) often inter- 
jectionally : come ! now ! etc. : — à cheval 
{à pied, en voiture), go on horseback (on 
foot, in a carriage) ; — au pas, walk, pace ; 
— bon train, go on well or at a good 
round pace ; — son train, keep on, take 
one's own course ; — aux voix, put to the 
vote ; — de pair, be equal ; — à la gloire, 
aim at glory ; se laisser — à, give one's 
self up to ; au long — , in the long run ; 
au pis — , at the worst ; c'est votre pis — , 
it's your last shift ; avoir V — pour le 
venir, lose one's labor; cela vous va, 
that suits you ; il en va, it is, il en ira, it 
will be ; cela ne va pas, that won't do ; 


allons donc! come now! nonsense! va 
fen! or allez-vous-en ! go away! be off 
with you ! comment allez-vous? or (fam.) 
comment cela va-i-il? how are you? 

§ Ind. : Pr. vais, vas, va ; allons, allez, 
vont. Ipf. allais. Prêt, allai. Fut. (Cond.) 
irai{s). — Subj. : Pr. aill-e, -es, -e ; allions, 
alliez, aillent. Ipf. allasse. — I've va; 
allez. — Part. : Pr. allant ; P. allé. 

alien** [OHG. all-oé 'ail property'], m.: 
allodium, freehold. 

alliable^^ \rlier\ adj.: miscible. 

alliaeé^^ [L. -ium, garlic], adj.: (bot.) 

alliage [-ier], m.: fcombination ; alloy- 
-age, alloy. 

alliaire^^ \h. -ium, garlic], /.; hedge- 

al-liance^*, /.: =, union; marriage; 
wedding-ring ; covenant ; combination. 
-lié, =ée^*, m.,f.: ally, confederate ; rela- 
tive (by marriage). i.||'«'lier** [L. -ligâre, 
bind to], tr. : ally, (combine, unite, marry) ; 
mix (alloy) ; reconcite ; refl. : be allied 
or enter into alliance, etc. ; suit ; part. : 
allied, etc. ; confederate ; related (by 
marriage), akin. 

2.allier^* [?], m. partridge-net. 

alligator ^'^ [Engl. (Sp. lagarto, lizard)], 
m.: ^. 

allingite, to.; barrier. 

allitération^^ l-l [L. ad, litera, letter], 

/.; alliteration. 







livrer* ^^ [à, livre, pound], tr.: 
(acc'g to income). 

allçi^ [Eng-], interj.: halloo! hello! (as 

allobroge^^ [name of a tribe, despised 
by the Romans], to.; rude person, clown ; 
adj. crude. 

allocations^ [location],/.: = (grant). 

allocntion^s [L. -tio (loqui, speak)],/.; 
=, address. 

allodia^^l^^ [\.L.-lis (cf. alleu)], adj.: =, 
freehold, -lité^^,/.; free tenure. 

al-longe^^, /.; lengthening (delay); 
lengthening-piece, leaf (of a table), rider 
(of a bin) ; (nav.) futtock. -longé, adj.: 
lengthened, elongated, drawn*; lame. 
-longement, m.; lengthening, elonga- 
tion. * ll-^longer'SS [à, long], tr.: length- 
en (prolong, 'stretch out ; protract, de- 
lay) ; thrust, launch (a blow), allonge (a 
thrust) : — la courroie à quelqu'un, let 
out the reins for some one, give him full 

allo-pat/ie^^, m.; allopath (ist). ||-^pa- 
thie^^ [Gr. alios, other, pathos, suffering: 
i.e. cure by producing a different effect], 
/. allopathy, -pat/tiqtte^^, adj.: allo- 

tallo-tepi^ -tir [à, lot], tr.: allot. 

al-lonable^^, acy.; allowable. H-^loner^** 
[à, louer], tr.: fplace near or in the 
service of ; assign to, grant, allow ; 

alln-clionS* [ak. to loquet], to.; cog. 

alln-mage^^, to.; lighting; kindling. 
-me^' (-mé),/.; fire-brand, -me-fen^^, 
TO.; kindling-stick (of fir). Il-^mer** 
[p. L. -minâre (L. lumen, light)], tr.: 
light (kindle ; illuminate). -mette ^^, 

f. : match : — chimique, lucif er-match. 




-menr-'", to.; lighter. -moir^ 

lighter (that which lights). 
allnre^s [aller], /.; way of walking or 

moving or acting ; gait, pace, turn ; car- 
riage, conduct, manner ; process ; (hunt.) 

track, trail; fmeans of going, vehicle; 

pi. way of acting ; intrigues. 
allnsion [L. -sio (ludere, play)],/.; fjest ; 

allusion, hint. 
alln'»'vial s^ [L. -vius (al-luere, wash 

against)], adj.: ==. -vion^^ [L. -vio], 


almageste^s [Ar.], to.; almagest. 
almanae/t^^ [1. L. -chus], to.; almanac. 
alniée [Ar.],/.; Oriental dancer. 
alo-ès^^ [L. -e], to.; aloe (plant or juice). 

-etiqiie^"^, adj.: aloetical. 
aloi [-loyer], to.; t^Hoy; standard (of 

gold, etc.) ; value, quality. 
falong . . . = allong . . . 
alopé-eie^* [L. -cia],f.: alopecy. 
alors s^ [à, lors], adv.: then : d' — , of that 

alç-se" [L. -lausa],/.: =, shad, -sler, 

TO.; shad-net. 
alonette^s [O.Fr. aloue* (L. alauda)],/.: 

lark : pied d' — , (hot.) lark's heel. 
alonr-^dir^^ [à, lourd], tr.: render heavy 

or dull; fstun. -dissement^*, to.; 

heaviness, dulness. 
aloyage^*^ [-yer], to.; (tinsmith's) alloy; 

•f-nr alliage. 
aloyan^^ [?], to.; sirloin of beef. 
aloyer** [older form of i. allier], tr.: 

alloy (for forming tin) ; fdetermine the 

standard of. 
alpa-ca, or -ga [Sp. -paque (Peruv.)], to.; 

=, llama. 
Alpes [L.], / pi.: Alps, alpestre ^^ 

[L. -pestris], adj.: alpine. 
alpha ss [L. (Gr.)], to.; ^, beginning. 
alpha-bet s^ [L. -betum (Gr. alfa bêta, 

a b)], TO.; =: ; vocabulary, -bétiqite, 

adj.: alphabetical, -bétiqnement [-6c- 

tique], adv.: alphabetically. 
Alphée, TO.; Alpheus. 
alpin,/, -pine, adj.: alpine. 
alpion^^ [It. alpiù^Fr. au plus], to.: 

double stake (at cards). 
alpiste^^ [Sp.],/; canary-grass. 
alsine s^ [L.]>/-* chickweed. 



adj.: of Altai mountains, 



alte-^p . . . pj. alter, other]: -rahle^^ 
[-rer], adj.: alterable. -r&nt^^ [i.L. 
-rans; 2.-rer], adj.: alterant (as noun 
alterative); 2. causing sleep, soporific. 
-rateur^^, -ratri-ce [-rer], m., /.; 
altérer, modifier, -ratioii^'^ [1. L. -Ho], 
f. : falteration ; (alteratit^n for the worse :) 
deterioration, corruption, adulteration, fal- 
sifying, misrepresentation, morbid change ; 
fexcessive thirst, -rcas^^, m. [-rquer], or 
-rcatioH^'^ [L. -rcatio], f.: altercation, 
wrangle, falte-re^^ [-^^^], /••" trouble. 
-ro^^ [-rer], part. : altered, etc. ; thirsty, 
thirsting, dry ; greedy, -rer^^ [L. -rare], 
tr.: alter (change) ; change for the worse 
(deteriorate, aduLTERate, impair, weaken, 
misrepresent, distort) ; make thirsty or 
dry; refl. be altered ; be impaired, spoiled, 
etc.; intr.: excite thirst, -rité^^ [L. 
-tas],f.: altered condition. 

alter-na?i-ce ^^ [-ner], /.; alternation, 
succession, -n&nt^^ [-ner], adj.: alter- 
nating, -nat^^ [-ner],m.: alternateness, 
succession (of crops), -natif ^*, =ive 
[-Tier], adj.: alternate, alternative, f-aa- 
tion^^ [L. -natio], /.; =. -native^'' 
[-natif], /.; alternative, choice; alter- 
nation, permutation. -nativement ^^ 
[natif], adj.: alternately. H-^ne^^ [L. 
-nus (alter, other), one after another], 
adj.: alternate (by turns; reciprocal). 
-ner^'^, intr.: alternate (take turns ; act 
by turns) ; tr. : alternate. 

alterquer [L. -rcari (alter, other)], 
intr.: altercate. 

altesse ^^ [It. -tezza [L. altus, high)], f: 
highness (as title). 

althsBA^^ -té-a [L.], /.; althaea (marsh- 

al'-'tier^^, /..' =ère [It. -tiero (L. altus, 
high)], adj.: haughty, proud; lofty. 
-tièrement, adv.: haughtily, proudly. 

al'^titnde ^^ [L. -titudo (altus, high)] ; 
/.; altitude, -to^''^ [It.], m.: betw. tenor 
and bass, alto. 

altruisme [L. alter, in anal, with autrui], 
m.: altruism. 

alude^'^ [L. aluta, soft leather],/.; sheep- 
skin (for books). 

alndel [Sp. (Ar.)], m.: (chem.) =. 

faluine" [p. L, ■\aloxina (Gr. aloe, aloes ; 
oxînës, acid)],/.; absinth. 

alumelle^^ [à, lamelle], f: fblade (of a 
knife, etc.) ; planing or polishing tool, 
scraper ; iron-sheating of the tiller-hole. 

alumi-naire ^^, adj. : aluminous. H-'^ne ^'^ 
[L. alumen, alun], /. ; alumina, -neux ^^, 

/. =QjKse, adj.: aluminous. -nium^^, 
m.: =. 

a-^lnn" [L. alumen], m. : alum, -lunage ^^ 


[-ner], m.: aluming. -lunation ^^, /.: 
(chem.) alun-making. -luner^^, tr.: 
alum, steep in alum. -luneux^*, 
=euse, adj.: alun-bearing. -luniere^^, 

/; alum mine, -lunite^^, /.; =, alum 

alve-olaire^^, adj.: alveolar. H'-^'ole^^ 
[L. -lus (alveus, hollow), small cavity], 
m. (/.) ; alveolus (cell of a honey-comb ; 
or socket of a tooth) ; seed-cell, -olé^^, 
adj.: alveolate. 

i.alvm-^^, =ine [L. -nus (alvus, belly)], 
adj.: alvine. 

2.talvin, etc. = alevin, etc. 

falysse = alysson. 

alyçson-^^ [L. (Gr. a, 'not,' lussa, 'mad- 
ness'), as a supposed curative against], 
m.: alyssum (madwort). 

falzan = alezan. 

amabilité ^*^ \h. -hilis], f: amiableness; 

amade [Ger. ^amm, close place],/.; (her.) 
three parallel lists in a shield. 

amadis [A., hero in a romance], m.: 
chivalrous lover ; tight sleeve (as worn in 
the 17th cent, by a stage A.). 

ama-'dou^^ [? Prov. (L. amare, love)], 
VI.: :=, German tinder (as inflammable), 
touch-wood. -douer ^^, tr.: coax, ca- 
jole, i.-doueur^'^, m.; tinder-maker. 
2.t-doueur [-douer], m.: cajoler, -dou- 
vier, m.; agaric of the oak, tinder- 

amai-^grir^^ [à, maigre], tr.: make 
MEAGRE, lean or thin, eMAciate ; reduce in 
bulk or thickness ; make steril ; '\intr.y 
refl.: grow lean or thin. -grisseme>it^^ 
TO.; growing thin, falling, emaciation. 

amalga-matioti^^ [-mer],f.: =. H-^me^^ 
[L. -ma (Ar.)], m.: amalgam(a); amal- 
gamation, medley, -mer^^, tr.: amal- 
gamate ; mingle. 



[Ar.], m.: grace (to Arabs who 

aman-'de® [L. amygdala (Gr.)], /.; 
ALMOND ; kernel ; oval part of the sword- 
hilt, -dé ^^, m. : milk of almonds, amygda- 
late. -dier^^, m.: almond-tree. 

amanf, -mante° [L. amans, loving], m., 
t/.; tlover (paramour); m.: sweetheart. 

amarante ^^ [L. -tus (Gr. a-marantos, 
unfading)],/.; amaranth; adj.: amaranth- 

amari-nage^^, m.: (nav.) manning a 
prize. Il-^ne»'^^ [à, marin], prepare 
(a vessel) for the sea; man (a prize); 
inure (a crew) to the sea. 

amarqwe^^ [à, marque], /.; buoy; sea- 

amar-rage^^, m.: mooring or fastening 
(a ship), amar-re^^/.; mooring cable, 
seizing, rope. ||-*rer^'- [Dutch maaren, 


fix], tr.: MOOR, fasten a ship, seize, 
belay, tie. 

amaryllide, -pyllis [L. Amaryllis, 
shepherdess in Virgil], /.; amaryllis (lily- 

ama-s^^, m.: MASS, heap, pile, accumula- 
tion. Il-'sser^^ [à, masse], tr.: amass, 
(heap up, accumulate, hoard up); tpick 
up; rejl.: be heaped up, accumulate, 
crowd. -ssette^^, /.; palette knife, 
-sseur^^, m.; collector; hoarder. 

amatelo-tage^^, m.: (nav.) classing the 
men. lif-^ter^^ [à, matelot], tr.: (nav.) 
class the crew. 

amateur ^^ [L. -tor (amare, love)], m.: 
lover (of a thing or fperson) ; amateur, 

amâtiner^^ [à, mâtin], tr.: cross with a 

amatir^^ [à, matir], tr.: render tarnished 
or dull ; deaden (gold). 

aman-rpse^^ [Gr. -rosis, darkening],/.; 
amaurosis, -rotiqtte, adj.: amaurotic. 

amazçne [h. -zon], f.: amazon (myth.); 
riding woman ; riding-habit. 

atrtbages^^ [L. ambi, around, agere, drive], 

/. pL: '= (idle circumlocution, quibble). 

antbassa-de ^^ [L L. ambaciare (L. am- 
badus, vassal, fr. OHG. ambaht, public 
servant), go on a mission],/.; embassy; 
ambassade; ambassador's house; message. 
-deur^^ m.: ambassador; envoy, messen- 
ger, -dri-ce^^ [-deur],f.: ambassadress; 

^mhe^"^ [Lt.-L.-bo, both], m.: combination 
of two numbers (in lottery or game). 

antliEs^s^^ [OFr, ambes, two, as], m.: 
ambs-ace, two aces. 

atïibi^^ [Gr. âmbe, spatula], m.: = (in- 
strument used in luxations of the hu- 

atJtbiant^^ [L.'biens(amb-ire,go around)], 
adj.: ambient, surrounding. 

at»ibidextre ^^ [-ter (ambo, both, dexter, 
right), adj.: ambidextrous, m.: ambi- 

awibi-'gu ^*, =nè' [L. -guus (amb-igere, 
wander about)], adj.: ambiguous (equivo- 
cal) ; m. : ambiguity ; ambigu (cold colla- 
tion) ; mixed play or game, -guïté ^^, 
/.; ambiguity, -gument^^, adv.: ambi- 

ambi-tieusement-^^ [-tieux], adv.: am- 
bitiously. Il^tieua?^^, [L. -tiosus 
(amb-ire, 'go about' in search of office)], 
adj.: ambitious (fintriguing to push one's 
self) ; dazzling ; noun : ambitious person. 
-tion^2 \L. -tio],f.: = (fintrigue to push 
one's self). -tionner^^ [-tion], tr.: 
ambition, seek with ambition, desire 

ftw-ble^^, m.: amble, pace. H-bler" [L. 

amené 21 

-bulàre, walk],i/i^r. ; amble, pace, -blear, 
=euse, adj. : ambling ; m. : ambler. 

ain^blyopie [Gr. -opia (amblus, blunt, ops, 

ambott^^ [Gr. âmbon, brim], m.: ambo, 

ani'^'bTe^^ [Ar.], m.: amber: — gris, 
ambergris ; Jin comme V — , shrewd. 
-bré ^^ [-brer], adj. : amber-coloured ; 
amber-scented, -brei^^^, tr.: perfume 
with amber, -brette^^,/.; amber-seed. 

tawi-^broise, =bro(i)sie^* [L. -brosia 
(Gr. a-, not, brotos, mortal), the 'immortal- 
ising' food of the gods], /.; ambrosia. 
i.-brosiert^^, =eniie, adj.: ambrosial. 

2.ainbrosien, =enne [L. -sianus], adj.: 
Ambrosian (pertaining to St. Ambrosius). 

at}ibu-lan-ee ^^ [-lant] ; /. ; = (field- 
hospital) ; ambulatory state ; office of 
an ambulating collector. -lan-cier^^, 
-lati-eiere [-lance], m., /.; person em- 
ployed in an ambulance. H'^lant^^ [L. 
-lans i-lare, go about)], adj.: ambulant 
(ambulatory, itinerant, strolling ; shifting). 
-latoire [L. -latorius], adj. : ambulatory, 

âme** [L. anima], /; soul, spirit, mind; 
vital or essential part of a thing; hence 
inner part of a thing : core, pith, central 
thread, axis, moulding-block, sound-post 
(of a violin), air-valve, bore (of a gun) : 
— bien née, well-constituted mind; — 
damnée, condemned soul; (mere) tool; 
égalité d' — , equanimity ; rendre V — , give 
up the ghost ; à V — , -souled. 

tam.é [OFr. amer = aimer], adj.: well- 

amélio-ratioït^*, /.; amelioration, im- 
provement, ll-rer-i^, f-rir [à, meilleur, 
assim. to L. melior, 'better'], tr.: better 
(a)meliorate, improve. -passement ^^, 
m.: amelioration. 

am.en^^ [Hebr., 'certainly'], interj. or 
m.: =. 

amena-ge^^ [-ner], m.: transport. 

aména-gemeiif^, m. : management ; 
forest-management. Il-^ger^^ [à, ména- 
ger], tr.: arrange for iisage, regulate; 
regulate the management of (a forest). 

amett-dable^^, adj.: =, improvable; 
compensatory, amen-de, /.; ransom, 
penalty, fine, forfeit : mettre à V — , fine ; 
faire — honorable, make due apology. 
-dement ^■'•j m.: =; fimprovement (in 
health). H-^der" [L. emendâre (e, from, 
menda, fault), correct], tr., "fintr.: amend, 
improve; reji.: amend, grow better; re- 

amène ^^ [L. -mœnus (amare, love), pleas- 
ant], adj.: pleasant, agreeable (of nature). 

ame-né, part.: brought, etc. ; m.; bring- 
ing; (anc. law) secret summoning, -née^^, 




/. : bringing or conveying (esp. of water) : 
canal (T — , supply-canal. ||-^ne?'^*^ [à, 
mener], tr.: to come, bring (in, on, about, 
around) ; lead ; induce ; (nav.) haul down, 
AMAIN ; throw (of dice) : — à bon part, 
bring to a good issue ; être -né de bien 
loin, be far-fetched. 

aménité ^^ [-mœnitas (cf. -mène)], /.; 
amenity, pleasantness. 

aménorr/tée^^ [Gr. a-, not, mén, month, 
^mn, flow],/.; amenorrhœa. 

amentacé^'^ [L. -tum, thong], adj.: (bot.) 
amentaceous ; /. ; such plant. 

amenui-sement ^^, m. : thinning, thinness. 
Il-^ser^^ [à, menuiser], tr.: thin, reduce. 

a-mer", =ère [L. -mârus], adj.: bitter; 
briny; m.; bitterness; gall; pi. (med.) 
bitters, -mèrcment^, adj.: bitterly. 

améri-oain, -oaine, adj. or m., /.; 
American. Améri-«'qtte, /. ; America. 

amers ^^ [? for amerc-s, marks], m. pi.: 
sea-marks, land-marks. Also pi. of amer. 

amertume" [p. L. "famaritûmina (L. 
amaritûdo, bitterness)], /.; bitterness; 
grief : — de la bière, yeast-bitter. 

amétTiyS'-te^'^ [L. -tus], f.: amethyst. 
-tin, adj.: amethystine. 

amétro«'pe^^ [Gr. a-, not, métron, 
measure, ops, eye], adj.: ametropic. 
-pie^^,/.; ametropia. 

amen-blsment ^^ [-bier], m.: furniture. 
t'»'bler ^^ [à, meuble], tr. : furnish {= meu- 
bler)]. ||-«'blir^^ [à, meuble], tr.: (agr.) 
mellow or make lighter; (jur.) convert into 
personal property, -blissement^^ [-blir], 
m. ; (agr.) mellowing ; (leg.) conversion 
into personal property. 

famenlonner ^^ [à, meulon], tr.: (dial.) 
stack (hay). 

amen-tement^^, m.: (hunt.) forming a 
pack, ||-«'ter^^ [à, meute], tr.: join 
(hounds) to a pack, train to hunt together ; 
tjoin, or combine; gather (persons) to- 
gether (against), form into riotous crowds ; 
s' — , gather in a riotous crowd or mob, 

a-^uii", -mie" [L. -mleus, -mica], m.,f. or 
adj.: friend; friendly; bonne — , sweet- 
heart ; m'amie (old for mon amie ; also, 
by misunderstanding, ma mie), my love, 
my duck, -miable" [L. -micàbilis], adj.: 
f= ; amicable, friendly ; salutary : à V — , 
in a friendly way, amicably; (of sales) 
private, -miablsment ^^ [-miable], adv. : 

amiante ^^ [Gr. -tos (a-, not, miainein, 
corrupt)], m.: amianthus. 

aniica-1^^ [L. -lis], adj.: amiable, friendly, 
-lement^'^, adv.: amicably. 

amict-^^ [1. L. -tus, cloak], m.: AMICE. 

ami^don ^^ \L. amylum], m.: starch; 
(chem.) fecula. -donnaçe^® [-donner], 

m.: starching. 



-donner* ^^, tr. 



amig narder ^^ [à, mignard], tr.: make 
delicate or dainty. 

ami^rnotter ^^ [à, OFr. mignot = mignon], 
tr.: make delicate or dainty. 

amin-cir^" [à, mince], tr.: render thin, 
thin, lessen; rejl.: grow thin, -eisse- 
nient^^, m.; thinning; thinness. 

ami-^ral^^ [Ar. amir, chief], m.: fchief ; 
admiral (person, ship, or shell) ; adj. : 
admiral('s). -rale, /.: admiral's wife, 
-rauté^^, /.; fadmiralship ; admiralty 
(department or court of naval affairs). 

amis-sibilité ^^ [-sible], /.; amissibility. 
-sible^"^, adj.: amissible. -sion^" [L. 
-sio (a-mittere, loose)],/.; omission, loss. 

amitié" [p.L. amicitas (L. amicus, friend)], 
/. ; friendship (amity, affection) ; expres- 
sion of friendship or regard (pi. regards), 
kindness : prendre en — , take a liking to ; 
faites-lui mes —s, remember me kindly to 
him ; mil — s, best wishes, my regards. 

am-man^'^ [Ger. Amt-mann,maji of office], 
m.: chief of a (Swiss) canton, -meistre" 
[Ger. Amt-meister, master of an office], 
m.: (German) alderman. 

ammi^^ [Gr.], m. bishop's-wort. 

ani'o'mon^^ [Gr. Ammon, name of Ju- 
piter with the ram's horn], m.: ammonite 
(as resembling a horn), -monéen^^, 
=enne, adj.: amoniferous. -moniac^*, 
=aqMe [L. -moniacus], adj.: of the tem- 
ple of Jupiter Ammon ; amoniac (cf. 
-niaque below), -moniaoal^*^ [-moniac], 
adj.: ammoniac(al). -moniaqite" 
[-moniac],/.: ammonia (the salt first pro- 
duced near the temple of Jupiter Ammon). 
-monite^^, /.; amonite (cf. -mon). 
-moninm^^, m.: amonium (cf. -moni- 

amnésie -^^ [Gr. -nesia (a, not, mna-, re- 
member],/.; amnesia (forgetfulness). 

am-vnios^^ [Gr. -neios], m.: (an^t.) =. 
-niotiqtte -^^j adj.: amniotic. 

amnis^tie^^ [Gr. -nestia (a-, not, mnd- 
sthai, remember), forgetting, pardon],/.: 
amnesty (general pardon), -tier, tr.: 
amnesty; -tie, =ée, part.; m.,f.: person 
pardoned by amnesty. 

amo-diataire-^'^, m.: renter of land, 
lessee, farmer, -diatenr^^, m.: renter 
(who lets out on lease), -diation^*,/.; 
leasing. H'-^dier^^ [ (mo- 
dius, bushel)], tr.: farm out or lease (land 
for a payment in kind), rent out (land). 

amoin^drir" [p. L. ad-minorlre (L. mi- 
nor, less)], tr. lessen diMiNish ; intr., rejl.: 
grow smaller or less, -drissement^^, 
m.: lessening, diminution, decrease. 

amol-lir^^ [à, mol = mou], tr.: soften, 
MOLLify; weaken, effeminate; rejl.: 


grow tender or weak; grow effeminate. 
-lissa^it^^, adj.: softening, effeminating. 
-lissement^^, m.: softening; weakening; 

amcnie^^ [L. -murri], m.: {hot.) amomum. 

amo^tceler*^^ [a, monceau], tr.: heap up. 
-€ellement^\ m.; heaping up, accumu- 

amont^^ [à, mont], adv.: fupwards; up the 
stream (or river) ; m. ; higher or upper 
part: mettre l'oiseau — , send the bird 
flying ; vent d' — , land wind ; en — , up the 
river ; en — de, above. 

amor-'-ce ^'^ [OFr. a-mordre, bite at],/.; 
(what causes to bite, hence) bait, decoy ; 
allurement, attraction ; bribe ; (what com- 
municates the fire to gunpowder, or kindles 
it, hence) priming, tinder; flint, percus- 
sion-cap ; — first portion of a road (to be 
built), beginning: sans brûler une — , 
without firing a shot, -eer^^, tr.: bait 
(decoy, allure) ; prime (firearms), cap ; 
prepare, (sculpt.) boast ; open up (a road). 
-çoir^^ [-cer], m.: boasting tool. 

amorplie^^ [Gr. -phos (a-, not, morphe, 
form)], adj. amorphous, formless. 

amor-^tir^^ [à, mort], tr.: deaden, grad- 
ually extinguish, lessen ; hence allay, 
weaken, moderate, break (a fall), slacken 
(speed), lay (dust) ; pay off (gradually) ; 
sink; redeem (land, etc.) ; (paint.) flatten ; 
bruise (flesh) ; slack (lime) ; famortise ; 
rejl.: be deadened, etc. -tissable^^, 
adj.: payable by instalments, redeemable. 
-tissement ^^, m.; deadening, slacken- 
ing ; diminution ; us'ly gradual paying off 
or liquidation, sinking, redemption ; 
amortisement ; tapering point of a build- 
ing, finishing; pediment or cavetto 
('deadening' the violence of the rain). 

amouler^^ [à, OFr. mole = meule], tr.: 
grind, sharpen. 

amou-^r" [L. amor], m. (/.); love (feel- 
ing, or object loved), passion; delight 
heat (of animals) ; Amor or Cupid ; pi. f. 
loves; (feelings of) love or delight 
amours; Loves, Graces: pour V — de 
Dieu, for God's sake ; ses premières — s, 
his first love, -ra-eher*^^ [It. amorac- 
ciare (-raccio, improper love)], tr.: make 
fall in love, make enamoured (used 
depreciatively) ; rejl.: fall in love, be 
smitten. ■\-rea.xL^^, m.: little love. 
-rette^^, /.; flighty love or inclination, 
amour, love-affair; object of a flighty 
love ; pleasing thing ; (hot.) = ; marrow 
(used as a delicacy) : — des près, (hot.) 
lychid ; — mousse, saxifrage. -reuse- 
men* ^^ [-reux], adv.: amorously, 
lovingly, -reux", =euse [p. L. amorô- 
8us], adj.: loving, in love, enamoured; 
impassioned; m., f.: lover; sweetheart; 



admirer; spark, -r-propre^*, m.; self- 
love ; over-esteem of one's self. 

amo-vibilite ^^, /.; removability, re- 
vocableness. -vible^^ [L. a-movere, re- 
move], adj.: liable to transfer, removable. 

amphi^ [Gr. (directly or through L.) of 
both kinds, around]: -bie^^ [Gr. -bios 
(bios, life)], adj.: amphibious; of mixed 
nature; m.; amphibian; jack of all trades. 
-bole^^ [G. -holos (hallein, throw), doubt- 
ful], /. = -bologie^^ [L. -hologia (cf. 
-bole)],/.: amphibology. -bologiqt*e ^* 
\_-bologie],adj .: amphibological, -braqtte^^ 
[Gr. -brachus (brachus, short)], m.: 
amphibrach (^ — ^). -ctyow^^ [Gr. 
-ktuon (? -ktiones, dwellers)], m. (us'ly 
pi.) : Amphiktyon(s). -ctyonide^^ [Gr. 
-ktuenis], adj., /.; Amphictyonic. 
-ctyonie^^ [Cir. -ktuonia], f.: amphicty- 
ony. -ctyoniqite^'^ [Gr. ktuonikas], 
adj.: amphictyonic. -gouri^"^ [? Gr. 
guros, circle], m.: amphigory, nonsense 
poem or speech, rigmarole, -gouriqwe^'^ 
[-gouri], adj.: amphigoric, absurd. 
-macre^^ [Gr. -makros (makros, long)], 
m.: amphimacer (— ^ — ). -sciews [Gr. 
-skios (skia, shadow)], m. pi.: amphiscii. 
-thé^tre^^ [Gr. -théatron (cf. théâtre)], 
m.: amphitheater; first gallery; dissect- 
ing-room, -trite ^^ [Gr. -trite], /.: 
Amphitrite, goddess of the sea; sea. 
-tryon [Gr. truon], m.: Amphitryon 
(Theban king ; or person in a comedy by 
Molière) ; host, master of the feast. 

ani'^-ph.oTe ^^ [L. -ra (Gr. ^amphi, on both 
sides, phoreus, bearer), two-handled jar], 

/.; amphora, -phoriqtte^^, adj.: (med.) 

awt-^ple** [L. amplus, full all around], 
adj.: ample (large, spacious). -plE- 
ment^^, adv.: amply. -plenr^'^, /.; 
ampleness, amplitude, largeness, -plia- 
tif^*, /. =ive [L. -pliare], adj.: am- 
plifying, additional. -pliation^^ [L. 
-pliatio], /.; amplification; (old law) 
completion; duplicate or official copy. 
-plier ^^ [L. -pliare], tr.: fmake ample; 
(old law) prolong, postpone, -plifiant^^ 
\rplijier], adj.: amplifying, enlarging. 
-plificateur ^^ [L. -plificator (cf. 
-plijier)], m.: amplifier, -plification^^ 
[L. -plijicatio (cf. -plijier)], f.: =. -pli- 
fier*^'* [L. -plijicare (-plus, full, facere, 
make)], tr.: amplify, enlarge; expatiate 
upon. -plissime^* [L. -plissimus 
(superl.)], adj.: most considerable, most 
excellent (old title of the rector of the 
University of Paris), -plitude-^* [L. 
-plitudo],/.: = (fulness, richness). 

atitpou-^le" [L. ampulla (?)],/.; ampulla 
(swelling jar), vial ; fwater-bubble ; 
blister; (biol.) ampulla (membraneous 



bag); (bot.) bladder, -lé^^ [OFr. -1er 
(-le), swell out], adj.: fswelling; in- 
flated (bombastic, turgid) ; (metal.) 
blistered. -lette^^, /.; '\i(nav.) little 
hour-glass; (mil.) fuze-tube (of a shell, 
etc.). . 

atupu-tation^'' [L. -tatio],f.: =. -té^^, 
-tec, 771., /.; cripple (from amputation), 
(['«'ter^^ [L. -tare (am- = ambi, around, 
putare, prune)], ir.: amputate; cripple 
(by surgery). 

aiaulette^^ [L. -letum (At.)],/.: amulet. 

amu-*re^^ [?],/.; tack of a sail: grand 
— , main tack, -rer^^ tr.: haul aboard 
the tack of (a sail). 

amu-aable ^^, adj. : = . -sant, adj. : 
amusing, -sèment^*, m.; =; entertain- 
ment, sport; trifling, flirtation. H-^ser^^ 
[à, muser], tr.: amuse (entertain, divert) ; 
put off with fair words, detain with 
trifles ; trifle with, deceive ; refl. : amuse 
one's self, etc. ; sport, trifle ; trifle away 
the time, delay: — le tapis, talk the 
time away ; s* — bien, amuse one's self 
well ; have good fun ; s* — à la mou- 
tarde, stand trifling. -sette^^, /.; 
little amusement, fun, trifling, -seur^^, 
m.: amuser, -soir^^, /.; amusement; 

amygda^'le^^ [L. -la (Gr. -le)],f.: (anat.) 
ALMOND (tonsil), -lite ^^, /. ; inflammation 
of the tonsils, -loïde^'^ [Gr. -loeidés],/.: 
amygdaloid, almond-like. 

amy-la-eé ^^, adj.: amylaceous. Il-^^le^^ 
pj. -lum, starch], m.: (chem.) amyl. 
-lioue^^, adj.: amylic. 

an** [L. annus], m.: year: le jour de V — , 
New- Year's day ; V — bisextile, leap-year. 

I. ana pj. neut. pi. ending -ana], m.: =, 
sayings (cf. Engl. 'Johnson-iana,' the 
sayings of J.). 

2. ana [L. (Gr. ana, 'again,' distributive- 
ly)], adv.: (pharm.) =, of each, aa. 

ana- [Gr. and, up, back, again, like] : 

ana^baptisme^^ [ana-, again], m.: ana- 
baptism, -baptiste^^, m.; anabaptist. 

anaoar^de^^ [Gr. -dion (ana, like, 
kardia, heart)], m.: anacardium-nut, 
cashew-nut. -dior^"^, m.: anacardium. 

anao/iorète^^ [Gr. -retés (ana, back, 
chôros, place)], m.: an(a)choret, an- 

anacTironisme^^ [Gr. -mos (ana, back, 
chronos, time)], m.: anachronism. 

anacolut/ie^'^ [Gr. an- not, akoluthos, 
following], m.: anacoluthon (want of 
grammatical sequence). 

anaooste^'^ [Arschot, a city in Holland], 
/.; anacostia, kind of serge. 

anaoréoritiqtte ^'^ [L. -ticus (Anacreon, 
the Greek poet)], adj.: Anacreontic. 


anaéroMe^^ [Gr. an-, not, Fr. aérobie] 
adj.: anaërobitic (of microbes 'living 
without air'). 

anagallis^^ [Gr.], m.: red pimpernel. 

anaglyphe^^, -glypte [Gr. -phos (aTwfj 
up, gluphein, chisel), wrought in relief] 
m.: anaglyph. 

anagnoste^^ [Gr. -gnostes, reader], to] 
/. ; slave-reader (at a repast) ; freader. 

anago^gie^^ [Gr. -gogé (and, up, âgein 
lead), leading up],/.; anagoge, researcli 
of the mystic meaning in Holy Writ 
-giqite-^^, adj.: anagogic(al). 

anagram-matiser ^^, tr.: anagramma- 
tise. -matiste-^^, m.: anagrammatist. 
||*nie-^^ [Gr. -ma (ana, back, graphein, 
write)],/.; anagram. 

anagyre^*, -gyris [Gr. -guros], to.: 
be an -trefoil. 

anal^^ [L. anus, anus], adj.: =. 

analectes^'^ [Gr. -ta (ana-légein, gather 
up)], to. pL: analects, analecta. 

analem-matique, adj.: of an ana- 
lemma. II -«'me [L.-Gr. -ma (ana-lamba- 
nein, take up), support, sun-dial],/.; ana- 

analeptiqite^^ [L. -eus (Gr. ana-lambd- 
nein, take up)], adj.: analeptic (restora- 

analgésie ^^ [Gr. -gesia (an-, not, algesis, 
sense' of pain)],/.; analgesia. 

analo-^gie^^ [L.-Gr. -gia (Gr. and, accord- 
ing to, 'logos, proportion)], /.; analogy. 
-giqite^^ [L. -gicus], adj.: analogical, 
analogous. -giqitemçRt ^^ [-gique], adv. : 
analogously. ' -gite^^ [L.-Gr. -gos], adj.: 

ana^lyse ^^ [L. -lysis (Gr. -luein, un-loose, 
dissolv"ë)],/.; analysis; parsing: en der- 
nière — , after all is said, as a final up- 
shot, -lyser^'^ [-lyse], tr.: analyse, dis- 
sect, -lyseur^^ [-lyser], to. analyser 
(person, thing, or part of polariscope). 
-lyste [-Zî/ser], TO.; analyste, -lytiqite^ 
[L. -lyticus], adj . : analytical, -lytiqwe- 
ment^^ [-ly tique], adv.: analytically. 

anamorphose^' [Gr. awa, again, morphe, 
form],/; anamorphosis, distortion. 

ananas ^^ [Brazil], to.; =; pineapple; 

fraise — , ananas-scented strawberry. 

anant/te^^ [Gr. an-, not, anthos, flower], 
adj.: ananthous, flowerless. 

ana-'peste^^ [L. -pœstus (Gr. ana-paîein, 
strike back, invert), 'inverted' dactyl], to.; 
anapest (■-' ^— ). -pestique^" [L. -pœs- 
ticus], adj.: anapestic. 

anaphore^® [L. -ra (Gr. ana-phérein, 
carry back)], /. ; anaphora, repetition. 

anaphro-disiaqne ^^ [Gr. -phrodisiakos], 
adj.: (med.) anaphrodisiac, blunting the 
venereal appetite, -disie^^ [Gr. -disîa], 
/.; anaphrodisia. H^dite^^ [Gr. -ditos 


(an, not, Aphrodite, goddess of love)], 
adj. : lacking venereal appetite, impotent. 

anaplastic ^^ [Gr. ana-plassein, re-form], 
/.; (med.) anaplasty, restoration (of lost 

anar-^cliie ^^ [Gr, -cMa (an-, not, archos, 
ruler)], /.; anarchy, -chiqtte^^, adj.: 
anarchial. --chiste ^'^, m. ; anarchist. 

anasarqwe-^® [Gr. ana, throughout, sarx, 
flesh],/.; (med.) anasarca, dropsy of the 

anastomQ^se^^ [Gr. -sis (s^oma, mouth)], 
/.; (med.) anastomosis, inosculation of ves- 
sels or nerves, -ser ^'', tr. : anastomose. 

anastrophe ^'^ [L. (Gr. ana, back, stré- 
phein, turn)],/.; =, inversion of words. 

ana-thématiser^^ [\. L. -thematizare], 
tr.: anathematise, -thématisme ^^ [L. 
-thematismus], m.: anathematisation. 
IKtheine^-^ [L.,GT.-thema (Gr. ana-tithê- 
nai, set up a votive gift), devoted (to a 
curse), accursed], m.: anathema (religious 
ban or curse ; reprobation) ; anathema- 
tised person. 

anatife^^ [abbr. of anatifèré], m.: bar- 

fanatifère^^ [L. anas, 'duck,' ferre, 
'bear': the barnacle being popul. sup- 
posed to produce a kind of duck], adj.: 
conque — , barnacle. 

anato^mie^^ [L. -mia (Gr. ana-têmnein, 
cut up)],/.; anatomy (dissection) ; analy- 
sis (of a book) ; fskeleton : pièce d' — , 
dissected body (or part of a body), plaster- 
cast (of a dissected part) ; t — sèche, skele- 
ton, -miqiie^^, adj.: anatomical; fanat- 
omist. -miqitement ^^ [-mique], adv.: 
anatomically, -miser ^^, tr.: anatomise, 
dissect; analyse; fdivide. -miste^^, m.; 

an«etre° [L. ante-cessor, 'fore-goer'], 
m.; paternal ancestor; pL: ancestors, 

ati-ehe^^ [OHG. -cha, tibia, pipe],/.; tpipe 
or mouth-piece of a wind-instrument ; reed 
(of a mus. instrument) ; organ-pipe ; mil- 
ler's scuttle. -ché^^ à, adj.: (her.) 

an^hiflure^"^ [?],/•' worm-hole. 

an-ehois^^ [Sp. -choa], m.: anchovy. 

an-'-cien®, =enne [p. L. '\anteianum (L. 
ante, before)], adj.: ancient (old, t^ged; 
by-gone) ; older, senior ; m. : ancient ; 
senior ; elder ; old codger : V — , Old Nick ; 
les — s d'une église, the elders, -cienne- 
m.ent^^,adv.: anciently, formerly, -eien- 
neté^^,/.; ancientness, antiquity; senior- 
ity ; fadvanced age : de toute — , from the 
earliest times, from time immemorial. 

an-eile^^ [L.], m.; = (sacred shield, the 
palladium of Rome). 

ancolie^^ [1. L. aqui-legia, * water-collect- 



ing' (viz. with urn-like petals)],/.; colum- 
bine (flower). 

ancone^'^ [1. L. -nœus (Gr. -kon, elbow)], 
adj.: (anat.) anconal (pertaining to the 

an-crage^* [-crer], m.: anchorage; anchor- 
ground.' llan-«'cre° [L. -cora\,f.: anchor 
(of ship, of a wall = brace ; of a watch ; 
or jig.) : — de large, sea anchor ; maî- 
tresse — , sheet anchor ; — de rechange, 
spare anchor; chasser sur les — , drag 
the anchors ; traverser V — , fish the 
anchor ; fatiguer à V — , ride hard ; brider 

V — , shoe the anchor. 




{her.) anchor-like, -crer** [p. L. -corâre], 

tr.: anchor, fix or brace. -crure^'^ 

[crer],f.: bracing (of a wall) ; crease (in 

cloth, made in shearing it). 
andabate^^ [L.-ta], m.: gladiator who 

fought blindfolded. 
andailot^® [?], m.: (nav.) cringle, iron 

ring (in a sail, for the rope). 
andain^^ [root and, as in Ital. andare, 

go], m.; (OFr. stride); swath (mowed at 

each 'stride'). 
andalon^'^, =louse [Sp. -luz], adj. or 

noun : Andalusian ; Spanish genet (horse). 
andan'-'te^'^ [It., 'going'], adv. or m.: 

(mus.) =, moderately slow, -tino ^'^, adv.: 

a.ndqnille° [p. L. Hnductile (in-dûcere, 
bring in)], /.; sausage (of intestines of 
swine, chitterlings) ; roll or twist (of to- 
bacco) : "fvêtu comme une — , amply cov- 

andouifler*° [p. L. *antoculàris (L. ante, 
before, oculus, eye)], m.: antler: pre- 
mier — , brow-antler; second — , bez- 

andouitlette^* [-lie], /.; small sausage 
(of chitterlings). 

atidrienne ^'^ [Andrienne],f.: long morn- 
ing-gown (used in playing Andrienne by 

andrinople ^^ [Andrinopel, Turk. city],/. ; 
red paint ; red cloth. 

andro'»' [Gr. andr{o)-, of anîr, man] : 
-oe-eie^^ [Gr. oikia, house], /.; andrce- 
cium, stamens of a flower (collectively). 
-gyne^^ [Gr. gune, woman], adj.: andro- 
gynous, being both male and female. 
-ïde^® [Gr. etdos, form], m.: android, 
(' man-formed ') automaton, -xnède ^^ [Gr. 
Andromeda, wife of Perseus],/.; Andro- 
meda (constellation), -phore^^ [Gr.pAoro*, 
bearing], m.: =, support of stamens. 

4ne° [L. asinus], m. : ass (donkey ; dunce) ; 
vice, jack : dos d' — , (arch.) shelving ridge; 
tête d' — , bull-head (fish) ; pas d' — , (bot.) 
colt's foot ; bit ; part of a sword-hilt (16th 
cent.) ; coq-à-V — , cock-and-bull story ; 
pont aux — s, ass's bridge ; conte de peau 



(ï — , child's story; herbe aux — s, sun- 

anéari-^tir^^ [à, néant], tr.: bring to 
naught, annihilate ; prostrate, dumfound ; 
refl.: be annihilated, etc. -tissement ^^, 
m.: annihilation, destruction; prostra- 

anecdo'»'te^® [Gr. -ta (an-, not, êk-dotos, 
given out), 'unpublished things' (title of a 
work of Procopius)], /..• = ; "fadj.: anec- 
dotal, -tier^^, m.: relater of anecdotes. 
-tiqiie^'', adj.: anecdot(ic)al. 

anée^^ [âne],f.: ass's load. 

ané-'^mie -^^ [Gr. an-, not, haîma, blood], 
/.; anaemia (bloodlessness). -mier^^, 
tr. : render anaemic ; refl. : become anae- 
mic or ill supplied with blood, -miqrte^^, 
adj.: anaemic. 

anemo^ [Gr. anemos, wind] : -metre 
[Gr. métron, MEASure], m. ; aneometer, 
wind gauge, -ne^^ [L. -na], /.; = (wind- 
flower), -scope ^^ [Gr. skopeîn, view], /.; 
anemoscope, wind vane. 

anerie-^^ [-nier], /.; gross ignorance or 

anéroïde ^^ [Gr. a-, not, neros, humid], 
adj.: aneroid, liquid-less (barometer). 

11 r/î 

[âne],f.: she-ass. 


anest/té-^sie ^^ [Gr. anaisthesia (a-, not, 
aîsthesis, feeling)], /.; anaesthesia, loss 
of sensation, -sie»"^^, tr.: anaestetise. 
-tique ^^, adj.: anaesthetic. 

anet/t^* [L. -thum], m.: dill. 

anévris-nial^^,ac(;.; aneurismal. H-^me^^ 
[L. aneurysma (Gr. and, up, eurus, wide)], 
m. : aneurism (sort of tumor)]. 

anfrac-'tueux ^^, =euse [L. -tus (fran- 
ger e, break), fractured], adj.: anfractu- 
ous (winding), -tuosité^^ /. ; anfractu- 
osity (sinuosity). 

anga-'rie^^ [It.-Lat. -ria (Gr. -ros, royal 
courier), villenage],/.; compulsory service, 
statute-labor ; forced renting of ships (in 
war), -rier^* [It. -riare], tr.: torment, 

an'-'ge" [L. -gelus (Gr. -gelos, messenger)], 
m. ; angel ; angel-fish ; angel-shot ; chain- 
shot : être aux — s, be in a transport of 
joy ; rire aux — s, be in a laughing fit. 
-géliqiie^^ \L.-gelicus], adj.: angelic(al); 
/.*; angelica (plant), lung-wort ; sort of 
lute : salutation — , angelic salutation (to 
Mary that she was to bear Christ). 
-géliqttement^^ [-gêlique], adv. : angel- 
ically, -géliser^^ [L. -gelisare], tr.: 
angelise, fender angelic, -gelot^^, m.: 
flittle angel ; = (coin with' the image 
of St. Michael ; sort of Norman cheese 
stamped like the coin). -gélus-^^ [L. 
-gelus, word beginning the prayer], m.: 
angelus (morning, noon, and evening 
prayer in memory of the angel's saluta- 


tion to Mary; bell, sounding for this 

fatiger = enger. 

a^igi-i^ne^^ [L.-na(angere, strangle)],/. : an- 
gina (strangulating; throat-trouble; inflam- 
mation), -neux^^, =euse, adj.: anginous. 

atî gio-«' [Gr. angeîon, vessel] : -graphie ^^ 
[Gr. grâfein, write], /..* angiography. 
-logie^" [Gr. logos, discourse],/.; angiol- 
ogy! -sperme ^^ [Gr. sperma, seed], adj.: 

anglai-'S^^, -se [Angle, =], adj.: Eng- 
lish ; m.,f.: Englishman ; English woman ; 
(m.) English language ; (/.) sort of dance ; 
silk lace ; (pl.f.) long curls, -ser^**, tr.: 
dock a horse's tail. 

an-'gle*' [L. -gulus], m.: =, corner: à — 
droit, rectangular, -glé^^, adj.: angu- 
lar, -gler-^', tr.: form into angles. 
-glet^^, m.: flittle angle; (arch.) angu- 
lar indenture between bossages, channel. 

A^iglEterre [Angle, Angle, terre], /.; 
England ; a-, English worsted ; sort of lace. 

anglextx^^, =euse [-gle], adj.: fangular; 
having the seeds or kernels imbedded in 
angular cavities : noix — se, butternut, 
walnut hard to pick out. 

an-'glican^^ [Eng.], adj.: Anglican. 
-glicanisme^^, m.: Anglicanism, -gli- 
■eisme^^, m.: Anglicism, -glomane^'^ 
[-manie], adj. or m.: affected with Anglo- 
mania ; Anglomaniac. 

aiigois-'^se** [L. angustia (ang-ere, con- 
tract), narrowness, distress],/.; ANGUISH 
(pang; afiliction): poire d' — , choke-pear; 
gag ; avaler des poires d' — , go through 
trials or harsh treatment, "t-ser, tr.: an- 
guish, distress deeply, -seuac^^, =euse, 
adj.: heart-rending, distressing; fdis- 

angon^* [L.], m.: (Prankish) javelin; 
shell-fish hook. 

angora ^^ [A., city in Asia Minor], adj.: 
(invar.) or to.; = (cat or goat). 

tatigiiisliure = enguichure. 

an-gitiilade^^, /.; whip (of eel-skin); 
stroke with a twisted handkerchief or a 
lash. il-'gMille® [L. -gullla (angere, con- 
tract)],/.; eel; eel-like thing; rollers (in 
launching a ship), launching-ways ; gun- 
slide (art.) ; bulging (in cloth) ; fly the 
garter (game). — de mer, conger-eel; 
— des haies, adder; — plat-bee, grig; 
nœud d' — , slip-knot ; êcorcher V — par 
la queue, begin a thing at the wrong end ; 
il y a — sous roche, there is a snake in 
the grass ; être comme V — de Melun, cry 
out before being hurt (a certain Anguille 
of Melun, acting St. Bartholomew, crying 
out on seeing the executioner), -guil- 
liere^^, /.; eel-pond, -guillule^^, /.: 
eel-like microscopic worms. 


ftngu-^laire^^ [L. -laris (-lus, angle)], 

"adj. : angular ; being at a corner, corner- : 
dent — , canine tooth; nerf — , nerve of 
the corner of the eye ; pierre — , corner- 
stone, -leux^^, =ense [L. -losus], adj.: 
terminating in an angle, peaked ; angular ; 

aiigus-^tie^^ [L. -tia (anger e, compress), 
narrowness], /.; (med.) tightness, con- 
traction; fstraits; difficulty, -tié^^, adj.: 
very narrow (of a road). 

anhé-lation^^ [L. -latio], f. : anhélation. 
||-«'ler \L. -lare, pant], intr., tr.: breathe 
rapidly, pant ; blow at. -lenx ^^, ^ejase, 
adj.: anhelous, panting. 

an/iydre^® [L. an-, not, hudor, water] ; 
adj~' (chem.) anhydrous. 

anicroche^^ [hanil croche = croc],/.; 
slight impediment, hitch. 

&nier°, =iiière [L. asinarius], m.: ass- 
driver ; fadj. : asinine, stupid. 

ani-^1^^ [Ar.],m.; =:, indigo plant, -line^®, 

/.; aniline. 

aniîle° [? L. anaticula, little duck], /.; 
crutch ; prop (of a wall) ; crampin-iron ; 
mill-rend ; (her.) cross anchored ; tendril. 

ani'^m ... [L. -ma, -mus, soul, spirit] : 
-madversioti-^^ [L.-sio (ad-vertere, turn 
to)], /.; =, reproof, censure, i.-mal^^ 
\L.-mal],m.: =, beast, brute. 2.-inal^^ 
[Li. -malis], adj.: =; carnal: règne — , 
animal kingdom, -malcule ^^ [-mal], m. : 
=. -malier^^ -lyê [-mal], m.: painter 
or sculptor of animals, -malité^^ [L. 
-malitus (-mal)], /.; animality. -ma- 
tion^^ [L. -matio],/.: =. -melle^^ [It. 
-mella (L. -mal)], f. (esp. in pi.) : (cook.) 
delicate parts of an animal (lamb's-fry, 
kidneys, etc.). -mer^^ [L. -mare], tr.: 
animate ; (enliven ; force to ; excite ; 
heighten); refl.: become animated, etc., 
cheer up ; take fire, be angry, -misme^^, 
m.: animism, -miste^^ [-misme], adj.: 
animistic; m.,f.: animist. -mosité^^ [L. 
-mositas] , f. : animosity. 

ani-«'S^^ [L. -sum], m.: anise; aniseed. 
— de Verdun, candied aniseed, -ser^®, 
tr.: perfume with anis. -sette^^,/.; =, 
anise liquor. 

anisotrope^^ [, unequal, tropes, 
turning], adj.: (phys.) =, anisotropic. 

çnky^lose ^'^ [Gr. -Miosis (-kulos, bent)], 
/.; (med.) ancholysis (formation of a stiff 
joint), -loser ^^, tr.: anchylose. 

an^nal^^ [L. -nalis (-nus, year)], adj.: of 
a year's duration, for a year, -nales^^ 
\L.-nales],f.: annals, -naliste^^ [-TiaZes], 
m. : annalist, -nate ^* [1. L. -nata, a year's 
income],/.; annats (payment to the pope 
of the first year's income of a spiritual 
preferment) ; preferment tax (paid to 
bishops, etc., for a benefice) ; first-fruits. 



anneau° [L. -nellus (dim. of anus, ring)], 
m.: ring; link; ringlet; ANULUS; in many 
technical expressions, as: — à vis, screw- 
hoop; — d'écoutille, ring-bolt; — d'es- 
sieux, linch-loop ; — de licou, halter ring, 
collar ; — de pivot, socket-ring, etc. 

année° [p. L. -nâta [L. -nus, year)], /.; 
year (esp. as qualified with regard to its 
nature, or implying something performed ; 
twelvemonth) : — bisextile, leap-year ; — 
scolaire, school-year; ses belles — s, his 
prime of life ; perdre une — , lose a year 
(of work, or income). 

an-nele^^ adj.: annulated, ring-streaked; 
in ringlets; m.; annulate (pi. -ta), 
li'-'neler^^ [-nel, old form of -neau], tr.: 
arranged in rings or ringlets, curl. 
-nelet^^ [-net], m.: small ring, ringlet; 
(arch.) annulet (moulding or fillet around 
a column), -nelides^^ [-nel], m. pi.: 
(zool.) annelida, ring-formed articulata. 
-nelure-^^ /.; curling into rings; ring- 

an-^nexe^'-^ [L. -nexus (-nectere, tie to)], 
/. ; annex (appendage ; parochial chapel) ; 
(of deeds) rider, -nexer*^^, tr.: annex, 
append, -nexion^^ [L. nexio], /.; an- 

anniM-lation^^ [L. -latio], /.; =. 
Il-'ler^^ [L. -lare, (nihil, nought), tr.: 

anniversaire^^ [L. -sarins (annus, year, 
vertere, turn)], adj. or m.: anniversary. 

annonaire^^ [L. -narius], adj.: (Rom.) 
relating to (the price or produce of) pro- 

an-notiee^^,/.; announcement; advertise- 
ment; faiseur d' — s, puffer; faites vos — s, 
send in your name. ||'»'noneer''' [L. an- 
nuntiare (nuntius, messenger), report], 
tr.: announce (make known, tell, advertise, 
publish ; forebode) ; s' — ; proclaim or 
present one's self, -noti/ceur^^ to.; 
announcer ; actor who gives out the next 
play, -non-ciade^^ [It. -nunziata], /.; 
name of various orders instituted in honour 
of the Annunciation, -non-eiatioti^^ [L. 
-nuntiatio], f: fannouncement ; Annun- 
ciation (to the Virgin Mary) ; Lady day. 



TO. ; annotator. -ta- 

tiqri^^ [L. -tatio], /.; =, (old leg.) in- 
ventory of seized goods. H'^'ter^* [L. 
-tare (nota, mark)], tr.: annotate; (old 
leg.) make an inventory of (attached 

annu-'aire^'^ [L. annus, year], m.: an- 
nuary, yearbook, -el^*^, =elle [L.-alis], 
adj. : annual ; to. ; annual (daily mass for 
a deceased person during one year), -elle- 
ment^^ [-el], adv.: annually, -ité^^ [L. 
-itas],f.: annuity. 

annulable ^^ [-1er], adj.: =. 



annulaire ^^ \L.-larius {-lus, ring)], adj.: 
annulary : le doigt — , the ring-finger. 

annulatif^*^, =ive, adj.: annulling, 
cancelling, -lation^^, /.; annulment, 
cancelling. |l-^ler^^ [L. -lare (nullus, 
nothing)], <r.; annul, cancel; (/am.) quash. 

ano-'blir^^ [à, noble], tr.: ennoble (raise 
to the rank of nobility ; less often elevate 
in quality, us'ly ennoblir), -bli, part.: 
ennobled ; m. ; newly created nobleman. 
-blissement^^ m.: ennoblement. 

ano-'din^* [L. -dynon (Gr. an-, not, odune, 
pain)], arfj.; anodyne, soothing ; m.: ano- 
dyne, -dincment ^^, adv.: soothingly. 

anodonte-^^ [Gr. an-, not, odous (stem, 
-dont), tooth], m.; anodon (fresh-water 

ano'^mal^^ [1. L. -mains (Gr. a-nomos, 
law-less)], adj.: anomalous, irregular. 
-malie^® [L. -rnalia],/.: anomaly, irreg- 
ularity, -malistiqite^" [-malia], adj.: 
(astr.) anomalistic (al). -mie^"^ [L.-mia], 
/.; anomia (genus of bivalve shelves). 

â'^nort^^ a- [âne], m.: ass's foal, young 
ass ; little fool, -nonnement ^^ [-non- 
ner], m.: stuttering, stammering, -non- 
ner^^, intr.: stutter, stammer; ffoal (of 
the ass). 

ano-nymat^^, m.; anonymousness. 
Il-^nyme^^ [Gr. an-onumos, unnamed], 
adj.: anonymous, nameless; joint stock; 
m.; =. 

anor-die^^,/.; (wai;.) north-wind. H'^'dir^'^ 
[à, nord], intr. : (nav.) blow from the NORTh. 

anormal ^^ [cf. mal], adj.: abnormal. 

fanouart = hanouart. 

anoure ^^ [Gr. an-, not, oura, tail], adj.: 
anurous, tailless. 

Lfan-^se^^ [L. -sa, handle], /.; curbed 
handle (as of a cup, pot, basket, etc.) ; 
handle-like object : cove, bay, creek : — de 
panier, basket-handle; (arch.) surbased 
arch ; — du panier, servant's profits ; — 
à vis, screw-handle ; eye-bolt ; faire le 
panier à deux — s, have a woman on each 
arm ; faire danser V — du panier, gain in 
marketing; profits de V — du panier, 
(cook's) profits in marketing, -sé^^, adj.: 
ansated, provided with a handle. 

2. anse, atiséatiqite = hanse, hansêa- 

ansérin^^ [L. -rinus (anser, goose)], 
adj.: anserine;/.; all-good (plant). 

an-sette^^ [-se], f: small handle ; clasp 
for decorations) ; (nav.) cringle, -siere ^"^ 
[-se], /.; net for bay-fishing. 

anspect^^ [Engl, handspike], m.: hand- 

anspessade^^ [It. lancia-spezzata, 
'lance-break'], m.: (old) lancepesade (cor- 
poral's assistant, lance corporal). 

antagO'^nismie^'^ [Gr. -misma (antî, 


against, agon, contest)], m.: antagonism. 
-niste^^ [L. -nista], m.: antagonist. 

fantan^^ [O.Fr. ant (L. -te), before, an], 
adj. : of last year. 

antanaclase^^ [Gr. -sis (anti, back, ana- 
klasis, bending)],/.; (rhet.) antanaclasis, 
repetition (of a word) in a different sense. 

antanaire^^ [-tan], adj.: if ale.) having 
feathers from a preceding year. 

antarctique^^ [L. -ticus (Gr. anti, 
against, arktos, bear)], adj.: antarctic. 

I. ante ^^ [L. -ta], /.; (arch.) anta {pillar 
in relief) ; (mil.) wind-arm. 

2. ante ^"^ [cf. hante], /.; paint-brush 

ante- [L. ante, before, or Gr. anti, 
against] : pref 

anté-cédemment ^^ -dam-, adv.: ante- 
cedently. -céd§nce'^^ /.; antecedence. 
II -«'■cedent ^^ [L. -cedens (ante-cedere, go 
before)], adj.: antecedent, foregoing ; m.; 
antecedent (term, word, etc., previous life). 
-■cesseur^^ [L. -cessor], m.: (ancient) title 
of a professor of law. 

antec^irist^^ -kri or (pop.) -krist [L. 
-tus], m.: antechrist. 

anté-ciens^^ [Gr. anti, against, oikeiUf 
dwell], m. jîZ.; antœcians. 

antédiluvien^^, =enne [L. ante, be- 
fore, diluvium, DELUge], adj.: antedilu- 

antefixe^^ [L. -xa], /.; (arch.) antefix, 

anten-ne^* [L. -nna, sail-yard],/.; la- 
teen sail-yard ; antenna (horn, feeler of 
insects), -nule^'',/.; small antenna. 

antcnois^^ [-tan], adj. or m.; of a preced- 
ing year, one year old (esp. of lambs and 

ante-nupticil^^ [nuptiœ], adj.: ante- 

antépénultième^^ [pénultième], adj. or 
/. ; antepenult, third from last. 

anté-^rieur ^^ [L. -rior (ante, before)], 
adj.: anterior (prior, former, frontal). 
-rieurement^^, adv.: anteriorly, previ- 
ously, -riorité ^^, /. ; anteriority. 

ant7»émis^^ [L.],f.: anthémis (plant). 

ant/ière^^ [L. -thera (Gr. aw^/ios, flower)], 
/.; anther, pollen-head. 

ant/iologie ^'^ [Gr. -gia (ânthos, flower, 
-logos, gathering, discourse)], /.; anthol- 
ogy (collection of poems ; or ftreatise on 

an-t/ira-eene^^, /.; anthracene, solid 
hydrocarbon, -t^ra-cite^®, m.: anthra- 
cite. W^thra.x.'^^ [Gr. -thrax, coal; dark 
carbuncle], m.: = (carbuncle). 

a.nthrène^'^ [Gr. -thréne, hornet], /.; 
anthrenus, small beetle. 

ant^iropo--' [Gr. ânthropos, man]: -caie^^ 
-kày [Gr. kaiein, burn], adj. : man-burning. 


-ïàe^^ [Gr. eîdos, form], adj.: anthropoid, 
man-like, -logie^^ [Gr. logos, discourse], 
/.; anthropology, -logiqrte^^ [-logie], 
adj.: anthropologic(al). * -metre ^^ [Gr. 
metron, measure], /.; anthropometry. 
-morphisme ^'^ [Gr. morphé, form], m.: 
anthropomorphism, -morpliite, m.: =. 
-phage ^* [Gr. fageîn, eat], adj.: an- 
thropophagie; m.: -phagite, cannibal. 
-phagie^^ [-phage], /.; anthropophagy, 

anthyllis 1®, -Hide [Gr. -thullîs], f. : kid- 
ney-vetch (plant). 

anti- [Gr. antî, * against ' ; or L. ante, ' be- 
fore'], pref. 

anti-^ (in comp., cf. each member) : 

"-apoplectique^'^, adj.: anti-apopleptic. 
-chawtbre^^ [aft. It. anti-camera], /.; 
antechamber, anteroom, -c/irese^^ [Gr. 
chrêsis, use], /.; pledge to pay a revenue 
to the creditor, -entretien ^^, =enne, 
adj. or m., /.; antichristian. -ehris- 
tianisme^®, m.; antichristianism. -ei- 
pant^^ [-eiper],adj.: anticipating ; jièrre 
— 'ê, intermittent fever returning before 
time, -cipation^^ [L. -cipâtio (cf. 
-ciper)], /.; =; encroachment; t^nte- 
date. -eiper^* [L. -cipare (ante, before, 
capere,take)],tr.,intr.: anticipate; fore- 
stall ; encroach : — sur ses revenues, 
spend one's income beforehand, -coti- 
stitntionnel^^, =lle, adj.: anticonstitu- 
tional. -dartreuac ^^, =euse, adj.: anti- 
herpetic. -da.te^'^ [-dater], f. : antedate. 
-dater* 1^, tr.: antedate, -dote^* [L. 
-datum (Gr. dotos, given)], m.: =. 
-doter 1^ [-dote], tr.: antidote. -enne° 
-tyen' [p. L.*ante-phona (Gr. phone soxmd, 
song)] /.; ANTHEM (fhymn sung by one- 
half choir answering the other; us'ly verse 
sung before a psalm and repeated after 
it) : imposer I — , sing in a low tone its 
first notes to the priest (who then sings 

.it out), -fébrile ^'^, adj.: -ntifebrile. 
-laitepa?^^, =euse, adj.: ANTigaLACTic. 
-logie ^^ [Gr. -logîa (logos, word)], /.; 
antilogy, contradiction. 

antilope^" [Eng. -telope (Gr. -tholops)], 
/.; antelope, gazelle. 

anti -"moine ^* [L. -monium (Gr. ?)], to.; 
antimony, -monial^^, adj. or to.; =. 
-monié^^, adj.: antimoniated. 

anti-' (in comp., cf. each member) : 
nomie^^ [Gr. -mia (nomos, law)], /.; 
antinomy, opposition of one law to an- 
other, incompatibility, -pape^^ [L. papa, 
pope], to.; antipope. -pat/ie^^ [Gr. -thes 
(pathos, affection)], adj.: antipathetic, 
opposed in sentiment; to.; reverse (in 
sentiment). -path^ie^^ [Gr. -patheia 
pathos, affection)], /.; antipathy, -pa- 
t^iqite^^ [-pathie], adj . : antipathetic(al), 

^^ [L. -quus (ante, be- 
à V — , after the old 

anuer 29 

repugnant, -patriotique^'^, adj.: an- 
tipatriotic. -peristaltique^"^, adj.: 
antiperistaltic, -péristase^^ [Gr. -sis 
(peri-istanai, stand around)], /.; antiper- 
istasis, reaction roused by opposition. 
-pestilentiel^^, =lle, adj. ; antipestilen- 
tial. -phernal^*^ [Gi\ pherne, (phêrein, 
bear), dowry], adj.: apportioned by mar- 
riage (to the wife), -philosophique^^, 
adj. : antiphilosophical. -phlogis- 
tiqite^^, adj.: antiphlogistic. -p'ho- 
naire^^, -phonier [\.L.-phonarium (Gr. 
phone, sound)], m.: antiphonary, book of 
antiphons. -phrase ^^, /.; antiphrasis. 
-pode^^ [Gr. -podes, pi. of -pons {pous, 
foot)], to.; =. -politique^®, adj.: 
antipolitical. -psorique^^ [-psore], adj.: 
antipsoric, itch-curing, -putride ^'^, adj. : 
antiseptic, -purine^® [Gr. pur, fire, 
fever],/.; =. 

anti-qifaiile^^ [It. -caglia], /.; t^ntiq- 
uity (old relic) ; old-fashioned thing, old 
rubbish, -qu aire ^^, -kêr [L. -quarius], m. 
antiquary. H^qiie 
fore), old], adj.: = 
fashion, -qitite^*^ [-quitas], f. : antiqui 
ty : de toute — , from the remotest times. 

anti~ (in comp., cf. each member) : -re- 
ligieux^*^, =euse, adj.: antireligious. 
-sciens^^ [Gr. skid, shade], to. pi.: an- 
tiscians, men on different sides of the 
equator ('whose shadows fall in opposite 
directions'). -scorbutique^'^, adj.: 
antiscorbutic, -septique^, adj.: anti- 
septic, -so-eial^'^, adj.: =. -sopo- 
reux^'^, =euse [L. sopor, sleep], adj.: 
preventing sleep. -spasmodiqtfe^^, 
adj.: antispasmodic, -strophe ^^ /. ; =. 
-syphilitiqite^^, adj: antisyphilitic. 
-thèse^^, /.; antithesis. -thétique 
[-the se], adj.: antithetic (al). -tonnerre ^'^, 
/.; lightning-rod (formerly, now para- 
tonnerre), -trinitaire, arfy. ; antitrini- 
tarian. -vénérien ^^, adj. : antivenereal. 
-vermineux^^, -euse, adj.: vermi- 

Antoine, to.; Ant(h)ony. 

antoiser [?], tr.: heap up (manure). 

antoit^*' [?], TO.; wraining-bolt. 

Antonin, to.; Antonius. 

anto-nomase^^ [L.-nomasia],f.: antono- 
masia, name-substitute. H-^nyme^^ [Gr. 
antî, against, onoma, name], to.; anto- 
nym, counterterm. 

antre ^^ [L. -trum],f.: cavern, cave ; den; 
(anat.) antrum. 

antrustion^^ [1. L. -tio (OHG. trust, 
trusty)], TO.; sort of liegeman (rich Frank 
joining the king in war), volunteer. 

anuer [?], tr.: (hunt.) fire at a favour- 
able moment (esp. at the partridge flying, 
out), have a timely shot at, 



anuiter-^^ [à, nuit], "finir.: become night 
(grow dark), tr.: fretard until night; 
rejl.: be benighted. 

anurie^^ [Gr. an-, not, oûron, urine], /.: 
anury, lacking secretion of urine. 

anns^^ [L.], m.: =. 

anx-'iété^^ [L. -ieias iangere, contract)], 
/.: anxiety, anguish. -ieua?^^, =euse 
[L. -iosus], adj.: anxious. 

aoriste ^^ [Gr. -tos (a-, not, horistos, lim- 
ited)], m.: aorist. 

aor-tc^* [Gr. -té (aeîreîn, carry)],/. : aorta. 

■ -tite^^ /.; aortitis. -tiqtte^', adj.: 

aou-^t** [L. Augustus, the Rom. emper- 
or], m. : August (the month) ; harvest : 
faire V — , make harvest, fmake profit. 
-tage^^ [-ter'\, m.: harvesting, -ter^^, 
<r. ;' harvest ; intr.: ripen (by the heat of 
August); finake harvest, -teron,^^ [-ter], 
m.: harvester, reaper. 

ap- [L. ad, 'to,' or Fr. a]: pref. 

apaise-inent^^,7n.:appaisement. H-^ser^^ 
[à, paix], tr.: appease, PACify, calm, 
soothe, allay, quench ; s' — ; be appeased, 
grow calm, etc. ; subside, abate. 

apala-ehine^'^ [-che, Apalachian], /.: 
emitic holly. 

apa^'^nage-^^ [OFr. -ner (p. L. -ware: ad, 
to, panis, bread), nourish], m.: appanage 
(domain assigned by the king to his 
younger sons or brothers) ; f^omain ; 
property; fendowment. -nager •^^, tr.: 
endow by an appanage, -nagiste^'', adj. 
or m.: (prince) endowed with an appanage. 

aparto^^ [L. a parte, apart], adv. or m.: 
aside ; word(s) spoken apart. 

eLpa.-'thie^^ [L. -thia (Gr. a-, not, pathos, 
PASSion)], /.; apathy, dispassion, -thi- 
que^', adv.: apathetic, indifferent. 

Apelle, m.: Apelles. 

ape?is, see guet-apens. 

apepsie^^ [Gr. -la (a-, not, péptein, cook)], 
/.: apepsy, indigestion. 

aper-ception--'^^,/.; apperception, -ce- 
vable^^, tr.: perceivable, perceptible. 
-CEvan«e^^,/.: perceiving. | [-«'■ce voir ^*^ 
[à, percevoir], irr. (cf. recevoir) ; tr. or 
rejl.: perceive, discover, observe, notice; 
discern, -çu, part.: perceived, etc.; m.: 
rapid view, survey, estimate (at first 
sight), rough estimate ; sketch, compen- 

apéritif ^^, -\ve [L. aperire, open], adj.: 
aperient, laxative. aper-'tement^^ 
[OFr. -perte (-pertus, open)], adv.: openly, 
-tise^'* [OFr. pert, brave], /.: feat of 

apétale^^, -talé [Gr. a-, not, Fr. pétale], 
adj.: apetalous. 

apctis-sement-^^m.; diminution. IKser" 
[p. L. *ap-pittittiâre (*pittitus = Fr.. 


petit)], tr.: make smaller, diminish ; intr.: 

apha-^sie^^ [Gr. -sîa (a-, not, phâsis, 
word)],/.: aphasia (loss of the power of 
speech), -sique^^, adj.: aphasie. 

aphélie -^^ [Gr. apo, away, hélios, sun], m.: 
(astr.) aphelion. 

aphérèse ^^ [L. aphœresis (Gr. apo, away, 
hairein, take)], /.; apheresis, loss of an 
initial letter or syllable. 

apho-«'ne^^ [(jT.a-phonos, voiceless], arfj.; 
voiceless, suffering with aphonia, -nie^"^ 
[Gr. -nia],f.: aphonia, loss of speech. 

aphoris-'ine ^^ [L. -mus (Gr. apo, from, 
horizein, part)], m.: faphorism, ('sharp- 
ly defined') maxim or saying, -tiqwe 
[Gr. -tikos], adj.: aphoristic (al). 

aphrodisiaque^^ [Gr. -kos {Aphrodite, 
goddess of love)], adj.: aphrodisiac(al) ; 
m.: aphrodisiac. 

aph-'te^^ [L. -ta (Gr, âptein, inflame)], m.: 
(med.) aphtha, specks or vesicles (in the 
mouth) ; pi. thrush, -tenx^^,/.: =ense, 
adj.: aphthoid. 

aphylle^^ [Gr. â-phullos, leaf-less], adj.: 
aphyllous, leafless. 

i.api^^ [L. Appius], to..* small reddish 

2.api^^ [L. -ium], to.: smallage (sort of 

api^cole^^ [L. apis, bee, colère, cuLii- 
waie], adj.: relating to apiculture, -cul- 
teur ^^ [L. cwZ/or] , m. ; bee-breeder, -cul- 
ture ^^, /.; apiculture, bee-breeding. 
t-er^^ [L. -arium], m.: {pop.) bee-hive 
(gen'ly ruche). 

apiqtt-age^^, to.; {nav.) peaking. H-^er^'^ 
[à, pic], \in)tr. : (nav.) top, peak (yards, 

apitoyer ^^ [à,''pitiê], tr.: move to pity; 
s' — , be moved to pity. 

aplai-'firner" [p. L. *ap-planiâre (L. 
planus, plain)], tr.: render plain or 
smooth ; caress ; teasel or dress (cloth). . 
-9^^3^^^y f^'-' teas(e)ler. 

aplaner^^ [à, plan], tr.: render plain or 

apla'-'Uir^^ [à, plan], tr.: render plain or 
level, level, smoothen, even ; level down, 
remove ; s' — , grow level or smooth ; be 
removed, -nissement ^^ to.; levelling, 
smoothing ; removal ; levelness, evenness. 
-nisseur^®, to.; leveller. 

aplater^^ [à, plat, dish], tr.: divide into 

apla'^'tir [à, plat, flat], tr.: make flat, 
flatten, beat down, -tissement^*, to.; 
flattening, flatness. -tisseur ^'^, to.; 
flatter : (agr.) bruiser ; corn-crusher, -tis- 
soire^'^, /.; flatter (drawplate), rolling 

aplet° [dial, for *-ploit, p. L. *ap-plicituv} 


(L. -catum, applied)]; m.: (OFr. utensil); 

aplomb ^^ [à, plomb], m.: plumb direction, 
perpendicularity, equilibrium ; self-posses- 
sion, assurance : d' — , plumb, perpendic- 
ularly ; upright(ly) ; steady, steadily. 

apnée •^'^ [Gr. -nom (a-, not, jt?neÎ7i, breathe)], 

/.; apnœa, suspension of breath. 

apo- [Gr. apo, 'off, from, away, asunder'] : 

apocalyp-vse^^ [Gr. -sis (apo-, kaluptein, 
cover)],/..* apocalypsis, revelation: (fam.) 
style d' — , obscure style ; cheval d' — , sorry 
jade, -tique ^^, adj.: apocalyptic(al). 

apoco^' [It. {h)a poco, 'has little'], m.: 
fool. * 

apo^ [apo-] : -cope^^ [L. (Gr. koptein, cut)], 

/.; =, omission of a final letter or part 
of a word ; [surg.) fracture with loss of a 
part of a bone, -crisiaire^^ [l.L. -crisi- 
arius (Gr. -krisis, answer)], m.: proclaimer 
of (the Greek) emperor's answers or edicts, 
apocrisiary (pope's nuncio), -cryphe^^ 
[L. -phus (Gr. kruptein, hide)], adj.: apo- 
cryphal, of doubtful authority, spurious ; 
m.: apocrypha. -eyn^^ [L. -cynon 
(Gr. kuon, dog)], m.;" dogbane, -cyna- 
•cees^'^, -cynées [-cyn],f. pL: family of 
apocyneous plants. 

apode ^^ [Gr. -d, stem of a-pous, foot-less], 
adj. : apodal (footless ; without ventral 

apo'^ [apo-]: -dictiqite-^^ [L. -didicus 
(Gr. deiknumai, show)], adj.: apodic- 
tic(al). -gée ^^ [L. -geus (Gr. gaîa, earth)], 
m.; apogée (point where the moon or sun 
is farthest from the earth ; highest degree, 
climax), -graphe ^^ [L. -graphon (Gr. 
grâphein, write), copy], m.: apograph, 
autograph-copy ; copying-machine. 

Apollon l-l [L. Apollo, Gr. Apollon], m.: 

apolo-gétiqite^* [L. -geticus], adj.: apol- 
ogetic(àl), regretfully excusing. H^gie^^ 
[L. -gia (Gr. apo, from, logos, speech)], 
/.; apology, justification, excuse, -giqtte^® 
[-gie], adj. : apologetic (al). -giste ^^[-gie] , 
m.: apologist, -gtie^^ [L.'-gus], f.: =, 
moral fable. 2.-gue ^^ [-gie], m. : apologist. 

apoltronnir ^^ [à, poltron], tr.: fmake a 
poltroon ; cut the hind-claws of (a falcon). 

apo'»' [apo-]'. -névrose ^^ [Gr. -neurosis 
(newroTi, nerve)],/.; aponeurosis, -névro- 
tique^'^ [-névrose], adj.: aponeurotic. 
-pktegme ^^ [Gr. -phthegma (phthéngestai 
speak)], m.: apothegm, pithy saying. 
-physe-^^ [L. -physis (Gr./Mein,grow)],/.; 
apophysis, prominence of a bone, -plec- 
tique ^^ pj. -plecticus (Gr. plêssein, smite)], 
adj. or m.: apoplectic (al). -plexie^^ [L. 
-plexia {Gt. plêssein, smito)],/.: apoplexy. 
-Stasie^* [L. -stasia {apo-stênai, stand off. 



revolt)],/.; apostasy, -stasier^^ [-stasie], 
intr.: apostatise, -stat^^ [L. -stata (cf. 
-stasie)],m. : apostate, -steme^^ [L. -sterna 
(Gr. apo-stênai, stand off)], m.: aposteme, 

aposter^^ [à, poste], tr.: post or place 
(for a bad purpose), place in ambush, se- 

à posteriori [L.], adv.: a posteriori 
(from facts). 

tapos-tiile-^*,/.; =, marginal note, f-^ti^ 
ler^^ [à, postule], tr.: annotate in the 
margin, add a recommendation to (a peti- 

apo'^ [apo-]: -stolat-^^ [L. -stolatus (cf. 
apôtre)], m. : apostleship. -stoliqtte^^ [L. 
-stolicus (cf. apôtre)], adj.: apostolic (al). 
-stoliqitement-^^ [-postolique], adv.: 
apostolically. -strophe -^^ [L. i.-strofa, 
i.-strofus (Gr. stréphein, turn)], /.; apos- 
trophe ( I. turning from the discourse to a 
personal address, interpellation ; 2.' sign of 
omission'), -stropher^^ [-strophe], tr.: 
apostrophise (i. address by apostrophe; 
charge; f^-mark with an apostrophe). 
-stume^^ [L. -sterna (Gr. apo-stênai, stand 
off, separate)], /.; aposteme, abscess. 
-thégse^^ [L. -theosis (Gr. theos, god)],/.; 
apotheosis, deification, exaltation, -thi- 
caire^^ [1. L. -thecarius {-theka, store- 
house: Gr. tithénai, place)], m.: f^ipothe- 
cary (who sells and administers medicines, 
sub-physician as yet in England) ; druggist 
(us'ly pharmacien) with a tinge of reproach : 
note (or mémoire) d' — , exorbitant bill. 
-t7iicairerie-^^[-/Aica'ire],/.; pharmacy ; 

I .apôtre ^^ [1. L. -postolus (Gr. apo-stellein, 
send off)], m.: apostle : /aire le bon — , 
play the saint. 

2.a-pôtre° [for -pôte, L. ap-posita, af- 
fixed], m.; knight-head, -potureau^^, 
[-pôte (cf. -pôtre)], m.: (nav.) kevel-head. 

apozème^^ [L. -zema (Gr. apô, off, zeîn, 
boil)], 771.; apozem, decoction. 

ap- [Lat. ad, *to'] : pref. 

apparaître" [p. L. ap-parescere (L. pa- 
rère)], irr. (ci. paraître) ; intr.: appear 
(come in sight ; occur) : faire — , make 
appear, exhibit. 

appa-^rat^^ [L. -ratus (parare, prePARE)], 
m.: (showy preparation, hence) pomp, 
show, parade, ostentation ; fvocabulary 
and notes or syllabus ('prepared' on an 
author) : f — royal, beginners' dictionary. 
-TaxLX [old pi. of -reil], m. pL: full 
apparatus (outfit) of a ship ; gymnasium 
apparatus. -reil^^ [2.-reiller], m.: 
tpreparation ; apparatus (implements 
collect.) ; organs (collect.) ; disposition of 
stones (in masonry), size (of stones) ; 
display (of anything prepared) ; AP' 



PARel (attire) ; (surg.) dressing ; tpon^P> 
tparade : — de guerre, warlike dis- 
play or (completed) preparations; — de 
bel, fine building ; — réticulé, diamond 
work; grand (petit) — , layer of big 
(small) stones ; une assise de haut — , a 
layer of large stones ; mettre le premier 
— , giye (a wound) its first dressing. 
-reitlage^'^ [2.-reiller], m.: tpi'spara- 
tion; get'ting under sail, -reiilemettt ^^ 
[-reiller], m.: matching; yoking; pair- 
ing. i.-Teil\ev^^ \à, pareiï\,tr.: match 
(like to like); couple, pair; yoke; join, 
place together. 

2.appa-reUler*' [p. L. *-riculâre (L. 
-rare, prePARE)], tr.: tprepare ; fit out (a 
ship) ; prepare to sail, get under sail, weigh ; 
dress (stones in building), -reiileur^^ 
{2. -reiller'], m.: preparer (fitter, dresser, 
trimmer) : implement-maker. -reii- 
leuse^^ [i. -reiller'], f.: procuress. 

appa-remment ■'^^ -ra-m-, adj.: appar- 
ently ; fii^ appearance, -re ti-ee ^'^ [L. 
-rerdid], /.; appearance; likelihood, 
ll-^-rent^^ [L. -rens {parère, appear)], adj.: 
apparent (visible ; not real) ; obvious ; re- 
markable, considerable, important. 

apparen-tage-^^, m.; alliance. H-'ter^'-^ 
[à, parent], 'tr.: make related by mar- 
riage ; fr^ogûise as a relative ; s' — , ally 
one's self by marriage : bien {mal) -té, 
of good (low) family connections. 

apparesser [à, paresse], tr.: make lazy. 

appa-riement ^^, -riment [-Her], m.: 
PAiRing, matching. ||-^rier^* [à, parier], 
tr. : PAIR (match ; couple, mate) ; fcom- 

appa-riteur ^^ [L. -ritor], m.: apparitor 
(guard of a Rom. tribune ; messenger of 
an ecclesiastical court) ; beadle or bedel 
of a faculty, -rition^^ [L. -ritio],f. = ; 
vision. Il'-^rolr® [L. ap-parëre], def. (only 
Inf., and 3 sing, appert); intr.: appear, 
be evident. 

appar-temewt^^ [It. -tamento (see te- 
nir)], m.: apartment (division in a house, 
suit of rooms) ; reception (in the king's 
department) : grands — s, reception apart- 
ments ; petits — s, every-day rooms. -tE- 
nan«e^^ \rtenir], /.; pertaining, prop- 
erty, prerogative ; appurtenance (of a 
domain), -tenant ^^ [-tenir], adj.: (ap)- 
pertaining. H-^tEnir® [p. L. *-tenêre (L. 
per-tinëre, pertain)], irr. (cf. tenir) ; intr. : 
appertain, belong ; be related. 

fappas, old pi, of appât, often used as a 

appâ'^t^ [p. L. *appastus (L. ap-pascere, 
feed)], m.; ffood; bait, allurement; charm; 
(pop.) neck of a woman, -teler^^, tr.: 
ff eed ; bait, allure, -ter ^^, tr. : feed (esp. 
birds), nourish ; {fig.) fatten ; bait, allure. 


appanmé^^ [à, paume], adj.: {her.) =, 
hav'g hand showing the palm. 

appau^vrir ^^ [à, pauvre], tr.: make 
POOR, imPOVERish ; s' — , grow poor. 
-vrissement ^^, m.: impoverishment. 

appeau [other form of appel], m.: tcall; 
bird-call; decoy-bird; striking part (of a 

ap-pel^-^ [-peler], m.: call (summon); 
levy ; roll-call (muster) ; appeal ; fchal- 
lenge ; {tech.) draught : — nominal, call 
of the names ; cour d' — , court of appeal ; 
officier d' — , muster-master ; être sujet 
à — , be appealable ; interjecter — , lodge 
an appeal ; répondre à V — , answer to 
one's name, -pelant ^^, -pelatite, adj. 
or m. /.; appelant; m.: decoy-bird. 
Il-'peler*' [L. ap-pellare, address, call], 
tr. : call (send for ; summon, call in ; call 
over names) ; {leg.) appeal ; challenge (to 
a duel); call, name; intr.: call, appeal; 
bay (of dogs) ; caterwaul (of cats) ; chuck 
(of cocks) ; {tech.) draw ; s' — , be called 
or named, be one's name, -peleur-^^, m.: 
decoy-bird, -pellatif^^, /. =ive [L. 
-pellativus], adj.: {gram.) appellative, 
common, -pellation^^ [L. -pellatio], 
f. : = (naming) ; naming of the letters 
of the alphabet; {leg^ appeal or pro- 

ap-pendice^^ [L. -pendix], m. (/.); ap- 
pendix, appendage. -pendicule [L. 
-pendicula], m. (/.); small appendix, ap- 
pendicle. [[-"^pendre" [L. ap-pendere, 
hang to], tr.: hang up (votive offerings). 
-pentis" [p. L. *-penditlcius (part, of 
*-penditus = L. -pensus)], m.: PENT-house, 

appEsantir^^ [à, pesant], tr.: render 
heavy or oppressive ; weigh down ; dull ; 
s'— , be or grow heavy, be weighed down ; 
dwell or expatiate (on), -tissement ^^, 
m. : heaviness, dullness. . 

appe-ten-ce^® [L. -tentia (see -ter)],f.: 
appetence, appetency, natural craving, 
-ter^^ [L. ap-petere, strive after], 
tr.: crave, desire (something satisfying 
natural appetites), -tibilite^^ [L. -ti- 
bilitas],f.: appetibility. -tissant ^^ [pr. 
part, of an old -tisser {-tit)], adj.: appetis- 
ing, tempting, -tit^^ [L. -titus], m.: ap- 
petite ; craving ; fwhat excites appetite 
(delicacy) : il n'est chère que d' — , hunger 
is the best sauce ; demeurer sur son — , 
check one's appetite. -titif^'^, =ive 
[L. -titivus], adj.: appetitive, -tition^^ 
[L. -titio],/.: appetition, craving. 

fappietrir^^ [à, piètre], tr.: make 
shabby, deteriorate. 

applau-^dir^^ [L. -dere (plaudere, c\a,i^)], 
tr. or intr. (à) applaud ; s' — , applaud or 
congratulate one's self, glory (in). 


-dissemetit ^*, m.; applause, cheering. 




-disseur^^, m.: applauder 

appli-cable^'^ [-quer], adj. : =. -cage 
m. : applying, -cation ^^ [L. -oatio],/.': = ; 
employment (of money) ; diligence, intent- 
ness; (gild.) charging: juste — , appo- 
siteness; sans — déterminée, unappro- 
priated, -qife^*, /.; applying or fixing 
(one thing to another, as) charging (in 
gilding), setting (jewels), inlaying, -que ^-^ 
part, as adj. : applied, etc. ; intent, diligent, 
sedulous. W^quer^'^ [L. -care {plicare, 
fold)], tr.: APPLY (adapt, lay or fix on; de- 
vote); (leg.) award (judgment); s' — , apply 
one's self, apply one's mind, study hard ; 
be applied, be laid or fixed (upon), be appo- 
site ; apply or take to one's self ; appro- 
priate. -quevLse^^, f.: finisher (woman 
applying flowers, lace, etc., on tulle). 

appoiti-t^^, m.: (what arranges, settles, 
hence) sum settling an account ; money 
completing a payment (balance, comple- 
ment) ; boot ; d' — , to boot, odd ; faire 
V — , make up a sum with small change. 
-tage^^, m.: completion; (tan.) last full- 
ing." -tement, m.: fadjHistment ; stipu- 
lation ; tdesignation to an office ; provid- 
ing the means, equipment; allowance, 
salary (often in pi.); appointment (in so 
far as applicable to preceding definitions). 
i.\\^ter° [p. L. *ap-punctâre (L. punctum, 
point)], tr.: fregulate ; fadjust; fpun- 
ish ; tappoint ; tprovide for ; provide with 
a salary : commis — té, salaried clerk. 

2.appoiw-ter'^''^ [à, pointe], tr.: form 
into a POINT ; (her.) put point to point ; 
fold and sew together. 

appointeur^^ [i.-ter], m.: referee, ar- 

appointir^^ [à, pointe], tr.: sharpen into 
a point. 

apporttement^^ [à, pont], m.: bridge- 
like scaffolding or structure, temporary 
bridge or platform. 

appor-t^^ [-ter], m.: bringing; place 
where things are brought, market-place ; 
yield (of profit or interest) ; thing brought : 
share, portion, personal property ; docu- 
ment (deposited). \\^ter° [L. ap-portdre 
(carry)], tr.: bring; bring along; bring 
to bear, apply ; produce ; allege : — de la 
précaution, use precaution. 

appo-ser*-^^ [à, poser], tr.: place or fix 
(upon); affix, add, insert. -sitiort^^ 
[L. sitio],f.: =. 

appré-eiable ^*, adj. : appreciable, -eia- 
teur^^, =tri-ce, m.: appreciator, valuer; 
appraiser, -eiatif-^^, =ive, arfy.; denot- 
ing the value ; (theol.) instinct with true 
valuation. -eiation^^, /.; valuation, 
estimate; appreciation. W^-ei&r^^ [L. 
ap-pretiare (pretium, price)], tr.: appre- 

ciate (estimate, value); determine the 
value of, estimate, rate. 

appre/j.eti'^der^'^ [L. ap-prehendere 
(seize)], tr.: fseize ; apprehend, -sif^^ 
-i-ve [L. -sivus], adj.: apprehensive. 
-sion^^ [L. -sio], /.; fseizing ; appre- 

appreti'«'dre° [p. L. *-dere (L. ap-pre- 
hendere, seize)], irr. (cf. prendre); tr.: 
acquire, learn, be informed ; teach, inform, 
let know: — des nouvelles, hear of 
news ; je Vai appris de bonne part, I have 
it from a good source, -ti", -tie ; -tif , 
-tive ; -tis, -tisse [p. L. *-ditius (*-ditus, 
for -sus)], m.f: apprentice ; novice, tyro. 
-tissage ^^ [-tis], m.: apprenticeship. 

apprès^''^ [fr. an old ap-presser, press to- 
gether], m.: wedge (to tighten staves); 
sometimes for apprêt. 

apprêt ^^, m. ;" preparation (us'ly -ts) ; 
(tech.) preparing process (of various kinds : 
priming, sizing, dressing, cooking, (glass- 
painting) ; studied manner, affectation. 
-tage-^^, m.; (tech.) preparing or finishing 
process, -te^'*, /.; piece of bread, sop. 
-té, part, as adj.: prepared, etc.; studied, 
affected. \\^ter° [p. L. *ap-prestare 
[L. prœsto =: Fr. prêt, ready)], tr.: make 
(prepare) ; (tech.) prepare with size, size ; 
gloss, dress ; cook ; s' — , prepare one's self, 
make ready, be about, be on the point of : 
— à rire, be a laughing-stock, -teur ^^, 
m.: dresser (of cloths). 

apprivoi-seinent^^,ra.; taming. ||'«'ser° 
[p. L. *ap-prîvitiàre (L. prlvus, PRivate, 
own), make one's own, master], tr.: tame 
(animals) ; render tractable ; render fa- 
miliar or sociable; s' — , be tamed, grow 
tame, become familiar, be sociable ; fagree. 
||-«^seur^^ m.: tamer. 

approba-teur ^^, -tri-c© [L. -tor, -triz], 
m.,f.: approver, -tit^^ , =%-ve \Ij. -tivus], 
adj.: approving. H^^tiort^^ [L. -tio (ap- 
probare, approve)],/.; =; authorisation 
(to publish a book ; to preach), -tive- 
ment^^ [-tif], adv.: approvingly. 

appro-ehable ^^, adj. : approachable. 
-ebant ^^, adv. : approaching, near ; nearly 
like; adj.: something like, about, nearly. 
-■ehe ^'^, f. : approach ; approaching, draw- 
ing near; uniting; (print.) sign of clos- 
ing up : lunette d' — , spy-glass, -ehe- 
mefit^^, m.: fapproach ; bringing to- 
gether, ll-^-eher^*^ [à, proche], tr.: bring 
near, draw close ; approach ; fbring to- 
gether, compare ; intr. or s' — , draw near, 
approach ; be nearly alike. 

approfmi-'dir^^ [à, profond], tr.: make 
more deep or profound (deepen) ; examine 
deeply or thoroughly. -dissement^^, 
m.: deepening; deep research, sounding. 

appro-priatiort^^ [L. -tio], /.; =; 



adaptation ; (leg.) conversion. H-'prier^'^ 
[L. -priare (proprius, one's own)], tr.: 
appropriate ; adapt, fit ; make PROPer or 
neat, clean; s' — , appropriate to one's 
self, convert to one's own use. 

approu-ver° [L. ap-probàre (probus, 
good), esteem good], tr.: approve (of). 
-ve, part.: approved (on documents); m.: 
sign of approval. 

approvi-sionnement^'^, m.: supplying 
with (or supply of) provisions, victualing, 
supply. Il'-'sionner'^* [à, provision], 
tr.: supply with provisions, victual, store. 

approxi^matif ^^, =ive [L. -mare], adj. : 
approximative. -mation^* [L. -mare 
iproximus, nearest)], f.: =^. -mative- 
jnent^^, adj.: approximately. 

ap-pui^^, m.; support (i-act of support- 
ing; 2. thing serving for a support, as: 
prop, stay, staff, sill, window-sill, buttress, 
hand-rail, fulcrum) : hauteur d' — , breast 
height; pièces à V — , corroborating pa- 
pers, -pui-mam^^, pi. -puis-main, m.: 
(painter's) maul-stick. Il-^pnyer** [p. L. 
*ap-podiâre (L. podium, foot-hold, bal- 
cony, Gr. pous, foot)], tr.: i.lean, sup- 
port, rest ; dwell or lay stress (upon) ; 
2. sustain, support, strengthen ; s' — , lean, 
rest, recline ; rely. 

^-i'pre** [L. asper], adj.: harsh, rough; 
sharp ; tart, crabbed ; eager : — au gain, 
greedy of gain ; — à la curée, eager of 
prey. -prEinent^^, adv.: harshly, etc. 

après ^'^ [à, près], prep.: after, next to; 
for ; about ; adv. : after, afterwards, 
then; — = que, after, when; rf' — , after, 
according to, from ; attendre — , wait for ; 
crier — , cry out against, scold ; être — 
quelque chose, be about something, -de- 
maiii^^, adv.: day after to-morrow; 
fm.; third day after. -dine?^^*, m.: 
after-dinner, afternoon, -midi^^, m. or 
/.; afternoon, -souper*^*, m.: evening. 

âprEté^^ [-pre], f.: harshness, sharpness, 
ASPERITY ; tartness ; eagerness. 

à priori [L., 'from prior' viz. concep- 
tions], adv.: a priori. 

à-propos ^'^, m.: propriety, pertinency. 

apside ^^ [L. -da (Gr. apsis, tying, arch)], 
/. ; fapse (now Fr. abside) ; (astr.) apsis. 

apte ^^ [L. -tus], adj. : apt, fit, qualified. 

aptère^'^ [Gr. -ros (a-, not, pteron, wing)], 
adj. : apterous, wingless. 

aptitude ^^ [L. -do (cf. apte)],f.: = ; 
(leg.) qualification. 

apu-rement ^^, m.: auditing (accounts). 
Il-^rer ^^ [à, pur], tr. : tpurify ; wash 
(gold) ; examine and adjust (an account), 

apy-^re ^"^ [Gr. -ros (a-, not, pur, fire)], 
adj. : apyrous, incombustible, -reacie ^^ 
[Gr. -rexia],f. : apyrexy, absence of fever. 


aqua^fortiste ^^ a-kwa- [It. — forte (L 
aqua, water, fortis, strong), nitric acid] 
m. : etcher, -relie ^^ [It. -relia], f. — 
(painting in water-colours), -relliste ^^ 
[-relie], m. : aquarellist, -rium ^^ [L 
reservoir], m. : =. -tinta ^^ [L., ' tinge<i 
water'],/.; =. -tiqtte^^ [L. -ticus] 
adj.: aquatic. 

a-qiteduc^'^ [L. aquœ-ductus], m. : aque 
duct, -qu&ax^^, =e^se [L. -quosus] 
adj. : aqueous, watery. 

aqiti-^lin ^^ [L. -linus, f r. -la, * eagle ' 
i-lus, dark)], adj. : aquiline (hooked). 
-lon^^ [L. -lo i-lus)], m.: north-wind; 
tEng. =. 

ara ^"^ [Ind.], m. : = (macaw). 

ara-be ^^ [L. -bus], adj. or n. : Arabian ; 
Arabic ; miser, -besqtte ^^ [It. -besco], 
adj. : t Arabic ; = f.: (ornamentation 
of interwoven plants, animals, etc.). 
||-«'bie [? Hebr. -bas, desert],/.; Arabia. 
-biqtte [L. -bicus], adj. : Arabian, 

arable** [L. -bilis (arare, plough)], adj.: 

ara-cbide^^ [Gr. -Hs, vetch],/.; peanut. 

arac/i-^nide^^ [Gr. -ne, spider], m.; 
arachnid(an). -noïde^* [Gr. no-eidés (eî- 
dos, form)], adj.: arachnoid (membrane). 

arack^^ [Ar. araq, juice], m. ; arrack. 

fara^fne ^ araigne. 

arai-»'£fne*' [L. arànea, spider], /.; fspi- 
der ; bucket-hook (for lifting the bucket 
from the well), -g-aée^^, /; fspider's 
web ; web (of various kinds) ; gen'ly {fr. 
\^th c) spider ; (spider-like thing, as) cir- 
cle with radiating arms of the astrolabe ; 
mine with radiating passages ; crowfoot ; 
small vehicle on big wheels : — de mer, , 
weaver, small crab; pattes d' — , spider's 
legs, scrawling hand (in writing) ; toile 
d' — , cobweb ; ôter les — s, sweep away 
the cobwebs. -<;neua?^^, =euse, adj.: 
araneous, cobweb-like. 

araire ^^ [Prov. (L. aratrum, plough)], 
m.: swing plough. 

araxnée»!^^, =enne [Aram, Hebr. name 
for Syria], adj.: Aramean. 

aramer^'^ [à, rame], tr.: stretch (cloth) 
on tenters, tenter. 

ar^anéide^^ [L. -anea, spider],/.; hairy 
(venomous) spider ; {jpl. araneida). -ané- 
ole^^ [L. -anea],f.: small weaver, -an- 
tèle^^ [L. -aneœ, <eZa, web],/.; (dial.) spi- 
der's web; web-like formation on the 
stag's foot. 

ar-^se^^, /.; level state: pierre d' — , 
(mas.) levelling course, -sèment^*, m.: 
levelling; level state, evenness. H^ser^^ 
[à, ras], tr.: level, even, make flush. 

aratoire ^^ [L. -torius (arare, plough)], 
adj.: aratory, tillage. 

=, arbitration (^^de 


araucaria ^^ [after Arauco Indians in 
Chile], m.: = (conifer). 

arba-o-lète** [L. arcu-balista (Gr. balein, 
throw) 'bow-hurler'], /.; arbalist (cross- 
bow) ; steel-bow (used for mechanical de- 
vices) ; dormouse-trap : — à jalet, stone- 
bow; cheval en — , horse harnessed in 
front of two others, -létée^^ or -lé- 
trée,/..* crossbow range (or shot), -le- 
trier^^, m.: crossbow-man, archer; 
(build.) roof -rafter, -létrière ^^,f. : loop- 
hole for a crossbow, -létritle, /. ; (nav.) 
Jacob's staff, cross-staff. 

arbi-trage ^2, m. 
termining* a place of exchange in banking- 
business ; replacing one value for another 
by the Exchange), -tragiste^*^ [-trage], 
m.: bank or exchange arbitrator, -trai- 
re ^^ [L. -trarius] , adj. : arbitrary ; optional ; 
771.; arbiter, -trairement^* [-traire], 
adv. : arbitrarily, -tral ^'^ [L. -tralis] , adj. : 
^, relating to an arbiter, -tralement ^^, 
adv.: by arbitration, -tration^^ [L. 
-tratio], /.; =; award. Harbi-'tre^^ 
[L. I. -ter; 2.-trium], m.: i. arbiter (ar- 
bitrator, umpire ; sovereign disposer) ; 
t2.will. -trer^^ [L. -trari], tr.: arbitrate ; 
decree, award. 

ar-borer^* [It. -borare], tr.: raise (like a 
tree), set up, hoist (a flag) ; proclaim. 
-borescen-ee^^ [-borescent],/.: arbores- 
cence, -borescent^^ [L. -borescens, be- 
coming a tree], adj.: arborescent, -bori- 
cultenr^^ [L. -tor], m.: arboriculturist. 
-boriculture^^ [L. arbor, Fr. culture], 
/.; ^. -borisation ^^ [-borise], f.: ar- 
borisation, -borise^'^ [L. -bor],adj.: ar- 
borised. t-Tt»®"?®»^^^ [L. -bor], intr.: 
gather plants, -boriste^*, m.; arborist 
(versed in the knowledge of medicinal 
plants and trees), -bouse ^^ [Prov. -bossa 
{lj.-butus)],f.: arbute-berry. -bousier ^^ 
m.: arbute, strawberry tree. Ilar^bre** 
[L. -60s, -bor], m.: tree; beam; {tech.) 
ARBOR or axle, shaft ; mast : — en espalier, 
wall-tree ; — sur pied, standing tree ; 
grand — , shaft ; — de couche, horizontal 
shaft ; — de Diane (Jupiter, etc.), arbor 
Dianae (etc., alchem. terms for various 
crystallisations) ; — de mestre, mainmast ; 
— de trinquet, foremast ; se tenir au gros 
de V — , adhere to what is ancient; 
faire V — fourchu, walk on one's hands. 
-bret^^, 771.; fsmall tree; small tree with 
lime-twigs (for bird-catching). -bris- 
seau° [p. L. *arboriscellus], m.: shrub, 
underwood, -buste ^^ [L. -bustum], m.: 

ar-^c® [L. -eus], m.: bow; arc; arch; 
curved piece {as of a wagon-pole, etc.): — 
en plein cintre, semi-circular arch ; — dou- 
hleau, chief arch, massive rib ; — de tri- 



077i;)^.e, triumphal arch, -cade^^,/.; = ; 

curved object, as (anat.) arch, bridge (of 
spectacles), bow (of a saddle), etc. 

arcane ^^ [L. -nus {area, box) hidden], 
adj.: deeply hidden, secret, (Eng. obs.) =. 
771.; arcanum, mystery. 

arcanne^^ [1. L. alcanna (Ar.)], /.; red 

arca^ison^" [?], 77i. ; colophany. 

arcasse^^ [Prov. -ssa (L. area, box), large 
box],/.; stern-frame (of a ship); pulley- 

ar^cature^^ [arc],f.: line of decorative 
arcades, -c-boutant^^ (pi. — s — s), m.: 
=, arched BUTTress ; (brace of various 
kinds, as) aBUTment, support, prop, shore, 
spar, stanchion, stay, cross-piece, supporter. 
-c-bouter-^^, tr.: BUTTress, prop, sup- 
port, -c-doubleau^^ (pi. — s — x), m.: 
groin (of vaults), -ceau^^ (pi. — x) [arc], 
m. : arch ; ribs (of groined arches) ; tre- 
foil ornament ; supporting-piece, -c-eti- 
•ciel-^^ (pi. — s — ), 771.; rainbow. 

arc/ia-ïque^^, adj.: archaic(al). 

IKïsme*^ [Gr. -Ismos {-ios, ancient)], m.: 

ar-ehal** [L. orichalcum (Gr. oros, mount- 
ain, ehalkos, brass)], tti.; brass, orichalch, 
only injil d' — , brass-wire. 

arc/tatige^^ [L. -gelus (Gr. archi-, chief, 
aTi^jfeZos, angel)], 771.; archangel." [L. -ca, box, chest], /.; ark 
(Noah's ; or of the sanctuary) ; pump-box 
(covering the pump of a vessel) ; small 
furnace (for making the frit) ; ark- 
shell : r — d'alliance, the ark of the 

ar-i^-ehe** [1. L. *-ca, for ace. -cum 
{-eus, bow)],/.; arch (of a bridge, viaduct, 
etc.), arching. i.-ehée° [p. L. *arcata], 
/.; range of a bow, bow-shot.ée^® [1. L. -cheus (Gr. -chaîos, old)], 
771. (/.); {alch.) archeus (central fire or 
vital energy of the universe). 

ar-chElet^^ [-chet], m.: drill-bow. 

arc/iéo^logie-^'^ [Gr. archaio-, ancient, 
Zo^'Ca, discourse],/; archasology. -logi- 
que ^^, adj.-' archa3ologic(al). -logwe'^^, 
771.; archaeologist. 

ar-^-eher** [p. L. *-carius {-eus, bow)], 771.; 
= (bow-man) ; constable ; fig. Cupid : 
franc — , cf. franc-archer. -eh.erot^^, 
771.; little archer, Cupid.^^ [are], 
771.; (small bow of various kinds, as) 
fiddle-bow, fiddlestick ; drill-bow ; fish- 
hook bow ; top-head (of cradles) ; bed- 
rack, guard (holding the bed-covers so as 
not to weigh on the sick). 

arc/ietype^'^ -tip [L. -pus (Gr. arche-, 
chief, tupos, stamp)], 77i.; archetype. 

ar-che-vê-ehé ^^, 771. (t/) ; archbishopric ; 
archbishop's residence, H^'veque** [L. 



archi-episcopus, Gr. -pos, * chief -bishop ' 
(cf. évêque)], m.: archbishop. 

ar-ehi-' [Gr., chief], in comp. (cf. each 
member): ^-^tre^'^ [Gr. -atros (iatrôs, 
physician)], m.: archiater, chief physician. 
-eha»i-cé»lier^'^, m.: arch-chancellor. 
-^Ixa-pelain^^ ,771. : chief -chaplain, -con- 
frérie^'^, /.: chief or central brother- 
hood, -diaconat ^^ [L. -tus], m.: arch- 
deaconship (dignity, or office), -dia- 
coné^^ [1. L. -diaconatus (cf. above)],/.; 
archdeaconry (district), -diacre -^^ [L. 
diaconus], m.: archdeacon, -duc^^, m.: 
archduke, -ducal ^^ [-duc], adj.: arch- 
ducal, -duché ^^ [-duc], m.: archduchy. 
-du-cliesse ^^ [-duc], /.; archduchess. 
-episcopal ^^ [L. -lis], adj.: =. -epis- 
copate [L. -tus], m.: archiepiscopacy. 

archière^^ [arc], /.; loop-hole for 
archers ; crenel (open space between the 
teeth of a battlement) ; archer's quiver- 

ar-chiman-dritat e, m.: archimandrit's 
dignity or function. H^-^drite^^ [L. -ta 
(Gr. archi-, chief, mândra, fold, 
monastery)], m.; =, chief of a monastery 
(Gr. church).^^_ [-che], f.: small arch or 
centre. [Russ.], /.: Russian meas- 
ure of length (ab. 72 centimeters). 

ar-ehi^ [Gr., chief]: -pel^^ [It. -pelago 
(Gr. pélagos, sea)], m.: archipelago. 
-presbytéral^ [L. -lis], adj.: of an 
archpresbyter. -prêtre ^^ [L. -pres- 
byter], m.: archpresbyter, archpriest. 
-prêtre ^^ [-prêtre], /.; archpresbytery. 
-tecte^^ [L. -tecton (Gr. tékton, work- 
man)], m.: architect. -tectonique ^'^ 
[L. -tectonicus (cf. -tecte)], adj.: archi- 
tectonic, -tectural ^^ [-lecture], adj. : -■=. 
-tecture-^^ [L.-tectura (cf. -tecte)],/.: ^. 
-trave^^ [It. {trave, L. trabs, beam)], 
/.; =: (part of an entablature nearest the 
column), -trave ^'^ [-trave], adj.: archi- 
traved. -triclpi^^ [L. -nus (Gr. archo, 
lord, trl-klinon, table 'with three 
couches')], wi.; (Rom.) arranger of a feast, 
chief steward. 

archi-^ves^^ [L. -vum, Gr. arch-eî-on 
(arche, chief place), government house, 
pi. archives], /., pL: = (public records) ; 
archive, record-office. -viste-^^, m.: 

ar-ehi volte ^*^ [It. -to (archi-, chief, 
volto, vault)],/.; archivolt (moulding of 
an arch). 

ar-ch-ontat^, m.; archonship. W'-'Chon- 
te^^ [Gr. -chon (-chein, rule)], m.; archon, 
chief magistrate (in Athens). 

arçon** [p. L. *arcio (L. arcus, bow)], m. : 
saddle-bow; carding bow; vine bent (to 


13 r— 


give more fruit) : vider les — s, be un- 

arcot^^ [?], m.: dross, scoria. 

arc-^tiqne^^ [L. -ticus (Gr. -tikos, ârk- 
tos, 'bear,' the constellation)], adj.: 
arctic, -ture^^ or -turns [L. -turus 
(Gr. ârktos, oûros, guard)], m.; Arcturus 
(the star). 

arcure^^ [arquer], /.; arching (esp. of 
branches to promote fructification). 

ardélion^^ [L. -delio], m.: busybody, 

ar-demment^^ -dam- [-dent], adv.: 
ardently, etc. -dent^^ [L. -dens], adj.: 
= (burning, fiery ; passionate, zealous) ; 
red (of hair) ; (nav.) griping ; m. : ignis 
fatuus, will-o'-the-wisp ; candle ; (Midd. 
Age) person afflicted with gangrenous 
erisypelas : chapelle — e, room with lighted 
tapers round a coffin ; chambre — e, 
tribunal that condemned to death by 
burning, fll'^der = ardre. -deur° [L. 
-dor],f.: ardour, heat; fervour, passion. 

aràez^^ [for a-gardez (old a-garer, re- 
gard)], inter j.: lo! 

ardier^-^ or -dière [harde], m.,f.: beam- 
rope (of a loom). 

ardiilon^^ [hart], m.: tongue of a 
buckle; tag. 

fardoir = ardre. 

ardoi-^se^^ [?],/.* slate: couvreur d' — , 
slater ; avoir une — chez, have a bill at. 
-sé^^, adj.: slate-coloured, -ser^^, tr.: 
slate. -sier*^^, =ère, adj.: slaty; m.; 
slate worker, -siere-^^/.; slate quarry. 

ar^dre** [p. L. *-'dere (L. -dëre), irr.^ ; tr., 
intr.: burn. -du^^ [L. -duus]^ adj.: 
arduous, hard to ascend, steep; diflScult, 

§ P. Part. ar{d)s. 

a-^re^'^ [L. area], to.;= (surface of 100 
square meters), -réage^^, m.: meas- 
urement (by ares), surveying. 

arec^^ [Canarese], m.; areca (sort of 

ar éf action ^^ [L. arefacere, dry],/.; are- 

a-rénacé^^ [L. -renaceus], adj.: arena- 
ceous, sandy. H-.^rene^^ [L. -rena, sand, 
sandy place], /.; sand; arena (orig. 
sandy part of a circus, etc.), pi. circus, 
amphitheatre ; mortar, 

[= éreinter], tr.: fbreak the 

back of; make bend (under a heavy 

weight), sink. 
aréneuo? ^^, =e^se [L. -nosus (-na, sand)], 

adj.: arenous, sandy. 
aréo^le^ [L. -la (area, surface)], /.; 

(anat.) areola (coloured ring), -lé^^, adj.: 

aréomètre^® [Gr. araios, thin, metroUt 

measure], m. ; areometer. 


aréopage ^"^ [L. -gus (Gr. Areios pdgos, 
*hill of 'Ares' = Mars, where the highest 
judicial court of Athens was held)], m.: 
areopagus; high court. -gite^^ [L. 
-gites], m.: areopagist. 

areostyle^^ [L. arœostylos (Gr. araios, 
thin, spread, stulos, column)], m.: araeo- 
style, spaced colonnade. 

aréquier* ^^ [arec], m.: areca (sort of 

arer** [L. arâre, plough], tr.: fp^ough ; 
drag (the anchor). 

a-'rete® [L. arista, i -fish-bone; 2.awn], 
m. ; I. fish-skeleton, fish-bone; line of in- 
tersection between two planes, two slopes, 
etc., ridge ; angle, edge ; (arch.) arris ; 
2. awn, prickle, beard, arista : à vive 
— , sharp-edged ; — d'un comble, corner- 
rafter, hip. -rêtier^^ m. (arch.) hip; 
arris. -rêtière^^ [-rêtier], /.; hip- 

farganeau = organeau. 

argémone -^^ [Gr. -mône'\, /.; thorny 

argert'»'t° [L. argentum], m. ; silver ; sil- 
ver-coin ; money (gen'lly) ; (her.) argent : 
— comptant, ready money : vif- — (f — 
vif), quicksilver, mercury ; — blanc, Ger- 
man silver (alloy of nickel and copper) ; — 
fulminant, ammonium of silver; — rouge, 
silver glance ; un — fou, man with no end 
of money; bourreau d' — , spendthrift; être 
brouillé avec V — comptant, never have 
any ready money, -tal^'^, adj.: contain- 
ing silver ; (dial.) shining like silver, ar- 
gent, -tan^^, m.: =, German silver. 
-tation^*^ [-ter],f.: =, silvering; injec- 
tion of mercury, -ter^^, tr.: silver, 
cover with silver; plate. -terie^% /.; 
silver-plate, silver-ware ; ti"oyal fund (an- 
nual for extraordinary needs), "^-tenr^^ 
[-ter], m.: silverer, plater, -teux^'^ 
=euse, adj.: moneyed. -tier*° [L. 
-tarius], m: (anc.) banker (dealing in 
silver) ; royal steward (in charge of jew- 
elry, etc.). -tifère^^ [L. -turn, ferre, 
bear], adj.: argentiferous, -tiii-^^, adj.: 
silvery ; argentine ; silver-toned ; /. ; ar- 
gentine (fish; stone);/.; silver- weed; wild 
tansy, -ture^^ [-ter], silver-plating. 

argi-»'le° [L. argilla], f: potter's clay, 
clay, ARGIL, -leux^^, =epse, adj.: 
clayey, argilous. -lière^^, /.; clay-pit. 
-lifere [L. ferre, bear], adj.: argilifer- 
ous. -lolitTte [Gr. lithos, stone], m.: 

argo [L., Gr. -go, name of Jason's ship], m. 
Argo (the ship, or the constellation). 
-ngjBte^^ [L. -nauta (Gr. nautes, sailor)], 
m.: argonaut (hero sailing with Jason to 
Colchis in the Argo ; or the mollusc). 

I. argot ^^ [?], m.: fband of thieves and 



vagabonds ; = (cant of thieves and vaga- 
bonds, low slang ; cant). 

2.argO'~t^^ [same as ergot], m.: stub of 
cut branch, -ter^^, tr.: cut the stub of 
a branch (above the eye). 

targotier^*',-tière [i. -got], m.,f.: vaga- 

argoulet^^ [?], m.: mounted archer. 

argousier* [?], m.: buckthorn. 

argousin^^ [O.It. algozzino (? Sp. algua- 
zil, =, constable)], m.: convict-keeper, 

ar-^giie^^ \L. organum, instrument], /.; 
drawbench (for wire-drawing), i.-gtier^'^, 
tr. : wire draw. 

2.argu-«'er° [p. L. -tare (L. -ere, point 
out)], tr.: argue (prove by evidence, 
evince, prove) : — de faux, prove as false. 
-ment ^^ [L. -mentum], m.: = (proof, 
evidence ; theme ; summary), "f-men- 
tant^^ [-menter], m.: arguer, opponent. 
-menteur ^^ [L. -mentator], m.: arguer. 
-mentation ^^ [L. -mentatio], f: =. 
menter -^-^ [L. -mentari], intr.: argue; 
tr.: argue or discuss with. 

Argus [L.], m.: Argus (myth.) vigilant 
person ; sort of peacock). 

argu-^tie^^ [L. -tia (cf. arguer)], f: 
subtlety, quibble, -tieux-^^, =ejjse, adj.: 

aria^^ [?], m.: (Jam.) bustle, botheration. 

Ariane, /,; Ariadne (Theseus' lover, 
abandoned by him) ; abandoned lover. 

arianisme^^ [-rien], m.: arianism. 

ari-'de^^ [-dus], adj.: arid, dry; sterile. 
-dité^^ [L. -ditas],f.: aridity, dryness; 

i.arien^'^, =:enne [L. Arianus, Arius], 
m.,f. or adj.: Arian (follower of Arius). 

s.farien = aryen. 

ariette ^''^ [It. -tta (aria, AIR)], f. : arietta. 

farimer* = arrimer. 

Aristarqite-^^, m.: Aristarchus; severe 

aristocra-te ^'', m.; /.; aristocrat. 
II -"tie ^^ [Gr. -teia (dristos, best, kratein, 
rule)], /.; aristocracy, -tiqtte^^ [Gr. 
-tikos], adj . : aristocratic, -tiqitement^^ 
[-tique], adv.: aristocratically, -tiser*^^ 
[-tie], tr. : render aristocratic. 

aristoloche^^ [L. -chia],f: birth-wort. 

Aristo^tèle, m.: Aristotle (Greek phil- 
osopher), -téli-eien^*', =enne [h.-telicus], 
adj. or m.: Aristotelian, -télique^^ 

m.: Aris- 


adj.: Aristotelic. -télisme- 
arit/imé-tieien^^, -tieienne, m., f: 

arithmetician. H-'tiqwe-^^ [L. -tica (Gr. 
arithmos, number)], adj.: arithmetical ;/.; 
arithmetic, -tiqieement -^^ [-tique], adv.: 
arlE'»'qwin-^^, -quine [It. -cchino (?)], m.,. 



/.; harlequin, merry-andrew; (m.) mixed 
stew, hodgepodge ; boat (used in hunting 
the merganser : harle) : — politique, politi- 
cal harlequin (who assumes the colours of 
all the parties) ; habit — , work of incon- 
gruous parts, -quinade^^, /.; harle- 

ar-mada [Sp. (L. -mata, 'armed,* viz. 
fleet)],/.; =. -maditle^^ [Sp. -madillo 
(dim. of -mado, armed)], m.: armadillo 
(crustacean), -mateur^^ [L. -mator], 
m.: outfitter of a vessel, -mature^* 
[L. -maiura],/.: farmour ; = (iron braces ; 
magnet-a. ; fossil crust) ; sharps and flats. 
||'*'iiie° [p. L. -ma, arms],/.; weapon ; pi. 
arms ; troops ; military profession ; bat- 
tle ; fencing ; coat of arms, emblazonry : 
— s blanches, side arms; — s aux bras! 
support arms ! — s à feu, firearms ; — de 
jet (de trait), missile ; — à silex, flint-gun ; 
assaut d' — s, fencing match ; jaque d' — s, 
coat of arms ; fait d' — s, feat ; maître 
d' — s, fencing-master; salle d' — s, armoury ; 
fencing-school ; passer par les — s, be put 
to the sword; portez les — s! shoulder 
arms! -mée^^ [-mer], /.: army; host; 
slating (of a mansard to protect against 
rain) : — de mer et de terre, sea and 
land forces ; — permanente, standing 

arniElixi^^^ [It. -llina, *fur of the arme- 
nian rat'],/.; ermine. 

arniExnettt ^^ [-mer], m.: armament. 

Armé'^nie, /.; Armenia. -nien, 
-nienne, adj. or m., /.; Armenian 
(pertaining to Armenia; or to Armenian 

ar-'iner*** [L. -mare (-ma, arms)], tr.: 
arm (provide with arms) ; furnish (equip) ; 
man (a pump) ; ship (the oars) ; cock (a 
gun) ; provide with sharps and flats. 
-met-^^ [-me], m.: helmet; (in jest) head. 

ar-mi?laire-^^, adj.: armillary, formed 
of rings. ||'«'iniile^^ [L. -milla (-mus, 
arm), bracelet], /.; annulet (fillet en- 
circling a column), ring of an armillary 

arminien ^^, =eiine [Arminius], adj. or 
m.,f.: Arminian. 

ar-«'misti-ee ^^ [L. -ma, weapons, statio, 
rest], m.: =, truce, -moire ^^ [L. -mari- 
um (-ma, orig. 'fittings'), 'closet,' per- 
haps also 'weapon-closet' : cf. Eng. armou- 
ry, same word],/ ; closet, cupboard, press. 
-moiries^^ [OFr. -moyer, decorate with 
arms],/, pi.: coat of arms, armorial bear- 

armoise^ [p. L. artemisia], f : Artemisia. 

armiqisin^^ [It. ermesino (? Ormuz, a 
city)], m.; sarcenet. 

armo)i° [L. artemo, sort of lever], m.: 
futciiel (of a coach). 


arm.orial^^ [-moiries], adj.: armorial; 
m.: book of heraldry. 

armoricain [-rique], adj. or n.: Ar- 

armorier*^^ [-moiries], tr. : ornament with 
armorial bearings. 

Armorique,/.; Armorica. 

ar-moriste^^ [-moiries], m.: armorist. 
Il-'m.ure^"^ [L. -matura (-mare, arm)],/.; 
armour ; fish of a mast (or yard) : — de 
tète, head-piece, -murerie^^ [-mûrier], 
/.; armoury (manufactory of arms); -mu- 
rier*^^, m.: armourer, maker of arms. 

Arnaud, m.; Arnold. 

arni'«'Ca^^ or '\^ue [1. L. -ca],f.: 
arnica, -eine^^,/; extract of arnica. 

aro-mate^^ [L. -malum], m.: aromatic. 
-matiqtte ^'^, adj.: aromatic(al). -ma- 
tisation^^ [matiser], f: aromatisation. 
-matiser, tr.: aromatise. Haro^me 
[Gr. aroma], m.: aroma, flavour. 

aronde** [p. L. * hirunda (L. -do), swal- 
low], /; fswallow; swallow-fish: queue 
d' — , (carp.) dove-tail ; sort of fortifica- 

farpaiJleur [harpailler, grasp], m. : 
gold-seeker, gold-washer. 

ar-'pege^^ [It. -peggio (arpa, harp), play 
on the harp], m.: (mus.) arpeggio. 
-pègement-^^ [-péger], m.: playing ar- 
peggios, -péger^"^, <r.; play (a piece) in 

arpen-^t" [1. L. *arependis, L. arepennis 
(Gall.)], m.: = (old measure of about one 
acre), -tage^^ [-1er], m.: land-measur- 
ing, survey. " -ter^^ tr.: measure or sur- 
vey (land) ; walk over at great strides. 
-teur^*, =euse [-ter], m.: land-surveyor; 
(/O caterpillar. 

arpon^^ [Gasc. -pan], m.: (mar.) sort of 
large saw (used in dock-yards). 

arqif E-busade ^^, /.; =. n'abuser ^* 
[It. arquibuso (Ger. haken-biichse, 'hook- 
gun ')],/.; arquebus(e). -buser'^^ fm^r.; 
shoot with an arquebus ; tr. : shoot down 
with an arquebus, shoot, -buserie^^ 
[-sier],f.: ttroop of arquebusiers ; arque- 
bus, or gun-smithery. -busier ^^, m.: 
= ; arquebus- or gun-smith. 

ar-qifer*^^ [L. -quare (-eus, bow)], tr., 
intr.: arch, curve, bend, -qiiet^^ [dfc], 
m.: wire or rod of a shuttle. 

arra-ehage^^, m.: pulling up (vegetables). 
-eh.em.ent^^, m.: tearing up or away; 
digging up ; weeding ; (arch.) toothing. 
-•ehe-pied^^ (d' — ), adv.: without ces- 
sation. Il-^cber** [L. ex-ràdicâre (radix, 
root), ' root up'], tr. : tear up or away, pull 
up, snatch away; draw (violently), ex- 
tort, extract, wring ; s' — , tear (away) ; 
break away. -cbe-sonde^^, to.; in- 
strument for pulling out the fragmenta 




of a broken bone or probe, bone-extractor 
-«heur^^, -cheese, m.,/.: tearer, pull- 
er ; (/.) workwoman who pulls the long hair 
from beaver-skins ; potato-plow or digger. 
~é^^,m.: uprooted plant ; felonious up- 
rooting of young trees, -choir ^*^, ra.; 
weeding-machine, extirpator. 

arraison-nenietit ^^, m. ; farguing ; sani- 
tary inspection of a vessel. ||->^ner° 
[p. L. *ar-rationàre (L. ratio, reason)], 
tr.: REASON or argue with. 

arrangeant ^^, a«[/. ; accommodating; (for 
part.,ct.-ger). -gement ^^, m. ; =, setting 
in order; fixing; disposition; (pi.) terms, 
measures. Il-^ger*-^^ [à, ranger], tr.: 
arrange (set in ' order ; fix up ; dispose) ; 
accommodate (suit) ; compromise; (ironic.) 
give a scolding to (cf. Eng. 'fix'), blow up ; 
s' — , arrange or fix one's self ; place one's 
self, settle ; make dispositions ; accom- 
modate one's self ; put up with : cela 
m'arrange, that suits me; cela s'arrangera, 
that will be all right ; il s'est bien — gê, 
he has made his house very comfortable ; 
arrangez-vous, do as best you can ; decide ; 
je m'en arrange, I make shift with it. 
-geur^^, -gense, m.,f.: arranger (usl'y 
in bad sensé); transposer (of music). 

arren-tement ^^ m. : renting. H-^ter^^ 
[à, rente], tr.: rent; let out. 

arré-rager^^, intr.: be in arrears. 
Il-^rages^^ [arrière], m., pi.: arrears: 

— de rentes, periodical payments of 

arrestation^^ [arrêter], /.; arrest; 

arrê-t^^, m.: stopping, coming to a stand- 
still, check ; arrest (chiefly in pi.) ; (fixed) 
decree, judgment, sentence ; seizure ; 
(checking device, as) catch (of a gun, etc.), 
rest (of a lance) ; stop-work (of a clock) : 

— de mort, sentence of death; chien d' — , 
setter ; robinet d' — , stop-cock ; maison 
d' — , jail; mandat d' — , warrant (to 
arrest) ; aux — s, under arrest ; — s sim- 
ples, open arrest; — de défense, safe- 
conduct ; mettre la lance en — , couch the 
lance, -té ^^, m. ; decree, resolution ; 
settlement (of accounts), -te-boeuf^^, 
m.: rest-harrow (leguminous plant). 
Il-^ter" [p. L. *ar-resMre (L. re-s^âre, stand 
back)], tr.: arrest (stop, stay, check); 
hold back, delay ; fasten, fix ; engage, 
hire ; decree, resolve ; settle (an account) ; 
s'— , stop, pause, stand still; tarry, re- 
main ; be resolved or decreed ; be allayed : 

— un point, fasten a stitch (in sewing) ; 
faire — , give into custody ; — sa place, 
secure one's place ; — court, stop short ; 
action d' — , stop (p age) . -tiste ^'^ [-t],m. : 
compiler of decrees, -toir^^, m.: stop or 
catch (as of a bayonet, etc.). 

ar-r element ^^ [arrher],m.: giving earnest. 
-rher^^, tr. : hire or buy by giving earnest. 
Ilar^r/ies" ]L. arr(h)a], f. pL: earnest 

arrière* [p. L. *arretro (L. ad, towards, 
retro, back)], adv. : backwards, behind ; 
(nav.) abaft ; inter j. : back ! avaunt ! m. : 
back part, rear; stern (of a ship); arrear: 
en — , backwards ; (inter j.) back ! abaft ! 
in arrears ; en — de, behind ; tomber de 
V — , fall astern ; se ranger de I' — , veer. 

arriéré ^^ [-rer], adj.: deferred, etc.; 
behindhand, in arrears ; m. : what is 
behindhand ; arrearage : avoir de V — , 
be behindhand. 

arrière-ban^^, m.: arriere-ban (call of 
the feudatory or inferior vassals, arrière- 
vassaux ; service due by them ; body of 
feudatory vassals), -bec^^, m.: (down- 
stream) cutwater (of a bridge), -bou- 
■ehe^^ff: pharynx, -boutiqice^^ back- 
shop, -cori^s^^, m.: rear part of a 
structure ; recess. -cour ^^, /. ; back 
yard, -faix^^, m.: after-birth, placenta. 
-fermier, m.: under-f armer, under- 
tenant, -fief^^, m.: arrière fief (or fee), 
secondary fee. -garant ^^, m.: bail of 
a bail, -garde ■^^, /.; rear-guard, rear. 
-gout, m.: after-taste. -grand- 
oncle^^, d = t'~^, pi. — s — s, m.: grand- 
father's or grandmother's uncle ; great- 
uncle's or great-aunt's father, -grand- 
tante^^, pi. — s — s, f.: cf. preced. 
-mai>t ^^, /. ; back of the hand ; blow 
with the back of the hand, indirect blow ; 
hind-quarters of a horse. -UEveu-^^, m.: 
great-NEPHEW ; (pi.) posterity, -pen- 
sée ^^, /. ; masked thought or intention, 
mental reservation. -pEtite-fitle^"^, 
pi. — s — s, /.; great-granddaughter. 
-petit-fiïs-^^, pi. — s — , m.: great- 
grandson. -pEtits-enfant8, m. pi.: 
great-grandchildren, -plan^^, m.; (paint) 
background, -point^^, m. : back-stitch. 

arriérer* ^^ [arrière], tr.: leave behind, 
postpone ; leave behindhand ; s' — , stay 
behind ; get in arrears. 

arrière-saison ^^, m. : end of autumn ; 
decline (of fall), -train ^^, m.: hind part 
of a quadruped; back part of a four- 
wheeled carriage, -vassal ^^, =aua?, m.: 
vassal of a mesne lord, inferior vassal. 
-voussure ^^,/.; back arch (of a gate or 

arri-mage ^^, m. : (nav.) stowage ; trim 
(of the hold). H'^mer*-^^ [?], tr.: stow 




away; trim (the hold). 

stower, stevedore. 
farrioler^'^ [fr. Prov. (L. ad, rivulus, 

current)], refl.: cease to roll (of the sea). 
arriser ^^ [à, ris], tr.: reef (sails): — les 

vergues, strike the lower yards. 



arri-vage^^, m.; arrivai (of ships or boats 
in port ;' of merchandise by water ; of 
merchandise or provisions generally), 
-vee-^^ /.; arrival; (nav.) falling off: 
aussitôt son — , immediately after his (her) 
arrival ; "fd' — , from the beginning, from 
the very first, -vemewt^-^, m.: arrival. 
Il-^ver*^'^ [à, rive], intr.: arrive (fcome 
to the shore or land ; us'ly come, reach ; 
enter ; happen, occur) ; bear away, bear 
down; veer: — à ses fins (à son but), 
compass one's ends ; quoi qu'il arrive, 
whatever may happen, come what may. 

arrobe^^ [Sp. -6a (Ar.)],/.; arroba (weight 
in Mexico and S. America, varying between 
25 and 32 lbs. avoir). 

arro-ehe° [Norm, form, L. atriplex], f.: 
arrach or orach (plant), goose-foot. 

arro-gammejj t ^^ [-gant], adv.: arro- 
gantly, -gan-ee-^^ [L. -gantia], /.; =, 
haughtiness, -gant^^ [L. -gans], adj.: 
=, haughty. H^ger^* [L. ar-rogare, ' ask 
to' viz. one's self, claim], refl.: arrogate 
to one's self, unduly assume. 

farroi ^'^ [OFr. areer (?), array], m. : ARRAY, 

arrori'-^dir ^^ [à, rond], tr.: round, round 
out, fill out; (nav.) double, sail round. 
-dissement ^^, m.: rounding (out), round- 
ness ; complement ; administrative district 
(esp. part of a département; or ward of 
a city). 

arro-sage^^, m.; sprinkling, watering, 
irrigation, -sement^^, m.: sprinkling, 
watering ; {cook.) basting ; paying all 
around (at play). H^ser" [p. L. *-sâre 
(L. ad-rorare, fr. rôs, dew)], tr.: bedew, 
(be)sprinkle, water, moisten (fEng. ar- 
rose) ; irrigate ; (cook.) baste ; distribute 
money to, pay by instalments ; (play) pay 
all around. -seur^^, :=euse, m., f.: 
sprinkler of public roads, waterer. 
-soir^% m.: watering-pot; sprinkler. 

arroit>-root-^^ ou = on. [Engl.], m.: =. 

arrugie^^ [L. -ia (ruga, furrow)], /.; 
(min.) drain. 

i.ars° [L. armus, shoulder], m. pi.: fold 
between the breast and fore legs of a 

2.ars [part, of ardre], adj.: burnt. 

arsEnal^^ [It. -le ((Jr.-Ar.)], m.; ^; — 
marine, dock-yard. 

arseniate -^^j m.: arseniate. ||-^sEnic-^^ 
\L. -senicum], m.: =. -sEnical^^, adj.: 
=. -séniBVLX^^, =euse, adj.: arsenious. 
-seniqiie ^*', adj.: arsenic, -sénite^', 
m.: arsenite. 

arsiii-^^ [2.ars], m.: woods damaged by 

arsis [L.-Gr. (Gr. airein, raise)], m.: = 
(stressed part of a rhythmic foot). 

art" [L. ars], m. (/. ^^) ; art; means: beaux 


— s, fine art ; — d'agrément, accomplish- 
ment ; termes de V — , technical terms. 

ar-^tere ^^ [L. -teria],f. : artery, -teriel ^^ 
=lle, adj.: arterial, -terieux-^^, =euse, 
adj.: arterial. -teriole^'^, /.; small 
artery, -teriologie -^^ [Gr. logos, dis- 
course],/.; arteriolbgy. -teriotomie -^^ 
[L. -mia (Gr. tome, cutting)], /.; arteri- 

artésien-^", =enne [Artois, in France], 
adj.: artesian. 

art/iri^te -^^ [L. -tis (Gr. arthron, joint)], 
/.; arthritis, gout, -tique^^ [L. -ticus], 
adj.: arthritic. 

arti-ehant^^ [It. -ticioco (Ar.)], m.: arti- 
choke ; spike (on fences, etc.) : avoir un 
cœur d' — , have numerous affections. 

arti'^'cle -^"^ [L. -cuius (artus, joint)], m.: 
= (statement; item, matter; articulation): 
à V — de la mort, on the point of death ; 
faire V — , puff one's goods, -culaire-^^ 
[L. -cularis] , adj. : articular, -culatio^i ^^ 
[L. -cîiZa^zo],/.; = (joint); coupling; (leg.) 
allegation, -cxilé^'^ [-culer], adj . : articu- 
late(d) ; Us — s, the articulates, -culer ^^ 
[L. -culare], tr.: articulate (joint, couple; 
utter, enunciate; express distinctly) ; (leg.) 
set forth, allege. 

artifi-^-ee-^^ [h.-cium (arti-fex, artificer)], 
m. : = (skilful contrivance, device ; crafty 
device, stratagem ; fart or skill ; ftrade) ; 
pyrotechnic preparation; warlike projectile 
(cannon-cartridge, bomb, shell, etc.) : feu 
d' — , fireworks ; tirer un feu d' — , set off 
fireworks ; caisse d' — , powder-chest ; ab- 
sence d' — , guilelessness ; sans — , guile- 
less, undesigning. --eiel-^"^, =lle [L. 
-cialis], adj . : artificial; fskilful. -cielle- 
ment^^ [-ciel],adv.: artificially; fskilfully. 
-■eier-^^, m.: firework-maker, pyrotech- 
nist ; ordnance soldier, -cieusement ^^ 
[-cieux],adv.: artfully , craftily, -eieux-^^, 
=euse [L. -ciosus], adj.: artful, crafty, 
cunning ; fskilful (fEng. artful). 

SLTtil'^Yer^^ [art.], tr.: arm (with engines 
of war), -lerie-^'^/.; artillery, ordnance. 

•leur^^, m.: artilleryman. 
artimon ^^ [L. -temo (Gr. -tan, hang, 

arrange), gallant-sail], m.; mizzen (sail): 

perroquet d' — , mizzen top-mast. 
artisan -^^ [It. -tigiano (L. ars, art)], 

m.: =, mechanic; fartist. 
arti^soti^^ [?], m.: wood-fretter (insect). 

-sonné ^^, adj.: worm-eaten. 
artis-^te^^ [art], m., f: artist; player; 

alchemist ; adj. : artistic (gifted for arts ; 

tconformable to art). -tEment^^, adv.: 

artistically, -tiqtte^^, adj.: artistic. 
arum^^ [L.], m.: = (plant). 
aruspi-ee^^ [L. (h)aru-spex ('entrail- 

seer'), Rom. soothsayer], m.: =, (h)aru- 

spex, soothsayer. 


aryen ^^, =enne [Sanskr. àrya, excellent], 
adj. or m.,f.: Aryan (of the Aryan stock). 

aryténoïde^" [Gr. -taino-eidés, * ladle- 
formed'], adj.: arytenoid. 

arzel-^^ [Sp. argel (Ar.)], m.: = (horse 
with white hind legs and forehead). 

as** [L. as, unit (of coin or measure); 
small coin], m.; ACE; as (Rom. coin or 

as- [L. as- = ad, * to '] : pref. 

asa = assa. 

asaret^'^ [L. -rum], m.: asarum (plant). 

asbeste^^ [L. -tos (Gr. a-, not, sbennumai, 
'extinguish,' as unaffected by fire)], m.: 
asbestos (mineral). 

ascaride ^^ [L. -rfa], m.: ascarid (worm). 

ascen-daii-ee ^^, /.; ascending (family-) 
line ; rising or ascension (of a star). 
W'^àa.nt [L. -dens {ad, scandere, climb)], 
adj.: =, ascending; m.: ancestor; (astr.) 
ascending node ; (astrol.) ascendant (rising 
of a star at one's birth) ; influence (of 
one's star) ; fascendency, governing in- 
fluence, -seur-^^ [L. -sor], m. : '^l vator. 
-sio»i-^^ [L.-sio],f.: =; ascent; rising; 
up-stroke ( of machinery) : jour de V — , 
Ascension-day, Holy Thursday. -sion- 
nel-*^^, =lle [-sion], adj.: ascensional. 
-sionniste -^^ {-sion], m., f.: mountain 
climber, one ascending high mountains. 

as-^-cète^^ [1. L. *-céta (Gr. asketés, fr. as- 
keîn, exercise)], m.,/.: ascetic, -ceti- 
qtte^^ [L. -ceticus], adj.: ascetic, -eé- 
tisme^^, m.: ascetism. 

as-eiens [L. -cius (Gr. a-, not, skia, 
shadow)], m. pi.: ascians. 

as-cite^^ [L. -tes [Gr. askôs, belly)], /.; 
ascites, dropsy. 

I .asclépia^de ^" [L. -deus (first used by 
the Greek poet Asclepias)], adj. or m.: 
asclepiad (verse). 

2. ascle-i'piade^^, /.; -pias [L. -pias], 
m.: asclepias, swallow-wort, -piadées^^, 
/. pi. : family of asclepias. 

a-siarcat^'' \_-siarque'\, m.: dignity of an 
asiarch. -siarqtte ■^'^ [L. -si-archa (Gr. 
archos, ruler)], m.: asiarch. -siatique, 
adj.: Asiatic. I|A-^sie,/.; Asia. 

I. asile -^^ [L. asylum (Gr. a-, 'not,' sulon, 
right of seizure)], m.: asylum, refuge, 
place of refuge, shelter : salle d' — , infant 
school; — des pauvres, ^oor-house; house 
of industry. 

2.asile^^ [L. -lus], m.: wasp-fly, asilus. 

asi-^ne^^ [L. -nus, ass], adj.f.: "fbête — , 
ass; asinine, -jihi^^, adj.: asinine. 

aspect ^^ [L. a-spectus (spec-, look)], m.: 
aspect (appearance, look) ; view ; fposi- 
tion ; (astrol.) aspect (situation of stars 
at a given moment) : — du ciel (astrol.) : 

asperge ^^ [L. asparagus],/,; asparagus; 



montée, tall 

rib of whale-bone : une 
and lean person. 

asper^ger*^^ [L. -gere (spargere, strew), 
scatter]* tr.: sprinkle, asperse (in sense 
of 'sprinkle'). -ges^^ [L. -ges, 'thou 
shalt sprinkle,' first word of the anthem 
before the mass], m.: asperges (moment 
of sprinkling with holy water) ; aspergill 

aspérité ^1 [L. -tas (asper, rough)], /.; 
asperity, roughness ; sharp point. 

asper-siou^i [L. -sio (cf. -ger)], /.; 
= (in sense of 'sprinkling'), sprinkling 
(holy water), -soir^^ [1. L. -^-sorium], 
171.: aspergill (holy-water brush). 

asphalte 1^ [L. -tus (Gr. -tos)], m.: as- 
phalt; asphalt side- walk. 

asphodèle ^^ [L. -lus], m.: asphodel 

asphyx-iant ^^ [-ier], adj.: producing 
asphyxia. ||-ie ^^ [Gr. -ia (a, not, sphuxis, 
pulse)], /.; asphyxy (suspension of anima- 


-ier^^, tr.: asphyxiate, suftocate. 

I. aspic ^* [L. aspis], m.: = (asp; venom 
ous reptile). 

2.aspic^^ [Prov. espic (L. spica, spike, 
ear)], m.: = (spiKEnard, lavender). 

3.aspic^^ [?], m.: = (meat jelly). 

aspi-rail ^^, =raua?, m. (us'ly pi.) : draft- 
hole. -ra.nt^'^,part.: aspiring, etc. ; (of 
pumps) sucking, suction; m.,f.: aspirant, 
candidate, suitor : — de marine, midship- 
man, -rateur^^, =tri€e, adj.: pro- 
ducing suction; m.: ventilator. -ra- 
tional [-ratio],/.: = (in sense of : fervent 
desire ; pronunciation with flatus ; breath- 
ing, inhaling, inspiration) ; suction ; (hydr.) 
exhaustion. -ré, part.: aspired, etc.; 
aspirate; (hydr.) exhausted; -rée, /.: 
aspirate (sound). H^rer^i [L. a-spirare, 
'breathe towards' (i. outwardly, 2. in- 
wardly)] : intr.: pant (for), aspire (to), 
long; tr.: emit with aspiration, aspirate; 
2.inhale, inspire; suck in; (hydr.) ex- 
haust ; s' — , be aspirated ; suck. 

aspre^^ [Gr. -ron (Turk.)], m.: asper 
(Turkish coin). 



[1. L. asa (Pers.)]: /. (m.): asa 
(gum) : — dulcis, /. : asa-dulcis, benzoin ; 
— /œtida,/: asafœtida. 

assa-gir^i [à, sage], tr.: render sage or 
wise ; ' intr. : grow wise, -gissement, 
rendering wise ; growing wise. 

assail-lant ^'^, adj. : assailing, aggressive ; 
m.: assailant, aggressive, "^-le^r^^, m.: 
(inveterate) assailer. Il'-li'r" [p. L. 
*as-salire, L. -silire (ad, satire, leap), 
leap upon], irr.^; tr.: assail, assault, 

§ Ind. : Pr. assaille. Ipf. assaillais. Prêt. 
assaillis. Fut. {Conà.) assaillirai{s). — Subj. : 
Pr. assaille. Ipf. assaillisse, — I've assaille. 
— Part, ; Pr, assaillant. 



assai'^nir ^^ [à, sain], tr.: render healthy 
or salubrious. -nissement ^', m.: 

rendering healthy; salubrity; (agr.) 

assai-sonneiiient^^,m.; seasoning; (what 
seasons) seasoner, condiment. H-^son- 
ner^^ [à, saison], tr.: season, render 
savoury or agreeable, spice ; adapt, fit, 
temper ; combine pleasantly ; fsubmit to 
the influence of a favourable season; 
dry ; ripen, mature). 

assas'^'sin -^^j -sine [It. -siTio (Ar. 'hash- 
ishin,' ' A^s^M-drinker')], m,,/.; assassin ; 
adj.: assassinons, murderous, killing. 
-sxnAnt^^, adj.: murdering, killing; ex- 
ceedingly tiresome, -sinat^^, m.; assas- 
sination, wilful murder, -sinateur^^, 
m.: assassin (ator). -siner^^ [It. -sinaré\, 
tr.: assassinate, murder; (jig.) bore to 
death, -sineur^^, =euse, m., /.; as- 

assaut" [p. L. *-saltus, L. -sultus (ad 
satire, leap upon)], m.: assault (onset, 
onslaught, attack, storm) ; fencing-match : 
faire — de, vie with each other in ; faire 
— d'esprit, make a trial at wit. 

assauvageri-^ [à, sauvage], tr.: render 
savage ; 'intr. : become savage. 

assavoir [à, savoir], adv.: to wit, faire 
— , make known ; c'est — , to wit, namely. 

fas'^'se** [L. ascia, hammer], /.: (dial.) 
cooper's hammer, -seau^*, m.: roofer's 

as-^sec^^ [à, sec], m.: (of ponds) time of 
draining dry. -sèchement ^° \_-secher], 
m.: drying out, draining, -sé-cher*^^ [à, 
sécher], tr.: dry out, drain; intr.: grow 
dry, be drained. 

asséenr^^ [asseoir], m.: ASSESSOR. 

assent-blage ^^, m. : =, collection, gather- 
ing; jumble; (carp.) coupling, scarfing; 
(nav.) tabling (of the beams), -blee-^^,/. : 
tassembling; assemblage, meeting, com- 
pany; congregation. -blEment ^'^, m.: 
assembling, assemblage. H -'bier® [p. L. 
*as-simulàre (L. ad, simul, together), 
bring together], tr.: assemble, bring to- 
gether, gather, collect ; convoke ; (carp.) 
couple, scarf, trim ; (mil.) muster ; s' — , 
assemble, meet, flock together; muster. 
-blewr^'-^, -bleuse, m., /.; collector, 

assEner° [L. as-signare (signum, sign), 
mark out], tr.: deal or strike (a blow); 

assen-tement^^wi.: i. fassent; 2. (hunt.) 
scent, -timent-^*, m.: i. assent, agree- 
ment; 2.(hunt.) scent. Il-^tir" [i.L. -tire 
(ad, sentire, feel); 2.à, sentir], intr.: 
1. 1 assent;, intr.: (hunt.) scent, 
find the scent. 

asseoir** [p. L. *as-sedëre (L. seder e, sit)]. 


irr.^; tr.: seat; set, place, establish, 
lay; SETtle ; train (a horse) ; «' — , seat 
one's self, be seated, sit down: — les 
fondements, lay the foundations : — un9 
rente, settle an annuity; — un camp, 
pitch a camp. 

§ Ind. : Pr. assieds, assieds, assied ; asse- 
yons, -yez, -yent. Ipf. asseyais. Prêt, assis. 
Fut. (Cond.) asseyerai{s) or assiérai{s). — 
Subj. : Pr. asseye or asseie. Ipf. assisse. — 
I've assieds ; asseyez. — Part. : Pr. asseyant ; 
P. assis. 

asseptioYt = acception. 

assermenter* ^* [à, serment], tr.: bind 
by oath, swear in. 

asser-»'tif^^, =ive [L. -tus (ad, serere, 
hmd)], adj.: assertive, -tiqn^^ [L.-tio], 
f: ^. -tivement ^^, adv.: assertively. 

asser'-'vir^^ [à, serf], tr.: reduce to 
SERVitude, inthral, enslave ; subdue, bring 
under subjection, -vissant, adj.: en- 
slaving, -vissement-^^, m.: enslave- 
ment, inthralment, subjection; servitude, 

asses^seur ^'-^ [L. -sor (as-sidere, seat 
by)], m.: assessor (of a judge, president. 


m.: assessor- 

etc), associate, 

assette^® [asse], f: cooper's or slater's 

asse^; ^^ [à, OFr. sez (L. satis, enough)], 
adv.: enough, sufficiently; rather, pretty; 
pretty well. 

assi-'du ^'^ [L. -duus (as-sidere, sit near 
or close)], adj.: assiduous; SEDulous. 
-duite^^ [L. -duitus], f: assiduity, ap- 
plication, -dûment ^^, adv. : assiduously, 

assieds, etc., forms of asseoir, which see. 

assié-geant ^*, adj.: besieging; m.: be- 
sieger* ll-^ger*** [p.L. *as-serfiâre (*sedia, 
siege, fr. L! sedere, sit)], tr.: lay siege 
to, besiege ; beSET. 

assiet-^te^^ [OFr. assiet, 3 s. Près, of as- 
seoir],f.: posture, seat, situation; position; 
ASSESsment (of taxes) (cf. assets), site; 
stability; course (of a repast) ; dish (for each 
course) ; (us'ly) plate : — blanche, clean 
plate; — à soupe, soup-plate; — d'une 
église, site of a church ; être dans son — , 
be steady; be at ease ; be in good humour ; 

faire V — de, assess ; piquer V — , sponge ; 
V — d'une rente, the fund of an annuity; 
— d'un vaisseau, trim of a ship, -tée^®, 
/.; dish, plateful. 



assi-£rnable^^, adj.: =. -gnat 
frent assigned on landed property; =: 
(paper money based on the security of 
lands appropriated by the state during the 
Fr. revolution 1790-6). -firnation^^ [L. 
-gnatio], f: = ; assignment (of a dower); 
(com.) check ; (^71.) transfer ; (leg.) writ ; 
summons ; subpœna : donner une — d, 


have a writ out against ; signifier à quel- 
qu'un une — , serve a writ upon any 
one. -gi^éf =ée, part, summoned; m.,f.: 
defendant. H^grner^^ [L. as-signare 
{signum, sign), mark out], tr,: assign 
(appoint, determine, fix, allot); summon, 
subpœna: obtenir permission d' — , take 
out a writ against. 

assimi-lable ^^, adj.: =. -latioti^^ 
[L. -latio], f.: =. H-ler^* [L.' -lare 
(similis, like)], tr.: assimilate (render 
like ; liken ; compare). 

as'*'si8, part, (or prt.) of asseoir: seated. 
-sise ^^, / . ; layer or course (of stones in 
building), stratum ; pi. : assembly of judges; 
(us'ly) SESSion of a criminal court, as- 

assi-stan-ee ^*, /. ; = (aid) ; attendance, 
body of bySTANDers, company; assistants' 
station (province or country where the 
assistants of certain religious orders were 
sent): U — publique, administration of 
public charities; — judiciaire, bureau 
aiding the poor in litigations, -stant^*, 
-stante, adj.: assisting, assistant, at- 
tendant, adjutor; m.,f.: assistant of re- 
ligious orders); m. pi.: attendants, by- 
standers, persons present. H-^stor^^ 
[L. as-sistere, stand by], intr.: assist 
(stand by, help ; stand near, be present, 

asso-ciatiou-^^, /.; = (act or state); 
partnership ; society : — illégale, con- 
spiracy; — de secours mutuels, friendly 
benefit society. -cie^^, ~ée^ m., /.; 
associate, member; partner, companion. 
||-*€ier^2 [L. as-sociare\ tr.: associate 
(admit as partner; connect); marry; 
s' — , associate one's self (with), enter 
into partnership (with); associate, admit 
as partner ; participate (in). 

tassoiffer^^ [à, soif^, tr.: (fam.) make 
thirsty ; esp. in part. : assoiffé de plaisir, 
thirsting for pleasure. 

asso-lement ^^, m.: distribution (of land) 
for varied crops, -ler^^ [à, sole], tr.: 
divide (a field) in parts for varied crops. 

assowt-^brir ^'^ [à, sombré], tr.: darken, 
obscure, render gloomy or somber, -bris- 
sement ^^, m. : darkening, gloom. 

assom-mant ^^, adj. : killing ; overwhelm- 
ing; tiring to death, most tiresome or 
wearisome: être — , be a great bore. 
Il-^xner^^ [à, somme, burden], tr.: knock 
down (with something weighty), beat to 
death; overwhelm with blows, beat un- 
mercifully; overpower, bear down ; bore or 
weary to death, tire out ; s' — , kill one's self ; 
overburden one's self; be overwhelmed. 
-nieur^'*, m.: killer; slaughterer (of 
cattle) ; bore, -moir ^^, m. : weapon for 
knocking down; bludgeon; trap (for 



killing animals); low tavern: un coup 
rf' — , overwhelming blow or accident. 

assom-ption ^^ [L. as-sumptio (sumere, 
take)],/.; assumption; (rel.) Assumption 
(the act of, or the feast). 

assonah, see sonna. 

asso-nan-ce ^^ [L. -nare], f. =. -nant^"^ 
[L. -nans], =. W^ner^^ [L. -nare 
(sonare, sound)], intr.: be assonant; 
bring an assonance. 

assor-timent ^^, m. ; assortment. ||-^tir^* 
[à, sort], tr.: assort, match, pair, suit; 
provide with well-assorted wares, stock, 
furnish ; s' — , match, agree, be suitable ; 
pair, -tissant ^®, adj. : matching ; suit- 

assoter^^ [à, sot], tr.: befool, infatuate; 
besot; s' — , be infatuated, be madly 
fond of. 

assou-«'pir ^^ [1. L. *as-sopire (L. sopor, 
sleep)], tr.: render sleepy or drowsy, 
drowse; lull, quiet, appease; s' — , grow 
drowsy or dull, doze, fall asleep ; be 
quieted, be assuaged, be appeased, -pis- 
sant^**, adj.: rendering drowsy, sleep- 
inducing, SOPORific. --pissement ^^, m. : 
rendering drowsy, quieting, assuagement ; 
drowsiness, listessness, indifference. 

assouplir ^^ [à, souple], tr.: make supple 
or flexible, bend ; break (a house) ; s' — , 
become supple. 

assour^dir^^ [à, sourd], tr.: render 
deaf, deafen ; render surd ; stun ; deaden 
(sound) ; muffle (a bell, an oar, etc.) ; 
darken (a pointing), -dissant^^, adj.: 
deafening, etc. -dissemertt^^ m.; deaf- 
ening, etc. ; deafness, silence. 

assou-^vir" [p. L. *as-soplre (L. sopor, 
sleep), lull asleep, calm], tr.: gratify, 
satiate, glut, -vissement ^^ m.: grati- 
fication ; satiating, glutting. 

assu^jettir^'* or -jetir \à, sujet], tr.: 
SUBJECT (bring into subjection, subdue, 
enthral) ; fix (fasten) ; wedge in. -jet- 
tissant^^ or -jetissanf, adj.: sub- 
duing, keeping in subjection, tyrannical. 
-jettissemenfc^^, m. subjection, subdual ; 

assumer'^* [L. -re {sumere, take)], tr.: 
assume, take upon one's self. 

assu-ran-ee ^^, /. ; = (assertion ; security, 
certainty ; pledge ; trust ; reliance ; self- 
reliance, self-confidence, boldness ; in- 
surance) : — contre Vincendie, fire in- 
surance ; — sur la vie, life insurance ; 
bureau d' — , insurance office ; police d' — , 
insurance policy ; être en lieu d' — , be in 
a safe place ; il n'y a pas d' — à prendre 
en lui, there is no reliance to be placed in 
him. -re ■^'^,/.: woof texture, -ré, -ée" 
part. : assured, etc. ; adj. : sure, certain 
safe, secure ; self-reliant, bold ; m., /. 



insured person, -renient -^^ [-rê], adv.: 
assuredly, surely. Il-^rer-^'^ [à, sur], tr.: 
assure (make sure or certain, confirm ; 
assert ; inspire with confidence ; insure) ; 
accustom to the bit ; s' — , make sure of, 
ascertain, satisfy one's self ; be assured, 
be persuaded : — Vargent, make sure of 
the money ; — pour V aller {pour le re- 
tour), (com.) insure out (home) ; s' — 
d'un poste, take possession of a position. 
-reur^^, m.: insurer, underwriter. 

asiatique -^^ [Gr. a-statos, un-stable], 
adj.: astatic. 

as-»ter or -tere-^^ [L. aster, STAR], m.: 
aster, starwort. -terie-^^, /.; asterias, 
sea-star. -térisme^^ [Gr. -terismas], 
m.: asterism (star-cluster; star-shaped 
reflection on certain crystals), -teris- 
qtte-^^ [L. -teriscus], m.: {print.) asterisk, 
star; (Greek church) star on the paten. 
-téroïde^^ [-teroeidés {eîdos, form)], 
m.: asteroid. 

ast/^énie^" [Gr. -neia {a-, not, sthênos, 
strength)],/.; asthenia, loss of strength. 

ast/i-ma tique ^^ [L. -maticus], adj. or 
m., /.; asthmatic(al). H-^ine-^^ [L.-Gr. 
-ma {âein, blow)], m.: asthma. 

astic-^'^ [? Eng. stick], m.: glazing-stock, 

asticot ^^ [?], m.: gentle, maggot. 

asticote r^^ [?] tr.: plague, tease. 

astigmatisme^^ [(jr. a-, not, stigma, 
point], m.: astigmatism. 

astiqife?^^^ [-tic], tr.: polish, furbish. 

astracaii^^ [A., Russian city], m.: As- 
trakhan fur. 

astragale -^^ [L. -galus], /.; astragalus 
(ankle-bone ; milk-vetch) ; astragal (con- 
vex moulding on a column, etc.). 

as-tral^^ [L. -tralis], adj.: =. ||'«'tre-^^ 
[L. -trum], m.: star, fixed star, -tree-^^ 
[Gr. -traîa,f. of -fos, starry],/.; astraean, 

a-i'streindre-^^ [L. as-stringere, draw 
tight], irr.; tr.: bind (oblige, force, 
compel, astringe). -strictio»i^^ [L. 
-strictio],/.: {med.) =. -stringeu-ce ^^ 
[-stringent], /.; astringency. '-strin- 
gent^^ [L. -stringens], adj. or m.: as- 

astro^ïte-^^ [L. -tes (Gr. astron, star)], 

/ ; astroite (star-stone) ; star-coral. 
-la"be^^ [L. -labus {lambânein, take)], m.: 
astrolabe (antiquated instrument for ob- 
serving the stars), -logi^-^^ [L. -logia 
(Gr. logos, discourse)],' /.; astrology. 
-logiqtfe^^ [-logic], adj.: astrologic(al). 
-logiquement-^^ [-logique], adv.: as- 
trolbgically. -logtie^^ [L. -logus (cf. 
-logic)], m.: astrologer, -nome-^*" [L. 
-nomus {nomos, law)], m.: astronomer. 
-nomie^^ [L. -nomia (cf. -nome)], /..• 


astronomy, -nomique^^ [L. -nomicus 
(cf. -nome)], adj.: astronomic(al). -no- 
miqu-ement^^ [-nomique], adv.: astro- 

astu-^ee^^ [L. -tia {astus, craft)], /.; 
astuteness, craft, cunning. -eieuse- 
ment^^ [-cieux], adv.: astutely, craftily. 
-■ci eux ^^ =euse, adj.: astute, crafty, 

fasyle = asile. 

SLsyni-p^tote^^ [Gr. a-sum-ptotos {pip- 
tein, fall), 'not falling together'], /.; 
{math.) =. -tiqtte-^", adj.: asymptot- 

asyndete [Gr. -deton {a-, not, sun-dctos, 
bound together)], m.: {rhet.) asyndeton, 
leaving out a connective. 

atarax-'ie -^^ [Gr. -la {a-, not, taraktos, 
disturbed)], /.: ataraxy, calmness. 
-ique ^^, adj. : referring to ataraxy. 

atavisme-^^ [L. -vus {avus, grandfather), 
ancestor], m.: atavism. 

atèle-^^ [Gr. a-tclés, in-complete], m.: 
ateles (monkey, lacking a thumb). 

atElier-^^ [OFr. astelle, dim. of aste (L. 
hasta), stick], m.: {old: place where 
pieces of wood were kept ; carpenter's 
workshop) ; atelier (workshop gen'lly ; 
studio) ; ofiice ; manufactory ; school of 
painting or sculpture; — de construction, 
factory; — de gréement, {nav.) rigging 
loft ; — de forgeron, forge, blacksmith's 
shop ; chef d' — , foreman. 

atellanes-^^ [L. -nœ {Atella, city)],/. J9Z.; 
atelans (anc. farcial drama). 

ater-moiement^^, -moim.ent, m.; 
delay of payment, respite ; composition 
(adjustment of a debt). H^-^moyer^^ [à, 
OFr. termoyer (L. termen, term, limit), 
defer], tr.: defer (to a limit of time); 
try to delay or gain time ; s' — avec ses 
créanciers, compound (come to terms) 
with one's creditors. 

At/talie, /. ; Athaliah. 

sitlié^e^^ [Gr. atheos {a-, not, theos, god)], 
m.: atheist; adj.: atheistic(al). -isme^^ 
m.: atheism, f-iste^^, m.: atheist. 

a-t/iénée-^'^ [L. -thenœum (Gr. -thénaion, 
a temple of Athene)], m.: athenaeum; 
establishment for public lectures and 
teaching. A^thènes [Gr. -thêne (? the 
'blooming' goddess = Minerva), us'ly 
in pi. -thênai],f.: Athènes, -t/ténien, 
=enne, adj. or noun: Athenian. 

at^ermane^^ or -mique [Gr. a-, not, 
thérme, heat], adj.: athermanous, not 
transmitting heat. 

atli^lete^^ [L. -leta, Gr. -letés {-leîn, con- 
tend for a prize), prize-fighter], m.: ath- 
lete, -letique^^ [L. -leticus], adj.: ath- 
letic(al) ; /. ; athletic art, athletics. 

at/irepsie^^ [Gr, d-threptos, un-nour- 


ished], /.: innutrition, wasting away for 
want of nourishment. 

i.atititer^^ [à, tin], tr.: (nav.) fasten 
on blocks. 

2.atinter-^^ [?], tr.: dress out (extrava- 

at-lante^^ [It.], m.: man-statue support- 
ing an entablature, pi. atlantes. -la.u- 
tiqite [L. -lanticus (Gr. -kos, sea west of 
Atlas)], adj. or/.; Atlantic. Iklas [L.- 
Gr. Atlas {tlenai, bear), the god bearing 
up the pillars of heaven ; or the African 
mount], m.: Atlas; atlas (first vertebra 
of the^ neck ; collection of maps or of 

atmos'-'phère^'^ [Gr. atmos, vapor, 
sphaîra, sphere],/.; atmosphere, -phé- 
riqtte^^, adj.: atmospheric(al). 

atoll ^^ [Maldive], m.: = (coral island). 

ato-i^ine^^ [L. -mus (Gr. a-, not, témnein, 
cut)], m.; atom, -miqiie^'', adj.: atomic- 
(al). -iiiisiiie-'^'^,m.; atomism, -miste^', 
m.; atomist. -mistiqwe -^^ [miste], adj.: 

ato-^ne^'^ [Gr. -nos (a-, not, tonos, tone, 
strength)], adj.: atonic (unaccented ; lack- 
ing vitality), -nic^^ [Gr. -nîa],f.: atony 
(weakness of the system), -niqiie^^ 
[-nie], adj.: atonic (characterised by 

atou-r^^, m.: (woman's) attire, finery or 
ornament : dame d' — , (queen's, etc.) lady 
of the toilette or bed-chamber, tll-^rnef 
[à, tourner], tr.: (wrap around, hence) 
attire, deck out, bedizen, -rneur-^^, 
-rneuse, m.,f.: dresser, tirewoman. 

atout ^'^ [à, tout], m.: trump(-card) ; strong 

atra-bilaire-^^, adj. or n.: atrabilious or 
hypochondriac (person). Habile ^^ [1. L. 
atra-bilis, black bile], /.; black bile, 
hypochondria, melancholy. 

$tre^^ [OHG. astrih (1. L. -tracum, Gr. 
ostrakon, potsherd, brick) = Ger. estrich, 
stone-floor], m.: (floor of brick on which a 
fire is made, hence) hearth, fire-place, floor 
(of ovens). 

atrium ^^ [L.], m. = (inner court). 

atro^-ee-^^ [L. atrox], adj.: atrocious. 
-■cement ^^, adv.: atrociously, -«ité^* 
[h. -citas], f.: atrocity; atrociousness. 

atro-phie^^ [L. -phia (Gr. a-, not, 
tréphein, nourish)],/.; atrophy (wasting 
for lack of nourishment), -phier-^^, tr.: 
atrophy, cause to waste away, wither; 
s' — , waste away. 

atropine ^^ [1. L. -pa, name for bella- 
donna], /.; ^. 

attabler ^^ [à, table], tr.: seat to table; 
s' — , sit down to table: — é, seated at 

atta-ehant^^, a(Z;,; engaging, attractive, 



interesting, -ehe^^, /.; i. attaching or 
tying ; attached letter of authority ; 
2. (what serves to attach or fix, as) fasten- 
ing, band (of iron, wood, etc.), brace, rivet, 
cord, strap, leash, tether, etc. ; 3. attach- 
ment, affection : droit d' — , right of bar- 
ring a water-course ; tax on water-privi- 
leges ; port d' — , matriculation port ; 
avoir V — de quelqu'un, have somebody's 
authority ; chien d' — , bandog, that must 
be kept tied ; à V — , tied up ; mettre à 
V — , tie up ; Her par une — , tether ; vivre 
sans — , live free, -che, part.: at- 
tached, fastened, tied, etc., intent on ; m.: 
attaché (of an embassy), -chement^^, 
m. : attachment, affection, fondness ; eager 
application; verification attached to a mem- 
orandum of work performed. H'^-eher'^*^ 
[à, tache, fixed point], tr.: attach (fasten, 
fix ; affix, join, bind ; endear) ; interest ; 
s' — , be(come) attached, or fastened, or 
fixed ; fasten on, take hold ; hold (to), 
cleave ; adhere ; be attached or devoted ; 
apply one's self : — du prix à, set a value 

atta-qi/able-^^, adj.: attackable, assail- 
able, -qitant^^ part.: attacking; m.: 
attacker, assailant, -qxie^^, /.; attack 
(assault ; fit, stroke) ; pi. : approaches (in 
a siege). H^qtter^^ [It. -ccare (tacca = 
Fr. tache: cf. attacher)], tr.: attack 
(assail ; oppugn, impugn ; affect ; take 
hold of a subject, tackle, begin) ; contest, 
challenge ; spur on (a horse) ; (nav.) 
stand in for or near (a coast, island, etc.) ; 
s' — (à), venture to attack, encounter ; 
find fault with ; challenge, defy : — quel- 
qu'un de conversation, begin a conversa- 
tion with any one ; il — e bien la note, he 
makes the note tell distinctly ; s' — à son 
maître, encounter one's master (or more 
than one's match). 

attarder^^ [à, tarder], tr.: delay; s' — , 
be delayed, tarry. 

at^teindre° [p. L. *at-tangere (L. tangere, 
touch)], irr. (cf. peindre) tr. (intr.): 
ATTAIN (reach, arrive at ; touch) ; hit, 
strike ; affect ; overtake, join, equal : — 
le but (or au but), attain one's end ; hit 
the mark ; — son maître, equal one's 
master ; être atteint de, be attacked with ; 
atteint d'un crime, arraigned for a crime, 
-teinte ^^,/.; attainment, reach ; attaint, 
touch, blow, stroke, attack, fit ; violation, 
breach; hurt, injury, damage, outrage; 
approach : porter — à, commit an offence 
against, injure, impair ; subir une — , 
receive a blow or injury ; les — s du froid, 
the approaches of cold. 

at-telage ^^, m. : harnessing, yoking ; har- 
ness, yoke ; team (yoked animals). 
Il-^teler»" [p. L. *-/âre (L. têlum, 'pole')], 



tr. : put (horses) to, hitch up (attach to a 
vehicle), yoke. i. -telle, Près, of -teler. 

2. attelle ^^ [OFr. astelle (L. hasta, stick)], 
/. .• hames (of a harness) ; (surg.) splint. 

attenant -^^ [pr. part, of an old at-tenir, 
hold to], adj.: APpurTENANT, adjoining, 
contiguous, next. 

attendre® [L. at-tendere (tender e, stretch), 
reach out, direct one's mind to], tr.: look 
forward to, expect, wait for, await (fEngl. 
attend) ; s' — , fdirect one's attention 
(fEngl. attend) ; count or rely on, trust ; 
look forward, expect, anticipate: attendez! 
stay! hold! qu'il attende, let him wait; 
se faire — , keep people waiting; je m'y 
attends, I expect it ; attendez-vous-y, I 
wish you would get it (or succeed) ; en at- 
tendant, in waiting, in the expectation ; 
in the meantime, meanwhile ; attendu que, 
considering that, (inasmuch) as, whereas. 

atten-.'drir ^^ [à, tendre], tr.: make 
tender, soften, move, touch, affect ; s' — , 
grow tender, be moved, soften, melt, 
relent: s' — sur, be moved at or by. 
-drissant^'^, adj.: softening, touching, 
affecting, -drissement ^'^, m.: growing 
tender ; emotion, affection ; relenting ; 
tenderness, compassion. 

attendu, part, of attendre, which see. 

attenta-'t^^ [L. -turn (cf. attenter)], m.: 
(fEngl. =), criminal attempt, conspiracy, 
crime; outrage, -tqire^^, adj.: of crim- 
inal attempt or intent ; temptatory. 

attente^^ [1. L. -ta (cf. -dre)],f.-' expecta- 
tion, waiting ; hope : salle d' — , waiting 
hall, ante-room ; vive — , sanguine expec- 
tation, pierred' — , (arch.) toothing ; (fig.) 

attente r-^^ [L. -tare (tentare or temptare, 
touch), attempt], intr.: make a (criminal) 
ATTEMPT, conspire : — à la vie de, make 
an attempt upon the life of ; — à ses 
jours, lay violent hands upon one's self. 

atten'-'tif •^^, =ive [L. -tivus (cf. -dre)], 
adj. : attentive (regardful ; watchful ; stu- 
dious) : être — à, look after, see to ; be 
intent upon, -tion [L. -tio],f.: = ; heed ; 
regard : faute d' — , for lack of attention ; 
inadvertently ; faire (prêter) — à, pay 
attention to, mind; n'y faites pas — , 
don't name (mention) it. -tivement ^^, 
adv.: attentively. 

atté-nuant ^'', adj. : f atténuant (also m.) ; 
extenuating, mitigating. -nuation ^^, 
/.: attenuation, extenuation, mitigation. 
II -'nue r^^ [L. -nuare (tenuis, thin)], tr.: 
attenuate, make thin or slender, emaciate ; 
extenuate, mitigate : atténué, attenuated, 
etc.; tapering. 

atter-rage -^^ [-rer], m.: (nav.) making 
land, landfall. -rant-^^ [-rer], adj.: 
overwhelming, astounding, «^rer^* [à, 

attractif i 

terre], tr.: f bring or strike to the ground ; ! 
overthrow (demolish) ; throw into deep 
consternation (overwhelm, astound) ; intr. : 
(nav.) manœuvre to make land ; make 
land. Il-'rir^^ [à, terre], intr.: (nav.) 
make land ; descend (of a balloon) ; fir. ; 
fill with earth. -rissage^^ [-rir], m.: 
(nav.) making land, landing, -risse- 
ment^^ [-rir], m.: alluvion, alluvium; 
(nav.) making land, landing ; descent (of 
a balloon). 

attes-tation^^ [L. -tio], f: =, certifi- 
cate, voucher. Il-'ter*^^ [L. -tari (testis, 
witness)], tr.: attest (bear witness to, cer- 
tify ; (fEngl. call to witness, invoke) : j'en 
— e le ciel, heaven be my witness. 

atti-'cisme ^^ [L. -cismus (cf. -que)], m.: 
atticism, -ciste -^^j m.: Atticist. 

attié-'dir ^^ [à, tiède], tr.: render tepid or 
lukewarm; render less warm or cold (as 
the case may be) ; cool ; s' — , grow cool. 
-dissement^^ m.: growing lukewarm, 
abatement ; lukewarmness. 

atti-fer^^ [à, old tiffer (une. deriv.), adorn 
the head], tr.: f adorn; dress out ('ridicu- 




lously), bedizen, embellish, 
woman's head-gear. 

Atti-'qiie [L. -ca (Gr. -ké)],f.: Attica; 
atti-qtte-'^ [L. -eus], adj. or m.; Attic; 
(arch.) attic, -qwement^^, adv.: in the 
Attic manner. 

atti-rable^', adj.: attractable, -rail^^, 
m. ; (orig'ly, things * drawn or brought along- 
for some purpose, hence) apparatus: ma- 
terials, implements (fEngl. tire), utensils, 
gear, equipage, train, paraphernalia, tackle, 
etc. -rant^^, adj.: attractive, alluring. 
Il^rç^iô [^^ tirer], tr.: attract, draw to 
one's self; draw, entice; win over; s' — ; 
draw or bring upon one's self, incur ; at- 
tract, win ; attract each other : s' — des 
affaires, get one's self into scrapes. 

atti-se^"^, /.; brewer's fuel. ||~ser^^ [à, 
tis, radical of tison, brand], tr.: stir up or 
poke (the fire), animate, -seur^^, m.: 
stirrer up ; instigator ; discord-maker. 

atitref^^ [à, titre], tr. (rarely used except 
in p. part.): attach by title (to a function); 
appoint ; f clandestinely appoint, bribe. 

attitude ^^ [It. -dine (L. aptitudo, fr. 
aptus, fitted), position fitted to a certain 
feeling],/.; = (posture, pose ; position). 

attou-elienient^^, m.: touch(ing), con- 
tact; f feeling of touch. ||-^-clier^^ [à, 
toucher], tr.: touch. 

at-tractif^'-^, =ive [L. -tractivus], adj.: 
attractive. -tractiott^^ [L. -tractio], 
f: =, -tractionnaire, m.: adherent 
of the theory of attraction. || -'traire" 
[L. at-trahere, draw], irr. (cf. traire) ; tr.: 
ATTRACT, allure, -trait ^^,771.; attraction, 
allurement, charm ; inclination. 


attra-pc''^,/--' trap, snare, catch; take-in, 
trick ; elbow-tongs ; (nav.) relieving tackle. 
-pe-lourdaud ^"^ (pi. — , or — s),m. : fool- 
trap, clap-trap, -pe-mou-clie ^^ (pL — , 
or — s), 771. : fly-trap, -pe-nigaud ^^ (pi. 
— , or — s), m.: fool-trap, clap-trap, -pe- 
parterre^' (pi. — , or — s), m.: clap-trap 
(for the pit). Il-per^i [à, trappe], tr.: 
entrap (ensnare, take in) ; catch, catch on, 
get ; seize, secure ; surprise ; reach, hit : 

— un rhume, catch a cold ; — un coup, 
get a blow ; — sur le fait, catch in the act ; 

— le sens (la pensée), catch the sense 
thought ; — la ressemblance, hit off the 
likeness. -peur^^, -peuse, m., /.; en- 
trapper, deceiver, cheat, -poire ^^, /.; 
trap, snare, trick. 

attrayant ^^ [-raire], adj.: attracting, 
charming, winning. 

attrewt-page^^, m.; gradual heating (of 
a furnace). ' ||-per^^ [à, tremper], tr.: 
heat gradually (a furnace) ; ftemper (steel). 

attri-^buer^^ [L. -buere (tribuere,' bestow,' 
orig'ly on a tribe, tribus)], tr.: attribute 
(assign, confer) ; attach ; impute ; s' — , 
attribute or arrogate to one's self ; claim, 
assume. -hvLt^^[L.-butus],m.:=. -bu- 
tif, =ive^^ [-but], adj.: attributive, -bu- 
tion^^ [L. -butio],/.: = ; conferring (a 
privilege), privilege ; power, function, de- 

attrls-tant^^, adj.: saddening, grievous. 
||'-ter'^^''[à, triste], tr.: sadden, grieve, 
afflict ; s' — , grow sad ; grieve. 

attrition ^^ [h. -tio (terere, mh)],/.: = 
(fwearingby friction; repentance for fear). 






riotous assem- 

blage, rabble. II -per ^^ [à, troupe], tr. 
assemble (in crowds or flocks), gather to- 
gether ; s' — , assemble in crowds, flock to- 
gether (tumultuously). 
an [contraction of à le], to the. 
anbade^^ [Prov. -ba = Fr. i.aube, dawn], 
/.: morning serenade; (irony) reproof, 

anbage^^ [2.aube], m.: split boards for 

an-'bain" [p. L. alib-anus (L. alibi, else- 
where)], m.; ALlen, foreigner, -baine^^, 
/.; = (succession to the property of an 
alien) ; unexpected acquisition or profit, 

i.^be" [L. alba, f. of -bus, white], /.; 
dawn, day-break ; alb (priest's vestment 
of 'white' linen). 

a.ajibe" [p. L. *alva; L. -vus, belly], /.; 
thin board connecting the bows of a saddle 
(these boards called its 'belly'); hence 
float board, puddle. 

anbépine° [p. L. *albi-spina (L. alba, 
white, spina, thorn],/.; hawthorn, white- 

anbère^^ [OSp. hobero (1 Ar.)], adj.: flea- 
bitten gray (of horses). 

anberge^^ [Prov. -go (like OFr. herberge, 
fr. OHG. heri-berga, 'army-shelter,' i.e. 
camp; quarters, inn = (Jer. herberge],/.: 
inn, lodging house, hostelry. 

aubergine ^■^ [Catal. -gina (Ar.)],/.; mad- 
apple. ' 

aubergiste ^^ [-ge], m.: innkeeper, land- 

auberon^*^ [?], m.: catch (of a lock). 

aube-vif/ne^^, /.; (vulg.) virgin's-bower 
(climbing plant). 

aubier ^^ [L. albus, white], m.: sapwood, 

taubifoin^i [?], m.: (vulg.) bluebottle 

i.faubin° [L. albumen (-6ws, white)], m.: 
white of an egg.'~bin^* [old hobin, fr. Eng. hobby], 
m. : tHOBBY (ambling nag) ; canter, hand- 
gallop, i.-biner^^, in^r.; canter. 

2.aubiner^^ [?], tr.: raise (vine-slips) for 

faubition = aubifoin. 

i.aubour" [p. L. *alburnum, for L. la- 
burnum], m.: LABURNUM. 

2.aubour° [p. L. alburnum (albus, 
white)], m.: (nav.) sapwood, ALBURNum. 

au'^'cun^^, -cune [OFr. auque (L. ali- 
quis), any, un, one], adj. or pron.: any; 
any one; (us'ly with ne) no, no one; not any, 
none : — sujet, any subject ; — ne vient, 
no one comes ; connaissez-vous — ? do you 
know any one? — chemin de fleur ne 
conduit à la gloire, no flowery road leads 
to glory; qu' — n'entre ici! let none 
enter here ! — , none. -cunement ^^, 
adv.: fin, by some manner ; (us'ly with ne) 
in no wise, nowise, by no means, not at 
all : e.g. je ne le ferai — , I shall nowise 
do it ; nowise ; not in the least. 

auda-^-ce^"* [L. -cia (audere,,f.: au- 
dacity, daring, boldness. -eieuse- 
ment^*, adv.; audaciously, boldly. 
-■cieux^^, =euse, adj.: audacious, dar- 
ing, bold. 

audi-^en-ee^ [L. -entia (audire, hear)],/.; 
= (fhearing ; admittance to hearing ; au- 
ditory) ; sitting of a court (to 'hear' 
cases), court ; (Spanish) judicial district: 
publique, open court ; pleine — , full hear- 
ing ; jour d' — , court-day ; salle rf' — , au- 
dience-chamber ; court-room ; lever V — , 
break up the court, -encie?^^^, adj. or 
m. : (huissier) — , crier of a court, usher. 
-teur^'^ [L. -tor], m.: hearer, listener; 
'auditor' (member of the council of state ; 
counselling judge; member of the papal 
tribunal, auditor), -tif^^ =ive [-tus], 
adj. : auditory, pertaining to the organs of 
hearing, -tion^^ [L. 4io],f,; hearing, 



(perception of sound; hearing of witnes- 
ses); auditing (of accounts), -toir^^ [L. 
-torium], m.: auditory (auditorium; au- 
dience) ; congregation ; court-room. 

e;^fe ^^ [Prov. -fo = Fr. alfa] /. ; esparto 

an^ge" [p. L. *alvia, L. -veus {-vus, belly) 
hollow vessel], /.; trough; plasterer's 
hose, hod, bucket ; spout (of a water-mill) ; 
vase (for electric piles), -gée^'^, /.; 
troughful, hodful. -gef^^, m.': seed-box 
or drawer (of a bir'd-cage) ; spout (of 
a water-wheel, or of a mill-hopper) ; bucket 
or scoop (of a dredge) ; fire-conduit (to a 

angiiien-«'t^^ [L. -turn (au^ere, increase)], 
m.; (gram.) augment; {Rom. law) in- 
crease of a wife's portion (during mar- 
riage) ; (mediœv. law) wife's portion of a 
deceased husband's property, -tatif^^ 
=ive [-ter], adj.: augmentation, -ta- 
tion^^ [-ter], /.; = (increase, enlarge- 
ment), -ter^^ [L. -tare i-tum)], tr.: aug- 
ment, (enlarge, increase) ; (elipt.) increase 
the salary of ; intr. or rejl. : augment, in- 
crease, grow. 

au-gural^^ [L. -guralis], adj.: =. 
i-IKgure-^^ [L.-gur (? au- rad. of av-is, 
bird, root -gur, telling)], m.: augur, (Rom.) 
diviner. 2.-gure^-'- [L. -gurium], m.: 
augury, omen, -gurer^^ [L. -gurari], 
tr.: augur, conjecture, infer. 

augus-te^'^ [L. -tus (? augere, increase)], 
adj. : august, sublime, sacred ; Augustus 
(title given to the emperor Octavius 
and his successors) ; August (the Roman 
month, in Fr. août), -fement, adv.: in 
an august manner, -tin, =tine [prop, 
name], m., /.; Augustine, Austin friar, 
saint — , (print.) English. 

aiijourd'/iui-'^ [au jour d(e) hui], adv. 
or m. ; to-day, now ; the present day ; d' — 
en huit, this day week. 

i-au-^liqite^^ [L. -licus (-la, hall)], adj.: 
aulic. 2.-liqHe^^ [L. -la], /.; defence of 
the thesis for the doctorship of divinity (in 
the 'hair of the archbishopric). 

taulnaif>, -ue, -née = aunaie, etc. 

auloffee^' [an lof],f.: (nav.) luff. 

aulx, pi. of ail. 

anmai^e" [L. animâlia, animals], /.; 
horned cattle. 

a.vLm.O'^ne^ [1. L. eleemosyna, Gr. -sune 
(eleeîn, pity)], /.; alms (charity): faire 
V — , give alms ; demander V — beg (alms) ; 
reduir à V — , reduce to beggary ; ^don- 
ner des terres en franche — , bestow lands 
free (without return) ; — fieffée, fief or 
benefice without return. '\--ner^'^, tr.: 
give (us'ly pay a fine) by way of alms. 
-nerie^^, /.; almonery. i.-nier"° [p. L. 
eleemosynarius], m.: almoner (priest dis- 


pensing alms) ; chaplain (of public institu- 
tions). 2.f-nier^*^, =èTe^adj.: charitable. 
2.-nière^^,/. ; alms-purse (attached to the 
almoner's girdle). 

aumusse^^ or -mu-ee [Ger. miitze, cap], 
/. ; fur hood ; amice (cape worn by canons 
over the left arm). 

aunage^^ [-ner], m.: ALNAGE, measure- 
ment '(by the ell). 

au-naie-^^ /.; alder-plot. i.||an'^ne° 
[L. alnus],f.: ALder-(tree). 

2. aune -^^ [OHG. elina (elle, fore-arm)], 
/. ; ELL (old measure, about 45 inches) : 
mesurer les autres à son — , measure 
others by one's self ; tout le long de V — , 
at full measure, abundantly ; savoir ce 
qu'en vaut V — , know the cost, or to one's 
cost (by experience). 

année ^^ [? L. helenium], f : elecampane 

an-'^ner'^-^ [2.-ne], tr.: measure (by the 
ell) : — Vabit de quelqu'un, give one a 
cudgeling, -nenr ,m. ; alnager, meas- 

auparavant ^^ [au par avant], adv.: be- 
fore (of time) ; heretofore ; fprep. : before 
(of time) : Vannée d' — , the preceding 

auprès ^^ [au près], prep. — de: near, 
near to, by ; with ; in the estimation of ; 
in comparison with ; adv. : near by : ex- 
cuser — de, excuse to ; n'être pas bien — 
de quelqu'un, be under anybody's dis- 

aurantia-eé ^^ [1. L. -tia (cf. orange), or- 
ange-tree], adj.: of the nature of the or- 
ange (tree) ; /. pi. : the genus citras 
(orange trees). 

aura te -^^ [L. -rum, gold], m.; = (auric 
acid with a base). 

faureiilon = oreillon. 

auréo'^le^^ [L. -la (sc. corona, crown), 
dim. of aureus, golden)],/. ; aureola, halo, 
glory, -lé ^^, adj. : provided with a halo, 

auri-'Culaire^^ [L. -cularius], adj.: 
auricular; /.; ear-finger, little finger 
(also doigt — ) : témoin — , ear-witness. 
Il-'cule-^^ [L. -cula (auris, ear)], /. : 
auricle (external ear ; ear-shaped lobe of 
owls, etc.) ; auricula (sort of mollusk ; 
species of primrose), -culé-^"^, adj.: au- 

auri-^fere^^ [L. aurum, gold, ferre, bear], 
adj. : auriferous, gold-bearing. -fica- 
tion^^ [-Jier],f.: filling (teeth) with gold. 
-fier-'^ [L.facere, make], tr.: fill (teeth) 
with gold, i.-qite^^, adj.: gold, auric. 

2.auriqite^^ [?], adj.: voile — , shoulder- 
of-mutton sail. 

auriste^^ [L. -is, ear], m.: aurist, ear- 


aurocTis^* [OHG. urohso, Ger. auer-ochs 
[auey meadow), wild "field-ox"], m.: =:, 
URUS, bison. 

anrone" [L. abrotonum], f. : sort of mug- 
wort or artemisia. 

aurore ^'^ [L. -ra (old root aus, vas, 
shine)],/.; aurora (dawn, morn; East); 
gold-colour ; sort of butterfly ; ranunculus 
(herb with yellow flowers) ; Aurore, /. ; 

auscul-tatioit^^ [L. -tatio], /.;=. 
lifter ^^ [L. -tare {auris, orig. aus-is, 
ear)], tr.: auscultate (examine with the 
ear or with the stethoscope). 

I .au-^spi-ee ^^ [L. -spex (contr. of avi- 
spec-s, "bird-seer")], m.: AUgur, diviner. 
2.-spi-ce^* [L. -spicium], f.: ==, omen; 

aussi° [p. L. *aliud-sîc], adv.: also, too; 
thus, therefore ; so, as : we . . . — , neither; 
— bien, as well ; the more so as ; for, 

fanssiere = haussière. 

aussitôt ^^ [aussi tôt], adv.: as soon {que 
as), at the same time ; at the very instant, 
immediately, forthwith ; — dit que fait, 
no sooner said than done. 

aus^ter-^* [L. (root aus, burn, scorch)], 
m.: = (south-wind), -tere-^^ [L. -terus 
(Gr. -ter OS, root aus, scorch)], adj.: austere 
(stern, severe; fsour). -tèrement ■^''^, 
adv.: austerely, -térité [L. -teritas (cf. 
-tère)],/.: austerity, sternness, -tral^*^ 
[L. -trails], adj.: =, southern. 

autan -"^ [Prov., p. L. altanus (L. altus, 
high), wind of the 'high' sea], m.: (poet.) 
south-west wind or squall (foreboding 
a storm), blast. 

autant° [p. L. *aliud tantum], adv.: as 
(so) much, as (so) many, as (so) far ; as 
well ; m. : as much, an equal quantity ; 
{leg.) duplicate, copy : — dire, (you may) 
as well say ; — vaut, what amounts to 
the same ; — en emporte le vent, it is 
wasted trouble ; d' — , in proportion : fd' — 
plus (or mieux), or (by elips.) d' — , so 
much the more, all the more, the more (or 
rather) ; boire d' — , drink a great deal ; à 
la charge d' — , on condition of a return ; 
fd' — moins, so much the less, (all) the 

autel° [L. altdre {altus, high)], m.: 
ALTAR ; {Jig.) church ; flame-bridge (of 
furnaces) ; {astr.) Ara : le Sacrement de 
V — , the holy Sacrament, the host ; tableau 
d' — , altar-piece. 

auteur ^^ [L. au{c)tor {augere, increase, 
produce)], m.: author; authoress; droits 
d' — , copyright, royalty. 

aut?ien-ti-cité ^'^, /. ; authenticity. H -►ti- 
que ^^ [L. 'tiens (Gr. autos, self)], adj.: 
authentic, genuine ; legal ; /. ; original 



document (fE. authentic, law, constitu- 
tion). ■ -tiqiiejn.ent^^, adv.: authen- 
tically, -tiquer ^^, tr.: frender au- 
thentic ; punish (an adultress) accord- 
ing to the original (Rom.) law. 

anto->^ [Gr. autos, self]: -biographie -^^j 
/.; autobiography. -■eephale^'^ [Gr. 
képhalos {kephalé, head)], ad!;,; evêque — , 
bishop independent (of patriarchal juris- 
diction), -c^ttone^'^ [Gr. -chthon (chthon, 
earth)], to. or adj. : autochton. -clave ^^ 
[L. -clavis, key], adj. : self-closing ;/. ; =. 
-crate ^^ [Gr. -krates {krateîn, rule)], 
TO.; .autocrat, -cratie^' [-crate], f.: 
autocracy, -cratiqwe ^^ [-crate], adj. : 
autocratic(al). -cratiqiiem.eHÉ ^^ [-cra- 
tique], adv. : autocratically. 

autodafé ^'^ [Port, auto da fe, * act of 
faith'], TO.; auto-da-fe, burning of a 

auto^ [Gr. autos, self] : -graphe ^^ [Gr. 
-graphos (graphein, write)], adj. : auto- 
graphic(al); TO. ; autograph, -graphie ^^ 
[-graphe],/.: autography, -graphier^^ 
[-graphier], tr.: autograph, -graphi- 
qtte^^ Igraphie], adj.: autographic(al). 
-mate^^ [Gr. -matos (root ma, strive)], 
adj.: automatic(al) ; to.; automaton. 
-matique-^'' [-mate], adj.: automatic(al). 
-uiatiquemetit^^ [-matique], adv.: 
automatically. -m.atisme-^^ [-mate], to.; 

automedoti^^ [A., Achilles' driver], to.; 
{jest.) coachman. 

au-tomnal^^ [L, -tumnalis], adj.: au- 
tumnal, -towtne^-^ [L. -tumnum], m. or 
/. ; autumn or fall. 

auto-^ [Gr. autos, self] : -nome 
[Gr. nomos, law], adj. : autonomous, -no 




[Gr. -nomia {nomos, law)], /. ; 
antonomy. -nomiste^*^ [-nomie], to.; 
autonomist (partisan of communal self- 
government), -plastie^*^ [Gr. pldssein, 
form], /.; autoplasty (repairing lesions 
by transfer of a piece of healthy tissue). 
-psie-^'^ [Gr. -psia {opsis, view)], /.; self- 
contemplation ; extatic vision ; autopsy, 
post-mortem examination. 

autori-sation ^'*, /. ; authorisation ; li- 
cence, warrant. H-^ser-^^ [1. L. auctori- 
zare (L. auctor, author)], tr.: invest with 
authority, authorise, empower; licence, 
warrant, -taire -^^ [-te], adj.: authorita- 
tive (impressing others with authority), 
dictatorial ; favoring authority (in politics), 
-té^^ [L. -tas],f.: authority (legal power, 
warrant ; sway ; precedent) : avoir de V — 
sur, have power or influence with ; 
faire — , be an authority. 

I. autour ^^ [au tour], prep.: — de, 
(a)round, about; adv.: around, about, 
near by : ici — , hereabouts. 


autour*'tonr*' [p. L. *austurius (L. asturis, 
' bird of Asturia')], fn. : goshawk. -toursE- 
rie^^ [-toursier], /.; training of gos- 
hawks ; place for such training, -toiir- 
(gier^^ [-tour], m: trainer of goshawks. 

an-^tre** [L. alter], adj.: other, else; 
otherwise, different; tout — , quite dif- 
ferent ; any other ; tout — que vous, any- 
body else but you ; Vun V — , one another, 
each other ; Vun et V — , both ; les uns 
les — s, each other ; les uns et les — s, 
ail ; ni Vun ni V — , neither ; de part et 
d' — , on both (or ail) sides ; Vun vaut V — , 
one is as good as the other ; this for that ; 
causer de choses et d' — s, talk of different 
things ; entre — s, among other things ; 
amongst others ; nous — s Français, we 
(autre explet.) Frenchmen or French 
folks ; il n'en fait point — s, he does no 
other things ; these are his usual pranks ; 
il en sait bien d' — s, he knows a trick 
worth two of that ; fen ai vu bien d' — , 
I have seen many stranger things than 
that ; à d' — s ! find something better ! 
pshaw ! I know better. -trE-fois^^ [fois], 
adv.: in former times, formerly. -trE- 
xnent ^^ adv. : otherwise ; else ; dif- 
ferently : bien — , far otherwise ; on the 
very contrary ; il n'est pas — riche, he is 
not over rich ; voilà qui est — beau, 
there is something that may be called 
really beautiful. 

Autri-vche,/.; Austria, autri-eliien, 
=nne, adj. or m., f: Austrian. 

autruche" [p. L. avis-, bird, strûthio (Gr. 
strouthos, sparrow)],/.; ostrich. 

autrui -^"^ [old oblique case of autre], m.: 
another or (us'ly) others, other people 
{used after prepos.) : le bien d' — , another's 
property; dépendre d' — , depend on 
others ; t^' — , other people's property (or 

auvel^^ [Prov. (?-i7e=:Fr. 2.aube)],m.: 

auvent ^^ [?], tr.: shed over a door, etc. 
(to protect against the rain), penthouse, 
stoop ; {agr.) tilt. 

auver'«'£fne [?], /.; solution of tan. 
-Éfner, tr.: tan. -grneur, m.; tanner. 

auvernat^^ [for -gnat (Auvergne)], m.: 
Orleans wine. 

aux [contraction of à les], to the. 

auxiliaire -^^ [L. -liaris {-Hum, help)], 
adj. or 71.; auxiliary. 

ava-ehir-^^ [à, OHG. weich-jan, soften], 
tr.: make flabby; s' — , become flabby, 
flag, break down. 

I. aval ^^ [? à, valoir], m.: guaranty for 

2.ava*'l^° [à val], adv.: down (wards) ; 
down the stream ; m. ; lower part : pays 
d' — , country at the lower course of a 


river, down river country; vent d' — , 
sea-breeze (i.e. on the coast of France = 
west-wind) ; en — de, below, -lage ^'^ 
[-1er], m.: going or sending down (as a*boat 
on the river, fish in the stream, wine in 
the cellar, etc.) ; droit d' — , right of 
catching fish going down the river. 
-laisort^"-^ [-1er], f: torrent (descending 
from the mountains) ; lashing westerly 
wind (cf. vent d'aval, under aval). 
-lan-che^^ [Swiss dial. {Ft. -1er)], f: == 
(snow-slip), t-lasse, same as -laison. 
i.-ler^*^, tr.: fbring down (lower, cut 
down) ; us'ly swallow (down), gulp 
down ; quaff off ; accept or pocket (an in- 
sult) ; *intr. : go down with the stream. 
oreilles -lees, hanging-down ears ; à brides 
-lees, with loosened reins ; — des sabres, 
act the charlatan ; — sa langue, hush up. 

2.tavaler^^ [2.aval], tr.: guaranty. 

avaleur^^ [i.-ler], m.: swallower, 
glutton : — de gens (or de charettes 
ferrées), braggart. 

avaliser* [2.aval], tr.: guaranty. 

ava-loire^'^ [i.-ler], f: {jest.) swallow; 
breeching (of harnesses) ; ftrap. -lure ^^ 
[i.-ler], f: swelling of a horse's 

avan-çage ^^, m. : limit for the place of 
public vehicles, coach-stand. ajr^n- 
■ce^^, /.; advance; distance in advance, 
start ; projection, prominence ; advance 
(-money) : prendre V — , get the start; 
d' — , in advance; beforehand. -eé^^, 
adj.: advanced; forward, early; m. ; {leg.) 
order to advance a case out of its turn ; 

/. {-eéé) : advanced post (before the gate 
of a citadel), -cement ^\ m. ; advance- 
ment, progress ; preferment ; promotion. 
\\'^-eer° [p. L. *abantiâre {*abante, cf. 
avant)], tr.: advance (move or put 
forward; hold forth, stretch out; for- 
ward, hasten, promote) ; intr. or s' — r ad- 
vance, move forward ; make progress ; 
proceed ; be successful ; {intr.) go too 
fast (of a clock) ; jut out, project : s' — sur 
le terrain de, encroach upon the land of ; 
— en voiture, drive up. -çon-^^, m.: ex- 
tra line (for hooks) ; stop-plank in reels 
(in rope-making), 



[\. Gr. abania], f: *injury (to 
Christians by Turks) ; humiliating injury, 
outrage, insult. 
avan'-'t" [p. L. abante (L. ab, from, ante, 
before)], prep.: before (of time or order) ; 
adv. : before ; in front ; forward (far, 
deep, late) ; m. ; forward or front part, 
prow or bow (of a ship) : en — , forward ; 
en — de, in front or ahead of ; mettre en 
— , bring forth in evidence ; s'engager 
trop — , become too deeply entangled ; 
creuser fort — , dig very deep ; plus — , 


farther; deeper; — que, before, ere. 
-tage ^^, m. : advantage ; superiority ; ben- 
efit/behalf ; (nav.) weather-gauge ; (man.) 
whip-hand ; (play) odds : avoir — , have 
the advantage ; prevail, gain ; tenir à son 
— , have the advantage of ; à V — de vous 
revoir, I shall be pleased to see you again, 
good-bye, Sir. -tager'^^ [-tage], tr.: give 
(bestow) an advantage to (on) ; endow, fa- 
vour ; (leg.) give property to ; s' — , use to 
one's advantage, profit by ; bestow prop- 
erty upon each other (as man and wife). 
-tageusement ^* [-tageux], adj.: advan- 
tageously; favourably, -tageux ^*, =euse 
[-tage], adj.: advantageous, profitable; 
vainglorious (i.e. elated by some advan- 
tage), presuming, conceited. 
avant-bec^*, m.: pier-head (of a bridge). 






m. ; fore-arm. 

-corps ^^, m. ; (arch.) fore-part, -cour ^^, 
/.; fore-court, -coureur^*, m.: fore- 
runner, van-courier ; harbinger, f-co'"'- 
èTe,m.,f.: forerunner, harbin- 
:ère, adj.: last but 


15 _ 




one. -duc^'', m.: abutment of a bridge. 
-fossé ■^®, m.: (fort.) advance fosse or 
moat, -garde^^, /.; avant-guard, van- 
guard; (nav.) VAN. -goût-^®, m.: fore- 
taste. -M§r^^ -t-ier, adv.: day before 
yesterday, -main^^, /.; inner side of 
the hand, palm ; fore-hand stroke (at 
tennis) ; m. : forehand (part of a horse 
in front of the rider), -mur ^^, m. : outer 
wall; (her.) piece of wall jointed to a 
tower ; tonsil, -peche ^^, /. : white nut- 
meg peach, -pied^^, m.: fmetatarse ; 
VAMP, upper (of a boot), -port^", m.: 
outer port, -poste -^^,771.. "outpost, -pro- 
jet ^^, m.; first draught of a bill; rough 
model, -propos ^^, m.; short preface or 
introduction, preamble, -quart ^^, m.: 
warning stroke (just before the bell 
strikes), -scène ■^^, /.; (anc.) prosce- 
nium ; (mod.) front of the stage (between 
the foot-lights and the scenery) ; front 
stage box; prelude (preliminary play). 
-toit, m. : projecting roof, -tram ^^, m. : 
forepart of a vehicle ; forepart of an ani- 
mal (chest and front legs), -veitle-^'^, 
/.; second day (two days) before. 
ava-^re^^ [L. -rus],adj.: avaricious (gree- 
dy ; penurious, sparing) ; m. : miser, -re- 
nient -^^j adv.: avariciously. -ri-ce^^ 
{L. -ritia], f.: =, greed, -ri-eieuse- 
ment-^^ [-ricieux], adv.: avariciously. 
-ri-eieuoc ^^, =e^se [-rice], adj.: ava- 
ricious, greedy. 

ava'^rie^^ [It., 1. L. -ria (cf. Ger. hava- 
rie)],f.: anchorage or port duty (fEng. 
average) ; average (extra expenses for a 
ship and its freight ; damage to ship or 
freight); damage (gen'ly to freight or 

goods) : — s communes, general average. 
-rier^'^, tr.: damage. 

avatar ^^ [Sanskr. ava-tara, 'de-scent'], 
tr. : = (descent of a deity to earth : Hind, 

avau [another form of 2. aval], prep.: 
down : in — Veau (incorr. à vau-Veau), 
down stream : l'affaire est — Veau, the 
affair has failed ; — vent, with the wind ; 
t — route, routed, in flight. 

ave^^ [L. ave, hail] in — Maria, m.: 
Ave M. ! 

avec^^ or favecqwe [OFr. av-uec (L. 
apud, with, hoc, this)], prep.: with, along 
with ; among ; adv. : therewith : d' — , from. 

taveindre° [L. ab-emere, take away], irr. 
(cf. peindre) ; tr. : bring, fetch. 

faveine = avoine. 

avelanède = velanède. 

aveli-'ne" [h. abellana, AheWin (se. nut)], 
/. ; filbert, -nier ^^, m. : filbert-bush. 

avenage^^ [-voine], m.: avenage (oats 
paid to* a feudal lord). 

a-'venant ■^'^ [avenir], adj.: coming to, 
acceding to ; à V — , becoming, appropri- 
ate ; pleasing, prepossessing ; m. : inherit- 
ance (of a daughter) ; additional clause. 
-vènement ^^, m. : fa^rrival (coming) ; 
advent, accession ; succession. 

avèneron^^ [aveine, old form of avoine], 
m.: wild oats. 

I .ave-^nir ^^ [à, venir], m.: time to come, 
future ; posterity ; future life ; (future) 
existence : à V — , in the future, hereafter. 
2.-nir [pop. form of advenir], irr.: (cf. 
venir) ; intr. : come to pass, happen, oc- 
cur : 71071 -nu, not occurred ; null and void. 

à-venir^^, pi. — , m.: (leg.) summons to 
appear (to an attorney). 

avent^^ [L. ad-ventum (venire, come)], 
m.: advent. 

aventu-^re® [L. adventûra (fut. part, 
neut. pi. of ad-venire, * come to,' viz. hap- 
pen, used as sing. i.)],f.: adventure (unex- 
pected occurrence ; hazardous enterprise) ; 
fate or fortune ; fexperience in life : à V—, 
by accident or chance, -rer ^^, tr. : ad- 
venture, hazard, risk ; s' — , venture, risk : 
-ré, ventured, hazardous, -reusemetit ^-^ 
[-reux], adv.: (ad)venturously. -rextx, 
=euse-^^, adj.: adventurous, venturesome. 
rier ^*, =riere, m., f. : adventurer, ad- 
venturess, -rine-^®,/.; = (sort of gold- 
spangled glass, first produced by accident). 

avenu, part, of -nir; -nue^^,/.; =. 

avérer" [ (L.vêrus, true)], 
tr.: prove or recognize as true, verify, 
AVER : obsol. exc. in part, -vêré, evidenced, 

avers ^^ [L. adversus, opposite], m.: ob- 
verse (of a coin). 

averse ^^ [à verse], m. : shower, downpour. 



aver-'-sion^^ [L. -sio (a, vertere, turn 
away)],/; =, disgust. H^tin^'-^ [L. tere], 
m. : taberration (of mind, madness) ; {vet.) 
staggers, sturdy. 

aver'^tir® [L. ad-vertire (L. ad-vertere, 
turn to)], tr.: apprise, notify, inform; 
warn, caution ; admonish ; urge (a horse) : 

— à Vavance, give notice or warning ; 

— d'avance, premonish ; V — de son salut, 
give him a wholesome piece of advice. 
-tissemetit^^ , m.: information, noti- 
fication, warning, caution ; admonition 
{in these senses: fEng. advertisement); 
preface (in a book), -tisseur ^'^, m.: in- 
former, Warner ; (theat.) call-boy. 

tavette° [p. L. *apitta (dim. of L. apis, 
bee)],/.; bee. 

aveu^'^ [-vouer], m.: Avowal, confession; 
authorisation : de son — , according to his 
own admission, confessedly, avowedly ; der- 
niers — X, dying confession ; homme sans 
— , vagrant (twho could not invoke the 
protection of a lord). 

aveu^gle^'^ [p. L. *ahoculus (L. oculus, 
eye)], adj.: blind; implicit. -glEment^^ 
[-gler],m.: blindness, -glement ^*, acîî;. ; 
blindly, -gler^^, tr.: blind (deprive of 
sight ; dazzle ; obscure) ; (nav.) stop up 
or fother (a leak) : s' — , blind one's self, 
be blind, shut one's eyes, -glette ^^, f. : in 
à V — , adv. : blindly or groping. 

avi-^atiou -^^ [L. avis, bird], /.; aerial 
navigation with appliances heavier than 
the air. -cule^^ [L. -cula, little bird], 
/.; avicula (mollusk). 

avi^de-^^ [L. -dus {avere, long], adj.: long- 
ing eagerly, eager, greedy, covetous, 
AVID ; voracious, rapacious, -dement ^^, 
adj.: eagerly, greedily, voraciously. 
-dité^^ [L. -ditas], f.: avidity, eagerness, 
greediness ; rapacity. 

avi'^'lir^^ [à, vil], tr.: make vile, debase, 
VILIFY ; disparage, lower ; depreciate ; 
s' — , debase or disgrace one's self ; under- 
value ^ne's self, -lissant^', adj.: de- 
basing, disgraceful. -lissemeut^*', m.: 
debasement, vileness. 

a\rillqn^^, [dial, form of aiguillon], m.: 
hind-claw (of a bird of prey), -lonner^^, 
tr.: claw. 

aviner^^ [à, vin], tr.: soak or season with 
wine : un homme (or corps) — é, a toper, 
a regular tippler. 

avir^" [?], tr.: beat down the edges of. 

avi-'rmi^^ [à, OFr. viron (cf. virer), 
turning tool], m.: oar; pot-ladle or stir- 
ring stick : jeu d' — s, set of ars ; — à 
couple, scull ; armer les — s, ship the oars. 
-ronnprie,/.; oar-makcr's shop. 

a-^-vis -^^ [à, OFr. vis (L. visus, fr. videre, 
see), seen], m.: (way of seeing, and so) 
opinion (judgment) ; advice (counsel ; 



notice, notification, information) ; warning 
(caution) ; prefatory notice ; vote : changer 
rf' — , change one's mind ; recevoir — de, 
be advised from ; sous — , with advice ; 
jusqu'à nouvel — , until you hear further ; 
aller aux — s, put to the vote, -visé ^^, 
adj. : discreet, prudent, wary, circumspect, 
(well) advised, -viser •^'^ [a, viser], tr.: 
perceive, espy ; direct (somebodjr's) atten- 
tion, apprise, advise (give notice), warn, 
caution; tr.: s' — ; turn one's mind to, 
bethink one's self, think of ; take it into 
one's head ; intr. : consider, reflect {à, on) ; 
think advisable ; look (to) : avisez-y bien, 
consider it well ; vous y aviserez, you will 
look to it. -viso^^ [Span.], m.: advice 
boat, dispatch boat. 

avissure^^ m.: [avir], /.; edge beaten 

fa vital J-lcment^*, m.; victualling. -1er ^^ 
[à, OFr. vitaille = victuaille], tr.: viCTUal 

avi-vage^'^, m.: reviving, brightening, 
polishing ; renewing ; first laying of tin- 
foil (on glass). Il-^ver-^^ [à, vif], tr.: 
render more vivid ; brighten, polish, height- 
en (colours) ; freshen (wounds) ; cut (wood) 

avives ^^ [fr. Arab.], /. pL: (vet.) vives. 

avo-casser ^^, pettifog. -casserie 
[-casser],/. ; pettifogging, i .||-«'cat ^^, =te 
[L. ad-vocatus {vocare, call), "called to" 
another], m.f.: (rare) advocate, attorney 
(at law), lawyer, barrister : — général, at- 
torney general : — de Pilate (or de balle^ 
or à tort), briefless barrister ; — du diable, 
one appointed, in questions of canoniza- 
tion, to argue against V — de Dieu; one 
arguing against religion; defender of a 
bad cause. 

2.avoea->'t^^ [Mex.], m.: avocado (trop, 
fruit), -tier^^, m.: avocado-tree. 

avocatoire ■^'^ [L. a-vocare (ab-v.), call 
away], adj.: (dipl.) calling away or home ; 
recalling; m.: recall. 

avocette^^ [It. -tta], f.: avocet, scooper 

avoine" [L. avêna],f.: oat, oats (plant or 
grain) ; pi. standing oats : balle — , husk 
of oats, vat-chaff. 

I. avoir" [L. habere], irr.%', tr.: have; 
with certain abstract nouns, numerals 
expr sing age, and impersonally with 
il y, to be rendered by'he' : — faim (soif), 
be hungry, (thirsty), — chaud (froid), be 
warm (cold), — raison (tort), be right 
(wrong); — honte,he ashamed ; — trois ans, 
be three year's old ; il y a, there is (or are), 
il y avait, there was (or were), etc. ; il n'y 
a pas de quoi, there is no occasion, 
(please) don't mention it ; il y a de quoi 
vous amuser, you will find amusement 


enough; il y a (before words of time), 
'there is (are) now' (variously rendered in 
Engl., e.g.) il y a un mois que je suis ici, 
I have been here now a month, je suis 
venu ici, il y a un mois, I came here a 
month ago ; il y a un mois que je ne vous 
vois, I have not seen you for a month ; 
combien y a-t-il d'ici? how far is it from 
here? qu'avez-vous? what is the matter 
with you ? en — , have some ; catch it, 
meet with a disappointment : il en a, he 
has caught it. 2.avoir-^'^, inf., as m.: 
possession(s), property ; {com.) credit ; 
assets: — du poids, m.: avoirdupois; 
ayant cause, (jur.) assign; ayant droit, 
ijur.) party concerned. 

§ Ind. : Pr. ai, as, a; av-ons, -ez, ont. 
Ipf. avais. Prêt. eus. Fut. (Cond.) aurai{s). 
— Subj. : Pr. ai-e, -es, -t ; ay-ons, -ez, aient. 
Ipf. eusse, — I've aie. — Part.: Pr. ayant; 
P. eu. 

avoisi-nant^^, adj. : neighbouring, adjoin- 
ing, near, -ner^^ [à, voisin], tr.: be in the 
viciNage or nearness of, be situated near, 
border upon : être bien -né, have good 

avor-te, adj.: abortive, -texnent ■^•^, m. : 
abortion, miscarriage. H-^te-r" [p. L. 
*ab-ortâre (L. orlri, be born)], m^r.; abort 
(become sterile) ; bring forth prematurely, 
miscarry), prove abortive, not ripen, fail ; 
(of anim.) cast or drop prematurely : 

faire — , cause abortion ; baffle, -ton ^^, 
m. : animal of premature birth (tEng. abor- 
tive) ; undeveloped, deformed, or stunted 
being, dwarf, wretch ; abortion (fruit or 
plant that does not come to maturity) ; 
premature or crude productions (gen'ly) : 
saule — , dwarf willows. 

avouable ^^ [-vouer], adj.: avowable. 

avoue" [L. -vocâtus (cf. advocat)], m.: 
attorney, solicitor ; substitute : étude d' — , 
attorney's office. 

a-'vouer^^ [à, vouer], tr.: avow (acknowl- 
edge, confess, own) ; grant, allow ; ap- 
prove, -voyer [for -voyê, dial, for 
-voué], m.: chief magistrate in Swiss 
cantons (fEng. =). 

a-^vril^°, or -vri, or (Acad.) -vriy [p. L. 
*aprilius (L. aprilis)], m. : April: pois- 
son d' — , April-foolery ; donner un pois- 
son d' — à, make an April-fool of. 
-vriiler ^^, =ère ^^, adj. : of April ; m. : 
April wheat. 

avuer^^ [à, vue], tr.: (hunt.) follow with 
the eyes, mark down. 

avulsion ^^ [L. -sio (a-vellere, tear 
off)], /.; =, tearing or breaking 

ax-^e^^ [L. axis], m. : axis; axle; 
shaft ; — tournant, axle-tree, -ial ^^, 
adj.: =. -illaire^^ [L. -xilla], adj.: 



axiome ^^ [L. -ma (Gr. âxios, worthy)], 
m.: axiom. 

ax-iometre ^'' [axe, Gr. métron, measure], 
m.: tell-tale (showing the position of the 
helm), i.-is^^ [L.], m.: = (second ver- 
tebra of the neck). 

2. axis ■^'' [L.], m.: = (spotted deer). 

axonge^^ [L. ax-ungia, axle-grease],/.; 
hog's 'lard. 

ayaw^^ [Arab.], m.: = (Turk, official). 

azalée ^^ [Gr. azaléos, dry], /.; azalea 

azédarac^''' [fr. Pers.], m.: azedarach. 
Pride of India (tree). 

azero^le^^ [fr. Sp.-Ar.],/.; azarole (fruit). 
-lier^^, m.: azarole (shrub). 

azixuu'^t ^^ [f r. Ar.], m. : azimuth, -tal ^'^, 
adj.: azimutal. 

azo-tate-^^, 771.; azotite, nitrite. H-^te-'-'^ 
[Gr. a-, not, zoê, life], m.: ^=, nitrogen. 
-té ^^, adj. : azotic, nitric, -teux, =euse, 
adj.: azotous, nitric, -tiqtte^', adj.: 
azotic, nitric, -tite^^, m.; =. -ture^^, 
m.: = (combination of azote with a 
simple substance). 

a-'zur^'^ [fr. Pers.], m.: azure (sky-blue) 
colour; sky. -zurage^^, m.; blueing. 



adj.: azure(d), sky-coloured. 
-zurer^^, tr.: azure, colour blue, f-zu- 
rin ^^, adj. : azurine. -zurine ^^,/. ; vari- 
ety of azure-colour, -zurite^^, /.; =^ 
(blue carbonate of copper). 

azygos^^ [Gr. -gos {a-, not, zugon, yoke)], 
adj.: azygous. 

azyme -^^ [L. -mus (Gr. a-, not, zume, 
leaven)], adj.: azymous, unleavened, m. 

b 6e, or older bê, m.: h (the letter): (fam.) 
être marqué au B, i.e. be borgne, boiteux 
or bossu, etc., have some natural defect. 

ba- [L. bis, twice], disparaging pref. 

baba^^ [Pol.], m.: kind of cake. 

Babet, or -bète, /. ; Elizabeth. 

I. babeurre ^^ [bas, below, beurre], m.: 

2.babeurre^^ [bat (battre), beurre], m.: 
dasher (of a churn). 

tbabi-che^^, =-eh.ait = barbiche, -chon. 

ba-bil-"^* (Acad.) ly, m.: babbling, prattle, 
-biilage-^^ 771.; babbling, prating, -bil- 
lard ^^, adj., m., f: talkative; prater; 
bolt-box hole, -hillement^^ [-biller], 
m.: prattle, garrulity. W^hiller^^ 
[echoic], intr.: babble (prattle; gossip). 

babine^'' U],f.: lip (of animals) ; (fam.) 
lip (of man), chop. 

babiole ^^ [It. Mola (L. -67/Zws, foolish)], 
/.; bauble. 

bâbord ^^ [Dutch bak-boord (bak, fore- 



castle, formerly on the left)], m.; port- 
side, larboard. 

"babou-che ^'^ [fr. Ar.], /.; baboosh, toe- 
slipper (of leather). 

tbabou-^e ^^ [?], /. ; grimace, -in, ^^, -ine, 
m., f.: BABOON (with protuberant lips); 
pimple on the mouth ; m.,/. ; little monkey 
(speaking of children ; or of a grotesque 
figure which soldiers were made to kiss by 
their comrades as a punishment) : '\haiser 
le — , suffer an insult. 

fbaby hé-hé = héhé. 

Babylo-'ne,/.; Babylon (the city), -nie, 
/. ; Babylonia. 

bac -^^ [Dutch hak, trough], m. ; trough, vat, 
tub ; ferry-boat. 

baccalanreat ^® [1. L. -reatus (-reus, for 
Fr. bachelier)], m.: bachelor degree. 

baccara(t)^^ [?], m.: BACCARAT (card 

baccTi.'^anal ^^, =le [L. -analis (Bacchus)], 
adj. : bacchanalian ; m. ; wild uproar ; /. ; 
orgies ; tumult, -anales ^^, /. pi. : bac- 
chanals, -ante [L.-ans],f.: bacchante; 

bac-eifere^^ [L. bacca, berry, /erre, bear], 
adj.: bacciferous. 

tba-eha = pacha. 

ba-ehe^^ [ak. to bac],f.: box; water-hole 
or puddle (after a tide) ; hotbed frame ; 
tilt, awning ; bag (of a net). 

bacbe-lette^^ [OFr. baisselette (ak. to 
I. bagasse), by anal, with -lier],f.: maiden, 
lass. ||'«'lier^*^ [p. L. 6accaZarzs (?)], m. ." 
BACHELOR (in knighthood, or at a uni- 
versity ; tunmarried man). 

ba-eher^^ [-che], tr.: cover (with an 

ba-cbique^^ [L. bacchicus (of Bacchus)], 
adj.: BACCHIC. 

ba-cbo-t^^ [bac], m.: wherry, ferry-boat. 
-teur^"^, m.: ferry-man. 

ba-cile^^ [? L. -cillus, rod], m.: sea-fennel. 

ba-cille^^ [L. -llus, rod], m.; bacillus (rod- 
shaped vegetable microbe). 

ba-clage ^'^, m. : barring up, chaining up ; 
tying, mooring ; stoppage (as by ice). 
Il-'cler-^^ [Prov. -clar (L. -culum, rod)], 
tr.: bar, chain, fasten; stop (in its prog- 
ress), bungle. 

bacte-'rie^^ [Gr. -ria, rod],/.; bacterium 
ipl. bacteria). -riologie^* [-rie, Gr. 
logos, speech],/.; bacteriology. 

bacul^* [bat (battre), cul, rump], m.: 

Bade,/.; Baden. 

badau-^d^^ [Prov. badau, ak. to bayer], 
adj.: lounger, -dor^^, intr.: lounge, 
saunter, -derie^^,/.; lounging. 

badelaire^^ [?], m.; short broadsword. 

baderne ^^ [Bret.], /.; fender (wrapping 
of ropes to prevent friction) ; trash. 

-freur ^^, =e^se, 


badiane ^"^ [Pers. -n], f.: anise (tree or 


badi-geort^^ [?], m.; = (paint); white- 
wash ; ' stony paste, -geonnage ^^, m. : 
painting ; white-washing, -gebnner^^, 
tr.: paint, -geonneur^^ [E. geonner], 
m.: painter; white-washer. 

ba^dm^^ [Prov. ak. to bayer], adj.: 
tfoolish ; jesting, sportive, sprightly ; 
light ; m. ; fclown ; jester, humorist. 
-dinage^^, m.: jocularity; frolicsome- 
ness. '-dinant^^ [-diner], m.: spare- 
horse, -dine ^"^ [-diner],/. : switch, whip ; 
small tongs, -dinet" ^^ intr., tr. : jest ; 
joke, trifle with, play; dangle, -dinerie^^ 
[-diner],/.: trifling; jesting. 

badrouiile^^ [1],/.: mop. 

bafouer ^^ [?], tr.: bafiie ; scoff at. 

bâ-fre ^^,/. ; gorging (with food). Wj^frer ^'^ 
[^],intr.: gormandize, 
m.,/.; gormand, glutton. 

tbaga-ee = 2. bagasse. 

bagage^'* [èa^rwe], m.; baggage, luggage; 
outfit': plier — , pack up ; move off. 

bagarre ^^ [1],/: brawl, confusion. 

I -bagasse ^^ [Prov. -ssa (?)],/.; fslattern; 

2.bagasse^'^ [Sp. -^azo],/.; = (sugarcane 
from the mill). 

baga-tclier^^, m.: trifler. IKtelle^^ 
[It. -tella (1. L. baga, bag)],/.; = (trifle, 
bauble) ; light gallantry ; bit of light 

bagfne^'' [It. -no, bath (also a bath in 
Constantinople converted into a prison)], 
m.: Turkish slave-prison (fEng. bagnio); 
convict prison. 

bagou ^" [?], m.; loquacity, gab. 

I. bague ^^ [Prov. -ga (L. baca, berry; 
link)], /. ; ring (circular band ; hoop ; 
finger ring ; ring-like thing) ; astragal 
(upper moulding of a column) : course 
de — , running in the circular track. 

2.tbagtte = bagues. 

bagite^naude^* [?], / ; bladder-nut; 
trifle, -nauder ^^, intr. : trifle, -nau- 
derie-^^ /. ; trifling, i .-naudier ^^ 
m. ; bladder-nut tree. 2.-naudier ^^ 
[-nauder], m. : trifler ; certain game. 

i.bagiter^^ [i--gue], tr.: ring, furnish 
with rings. 

2.bagtter'^* [2.-gue], tr.: (old) pack, 
attach ; (gen'ly) stitch, baste. 

fbagiies^* [? Norse baggi, load],/. pL: 

baguette ^^ [It. bacchetta (L. baculus, rod)], 
/.; stick, rod; wand; switch; drum-stick; 
(arch.) baguet(te); pi.: gauntlet : coup de 
— ; beat of the drum ; passer par les — «, 
run the gauntlet. 

baguier^® [-gue], m.: ring-holder, casket 
for rings. 


hAh [echoic], interj. : bah ! 

"hsLhn^t^'^ [? Ger. behiiten, preserve], m.: 
(convex) trunk, chest ; jut (of wall) ; plat- 
band, -tier^^, m.: trunk-maker. 

bai [L. badius, brownish red], adj.: BAY 
(coloured) ; m. ; bay (colour). 

fbaïart ■= bayart. 

I. baie** [L. bâca],f.: berry. 

2.baie [1. L. 6afa, port],/.; BAY (of water). 

3.baie^^ [old baer {= bayer)], /.; gap, 
opening, bay ; unpaved part of a street ; 
fdisappointment : donner la — à, disap- 
point, deceive, humbug. 

bai'*'£fner*' [L. balneare], tr. or intr.: 
bathe ; soak, -grneur ^^, =euse, m., /. ; 
bather; bath-keeper; /.; bathing cap. 
f-fifnoir ^^, m. : bathing place, -grnoire ^^, 
/.; bath-tub; lowest box (at theatre). 

bail^^, pi. bauac; [-/Zer], m.; care (of a 
minor); lease. 

baile^^ [L. bajulus, carrier; trustee], m.; 
Venetian consul (at Constantinople) ; royal 

bâillant ^'^ [_-ller'\, adj . : yawning, gaping. 

b^i^e [Celt. bal],f.: (nav.) bucket, tub. 

baille-blé ^'^, pi. — [-Her], m.: bolt-box 

bâillement^* [-Her], m.: gaping, fhiatus. 

bailler" [L. bàjulâre, carry], tr.: have 
charge of ; place in the charge of ; lease, 
rent; give, bestow: vous me la baillez 
bonne, you humbug me ; — de soufflets, 
deal out blows. 

bâiller ^^ [1. L. *bataculare (cf. bayer)], 
intr. : yawn ; snap ; be ajar. 

fbai-lleresse = -lleur. 

baillet^^, =ette [OFr. -lie (? L. badius, 
bay)], adj.: light red, sorrel. 

tbailleul^® [?], m.: bone-setter. 

bailleur ^^, -lleresse [-Her], m.,f. : lessor. 

bailleur ^^, =ejBse [-lier], m., /.; 

bail-liii [OFr.-h> (= Fr. -1er), adminis- 
ter], 771. ; in France : (king's or lord's) high 
judiciary or officer (Eng. bailiff in sense of 
high officer) ; Germ, judicial officer ; ord. 
of Malta : Knight above the command- 
er, -liage ^^, m. ; BAiLiwick ; tribunal of a 
bailli, -liager^®, =ière [-liage], adj.: 
of a BAiLiwick. -live^^, /.; bailiff's 

bâil-^lon^* [-1er], m.: gag. -loner ^^, 
tr.: gag; suppress (free speech, etc.). 

bailloque^^ [?],/••' ostrich feather. 

bailiotte^^ [-lie], /.; little tub, bucket. 

bain** [L. balneum], m.: bath; bathing; 
bath-room or (pi.) house. 

baïonnette ^^ [the town Bayonne], f.: 

bairam^'^ [Turk.], m.: = (Mussulman 

bai-se-ma|.n ^^ [-ser], m. ; fhandkissing ; 



reception ; pi. : compliments, -sèment ^^, 
m.: kissing. H-^'ser*' [L. basidre], tr.: 
kiss ; m. : kiss, -seur ^^, =euse, m., f. : 
kisser. -sot(t)er ^^, tr. : be always kissing. 

bais-se^^, /.; letting down, lowering; 
levelling down ; falling ; decline, -sè- 
ment ^^, m. : letting down. H-^ser*' [1. L. 
*bassiàre (L. bassus, low)], tr., intr.: 
lower, level down ; fall, decline ; decrease. 
-sier^^ [-se], m.: "bear" (speculator), 
-siere^^, /.; low place, rain hole; set- 
tlings, lees, dregs, -soir^'', m.: water- 
box (in salt works). 

baisure^^ [-ser], f.: 'kiss,' mark (from 
the touching of two loaves in baking). 

bajoire^^ [?],/••* double-headed coin. 

bajoue ^^ [ba, joue], f.: jowl, cheek (of 

bajoyer^^ [? bajoue], adj.: lateral, m.: 
side-wall (of canal, wharf) ; embankment. 

bal^^ [-Her], m.: fdance ; ball (dancing). 

bala-^din^^, =ine [Prov. -din], to., /.: 
fdancer; buffoon, merry Andrew, -di- 
nage^'^, to.; buffoonery. 

baia-freis [ba-, OHG. leffur, lip], /.; 
gash ; scar, -frer ^^, intr. : gash, slash. 

balai° [? Celt, orig.], to.; broom, brush; 
tail (of dog, bird). 

balais ^'^ [fr. Pers.], adj.: BALASS ; red 
(as a ruby, nose). 

balan-'^ce® [p. L. bilancia, L. bilanx (bis, 
twice, lanx, plate)],/.; =, (scales ; Libra*; 
suspense ; difference in accounts), -celle ^^ 
[-cer],f.: light boat, felucca, -cement^* 
[-cer], TO. ; balancing, poising, rocking; 
wavering; waddling, -eer^'^, tr.: intr.: 
balance ; weigh ; consider ; hesitate ; 
waver; shake, -ceur^^ [-ceir], m.: 
tweigher ; certain bird, i.-cier^^ [-cer], 
TO. ; pendulum ; balance-pole ; walking 
beam. 2.-eier-^^, to.; seller or maker 
of scales, -eine^^, /.; lift (of ship). 
-cqire^^ [-cer], f. : see-saw; swing. 

tbalandran ^^, f-dras [Prov.], to.; large 
coarse cloak. 

bala-*ne^^ [L. -nus, acorn], to.; sea-acorn, 
barnacle, -nite^^,/. ; ffossil balane ; bala- 

tbalant = ballant. 

ba'«'lauste ^^ [L. -tium], /.; wild pome- 
granate, -laustier^", to.; balaustine, 
wild pomegranate tree. 

bala-yage^^, to.; sweeping. Il-^yer^^ 
[balai, 'broom], tr.: sweep; clear, 
-yette^^,/.; little broom, -yeur ^®, =çuse, 
m.,f.: sweeper; broom-maker, or -seller; 
/.; street-sweeping machine, -yure^^, 
/.; sweepings. 

balbu-tie^^ [-tier],/.: stuttering, -tie- 
ment^^, to.; stuttering, stammering. 
Il-^tier^^ [L. -tire, lisp], tr., intr.: stut- 
ter, stammer. 



balbuzard ^^ [Eng. bald-huzzard], m.: 
osprey, fish-hawk. 

balcon •^'■^ [OHG. -Icho, beam], m.; bal- 

baldaquin ^'^ [It. -daechino, silk from 
Bagdad, i.e. Baldacco], m.: ^=; canopy. 

fbale = balle. 

"B^le [L. Basileà],/.: Basle (city in Switz- 

balei-'ue ■^'^ [L. -laena],/.: whale ; Cetus ; 


tr. : furnish with 
neau-^®, -lé-, or old -non, 


m.: whale-calf. -nier*^'', =ière, 

adj.: whale; m., /.; whaler (man or 
ship) ; whalebone worker or seller. 

balèvre^-^ [ba, lèvre],/.: flips, large lips ; 
jut, prominence (of wall, seam). 

tbali = pali. 

bali-sagc ^^ [ser], m. : placing of beacons ; 
system of placed beacons. H^se-^^ [?], 
/. ; beacon, set sign; buoy, -ser^'^, tr.: 
set signs, beacons, buoys, -seur ^'^ [ser], 
m.: beacon-setter, -keeper. 

balisier -^^ [?], m.; cert. American flower- 
ing reed. 

balis-^te-^^ [L. -llista, hurling machine (Gr. 
ballein, throw)],/.; ballista ; certain 
fish, -tique ^'', adj. : ballistic ; /. ; bal- 

bali-vage-^® [ak. to -veau], m.: staddling, 
leaving * young trees in a clearing. 
Il-'veau^'^ [?], m.: staddle. 

baliver-^ne ^^ [1], f.: nonsense, fiddle- 
faddle, -ner ^^, intr., tr. : trifle ; talk 
nonsense to. 

ballade ^^ [Pro v. -liar, dance],/.; fdance 

song ; BALLAD. 

ballant -^^ [-Her], adj.: waving, swing- 

ballarin^^ [?], m.; (Hungary) falcon. 

ballast 1^ [Eng.], m.; =:. 

I .balle ^2 [OHG. balla], /.; ball, sphere; 
bullet; bale. 

2.balle^^ [Ger. balg, bag], /.; husk, boll, 

balleqneue^^ [bailer, queue], m.: {dial.) 

bal-'ler" [p. L. -Zârg (cf. i. balle)], intr.: 
dance, -let^^ [It. -letto {-lo, dance)], 
m.; =. 

ballier^^ [2.-lle], m.: chaff-pile. 

I -ballon ^^ [?], m.: Siamese row-boat. 

2.bal-*lon^'^ [2.-le, infl. by It. pallone, 
large ball], m.; balloon; foot-ball; globe 
(of lamp), -lonnemenf ^^ [-lonner], m : 
swelling, distention, -lonner ^^, tr.: in- 
flate, swell, -lonnier-^^, m.: balloon- 
maker, or -seller. 

bal^lot^^ [-le], m.: small bale of goods. 
-lotin^^, m.: dim. of -lot. -lottaçe^^, 
m.; re-balloting, -lotte^^ [-Ze],/.; fîittle 
ball; ballot, i.-lotter^^ [-lotte], intr., 


tr. : ftoss (a ball) ; vote ; re-vote upon. 
2.-lotteri^, tr.: bale. 

tbalme ^ baume. 

balnéaire ^^ [L. -nearis (-neum, bath)], 
adj.: bathing. 

baloise^" [Bale],/.: three-colored tulip. 

ba^lourd^^ [It. -lordo], m.,f.: dullard, 
numskull, -lourdise •^®, /.; stupidity; 

balsa-'mier^" [L. -mum (Gr. -mos, bal- 
sam-tree)], m.; balsam-tree, -shrub. 



[L. -mum], /; balsam-plant. 
-minées -^^ [-mine], f. pi. : balsam-plant 


-miqtte-^^ [L. -mum], adj.: 

BALMY, balsamous. -mite-^^ [L. -mum], 
f. : costmary plant. 

Balt/tasar, m.: Belshazzar (king of 

Baltiqite, /. ; Baltic sea. 

baluette^^ [?],/; float, bob. 

balus- trade -^^ /.;= ; railing. ||'«'tre^'' 
[It. balaustro], m.: baluster, railing. 
-trer ^^, tr. : rail in. 

bal-zan^^ [It. -zano (OHG. balz, belt)], 
adj. : white-footed (of a horse), -zane^^, 
/.; white spot above hoof. 

bani-bin^^, =ine [It. -bino (Gr. baiein, 
babble)], m.,f.: small child. 

bat^ibo-ehade -^^ [It. -bocciata (Bamboccio, 
' doll,' nickname of the painter De Laar)], 
/. ; rural painting (in the style of B.) ; spree. 

I .banibo-ehe -^^ [It. -boccio (cî. -bin)], f.: 
puppet, doll ; deformed person ; spree. 

2.baMtbo-ehe^^ [old -bouc, BAMBOO], /.; 
bamboo cane. 

bainbo-cher ^^ [i.-che], intr.: become 
drunk. -cheur-^^, =euse, m., /. ; 

bawibou^*^ [Malay], m.; bamboo. 

tbâme := baume.^i^^ [Croatian], m.; (Slavonic) com- 
mander of a district. 

2.ban-^-'^ [bannir], m.: ban; bans; exile. 
banal ^'^, adj. (no masc. pi.) : feudal ; mer- 
cenary ; ordinary ; trite, banalité ^^ 
[banal]./.: feudal duty ; triteness; com- 

bana-ne^^ [East Ind.],/.; banana (fruit). 
-nier ^^, m. : banana tree. 

ban-«'C^°, pi. often bans [Ger. bank], m.: 
bench, seat ; pew. -cal ^', adj. : hav'g 
bench-legs, bandylegged, -casse ^'^ [Prov. 
-casso],/: sea-chest (used as bench and 
bed). -eelle^°,/; seat or box (of cab), 
-■che^^ [dial, form of bane],/.: marl or 
chalk bank : planking (of pounding, or 
stamping box), -chée^^ [-che],/: ma- 
sonry supporting a wall, -co-^'^ [It.], m.: 
=, bank value. 

bancro-ehe ^" [? cf. bancal], adj. : crooked- 
legged, bandy-, bow-legged. 

ban'^dage^^ [-der], m,; =; BANDAGing; 


tire; binding; truss, -daglste^^ m..' 

maker of bandages or trusses.' 
I. bande ^^ [It. banda, Goth, bandi, bond, 
all ak. to 2.bande],f.: fband (of soldiers 
under one BANner) : troop, gang, crew. 

2.ban-'de^^ [old bende, OHG. binda], 
f. : BAND, strip ; girth ; badge ; cushion 
(of billiard table), -dé^^, adj.: banded, 
striped, -dean ^^, m. : headband ; blind- 
fold ; wreath ; loop (of curtains) ; small 
girth ; truss, -delette ^^ [old -delle, f r. 
-deau\, /.; little band, ribbon, bandage. 
-der ^^, tr., intr. : bind up, tie up ; brace 
up, stiffen ; stretch ; be tight ; touch 
(cushion at billiards), -dereap.^^, m.: 
trumpet string, -derole^^ \rdiere\, f. : 
pennant, bandrol ; strap (of knapsack). 
t-diere-^^ [It. -diera], f.: army banner. 
-dingue ^''^ [Prov. -dengo, ak. to -der],f.: 
guy-rope (of seine), brail. 

bandins^'' [It. -dini], m. pL: taffrail. 

bandit ^^ [It. -dito (-dire, BANish) outlaw], 
m.: =. 

bandoir^'^ [-der], m.: spring (that binds, 
holds in place). 

fbandolier ^^ or f-doulier* [Sp. -dolero 
(-da, BAND, faction)], m.: 'factioner' (one 
set against law and order) ; BANDit (robber, 

bandoulière^^ [Sp. -dolera (-da, band)], 
/.; bandoleer (shoulder belt) ; certain fish, 

bandure^'^ [Sanskr. -dhura\,f.: bandura, 

banian -^^ [Hindu, -niyan, merchant], m.; 
==, non-flesh-eating Hindu. 

bank-note ^^ [Eng.],/.; =. 

banlieue ^^ /. ; jurisdiction (under 'ban' 
for about a ' league ' around a village) ; 
suburbs, environs. 

ban^ne° [L. benna, chariot],/.; wagon 
(for coal, etc.) ; wooden vessel (to transport 
vintage) ; large basket ; awning, -neau ^^, 
m.: cart ; grain-, or vintage- vessel ; vinegar 
cask. -iier^'^,tr.: cover (with an awning). 

banneret -^^ [-nnière], adj., m.: =. 

ban-neton^^ [banne],m.: bread-basket; 
fish-box, cauf. -nette ^^ [banne], /.; 

banni ^2 [-nnir], m.: exile. 

bannière ^^ [ak. to 2. bandé], f.: banner, 
standard, flag. 

ban->'nir^2 [Frank, -njan, proclaim], tr.: 
banish, -nissable^^, adj.: banishable. 
-nissement^^, m.; BANISHMENT. 

ban^qtte^^ [It. -ca f. of -co (Ger. bank), 
BENCH, counter], /.; fcounter (counting 
ofiice ; hawkers' shop) ; now bank (banking 
house or business ; bank at gambling) ; 
BENCH (of artisans), -qneroute^^ [It. 
-ca-rotta, 'banc rompu'], f.: bankruptcy. 
-queroutier^^, -ière [-querouté], m,,f.: 



bankrupt, -quet^^ [It. -chetto (dim. of 
co)], m.: =. -qneter^* [-quet], intr.: 
banquet, feast, -qneteur [-ter], m.: 
reveler, -qnette^^ [Prov. -queta (dim. 
oîbanc)],/.: =; (covered) bench ; foot- 
way, rampart-walk ; sidewalk ; stone sup- 
port (of window), -qnier^^m.; banker. 
-qttise^^ [banc, fEng. icel],f.: iceberg. 
-quiste-^^, m.: mountebank, quack. 

fbans = bancs, m. pi. of banc. 

banse^'^ [Ger. banse, basket], /.; hamper. 

ban-vin ■^^, m. : proclamation (of the day 
for selling new wine) ; privilege of lord to 
sell wine a certain time to the exclusion 
of others, wine-law. 

fbapaume^'^ [?], m.: complete becalming 
(of ship). 

bajî'^tênie*' [L. -tisma, Gr. -tizein, dip], 
m.: BAPTISM. -tiser^° [L. -tizare], tr.: 
baptise ; christen ; name, -tismal ^% pi. 
aux [L. -tisma], adj.: =. -tistaire^^ 
[tiser], adj.: pertaining to baptism, -tis- 
tere-^*^ [L. -terium], m.: baptistry. 

ba-^-qnet ^^ [bac], m. : BUCKET ; tub ; trough. 
-qneter* ^^, tr. : dip, scoop, bail out (water). 

baqnettes^'^ [for béquettes'!], f. pi. : tongs 
(for drawing wire). 

baqneture ^'^ [-quet], f.: drippings (of 

i.fbar = bard.^^ [Eng.], m.: = (drinking place).^^ or bars [Ger. bars(ch)], m.: 


baragou'^in ^^ [Bret, bara, bread, gwin, 
wine, not understood by the French, hence 
'gibberish'], m.: gibberish, -inage^^, m.: 
jabbering, -iner ^^, tr. : jabber ; pro- 
nounce badly. -Ineur^^, =euse [-iner], 
m.,f.: jabberer. 

baralipton^^ [coined by logicians], m.: 
= (certain syllogism.) 

barandage^^ [? Prov. -randa, closure 
(-rrar, bar)], m.: reserved fishing (indi- 
cated by a net stretched across the stream). 

barange^" [-rrer],f.: wall (to keep the 
wood from the live coals, in salt-works). 

bara'«'qne -^^ [It. -cca (L. barra, bar)], /.; 
BARRACK in sense of 'hut'; hovel; shed 
(of boards answering for tent) ; locker 
(for books) ; temple, -quement ^^ [-quer] , 
m. : hutting, soldier-quarters; encampment. 
-qu^v^^, tr.: hut. 

barat^^ [?], m.: fraud. 

barate^^ [?],/••* sail band (.rope stretched 
across the convex side of a sail to 
strengthen the sail). • 

bar a-'ter ^^ [-rat] , tr. : deceive, -terie ^^, 
/.; fraud (esp. against ship-insurers). 

barat-te^^ [?], /.; churn, -terl^ tr.: 

Barbade, /. ; Barbadoes (island in West 



barbacane^^ [Ar.], /..' barbican; loop- 
hole ; scupper. 

tbarbacole ^^ [name in a play], m. : school- 

barbara^^ [coined by logicians], m.: = 
(a certain syllogism). 

barbarasse^^ [?],/.-• roping (to strengthen 

barba-^rc^^ [L. -rus, orig. 'stammerer')], 
adj.: BARBARIAN ; barbarous (rude ; cruel). 
-revxçnt^^, adv.: like a barbarian. 
-resqwe^"^ [It. -resco], adj.: of Barbary. 
-rie^ [L. -rid],/.: barbarity; barbarism; 
cruelty, -risme^^ [L. -ismus], m.: bar- 
barism (of grammar, or culture). 

I. bar-be 1^ Dt. -hero], m.: Barbary 
horse ; adj. : of Barbary.^be" [L. -6a],/.: beard (of man, of 
animals ; whiskers ; BARB ; filament ; awn 
of grain ; beardlike appendage) ; fuzzy 
mold ; fringe ; jagged edge (as teeth of a 
saw); bit (of a key), a-be^^ [Pied. 
harha, beard; venerable person], m.: 
preacher, priest (among Vaudois). -bo ^^ 
adj.: bearded, barbate, i.-beau^^ [L. 
-helium (harha, beard)], m.: barbel 


2. -bean ^®, m.; blue-bottle 

(plant). -bEléi2 [QFr. -hel, little harhe], 
adj.: barbed (as an arrow), -belle ^^, 

/.; little beard; pappus. -bcrie^^ 
[-bier], f.: fbarber-shop ; barber's art. 
-bErçn^^, m.: plant goat's beard, salsify. 
-huTot^^, m.: fbarber's assistant; poor 
barber. Barberousse, m. : Barbarossa 
(lit. 'red-beard'). i.-bet^^, i. -bette, 
m.,f.: water-spaniel (cf. caniche); (com- 
mon name of several fish) mullet, barbel, 
etc. 2.-bet^^ [3--ôe], m.: Vaudois re- 
fugee; smuggler (in the Alps). 2.-bette-^^, 

/. ; = ; nun's head-dress : coucher à la — , 
'lie down flat.' -beyer^^ [? if fr. -ba, 
'beard' it is like Eng. 'whisk' and 'whis- 
kers'], intr.: shake, flap (as a sail). 
-biche ^^, /.: weak beard; goatee, im- 
perial, -bl-chon^'^ or -biebet [-biche], 
m.: little water-spaniel, -bier^^, m.: 
barber, -bifier ^^, <r. ; shave. -bUle^'', 

/. ; little beard; wire-edge of coins, i.-bii- 
lon^^ [-lie], m.: barbel; gills; wattle. 
2.-biilon^^ [-beau], m.: little barbel 
(fish), -bon^^ [It. -bone, large beard], m. : 
old codger, gray-beard ; sweet rush (plant) ; 
adj.: peevish. 

barbo-tage^^ m.: dabbling, paddling; 
muttering.* -te ^^, /. ; (common name for) 
eel-pout and loach, -teau^® [-bote], m.: 
(common name for) chub, see chevanne. 
Il-^ter^^ [?], intr.: dabble, splatter, splash 
(in mud, in water) ; beat against wind 
(as a ship) without advancing, toil ; tr. : 
splatter, garble (a language), -teur^**, 
=^çe, m., f, ; splatterer, dabbler ; tame 


duck ; /. ; prostitute, -tlere ^®, /. ; paddle, 
duck - pond ; duck - trough, -tine ^'^, /. ; 
semen-con tra (vermifuge), wormwood; pot- 
tery glue (for sticking decorations); 
pottery with relief decorations. 

barbouii-lage^®, m.: daubing; daub; 
scrawl ; jabbering. Il-^ler ^^ [?], tr. : daub, 
smear ; blot ; muss ; mar ; scrawl ; stam- 
mer, -leur^^, -epse, m., /.; poor 
painter, dauber ; poor writer or talker. 

barbouqttet ^~ [bar (L. bis, twice), bou- 
quet], 771.; sore, slight wound (on lips); 
eruption (on sheep). 

barboute^^ [?],/••* sugar (with too much 
syrup in it, after one refining). 

barbu ^^ [-rbe], adj.: bearded; /.: brill, 
dab (fish). 

fbarbuqif et = -bouquet. 

barbure^^ [-rbe], f.: roughness, wire- 
edge (of coins). 

barcarolle ^"^ [Venetian -rota, f. of -rolo, 
gondolier],/,; Venetian boat song. 

tbar-eelonnette = bercelonnette. 

bar-'d" [for beard ^= bay art], m.: barrow; 
truck, t-da-che^^ [It. -scia], m.: sodo- 
mite, -dage^^, m.: moving, carrying, 
loading (with* a barrow). 

bardane^^ [1. L. -dana [L. -da, cover)], 
/.; burdock (plant). 

I .barde ^^ [L. -dus (Gall.)], m. : bard, poet.^^ [It.-rfa (from Arab.)],/.; barb, 
horse-armour ; saddle-blanket ; slice of 
bacon (used to baste meat), -deau^^, 
m. : shingle ; lath ; fboard-dam. 

I. bardée ^^ [i.-der],f.: barrow-load. 

2.bardée^^ [2.-der], /.; slices of fat 
(in basting fowl). 

bardelle^^ [2.harde],f.: saddle-blanket. 

I. bar de r^^ [bard], tr.: load, carry on a 

2.barder'^* [2.barde], tr.: cover (a 
horse) with armour (" barde ") ; baste (fowl). 

bardenr^® [bard], m.: hod-carrier; bar- 

bardis^^ [-rde], m.: partition (in hold of 
ship); water-tight planking. 

bardit^® [1. L. -tus (L. haritus)], m.: 
battle-cry (of the anc. Germans). 

bardot ^^ [It. -dotto ak. to 2.barde], m.: 
beast of burden ; drudge ; refuse paper ; 
butt (of ridicule) ; lead-mule ; hinny. 

barège^^ [valley Bareges], m.: = (a wool 

barème ^^ [mathematician Barrêmé], m. : 
ready-reckoner, interest-book. 

I. barge 15 [?],/.; god-wit (bird). 

2.bargei'^ [1. L. -ga (? Celt. ; cf. barque)], 

/•• =. 

bargui-Êfnage^^, m.; haggling; hesitat- 
ing; IhEfner^i [?], tr., intr.: fcheapen 
(cf. bargain) ; hesitate. -gnenr ^^ 
=QT^aey m.,/.: hesitater; haggler. 


barig©!^^ [It. -gello], m.: chief of sbirros 
(Italian detectives). 

barigoule 1^ [Prov. -goulo], /.; certain 
mushroom ; way of preparing artichokes. 

bari-J" [?], m.: barrel (keg; tub); 
door spring, -llet'^^, m.: little barrel; 
cylinder (of revolver) ; ink-stand ; jewel- 
case ; box (for tape-line) ; drum ; tube ; 
roller. -llqn^\ m.: little barrel ; cylin- 
der (of pump). 








mixture of colours, 
[?], tr.: variegate; 


fbarisel = barigel. 

fbarite = baryte. 

tbarium =^ baryum. 

barleys [t]^/,: fault, break, fracture of 

barliri^' [?], m.; knot (for twisting silk). 

barlongr^^, -onsue [bar (L. bis), twice, 
etc., long], adj.: of unequal length; longer 
on one side than the other. 

barlotiere ^'^ [? barreau], f.: rabbeted 
bar (in a window sash). 

barna-che^^ [Ir.], /.; (vulg.) barnacle; 
certain wild goose. 

baro-centriqite ^^ [Gr. baros, weight, L. 
centrum, center], adj.: courbe — , curve 
measured by the intersection of two lines 
vertical to each other on same meridian. 

baroco^^ [coined by logicians], m.: = 

baro-^mètre^^ [Gr. baros, weight, mêtron, 
measure], m.; barometer, -métrique^", 
adj.: barometrical. 

hsL^Ton^^ [? L. baro (sense of 'soldier')], 
m.: ==. -ronnage** ■^*, m.: rank of baron ; 
body of the barons, -ronne, /. : baron- 
ess, ronnet^" [Eng.], m.: baronet. 
-ronnial^^, pi. =aiia; [-nnie], adj.: bar- 
onial, -ronnie ^^, /. ; barony ; baronage. 

baroque ^^ [Sp. ftarrweco, ill-shaped pearl], 
adj.: = (odd-shaped; queer, grotesque). 

baroscope ^^ [Gr. baros, weight, skopêin, 
examine], m.: =. 

bar-^qwe^^ [It. -rca],/.; boat; bark (cf. 
barge). -quée^^,f.: boat-load. -quE- 
^olle^^/.; small boat; (Adriatic) barge. 
-qitette ^^, /. ; little boat. 

bar-rage ^^, m. : barring up ; closure (of 
road) ; "dam. -rager^* [-rage], m.: toll- 
taker. Ilbar-^re^^' [?],/.: BAR (at court) ; 
tiller ; helm ; hyphen ; lever ; obstacle ; 
stripe, -we&u^^, m.: rail, bar (of wood, 
of iron) : court, bar ; body of lawyers. 
-re-fort ^^ [tfort = forte], m.: pine 
beam, bar-ror^^, tr., intr.: bar up ; ob- 
struct; cancel; stripe; turn the tiller, steer.^^,/.; little bar; axle, pin. 

2.barr©tte^^[It. -tta], /.; bonnet, official 
cap, = : parler à la — de quelqu'un, say 
it to one's face. 

barreur ^^ [-rrer], m.: header, dog 

trained to prevent the escape of game ; 

tiller-holder, helmsman. 
barri-'Cade^^ [It. -cata (-ca, cask)],/.; 

=. -cader ^^, tr. : barricade (orig'ly with 

casks) : se — , screen one's self. 
barrière ^^ [barre], f. : barrier, obstacle ; 

gate ; tilting place. 
barrique ^^ [Prov. -rrica (cf. baril)], f.: 

barrel with capacity of 200 litres or more; 

barr-ir^'^ [L. -ire], intr.: trumpet (of ele- 
phant), -it^^ [L. -iius], m.: trumpeting 

(of elephant). 
barroir^^ [-rre], m.: cooper's auger. 
i.barrot^^ [ak. to barit], m.: kit (for 

anchovies).^rof ^^ [-rre], m.: beam (supporting 

deck of ship), -roter* ^^ ^r. ; fill, load to 

the barrot. 
barrure^'^ [-rrer],f.: cross bars of lute. 
fbars = T,.bar. 
bartavelle^' [Prov. -vela], f.: red or 

Greek partridge. 
baryte ^'^ [Gr. barus, heavy], /.; barytes, 

oxide of BARIUM. 

bax^ort^" [Gr. barils, heavy, tonos, tone], 
m. and adj. : barytone. 

baryum ^^ [ak. to -yte], m.: barium (chem. 

bas", b^sse [p. L. bassus, 'thick' and 
'short'], adj.: low (short; heavy-set; 
BASE, coarse ; vile ; vulgar ; cheap ; bass, 
heavy ; subaltern) ; lower (part of towns, 
rivers, mountains) ; common, not literary ; 
m. : subaltern (officer) ; base, bottom ; 
stocking; low or lower part (of dress, 
house, stairway, etc.) ; commonplace ; 
coarseness ; adv. : below, low, deep, down ; 
in humble condition, at low ebb ; in secret : 
bas-bleu, bluestocking, literary woman ; 
671 — , below, downstairs ; traiter de haut 
en — , treat contemptuously ; à — / down 
with him ! à — les traîtres ! down with the 
traitors ! mettre — , put down, overturn ; 
drop young. 

basal-^te^^ [L. -tes], m.: BASALT (rock). 
-tique ^^, adj.: basaltic. 

basa-ne^2 [Prov. -na (fr. At.)],/.: sheep- 
skin (for benches, chairs, etc), -n©^^, 
tr. : tmake like sheep-skin ; render tawny, 
adj.: tawny, tan. -ner^^ tr.: tan. 

fbas-bleu see bas, m. 

bascu-^le^^ [îor bacule (old -1er, spank: 
battre cul)], f.: see-saw; scales; lever. 
-lev ^^, intr.: see-saw; rock. 

b^-^se^^ [L. (Gr.) basis], /.: =, bottom; 
BASIS, -ser ^', <r. ; base, found, -s-tqnd'*, 
m. : low place ; shallows, -silaire ^^, 
adj.: basilary, principal. 

basile ^'^ [?], m.: slant (of the blade of a 



i.basi-^lic^^ [L. -liscus, Gr. -lîskos (dim. 
of -léus, king)], m.; basilisk (myth, mon- 
ster ; certain harmless arboreal reptile). 
2.-lic ^"* [L. -licon],m. : sweet basil (plant). 
-licqn^^ or -licum [L. fr. Gr. -ZzÀ:o7i, roy- 
al], m.: = (ointment). i.-liqite^^ [L. 
-lica],f. : basilica (Roman ediiice), temple ; 
(later) church. 2.-liqrte^^ [Gr. -likos, 
kingly], adj.: basilic, basilical (of blood 
vessels), principal. 

"basxH^^ [fr. It.], m.; dimity (a cotton 
cloth ; fEng. bombace). 

basique -^^ [base], adj.: basic. 

ba^so-elie° [L. -silica (cf. i.-silique) 
tribunal], /.; body of clerks (of court) 
hav'g certain privileges ; body of lawyers. 
-so-ehieR^^, m.; clerk or lawyer (as be- 
longing to the basoche). 

basqite-^^ [fr. baste (?) infl. by -quine], 
f. : = (part of woman's dress) ; skirt (of 
a man's coat) ; lead (so shaped for roof- 

basqitine^^ [Sp. -quina],f.: certain skirt 
(used among the Basques). 

fbas-relief = relief. 

tbassage = passage.^se° [fem. of bas, low, etc. ; (infl. by 
It. -so)], f.: bass (in music) ; bass voice; 
violoncello : — de viole, (formerly violon- 
cello) ; shoal (shallow water). 2.-se-^^ 
[It. -sa i-sare, lower)], /. ; slope (used 
for galloping), -se-contre^^ , pi. — s — , 
/.; (formerly 'bass-voice') bass-singer. 
-se-cour^^, pi. — s — s,f.: finner court 
or yard (for the querry) ; farm-yard ; 
poultry-yard, -se-fosse ■^'', pi. — s — s, f. : 
underground or deep prison, dungeon. 
-se-xuar-ehe, pi. — , /.; treadle, -sè- 
ment ^^, adv. : humbly ; BASEly, coarsely ; 
tsoftly (of voice), -ser^^ [?], tr.: dress 
(the warp in weaving). -sesse-^^, /.; 
BASEness, meanness ; base action or deed ; 
servility ; depravity, -set ^^, =tte, adj. : 
rather low; m.: = (low-set dog), -se- 
tai^e-^^, pi. — s — s,f.: (formerly ' bary- 
tone' between bass and tenor); basso- 
prof ondo ; tbas-relief. -sette^® [It. 
-setta],f.: BASSet (game at cards). 

fbassile = bacile. 

bas-^sin" [1. L. bacchinon (? ak. to bac)], 
m. : BASIN (hollow vessel, bowl ; reservoir 
dock for ships ; river-system) ; dessert- 
plate ; plate (of balance) ; pit ; pelvis. 
-sinage^^ [-ner], m.: sprinkling (plants) ; 
wetting up (bread) . -sine ^^, /. ; pan (for 
confectionery), -since -^^ /.; basinful, 
panful. -siner-^^ tr.: moisten, wet; 
soak (willows) ; warm (as a bed with a 
BASIN of coals), -sinet^^, m.: little basin ; 
fire-pan (of old flint-lock gun) ; fmetallic 
hood (of helmet) ; drip-cup (under a light) ; 
crowfoot (plant). -sinolre^^ [-siner], 


/.; warming-pan. -sinot, m.: tub (of a 

basson -^^ [basse], m.: bassoon (musical 
instrument) ; bassoonist. 

tbas^tant-^^ [-ter], adj.: sufiicient. 
i.-te-^° [3 sing. Pr. Ind. -ter], inter j.: 
enough ! nonsense ! hold ! 

2.baste^^ [It. -ta], f.: fold, plait (of 

3.baste^^ [Sp. -to, clubs at cards], m.: 
ace of clubs (at ombre). 

baster-^^ [It. -tare], intr.: fsuffice ; be 

basterne^^ [1. L. -terna], f.: (Roman) 
litter ; ox-chariot (of early French kings). 

bas^tide ^^ [Prov. -tida {-tir = Fr. bâtir)], 
f. : fortification, redoubt ; = ; (dial.) 
country-house, -tille^^, f.: ffortress; 
bastile (fort in Paris, used as a prison). 

bas-tingage ■^'^ [-tinguer], m.: protective 
roping (about a fighting ship). H-^tin- 
qtte^^ [It. -tinga], /.; (ship's) quarter- 
netting, -tingiter ■'■^, tr.: furnish with 
protective roping ; arrange, stow (in the 
bastingage, rope barricade). 

bas-'tioti. ^^ [It. -tione], m.: =, mass of 
protective earth. -tionner-^^, tr.: 
furnish with a bastion ; -tionné, adj. : 

bastonnade ^^ [Sp. -tonada (-ton =Fr. 
bâton, cane)],/.; bastinado, caning. 

bastrmgite^^ [?], m.: noisy public 

tbastude = battude. 

bas-ventre, m.: hypogastric region. 

i.bat^^ [battre], m.: fbeating (of pulse); 
beater, tail (of fish), tip (of wing). 

2.bat [? ak. to bâtir], m.: covering 
board, plank-sheer (of ship-planking). 

bât-^^ [1. L. bastum, ak. to Gr. bastazein 
(?), carry], m.: pack-saddle. 

bataclan ^^ [?], m.: traps, luggage. 

ba-^tail^"^ [-ttre], m.: hammer, striker (of 
clocks). -ta.ille° [p. L. -ttalia (L. -ttuere, 
beat)],/.; battle; card game; line of 
battle ; infantry (forming centre of 
army) : c'est son cheval de — , it is his 
hobby, -taillé^®, adj.: hav'g a batail, 
striker, -taitler^-^ [-taille], intr.: bat- 
tle, give battle (not used of armies). 
-tai^eur^^, =euse [-tailler], adj.: con- 
tentious, fond of fighting, -tai^lon^^ 
[It. -ttaglione], m.: battalion. 

batar-^d^^ [bât: réf. to the use of saddles 
as beds by muleteers], adj.: bastard (of 
impure race, or stock) ; feigned ; m. (/. 



-de) : illegitimate child, i .-dean • 

dim. of bâtard. 
2.bâtardeau^^ [OFr. bâtard (bâtir), 

structure, dike], m.; dam or embankment ; 

planking (aboard ship to keep out water). 
batar-dière^^ [-d], /.; .nursery (of bud- 

Bâta vie 

ded or grafted trees), -dise^^ [-d], /.; 

Bâta- vie, /.; Batavia (poetic for Hol- 
land), -viqite^^, adj.: Dutch: larme 
— , Prince Rupert's drop (a glass globule 
that breaks up fine if it is broken at all). 

fbate = 2.bat. 

'b|,te^^ [1. L. hasta ak. to bâtir, bâton],/.: 
fsupport ; setting (of ring) ; case (of 
watch, snuff-box). 

"bâté-^^ [-ter], adj.: hav'g a pack-saddle 
on, saddled. 

"bateau ^^ [OEng. bat],m.: boat: boatload; 
(boat-like) bed ; body (of carriage) ; dish : 
— à vapeur, steamboat. 

i.batelage^^ [-leur], m.: sleight-of- 
hand.^*, m.: loading, unloading 
of ships, "lighterage, -telée^^ [-teau], 

f.: boat-load. H-^teler^^ [-teau], intr.: 
load or unload (ship), -telet-'^''^ [-teau], 
m.: little boat. 

bateleur ■^^, =euse [OFr. basteler, jug- 
gle], m.,/.: juggler, magician; mounte- 

ba'-'tElier ■^^, =ière [-teler], m.,f.: boat- 
man, -tellerie -^^j [-teau],/.: transfer 
(by boats). 

tbatême, etc. = baptême, etc. 

bâter -^^ [bât], tr.: saddle (with a pack- 

bat^ometre^^ [Gr. bathus, deep, métron, 
measure], m.: bathymeter. 

I. bâti ^' [-tir, build], m.: scaffolding, 
lattice, trellis-work. 

z.bati-^"^ [-tir, baste], m.: BASTing. 

bâ-tief^^ [bât], m.: maker of pack- 
saddles, -tière^^ [6a^], /.; pack-saddle; 
roof (resembling pack-saddle). 

batifo-lage ■^^, m.: romping, -lant^^, 
adj.: playful, romping. H-^ler^^ [It. 
battifolle, 'rampart' as a place for play], 
intr. : play, have sport ; esp. play games 
with the hands, -leur-^^, =euse, m.,f.: 

hàtiment^^ [-tir, build], m.: fconstruc- 
tion (of building) ; structure ; ship, ves- 
sel : être du — , be participant in an 

bâtine^^ [bât],f.: cushioned pack-saddle. 

i-bâtir^^ [OHG. bastjan, sew], tr.: baste, 

2.tba-tir° [p. L. bastîre (?)], tr.: build 
(construct, erect ; frame, shape, form). 
t-tissage^^, m.: constructing (of house, 
etc.); shaping (of hats), -tisse ^"^j /.; 
heavy part (of building) ; walls, -tis- 
seur ^^, =euse, m.,f.: builder; one fond 
of building, -tissoir ^'^, m. : stav.e-setter 
(cooper's machine). 

batiste ^^ [name of first maker], /.; 
cambric (cloth). 



bâ-ton-i"^ [1. L. -tbasto (?)], m.: =; 
stick, rod ; cane ; support ; pole (for 
banners, etc.) ; round, rung (of a chair) ; 
whip ; staff, rod (of authority) ; pump- 
handle ; wand ; stroke (in writing) ; bar 
(music) ; crook ; crosier (of bishops) ; 
perch ; spoke (of wheel) ; battre Veau 
avec un — , try in vain ; mettre des — s 
dans les roues, put on brakes ; à - — s 
rompus, piecemeal ; tour de — dishonest 
gain ; — s flottants, driftwood ; what ap- 
pears important but proves of no con- 
sequence ; t — blanc, bare branch, i.e. 
empty -handedness, poverty; Martin 
Bâton, proverbial name for a valet who 
cudgels, -tonuage^^, m.: tickling (a 
brute's palate to cause eructation). 
-tonnât -^^ [-tonnier], m.: functions or 
term of a bâtonnier. -tonnée ^^, /.: 
pumpage, spurt (of one stroke of ship's 
pump). -tonner ^^ tr.: cudgel, flog, 
whip ; cross out (what is written), -ton- 
net ■^^, m.: little bâton; tip-cat (children's 
game with stick sharpened at both ends) ; 
straight part of a cup-and-ball ; four- 
edged ruler ; veterinary's instrument (for 
bleeding) ; minute cylindrical body in the 
retina ; name of certain infusoria, -ton- 
nier ^^ m.: fstandard-bearer ; chief of 
the lawyer's association ; annual president 
(of lawyer's association in France), -ton- 
niste, m. : cudgel-player ; stick-trick- 
ster (with a magic wand). 

batoude^^ [? It. battuto (ak. to battre), 
flooring], /. ; spring-board. 

batra-cieii^^ [Gr. -chos, frog], m.: ba- 

bat-tage ^^, m. ; beating, hammering ; 
threshing (of grain) ; churning (of but- 
ter) ; pulverizing, -tant^^, adj.: beat- 
ing, pelting : porte battante, two-leafed 
door; self-acting door; m,: clapper (of 
bell) ; each leaf (of a door, table) ; latch 
(of door) ; flap, fly. f-tatit-l'œil^'^, pi. 
— , TO.; morning cap. i.-te-^^ [?], /.: 
cantle of a saddle. 2.-te^^ /.; ham- 
mering ; striker (flat stick for smoothing 
down plaster, etc.) ; paving-rammer ; 
dasher (of churn) ; ball-BAT ; wooden 
sword ; meat-mallet ; wash-board, -tée^^, 
/.; what a workman can beat at one stroke ; 
jamb (of door), -tellement ^^ [? OFr. 
-teiller, indent], m. : lowest layer (of roof- 
tiling), -tement^^, m.; beating (of 
drum, feet, oars) ; repeated beating, flut- 
tering ; palpitation ; jamb (of door, or 
anything on which a movable piece 
closes); shake (in music), -terie -^^j /. ; 
battery ; fight ; beat (of drum) ; striking 
strings (of guitar, instead of picking 
them) ; (electric) battery ; apparatus or 
place for beating in manufacturing ; 



kitchen utensils (as of metal battu). 
-teur^^, =euse, to., /.; beater ; (flail; 
thresher, gold-worker ; beater who scares 
up game) ; scout ; marauder ; /. ; ^^ thresh- 
ing machine, separator, -titure^^ [It. 
-titura], /.; spark, scale (from forged 
iron). -toir , to.; bat; beetle (in 
washing) ; tennis-racket. t-toire, /. ; 
(dial.) churn. Hbat^tre" [L. bâttueré], 
irr.% ; tr. : beat (strike, BATTER, pound ; 
defeat ; thresh ; hammer ; search as 
though beating up game ; clap hands) ; 
beat, mark time) ; flap (wings) ; shuffle 
(cards) : se — , fight, comBAT, scuffle ; 
scramble ; — Vair, Veau, have one's 
trouble for nothing; — le pavé, run 
the streets ; se — à la perche, struggle 
in vain ; il ne bat plus que d'une aile, he 
hasn't all his resources. -tu, adj.: 
beaten : fer — , sheet iron ; to. ; un — 
d'or, gold-foil, gold-leaf, -tude^^ [Prov. 
batuda], f.: seine -tue ^^,/.; beating up 
(wild game), hunt ; beating (of silk co- 
coons in hot water) ; hoof -beat (of a 
horse), -ture ^^, f. : treating ; batter, 
mixture ; gold-lackering ; shoals, reef 
(where waves beat). 

§ Ind. : Pr. èais, bats, bat. — I've bats. 
Otherwise regular. 

bau^2 [OHG. balcho (— Ger. Balken), 

beam], to.; beam (of ship); maître — , 

mid-ship beam. 
baubi^® [?], TO.; certain stocky dog (for 

hunting fox, boar, etc). 
bap-ehe^^ [also bauge, ak. to bauque],/.: 

mortar (of dirt and straw) ; mud (for 

building rude houses). 
bau-di3 [? OHG. bald, bald], to.; (Bar- 

bary) deer-hound, -det^^ to.; jack-ass; 

block-head ; saw-buck, -dir ^^, tr. : set 

(dogs) on, excite, incite. 
Baudouin, to.; Baldwin. 
baudrier ^^ [OHG. balderich, (? L. balteus, 

belt)], TO.; belt. 
baudru-ebe ^® [?],/••' an intestinal mem- 
brane (used to make toy-balloons, and by 

gold-beaters to enclose gold-leaf). 
baufe^" [Prov. -/o],/.; trot-line. 
bau-i'ge^^ [?],/,; lair (of wild animals); 

see b'auche. bau-ger^^, reft.: betake 

itself to its lair. 
fbaugite =: bauque. 
i.bâpmei2 [i i^ 5^/^^ (? Celt.)], /.; 

grotto.;B-i'nie° [L. balsamum (fr. Gr.-Heb.)], 

TO. ; BALSAM, balm ; mint : — d'acier 

{facet.), dentist's forceps, bau-mier ^''^, 

TO.; balsam tree. 
bajBqtte^^ [Prov. 6awco, ak. to bauche],f.: 

(grass, etc. used as) bedding, packing. 
bauqitière^^ [bauc, old for bau],f.: (nav.) 

beam support. 


banquln^^ [= i. bouquin], to.; mouth 
end (of glassblower's tube). 

baux, see bail. 

bavar-'-d^^ [bave], adj.: talkative; to., 
/. ; talker, prattler ; busybody, -dage ^'^, 
TO.; prattle, talk, bosh, -der^^, intr.: 
prate; blab. If -d^rie^^ [-der],f.: talka- 
tiveness, -diner ^^, intr.: (humor.) 
prattle, f-dise^^ [-der],f.: talk, trifles. 

bavarois, =oise, to., /. ; Bavarian ; to. ; 
Bavarian language; /.; drink (made of 
tea, syrup and milk) ; adj. : Bavarian. 

ba-^ve^^ [echoic; cf. babiller], f. : (OFr.) 
babbling, prattling ; slobbering ; slime (of 
snail) ; first threads secreted by silk-worm. 
-ver* ^^, intr. : slobber ; flow steady (as 
blood f r. a vein, not an artery), -vette ^^ 
/. ; bib ; piece of flesh under the sirloin 
(fr. its shape) ; lid, cover (in certain 
constructions) : tailler une — , prattle. 





[-veux], f.: blenny (fish). 
euse, adj. : slobbering ; run- 
ning (of wound) ; scrawling (writing) : 
not cooked enough (of omelette), -vo- 
•eher^® [-ver], tr.: mar (in printing, etc.); 
make uneven, -vo-chure" [-vocher], f. : 
blurred work ; unevenness. 

Bavière,/.; Bavaria. 

bavqis^^ [?], to.; table of rates of coinage 

bavo-'let^^ [bas, volet], to.; rustic head- 
dress, -lette ^^, /. ; girl wearing a peasant 

bavure ^^ [-ver], f: mark, monk's seam 
(left by the joint in the mould). 

bayadere ^^ [Port, bailadeira, ak. to bat], 
f : East Indian dancing girl. 

bayart^^ [?], to.; kind of barrow truck; 
(cf. bard). 

ba— yer** [p. L. *batàre (?)], intr.: yawn, 
gape ; gaze ; Proverb : "fbéer contre un 
four, be overmatched ; — aux corneilles, 
lose one's time in gazing ; gaze with eager 
desire, -yeur^^, =epse, m.,f.: curious 
or idle gaper. 

tbayonnette = baïonnette. 

bazar ^^ [Pers.], to.; = (market). 

bdellaire^^ [Gr. bdélla, leech], to.; animal 
of leech type. 

bdellium ^^ [L. (fr. Heb.)], to.; =. 

béant ^^ [p'le of béer, old for bayer], adj.: 
gaping, yawning. 

béa--t^^, -te [L. beatus, happy], adj.: 
fhappy ; beautified by the church ; sanc- 
timonious; h)T)ocritically pious; m., f: 
fsilent beneficiary ; hypocrite ; béates, f. 
pi. : women who keep the rules of an 
order though not members of it. -tifi- 
csLtioft^^ [-tifier],f.: =. -tifier^^ [1. 
L. -t'^icare], tr. : fmake happy ; beatify. 
-tifiqne^^ [1. L. -tificus], adj.: beatific. 
-tilles ^^ /. pi. : work of béates, miscel- 


laneous things ; tid-bits, dainties. -tl- 
tude^^ [L. -titudo], /.; = ; title of sov- 
ereign pontiff. 

beau" (or bel bef . vowel-sound), pL — oc^f. 
bell^ [p. L. bellus], adj.: BEAUtiful (hand- 
some, fair, fine); exact; m. : (the) beautiful; 
beauty ; beau ; belle ; adv. : finely, well : 
j'ai — (elipt. for 'it is all very well for 
me,' hence) it is useless for me, I ... in 
vain ; e.g. j'ai (tu as, il a, etc.) — dire, 
it is useless for me (thee, him) to speak, 
I (thou, he) speak in vain ; vous avez — 
faire, you try in vain ; le — sexe, fair sex ; 
— mangeur, great eater ; les — x arts, 
fine arts ; un bel esprit, person of fine 
taste ; les belles, the fair sex, women ; le 
temps est au — , the weather is fine ; cela 
vous fait une belle jambe, what good will 
that do you? porter — , carry himself well 
(of horse, or dog) ; acheter du — , buy 
things of good quality ; les — x esprits se 
rencontrent, great minds run in same 
channel (said when two have same idea at 
once) ; une belle affaire, fine affair (fine 
muss) ; faire un — coup, make a lucky 
hit ; tout — , be still ! (expression to quiet 
a cross dog) ; il est arrivé — premier, 
far ahead (of race horse) ; au — milieu 
de la rue, exactly in the middle; bel et 
bon, perfectly, -coup ^^ [lit. ' fine piece '], 
m.; great deal, much; (with de) much, 
many; a great deal; adv.: much, consid- 
erably : à — près, by a great deal, near ; 
de — , by far ; a good deal ; il s'en faut 
de — , it is very far from. 

beaucuit^^ [pop. etym. Eng. buckwheat], 


bean-fi^s ^®, pi. — x — , m. ; step-son ; 
(rarely) son-in-law. -frère ^°, pi. — x — s, 
m.: brother-in-law. -pere^^, pi. — x — s, 
step-father ; father-in-law. 

beaupré ^^ [pop. for Eng. bowsprit], m.: 


beauté** [p. L. *bellitas (cf. beau)], f: 


tbeauvean = biveau. 

beauvotte^* [? L. 6eiwa, beast],/.; (dial.) 
grain insect. 

bébé^^ [Eng. baby], to.; baby; doll. 

bee**, [p. L. beccus], to.; beak (of birds, 
turtles, fish, certain insects, etc.) ; mouth ; 
PEAK, point (as of pen, anchor, ship) : 
tenir quelqu'un le — dans l'eau, keep one 
waiting in vain (fr. the figure of a water 
bird waiting) ; faire le petit — , mince 
matters; Marie bon bec, great talker; 
être pris par le — , convicted by his own 
words ; avoir le — bien affilié, be talkative ; 
blanc — , mouth with no moustache, green- 
horn, tlïéoard^^ TO.; (vitZ^.) merganser ; 
(vulg.) salmon, bécarde ^^, /. ; magpie 
(of Cayenne). 



bécarre ^^ [It. be-quudro ' b-squared '],/. ; 

natural (in music). 

bécas-^se^^ [bec], f: wood-cock; dupe, 
fool ; basket-maker's machine : brider 
la — , catch the dupe ; — d'arbre, owl. 
-seau ^^, TO. ; young wood-cock ; sand- 
piper, -siit^^, -son, TO.; small snipe. 
-sine ^^ /. ; snipe. 

fbeccard := bécard. 

fbec-cornu = becque-cornu. 

bec-d*âne = bédane, -ds-cane^^, pi. 
— s , TO.; "duck bill," surgeon's nip- 
pers ; lock (hav'g a beveled bolt) ; knob 
or handle (of a door). -dE-corbirt-^*, pi. 
— s , TO. ; ship-calker's nippers ; hal- 
berd (of king's guards) : les becs-de-corbin, 

gentlemen. -dE-grue**, pi. — s , to. ; 

crane's-bill (geranium). -dE-lievre -^^j 
pi. — s , TO. ; hare-lip. 

becfigite^^ [bee (bequer) , figue], m. : fig- 
pecker (bird). 

bé-ehamel^^ [the gourmand Bechamel], 
f: cream sauce. 

bé-ehard^^ [bêche], to.; sort of hoe. 

bé-cbaru^^ [Prov. becharut], to.; (vulg.) 

i-tbe-ehe = bechevet. 

bé'^-ebe ^^ [1. L. besca], f. : spade ; insect. 
-■ehelon^^, to.; small grubbing hoe. 
-■cher^^ tr.: dig, spade. -cheton^^ 
[-chette], to.; garden spade, -chette^^, 
/.; spade. 

be-che-^vet^^ [L. bis, doubly, chevet], m.: 
fbolster (pillow) : couchera à — , lie, one's 
feet at other's head. -vEter ^^, tr. : place 
end for end. 

béchiqtte^^ [L. -chicus (Gr. béx, cough)], 
adj.: bechic (cough-relieving), cough; 
TO.; cough-medicine. 

be-ehour ^^ [-cher], to.; large hoe. 
-•ehon^^ [che], to.; little hoe. 

bécot ^^ [bee], to.; little snipe, hecquc" 
cornu ^^ [I. becco-cornuto, horned buck], 
TO. ; cuckold ; fool. tbec<ïttée = béquée, 
etc. t1l>écune ^^ [bec], f : sea-pike (fish). 

bEdaine^^ [OFr. boudaine (boude, big 
helly)], /.; (very f am..) big belly; beHy, 
paunch ; globular vase ; rock (as pro- 

bédane ^^ [for bec-d'âne], to.; chisel. 

bE-i'deau^^ [L. -dellus (Ger. root bid-, 
cry out)], TO.; beadle (old, lower court 
officer ; university sergeant ; now, church 
or parish officer), -deande ^^, adj. : f. : 
of mixed colour (in allusion to robe of 

bédegar^* [fr. Pers.], to.; rose-gall. 

bEdo^H-^^ [ak. to bedaine], to.; big belly; 
tdrum : — de Suisse, double-headed drum. 
-ndaine-^^ [bedon, bedaine], f: tbig 
belly ; bag-pipe ; rock (as projectile) ; 
hurling machine. 



bée^^ [îorhéêe (béer)], adj.: open, gaping; 

/. .* [same word as baie, gap], opening, 
lower end of mill-race. 

tbeefsteak bif- = bifteck. 

tbéer = bayer. 

beflâer^'*, [ak. to Eng. baffle], tr.: fridi- 
cule ; mystify. 

beffroi ^^ [OHG. berc-vrit (bergen, protect, 
vride, peace), protecting tower], m.: 
movable tower (used in sieges) ; alarm- 
bell tower, BELFRY, bell. 

bé-gaieinent-^^-5'é-, m.: stammering, im- 
pediment (in speech), -gayant-^*' -gai-, 
adj. : stammering, "f-gayement -gai- = 
-gaiement. ll-^-gayer^* [-gue], intr.: 
stammer, hesitate ; champ, shake the bit 
(said of horse). 

bégonia ^'^ [Gen. Bêgon],m.: = (plant). 

bégu^^, -gjië [?], adj.: having age marks 
(on teeth after time for marks to disap- 
pear, said of horses). 

bègite-^^ [l],adj.: stammering; m.,f.: 

bégueu^le-^* [bée (béer), gueule], /.; 
gaper ; one who makes much ado about 
nothing ; adj. : affectedly scrupulous, pru- 
dish, -lerie ^'^, /. ; affected nicety. 

bégu-in-^^ m.: biggin, Béguine' s cap; 
cap that ties under the chin ; (very fam.) 
avoir un — pour quelqu'un, pour quelque 
chose, have a passion for. -inage ^^, m. ; 
community of Beguine nuns ; exaggerated 
piety. Il^'^ine^^ [Bègue, founder of the 
order],/.; Beguine (relig. sister) ; sister of 
third order of St François; affected devotee. 

beige ^^ [bis, brown], adj.: (dial.) yellow- 
white (as wool). 

beignet ^^ [bigne], m.: little lump ; fruit 

tbeiram = bairam. 

béja^ne^^ [bec, jaune], m.: yellow BEAK 
(of young birds) ; young bird ; eyas (young 
hawk) ; — s, new-comers : payer son — , 
pay initiation. 

bel = beau. 

bé Sandre ^^ [Dutch -der (by, * near,' land)], 
/.: bilander (flat bottomed boat with 

be-larit^^, adj.: bleating, -lement^^, 
m.: bleating. H-^ler" [balare], intr.: 

belette ^^ [bel, as though 'little beauty'], 
/. ; weasel. 

Belgiqtte,/.; Belgium (the kingdom). 

bè-iier^'^ [Flem. bell, bell], m.; bell- 
wether ; Aries ; battering-ram ; pile 
driver; (hydraulic) ram. -liere^*, /. 
clapper-ring ; watch-ring ; leather ring 



supporting cavalry sabre. bE-liti 
(dial.) sheep. 
bélître •'^*, [Ger. battler, beggar], m. 
fbeggar ; good-for-nothing. 


belladone ^^ [It. bella donna, 'fair lady'], 

/.; belladonna (plant, medicine). 

bellâtre ^^ [bel], adj.: of insipid beauty; 
m. ; insipid beauty. 

belle (see beau): -à-voir-^^, J9^. — s , 

/. ; summer cypress, -dame ^^, pi. — s — s, 
f. : belladonna, garden spinage ; notch- 
weed; butterfly. -dE-jour^^, pi. — s — 
— ,/.; asphodel, day-lily. -dE-nuit-^®, 

pi. — s , /. ; jalap (blooms at night) ; 

sedge-warbler; (very /am.) "night bird" 
(gay woman). -d'onze-Tienres-^^, pi. 

— s , /.; star of Bethlehem (flower). 

-d'mt-jour-^^, pi. — s -, /.; (yellow) 

asphodel, -tille^^, pi. — s — s. f.: step- 
daughter ; daughter-in-law. -ment ^^, 
adv. : steady ! easy ! (to quiet a horse, 


-mère^*, pi. — s — s, f.: step- 

mother ; mother-in-law. — s-lettres, 
/. pi.: = (polite literature). -sœur^* 
œu = eu, /. ; step - sister ; sister - in- 

belli-gérant-^^ [L. -gerans (bellum, war, 
gerere', wage)], adj.: belligerent. 
-quevDc^^, =epse [L. -cosus], adj.: belli- 
cose, martial. 

bellisis [L.],/; daisy. 

bellissime ^^ [It. -mo (L. bellus, pretty)], 
adj.: (fam.) most beautiful. bElot^^ 
=otte [bel], adj.: pretty (as a child) ; to., 
/. ; pretty one (term of endearment). 

bElo^ce^^ [?], /..' (dial.) wild plum, 
-■eier^^, m.: wild plum-tree. 

bElone^^ [L.],f.: sea-pike, gar-fish. 

bElouse, see blouse. 

bel-outi^, TO.; jeweler's anvil, -ve- 
dere^*^ [It., 'beautiful view'], to.; belve- 
dere (place commanding a fine view ; bel- 
vedere pavilion). 

bewtbex^^ [Gr., spinning top], to.; digger- 

bémol -^^ [be (lettre b), mol], to.; b-flat (in 
music) ; sign for b-flat. 

ben^* [Ar. ban], to.; ben (-tree-nut, -oil). 

bénarde^* [Bernard], /.; kind of lock, 

bénédi-cité ^^ [L. bene-dicite, 'bless ye,' 
first word of the prayer], to.; prayer (said 
before a meal), blessing. 

bénédictiti^^, =ine [1. L. -tinus (Bene- 
dictus)], m.,f.: monk, nun (order of St. 

bénédictio»!^^ [L. -dictio (-dicere,h\esa)], 
/.; =, blessing; consecration. 

bénéfi'-'ce ^'-^ [L. -cium (bene, well, fa- 
cere, do), benefit], to.; benefit; bene- 
fice; advantage, -ciaire^^ [L. -cmWws], 
adj.: of a benefice (law, person), bene- 
ficiary; of legally limited liability for 
debts ; to. ; beneficiary, -eial ^^, adj. : 
of a church-benefice. i.-cier^* [1. 
L. -ciarius], to.; holder of a benefice. 


2.-eler ^'^, intr. : make a profit (in business, 
etc.) ; enjoy an advantage. 

bsnêt^^ [Norm, -neeit (L. -ne-didus, 
blessed)], adj.: kindly; silly; m.: silly 

béné-^vole^^ [L. -volus {bene, well, volo, I 
will)], adj.: benevolent (kind, well-wishing, 
charitable). -voleniçnt^^,adv.: benevo- 

bé-nig nement •^^, adv.: benignly, -ni- 
gnité^^ [L. -nignitas], f.: benignity, 
kindness ; non-malignity (of disease). 
Il-.'iiin^^, =if/ne [L. benignus, kind], adj.: 
benign, kind. 

be^nir [1. L. bene-dieere ('well-say'), 
bless], tr.: bless ; consecrate, -nit, =:ite, 
adj. : blessed; fdevoted (consecrated, holy): 
eau bénite, holy water ; insincere prom- 
ises, -nitier^"^ [OFr. eau-benoitier (fr. 
eau-benoite, -bénite, holy water)], m.: 
aspersorium, basin (for holy water), = ; 
large shell (to use as basin). 

Benjamin [Jacob's youngest son], m.: 
favorite child. 

benjoin ^^ [1. L. benzoe (fr. Ar.)], m.: 

BENJAJHIN (benzoin). 

fbenne** [L. -nna (fr. Gall.)], /.; (dial.) 

cart ; hutch ; lift (of mines) ; hurdle (in 

water to keep fish back). 
BEnoi-f, m.; Benedict (the saint), -te, 

/.; Benedicta. 
bEnoit, =oite, [L. -nedictus (bene, well, 

dicere, say) blessed], adj.: "fgood; if am.) 

sanctimonious, affectedly religious. 

-noite^^ \L.-nedicta (sc. herba, 'herb')], 

/.; BENNET (plant). 
ben-zine ^^ [1. L. benziê\,f. : =. -zoate ^"^, 




zoïqne^', adj.: benzoic. 

béotien ^^ [Beotie, Beotia], m.: dullard. 

bé-^qwé^^ [bec], adj.: beaked, -qtie- 

bois, m.: woodPECKER. -quée^^, f.: 

BEAK-ful; food (in the beak), -qner^*, 
tr.: pick or peck (with beak), -qne- 
roUe, /.; (dial.) snipe, -quet^^, m.: 
vulg.) salmon (cf. bécard) ; triangular 
patch (of leather or cloth) ; pad (in print- 
ing) ; tag (to a proof-sheet), -qneter*^*, 
tr.: pick (with beak) ; caress, -qttette^'^, 
/. ; forceps (of wire- worker, etc.) ; helm- 
post (to which the tiller is fastened). 
-qiii^ard ^'^ [-quille, crutch], m. ; cripple ; 
(fam.) codger, -qtiiae^^, /.; crutch; 
spade-like hoe ; helm-post (cf. béquette) : 
couteau à — , two-bladed spud-knife ; door- 
handle, -quiller^^ [-quille], intr.: go 
on crutches ; tr. : prop up, stay (a ship) ; 
cultivate (with a béquille), i . -qtiiilon ^^ 
[-quille], m.: short crutch, prop ; little 
béquille. 2.-qt«-illon^^ m.: beak (of 
young hawk, etc.) ; beak-shaped leaf (of 
certain plants). t-^^Çt = bécot, 
fber = bers. 

Berber, =ère, m.,f.: Berber; /.: Bar- 
bery (in Africa). 

bercail" [p. L. *berbicâlius (L. berbex, 
sheep)], m. : sheep-cot, -fold ; fold (church). 

ber-ee^^ [?],/.•' cow-parsnip. 

ber-eeau^^ [bers], m.: cradle; bower, 
arbor-walk ; vault ; printer's plank, bank ; 
(engraver's) scraper. 

ber-celle-^^ [cf. brucelle],/. ;(glassworker's) 

ber-CElonnette^^ [-ceau],/.: little cradle. 

ber-cer^^ [bers], tr.: cradle, rock ; quiet ; 
pace (of horse) ; lull, -cfyase ^*, /. •' 
rocker, she who rocks ; cradle-song. 

béret ^^ [Prov. (L. birrus, red)], m.: 
Basque cap ; head-dress. 

bergame^^ [Bergame, Ital. city], /.; 
coarse tapestry (superseded by wall-paper). 

bergamo-te^^ [It.-motta (fr. Turk. )],/.; 
bergamot (pear) ; confection (made of its 
essence), -tier^^, m.: bergamot (tree). 

i.fbergei^ [? Celt.],/.: walls (along ditch, 
river) ;* sidewalk (along river-bank). 

2.tberge = i. barge. 

S-fberge = 2.barge. 

ber'-'ger*', -gère [p. L. *-bicarius (L. -bex, 
sheep')], m.: shepherd; swain, lover; /.; 
shepherdess ; lass, nymph ; wagtail (bird) ; 
head-dress (of 18th C.) ; easy-chair ; adj. : 
amorous : l'heure du — , the lucky mo- 
ment. -gErette ^'*, /. ; little shepherdess ; 
wagtail ; shepherd's Easter-song ; Easter- 
wine. -gErie^^, /.; sheep-fold, -cot; 
pastoral poetry. -gEronnette ^^,f. : little 
shepherdess ; wagtail. 

fbergin = bourgin. 

béri-êhot^^ [?], m.: (dial.) wren. 

tberil = béryl. 

berle" [L. -rula],f.: water-parsley. 

ber'<'line ^"^ [Berlin], /.; berlin (four- 
wheeled carriage). i. -lingot ^^, m.: 
single-seated berlin ; poor carriage. 

2. berlingot ^^ [It. -gozzo (?), macaroon], 
m.; caramel. 

Berlioz, m.: B., the music composer 

tberloqne = breloque. 

berlue^* [bis-, OFr. *lue (ak. to L. lux, 
light)], m. : visual defect, dimsightedness. 

i.berme^^ [Dutch breme, brim],/.: BERM, 
walking space by a ditch. 

2.ber-niei^ [1], f.: tub, vat. -mier", 
=ère, m.,f.: laborer at the vat. 

berxnudienne^'^ [Bermuda],/.: Bermuda 

bernable^''^ [-ner], adj.: hazable ; to be 
tossed (in blanket). 

tberna«li6 or bernaole =: barnache. 

bernage^^ [bren, old for bran], m.: feed- 
or forage-crop. 

bernard-l'Ttermite^*, m.: hermit-crab. 

berna.udoir^'^ [?], m,: fluff-, or thrum- 




basket (in wool -mills to gather up 

I. "berne ^^ [?], /.; waft, distress-signal 

(doubling of flag at half-mast as distress- 
signal, etc., at sea) : en — , awaft, on 

2.ber'^ne-^^ [Sp. hernia, rug, blanket],/. ; 

fbed-cover ; blanket (to toss with) ; ftoss- 

ing; banter, -nement-^^ [-ner], m.: 

tossing; hazing, -ner, tr.: toss, blanket, 

haze; ridicule, -neur^'^ [-?ier], m.; 

fbernicle = harnache. 
bernique ^'^ [?], interj.: (/am.) fooled 

again ! 
berniquefc-"^^ [?], m. and interj.: être au 

— , be at his wits' end ; (/am.) — pour 

sansonnet, you can't make it ! 
béron^'^ [?], m.: spout, outlet (for cider, 

oil in a press). 
berquinade^^ [Berquin, author of moral 

books for children],/.; work in Berquin's 


tberre* == hêret. 
Ijers^^ [?], m.; fcradle ; ways (over which 

to launch ship) ; hurdle. 
bertavelle^^ [It. -llo],f.: bow-net (of 

reeds, willow). 
tbertEler = hretteler. 
bert/ie^^ [fr. modest Queen Berthe],/.: 

bertha (cape worn with décolleté dress). 
berubleau^'^ [Ger. herg-blau, mountain 

blue], m.; carbonate of copper. 
béryl ^^ [fr. L. -ryllus], m.: :=, kind of 

bEsa~-ee° [p. L. *hissaccia (L. bis, twice, 

saccus, sack)],/.; beggar's ('two-bagged') 

sack (hung across the shoulder), wallet, 

bag; (Jig.) beggary, --cier, m.; beggar. 
bEsaigre^^ [L. pejorat. bis, Fr. aigre], 

adj. : half-sour, sourish. 
bEsaiguë^-^ [L. his, twice, Fr. aiguë], /.; 

battle-ax ; twibil. 
bEsant° [L. byzantins {B'm)], m.: byzant 

(coin), bezant. 
fbEsç-s^^ [L. bis, twice, as, ace], m. ; (throw 

of) two aces. 
bésau^^ [Prov. (ak. to Eng. bed)], m.; irri- 
gation ditch. 
fbeseau = hiseau. 
bEset-^^ [L. bis, twice], m.; two aces (at 

bEsi ^^ [Dutch -sie (ak. to berry)], m. ; kind 

of pear. 
fbEsicles^^ [for -ricles (béryl)], f. pi.: 

bEsier^^ [besi], m : pear-tree. 
besigwe-^^ [?], m.; card game. 
tbEso-ebe-^^ [Gasc. -soch (ak. to vouge, 

spade)],/.; (dial.) grubbing hoe. 
bE-sQÉrne-^^ [/. form of -soin], /.; (fam.) 

business ; calling ; afl^airs ; baggage: tailler 

de la — à qqn., make trouble ; aimer — 

faite, not fond of work, -sogner ^'^ [-gne] , 
intr. : work, -so^neno:^ ^^, =ense, adj. : 
always hard-up, necessitous. H-^soiti ^^ [?], 
m. ; need ; want ; wants ; necessity : 

faire — , become necessary ; payer au — , 
pay as security because principal on note 
fails to pay. 

bEsolet^'' [? ak. to biset], m.; tern (sea- 

bessoii^^, =onne [L. his, twice], adj., m., 

/. ; twin. 

I .bes'-'tiaire -^^ [L. -tiarius (-iia, animal)], 
m. ; BEAST fighter, gladiator. 2.-tiaire-^^, 
m.: bestiary (book of tales of animals). 
-tial-^^, pi. =als or -slxl^ [L. -tialis], 
adj.: ^. -tialemeiit ^^ \_-tial], adv.: 
beastly, -tialite^^ [-izaZ],/.; bestiality. 
-tiasse-^° [It. -tiaccia], f. : (fam.) brute; 
fool. -tiaxLX^^ [-tial], m. pi. : live-stock. 
-tiole-^^ [L. -tiola], /.; little animal. 
-tiqn^^ [L. -tia], m. : little beast ; fanimal 

beta-^''^ [for bétail], m.: brute; dolt. 

bétail ^^, pi. bestiaua? [OFr. bestail for 
betial, hence the pi.], m.: cattle. 

bete^*^ [L. bestia], /. ; BEAST (animal, 
brute ; filthy or brutal person ; loo 'at 
cards) : remonter sur sa — , remount (on) 
his beast (after being unsaddled, e.g. in 
debate) ; — noire, wild boar ; cock-roach ; 
(fig.) bugaboo ; — brute, brute beast 
(brutal person) ; une bonne — , good beast 
(good person of ordinary mind) ; une — 
du bon Dieu, a beast of the good Lord 
(too benevolent) ; faire la — , act the an- 
imal (stupidly). 

bétel ^^ [E. Ind.], m.; betel (pepper, masti- 

hê-texaent ^^ [-te], adv. : stupidly, -tise ^^ 
[-te],f.: stupidity; stupid act. 

Bet/^sabé,/. ; Bathsheba (mother of Solo- 

bétoine" [L. -ttonica], f : betony (plant). 

i.béto^iis [OFr. bet (?)], m.; (vulg.) fir^i 
milk (after child-birth). 

2.bé-'toit^^ [L. bitumen, pitch], m;beton; 
concrete. -tonnage •^^, m.; work (in 
beton). -tonner ^^,' ^r. ; pave, etc. (with 

bette 12 \Ij, beta], f. : beet, -rave^^/; 
beet, beet-root ; mangel-wurzel. 

bétuline^^ [L. -tula, birch], /.; betulin. 

bétuse° [?],/.; cauf (barrel for live fish) ; 

hétyle^'^ \L. hatulus], m.: baetylus (sa- 
cred stone). 

ben-glEment '^^, m. : bellowing. H^gler ^* 
[OFr. gle (L. buculus, dim. of bos, ox)], 
intr. : bellow ; low. 

beur'*'re° [L. bûtyrum, Gr. houtyron Cîboûs, 
cow, turos, cheese)], m. ; butter ; — noir, 


brown butter ; — et noir, black and blue ; 
proviettre plus de — que de pain, promise 
more than one can do ; tour de — , " butter- 
tower" (church-tower built fr. money gotten 
during Lent), -ré^*", m.: butter pear. 
-rée ^^ [-rer],f. : (buttered) piece of bread. 
-rer ^^, tr. : butter, -rerie ^^, /. ; butter- 
dairy, -rier^^, =ière, m.,f.: butter- 
seller ; butter-vessel (-dish, -churn, -cloth). 

beus^ ^"^ [buse],f. : scrap-box (to save brass 

"beuvaute ■'■' [for huvaudé], f. : privilege 
(reserved by ship-owner of shipping so 
much wine). 

tbeuveau = biveau. 

bévue ^" [L. bi-, Fr. vue], f.: blunder; 
double-vision, (med.) diplopy. 

hey^^ [Turk, beg, lord], m.: =. 

bey^lief ° [?], m. : slubbing-billy. -lieur°, 
m.: slubber. 

bEzestan^'^ [Turk, 'wool-market'], ra.; 
public market (in Syria). 

fbEzet = beset. 

bézoarfl^^ [Port, -zuar (fr. Pers.)], m.: 
BEZOAR, concretion (in stomach) ; amulet 

tbEzoche = besoche. 

fb-fa-si^'^ bê-, m.: si (musical note). 

bi- [L. bis], pref. : bi-, Twice; or disparag- 

biai=:S° [L. bi-fax, double face], adj.: ob- 
lique, slanting ; bias ; (jig.) fbiased ; m. ; 
slope, diagonal ; bias, -semeut^^ [-ser], 
m. : indirection, -ser ^^, intr. : cut across, 
go obliquely ; (fig.) go round-about way : 
ne prendre qu'en biaisant, approach only 

bibasiqtte^^ [L. bi-, base], adj.: hav'g 
double base. 

bibelot -^-^ [? (cf. bimbelot)], m.: curio. 

i.bibe-roît^^, =ouue [L. -re, drink], m., 
/.;( wine-)BiBBER, tippler. 2.-ron^'^ [1. L. 
*-rare, make drink], m.; drink; long-lipped 
cruet ; nursing bottle. 

bible -^-^ [1. L. -blia. Gr. -blia (pi. of -blion) 
books],/.; Bible. 

biblio^ [Gr. biblion, book]; -graphe ^'^ 
[Gr. ^rap^em, write], m.: bibliographer. 
-graphie ^^ [L. -graphia (cf. -graphe)], 
f.: bibliography, -inaiie-^'^ [cf. -manie], 
m.: =:, bibliomaniac, -manie ^^ [Gr. ma- 
-nîa],f.: bibliomania, -phile-^"^ [Gr. phi- 
los, friend], m.; =, book-fancier, -thé- 
caire-^^ [L. -thecarius (cf» next)], m.: 
librarian. -thèqiie^^ [L. -theca (Gr. 
théka, case)], /.; library; — bleue, blue 
library (collection of stories of the middle 
ages, bound in blue). 

biblimie^^ [bible], adj.: biblical. 

bibus^^ [?] m.; trifle. 

bicar-bonate^^ [bi-, carbonate], m.: 
==. -bone [carbone], adj.: hav'g bi- 



carbonate, -bure^^ [carbure], m.: bi- 

bicarré ^^ [L. bi-, Fr. carré, squared], 
adj.: (algebra) biquadratic. 

bi-eeps-^^ [L. (bis, twice, caput, head)], 
m.; =.^^ [?],/..' hind, doe: ma — , m.y 
doe (darling). 

s.fbi-ehe = bisse.^^ [?], m.; rocou, annatto (dye- 
plant).^''^ [?],m.; ancient grain measure.«hettei^ [?]/.; fishnet.€hette^^ [biche, hind],/.; little- hind; 
little dear, love. 

bi-chof ^^ [Ger. bischof], m. : bishop (wine). 

bi'^-ehon-^^, =onne [îor barbivhon 'Ï], m., 
f. : little curly dog ; little darling, -ehon- 
ne»^ ^^, tr. : curl, friz ; primp. 

bicoq [for bicot], m.: arm (of hoisting 
crane or derrick). 

bicoqtte-^^ [It. -cocca],/.: poorly fortified 

bicorne -^^ [L. bicornis],adj. : two-horned. 

bi->^-cycle ^^ [bi-, Gr. kuklos, circle], ra.; 
=. --ey dette ■^^, /. ; bicycle (with two 
equal wheels), safety. 

bidauct-'^^ [?], m.; brown paint. 

bidert'-'t ^ ' [L. -dens, two-toothed], m.: 
two-tined fork ; plant, =. -té [L. bis, 
two, dens, tooth], adj.: hav'g two teeth, 
two tines. 

bidet 1^ [It. -detto (Celt.)], ra.; = (nag, 
pony; sitz-bath) ; work-bench ; spindle ; 

bidoît^^ [?], ra. ; measure (five pints); 
wooden drinking vessel ; canteen ; tin-can. 

bief^*^ [OHG. bed, bed], ra.; basin, bed (of 
stream): lock, lift (of canal); mill-race. 

bielle-^' [?],/.; motion-rod; crank. 

bieti° [L. bene], adv.: well; comfortably; 
very; much, plenty or many (with de le); 
really; good-looking; ra.^'^; good (benefit, 
welfare); boon, gift, mercy; goods (prop- 
erty, estate, fortune): — vu, he is well 
liked ; un homme — comme il faut, a man 
just as is proper (right kind of a man); 
eroit-il de — ce qu'il dit? does he really 
believe what he says ? — que, although ; 
— 'moins, much less, -ainié(e) ^^ n'aimé, 
adj.: well-beloved; m.,f.: well-beloved, 
love, darling, -dire^^, ra. ; fine speaking. 
~d.isa.nt^^[dire], adj. : well-spoken; fcom- 
plimentary. -etre^^ -n'ëtr, ra.; well- 
being, welfare, -faire ■^^, intr.: do well 
(to others), -faisan-ee ^^ or /e- [fai- 
sant], /. ; beneficence, charity, -fai- 
s&^it^'^ or fE- [pr. part, oî faire], adj.: 
beneficent, kind ; charitable, -fait ^^ 
[L. -factum], ra.; benefit, kindness, favour. 
-faiteur^^, =tri-ce [-fait], m.f.: BENE- 
FACTOR, benefactress. -fonds°, pi. — s — 



[ôien, property], m.; real-estate, -hext- 
reujc^^, =euse -n'neu-, adj.: very happy; 
lucky (time, money) ; blessed ; beatified 
(by the church). 

biennal ^^, pi. -bxdc [L. -nalis\, adj.: 

bieR*- [6xe7i] : -séan-ee ^^ \_-séant'\y /. ; 
comfortableness ; propriety ; decency. 
-séAut^^, adj.: fitting, decent, proper, 
decorous. -tEnaiit-^*, =ante, m., /.; 
property-owner. -tot^^, adv.: soon; à 
— , C'till soon") good-bye (for a while); 
cela est — dit, that is soon said (but not 
so easily done), -veillati-ee ^^ [-veillant], 
f. : BENEVOLENCE, -vei/laiit ^'^ [old part, 
adj. fr. vouloir], adj.: benevolent. 
-vEnir^^ [only in Inf.; fr. -venu], tr.: 
welcome, -vsnu ^^, adj. : welcome, -ve- 
nue-^^ [-venu], f.: welcome, favorable 
reception : payer sa — , buy one's welcome 
(treat those who welcome one), f-voulu-^^, 
adj.: hav'g the good wishes of others, 

Lbière^*^ [OHG. vera],/.: coflftn, BIER. 

2. bière ^^ [Ger. bier],f.: beer. 

bièvre° [L. bebrum (biber)], m.: (old 
name for castor) beaver. 

fbiez ^ bief. 

2.tbifFe^^ [?], /.; false diamond, false ap- 

2. biffe ^^, /.; mark of cancellation; 
marker. H-'^fer^^ [?], tr.: cancel, 

biftecfcis [for Eng.], m.; BEEFSTEAK. 

bifur-cation-^^, /. ; :=. ||'»'quer*^^ [L. 
-eus, two-forked], tr.: make forked. 

biga-'Eie ^■- [L. -mus (bi, Gr. gamos) mar- 
riage], adj.: married the second time; 
married to a widow; bigamous, -mie-^*, 
/. ; second wedlock ; BIGAMY. 

biga-rade ■^'^ [Prov. -rrado (= Fr. -rre)]. 

/. ; =, bitter orange. 




rré^^ [p. part.], adj.: 



variegated, -rreau^^, m.; white-heart 
cherry (of two colours), -rreautier -^^ 
[-reau], m.: white-heart cherry-tree. 
Il'-'rrer'^^ [?], tr.: variegate, streak. 
-rrure ^•\ f. : motley ; medley. 

bige^*^ [L. -ga], m.: two-horse chariot. 

bigéminé-^^ [L. bi-, geminus, twin], adj.: 
{bot.) bigeminous. 

I. bigle ^*^ [fr. Eng.], m.; beagle (dog). 

2.tbi-^gle^^ [?], adj.: squint-eyed, 
t-gler-^^, intr.: squint. 

tbigrne-^* [OHG. bungo, tumor],/.; lump 
(on head from a blow). 

bigor^ne ^^ [Prov. -na (L. bi-eornis, two- 
horned)],/.; bickern, (two-pointed) anvil; 
iron wedge ; currier's wood. -nean ^*, 
m. ; small bickern ; sort of snail, -ner ^^, 
tr.: weld, forge (on an anvil). 

bigot ^^ [?], adj.: bigoted; m.,/.; bigot. 


tbigotèrc^^ [Sp. -tera {-te, moustache)], 

/.; moustache-curler. 

bigo-^tcrie ^^ [-got], /.: bigotry, punc- 
tilious devotion. -tisme^^ [-got], m.: 

bigoudi ^^ [?], m.: hair-curler. 

i.bigre^* [1. L.-garus], mr. bee- WARDEN. 

2,fbigre, -ment =^ bougre, etc. 

bigue^* [Prov. biga], /.; sheers (tempo- 
rary derrick). 

tbigtter^^ [?], tr.: exchange (at cards). 

bi?iorean^^ [?], m.: night-heron. 

bijow.-^^ [?], m.; pine-resin. 

bijou •^^, pi. — X [Bret, bizou, finger-ring], 
m. ; jewel, =. -terie^^ [-tier],f. : jewelry- 
trade, jewelry. -tier^^, =ière, adj., 
m.,f.: tjewel-fancier ; jeweler. 

bijugité^^ [bi-, L. jugum, yoke], adj.: 
bijugate, hav'g two pairs (of leaves, etc.). 

bilan ^^ [It. -ncio (L. bi-, lans, scale)], 
m. : balance : déposer son — , put down 
his balance (declare himself bankrupt). 

bilatéral ^^ pi. =aux [bi-, latéral], adj.: 

bilb qttet-^^ [bille, boquet], m.: =; cup- 
and-ball ; planchet (in minting) ; hair- 
curler; balancing toy; job (in printing); 
stone chips. 

bi-le^^ [L. -lis], /.; bile. -liaire^^, 
adj. : biliary, -lieuoc; ^^, =euse [L. -liosus], 
adj. : bilious ; irascible. 

bilingtte ^'-^ [L. -guis], adj.: bilingual. 

bill^^ [Eng.], m.: act (of parliament, con- 

bitlage^^ [-Her], m.: haulage, drawing 
(of boats). 

i.bit-lard^^, m.: staff (with crook at 
the end) ; tbiHiard-cue ; billiard-table ; 
iron-lever (for setting mast-hoops); iron 
form (for tennis-rackets. 2. -lard ■^^, 
adj.: {dial.) very divergent (horns). 
-larder ^^ [-lard], tr.: set mast-hoops; 
intr. : fstrike a billiard ball twice ; curve 
outward (as horns) ; swing (front feet) 
out (in trotting). i.||bit-lei3 [? Celt. -I, 
stem],/.; log, bar ; (tip-cat) bat ; wringer, 
stick ; rolling-pin shoot ; moulding rod ; 
little boat. 

2.biaei2 [?], /; (billiard) ball; marble; 
ball (of bicycle bearings). 

bitlebarrer ^^ [i. bille, bar, barrer], tr.: 
{fam.) stripe. 

tbi^ebau^de^^ [i. bille, OFr. baud, 
bold], /.; random, confusion. -der^^, 
intr.: do a thing (esp. hunt) at random 
or confusedly (as dogs). 

bi^er^'* [i. bille], tr.: flatten (with 
roller), roll ; wring (skins, wool, etc.) ; 
haul (a boat by bille, 'single-tree'): 
— une pièce de bois, pivot a piece of 
wood (on end, as centerpost in merry-go- 


hil'^let^^ [for hullet fr. huile, scroll], 
m.: =, short letter, note; ticket, bank- 
note: — doux, sweet letter (love-letter). 
-leté^^ [-lette, ticket], adj.: billety 
(as a shield), -leter^^, tr.: =, ticket. 
-lette ^^ [for hulletté], /.; little note, 
officiai notice (to pay, of having paid toll). 

biilette^^ [i. bille], /.; stick of wood); 
(cut) firewood ; roller ; prop ; fbar (of 
metal (certain moulding ; band (of colour) ; 
strap; m.: monk wearing shoulderstrap, 

bi/levEsee^^ [OFr. -veze (?), bagpipe], /.; 
(fam.) nonsense ; foolish trash. 

billion ^^ [bi-, -llion of million], m.: = 
(as in Am., i.e. a thousand millions). 

'bil'^lqn^^ \i. bille], m.: squared pine; 
(pruned) vine ; ridge ; tb3,r of metal ; = 
alloy of gold or silver with copper ; de- 
based coin ; copper coin ; t= mint. 
-lonnage-^^ [rlonner], m.: fcoinage (of 
debased money) ; ploughing ridges, -lonne- 
ment^^ \_-lonner], m.: coining (of debased 
money). -lonner^^ tr.: prune close; 
castrate ; ridge ; fdebase coin ; sort (coin 
for recoinage). f-lonnenr [-lonner], 
m.: debaser (of coin). 

biilot^^ [i. bille], m.: (smoothed) block; 
(chopping-, anvil-, executioner's) block ; 
clog ; rod ; crowding-stick. 

bilobe^'^ \bi-, lobe], adj.: bilobate, hav'g 
two lobes, two-lobed. 

biloculaire \bi-, L. loculus, cell], adj.: 
bilocular, two-celled. 

biloqtter*^^ [? for binoquer (biner)], tr.: 

bimane -^^ bi-, [L. manus, hand], adj.: 
two-handed, of the order bimana.'lot ^^ [=^ bibelot], m.: toy; trinket. 
-loterie ■^'^ \_-tier], f.: toy-trade, -lo- 
tier^*, =ière, m.,f.: toy-merchant. 

bi^nage^^ {-ner, L. bini, double], to.; 
second' hoeing ; saying mass second time 
(same day), -naire^^ \L.-narius], adj.: 

binard^^ [?], to.; mason's truck. 

bi-ne^^,/.; hoe. H-^nei^^^ [1. L. *-nare 
(L. bini, double)], tr.: cultivate second 
time ; say two masses (same day) ; hitch 
on an extra team (to pull uphill), -net ^^, 
TO. ; fsecond tillage, dressing ; light plow 
(cf. binot) ; save-all : faire — , make sec- 
ond dressing (take candle out of the stick 
so it can burn clear down, use the save- 
all) ; I .-nette ■^^, /. ; prong-hoe. 

2.binette^'^ [Binet, barber to Louis XIV], 
/.; twig (like that of Louis XIV). 

biniou ^^ [1. Bret.], to.; (Breton) bagpipe. 

bi-^-nocle ■^'^ [L. bini, two, oculus, eye], to.; 
tsort of telescope ; spectacles ; bandage 
(over eyes, in surgery). -noculaire, 
adj.: binocular. 



binoir^^ [-Tier], to.; light plow. 

binôme ^^ [L. bis, twice, Gr. nomê, divi- 
sion], TO.; binomial (in Alg.). 

bi-not ^'^, TO. ; light plough, -notage ^^, to. ; 
ploughing. Il^noter^^ [-ner], tr. : plough 
second time ; plough lightly. -noti8 ^^, to. ; 
(dial.) ground ploughed second time. 

binube^® [L. -nubus (bi-, nubere, marry)], 
adj.: second time married. 

bio^ [Gr. bios, life] : -graphe ^'^ [Gr. 
graphein, write], to.; biographer, -gra- 
phie ^^ [-graphe], /.; biography, -gra- 
phiqite^'^ [-graphie], adj.: biographical. 
-logie-^^ [Gr. logos, discourse],/.; biology. 
-logiqtfe-^^ [-logie], adj.: biologic(al). 

bioii^'^ [?], TO.; shears (of glass blower). 

bioxide-^^ [bi-, oxyde], to.; dioxide. 

I. bipède ^^ [L. bipes, two-foot], adj.: 
biped. 2.bipéde^^, to.; biped (the 
fore feet or the hind feet of a horse). 

bipenne ^^, or -penné or -pinne [bi-, L. 
penna, feather], adj.: two-winged, dip- 

bisque ^^ [?],/.; she-goat, -qttef^^, to.; 
kid ; (dial.) beam (of balance) ; money 
scales, -qiteter ^^, intr., tr. : kid ; weigh. 
qitette ^^, /. ; kid. 

fbirawibrot ^^ [f r. Hoi. : meaning, ' beer 
and bread'], to.; BEER-soup. 

bire-^^ [for buire],/.: bow-net. 

bireme-^^ [L. -remis (bi-, remus, oar)], /. ; 
= (two-banked galley). 

birefrirjgent-^^ [bi-, réfringent], adj.: 
=, doubly refractive. 

birette-^^ [?],/••* wooden rake. 

biribi^"^ [It. -bisso], to.; game (like loto). 

birloir^*^ [?], to.; sash-fastener, bolt. 

birette^^ [1. L. *-ttum, cf. barrette], f: 
biretta, (hat). 

i-bis^*^, =ise [?], adj.: brown.^^ [L], adv.: twice; bravo! (to 
an actor) ; to. ; encore, -sage -^" [-ser, 
re-dj'^e], to.; dyeing over. -saïeul^'^, 
-saïeule [aïeul], to., /. ; great-grand- 
father, -mother, -saiguë^'' [? ak. to L. 
aequare, equalise], to.; polishing stick (of 
shoemaker). ' 

bis- [L. bis], pref: bis-. Twice; or dis- 

bisaitle^^ [bis, brown],/.; coarse flour; 
chicken feed (of peas and vetches). 

bisannuel '^^, =elle [bis-, annuel], adj.: 


bisbille ^^ [It. -biglio, murmur], /. ; teasing, 

bis-blatic-^^, adj.: to.; brownish-white. 
biscaïett^^ [Biscaie (Spanish province)], 

TO. ; BISCAYAN (gun) ; ball (size of hen's 

tbisehof = bichof. 
biscornu ^^ [bis-, cornu], adj.: (fam.) odd, 




l»is-coti>i'^'' [It. -cottino], m.: sweet deli- 
cate BISCUIT, =. -cotte^^ [after It. 
-cof^o, biscuit], /.; rusk. W^cnxt^^ {his-, 
L. coctus, cooked], m. ; =, cracker; cuttle 
bone ; clinker ; bisque (pottery). 

bise^*^ [?], /. : north wind; winter 

"biseau ^'-^ [?], m.; chamfer, bevel, -tage-^^ 
[-ter], m.: beveling, -ter, tr.: beve'l. 

bisel^^ [bi-, sel], m.: bi-salt. 

i^biser^^ [bis, brown], intr.: turn brown, 
"spoil (as grain). 

i.biser^"^ [L. bis, twice], tr.: re-dye. 

biset^^ [bis, brown], vi.: rock-pigeon ; cer- 
tain coarse cloth. 

i.bisette^^ [?],/••' formerly * gold lace ' ; 
coarse lace, footing. 

2.bisette-^^ [bis, brown],/.; (vulg.) scoter 

bismut/t^^ [Eng.], m.: =. 

hisqn^^ [L. wild ox], m.: = (buffalo). 

bisonne^^ [bis, brown], /.; (cloth for) 

bisqitaiti-^'^ [?], m.: sheep-pelt. 

i.bisqife^^ [?],/.•' odds; advantage, =. 

2.bisqjie^^ [?],/..' strong soup, BISK. 

bisqiter^" [? ak. to OEng. baisk, sour], 
intr.: (pop.) rage. 

bissac^^ [bis, sac], m.: beggar's ('two- 
bagged') sack (hung across the shoulder), 
wallet ; bag ; (fig.) beggary. 

bisse^^ [It. -scia (L. bestia, beast)], /.; 
(her.) =, snake. 

bis-i^ [L., twice] : -secteur ^^, =tri-ee [Fr. 
secteur], adj.: bisecting; /. ; bisectrix. 
-section ^^ [Fr. section], f.: bi-section. 
-ser^^, tr.: repeat. -setre^^ [for 
-sexte, leap-year day, considered unlucky], 
m.: tmisfortune ; harm, -ceice^^ [Fr. 
sexe], adj.: bisexual, -sexte ^^ [L. -sextus 
(sextus, sixth : 6th of the calends of 
March, 24th Feb., by the Romans counted 
'twice' every fourth year), intercalary 
day, 24th Feb.], ii.: leap-year day, 29th 
Feb. -seactil-^^ [L. -sextilio], adj.: bis- 
sextile : année — e, leap-year. -soc ^^ 
[Fr. soc], m.: double-shovel (plough), -to- 
qiiet^'^ [Fr. toquer], m.: billiard-cue; 
stick (in game called bistoquet). f-tord 
= bitord. -torte^"-^ [1. L. -torta (L. tor- 
quere, twist)],/..* snake-weed, polygonum 
bistorta. -tier^^ [-tort, twisted], m.: 

bistou-i^ri [?], m.: bistoury (surgeon's 
knife), f-riser, tr.: (fam.) treat with 

bistour-nage^^,m. ; distortion. ||-^ner -^^ 
[L. bis-, tourner], tr.: distort; deform 
(by turning) ; castrate. 

bis-i'tre^^ [?], m.: bister (soot pigment); 
adj.: swarthy. -tre^*^, adj.: bister. 
-tarer ^^, tr. : colour bister. 

twisted], m.; 


bisulqif e ^^ [L. -sulcus, 
adj.: cloven-footed. 

bitord ^^ [-bis, L. tortus, 
rope (of two strands). 

bi-tte^'' [0. Norse biti, beam], /.; bitt 
(for cable), -tter^^, tr.: bitt, make fast 
on the bitts. 

bitter ^^ [Holl., bitter], m.: bitters. 

bitton^^ [-tte], m.: small bitt. 

bitture^^ [-tter],f.: turn (of rope around 

bitu'-'ine-^^ [L. -men], m.: bitumen ; as- 
phalt ; (artist's) colour, -me»- ^^, tr. : 
pave ; colour (with bitumen), -mineujc ^''', 
=:euse [L. -minosus], adj.: bituminous. 

fbivac ^ bivouac. 

bivalve ^'' [bis-, valve], adj. : ^. 

fbivaqif er = bivouaquer. 

biveau^^ [ak. to OFr. -ver, 'bias'], m.: 


fbiviaire-^® [L. -vium, parting of road], 
adj.: bivial. 

bivoie-^^ [bis,-, voie],/.: fork of roads. 

bivoua^c^^ [Ger. bei-wache, by-WATcn], 
m.: =, (night-watch ; open air camp). 
-qieer^'^, intr.: bivouac, camp without 

bizar-^re^^ [Sp. -ro, gallant], adj.: =, 
odd, whimsical, funny, -rement ^^, adv. : 
fantastically, -rerie-^®, /.; queerness. 

blackbouler ^^ [Eng. infl. by Fr. boule, 
ball], ir.; blackball. 

blafard. ^^ [OHG. bleihvaro, pale], adj.: 
pale (wan, pallid) ; lurid. 

bla'«'gif e -^^ [Ger. 6aZ^, bellows],/. ; tobacco- 
pouch ; humbug, hoax, -giter ^^, tr. : 
humbug, -giteur^^. =euse [-guer], m., 
/ ; humbug. 

blaireau ^^ [? bU], m.: badger. 

bla-mable^'-^, ad!/.; =. -me^*", m. 
reprimand (at law). n'orner" [L. 

blasphemare, blaspheme], tr.: censure; 

blan->'C^'^, blan-ebe [OHG. blanch], adj.: 
= ; BLANK; white, argent ; clean ; bare ; 
m. : white (the colour) ; purity ; bareness ; 
small silver coin ; white material (cloth) : 
bonnet — et — bonnet, six of one and 
half-a-dozen of the other ; un — , a white 
man ; fer — , tin ; une — che, half -note 
(in music) ; nuit — che, sleepless night ; 
voix — che, clear voice ; il n'est pas — , 
he isn't clear ; there's a crow to pick with 
him ; coup — , missing blow ; — bois, 
useless wood (as thorn, etc.) ; vouer un 
enfant au — , consecrate a child to the 
Virgin (f r. custom of then dressing children 
in white) ; chauffer à — , heat to white 
heat ; réduire quelqu'un au — , reduce one 
to poverty (to small silver coin) ; tirer de 
but (or "fbutte) en — , shoot point-blank ; 
right at the bull's-eye (go straight to the 

.10 «, . — 


point) ; saigner à — , bleed to whiteness 
(fig. exhaust), -card", m.; =, see 
hlanchard. "f-c^anne ^^, pi. — s — s, m. : 
(vulg.) lotus. -c-"bec, pi. — s — s, m.: 
greenhorn, smart Aleck. "^-€-0x11°, pi. 
— s — s, m. : (vulg.) bullfinch, '\-c-cvilet ^**, 
pi. — s — s, m.: (vulg.) white-tail (finch). 
-chaise", pi. — s — s, /.; small fish (fry 
or bait), -chard ^^, m. : Normandy cloth, 
BLANCARD. -châtre ^^ adj.: whitish. 
-che-coiffe^^, pi. — s — s [lit. white- 
hood], /.; kind of magpie. -che- 
merit ^^, adv. : cleanly, t-che-qtteue ^^, 
pi. — s — s, m.: (vulg.) eagle (lit. white 
tail), -cher^^, m.: (dial.) leather-worker. 
t-che-raie°, pi. — s — s, m. ; (vulg.) star- 
ling, -chérie ^^, /. ; bleaching place. 
-chet ^^, m. : blanket (of printing, paper- 
making, bed) ; coarse strainer (for syrup) ; 
(vulg.) thrush (disease) ; (vulg.) corn- 
salad, -chette", /. ; (vulg.) corn-salad ; 
goose-foot (plant), chenopod. -eheur^^, 
/./whiteness, -éhiment^^ [-chir], m.: 
BLEACHing, v/ashing (of metals), -ehir^^, 
ir. : whiten, bleach, blanch, whitewash ; 
wash; prepare ; clean ; plane ; acquit ; intr. : 
turn white : — une page, whiten a page 
(make more space between lines) : — un 
arbre, whiten a tree (chipping off bark, or 



blazing), -chis 



blaze (on tree). 

-chissage-^^ [-chir], m.: washing; clari- 
fying, refining. -ehissa^it -^^ \rchir'\, 
adj.: bleaching, -chisserie •^'^ \_-chis- 
seur'], /.; place of bleaching. -chis- 
seur-^^, =euse [_-chir\ ni,.,f.: bleacher; 
launderer. -chœuvrier* oeu = eu 
[blanche œuvre, formerly 'cutlery'], m.; 
edged-tool dealer (cf. Ger. weiss-schmied, 
white-smith). f-e^^QyC'^'^^» intr.: gleam 
white, -c-matiger^^, pi. — s — s, m.: 
blanc-mange(r). * -c-ma^iteau ^^, pi. 
— s — s, m.: guillemite, monk, -c-pen- 
dard ^^ pi. — s — s, m. : (vulg.) butcher- 
bird. -C'-plqya.nt ■^^, pi. — s — s, m. : brittle 
place (in iron), -c-poudre ", adj. : white 
with powder, -c-r/tasis ^^ [the physician 
Rhasis], m.: white ointment (for burns). 
-c-seinf/-^® or signé, pi. — s — s, m.: 
SIGNATURE in BLANK, -c-soudant^^, m.; 
welding heat, fusion heat. t-<?-tapis, 
pi. — s — , m. .• gambling house. 

tblandi-ce^^ [h. -ditia], f. : flattery. 

blan-qite-^^ [It. bianca, white],/.; lottery 
(of BLANKS and prizes) : à la — , at all 
hazards, -quet-^^ [blanc], m.: whitefish 
(= blanchaille) ; parasitic plant on the 
olive-tree ; pear, -qitette ^^ [blanc], f. : = 
(veal with white sauce ; blanket pear ; 
crude soda -ash made from lamb's let- 
tuce) ; lamb's lettuce ; goose-foot (plant) ; 
white grape, or its wine, f-qii&ar^^ 
[Manque], m,: keeper, banker of a lottery. 

-qitief ^^ [blanc], m.: blank-maker (of 

blaser* ^^ [1],tr.: fuse; sate with pleasures, 
render blase. 

bla-.'sori^^ [?], m.; blazon, coat of arms; 
device ; heraldry, -sonner ^*, tr. : blason, 
describe heraldically. f-sonneur ^^ 
[sonner], m.: railer, mocker. 

blas-phémateur ^^, =tri-ce, m., /.; 
blasphemer. -phématoire ^^, adj. : 
blasphemous. i.-pheme^^ [L. -mia], 
m.: blasphemy. 2.-phème^'^ [L. -mws], 
adj.: blasphemous; m., /.; blasphemer. 
Il-^phémer*^^ [1. L. -mare (Gr. blaptein, 
hurt, phemi, speak)], intr.: blaspheme, 
curse, swear. 

blas-'te^^ [Gr.-stos, germ], m.: blastus, 
plumule, -teme^^ [Gr. 6Zas^ema, sprout], 
m.: blastema. 

blatier^^ [ak. to bU], m.: grain-dealer. 

blatte ^^ [L.-tta],f.: cockroach; blatta. 

tblaude^^ [f or bliaud], f. : (dial.) blouse. 

fbla-'velle ^^ or -véole [blave (dial.) form 
of bleu],f. : corn-flower, -vet ^^, m. ; corn- 
flower, centaury ; (dial.) edible mushroom. 

blé ^"^ [1. L. bladum (? L. ab-latum, cf. Ger. 
getreide = *getregede, root trag-, bear)], 
m. : corn ; grain ; grain crop ; field 
of grain : manger son — en herbe, eat 
one's corn on the stalk (spend income in 

ble^-che^^ [? Ger. bleich, soft], adj.: 
tweak; hypocritical. t-ehir" intr.: 
become fickle or weak. 

bleime^^ [? ak. to blême],/.: corn, sand- 
crack (of horse's hoof). 

ble-^me^^ [OFr. blesmir, wound blue, 
blemish], adj.: pallid, deathly pale. 



intr.: become pallid. 

blende ■'^''^ [Ger.],/..' =, false gelena. 
blen^nie-^^ [Gr. blênna, mucus],/. ; blenny. 

-norr/iagie" [Gr.rAmTi, flow],/; blen- 

norrhagia," gonorrhea. 
blépharite^^ [Gr. bléphar on, eye-lid],/; 

blepharitis, inflammation of eye-lid. 
blè-sement ■^^, m.: lisping, stammering. 

Il-^sef [L. blaesus, lisper], intr.: lisp. 

-sité^^, /.; pronouncing ç, z, t for ch, j, 

k, etc. 
bles-sant^^, adj.: wounding. H-^ser^*^ 

[? ak. to blet], tr.: wound ; damage ; hurt, 

injure. -sure ^^, f. : wound, lesion ; 

blet ^^, -tte [Germ'c blet, discoloured], adj. : 

blette 1^ or blète [L. blitum],/.: blite 

blettir^'* [blet], intr.: become too ripe. 
bleu [Ger. blau], adj.: blue; m.: blue; 

sky : un petit — , a little blue (telegram in 

blue envelope) ; le cordon — , the blue 

ribbon (order of knighthood) ; member of 



the order ; good cook ; le — , imaginary 
space ; une chose passée au — , a thing 
gone to the blue (utterly disappeared). 
-4tre^\ adj.: bluish, -et^^, m.: corn- 
flower; kingfisher ; dogfish. t-©ttc = 
Muette, -eur^^, m.; bluer (of needles). 
-ir ^^, tr. : make blue ; intr. : turn blue. 
-issage-^^ [-ir], m.: making blue, -isse- 
ment ^^ [-ir], m. : turning blue, -issoir ^'^, 
m. : (watchmaker's) bluing-instrument. 
-manteau ^^, m.: bluish gull. 

■bliaud^*^ ["?], TO.; ancient blouse. 

blJH^^ [for belin], m.: boom iron (of ship) ; 

bliti-dage ^^, m. : sheeting (with iron) ; 
armor - plating, blin-^de^^ [Ger. blende, 
blind, cover],/.; blind, heavy shutter to 
protect gunners in a fortification, -der ^^ 
[Ger. blende, blind, cover], tr.: plate, 
encase, sheet (with steel, iron) ; protect ; 
put blinds to. 

blinef^^ [blin], tr.: ram (wedge, mast- 

blo-c^^ [Ger. block], m.: block; lot (of 
merchandise) : en — , in a lump (whole- 
sale; entirely). -cage^^ [-quer], m.: 
filling of rubble-stone; 'blocking, 
le^^/.; rubble-stone, -ehet^^, m.: tie 

piece (of sleeper). -ck/^aus 



m.: =^ (small fort of logs), -cus^^ [Ger. 
block-haus], m.: fsmall fort (to cut off 
communication) ; blocade ; investment. 

blon-d ^^ [?], adj. :=; m.:=. -dasse l^ 
adj.: ifam.) dull blond. bloti-de^' 
[? -d, adj.],f.: blond-lace. t-dElet^^, 
=ette, adj.: slightly blond. -Ain^^, 
=ine, m.,/.; (/am.) youngster ; lass: un 
— , young beau, -dinet^^, =ette [-din], 
m., /.; (very fam.) little white-head" 
-dir^\ intr.: turn blond, -dissaiit^^ 
[-dir], adj. : becoming blond, f-doyer ^^, 
intr.: look, be somewhat blond. 

i.hlo'^qiier^^ [bloc], tr.: block up, fill 
up ; sell by the lump ; turn (a type). 
2.-qtter^* [bloc, in blocus], tr.: blockade, 
invest; pocket(billiard ball), -qttette^^, 
/.; children's game, blo-t^*^ [bloc], m.: 
perch for a falcon ; ship's log. 

blottir 1^ (se) [? ak. to Eng. blot], refl.: 
crouch down, cower. 

I. blouse ^'^ [?], /.; =, coarse loose gar- 

2.blou^se^^ [?], /.; pocket (of billiard 
table) ; mould ; (tennis) fhall-rack, ball- 
holder, -ser ^^, tr. : pocket (ball) : se — , 
pocket one's self (one's own ball, i.e. lose) ; 
(Jam.) make a blunder. 

blousse^^ [?],/.' combings (of wool). 

fbluet = bleuet. 

bluette^^ [OFr. belue],/.: fspark; light 
flash, bagatelle, light literary effort. 

blu-tage ^^, m. : BOLTing, sifting, -tant ^^, 


adj.: bolting, -teau^^, m..* sieve, bolt, 
lifter ^^ [old bure, coarse cloth, L. birrus, 
rain-cloak], tr.: bolt, -terie^^,/.; bolt- 
771. ; bolting place ; 



■^^ little bobbin, -ner 
bobbin, -nette ■^^, /. 


ing place 

boa° [L. boiv)a (bos), cow-snake (i.e. 
milker)], m.; =. 

i.bobè-che^^ [?], /.: socket (of candle- 
stick) ; drip-dish (under light) ; steel 

2.bobè-clie^^ [proper name], m.; merry 

bobe'-'lin^^ [?], m.; fcoarse shoes; 
patched shoes; patch, -liner ^^, tr.: 
botch, patch, -lineur^^ /.; patcher, 

bobiile^'^ [ak. to bobine],/.: cylinder for 
brass wire (in making pins). 

bobi-nage-^^ [-Tier], m.; winding, filling 
(the bobbins). Jl-ne^^ [?], /.; bobbin, 
spool, -neau 
tr.: wind on a 

(dial.) latch, -neuse-^^ [-ner], /.; bob- 
bin-winder; or -noir-^^ [-Tier], tti.; wind- 
ing machine. 

bobo-^^ [echoic], m.: (baby-talk) hurt. 

I. bocage ^^ [ak. to bocard], m.: crushed, 
stampe'd ore. 

2.boca-.'ge-^^ [ak. to bois], m.: =, wood- 
land, -ger-^^, =ère, adj: silvan. 

bocal ^^,'j?Z. =a,p.oc [It. -le, fr. Gr. kâlion, 
jug], TTi.; jar; globe (for fish); mouth-piece 
(of cornet), etc. 

bocawibre ■^'^ [Ger. poch-hammer, pound- 
ing hammer], m.: ore-crusher. 

bocane-^^ [dancing-master Bocan], /.; 

bocar-^d^" [Ger. pochen, pound], m.; ore- 
stamper or crusher, -dage-^^, tti.; crush- 
ing, -der-^^, ^r.; crush, 'stamp. 

Bocca-ee, tti.; Boccaccio (Ital. author). 

bo-ehette -^^ [It. boccietta (boccia, ball)],/.; 

boc/c^^ [Ger. bock-bier], tti.; glass of beer. 

bodee-^'^ [?],/••' stove-bench (glass-works). 

bodinure^^ [?], /.; protective wrapping 
of anchor. 

bodru-ebe = baudruche. 

boes-^se^^ bwes [form of brosse],/.: trim- 
ming-chisel, -ser**, tr.: trim. 

tboete = bouette. 

bœuf beu/ pi. 6eu [ace. L. 60s, bov-, ox], 
TTI. ; ox ; BEEF ; hard- worker : — de mer, 
hippopotamus; sea-cow; — mwsgMe, musk- 
ox ; — des marais, bittern ; — (pr. beu) 
gras, fat ox (of processions) ; pied de — , 
ox-foot (children's game). 

bog^^ [?],TTi.; card game; two equal cards 
in same hand at the game. 

bog/tei^^ [for Eng. buggy], m.: light car- 

i.bogite^^ [Prov. -ga],/.: = (fish). 


2.bogtte^^ [? ak. to OHG. baug, ring], 
/,; iron ring (on handle of forge ham- 

3.bog»*e^^ [? ak. to Ger. halg, bag],/.; burr 
(of chestnuts). 

"Bo'^hêm.e [1. L. Bohemia], f. Bohemia ; 
gipsydom. -Ztenie'* (or -hémien^ 
=ienne) [1. L. -Aemus], m.,/.; Bohemian; 
gipsy ; rover. 

tbqiard = boyard. 

I. boire" [L. bibere, drink], irr.%; tr.: 
drink ; imBiBE ; absorb ; m. : drink- 
ing drink ; — sec, drain dry (a glass 
of liquor) ; donner pour — , tip, give a 
small present ; tenir à — , keep a saloon ; 
ifam.) of a swimmer who swallows much 
water ; ce n'est pas la mer à — , not so 
difficult ; croyez cela et buvez de Veau, 
believe it and drink, to wash it down ; 
faire — une étoffe, make extra length 
disappear by loosely sewing; étoffe boit, 
cloth puckers. 

§ Ind. : Pr. âot'-s, -s, -t ; bu-vons, -vez, 
boivent. Ipf. buvais. Prêt. bus. Fut. (Cond.) 
boirai{s). — Subj. : Pr. boi-ve, -ves, -ve ; bu- 
vions, -viez, boivent. Ipf. busse. — I've bois. 
— Part. : Pr. buvant ; P. bti. 

2.boire^'^ [ak. to Prov. bouiro, mill-race], 

/. .' (dial.) wash-out ; excavation, hollow ; 

boiriti-^" [? irr. fr. bouée], m.: roping (of 
a buoy). 

bqi^s^*^ [1. L. *boscus (? ak. to Eng. bush)], 
m. : forest ; tree ; timber ; lumber ; wood ; 
(ship's) hull : Vhomme des — , orang-ou- 
tang ; — à coton, Virginia poplar ; il n'est 
feu que de — vert, only youth has enthu- 
siasm ; —flotté, rafted wood ; visage de — 
flotté, changed face, -sage-^^ [ser], m.: 
wood- work ; planking ; tim'bering. -se ^^, 
adj.: wooded; timbered, -sèment ■^^, 
m.: wooding (converting into timberiand). 
-ser^^, tr.: add wood-work, do wood- 

ing. -seux 

bois-^seau ^'^ [ak. to boite], m.: bushel, 
measure ; cylinder ; section (of cylindrical 
conductor, such as a pipe, smoke-stack) ; 
key-hole, -selee^^, /.; bushelful : — 
de terre, what a bushel of grain will 



-serie^^ [-ser], /.; wainscot- 
^euse, adj. : ligneous ; 







-selière-^^, /.; great shrike (bird). 

-sellerie ^^ [-Her], /.; bushel-busi- 
boisson" [L. bibitio,dnnk\ng],f.: bever- 

age, (strong-) drink ; drunkenness. 
boîtard^^ [boîte, box], m.: botillion. 
boite° [part, of L. bibere, drink], /..• 

t drinking ; (dial.) wine (made from 

boj-te° [p. L. *buxta (Gr. puxis, fr. puxos, 

BOX-tree)], /. ; box ; case ; fbone-socket ; 

mortise : la — à Perrette, a savings-box 
for some secret purpose. 

boi-tement ^^, to.; limping. H-^ter^^ 
[boîte, 'bone-socket'], intr.: limp. 
-terie ^^, /. ; lameness : — basse, great 
lameness, -tettx ^'^, =euse, adj : lame ; 
f.[: certain old dance : il ne faut clocher 
devant les — , no need of calling attention 
to one's faults ; attendre le — , await 
Time (await news which is slow coming). 

boi-^tier^^ i-te], to; chest, case (for med- 
icine, instruments, etc.) ; watchcase. 
-tiglon ^'', TO.; socket (of millstone). 

tboitte = bouette. 

bolt-tout^' [boire], to.; (lit. 'drink-all') 
glass without foot ; great drinker ; cess- 

i.bol^^ [Eng. bowt], to.; bowl, 

2.bO'«'l^^ [I. L. -lus, morsel clod], to.; 
lump, large pill ; bole (clay) ; bolus 
(drug), -laire-^", adj.: argillous, clayey. 

bolduc ^^ [town Bois-le-Duc], to. ; coloured 

boléro ^^ [Sp.], TO.; dance-song; dance. 

bolet-'-^ [L. -tus], TO.; boletus (mushroom). 

fboli-che = boulièche. 

bo-lide^^ [L. -lis, meteor (Gr. ballein, 
hurl)], TO.; = (exploding meteor). 

bolivar ^^ [Bolivar, liberator of S. Am.], 
TO.; high hat. 

tbolus = 2. bol. 

bont-bage ^^ [-ber] , to. ; bulging, -ban-ce ^^ 
[? L. bordbus, noise], /. ; high-time, feasting. 
II '«'barde -^^ [L. bombus, noise], /.; hurl- 
ing-machine ; bombard (earliest cannon) ; 
mortar (gun) ; bomb-ketch (ship) ; mouth 
(of furnace) ; certain sleeve ; trumpet ; 
largest pipe (in reed-organ), -bardz:- 
ment^' [-barder], to.; bombardment. 
-barder -^^j tr.: bombard, -bardier^*, 
m.; = (artilleryman; beetle). 

bowtbardon^^ [It. -done], to.; trombone. 

fbonibasin = basin. 

ho^n^he ^^ [It. -ba (L. -bus, din ; Gr. bom- 
bos, din)],/.; bomb; (bomb-like) bottle; 
ball (as signal at sea). -bEment^® [-ber], 
TO.; bulging; convexity, -ber^'^, tr.: 
make convex; barrel (a road), -benr^^ 
[-ber], TO.; dealer in convex glasses or 
lenses, -bonne ^^ [Prov.],/.; jug. 

bowtbyx^^ [Gr.], to.; = (silk-worm). 

borne ^^ [Holl. boom, tree, mast], to.; 
spanker boom. 

bomerie^^ [Holl. bodemery], f. : bottomry 
(ship mortgage). 

b'-'on,*' =onne [L. bonus], adj. : good ; 
kind ; BOON ; complete ; to. ; (abstract) 
good ; check ; / ; nurse ; dire la — ne 
aventure, tell fortune ; à la — ne heure ! 
very well ! de — matin, early ; de — ne 
heure, early, soon ; à — marché, cheap ; 
sentir — , smell good ; cela est — à dire. 



easier said than done ; son — ami, or sa 
— ne amie, lover ; à — vin, pas d'en- 
seigne, good wine needs no bush ; tenir 
— , hold firm ; pour de — , for good ; 
seriously; — homme, simple soul, -on- 
na-ee-^^ [It. bonàccia (cf. -onnasse)], f.: 
lull (at sea). 

bonard^'^ [?], m.; hood (for smoke to 
escape, in glass works). 

bonase^^ [Gr. -sos], m.: BONASUS (au- 

bonasse ^^ [ban in anal, with It. -accia, 
simplicity], adj.: good, simple, 




quarrystone (fr. near 


Paris), -bee see bee. -bon^^, 
(child's word for) cookies ; candy. 

tbonbonne = bombonne. 

boîtbonnière ^^ [bonbon],/.: candy-box; 
neat dwelling. 

bon-eTirétimi-^^, pi. — s — s, m.: = 

boncl^^ [-dir], m.: BOUND, leap; bounce. 

baii-'de^* [ak. to Ger. spnnd (? L. punctum, 
pierced)],/.; bung, sluice; bung-hole. 
-de»' ^^, tr. : fill (to the bung) ; crowd 

bojidieu^^ [?], m.: wedge. 

bo^i^dir° [p. L. *bombitire, be noisy (L. 
bombus, din)], intr.: reverberate; re- 
bound ; leap, -dissant ^^, adj. : leaping. 
-dissement ^^, m.; rebounding; rever- 

"bon'«'doW'^^ [bonde], m.: bung; cheese 
(in shape of bung), -donner ^^, tr.: 
make bunghole ; bung up. -donniere ^' 
[-nner] , f. : bung-auger. 

bondrée^^ [? Ger. bunt, variegated],/.; 
kind of hawk. 

borjduc^^ [Ar.], m.: = (shrub). 

bo»*gare^^ [E.Ind.], m.: = (rock-snake). 

boiigeau^' [OFr. bonge (Ger.), bunch], 
TO.;* two bundles of flax (retting). 

bon^»' pron. bo-n [bon] : "^-henri [Henri] ^^, 
TO. ; wild spinach, -/teur ^^ [heur (L. augu- 
rium, omen)], m. : good fortune, good luck ; 
success; happiness, -homie^'^ [-homme], 
/.; =, companionableness ; credulity. 
-homme^^, pi. — s — s [homme], to.; 
amiable man ; simple-hearted man ; 
plebeian ; old codger ; good fellow ; toy- 
man, pi. : St. Augustine friars, Albigenses, 
and other orders. -Aiommeau^* 
[-homme], to.; poor good-fellow. 

boni-^^ [L. phrase aliquid boni, some 
good], TO.; proceeds (from a pawned ob- 
ject), bonus. 

fboni-ehon ^= bonard. 

i.boni-ficatio)t-^^ [^--fier], f.: = ; allow- 
ance. 2.-ficatiott-^^, /.; improvement, 
i-ll-^fier-^^ [bon, -fier =^ faire], tr.: im- 
prove ; bonify ; fcut up (whole). 2. -fier ^^, 
tr.: pay proceeds; make up, make good. 

bord i 

-xaent^^ [bon],m.: (fam.) street-crying, | 
humbuggery (of tricksters, quacks). 

bonite 15 [1. L. -ton (?)],/; BONITO (fish).j 

tbonjeau = bongeau. \ 

boïtjour^''^ [bon, jour], to.; good-day (sal- 
utation) ; donner le — , bid one good-day ; 
vol au — , where supposed absentee sur- 
prises the thief. 

bonne®, cf. bon ; f. : servant-girl ; bonne 

bonnean^^ [? ak. to borne], to.; buoy. 

bonne-dame 15, pi. — s — s, /. ; orach 
(plant). -grat-ee /. ; fcurtain orna- 
ment ; tailor's wrapping cloth, -ment ^^, 
adv. : simply ; exactly. '\~^Gn-eYLe = 

bon-^net^i [? cf. Hindu bânât, broad- 
cloth], TO.; =, hood, cap; boot-top; 
reticulum, honeycomb (second stomach of 
ruminants) : — d'Hippocrate, bandage ; — 
vert, long-term prisoner ; opiner de — , 
assent without giving a reason ; un — 
carré, a doctor ; new horns (of deer) ; un 
gros — , a big man (in an organisation) ; 
un — rouge, revolutionist, f-^^^ta-de ^^^ 
/.; removal of hat (in honour, in saluting). 
-netage^^, to.; capping (of guns). 
-neteaui^ [-neteur], to.; card game. 
-cter^^, tr.: load with attentions 
servilely; cap (a gun). -neterie^^ 
[-etier], /.; hosiery; hosiery traders. 
-neteur 1'^ [-neter], to.; ffawner, sharper. 
-netier^^, m.: hosier, -nette^^, /.; 
bonnet (of fort) ; bonnet-sail. 

bonne- vof/liei^ [It. buona-voglia, good 
will], TO.; hired galley-oarsman. 

bonsoir 15 [bon, soir], to.; good-night; 

bonté° [L. bonitas],/.: goodness, kindness. 

bonze [Jap. bozu], to.; = (Buddhist 

boqnet[?], to.; (dial.) mudscoop or 

boqnette° [? bequette], f. : (box-maker's) 

hoqtiillqn^^ [ak. to bois], m.: (dial.) 

fbora'-'-ciqne = borique, -citei^ [bo- 
rax],/.: = (mineral). 

bo-rate 1'^, to.; =. H^raxi^ j-fj.^ ^pj^ 
TO.; =. 

borborygme 15 [Gr. -mos], to.; bor- 
borygmus (rumbling of intestines). 

bor'-^d [1. (>er.], to. ; border, edge ; brim ; 
strip ; bank ; tack ; side (of ship) ; ship : 
être du — , be on the side (of some one). 
-dagei"*, TO.; fborder; siding, planking. 
-dai?lei'^, /.; plank of the ship's side); 
side, -danji^, to.; foot-rope (of sail). 
-de [formerly 'hut', ak. to bord], /.: 
farm. -dei^ [-der], to.; lace; hem. 
-dée 1^, /. ; cannon (on one aide) ; broad- 


side; tack, -del^^ [-de], m.: brothel 
(house of ill-fame, bawdyhouse, fEng. 
BORDEL, -dello). -dEmetit^^ [-der], m.: 
flange ; enameling, -der ^^, tr. : border ; 
line ; bound ; bind (a coat, etc.) : — la 
côte, sail near the coast ; — le lit, tuck in 
the bed-clothes, -dereau^*, m.; itemized 
statement, memorandum, -devie^^ [-de], 

/.; (dial.) little farm, -deyer^^, intr.: 
tack; beat about, i.-dier^^ [-de], m.: 
farm-tenant (on shares). 2.-dier'^^, adj.: 
lop-sided ; m. : poorly balanced ship. 

bordigite^^ [Prov. -ga], /.: fish-crawl 

bor-doyet"^^ [-d], intr.: show dark (as 
enamel on poor gold), -dure^'-^ [-der],f.: 
=, BORDER ; tfrontier. 

bore^^ [-rax], m.: boron (simple chemical 

boréales pi. -eaxuc [L. -lis], adj.: =, 

bor^f/ne^^ [?], adj.: blind in one eye 
(one-eyed) ; (fig.) blind ; dark ; hav'g one 
opening or one part; m., /.; one-eyed 
person : ancre — , anchor with one fluke ; 
maison — , of bad appearance, -g^esse, 
f. : (rare) one-eyed woman. 

bor-^ne^^ [1. L. bodina], /.; landmark, 
boundary store, bourn ; (natural) bar- 
riers ; goal ; curb-stone. -n©r ^'^, tr. : 
set landmarks ; hedge in ; ditch about ; 
bound; limit; un homme borné, dull man. 

bornoyer-^^ [borgne], intr.: fbe one-eyed ; 
tr.: sight (observe line) with one eye. 

borragin©^^ [1. L. -go], adj.: like 
borage* ; /. pi. : borage family of plants. 

hoT(r)nre^^ [bore], m.: boruret. 

bosa^t^^ [fr. Ar.], m.: boza (beverage). 

bosel^^ [?], m.: torus (round moulding). 

bosquet ^^' [It. -schetto (sea, wood)], m.: 






= (stone left to be 

worked); embossage. i.||~se^^ [?],/••" 
hump ; knob ; dent ; (phrenological) bump ; 
bas-relief ; swelling, tumor ; lump (dis- 
ease on jaw) ; blight (of corn) ; BOSS ; 
bosset ; hummock ; knot (at end of rope) : 
se donner une — , live high ; la — de 
cerf, sprouting young horn (of a deer). 

2.bosse^" [Flem. bos, bundle], /.; fuller's 
brush (of thistle-heads). 

3.bosse^^ [for botte, cask, butt],/.; large 
vessel : — à feu, powder shell ; — à sel, 
salt hogshead. 

bosse-lage^'^, m.: relief work (of gold- 
smith). 'W^ler^'^ [bosse, lumi^], tr.: em- 
boss, do relief work ; dent (metal). 
-lure^^,/.; embossing; indentation. 

fbosseman^^ [for Flem. bootsman], m.: 
boatswain's mate, quarter-master. 

bos^ser^® [bosse, lump], tr.: fasten (with 
knotted rope), i.- setier^* [-sette], m.: 

stud-rowel-maker. 3.-setier ^'^, m. : 

glass-blower. -sette ^^,/.; rowel, stud 
(of bridle). -sier^'^ [-se, box], m.: 
salt-boxer, packer. -soir^^, m.; cat- 
head, anchorbeam. f-soii^^ [-sse, hump], 
m.: outwork (of ships), projection, 
-su^^, adj.: hunchbacked; humped; 
embossed. -suelle^^ [? -su],f.: tulip. 

bostangi^^ [Turk.], m.: siiltan's house- 
hold guard. 

bostori^' [city Boston], to.; =, card game. 

bot^^ [Flem. bot, blunt], indecl. adj.: club- 
footed; deformed. 

bota-^niqite ^^ [Gr. -tâne, plant], adj.: 
botanical ; /. ; botany, -niste ^^, to. ; 

fbotargite = boutargue. 

hothriqu^'^ [Gr. (bothros, cavity)], to.; 
ulceration of the cornea. 

I. botte 1^ [?], /.; boot; step (of car- 
riage) ; pipe (for sewerage) : serrer la — , 
press foot against flank of horse ; le 
cheval va à la — , the horse bites at his 
rider's leg ; mettre du foin dans les — s, 
make one's self comfortable. 

2.botte^* [It.],/.; butt, cask; fwine-skin. 

3.botte^^ [It. -tta],f.: blow (with sword), 
pass ; sudden attack.^^ [?], /.; bunch (of vegetables, 
etc.) ; bundle ; hank, -ttelage ^^, to. ; 
bundling. ||-tteleri'^ [OFr. -tt'el, dim. of 
-tte], tr.: bind together, bunch, -tte- 

leur ^^, 


binder. -tteloir 



stick (to draw a band tight) ; block with 
a peg (to tie and top vegetables). 

bot'^ter^^ [-tte, shoe], tr.: shoe, furnish 
with BOOTS : se — , prepare to leave ; get 
the feet very muddy ; (very f am.) cela me 
botte bien, that suits me exactly, -tier ^"^ 
[-tte], TO.; boot-maker. i.-tillqn^^ 

[-tte], TO.; leather-guard (over shoe-tops 
to keep out mud), gaiter. 

2.botti?loit^^ [4--tte, bunch], to.; little 
bunch (of vegetables). 

bottine ^^ [-tte, boot],/.; = ; buskin, half- 
boot ; gaiter. 

fbouartZ = bouvard. 

boubouler^*, [echoic], intr.: tee-whit- 
tee-whoo (hoot as an owl). 

bou'^c^^ [fr. root of Ger. bock], to.; he- 
goat ; goat-skin ; hoisting machine (salt 
works) : — émissaire, scapegoat, -cage ^'^, 
TO.; saxifrage, burnet. i.cati^^ [? âk. to 
bouc],m.: drinking place; rumpus. 

2.bouca»i^^ [Carib.], to.; =; smoked 
turtle ; gridiron. 

boucanage ^^ [-ner, cure meat], to.; cur- 
ing, smoking (of meat). 

I. boucaner* ^^ j-can, bad place], intr.: 
frequent low plac^ s. 

2.bouca'«'ner^^ [-can, smoked meat], tr.: 
smoke, cure (meat) ; intr. : live like a 



buccaneer ; fbe cruel, -nier ^^, m. ; 
buccaneer (hunter ; freebooter). 

boucaro^'' [Sp. bucaro], m.: porous, red 
clay (for water jais). 

boucassin^^ [?], m.: fustian. 

boucau^^ [Prov. (ak. to Fr. houche}], m.: 
entrance to harbor. 

boucauf^^ [boue\, m.: goat-skin; rude 
hogshead (for sugar, etc.). 

bou-ehage^^ [boucher, stop up], m.: stop- 
ping up.* 

bou-eharde^^ [?],/••* stonemason's ham- 
mer ; matting - chisel (with jagged 

i-fbou-cbe = bouge. 

2.bou-^€he° [L. bucca, cheek],/.; mouth; 
opening ; tongue ; eating ; food : prendre 
sur sa — , economise in food ; être sur sa 
— , be a gourmand ; être à — que veux-tu, 
be in affluence ; faire la petite — , mince 
matters, not be frank ; officier de — , 
provisioner, steward ; — d'or, eloquent 
tongue. -elié° [-cher, stop up], adj.: 
smothered, dull, -éhée^^, /.; mouthful. 
-■chelle ^^, /. ; division (of a fishtrap or 

i.boucliei^i^ [OFr. bousche, bundle (of 
brushwood)], ir.; stop up ; cork; cover. 

2.bou^-elier^\ =ère [bouc], m., /.; 
butcher; bungler. -eh.erie^^,f.: slaugh- 
ter-house ; meat-shop ; butchery. 

i.bou-cbet^^ [? another form of bouquet], 
m. : drink ; kind of pear. 

2.bou-eliet^^ [?], m.: rope (of a dragnet). 

hoM^éhe-tTon^^ , pi. — s [-cher, trou], m.: 
gap-filler, makeshift, -choir ^^ [-cher, 
close up], m.: door (of furnace). 

hovL-^éhqn^^ [ak. to bois],in.: bush (sign 
of tavern) ; inn, drinking place ; stopper 
(of glass) ; float (of fish-line) ; stove-door ; 
darling : à bon vin ne faut point de — , 
good wine needs no bush ; — de foin, 
wisp of hay ; jouer au — , game where 
one tries to knock coin off a cork. 
-•ehonner^^, tr.: rub (with a wisp), 
curry ; rub (as a pig) ; fondle ; cork up, 
close, -chonnier^", m.: cork-maker, 
or -dealer. 

bou-chot^^ [OFr. bousche, bundle, brush- 
wood], m.; fish-crawl; (artificial) oyster- 

bou'«'cle° [L. buccula (dim. of bucca, 
check)],/.; buckle; ring; ringlet; ear- 
ring ; jewel ; door-knocker ; fish-scale ; 
sort of spade ; stomatitis (disease of 
mouth of stock), t-cle-gibe-ciere, pi. 
— s—s, m. : ornamental knocker, -cler ^^, 
tr., intr.: buckle; ring (a pig's nose); 
ringle (a mare) ; chain (shut) ; imprison ; 
kink, -dette ^^,/.; little ring; mesh (of 
lace), -cliçr^^ m.: buckler, shield; 
shell ; carrion-beetle ; lump-fish : levee de 


— s, raising of shields (by Romans as sign 
of displeasure). 

fboucon^* [It. boccone (L. bucca, mouth), j 
mouthful], m.: poisoned drink or food. 

bou'^der ^^ [? ak. to Prov. pot, lip], intr. : 
POUT, sulk ; be annoyed ; tr. : glower at, 
be sulky towards : — contre son ventre, 
from ill humor abstain from eating ; il ne 
boude pas à table, he eats heartily, 
-derie ■^^, /. ; sulkiness. -deur^^, =eT|se, 
adj.: pouting; surly. 

bou-'diîi^^ [?], m.; sausage; pudding; 
mud ; twist (of tobacco) ; spring ; fuse ; 
saddle portmanteau ; sandbag ; pad, cush- 
ion ; torus, (swelling) base of a column ; 
swelling. -dinade ■^^, /.; lamb-roast 
(with boudin stuffing), -dinage^^ [-ner], 
m.: roving (slubbing of thread before 
winding on bobbins). 

boudiné ^^ [?],/••* navel; bulge (of crown 

boudiné r^^ [-din], tr.: slub (slightly 
twist wool, etc.). 

boudoir ^'^ [-der], m.: (lit. where one may 
sulk when annoyed) = (lady's private 
room) ; un homme qui a de succès de — , 
a fortunate man. 

boue^^ [?],/; mud; daub, stucco, plaster ; 
slime ; pus ; settlings ; lees. 

bouée ^* [?],/••" BUOY, sign, mark: — de 
sauvetage, life-preserver ; — de bers, ap- 
paratus to float a launched ship. 

bouer^® [?], tr.: stamp (coin with a ham- 

bouettei^ [?],/; bait (for codfish). 

bou-eur^^ [-e], m.: mud-man, street- 
cleaner, -eua?-^^, =euse [-e], adj.: 

bouf-fant ^^, adj. : swollen, puffy ; m. : 
puff (of sleeve, etc.) ; sort of x^hemisette ; 
hoop-skirt, -farde ^^ [fee], /.; (vulg.) 
short-stemmed pipe, i.-fe^^, /.; puffing 
(of cheeks). 2.-fe^'^ [It. buffa, joke], 
adj. : comic, funny ; m., f. : comic actor, 
-fée-^^, /.; breath, whiff; breeze; warm 
wave; spell. ||~fer^^ [echoic], intr.: 
puff up or inflate the cheeks (gesture of 
anger) ; be angry ; (pop.) drink by big 
mouthfuls ; eat heartily ; tr. : inflate ; 
swell, -fette^^, /.; tassel, bow; certain 
sail, -fi^^ [fir], adj.: swollen; turgid 
(style), -lir^^ [ak. to -ffer], tr.: inflate; 
bloat ; intr. : swell (from a blow ; with 
anger), -fissure ^^ [fir], /.; bloating; 
bombast, -foir ^^, m. ; (butcher's) bellows. 
-fou^^ =onne [It. buffone (buffa, jest), 
m. : BUFFOON ; adj. : comic, -fonner ^^ 

-fonnerie ^^ 
t-fonneur ^^ 

[-fon], intr.: make fun. 
[-ffon], /. ; buffoonery. 
[-fon], m.: buffoon. 
bouganese^^ [?], m., /. 

mestizo, cross 

between an Indian and a negro woman. 


I. bouge" [h. bulga], /.; bag; bel- 

2.bouge^^ [? L. bulla, bubble], m.: 
BULGE ; top (of loaf) ; side-room, closet ; 
hut ; hollow ; rounded hammer ; tub (for 
grapes), -geage^^ [^--ger], m.: cover- 
ing wood (preparatory to charring). 

bougeoir ^^ [rgie\, m.: short candle-stick. 

I -bouge r° [p. L. bullicàre{h. bullire, boil)], 
intr.y'tr.: stir (move a little, budge). 

2. bouger ^^ [2.-ge], tr.: cover with a mound 
(wood'to be charred). 

fbougette^^ [^.-ge^f.: wallet, budget. 

bou-gie^^ [the town B.I, f.: candle (of 
wax,* tallow, etc.) ; taper ; = (for the 
urethra) : pain de — , taper (for lighting). 
-gier^^, tr.: wax (to prevent raveling); 
treat (with medicated bougie). 

bougiilon^^ [i--ger], m.: (vulg.) fidgety 

bou-gon^^, =oiine, adj.: (/am.) grumbler. 
Il-vgonner^^ ['!],intr.: (fam.) grumble; 
tr.: find fault with. 

tbougraine = bugrane. 

bougran^^ [town Boukhara], m.: buck- 

fbougrane = bugrane. 

bou-vgre" [L. bulgarus, Bulgarian heretic], 
m.: bugger, sodomist. -grEinent^^, 
adv.: (vulg.) extremely, awfully. -grE- 
Tie^'^,f.: sodomy. 

bougitiere^" [Prov. -ro {boga, certain 
fish)],/.; seine (for bogue-catching). 

boui-boui^^ [?], m.: (slang) bad resort. 

boui/labaisse^^ [Prov. -ss6\, /,; fish- 
stew (flavoured with wine, served on bread) ; 

ho\iil\a.nt^^ Irllir'], adj.: boiling. 

i.bouiMe-'-^ [-ZZer], /.; pole (to scare up 

2.bouiQe^'^ [Sp. bolla (L. bolla, seal)],/.; 
lead seal. 

3.bouiî-le^^ [?],/.* {dial.) coal-measure; 
hod (for grapes). 

bouii-leau^*^ [It. J)ugliuolo, bucket], m.; 
convicts' soup-platter. 

i.bouiiler^^ [? ak. to -llir], tr.: scare 
up, stir up (fish, with pole in deep water). 

2.bouitler ^'^ [2.-lle], tr.: seal (as with 

bouil-lerie ^^, /. ; distillery, -leur ^'^, m. ; 
distiller ; boiler : — de cru, private dis- 
tiller, -li^^, -lie [part, -lir,], adj.: haVg 
been boiled: m.; boiled beef; /.; (pap 
for infants) ; pulp (paper) ; chicken- 
feed. Il-lir*' [L. bullire (-lia, bubble)], 





irr.^; tr., intr.: boil, -lissage 
pulp-boiling, -litoire^^, m.: blanching 
coin), -loir^^, m.; boiler (for whitening 



coin), -loire^^,/.; kettle. -Ion 

= (soup); bubble; froth; drainings; puff 

(of cloth), -lmi'hl%nc^^, pi. — 5 — s, 

m.: mullen. -lonnement ^^ [-lonner], 
m. : boiling ; excitement. -lonner ^^ 
[-Ion], tr.: puff, flounce; intr.: bubble. 
-lotte ^^,/.; little boiler ; card game. 

§ Ind. : Pr. èou-s, -s, -t ; boui-lions, -liez, 
-lient. Ipf. bo7iillais. Prêt, boîiillis. Fut. 
(Coud.) boîiillirai{s). — Subj. : Pr. bouille, 
etc. Ipf . bouillisse. — I've : bous. — Part. : Pr. 
bo2iilla7it ; P. bojiilli. 

bouitt^^ [Prov], m.: hank of silk (ready 
for dyeing). 

tbouis = buis. 

fbouisse = buisse. 

boujarott^^ [? Sp. ôwcaro, vessel made of 
clay of same name], m.: gill cup (on 

boukinka^i^^ [Eng. Buckingham], m.: 
English bonnet. 

boulage^^ [bouillir], m.: boiling (in 
bleaching) ; pressing (of beets to make 
sugar) ; batch (of linen, or of beets). 

boulaie^- [OFr. boul],f.: birch nursery. 

bou-lange-^^,/.; baking; material (to be 
baked). * i-H^laiiger^^, =ère [? L. 
polenta, barley], m.,'f.: baker. 2.-lan- 
ger^*, tr.: knead, make (bread), -lan- 
gerie^^,/.; bread-making; bakery. 

bbular [?], m.; (vulg.) long-tailed tit- 

bouldure^^ [?], /.; pit (under water- 

I. boule** [L. bulla],/.: ball, sphere, bowl : 
tenir pied à — , be indefatigable, firm ; 
à la — vue, hastily ; rashly. 

2.boule^^ [merchant Boule], m.: buhl, 
buhlwork (furniture). 

bouleau ^^ [OFr. boul], m.: birch. 

boule-de-neige^^,/.; snow-ball (flower). 

bouledogue ^^' [for Eng.], m.: bull-dog. 

boullee'^ [? ak. to Prov. boli, sediment], 
/.; (solid) residue (of tallow). 

bouléjort-^^ [Prov. -joun], m.: seine (for 

bou-'le-potiche-^'^ [for Eng. bowl-punch 
(Fr. boule^,/.: punch. -ler^^[-Ze, ball], 
tr. : roll, whirl ; intr. : swell, -lerot ^^ 
[-le], m.: (vulg.) goby (fish), -let^^ 
[-le], m.: cannon ball; fetlock-joint ; = 
(disease) : — ramé, cross-bar shot ; — 
rouge, red, i.e. hot ball (to set fire) ; — 
creux, bomb, -leté ^^ [-let], adj. : crowned, 
hav'g fetlock bent forward, -lette^^ 
[-le],f.: little ball (esp. of soft material, 
food); poisoned food. -leux^^ [-Ze], 
=euse, adj. or m., f. : tough (horse) ; 

boulevard^* [Ger. bohlwerk, (lit.) log- 
structure], m. : BULWARK ; = (first so 
called when made of old breastworks). 

boule vari^^ [? for hourvari], m.: (fam.) 
noisy disorder. 

boulever-sement ^^, m. : overthrow ; sub- 
version, ll'-'ser^^ [boule, ball, verser], 



ir. : fupset ; disturb, confuse ; turn topsy- 

boulevuf*, see under houle, ball. 

bou^lie-elie ^^ [Prov. -liècho], /.; large 
drag-net. i.-lie>^^^ [L. Prov. -liech], 
m.: bag-net. 

2.boulier^^ [-le, ball], m.; kind of abacus 

"boulimie ^^ [Gr. -mia (bous, ox, limos, 
hunger)], /.; bulimia, abnormal appetite 
(as from tapeworm). 

"bouli^t^^ [? -le, ball], m.: crock (for 
pigeon nest) ; pigeon-hole ; scaffolding- 
hole, putlog hole. 

"bouli-^ne^-^ [Eng. how-line], f. : bowline: 
vent de — , a wind that one sails close to ; 
courir la — , run the gauntlet (the ends of 
bowlines being used as knouts), -ner^^, 
tr. : haul close to the wind ; intr. : sail 
close to the wind ; reel. -nette ^^, /. ; 
top-sail bowline. 

bouliiigrin^^ [Eng. howling-green], m.: 
bowling-green ; lawn. 

bouli^tqtte^^ [?],/••* sky-sail. 

boulinier^^ [?] m.: ship (that can sail 
close to the wind). 

bouloir^^ [-1er], m.: pole (to scare up 
fish) ; stirring pole (to mix mortar ; to stir 
hides in tanning). 

boulqis^^ [?], m.: fuse (for blasting). 

bou-loti^'^ [-le, ball, bubble], m.: iron pin, 
bolt, boss (of book-cover) ; fsteelyard. 

boulongeon [?], m.: rags (for low-grade 
paper). ' 

bou-^lonner^^ [-Ion], tr.: bolt, secure by 
pins. -lonnerie^^, /.; bolt factory. 
-lonnier ^^, m.: bolt-maker. -lou- 
niere^^,/.; auger (to make bolt holes). 
-lof^^, =otte [-le, ball, bubble], adj.: 
(Jam.) heavy-set, fat. -lotter-^^ [-lot], 
intr.: (vulg.) get along so-so. -lue-^^ 
[part of bouillir], f.: kind of bottle. 
-lure^^ [-ler],f. : warty growth (on plants). 

hon^que^^ [Prov. -buco, mouth (L. -cca)], 
f. : strait, channel ; entrance way (of funnel 
fishnet). -qiier^^ [Prov. bouca], tr.: 
make kiss, force to kiss ; force. 

i.hon^quet^^ [variant of bosquet], m.: 
tclump of trees, bunch ; = (nosegay) ; 
aroma ; choice ; cream ; verses, sonnet ; 
-quetier^^, m.: bouquet-maker; flower- 
vase, -quetiere -^^j /. ; flower-girl. 

2.bouquet^^ [-que, dial, form for bouche], 
m.: tetter (disease of sheep). 

3.bouqtfet^^ [bouc], m.: little buck (goat, 
rabbit) ; kind of cra3rfish. 

bou-i-qitetin ^^ [Prov. boc-estain (Fr. bouc) 
= solid-hoofed (?) buck],/.; wild goat. 
-qiietqn^^ [-quel, sense of 'crab'], m.: 

bouqttette^^ [Flem. bockweit "beech- 
wheat"],/.; (dial.) BUCKWHEAT. 


i.bonqiiin-^^ [-que, dial, tor bouche], m. : 
mouthpiece (of trumpet, of pipe) ; tetter 
(sheep disease). 

2.bouqttiH^^ [bouc], m.: old he-goat; 
buck-rabbit ; fsatyr ; adj.^^ : fgoat-like. 

S-bou-^qiii^i-^^ [Flem. boeckin, little 
book], m.: (fam.) old book (rather con- 
temptuously) : il est toujours dans ses — s, ! 
he always has his nose in a book. 
i.-qitiner^®, intr.: (fam.) thumb books; 
examine (books before buying). 

2.bouqMiner ^^ [-quin, buck], intr.: cover 
the female (said of rabbits). 

bouqiti-nerie -^^ [-neur], /.; (fam.) old 
books, old book trade. ||'«'neur^^[i .-Tier], 
m.: hunter after old books, -niste^^ 
[bouquin, old book], m.: dealer in old 

bouracan-'^^ [Ar. barrakan (Pers. barak, 
camel's-hair cloth)], to.; barracan (cloth). 

boura-eher ^^ [-rras], to.; silk-worker, 

bourbe ^^ [1],f.: mud (of pond; inkwell). 

bourbulier^^ [?], to.; breast (of wild 

bour-i^beux^^, =euse [-be], adj.: muddy; 
/.; (fresh-water) turtle, -bier^^ [-be], 
TO.; mire; scrape. -hillqn^^ [-be], to.; 
core (of an abscess), -botte ^^ [-be],f.: 
(vulg.) eel-pout (fish). 

bourbouiile^^ [?], /.; (vulg.) prickly 

tbour-ۍr, -eet, -cette = bourser, etc. 

bour^d ^^ [Prov. =^ bastard, fr. L. bur- 
dus, mule], to., adj.: alder (bush). 
bour-daine^^ -den [?], /.; black alder. 

bourdalou^'^ [? fr. prop, name], to.; hat- 
band ; chamber-pot. 

bourdaloue^^ [preacher B.], /.; cheap 
cloth (worn by women after B.'s sermon on 

I. bourde^- [1. L. hurdus, mule], /.; 
tcrutch ; shore, prop (of ship). 

2.bourde^'^ [?],/••* inferior sal soda. 

3.bour^de^2 [ak. to OHoll. hoerde, prac- 
tical joke], /.; fib. -der^^, intr.: fib. 
t-deur^^ i-rfeT*], to.; fibber. 

tbourdigtie = bordigue. 

bourdiJlon^'' [bourde, prop], to.; barrel 

I. bourdon" [L.-do, mule], to.; pole ; staff ; 
jousting lance ; brail (of seine) : — de 
St. Jacques, (vulg.) marshmallow (plant). 

2.bourdo»i^^ [?], TO.; fhumming; droning 
(of bass, of bagpipe) ; = ; great bell ; 

3.bourdon^^ [bourde, fib], to.; (printer's) 
out, omission ; flaw (in pin). 

bourdonnant^^ [-nner], adj.: humming. 

bourdonné ^^ [-don, staff], ad!;.; =, cross 
pommée (device on coat-of-arms). 

bonrdon-nement^^ to.; humming, dron- 


ing sound. H-'ner* ^^ [?], intr. : buzz, hum ; 
tr.: yodle (a tune), hum; tinkle. 

'bourdon-net^'' [-don, 'staff' in sense of 
knob on the staff], m.: pellet (of lint), 
pledget (for a wound), -nier^'', m.: 
pintle (of door) ; shaft (of wind-mill). 
-niere^*, /.: step, socket (to receive 
pivot or pintle). 

i.hqnTg° [1. L. burgus, 'stronghold,' fr. 
Ger. burg] m. : market-town ; borough. 

2.tbour^ = bourd. 

"bourgade^* [It. borgata],/.: village. 

fbourgene = bourdaine. 

bourgêqi^s^°, =oise [bourg], m., /.; 
burgKer, tradesman ; free-holder ; civilian, 
common citizen ; townsman ; owner ; hack- 
man ; plebeian ; adj. : private ; homely ; 
common, vulgar, -sement^^, adv.: plain- 
ly; modestly; privately, -sie^^,/.; citi- 
zenship ; middle class. 

bour-'geon^^ [?], *m.; bud (of plants, in- 
vertebrates) ; granulation ; proud-flesh ; 
{Jam.) rum-blossom ; pimple, -geonne ^^, 
adj. : pimply, pimpled, -geonnement ^^, 
[-geonner], adv.: budding, -geonner^^, 
intr. : bud ; ifam.) begin to show rum- 
blossom, -geonnier* ^^, m.: (vulg.) bull- 
finch (bud ravager). 

bourg-épine^^ [? bouc, épine in anal, 
with L. spina cervina, 'buck-thorn'], /.; 

bourgEron^^ [? p. L. burra, shaggy gar- 
ment], m.: blouse. 

bourgEteur^^ [OFr. -gette, Flemish wool- 
en cloth], m.: wool-worker. 

bourgin^^ [Prov.], m.; seine (on Mediter- 
ranean sea). 

bourgmestre^^ [for Ger. burgmeister], 


bourgrne [^^ [Prov. -gno, (lit.) 'cavity'], 

/.; bow-net (used as tide ebbs). 
vBour^^gogrne [L. Burgundia], s.: Bur- 
gundy (the country), bour-gogne, /.; 

Burgundy wine ; (dial.) sainfoin (forage 

plant). -Q^ignotte^^,/.: sort of helmet ; 

fsailor cap ; (fam.) head. 
bourjassotte ^^ [Prov. -ssoto (Sp. town 

Burjazotl)]./.: (dial.) variety of fig. 
bourle^^ [It. burla (L. burrae, jokes)],/.; 

trick, practical joke. 
tbourlet = bourrelet. 
bourlingiter ^'^ [boulingue], intr.: toil; 

labor (as a ship against wind and water). 
fbournous = burnous. 
i.bourra-ehe^^ [1. L. borrago (Ar. abou 

rack, 'father of sweat')], /.; borage 


2.bourra-ehe^^ [?],/••* bow-net. 
bour-^rade^'' [-rer],f.: fsnap, bite (of a 

dog) ; cuff (with fist, with butt of gun). 

-rage^^ [-rer], m.: tamping. 
bourras ^^ [-rre], f. : barras (Dutch-cloth). 



bourrasque ^^ [It. borrasca], /.; gust, 
squall (of wind). 

bour->^re° [p. L. burra], /.; hair (of an- 
imals), coarse wool; wool-fluff, silk-fluff; 
down (of buds) ; gun-wad ; abuse, i .-reau^'-^, 
m. : fcushion ; shoulder-pad (for carrying 

2.bourreau^^ [?], m. ; executioner (heads- 
man, hangman) ; (Jig.) torturer, assassin ; 
brute, wretch. 

I. bourr ée ^^ [-rrer],/.; fagot; quailtrap. 

2.bourrée-^^ [?], /.; dance (in Auvergne. 

bourreler-^^ [2.-reau], tr.: harrass, tor- 

fbourrelerie = bourrellerie. 

bour-^relet ^^ or fbourlet [-reau, pad], 
m. : = ; cushion pad ; padding (about win- 
dows) ; puddening (fender, wreath of rope) ; 
swelling (on trees) ; tumor ; packing, -re- 
lier ^^ [-reau], to.; harness-dealer. 

bourelle ^^ [-rreau, hangman],/. ; woman- 
executioner, fwife of hangman. 

bourrellerie ^'^, f. : harness-trade. 

bour^'^re-noia? ^^, pi. — , to. ; (gunsmith's) 
punch, {{■^rer^^ [bourre, hair], tr.: stuff; 
cram ; ram ; wad, mistreat ; snap, bite out 
(a bunch of hair) : — de latin, fill (one) 
with Latin. -rette-^^[-re],/.; silk (next 
the cocoon). 

bourri-cbe^^ [? for -rrache], /.; hamper 
(for oysters, game). 

beurrier ^^ [-rre], to.; fpile (of straw, 
manure) ; parings (of leather) ; chaff. 

bourri'-^qite^^ [Prov. -co (L. burricus, 
small horse)], /.; she-ass; ignoramus. 


1^, TO. ; young ass ; hand-barrow ; 
windlass ; saw-horse, -qitier ^^, to. ; ass- 

bourrir^^ [?], intr.: whir, whiz (as quail 

bour-^roir^^ [-rer], to.; tamping bar; 
-roH^^ [-re], to.; wool (for padding). 
-ru-^^ [-re], adj.: downy (as buds) ; rough ; 
rude ; new (wine) ; crabbed ; moine — , 
bugbear ; un — bienfaisant, kindhearted 
but roughspoken man. 

boursal ^"^ [Prov. fr. -so, purse], to. ; fishnet. 

boursaut^^ [bour (?), saut, willow], to.; 
certain willow. 

bour^se" [p. L. bursu (Gr. bursa, leather)], 
/.; =, exchange; purse; money (in 
Orient) ; cell ; pocket ; wallet : pod ; schol- 
arship, fellowship ; pi. scrotum, -seau^^, 
TO. ; fwelt ; leaden ridge (of slate roof) ; 
(plumber's) hammer, -ser^^, tr.: clew 
up (a sail) ; cure (hides). 

bourset^^ [Holl. boeg-zeil, (lit.) BOW-SAih], 
TO. ; certain sail. 

bour^sette ^^ [-se],/. ; flittle purse ; (vulg.) 
shepherd's-purse (plant) ; lamb's-lettuce. 
-sicaut^^ or -cot [-se], to.; (/aTO.) sav- 
ings, -sicoter ^^, intr. : lay up money ; 



speculate (on small scale), -sicotier^^ 
[sicot], m.: (fam.) small speculator. 
-sier*^^, =ière^^ [-se], adj.: or m. /.; 
purse-maker ; fellow (in college) ; specu- 
lator, -siller''''^ [se], intr,: fpay quota 
(of club, etc.) ; club in together, -son 
[se], m.: trousers-pocket. 




bombast, -flé ^^, 

adj. : turgid ; bombastic. -flExnent ^^, 
m.: inflation; swelling. H-'fler*-^^ [for 
'\'houd (cf. bonder), souffler], tr.: swell, 
bloat : la maladie lui a boursoufflé les 
chairs, he is swollen fr. his disease. 
-soufflure,/.; swelling; puffiness. 

bou-sage ^^ [bouse], m, : dunging, -sard ^'', 
m.: deer-dung. 

bousculer ^'^ [for boute-culer (bouter, cul)], 
tr. : upset (turn topsy-turvy) push roughly 
(jostle, hustle). 

bourse ^^ [?], /.: cow-dung, -ser*-^^, tr.: 
dung (i.e. mix dung with earth in plastering, 
leveling a threshing floor ; as a process in 
dyeing cloth), -sier ^^, m. ; dung-beetle, 
tumble-bug. -sillage ^^[-siZZer], m.; plas- 
ter, mud-mortar, m'ud-and-straw ; adobe- 
work ; botch, -siller ^^, tr.: build with mud- 
mortar or adobe; botch. -siQeur^*, =euse, 
m.,/. ; mud-builder ; botcher, i --sin ^^, m. ; 
peat ; dirty ice ; sand vent (rotten stone). 

2.bou-sin-^*' [for sailor-slang Eng. boozing- 
ken], m.: low drinking-house ; disorder. 
-singot^^, m.: sailor-cap; young ultra- 
democrat (after 1830 in France). 

boussole ^^ [it. bussola, little box],/. : com- 
pass ; guide. 

boustropbédort^^ [Gr., fr. bous, ox, stre- 
phein, turn)], m.: = (early Greek way of 
writing alternately right to left, and left 
to right). 

I. bout ^^ [-ter], m.: butt, end; extreme; 
nipple ; prow ; bit, piece. 

2.bout^^ [?], m.: (vulg.) sunfish. 

bou"^tade^^ [-ter, sense of 'pierce'], /.; 
caprice (whim, Eng. boutade) ; ballad ; 
freak : par — s, by spells, by fits and starts. 
-tage-^* [-ter], m.: sticking (of pins in 
orde'r into paper or card). 

boutargue^^ [Prov. -argo (fr. Ar.)], /.; 
BOTARGO (Mediterranean dish of salted roe). 

tbout-de/iors := boute-hors. 

bout-de-l'an^*", m.: funeral service (at 
the end of one year after bereavement). 

boute ^^ [Prov. -to (?)],/; butt, hogshead 
(for wine, water, tobacco) ; box of cards 
(in packs). 

"bonté ^^ [-ter], adj.: thick (wine); hav'g 
crowned joint (horse). 

boute-à-port ^'^, to.; wharf -master. 

fbouteau = bouteux. 

boute-charge ^^ [bouter, Tput],m.: signal 
(to cavalry to put load on their horses). 

fboute-dehors = boute-hors. 


I. boutée ^^ [-ter, push], /.; boutade; 

ABUtment; pier. 
2.boutée^^ [-te],f.: quantity of cards in 

one boute, pack. 
bou-t-en-train^^,j9Z. [-te (-^er,put)],TO.; 

inciter, merry-maker, life of the party; 

bird used to teach birds to sing: 

stallion, -tefeu ^^, 


linstock ; incen- 

diary, -te-hors^^, to.; (ancient game 
like) prisoner's base ; boom ; out-rigger ; 
fire-hook ; knack (of pleasing in society). 

boutèii'*'le° te- [ak. to boute], f. : bottle ; 
bottleful ; fbubble ; tumor ; quarter gallery 
(of ship) : être dans la — , be in the secret. 
i.-ler^^, TO.; BUTLER. 2.-ler^^, intr.: 
have bubbles (said of glass), i.-lerie^^ 
[-^er], /.; buttler's office. 2.-lerie^^/.: 
bottle-factory ; bottle-trade. 

boute-lof [ôowier], to.; fore-tack boom. 

bouter •^'^ [Teut. botan, knock], intr.: put 
to sea, stand out ; sprout ; grow ; thicken 
(of wine) ftr. : start up (wild game) ; put ; 
paper (pins) : — dessus, put on one's 

bouterame^^ [Flem. boterham], to.; but- 
tered piece of bread. 

bou-tereau^'^, pi. — x, [-ter], to. ; chisel (of 
nailmaker). -terolle^^ [-^er], /.; chape 
(of scabbard) ; chamber ; fishnet (with 
handle) ; key-hole, -teroue-^^ [-ter, roue], 
f. : fcurb-stone, curbing ; iron footing (on 
bridges, or flooring, to prevent wear by 
wheels). -te-selle-^^[-ier],m.; trumpet- 
signal to prepare to mount, saddling signal. 
t-te-tout-cuire^^, pi. — [-ter], to.; 
(fam.) dissipater. -teur^^, =euse [-ter], 
TO., /.; pin-sticker (who puts into papers). 
-teytx^^, TO.; fishnet (with handle). 

bouticlard -^^ [-tique], to.; (dial.) fish 
booth ; fish vessel (to keep fish alive in). 

tboutiilier = bouteiller. 

bouti-'^qiie ^^ [L. apotheca, store (Gr. apo, 
away, thêke, box)],/.; shop, store; fish- 
box (for live fish); box (of a peddler). 
-€iuier^^, =ière, m.,f.: store-keeper. 

bou-tis^^ [-ter], to.; rooting (of hogs); 
place of rooting, -tisse ^^ [-ter],f.: header, 
bond-stone, binding-stone, -toi, or -toir ^^ 
[-ter], m.: snout (of hog); horse-shoer's 
tool. Il^tmi^^ [-ter], to.; button; bud; 
pimple; key (of violin); knob: — d'Alep, 
carbuncle (common in Syria), -tonné ^^ 
[-tonner], adj.: budding; pimply; but- 
toned, -tonner ^\ intr.: bud; tr.: 
button up. -tonnerie ^'-^ [-tonnier], f. : 
button business, -tonneua? -^^j =euse, 
adj.: pimpled, -tonnier ^^, to.; button- 
dealer, -tonniere^^, /.; button-hole; 
uterine surgical operation, f-triot = 

bout-rimes ^^, bouts-rimes (end- 
rhymes for verses to be filled out, crambo, 


a game) ; hence sing. (=6) stanza made 

with given rhymes. 
bou-^turage ^^ [-turer], m.: propagating 

(by cuttings, slips), i.-ture^* [-t^f],/.: 

shoot, sprout, cutting. 
2. bouture ^^ [bouillir], /.; water for 

cleansing silver or gold. 
bouturer ^^ [i.-ture], intr.: sprout, bud; 

tr.: make cuttings. 

i.bouvard^^ [ôœ^/*], m.; (dial.) bullock. 
2.bouvartl-^^ [bouer\,m.: coining hammer. 
i.bouveau^^ [OFr. bove, cave], m.: fcave ; 

gallery (in a mine). 
2.bou'^veau^^ [bœuf], m.: young steer. 

-velet^^, m.: young ox. -yrement^^ 

[bov (for bœuf)], m.: certain grooving 

plane, f-veret = -vret. -verie-^-^ [bov 

(for bœuf)], m.: cow-stable, ox-stable. 

f-veron = -won. --vet^^ [bov- (for 

bœuf)], m.: fyoung ox.; grooving pi 






-ift.»,«, [-vet], tr.: plane. -vx^f , 

=ère, m., f: cowherder; (vulg.) wag- 
tail, fly-catcher; Bootes (constellation). 
-xillqn^^ [bov (for bœuf)], m.: young 
ox. -vret^^ [-vier], m.: African sparrow. 
-vrette^^ [-vret],f: bird-organ (to teach 
birds to sing), -vreuil^'^ [-vier], m.: 
bull-finch, -vrott^^ [vier], m.: kind of 

bo'-^vides^^ [L. bos, gen. bov-is, ox], m. 
pi.: bovidse. -vine^^ [L. -vinus], adj.: 

fbot^l = J. bol. 

hox.^e^^yf: fist-fight, boxing match; box, 
slap, ll'-^er^^ [Eng. box], intr.: box, spar 
(with fists), -eur^^, m.: boxer. 

boyard ^^ [Russ. boiar, lord (OSlav. bol, 
great)], m.: boyar, nobleman. 

boyart^^ [for bayart], m.: fbarrow; 
certain part of a sluice. 

boyau° [L. botellus, sausage], m.: gut, 
BOWEL ; sausage ; (water) hose ; branch 
(trench) ; long gallery ; narrow way : le 
cheval n'a pas de — , is thin flanked ; des- 
cente de — , hernia, rupture ; corde à — , 
catgut, string (of violin, etc.). -àerie^^, 
f: catgut establishment, -dier^^, m.: 
gut-worker. boyer [for Holl. boeijer 
{boey, buoy)], m.: (old type of) Flemish 

bra-eelet^^ [bras], m.: =; armlet; ring, 
band (of one color, or material). 

bra-ebet^^ [OHG. braccho], m.: brach 

bracMal^^, pi. =aux [L. -lis], adj.: = 
(of the arm). 

brac/iiopodes^^ [Giv.brachion, arm, pons, 
foot], m. pi.: brachiopoda (bivalve mol- 

bracWstoc?trone^'^ [Gr. brachistos, 
shortest, chronos, time], adj.: cycloidal ; 
/.: = (curve of swiftest descent). 

fbrac/Muane =: brahmane. 
brac/iy-eéphale^^ [Gr. brachûs, short, 

kephalé, head], adj.: brachistocephalic, 

short-headed (as Mongolians). 
brach^yne^^ [Gr. brachûs, short], m.: 

bra-c/tys-eieii^^, =ane [Gr. brachûs, short, 

skia, shadow], adj.: equatorial. 
brac/tyure^^ [Gr. brachûs, short, oura, 

tail], adj.: short-tailed; m.: crablike 

bracoii^^ [?], m.: beam (of engine, or 

bracon-nage^^, m.: trespassing, poach- 
ing. ||-.^nçr^^ [ak. to braque, hunting 

dog], intr.: poach, infringe. -nier^^ 

[-n], m.: poacher; intruder. 
braconniere^^ [ak. to braie],f.: mailed 

brac-^teate-^^ [L. -tea, metallic leaf], 

adj: showing the stamp on both sides (as 

a medal), -tée^^ [L. -tea], f: bract. 

-teole^'^ [L. -la (dim. of bractea)], 

bradypepsie^^ [Gr. -psia (bradûs, slow, 
pépsis, digestion)],/.; bradypepsy. 

bra-^gite^^ [Prov. -ga, ak. to braie], /.; 
fbreeches, crib (for children) ; breeching 
(of guns), -git-ef ^^, m.: heel-rope (to a 
mast), -guette ^^ /. ; opening, flap (of 

bra/ima^ne^^ [Skt. -n], m.: Brah- 
min priest, -niqite^^, adj.: Brahminic. 
-nisme^^, m.: Hindu religion. 

i.brai^^ [?], m.: mud; mortar; rosin, pitch. 

2.tbrai = brais. 

3.braiii j-QPr, ^^^^^ ^k. to Ger. brett ?], 
m.: bird-trap. 

braie" [L. braca, clout], /. pi.: clout; 
breeches, drawers ; outer-wall ; fat (of 
cow's udder) ; matting (to keep out water) ; 
collar (of hammer). 

tbraii- =^ 2-brai. 

braiMarcl^® [i.-ler], adj.: blatant; m.: 
speaking-trumpet (on ships). 

i.braifle^^ [2.-ler],f.: shovel (to stir her- 

2.brai/lei" [?],/.; (dial.) chaff. 

braii-lement^^, m.: brawling, howling. 
I.-ler*" [p.L.*bragulâre (ak. to braire)], 
intr. : (fam.) cry, squall ; whine. 

2.braiiler^^ [?], tr.: stir (herrings with 
wooden shovel) in curing. 

braiileur^^, =çuse [i.-ler], adj.: brayer ; 
brawler ; whinnying horse. 

br-aiment ^^, m.: braying. H-^alre" 
[p. L. *bragere (?)], irr.^; intr.: (old) 
make a noise ; (now) bray ; m. : 

§ Defective verb. — Ind. : Pr. z7 brait. 
Ipf. bra-yait, -yaiettt. Fut. brai-ra, -ront. 
Cond. brai-rait, -raient. — Part ; Pr. bra- 



fbralrette = brayette. 

"brais** [L. brace, white corn], m.: crushed 
barley (in brewing). 

brai-^se^^ [OHG. brasa], /.; live coals (em- 
bers) ; roast meat; charcoal; if am.) money. 
-aer'^'^ftr.: roast, braize, -sette^^,/..- 
(small amount of) charcoal. -sier^^, 
m.; (baker's) charcoal-bin. -siere ^''', /. ; 
BRAisiNG-pan, BRAZIER (open pan for live 

braisine^'' [1 brai, mud], f.: clay-mortar 
(used in cementing steel). 

fbrame := brahmane. 

bra-mement^"^, m.; belling, cry (of deer). 
Il-^^mer*^^ [OHG. breman, bellow], intr.: 
■fbellow, roar ; bell (as deer). 

tbramine = brahmane. 

bran** [p. L.*brennum (Celt.)], m.; fbran 
(husk) ; tsawdust ; (low) refuse, excre- 
ment, dung. 

bratîcade^^ [Prov. -cado, (lit.) branch 
with fruit], /.; fchain-gang; chain (of 

bran-^card ^^ [Prov. -cal {branco, branch)], 
m. ; fEng. brancard, horse-litter ; arms ; 
handles (of barrow) ; thills, shafts (of 
vehicles); barrow, -cardier^^, m.: thill- 
horse ; ambulance man. 

bran-ehage ^"^ [-che], m.: top (branches, 
not trunk of tree). bra»i-«i'-ehe° [p. L. 
-ca, claw (cf. bracchium)], /.; branch; 
s'accrocher aux —s, grasp at straws. 
-ehement^^ [-cher], m.: branching, at- 
taching (as one pipe to another pipe). 
-■elxer ^^, intr. : branch out ; alight on 
a limb; tr.: hang up; solder (pipes). 
-•cbette^^, /.; little branch. -eh.e~ 
ursine^*, pL — s — s [(for 1. L. branca 
ursina ursus, bear), bear claw], /. ; 
brank-ursine, bear's-breech (plant). 

bran-ebial^^, pi. -ianx [-chies], adj.: =. 

bran-chier^^ [-che], adj.: not able to 
leave the branches, brancher (as young 

bran-chics ^^ [L., Or. -chia], f. pi.: 
branchia, gills, -chio-pode^^ [Gr. pons, 
foot], adj. or m.: branchiopod (with gills 
on feet), -cbio-stège-^^ [Gr. stêgein, 
cover], adj.: branchiostegal (covering the 

bran-cbu-^^ [-che], adj.: (well) branched. 

tbranc -ursine = branche-, etc. 

brand ^'^ [OHG. fire-brand], m.: (heavy) 

brandade ^"^ [Prov. -dado, (lit.) stirred], 
/.; = (dish of codfish, oil and garlic). 

brande-^'* [?],/••' heather (plant); heath; 
fagot (to spread fire on ship). 

brandebonrg ^^ [prop, name], m., f.: 
brandenburg (certain ornaments on mili- 
tary clothing) ; summer-house. 

fbrande-^vin ^'^ [for Flem. -dewyn, (lit.) 


burnt wine], m.: brandy, -vinier^^, 
=ière, m., /. ; brandy-maker, or seller 

tbrandi^^ [OPr. braidif, 'quick' of une. 
orig,], adj.: alive. 

brandi^e^^ [L. -dir, pin],/.; hole (for 
wooden peg). 

bran-di/lement ^^ [-diller], m.: dang- 
ling, swinging, -dialer •^^, tr., intr.: 
swing, dangle, -di^oire^^ [-diller], 

/.; swing, see-saw; (vulg.) poor plough. 
i-ll'-'dir^*^ [brand, sword], tr.: brandish. 

2.brandir^^ [?], tr.: pin (beams, etc.). 

I -bran don ^^ [Ger. brand], m.: fire- 
BRAND, torch ; burning débris (after con- 

2.bran^dmi^^ [?], m.; twist of straw 
(on a stake, as sign that sheriff has seized 
the crop), -donnei^^^, tr.: mark (field 
as sign of seizure). 

branée^^ [bran], J.: {dial.) bran-slop (for 

braii-lant ^^, adj.: tottering, shaky. 
bran-le^\ m.; impulse; swing; whirl, 
turn; start; pendulum; hammock; jaw (of 
vise), -le-bas^^, pi. — , m. : the cry: " all 
hammocks down" ; clearing (of the deck); 
commotion, -lement^^, m.: swinging, 
reeling, wagging. -le-qneue^^, m.; 
{vulg^ wag-tail (bird). H'^ler^'^ [ak. to 
brandir, brandish], tr.: swing, shake; 
intr. : vibrate ; reel ; be loose (as blade in 
a handle), rattle; waver, -lette^^, /.: 
piece of fishing line, -loire^^/.; see- 
saw ; distaff. 

bransqttEter^^ [for Flem. brandschat- 
ten], tr.: lay under contribution; extort. 

braqite^^ [OHG. braccho], m.: Dalmatian 
dog ; BRACH ; daredevil. 

braqn emart ^^ [? Gr. bracheîa mâchaira, 
short sword], m.: broadsword. 

bra-qiteme^it^^, m.: aiming, sighting. 
Il-^qifer^^ [?], tr.: aim, point (gun, tele- 
scope) ; fix (eyes on one). 

tbraqnes^® [L. brachia, arms], /. pi.: 
claws (of crab). 

tbraqitet^^ [? fam. for -quement], m.: 
short sword ; shoe-peg. 

bras° [L. brachium], m.: arm; sleeve; 
fin ; front leg ; handle ; branch ; brace 
(of a yard) ; bay ; avoir sur les — , on 
one's hands ; à force de — , by (work of) 
one's hands, by hand ; — dessus, — des- 
sous, arm-in-arm, confidentially ; — long, 
great power, influence ; faire les grands 
— , act big, put on airs ; beaux — , fine 
manners ; à — ouverts, with open arms. 

bra-sage^^, m.; brazing, br^-se •^^, /. ; 
live coals. -sèment ^^, m.; brazing, 
soldering. H-^ser^^ [braise, sense of 
'embers'], tr.: Ijraze, hard-solder; intr.: 
crack (as crust), -sero^^ [Sp., fr. Fr. 


-sier], m.: brazier. -sier*^^ [-se], m.: 
brazier (coal-pan); fire-place ; sa tête est 
un — , has strong imagination, -si^e- 
ment^^ [-siller], m.: glistering (as of 
sea), -siller ^'^ [se], tr.: roast, broil; 
intr. : sparkle, glisten. 

hras^que^^ [?], /.; =^ (clay and charcoal 
mortar). -quGr^^,tr.: line,with brasque. 

brassadelle -^^ [? for brasa- (braser)], /.; 
muzzle (of gun). 

i.brassage^^ [i.-sser], to.; mashing (in 
brewing *beer) ; mix (coin metal) ; seign- 

2. "brassage ^'^ [2.-sser], m.: bracings (of 

"bras-sard ^^ [bras], to.; ==, armlet; badge 
(on the arm) ; leather sleeve. H'-^se" \h. 
brachium (in pL), arm], /.; length of two 
arms, fathom, brace, =, stroke (of swim- 
mer) : le navire est sur les — s, the ship 
is in fathomable water, -sée^^ [bras],f.: 
armload; stroke (of swimmer), i.-set*-^^ 
[bras, brace of a yard], tr.: brace (a sail): 
— au vent, haul weather brace ; — sous 
le vent, haul lee brace. 

2.bras'*ser^^ [ak. to brais], tr.: stir 





(malt, soaking hides) ; brew. 
/. ; brewery, beer-saloon. -seur^'-^, 
=euse, to., /.; brewer, beer-seller; 

tbrasseyer =: brasser. 

brassiage^^ [ak. to 2.-sser], to.; sounding. 

brassicaire -^^ [L. -ca, cabbage], adj.: 

"bras-^si-conr t ^^ [for bras-], adj., to.; 
knee-sprung (horse), -siere^^ [bras],/.: 
BRACE, strap ; garment (with straps), 
chemise, flannels ; breast of pigeon. 

bras'-'sin -^^ [2.-ser], to.; mash-tub, tub 
ful; soap-kettle; kettleful. -soir 
[2.-ser], TO.; stirring (stick). 

brassonre^" [?], /.; water-pipe (leading 
to saltworks). 

brasure^* [-ser],/.; brasing; soldering. 

brava'«'-che-^^ [It. -ccio {bravo, brave)], 
TO.; braggart, bully. if-eh.erie^^, /.; 
boasting, swaggering. 

bra-vade^^ [It. -vata], f. : bravado. 

bra-'ve^^ [It. -vo [L. barbarum, barba- 
rous)], adj.: =, bold ; honest (in this sense 
precedes the noun) ; (/am.) good; fsmartly 
dressed. -vement^^, adv.: bravely. 
-ver ^^, tr. : brave, face ; fdress fine, 
t-verie^^ /.; finery. i.-vo^' [It.], 
interj.: =, 2.-voi^ [It.], to.; '=, hired 
assassin, -voure^^ [It. -vura], f. : =; 
bravery; gallantry. 

i.brayer^^ [brai], tr.: cover with pitch. 

2.bra-yer'i^ brè-yé [braie], tr.: set (a 
stone). 3--y©»^", m.: ftrouser-band ; 
truss ; axis (of scales) ; rump (of falcon, 

brayère^^ [naturalist Brayer], f.: Abys- 
sinian plant (used against tapeworm). 

brayette^^ [braie], f.: little clout; cow- 
slip ; fflap (of trousers). 

brayott^^ [brayer], to.; trap (for skunk, 
fox, etc.). 

break 1*^ [Eng.], to.; = (wagonette). 

tbréaiit = bruant. 

brebis® [L. vervex, wether], /. ; ewe ; 

brèche ^^ [OHG. brecha], /.; breach; 
gap; flaw, -dent^^, pi. — , adj.: gap- 

brE-ehet ^^ [ak. to Eng. brisket], to. ; breast- 
bone (of animals). 

fbre-chet^^ [brèche], to.; little brèche, 

tbre-ciri = bressin. 

bréda^" [?], m.: certain short rope with 
iron hook at one end. 

bredaler*^"^ [? OFr. bredeler, jabber], 
intr.: rattle (as spinning wheel). 

brcdi-brcda ^^ [echoic], adv.: (fam.) 

brcdindi^i^^ [?], to.; stay-tackle; 

bre^dir^^ [?], tr.: join, stitch (with 
leather strings). -dissure^^, /.; ad- 
herence (of gums to cheek, caused by 
ulceration). -dissage, to.; stitching 
(with leather). 

bredomi-lage^^, to.; jabbering, sputter- 
ing, -le^^ où long,/.; trick-track (game); 
adj.: hav'g done nothing; hav'g shot no 
game; left in the lurch, -lement^^, 
TO.; sputtering. H-^ler^^ [?], tr., intr.: 
jabber unintelligibly, -lenr^^, =ense, 
TO.,/.; jabberer. 

fbree = braie. 

bref (or brief), =ève (or =iève) [L. 
brevis], adj. : short ; to. ; brief (official 
document); (ship's) papers;/. ; short (note, 
syllable, etc.). 

fbrEgitt = bourgin. 

bregma ^^ [Gr.], to.; = (point on cranium 
where sutures meet). 

bré/taijrne^^ [?], adj.: sterile, barren; 
/.; sterile female. 

hréher^^ [?], tr.: nail on (a horseshoe). 

brE->'la'»i^^ [OHG. bretlenc (dim. of brett, 
board)], to. ; ftable (to dice on) ; = (card 
game) ; gambling house, -lader ^^, intr. : 
frequent low resorts ; be addicted to card- 
playing, -ladier^^, =ière, m.,/; keeper 
of gaming house ; inveterate cardplayer. 
-ladinier^^, =ière, to.,/; stall-keeper, 

brElauder^^ [? -lander], intr.: (fam.) 
fritter away time. 

brElee^" [? Eng. barley],/.: (dial.) green- 
feed (of oats and barley). 

fbrEline = berline. 



"brEliqwe-brEloque^^ [? (cf. breloque)], 
adv.: ifam.) helter-skelter, topsy-turvy. 

brel-lê " [?],/. ; small raft. -1er i«, tr. : 
bind fast (beams, etc., as in flooring pon- 
toon bridges) ; woold. 

"brulo-^qwe ^^ [?], /.; watch-charm or 
trinket, locket ; signal to break ranks : 
il bat la — , wanders from the point. 
-qitef-^^, m.: trinkets (on a chain). 

fbrElu-ehe ^" [?],/.: drugget (Normandy 

brèine^^ [OHG. brahsema], f.: bream 

brEneux^*, =euse \bren, old for brani, 
adj. : {low) dirty (with dung). 

brEqwi-n^'^ [Flem. borkin (boor)], m.: 
BORING instrument, drill, bit. 

bre-i^sil^^ [?], m.: BRAZlL-wood ; Bre-sil, 
m.: Brazil, -siller ^^, tr.: dye red (with 
Brazil-wood) ; intr. : crumble (like Brazil 
wood). -si?let^", m.; inferior Brazil 
wood ; dye woods of Europe ; noix de — , 

brésoles^'^ [It. braciuola (lit. cut of meat 
cooked on a brazier)], /. pL: collops of 
veal, etc. 

bressitt-^® [bras], m.: hoisting rope (with 
hook at the end) ; fbrace (rope to a yard- 

breste^^ [? ak. to brai, bird trap],/.; snar- 
ing (with lime). 

BrEta(/ne, /. ; Brittany (old province in 

brétaiJ-^ler*^^ \bretté], intr.: ifam.) be 
full of fight, -leur^''', m.; fighter, chal- 
lenger ; fencer. 

brEtauder^^ \bis-, disp., tondre], tr.: 
shear, clip unevenly, or too close (dogs, 
horses, etc.) ; crop ears of ; castrate. 

brE-^te-ehe^^ [? ak. to Breton; or OHG. 
bret, board], /.; bretesse, =, mova- 
ble wooden, battlement ; wooden tower. 
-techer^^, tr.: fembattle, fortify with 
high towers ; proclaim (from a tower). 

brEtel'«'le-^''^ [?], /. ; strap; suspender (of 
trousers) ; net (for catching sea-dog). 
-lerie°,/. ; suspender factory, -liere ^^, 
/. ; leaded net (for sea-dogs). 

fbrE-tesse, f-tesser = -têche, etc. 

fbrette"^^ [? ak. to Bretagne],/.: tlong- 
sword, fleuret. 

bret-teler* ^^, tr.: indent (as head of a 
lath-hammer), hatch. -telure^^, /.; 

-hatchings; indentation. H-^ter*^^, tr.: 
indent, nig, dress with boasting-chisel. 

tbretteur^^ [-tte], m.: rowdy, fighter, 

bretture^*" [-tter], m.: rough-dressing (of 
stone) ; tooth (on boasting-chisel). 

i.breuil^° [1. L. brogil (? ak. to Bret. 
bro, country)], m.: enclosed thicket. 

2.-f-breu-^ilii [braie, girdle], m.: breech- 


ing (of sail), -iller^^, tr.: breech, truss 

up (a sail). 
tbrenitles = br ouailles. 
breuvage** [p. L. *biberaticum (L. bibere, 

drink)], *ra.; drink; wine and water (for 

sailors) ; drench (for horses, etc.). 
br'-'Evet-^^ [dim. of bref, brief document], 

m.: = (fletter patent; grant, warrant, 

commission) ; agreement (contract) ; 

tcharm (against bad luck) ; prescription. 

-evetage-^^, m.: certain chemical process 



in preparing alum. -evetaire 
patentee, "t-èveté = -ièvetê. -e-veter ^'^, 
tr. : patent ; grant patent to. 

brEveuac^^ [?], m.: hook, gaff (to catch 
lobsters, etc.). 

bré'-^viaire ^^ [L. -viarium (-vis, short)], 
m. ; BREVIARY (prayer book) ; epitome, -vi- 
penne-^"^ [L. -vis, short, penna, pinion], 
adj. : short-winged ; m. pi. : ostrich class 
(of birds). 

bribe ^^ [OFr. -ber, beg (? ak. to Bret, -va, 
break)],/, usually pi.: tpiece (of bread, 
meat) for a beggar; fragment (never in 
sense of Eng. bribe). 

bribri [echoic], m.: bunting (bird). 

bric-^*^ [echoic], adv.: de — et de brae, 
from here and there, right and left ; "fa — 
et à brae, right or wrong, -à-brac, 
m.: =. 

bri-cbe^^ [?],/•' t^nnoying situation; in- 
terj. : pshaw ! 

bricfc^'^ or fbrig [Eng.], m.: brig (two- 
masted ship). 

brico-^le ^^ [It. briccola, catapult (? ak. to 
Ger. brechen, break)],/. ; = (strap ; breast 
strap ; harness ; glance shot ; back stroke 
at billiards) ; rocking (of a vessel). -1er ^^, 
intr. : make a glance shot ; clear fences or 
bushes, etc. (as a horse) ; track poorly (as 
a dog) ; use indirections, be tricky ; tr. : 
trifle with, -leur^'^, =euse, adj.: poor 
at keeping the scent, -lier ^'^, m. : (Jam). 
tricky man ; coach-fellow, side horse. 

bri^cot ^^ = -gaut. -coteau ^^, m. ; fstone- 
quoit; tread-board. 

bri'-'de^^ [Germ'c -da],f.: reins; bridle; 
bands ; Alençon lace ; strings (of bonnet) : 
aller à toute — , or à — abattue, go with 
loose reins, go at full speed ; aller — en 
main, go carefully; avoir la — sur le 
cou, be one's own master ; à cheval donné 
on ne regarde pas la — , one doesn't look 
a gift horse in the mouth, -der-^*, tr.: 
bridle; check, -deuse^^, /.; (woman) 
maker of Alençon lace, -doir^* [.-der], 
m. : tbonnet-strings ; chin-piece (of bridle). 
-dole^'^ [Prov. -dolo (brido, bridle)],/.; 
wringstaff. -don^®, m.: bridle with 
snaffle bit. -dure^* [-der],f.: cross-turn 
(for tightening ropes). 

I. brie ^^ [broyer],/.: rolling-pin. 


2.brie^^ [Brie (region in France)],/.; wine 
(from Brie) ; m. ; cheese (from Brie). 

fbr^ief, =iève = bref, etc. -iève- 
nxent^^ [-ve],adv.: briefly. -ièveté^^ 
[-/],/.; briefness; brevity. 

bri-fable^^ [-fer], adj.: (fam.) eatable. 
-faud^^ [-fer], m.: glutton. 

fbrifaud- = brisaud-. 

bri-fe ^*', /. ; ravenous eating, "f-fée^^jf: 
gulp. Il-'^for^^ [?], tr.: gulp down; 
crumple (linen), -feur^^ =ense, m.,f.: 
{pop.) glutton. 

brifiet'^"^ [?], m.; leaden-seaming, leading 
(on tile roofs). 

fbrig = brick. 

bri-gade^^ [It. -gata (1. L. briga, strife; 
troop)], /.; =. -gadier*^^, m.: ^; 
police-sergeant, captain ; chief (of for- 
esters, custom-house officials). H^gand ^^ 
[It. -gante {-gare, go in troops, briga, 
troop)], m.; = (robber ; rascal), -gati- 
dage^*, m.: = (highway-robbery, plun- 
der/; rascality, -gandeau^^, m.: (fam.) 
little brigand, robber, -gander» ^^, intr. : 
act the brigand ; tr. : plunder, ^-gan- 
denr ^^ [-gander], m.: robber, gan- 
dine^*, /.; = (mailed coat), -ga^i- 
tin^^ [It. -gantino], m.: pirate vessel 
(Eng. brigantine, sort of two-masted ves- 
sel) ; ship or camp bedstead, -gantine ^^ 
[-gantin], f : =; spanker (sail). 

bri-gaut^^ [for OFr. -cot (-que, chip)], m.; 
limbs lopped (off from forest trees). 

bri<;nole^^ [town B.], f: kind of prune. 

bri'»'gwe^^[It.-5fa, strife],/. ; = (election 
trick) ; intrigue, -giter ^^, intr. : scheme ; 
tr.: scheme for (office, etc.); fsolicit. 
t-gueur^^ [-guer], m.: schemer. 

hrH-lanLment^^ [-lant], adv.: brilliantly. 
-lant ^^, adj. : bright ; m. : brilliancy ; 
diamond (of finest cut) ; certain varnish. 
-lante^^ [-lanter], m.: brilliant (cot- 
ton fabric with raised woven figure). 
►lanter ^^ [-lant], tr.: cut (into a bril- 
liant diamond) ; make sparkle (as a dress 
with stones) ; render florid, -lantine ^^ 
[-lant], f: figured silk; shiny pomade. 
||^lç^i5 |-j^ -tare (L. beryllus, beryl], 
intr. : be brilliant, shine ; sparkle ; blaze ; 
be ardent ; track well (as a hound). 

brimade ^^ [-mer],/,; hazing. 

britjtba-lant^^, ad!;.; oscillating, -le^^, 

f. : pump handle ; flittle bell (on harness, 
etc.). Il-'^ler^^ [? ak. to bringuebale], tr.: 
make oscillate ; intr. : oscillate. 

briniborion ^"^ [? student slang for bre- 
viarium], m.: fstammering prayer; trifle, 


tbrimer ^^ [dial, for brumer], tr.: fblight ; 

haze : le soleil brime les raisins, sun spots 

br^ri^^ [?], w.i" sprout, sprig; blade. (of 



grass) ; ray, rib (of fan) ; bit, small piece ; 



beau — de Jille, fine girl. 
[Prov. -sso],f coarse tow. 
brinde ^^ [Ger. (ich) bringe air's, here's to 
your health], /; fhealth ; (fam.): être 
dans les — s, be drunk. 

fbrindestoc -^^ [Holl. spring-stock 'jump 
stick'], m.: pole (with both ends shod). 

hrindille'^^ [brin], f : twig; bra ùch with 
its fruit. 

brin^gite^'^ [1 brique], f : (fam.) piece: 
grande — de femme, a clumsy woman. 
-gitebale^^ [Prov. bringa, leap, Fr. bailer, 
dance],/.; pump-handle. 

brio^^ [It.], m.: animation (in music). 

brio-che^"* [? brie],f.: = (cake; cushion; 

i.fbrion = bryon. 

2.brion^^ [?], m.: forefoot, cutwater (of 
a vessel). 

briotte^"^ [?],/.' kind of anemone (flower). 

bri-qttaii^lon^'^, m. ; BRiCK-bat. H-^qtte^^ 
[Eng. brick, (OEng. briee, fragment)], / ; 
brick, i.-qiiet^"' [?], m.: briquette 
(steel, to strike fire) ; tinder ; hinge (to 
a table leaf). 

2.'hTiq%iet^^ [? braque], m.: brack (fox 

3.briqi«.et^^ [? braquet], m.: sabre. 

brique-^tage^^ [brique], m.: brickwork; 
painting to" imitate brickwork, -te^^ 
[brique], adj .: brick-red. -ter-^'^ [brique], 
tr. : tbuild of brick ; imitate brickwork. 
-terie^^ [brique], / ; -tier^^ [brique], 
m.: brick-dealer, or maker, -tte^^, -kU 
[brique], f: block (of cheap fuel). 

bri-^s^"^ [-ser], m.: breaking (of seals, 
doors, prison) ; wreck, wreckage (of ship). 
-sag^ [-ser], m.: carding (of wool). 
-sant^^ [-ser], m.: breaker (wave); 
breakwater, -saudage^^, ra. ; first card- 
ing, -sauder^^ [ser], tr.: give the first 
carding to. -s-d'huis, pi. — , m. : pattee 
or claw-hinge (on a shield). 

fbriscantbiile = brusquembille. 

I -brise ^^ [?],/••' breeze. 

2.bri-se^^, /.; sliver, splinter; beam (under 
the king-posts), -se-bise^^, m.: listing 
(around a window to keep draft out), 
t-se-cou ^^ J9Z. — , m.: break-neck (place). 
-sées^^,f. pi.: branches broken (or cut) 
off (as mark, sign where game was). 
-se-gla-ee ^^, m.: ice-breaker, starling 
(piles to protect a bridge), -se-lames^^, 
m.: break-water (before harbor), -se- 
lunette8 ^^ pi. — , m. : eye-bright (flower). 
-sèment ^^, m. : breaking. -se-m.ottes ^^, 
m.; roller, clod-crusher, -se-os^^, m.: 
sea-eagle, -se-pierre^^, m.: (bladder) 
stone-crusher. H'-^ser^^ [? ak. to Eng. 
bruise], tr.: break; mark (by breaking 
branches, a place one wishes to find again) ; 



card (wool) ; interrupt ; jar (metal) : rimes 
brisées, lines purposely made to make sense 
read alternately. -se-raison^^, m.: 
ifam.) silly talker, -se-scell© ^'^, m.; 
seal-breaker (thief), -se-tout^^, m. ; awk- 
ward lout, -seur^'^ =©use, m.,/. ; breaker 
(person). -ae-vGnt^"^, m.: wind-break, 
screen, -sis^^, m. ; angle (of a hip-roof). 

briska^^ [Russ.],m.; BRITZSK A (carriage). 

brisoir^*^ [-ser], m.: brake (for hemp). 

brisqite^^ [?],/..* = (card game) ; (pop.) 
stripe of reënlisted soldier : une vieille — , 
an old soldier. 

brisure ^'-^ [-ser],f.: fissure, break; joint. 

brize-^^ [Gr. briza, certain cereal], /.; =■ 
(quaking grass). 

i.broc° [p. L. -cchus, man with prominent 
teeth], m.; jug; quart (measure). 

2.broc^^ [dial, form for broche, 'spit'], 
/.; de — en bouche, hot from the spit, 

3.tbroc = brie. 

hrocaille ^^ [for blocaille (dim. of bloc)],f. : 
macadam, rubble stone (for paving roads). 

brocari-tage ■^^, m.; second-hand business, 
curio-business, -te^^ -§-->/••' ifO'i^-) sell- 
ing of rarities, curios ; extra-work, side- 
work (outside of regular hours). ||-«'t©r'^^ 
[? ak. to Eng. broker, Ger. brauchen, use], 
tr.: deal in, handle (second-hand wares). 
-teur^'^, =euse, m., /.; second-hand 

i.bro-card^* [-quer, dial, form of -cher, 
fscoff], m.: = (gibe, jeer). 2.-card^^ 
i-che], m. : yearling (male deer, goat, etc.) ; 
BROCKET. -ceLvder^^ftr.: scoff at, taunt. 
-cardeur^^, =ense, m., /..' scoffer. 
-cart^^ [It. -ccato (lit, stitched)], m.; 
BROCADE (silken fabric woven with raised 
figures), -catelle-^^ [It. -ecatello (dim. 
0Î -ccato, brocaded)],/.; coarser brocade, 
brocatel. f-ccoli = -coli. -ekage ^^ 
[-cher], m. : brocading ; stitching. |l->^-êke° 
[p. L. *-cca (? L. -ecus, projecting) prick], 
/. ; BROOCH ; spit, skewer ; knitting- 
needle ; spigot ; pin, peg ; tusk (of boar) ; 
young horn (of deer) ; spindle ; tooth (of 
a comb) ; rod ; bolt (of door) ; couper la — 
à V affaire, make the affair cease (sense of 
cutting off spigot or bung close to the bar- 
rel), -ekee-^^ [-cAe],/. ; spitful (of meat) ; 
rodful (of candles). -eker° [p. L. *-ccare'\, 
tr. : BROCADE (embroider with raised needle- 
work), emboss; stitch, bind loosely (books); 
shoe (horse, etc.); give a slight dressing to 
(vines) ; intr. : sprout (shoot, bud) : — un 
travail, do a work carelessly (sense of 
stitching a book).^^ [-che], m.: =:, 
pike (fish), -eketaiîle^"^ {-chet^f.: pike- 
fry, young pike, --eketer ^^ [-chette], tr. : 
skewer ; measure (with compasses), -«ke- 
teur^^ [■'cheter], m,; measurer, «eke* 


ton ^^ [-chet] ,m.: young pike, -ekette ^^ 
[-che],/.: =, little spit (skewer); pin; 
brooch ; peg ; little rod (to poke food 
down a bird's throat) : élever un enfant à 
la — , rear a child too delicately, -ekeur ^^, 
=ense, [-cher], m.,f.: stitcher (of books) ; 
embroiderer; fknitter. -■eh.qir^'^ [-cher], 
m.: (horse-shoer's) hammer, -ekure^^ 
[-cher], f.: = (pamphlet); embroidery. 
-coli^^ [It. -ccoli (-CCO, peg)],m,; borecole 
(kind of cabbage) ; calsbage sprouts. 

brocotte^'^ [?],/..* clabber. 

i.fbrode^^ [?], /.; dark-skinned, tanned 

2.brode^^ [-der],f.: embroidery; filling in 
(of point-lace pattern). 

brodeqiiin^^ [Holl. brosekin], m. : certain 
material ; brodekin, buskin ; comedy. 

bro-^der^^ [OFr. brosd-er, root brosd-, 
'point,' cf. Eng. brist-le, etc.], tr.: em- 
broider; fill in (the pattern of point-lace); 
(^^.) adorn, embellish, -derie ^^, /. ; em- 
broidery ; embellishment, -deur ^^, =euse, 
m.,/.; fancy needle worker; adorner. 

doir^''', m.; bobbin (for silk) ; frame (for 

lace- work), f-dure^^,/.; broidery. 
brogite^^ [Eng.],/.; =, brogan (coarse 

I. broie ^* [for braie in sense 'cavezon, 

nose-band'], /.; cavezon (in a coat-of- 

2.broi*e^* [broyer],/.: brake (for hemp, 

etc.). -eraent^^, m.: braying, pulver- 
bro-mate^^, m.: = (bromos). i-H-^ine^^ 

[Gr. bromos, stench], m. : bromine. 
2.brome^^ [L., Gr. -mos, oats], m.; brome- 

grass, cheat. 
bromé-lia-eé^^, adj. : of pineapple family. 

||~lie^^ [botanist Bromel], /.; pineapple 

bro-miqwe^^ [-me, bromine], adj. : bromic. 

-mure*^ [-me], m.: bromide, 
tbron«kade^^ [-cher],f.: stumbling. 
bron-eke^^ [L. and Gr. -chia (-chos, wind- 
pipe)],/ ; BRONCHUS, each of the bronchial 

tubes, larger air passages. 
bron-cker^^ [? ak. to h.pronus, prone], 

intr. : stumble ; make mistakes. 
bron^-ekial ^''^ [-che], adj.: =. f-ekies 

= branchies, -ckiqife-^^ [-che], adj.: 

bronchic, bronchial, -ckite^^ [-che], /.; 

bronchitis, -c/io-eèle^^ [Gr. -chos, throat, 

kéle, tumour],/; =, goiter. 
bronckoir^^ [? -cher], m.: crossbar (over 

which to measure off yard lengths of cloth). 
bronc/totomie-^'^ [Gr. bronchoi, windpipe, 

témno, cut], /; bronchotomy (surgical 

brondissage^^ [? ak. to Flem. breeuwen, 

calk a vessel], m.: stopping up (of chinks 

in mines). 


"bron-zage^^ [-zer], m.: bluing (of nee- 
dles) ; bronzing, bron-ze ^^ [It. -zo (L. town 
Brundusium)], m. : = (the metal ; statue). 
-zer ^^, tr. : bronze ; blue (needles) ; tan ; 
make brazen, harden, -zier ^^, m. ; maker 
or dealer in bronze. 

fbroqitart = brocart. 

bro-qite^^ [It. -cco],f.: cabbage sprout. 

broqtteliii^^ [Flem. brokkelen, break fine]. 
m.: tobacco rubbish. 

bro-^quer [dial, for -c^er], <r. ; fix on the 
hook (small fish for bait), -quette^^ 
[dial, for -chette],f.: tack, brad, carpet- 
tack. ■\-quillq7i^^ [-que, dial, for -che], 
m.: tack. 

bros-sage^^ [-ser], m.: brushing. 
-saitle' = broussaille. H^-^se^-^ [Ger. 
borste, bristle], /. : brush (made of hair, 
feathers, broom-corn, etc.) ; tuft ; fbrush- 
wood; thicket, -sée^^ [ser], f. : (fam.) 
brushing (= whipping). -ser^^, tr.: 
brush (clothes, hair, teeth, etc.) ; paint ; 
(fam.) whip, brush ; intr. : brush along or 
past, hurry ; rush through the woods (as 
game, or a hunter), -série ^^ [-sier],f.: 
brush-business, -seur^^ [-ser],m.; brusher 
(servant of an officer), -sier* ^^, m. : brush- 
dealer, -sure^^/.: colouring (of leather, 
applied with a brush). 

brou^^ [for brout], m. : hull, outer covering 
(esp. of walnuts) ; walnut dye ; pL, curds. 

brouaitles** [p. L. *botula (L. botulus, 
bowel)], /. pi.: entrails (of fish, game, 

fbrou-ee^^ [ak. to Ger. brodeln, bubble], 
/.; vapor, fog. -et^^ [ak, to Ger. brot, 
bread], m.: tBROTH; caudle (soup). 

brouet^te^^ [L. bis, twice, Fr. roue, 
wheel],/.; rolling-chair (on two wheels); 
wheelbarrow, -tée^^, /.; wheelbarrow- 
ful. -ter*^^, tr.: carry, wheel (in a 
wheelbarrow). -teur^^, =euse [-tter], 
m.,/.: wheeler, -tier^^, tr.: barrow- 

brouTta/ta^^ [echoic], m.: hullabaloo; 
uproar ; din (of applause). 

broui^^ [?], m.: (enameler's) blow-pipe. 

brouillage ^^ [-ZZer], m.; mulching (with 
dead wee'ds and rubbish) ; slaty streak, 
stony interruption (in a vein of coal). 

brouillamini ^^ [pop. etym. for L. pre- 
script.-formula boli armenii, of clay of 
Armenia], m.: f Armenian bole, or clay; 
mish-mash (of medicine) ; jumble, confu- 

brouit-lard '^'■^, m. : fog ; day-book : pa- 
pier — , blotting paper, filter paper ; être 
dans les — s, be in the fumes of wine. 
-lasse ^^ [lasser], f.: (fam.) wet fog. 
-lasser ^^, impers. : drizzle, brouii-le ^, 
/. ; misunderstanding, quarrel ; panic-grass. 
-lement^*, m.: confusion, jumble. 



licier ^'* [? ak. to Ger. brodeln, bubble], tr. : 
roil, rile ; agitate ; embroil ; mix, confuse 
with ; roche brouillée, irregularly veined 
rock ; être brouillé avec la vérité, be at 
variance (habitually) with truth, -lerie ^*, 
/.; misunderstanding, falling-out; incon- 
sistency, variation ; discord ; jumble. 
-lo»^^*', TO.; marplot; blunderhead; rough- 
draft ; muss ; adj. : blundering, -lonner ^^ 
[-Ion], tr.: scratch down, jot down (a 

brou-^ir^i [OHG. bruejen, cook], tr.: 
blight (as the sun), -issure ^^, /. ; blight. 

brous-^saiQe^^ [brosse], f: thicket, brush, 
briar-bushes. -saiiler^^, tr.: browse. 

fbrousse^^ [Prov. -sso], /.; (dial.) curd 
(of goat milk). 

fbrousser* = brosser. 

broussitt" [p. L. *bruscinum, L. bruscum, 
knot on maple], ra.; excrescence, gnarled 
wood, curl-wood (valuable for cabinet- 

fbroussure^^ [? for brouissure], /.; rust 
(of wheat). 

brou-t ^^ ra. ; fbrowsage ; browsing, browse- 
wood ; sprouts, -tage^^, ra.; jar, jolt 
(making a flaw in lathe- work, pottery, etc.). 
-tant ^^, adj. : browsing, -tement ^^, m. : 
browsing; jolt. ||-^ter^^ [MHG. broz, 
shoot, sprout], tr.: browse ; mar (in lathe- 
work, or turning), -tier", -ière, adj.: 
(old enough to browse) browsing, -tille ^^, 
[-t],f.: sprout, stick; knick-knacks (jew- 
elry, etc.) ; trifle. -ture, /. ; browsed, 
cropped branch. 

bro-yage^^, ra.; crushing, crush, -ye ^ 
broie. ' ll^yer^^ [ak. to Ger. brechen, 
break], ^r.; break fine, bray, pulverise ; 
crush; grind. -yeur^*, ra.; breaker, 
pounder, -yon^^, to.; (printer's) brayer ; 
roller (for crushing lime, etc.) ; trap (for 
skunks, etc.). 

bru^^ [Goth, bruths], /.; daughter-in-law 
(cf. Eng. bride). 

hrnant^^, or "^hréant [for bruyant 
(bruire)], to.; bunting (bird); yellow- 

bru-eelles ^'^ [for bercelle],f. pi.: tweezers. 

bru-ehe^^ [L. -chus, Gr. brouchos, wingless 
locust], ra.; bruchus (weevil-like bug). 

brufirnott^^ [Prov. -gnoun (L. prunum, 
plum)], ra.; nectarine. 

brui^ne^^ [ak. to brouêe (cf. L. pruina, 
hoar frost)],/.; cold drizzling rain, mizzle, 
-né^^, adj.-' spoiled (by drizzle), -ner^^, 
impers.: drizzle. 

bruir^'^ [old form of brouir], tr.: steam, 
dampen (with steam and so make pliant.) 

bruire" [? p. L. *brugere (L. ruglre, 
'roar,' by Celt, influence)], irr.^; intr.: 
froar (as thunder); make a noise, be 

88 brniriner 

§ Ind. : Pr. brui-s, -s, -t. Ipf. bruyais, etc. 
Fut. (Cond.) bruirai{s), etc. — Part. : P. bruit. 

brniriner-^"' [old -sier (= briser) break, 
bruise], tr.: grind (malt). 

brui-ssement ^^ [-re], m.: rustling; hum- 
ming; rattling. brui-^t° [-re], m.: 
noise, din ; roar ; peal ; uproar ; report ; 
fame ; sound (auscultation) : qui a — de 
se lever matin peut dormir jusqu'au soir, 
one who has the name of rising early, 
can sleep till evening (i.e. a reputation is 
not so easily changed). 

bru-lable^^, almost brû- in brûler and 
deriv. (not comp.), adj.: burnable, fit to 
burn, -lage^^ m.; burning, combustion. 
-lant^^, a'dj.: burning, hot, in flames; 
fiery : une question — e, delicate question. 
-lé ^^, adj. : burnt, scorched ; m. ; burnt 
thing ; scorched smell or taste ; /. ; certain 
mollusk (with scorched-looking shell) 
disease (of silkworms), -le-amor-ce ■^°, 
m. : primer, percussion cap (for firing the 
powder of a gun as signal at sea), -le- 
bout 1^, m. : save-all (to burn the butt of 
a candle). -le-gueule^^, m.: short- 
stemmed pipe, -ment^^, m.: burning. 
-le-pourpoint^^, adv.: à — , at short 
range ; face to face, -le-queue-^^, m.: 
hot-iron (to sear a horse's tail when 
docked). '■^ler*' [p. L. *brustulâre, L. 
ustulâre, burn, affected by Germ'c bren-, 
burn], tr., intr.: burn: — la politesse à 
quelqu'un, go without leave-taking ; crème 
brûlée, caramel ; il brûle d'amour, is 
ardently in love ; la gelée a brûlé la vigne, 
frost has nipped the vine. -lerie^"*, 
/. ; if am.) burning ; distillery. -le- 
tout^^, m.: save-all. -leur^^ =euse, 
m., /.; burner; distiller. -lis' 

burnt tract (of a forest). 
m.: roaster (for coffee). 



-loir^^ brû-, 
-lot ^^, m. : fire- 
ship ; incendiary ; whiskey, rum ; fhighly 
seasoned food. -lotier^^ [-lot], m.: 
sailor (of afire-ship), -lure^'^,/.; fcon- 
flagration ; burn (from fire, or acid) ; blight 
(from frost) ; inflammation. 
hrn-maille^^ [-me], f.: slight fog. 
-maire ^'^ [-me], m.: = (second month in 
the calendar of the first French republic, 
fromOct. 23 to Nov. 21). -maV^ [L. 
-malis], adj.: brumal. 
tbrumati^^, or tll>ruine'»i [bru, Ger. 
mann, man], m.: son-in-law; bridegroom, 
bru-xnasse^^ [-me],/. .• little fog. -mas- 
gç^is [.masse], intr. impers.: be misty, 
hazy. ||-«^ine^^ [L. -ma, winter],/.; fog; 

mer^^, intr. 
■^^, =euse, 

dense fog (esp. at sea) 
impers.: be foggy, -meux 
adj.: brumous J gloomy. 
br-'uw.^^ [Germ'c brun, brown ; brilliant], 
adj. : brown ; m. : brown (the colour) ; 
brown-haired, brown-faced man ; /. .• 


twilight. -nnatre^^, adj.: brownish. 
-unelle ^^, /. .• heal-all (plant), self-heal. 
-unet^'-^, ~tte^ adj.: somewhat dark; m., 
/.; persons, plants, objects so-called from 
their hue. -uni^^, m.: burnish (polish). 
-unir ^^, tr. : turn brown ; tr. : make 
brown, tan; burnish, polish, -nnissage^^ 
[-unir], m.: polishing. -unisseur^^, 
=euse [-unir], m.,f.: polisher, -nnis- 
soir^^ [-unir], m.: burnisher (of tem- 
pered steel, etc.). -nnissure^^ [-unir], 
/.; browning, polish, burnish. 

brusc-^^ [Prov. (? L. ruscum)], m: butch- 
er's broom (plant). 

brusqne^^ [It. -sco (?)], adj.: =, blunt. 

tbrusqi/ eiJibitle ^® [comedian Bruscam- 
bille] . / ; certain card game. 

brus'-'qwEinent^^ [-que], adv.: rudely; 
abruptly, i.-quer^^ [-que], tr.: treat 
rudely, roughly ; do suddenly, abruptly. 

2.brus-quei'^^ [Prov. -co, heather], tr.: 
bream, clean (a ship's bottom). 

3.brusqiier"^^ [for busquer], tr.: seek 
(one's fortune). 

brus^-qiiErie^^ [-que], f.: abruptness, 
bluntness. -qiiet^^, =ette [-que], adj.: 
(fam.) rather gruff : à brusquin — , to a 
gruff person (be) gruff, -quiiî/-'^'' [-que], 
adj. : (in that expression only). 

brussoles^'' [for brésoles], f. pi.: (dish) 
filets with vegetables. 

bru-«'t(e)^^ [L. -tus], adj.: = (stupid; 
animal ; crude) ; gross (weight), -tage^^, 
m.: cutting, finishing (of diamonds). 
-tal^* [-talis], adj.: = (sensual, savage) ; 
m.: brute, -talement^^ [-tale], adv.: 
brutally, -talise^^^^ [-tal], intr.: tact 
the brute ; tr. : treat brutally, -lite ^^, 
/. ; brutality. 

Bruxelles -2;eZ,/.; Brussels (capital of 

bru-yamment ^^ or -ui-y- [-yanf], adv.: 
noisily, -yant^^ [bruire], adj.: noisy. 

bru-yere^^ or -ui-y- [1. L. -garia], /.; 
heath, erica (plant) ; open sterile tract 
(where heather grows), heath. 

br-ya-eees ^^, / pi.: BRYONY family 
(plants) ; br^-^yon^^ [L. (Gr. bruo, swell)], 
m.: tree-moss, bryum. -yone-^^ or 
t-yoine [L. -yonia (Gr. bruo, s^ell)], 
/; bryony, -yophylle^^ [1. L. -yophyl- 
lum (Gr. phullon, leaf)], /.; plant (of 
houseleek kind), -yozaire^^ [Gr. bruon, 
moss, zoe, life], m.; bryozoan. 

buade^^ ['!],/.: certain bridle-bit. 

buan-derie^'* [-dier], f.: wash-house; 
laundry, -dier^^ t=i§re [buer], m., /.; 
washer, launderer, 

buba-le^'^ [L. -lus], m.: bubalis (African 

fbu-'be^^ [1. L. *-ba (Gr. boubon, groin)], 
/.; pimple, -bon^^ [Gr. boubon], m,: 


bubo (sore) ; stone-celery (used to cure 
buboes), -bono-eèle ^'^ [Gr. boubonokéle 
(kéle, tumour)],/.; = (inguinal hernia). 

fbucat-l ^^, -le [Holl. hockweit, lit. beech- 
wheat],/.; (vulg.) buckwheat. 

bucarde^^ [Gr. bous, ox, kardîa, heart], 
/.; heart-shell (mollusk). 

buc-cal^^ [L. -lis {bucca, mouth)], adj.: 

buc-^-ein^^ [L. -num, horn, trumpet], m.; 
certain mollusk, buccinum. -einateur^^ 
[L. -cinator, trumpet-blower], m.; buc- 
cinator (muscle in the cheek). 

bnceti-t an re ^^ [It. -toro (Gr. bous, ox, 
kéntauros, centaur), so called from its 
figure-head], m.: bucentaur (state barge 
of Venice). 

Bu-eépha-le-^^ [L. -lus, Gr. Bouképhalos 
(boïis, ox, kephalé, head)], m.; name of 
Alexander's horse ; ifam.) horse. 

bu-'^-ehe-^^ [1. L. *busca (buscus)], /.; 
stove-wood ; stick of wood ; perch ; work- 
block ; certain musical instrument ; block- 
head : à — s perdues, not rafted, loose 
(wood). i.-eher^^, m.: wood-box or 
bin; (funeral) pile; stake. 2.-eher^*, 
tr.: chop, hew ; whack ; knock (at a door) ; 
put to roost, -eheron-^^, =onne, m., 
/.; woodchopper, hewer. -ehette^^, 
/.; chips; fcuts (in sense "draw cuts," or 
"straws"), -ehme^-, /.; metal filings 
or shavings. 

bu-coliqite^^ [L. -colicus, Gr. boukolikos 
(bou-kolos, cow -herd)], adj.: bucolic, 
pastoral ; /. ; rustic poetry ; /. pi. : ifam.) 

bucrâne-^^, krân [Gr. bous, ox, kranion, 
cranium], m.: bucranium (sculptured ox- 

bud^get^'^ [Eng., itself from Fr. bougette, 
bag], 'm.; = (statement of probable reve- 
nue and proposed expenditures for en- 
suing year), -gétaire^^, adj.: of the 

bu-ee^i,/.; flye ; steam. H-^ot^^ [ak. to 
Ger. bauchen], tr.: fBUCK (with lye); 
intr. : steam, give off steam. 

i.bufiPet^^ [It. -ffa], m.: chin-piece (of a 

2.h\iSe>^t^^ [? bouffer'], m.: = (sideboard, 
cupboard for chinaware ; table for refresh- 
ments) ; cabinet (of an organ) ; foffice ; 
shop. i.-ter^^ tr.: fchange (wine in 
the shop before retailing) ; steal (from 

2.buf-feterii [OFr. -fet, slap], tr.: slap, 

fbufPeteur^^ \rter, steal wine en route], 
m.: (drayman) wine-thief. 

buf-flei4 [It. bufalo (Gr. bous, ox)], m.; 
buffalo ; buff, -fleterie i^, /. ; strappings, 
belts (of soldier's outfit). -flEtin^^, m.: 



young buffalo, -flon^^, =onne, m., f.: 

young buffalo ; /. ; buffalo cow. 
bufonie^^ [L. bufo, toad],/.; toad-grass. 
buga^dier^^ [Prov. {-da, lye)], m.: kettle 

(for making ointment), -diere^^, /.; 

vat (for making soap). 
bugalet^'^ [?], m.: coasting vessel (in 

I. bugle 12 [Eng., that from OFr. (L. 

buculus, bullock)], to.; bugle (horn with 

2.bu~glei^, [1. L. bugula, certain plant], 
/. ; = (plant of the mint family), -glosse^''^ 

[L. -ssa, Gr. bouglossos (bous, ox, glôssa, 

tongue)], /.; bugloss (borage plant). 

-grane^^ [see -crane], f.: rest-harrow 

bu/toreau = bihoreau. 
hu^hot^'^ [? ak. to It. buco, hole], to.; 

tbobbin, shuttle ; small needle (for fancy 

work) ; feather-dresser's sign ; (dial.) 

schrimp. -holier ^^, to.; schrimp-net. 
tbuie^i or buire [ak. to Ger. bauch, belly], 
/.: fmud-hole; buire (claret flagon). 
bui^s° [L. buxus], to. ; box (shrub) ; box- 




, /. ; box nursery, -sse 


/. ; piece of box- wood ; (tailor's) goose. 

tbuisserie = busserie. 

buis-siere^^ [buis],f.: place or walk set 
with box. Il^soti^^ [? buis, or ak. to 
Ger. busch], to.; thicket; bush; trim- 
ming, cut: trouver — creux, find the 
birds flown ; se sauver à travers les — s, 
beat about the bush, make excuses. 
-sonnaie ^^,f. : large thicket, -sonne r ^'^, 
intr.: sprout thick; take to the thicket 
(as a deer), -sonnet i^, to. ; little thicket. 
-sonneuac^i, =euse, adj.: bushy, -son- 
nier-^^ =ièrè, adj.: of thickets: école 
— e, school kept outside of a parish to 
avoid rent ; faire V école buissonnière, play 
truant ; un — , tree made bushy by trim- 
ming; place set with bushy trees or 

buissure^^ [for bruissure (bruire)], f.: 
coating (put on, preparatory to gilding), 

bul^be^* [L, -bus],/.: bulb ; bud, cullion ; 
bulge ; TO. ; lobe, medulla oblongata ; pupil 
(of eye), -beux-^^, =euse [L. -bosus], 
adj.: bulbous, -hille^^,/.: little bulb. 

buli-me^^ [1. L. -mus (? bulla, bubble)], 
TO.; bulimid (mollusk). 

bu-llaire^'^ [-lie], adj.: of papal bulls; 
TO.; BULLARY (collection of papal edicts). 
Ihllei2 [L. -lia, bubble; ball],/; bulla 
(locket of noble Roman children) ; bull 
(from pope) ; seal ; BULLEN-nail (with large 
head); bubble; bdl (sore), -lié ^^ ad!/.; 
sealed; seal-like (in shape), -Uetin^^ 
[It, -lletino], TO.; ^; ballot; (baggage) 
check, -lletiniste ■^'^ [-lletin], to.; writer 
(of bulletins, etc.). -Ueuoc^^, =euse, ac(;.; 



full of boils. -Iteau^" [for bulleteau], 
m. : tree trimmed bushy. 

"bune-^^ [?], /. ; smokestack, mantle (of 

bunette^'' [?],/.: certain (winter) warbler. 

buniade^^ [L. -nias (in ace. -niadem)], 
f. : Swedish wild turnip. 

bunion ^^ [L.], m. ; Swedish turnip. 

bupht/tal-^me ^"^ [L. -mum], m.: ox-eye 
(plant), -mie^^ [Gr. bous, ox, ophthalmos, 
eye],/.; buphthalmia (dropsy of the eye). 

bu'O'plèvre ^^ [L. -pleuron, Gr. boupleuron 
(boils, ox, pleur on, side)], m.; hare's-ear 
(plant), -preste ^^ [L. -prestis (Gr. pré- 
thein, swell)], m.: buprestis (serricorn 
beetle), stink-bug. 

tbuqiter^^[dial. for bûcher], intr.: knock 
(at a door). 

hnque^t^'^ [bûche], m.: ladle (to stir 
indigo), -tte^'^ [dial, for bûchette],/.: 
measuring stick (gauged to several dimen- 
sions of a mast). 

burail^^ [It. -ratio], m.: silk poplin 

bu-raliste^'^ [-reau], m., /.; stall-, or 
stand-keeper ; postmaster. 

bura-^t^^ [It. -tto], m.: drugget (cloth), 
-tin^^ -tine [It. -ttino], m., /.; silk 
poplin, -té ^^, adj. : like drugget. 

i.bure^^ [buire],/.: kind of vase; kind of 

2.tbure^^ [Flem. booren, bore], f. : shaft 
(of a mine) ; = bune (smoke-stack). 

3.bu-«'re° [L. burra, certain shaggy 
cloth],/.; drugget (cloth), -reau^^, to.; 
coarse wool cloth ; tablecloth ; table ; = 
(chest of drawers ; office ; men of an 
office) : — restant, hold (letter) till called 
for ; prendre l'air du — , try to find out 
something from the knowing ones, -reau- 
crate^^, to.; bureaucrat (arbitrary 
officeholder), -reancratie ^'^ [Gr. kra- 
tein, rule],/.; bureaucracy, -reancra- 
tique^''^, adj.: bureaucratic, -rele^^ 
[-reau], adj.: barry (escutcheon), -relie ^® 
[-relé],f: barry stripe, barulet. 

burette -^^ [buire],/. : = (cruet ; graduated 
tube) ; oil-can. 

bur-o-gau^^ [?], TO.; = (univalve nacreous 
shell), -gaudine^^,/.; mother-of-pearl. 

burgea-ge ^'^, to. ; bubbling, causing bub- 
bles*. Il-^ger^"^ [?], make (glass) bubble 
(by plunging a stick of green wood into 
the molten glass). 

burgra-"^ ve ^* [Ger. burggra/, castle- 
count], TO.; ^. -viat^^, TO.; title or 
domain of a burgrave, burgraviate. 

bu-'^rin^^ [Ger. bohren, bore], to.; = 
(graver's tool) ; pick ; crowbar ; rammer. 
-riner* ^^, tr. : engrave ; hollow out 
(horse's teeth, showing false age) ; ram 
(oakum, etc.). 


bur-le^^ [It. -la], /.: jest, -lesqiie^* 
[It. -lesco], adj.: =. -lesquEment ^^, 

adv. : in a burlesque manner ; ludicrously. 

burnous ^^ [Ar. burnus], to.; burnoose 
(hooded cloak). 

buron^i [Germ'c bur, dwelling], to.; 
tcabin ; cheese-house. 

bur-.^saire ^^ [1. L. -sa, purse], adj.: 
purse-shaped ; /. ; certain plants, or infu- 
soria, -sal^^ [1. L. -sa], adj.: impost, 
tax (measure). 

bu8^^ [buste], TO.; BUST (on an escutcheon). 

bus-aigle^^ [buse, aigle], to.; eagle- 
hawk. -ard^i [buse], to.; hen-hawk, 
European buzzard. 

busc^^ [It. -co, sprig], to.; busk (of corset 
stays) ; trigger-guard (of a gun). 

I. buse ^^ [Flem. buis, canal], /.; tube, 
channel, pipe. 

2.bu'^se° [p. L. *butia (L. buteo, hawk)], 
/. ; European buzzard ; hawk ; lout. 
-sBv'^'^, intr.: hunt slow or indifferently 
(as a dog), -sette^^,/.; certain winter 
warbler, -sou^^ to.; (Guinea) buzzard ; 
stupid man. 

tbus-que =: buse. -qtte^''^, adj.: con- 
vexed ; aquiline. i.\\'^q}ier^^[busc],tr.: 
supply with busk ; make convex. 

2.-\hus-quer^^ [Sp. -car, seek], tr.: fhunt 

tbusquiere^^ [buse], /.: sheath, pocket 
(for a stay, or busk). 

tbus-sard^"*, TO.; cask, hogshead. ||-^se^^ 
[for botte], /.: kind of barrel, -serie^'^, 
/.; barrelstave. 

busserole^^ [Prov. -lo (ak. to buis)],/: 
barberry, bear's grape. 

I. buste ^^ [It. -ta, ak. to Fr. boîte], to.; 
box (for raisins). 

2. buste ^^ [It. -to], TO.; bust (head and 

bu-^t^^ TO.; butt, ^oal, end: — à — , nip 
and tuck, t-tanfc^' [-ter], adj.: abutting, 
-te^^ [-ter], /.: butteris (hoof -paring 
tool), -tée^^ [-ter], /.: aBUTment-pier 
(of a bridge). -ter^*, intr.: abut; 
stumble ; take aim ; tr. : prop ; induce : 
se — , resist. f-tiere^^, /.; target- 

bu-i'tin^^ [Goth. *bût = Ger. beute, prey], 
TO.; BOOTY, spoils, -tiner^^, tr.: plun- 
der; intr.: get booty, -neur^^, =epse 
[-liner], adj.: plundering, -tgir^^ [-ter], 
TO. ; leather-scraper, parer (tool) ; door- 
stop, bumper. h 

butome^^ [Gr. boutomos], to.; flowering- 

buto-^r^^ [? L. butio], TO.; mire-drum, 
bittern ; dolt. -rde, /. ; silly goose 
(woman), -rderie^^,/.; stupidity. 

but-tage^^ [-ter], to.; banking up, earth- 
ing up*. ||~te^^ [but],/: =; hillock, 


hummock ; target stand ; ftarget-practice. 
-to^®, adj.: chien — , dog with swollen 
foot. t-tée = butée. -ter^'^, tr.: 
ridge up ; bank up ; intr. : stumble (as a 
horse), -toir^^ l-t^r], m.: shovel-plough, 
cultivator, -ture^^, /.; swelling (on a 
dog's foot). 

buty-^reux ^^, =euse [L. -rum, butter], 
adj.: butyrous, like butter, -riqite^^ 
[L. -rum], adj.: butyric. 

bu-^vable ^'-^ [hoire], adj.: drinkable. 
t-vande" [L. bibenda, things to drink], 
/.; (dial.) light drinks, -vant^^ [boire], 
adj.: drinking, -vard^^ [boire], adj.: 
absorbing: papier — , blotting paper; 
un — , book of blotting paper. 

fbuvean = biveau. 

fbu-vee [boire], /.; bran- water (for 
stock), -vetier-^^ buf-tyé [-vette], m.: 
BUFFET keeper, -vette ^^ [boire], /.; 
drinking place, refreshment room ; (fam.) 
drinking, -veur^^, =euse [boire], m.,f.: 
drinker, -voter' ^^ [boire], intr.: sip. 

fby^^ [for buis], m.: (dial.) trench, ditch 
(to drain a pond). 

byssus^^ [L. (Gr. bussos, yellow flax)], m.: 
=^ (fine linen ; filaments of certain 
bivalves ; fungus). 

By^zan-ee [L. -zantium], /.; Constan- 
tinople, by-zantin ^^ [L. -zantinus] , adj. : 

o se or mod. sE [L.], m. : c (the letter) ; c. 
(C.) abbreviation for cent(ime), contre, 
compte, carbone, carré, Christus, etc. ; ç, c 
with cedilla = s; c.-à-d. = c'est à dire, 
that is to say. c' = ce. 

■c' for ce. 

ça^^ [cela], pron.: {fam.) this, that: 
comme — , like that ; c'est — , that's it ; 
ça ira, Mt will go' or succeed (title of a 
revolutionary song). 

çà** [p. L. *iça (L. ecce hac, behold)], adv.: 
hither ; fnow ; inter j. : here ! 

cab^^ [Eng. (Fr. cabriolet)], m.: cab. 

caba^le^^ [Heb. kabbalah, tradition],/.; 
CABALA (occult system of doctrine) ; cabal 
(scheme, intrigue ; factious league), 
-ler^^, intr.: cabal. 

cabalette^^ [It. -tta],f.: cabaletta (gal- 
loping final aria in an operetta). 



caba-leur^^, =euse [-1er], 



schemer, intriguer, -liste ^^ [-le], to. ; 

cabalist, occultist ; ffaction maker, -lis- 

tiqite^^ [-liste], adj.: mysterious. 
fcaballin^^ [L. -llus, horse], adj.: CA- 

BALLINE, equine. 
cabati^* [Sp. gaban], to,; heavy blouse 

(with hood and close sleeves). 

caba-nage^^ [-wer], to. ; lodging. H-^ne^* 
[Prov. -na],f.: booth, hut, cabin; tent; 
warren (for rabbits) ; breeding-cage ; 
cocoon twigs (for silkworms) ; t^wning 
(aboard ship). -neau^^, to.; shelter, 
awning (on shore for cod fishers), -ner^^, 
tr. : flodge in a hut ; fix twigs (for silk- 
worms to form cocoons on) ; capsize (a 
boat), -non^'^, to.; {dial.) little hut; 
villa ; dungeon, ^-jxot ^^, to. ; little hut. 

cabarer^'^ [?], intr.: (in brewing) run 
the contents of the hop back into the 

I. cabaret •^'^ [?], to.; certain linnet. 

2.cabare~t^* [?], to.; dram-shop (saloon, 
tavern, fEng. cabaret) ; certain plant that 
catches water ; tea-set. -tier^^, -iere, 
TO.,/.; grog-seller. 

cabals ^2 [Prov. (? L. capax, holder)], to.; 
= (rush-basket for figs, grapes, etc. ; 
woman's work-basket). -sser^*, tr.: 
put into a basket; filch, -sset^^, to.; 
kind of helmet. 

fcabelian = cabillaud. 

cabestan ^^ [Prov. (L. capistrare, halter, 
bind)], TO. ; capstan. 

cabiai^'^ [SAm.], to.; capybara, water- 

cabiilaud ^'-^ [Holl. kabeljau], to.; fresh- 
water cod, KEELING. 

cabil-^let-^'^ [Prov. -Iha, peg], to.; side 
(of the form for shaping tennis rackets). 
-lot^^ [Prov. -hot], TO.; belaying-pin. 

carbine 1'^ [Eng. -bin (Fr. -bane)], /. ; 
cabin (of ship) ; room (in bath-house). 
-binef^^ [It. -binetto], m.: = (small 
apartment, closet ; set of drawers ; fine 
piece of furniture) ; oflftce : by ellipsis 
office patronage, clientele ; summer-house : 
homme de — , close student ; — d'aisances, 
water-closet ; — noir, secret closet 
(where suspicious letters were opened). 

cabiou-^^ [?], TO.; certain confection. 

tcabirotade = capilotade. 

ca-«'ble ^^ [Prov. (L. capulum, halter)], to. ; 
CABLE, -ble^'^ [-bier], m.: cord (of four 
or six strands), -bleau^^, or -blot, to.; 
cable (to smaller anchors), -bler^', tr.: 
make cable of ; twist into rope. 

fcabliau = cabillaud. 

câblière^''^ [-ble], /.; anchorstone (used 
for anchor). 

fcablot = cableau. 

ca'^'bo-chei^ [L. -put, head], / ; {fam.) 
pate, noddle ; sparrov/-owl ; hobnail. 
-bo-ebon ^^, to. ; = (precious stone uncut, 
but polished) ; hobnail ; certain mollusk. 
-bosse ^'^,/.; {vulg.) cocoanut. 

cabosser* ^^ [pejorative ca, bosse], tr.: 
stave in (a hat, box, etc.). 

cabo-tage^'^, to.; := (coast navigation, 
trading).* jhter^^ [Sp. cabo, CAPE, 



headland], intr.: sail along coast, coast. 
-teur ^'^, =euse, adj. : coasting ; m. : 
coaster, -tier^*', =ière, adj.: coasting; 
/.; coasting-ship, -tin^^, -ine [?], m., 
/.; if am.) travelling comedian, -linage ^^ 
[-tiner], m.: (/am.) life, or ways 6f a 
roving actor, -tiner^^ [-tin\, intr.: 
(/am.) rove about (as an actor). 

cabouiile^^ [Sp. -buya],f.: (vulg.) agave 
(plant used to make rope). 

caboulot^^ [?], m.: whisky shop. 

ca-^bre^^ [Prov. -bra (L. capra) goat], 
/. ; derrick, sheers. -brer ^^ [Prov. 
-brar], refl. : rear (on the hind legs) ; 
trage. -bri^^ [Prov. -brit], m.: kid. 
-briole^^ [It. -priola], /.; capriole 
(leap and a kick), -brioler^^ [-briole], 
intr.: leap and kick, -briolet^' [-brio- 
ler], TO.; ==, cab, carriage; gun- 
truck ; shoe-last ; laminated knife-handle ; 
(French) handcuffs, -brioleur ^'^, -ense 
[-brioler], m., f.: leaper, caperer. 
-brio/1^*' [Prov. -brioun], to.; chock, 
block, wedge; -broR^^ [Prov.], to.; kid- 
skin ; buff-tool. 

cabus ^^ [Prov. (cap, head)], adj. to. ; chou 
— , cabbage (with head). 

ca-^ca^^ [L. -care], to.; cack. f-cade 
Ut. -cata], f. : cacking; fizzle. 

caca-o^® [Sp. (fr. Mex.)], 





-otier, TO.; cacao-tree. 

-oyere^' oiyer, or -otière, /. ; cacao 

cacarder* ^^ [echoic], intr.: honk, gaggle 

(as geese). 
tcacatoes or -tqis^^ [echoic, Hindu ka- 

katua], TO.; cockatoo; royal (sail or 

cachalot -^^ [? Catal. quichal, tooth], to. ; 

= (sperm-whale). 
I. cache ^^ [dial, for chasse], /.; kind of 

staked fishnet, seine. 
2.tcache := caiche.^-cb.e^^ [-cher],/.: if am.) =, hiding 

place ; (in comp., I've of -cher), -che- 




hide-and-seek. -f-éhC" 

(ca€he-)niitoulas^^ [-che, mie tu ne 
Vas (thou hast it not)], to.; children's 
game = jeu du furet, -ehe-corset ^^, 
pi. — , TO.; corset cover. 

cachectique^^ [L. -ticus (Gr. kakos, 
bad, hexis, state)], adj.: cachectic (of 
general bad health). 

cache-entrée ^'^,pl. — , to. ; drop, escutch- 
eon, key-hole guard, -époutis^^, pi. — , 
TO.; dye (put on with brush, to touch up 
colour of wool imperfectly dyed), -lu- 
mière ^^, pi. — , TO. ; vent cover (of cannon) . 

tcache-marée = chasse-marée. 

cache-mèche^^, pi. — , to.; match-tub 
(of cannon). '\-ta.G7it^^ [cacher], to.; con- 


cachemi-re^^ [C, state of India], to.; 

cashmere, -rette^**,/. ; cashmerette. 
tcache-mitoula$ r= cache-cache-mitou- 

las. 1[»in.vLseaxi^=casse-museau. mjiez^^, 

pL, TO.; muffler, -peir/ue 




ribbon (covering a comb), -pot-^^, pi. 
TO.; = (ornamental covering for flower- 
pot): à — , clandestinely, like a smuggler. 
-poussière ^^, to.; duster (light over- 

ca-^cher" [p. L. *co-acticâre (L. cogère, 
compress)], tr.: hide, secrete, conceal. 
-■chère •^", / ; annealing bin (in glass- 
making), -chérie ^^,/.; secrecy. 

cacheron^^ [?], to.; string. 

ca-chet^^ [-cher], to.; = (seal, stamp); 
(stamped) ticket : lettre de — , == (letter 
with royal stamp sentencing to prison or 
exile without trial). -che-tawtpon^^, 
m.; "hide-stick" (game). -cheter^^, 
tr.: seal. -chette^^ [-c^e], /.; hiding 
place, -cheur-^^, =:euse [-cher], to., /.; 
sécréter, concealer. 

cachexie ^^ [L. -xia, fr. Gr. kachexia 
(kakos, bad, hêxia, state)],/.; cachexy 
(general ill-health) : — aqueuse, dropsy. 

cachi'-'inent ^^ [Creole], to.; custard 
apple, papaw (fruit or tree) : — de marais, 
alligator-apple, -mentier* ^'^, to. ; papaw- 

cacholonÊT ^'^ [?], to; = (certain opal). 

cachot -^^ [cache], to.; secret place; dun- 

tcachotte = cageotte. 

cachot'-'ter' ^^ [cacher], tr.: hide un- 
necessarily, -terie^^, /.; silly conceal- 
ment, -tier^^, =ière, m.,f.: lover of 

cachou ^^ [EInd.], to.; ^ (aromatic drug). 

cachucha^^ ka-tchou-tcha [Sp.], /. ; cer- 
tain dance. 

cacique^® [Sp. (Central Am.)], to.; = 
(Indian chief). 

fcacis = cassis. 

caco'-'chym.e^^ [Gr. -chumos (kakos, bad, 
chumos, tumour)], adj.: debilitated, -chy- 
mie^^ [Gr. -chumia], /.; cacochymia 
(weakened condition), -graphie ^^ [Gr. 
graphein, write], /.; poor spelling, cacog- 

cacolet-^^ [Beam], to.; =, bat, pack- 

caco-^logie ^^ [Gr. kakos, bad, logos, 
speech] , /. ; faulty expression, -phonie ^^ 
[Gr. phonia (phone, sound)],/.; cacoph- 

fcacous, -ouse = cagou. 

cac-tee^^, /.; plant of cactus family. 
-tier^" or H-^tus^" [Gr. kâktos, thorny 
plant], TO.; cactus. 

cadas-tral i^, pi. =aua?, adj. : =. H-^tre ^^ 
[Prov. (? 1. L. capitastrum, L. caput, 


head)], m. ; = (survey or registry as 
basis for land tax valuation), -trer^'^, 
tr. : put into the cadaster ; intr. : make 
the cadaster. 

ca-davereua? ^^, =ense [L. -daverosus], 
adj.: cadaverous, corpselike, -davéri- 
Que^^, adj.: of the corpse. H'-'davre^^ 
pj. -daver {-dere, fall)], m.: cadaver, 
carcass, corpse (of larger animals). 

Lcade^*^ [Prov.], m.; = (juniper). 

2.cade-^'^ [L.-dus], m.: = (measure of 
1000 litres) ; barrel. 

ca-^deau^^ [Prov. -pdel (L. -put, head)], 
m.: fcapital letter with flourish; fflourish; 
fdiversion ; complimentary present, gift. 
-dédiou-'-®, or -dédis [Gascon for cap- 
de-dious, head of God], interj. or dis- 
guised oath: God's head, zounds ! f-de- 
ler^^ tr.: ornament (with pen). 

cade-nas^^ [Prov. -nat (L. catena, chain)], 
m.: padlock; lock; case (with lock). 



tr.: padlock. 

ca-den-ee^^ [It. -denza (L. -dere, fall)], 
/.; = (rhythm, harmony, gliding, beating 
of time), -den-eer^^ tr.: time; render 

cadène^^ [It. -na (L. catena)],/.: chain 
(for rigging ; for convicts). 

oadenette^^ [marshal Cadenet], f.: = 
(lovelock of men). 

oade^f:, -tte [Gascon capdet (L. caput, 
head) CAPtain (us'ly younger son of a 
noble)], m., f.: younger, next oldest, or 
youngest person (esp. child, brother or 
sister, fEng. cadet) ; junior ; pi. : company 
of volunteers (of younger sons, fEng. 
cadets) ; /. ; short cue (at billards) ; small 
cut paving stone ; adj. : younger, next 
oldest : c'est mon — , that is my youngest 
child ; il est mon — , he is my youngest 
boy; he is my junior (younger than I); 
un — de famille, a younger (youngest) 
son ; c'est le — de mes soucis, it is the 
least of my cares ; un — de haut appétit, 
a fellow with extravagant tastes, -tter* ^^, 
tr.: pave. 

cadi^^ [Ar. gâdhi, judge], m.: =. 

cadi-ehon^^ [-det], m.: little cadet. 

cadil ^^ [ca(Ze, cask], m.: litre measure. 

cadis 13 [Prov.], m.: CADDIS (cloth). 

Cadix -dis, m.: Cadiz (the city in Spain). 

cad-^'inie ■^^ [L. -mia (cadmus)],/.: cadmia 
(zincoxide). -mium^^, ra.; =. 

cadogan^^ [Count C], m.: tress (of hair, 
held by a knot). 

cadole^^ [Prov. -daulo (Gr. kata-bolê, 
'down-throw')],/.; bolt (of a lock). 

ca^dran^^ [L. quadrans, QUARTER-circle], 
m.: CADRANS; plate (of [sun-]dial); face 
(of watch), dial; certain mollusk: dor- 
mir le tour du — , sleep twelve hours. 
-dranneriei"^, /.; factory (for marine 






ployee (of factory for ship's instruments). 
-drannure 1'^, /.: windshake, anemosis. 
t-drant == -dran. -drat^ " or -dratirt [L. 
gwarfraiws, squared], m.; quadrat, -dra- 
ture-^'^ \rdrê],f.: clock-work, ca-dre^^ 
[It. quadro, square], m. : frame ; out- 
line ; limit =, list (as of officers); 
corps; props, shores (in a mine); berth, 
bunk (aboard ship): — de réserve, retired 
list, -drer^^ \_-dre, L. quadrare, gquare], 
intr. : suit, conform ; fit ; tr. : stretch 
(skins on a frame): les livres cadrent mal 
avec le mariage, books (authorship) do 
not go well with matrimony, f-dri^- 
lag^» -driller = quad-rillage, etc. 

cadu-^c-^3, -que [L. -eus (cadere, fall)], 
adj.: CADUCOUS, tottering, falling; de- 
ciduous ; lapsed : mal — , falling sickness, 

cadu-eée ^^ [L. -ceum, ak. to Gr. kerukeion 
(kêrux, herald)], m. : caduceus, the wand 
of Mercury. 

cadu-eité [-duc], f. : caducity (liability 
to fall, or lapse). 

■cae-cal^^ se-, adj.: =, blind, hav'g one 
end closed. H^cum^^ [L,, blind], m.: 
blind gut, vermiform appendix. 

Caeiv [L. Cadomum], m.: Caen (the town 
in France). 

•caesium-^® se- [L., bluish], m.: = (silver- 
white metallic element). 

ca-^fard^^ =:farde [?], to., /. .* =, im- 
postor ; sly backbiter, hypocrite, -far- 
dage-^^ TO.; cant, -farder* ^^ intr.: 
cant, play the hypocrite, -farderie^^ 
/.; cant, -fardise ^^ /. ; hypocrisy. 

ca^fé^^ [It. caffè (fr. Ar.)], to.; coffee; 
café (coffee - room, light restaurant) : 
— noir, strong coffee ; — en poudre, 
ground coffee ; — -concert, — chantant, 
music hall with refreshments, -féier ^'^ 
or t-fier, TO. ; coffee-shrub; coffee-planter. 
-féière^^ [-feier], /. ; coffee-plantation. 
-féine^^,/.; caffeine (drug). 

cafetan 1^ [Turk.], to.; caftan (garment 
of honour). 

ca'^fetier* 1^, =:ière [café], m.,f.: keeper 
of café ; /. ; coffee pot. = féier. 

caftan = cafetan. ' 

ca-^ge° [L. cavea (cavus, hollow)], /.; 
= ;' trellis-work ; case (as of time-piece); 
staircase, -gée^^ /.; cageful, birds in 
a cage, -geot^^ to.; flittle cage; tub 
(to drain oil' f r. cod livers ) ; -geotte i^, 

/.; tobacco-pipe (with no heel), -ge- 
rotte^^/.; draining-basket (for cheese). 
-gette-^3,/.; little cage, -gier^^, =ière, 
771.,/.; third-seller; cage-inaker or seller. 

Lcagnard^^ [coin], to.; fnook ; tramp's 
camp (under a bridge); weather-cloth, 
awning (at sea). 



2.oa.-gnQ,T(l^^ [-cagne], adj.: lazy-bones. 
-f/narJe/'^^ [-guard], intr.: lie around, 
be lazy. -grnardise ^^ /. : laziness. 
ca-^fifne^'* [It. -gna, L. canisy dog], /.; 
fbitch; slattern. -gneua?^*^, =euse, 
adj.: knock-kneed, -f/not^^ [Prov.], m.: 

caf/notte^^ [?],/••' pot (at card table). 

ca-got^^ =ote [dial.], m., /.; (formerly 
in Beam) leper; bigot, -goterie ^^ /. ; 
-goterie^^ /.; bigotry. -gotlsme^^ 
TO.; bigotry. H-^gou^^ [Breton cacou], 
m. : (formerly in Bretagne) leper ; fwretch, 

ca'^gouiile^^ [Sp. -gollo (L. cucullus, 
hood)], /. .• volute, scroll (on prow of a 
ship), -goule^'^ [coitZe],/.: monk's cloak 
(enveloping the whole body), COWL. 

cague^"^ [Holl. kaag], f.: sloop; keg (of 
about four gallons). 

caMer" [L. quaternio, number four], to.; 
note-book ; = (quarter of a quire ; official 
instructions to delegates ; memorial to 

cahin-caha^^ [? L. qua hie, qua hac, 
now there, now here], adv. : so so. 

ca?iO'*t ^^ [?], TO. ; jolt (of vehicle), -tage ^^ 
[-ter], TO.; jolts, -tant^" [-ter], adj.: 
jolting. -tem.ent^^ [-ter], to.; jolting, 
shaking up. -ter ^^, tr. : jolt. 

caZtute^^ [?],/.; shanty. 

tcaïc = calque. 

fcai-che = quaiche. 

caïd^^ [Ar.], to.; =, alcaide (leader; 

caïeu^^ [?], TO.; small bulb, clove. 

cai/iasse^^ [ak. to caillou],/.: gravelly 

caille^^ [Germ'c (1. L. quaquila)], /.; 
QUAIL : le roi des — s, meadow crake. 

i-tcaiilebot^"^ [?],'. to.; (dial.) guelder- 

2.tcaiilebofc = caillot. 

caillého^ie^" [?], /.; cleat, brace (on 
ship's rib), dutchman. -tis-^^, to. ; hatches. 

caii-lebotte^^ [-lebotter], f. : clot; curd. 
t-l^botter^^ [caille-, (cailler), botter 
(bouter)], tr.: coagulate, clot. f-l^T^Jo*- 
tin = calebottin. -le-lait ^^, to. ; cheese- 
rennet, bed-straw (plant), -lemmit^^, 
TO.; curdling, coagulation. Lll^'^ler" [L. 
coagulâre], tr.: eoagulate, clot, curdle. 

2.caiiler^^ [caille], m.: QUAlL-trap. 

cal^etage^"^ [-tte, clown], to.; silly 

cai^leteau^^ [caillé], to.; young quail. 

caii^-leter ^'^, intr. : chat, nonsense, gossip, 
i-ll-^iette [famous clown C.],f.: gossip. 

2.carilette^^ [-le],f.: QUAiL-like petrel. 

3.cai^ette^''^ [-1er], /.; rennet, fourth 
stomach (of calf) ; (slang) pudenda, -lot ^^ 
[-1er], TO.; clot. 


oainof-rosat ^^ [? Caillouel, name of 

place], TO. ; certain pear. 
cattlou^^, pi. — X [chail], m.: gravel; 

pebble, flint, -tage ^^ [-ter], to. ; graveling; 




pebble-work ; fliiit pottery, 
macadam road ; fine pottery, -ter* ^^, tr. : 
gravel; set with stones, -teur^^ [-ter], 
TO.; macadamizer; flint worker, -teuic^*', 
=euse, adj. : stony, gravelly, -tis ^°, to. ; 

oaïmacan^^ [Ar. = place-holder], to.; =, 
lieutenant of the grand vizir. 

caïman ^^ [Sp. fr. Carib.], to.; =, alligator 
(of S. Am.). 

f caimartd, etc. = quemand, etc. 

eaique^^ [It. caicco (fr. Turk.)], to.; =, 
launch ; small sailing vessel. 

ça ira^^ [lit. 'it will go,' i.e. succeed], to.; 
title of a revolutionary song. 

caire^''' [? Malay kayar, twist, rope], to.; 
COIR (fiber or rope of cocoanut-husk). 

cairon^^ [Prov. (L. quadrum, square)], 
TO.; stone (for banking up a caldron, 

cals'^se^^ [Prov. -sa (L. capsa, box)], /.; 
chest; case; crate; office; cash; counter; 
public coffer, treasury ; drum : sauver la 
— , abscond with the money; grosse — , 
bass-drum; much ado about nothing; 
battre la grosse — , play the scamp. 
-setin^'^ [Prov.], to.; raisin-box; work- 
box, -sier^^ =ière, to., /.; cashier. 
-son^^ [It. cassone], to.; = (large or 
heavy box for ammunition, etc.; water- 
tight box, for workmen below in riverbed, 

oajeput^^ kash- [Malay], to.; cajuput (oil). 

cajo-'ler^^ [? cage], intr.: chatter (as 
magpie) ; drift (down stream against 
wind); ^r. ; cajole, dupe, flatter, -lerie^^ 
/.; flattery. -leur^^, =ensc, to., /.; 

tcajot, etc. = cageot, etc. 

cajuite^^ [Holl. kajuit], /.; state-room; 
berth (on ship). 

cal^^ [L.-llus], TO.; hardened skin, callus. 

calade^^ [It. -Za^a], /. ; = (slope to train 
horses on). 

I. calage ^^ [-1er, lower], to.; lowering 
(topma'st), sinking. 

2.calage^^ [-1er, tighten], to.; tightening, 

fcalaïde = callalde. 

calais ^^ [? Gr. kdlathos, basket], to.; 
market basket. 

Calais, to. ; = (French port) : Pas-de- 
— , straits of Dover. 

calaisoR^'^ [-1er, lower],/.: draft, gauge. 

calatit-bonr^^. or -ba(c), or -bart, or 
-bou(c), -bonrgr [Malay], to.; aloes- wood. 

calame^^ [L. -mus, reed], to.; reed pen, 


oala.jn.cnt ^^ [L. -minthe (Gr. kalos, beauti- 
ful, mintha, mint)], m. : calamint. 

calami-nadre ^^, adj.: of calamine. 
W'^ne^'^ [1. L. -na (L. cadmiayij /.; =, 
calamin (ore of zinc). 

oala-mistrer ^^ [1. L. -mistrare (L. -mis- 
trum, curling iron, ak. to -mus, reed)], tr.: 
frizzle, curl with an iron, i.-mite-^^ [It. 
-mita {-mo, reed), i.e. reed-stone (for 
magnet of compass used to be floated in 
a reed)], /.; fîoad-stone; certain clay. 
2.-inite^^ pj. -mus, reed], /.; tî*osin 
(collected in reeds) ; = (fossil plant). 
3.-inite^^ [L. -mites (Gr. -mîtes, green 
fi'og)],/..- toad. 

calami^te^^ [L. -tas], /.; calamity. 
-teux ^^, =:euse [L. -tosus], adj. : calami- 

ca-landrage^^ [-landrer], m.: smoothing 
(with calender or mangle). i.\\^\aii- 
dre^^ [? -landrer, or L. cylindrum, 
cylinder],/. ; calender, mangle^for linen). 
2.-landre^^ [Holl. kalender (?*ak. to i.)], 
/.; weevil. 

3.calandre^^ [Prov. -dra (Gr. kalan- 
dros)],f.: calandra (kind of lark). 

calan-drer^* [-dre, calender], tr.: 
smooth (with mangle), mangle, -dreur^^, 
=euse, m.,f.: mangier. 

calan-qtte^^ or -Que [Prov. -co (ak. to 
i.cale)],/.: creek. 

calcaire ^'^ [L. -carius (calx, lime)], adj.: 
calcareous, limy. 

calcaneuxn.^^ [L.], m.: heel-bone. 

calcé^doine'^^ [L. -donius (town Chalce- 
don)], /.; CHALCEDONY (kind of agate). 
-donieua?^^, =euse, adj.: like chalced- 
ony, milky white. 

cal-céolaire^'^ [L. calceolus, little shoe], 

/.; lady's-slipper (plant). 

cal-cet^^ [It. -cese (L. carchesium, drink- 
ing cup)], m. ; mast-head (shaped to attach 
a lateen sail, or a pulley).'«'-cin^^ [L. calx, lime], m.: limy crust 
(on stones fr. exposure to air). 2.-€itii'^, 
m. ; glass rubbish (to be remelted). -ci- 
nation^^, /.; =:. -eine-r^^ [L. calx, 
lime], tr.: calcine, reduce to lime; roast 
(by dry heat), -ciumi^ -om [L. calx], 
TO.; = (chemical element). 

I. calculi ^^ [L. -lus, pebble], m.: calcu- 
lus, stone (in the bladder, gall, etc.). 
2.-1 1* [-1er], m.: calculation; calculus 
(mathematics), -lable^'^ [-1er], adj.: — . 
-lateur^^ -latri-ce [L. -lator], m., f.: 
calculator : — arithmétique, calculating 
machine, -ler^^ [l^ 4are], tr. : calculate ; 
manage well, plan. -lenx^^, =epse, 
adj.: calculous (gritty; afflicted with 

I. cale 12 ^i^ (-Zare, descend)], /.; low part, 
hold (of ship) ; slip, dock ; creek ; lead (of 



fishline), sinker; ducking, keel-hauling 
(punishment) : il est à fond de — , he is 
ruined ; — flottante, floating dock (for 
graving) ; donner la — , keel-haul (a cul- 

2. cale 1^ [?],/••• hood, cap; grisette, lackey. 

3.calei^ [ak. to Ger. keil, wedge], /.: 
block, wedge. 

calebas^se i*" [Sp. calabaza (fr. Pers.)], 
/.; CALABASH, drinking gourd; crucible; 
furnace. -sie»' i"^, m. : gourd plant ; 
gourd tree. 

calebotiit ^^ [?], m. : cobbler's basket (for 
thread, etc.). 

calèche 16 [Ger. kalesch (fr. Pol.)], /.; 
CALASH (buggy; hood in anal, with calash- 

caleçon*^ [It. -Izone (-Iza, stocking, L. 
calx, heel)], m. ; drawers (garment). 

calefactiojti^ [L. cale-f actio, 'hot- 
making'],/.; =, warming, heating. 

fcaléidoscope = kaléidoscope. 

fcalematide, -mar = calmande, etc. 

caletii^bonr ^^ [?], m.: pun, play on 
words. -brEdaine^'^, /.; humbug; wild 
scheme ; fib. 

calencar^^ [Pers.], m.: painted calico. 

ca-letidaire i** [L. -lendarium, account 
book], m.: church register, calendar, 
record. W^lendes^^ [L. -lendae], f. pi. : 
first day of the month, calends, calling 
days; fconference (on first of each month). 
-lendriet' ^^ [1. L. -lendarium], m. : 
calendar ; almanac : — perpétuel, running 
thirty-five years ; — de Flore, giving 
flowers for different months of the year. 

calenture ^'^ [Sp. -tura (L. caler e, be hot) 
fever], /. ; =, delirious fever. 

i-calepi^i^^ [author Calepino], m.: =, 
fdictionary ; memorandum-book, pocket 

2.tcalepin = canepin. 

I. caler 11 [It. -lare (Gr. chalân, relax)], 
tr. : let down ; drop ; strike (mast or sail); 
intr.: sink, settle. 

2.caleri6 [-le, wedge], tr.: wedge true, 
straighten up (with wedge) : c'est un 
homme calé, he is a man in a good place. 

calerei^ [Prov. careZ], /. ; certain fishnet. 

caleuri^ [2.-ler], m.: idle workman. 

cal- fait, m.: calking iron. Il-^faji^ 
[Prov. -afat, fr. Ar.], m. ,• CALKer ; calking 
iron; fcalking. -fatagei^ [fater], to.: 
calking. -fateri'-^, ir.: CALK (drive 
tarred oakum into the seams of). -fa- 
teuri^ [-fater], m.: calker. -feutragei® 
[feutrer], m.: stopping up of chinks. 
-feutrer i^ [= -fater], tr. : calk ; stop up 
(air cracks), chinse. 

ca-libragei^ [-librer], m.: gauging; 
moulding.* || -libre i* [It. -libro (fr. Ar.)], 
TO.; = (bore of a gun; gauge, size, ca- 



pacity). -llbrer^^, tr.: bore, mold, 
gauge or measure to a calibre. 

I -ca-^li-ce ^* [L. -lyx {Gr. kalux, bud)], m.: 
CALIX (of flower). 2.-li"cei^ [L. -lix (Gr. 
kulix, cup)], m.: chalice (cup). 

oali-che^^ [S. Am. Sp.], m.: =, Chile salt- 

calicot ^^ [town Calicut], m.: calico 

calicule^^ [L. -lyculus (calyx, cup)], m.; 
calicula, calycle. 

cali-fat^^, m.; calif ate (reign, office or 
dignity of calif). ||~fei'^ [Ar. khalîfa, lit. 
'successor'], m.: calif (head of the Mo- 

califourchon^^ [pejorative call, fourché], 
in à — , astride, straddle. 

calige^^ [L, -go], /.; Roman (soldier's) 

calin" [Port, -laim], m.: Chinese tin, 
Banca tin (used to line tea-chests). 

calin^^, =ine [?], m.,f.: fsluggard, fbeg- 
gar; wheedler, cajoler; adj.: wheedling, 

calinage^^ \_-lin], m.: manufacture of 
tea boxes. 

ca^liner^^ [-lin], tr.: fondle, pet: fse — , 
idle about, loaf, -linerie^^,/.; cajolery. 

caliorne^^ [Prov. -liourno (? Gr. kalos, 
rope)], /.; stock-tackle (used in stowing 
the anchor). 

callisson^^ [Prov. -ssoun], m.: kind of 
almond cake. 

callaïde" [L. -liais], /.; CALLAINITE 
(greenish wax-like mineral). 

callejQur ^^, =e^se |[L. -llosus (callus, hard 
place)], adj. : callous, hardened. 

calli-'carpe^'^ [Gr. -karpos (kallos, beau- 
ty, karpos, fruit)], m.: ornamental shrub. 
-graphe ^^ [Gr. -graphos (graphein, 
write)], m.: fine penman, -graphie ^^ 
[Gr. -graphia], f. : caligraphy, fine pen- 
manship, -pyge^'^ [Gr. pugê, buttocks], 
adj.: callipygian. 

callosité ^^ [L. -tas (callus, hard)], /.: 
CALLUS, hardened place, callosity (on 
plants ; on a wound). 

calmande^^ [?], /.; CALAMANCO (wool 

calmant ^'^ [-mer], adj.: sedative. 

calmar ^^ or calemar [L. calamar ium, 
case for *reed' pens], m.; tP^n-case; 
calamar(y), ink-fish.^^ [It. -ma (? Gr. kauma, heat)], 
m.: calm, stillness: — plat, perfect calm. 
2.-m.e^* [It. -mo], adj.: quiet, at rest. 
-mer^* [fr. 2.-me], tr.: quiet, calm. 

calomel ^^ or calomelas [Gr. kalos, 
beautiful, melaSy black], m.; = (chloride 
of mercury). 

calom-niateur^, =tri-ce [L. calumnia- 
tor], m., /.; calumniator. IKnie^* [L. 


calumnia (calvi, deceive)],/.; calumny. 
-nier-^^ [L. calumniari], tr.: calumniate, 
slander : se — , pretend to be worse than 
one is ; f — quelqu'un de quelque chose, 
asperse one with. -nieusem.ent^^ 
[-nieux], adv. : with calumny, slanderously. 
-nieuo?^^, =euse [L. calumniosus], adj.: 
calumnious, slanderous. 

calonniere^^ [cf. canonnière], f.; pop- 
gun ; spindle (of lathe). 

calo-'rie^^ [L. -r, heat], /.; calory, heat 
unit in physics, -rifère^^ [L. -r, ferre, 
bear], m.; :=, heating apparatus, -rifi- 
qite^^ [L. rificus], adj.: calorific, heat- 
bearing, -rimètre^'*' [L. -r, Gr. mêtron, 
measure], m.: calorimeter. -riqwe^^ 
[L. -r], m.: caloric, heat. 

I. calot ^'^ [?], m.: piece of wood; piece of 
(unworked) slate. 

2. calot ^'^ [cale, wedge], m.: little wedge. 

S-fcalot^^ [êcale], m.: nut.^^, m.: crown (of cap), -lotin^'^, 
m. ; cap-wearer ; squib writer ; if am.) 
priest ; priest-haunter : un transport — , 
a satirical outburst, f-lotine^^ [-lotin], 

f: satirical epigram, -lotte -"^^ [caZe, cap], 

/.; =, cap, skull-cap, fez; skull; member 
of a literary club whose emblem was a 
cap and bells, hence : a satirical squib ; 
vault; case (of watch), -letter ^^, tr.: 
slap, cuff, box. 

caloyer^^ =ère [mod. Gr. kalogeros 
(Gr. kalos, beautiful, géron, old man)], to., 

/. ; = (monk or nun of order of St. Basil). 

cal-qite ^'' [It. -co], to. ; chalk. W^qiier ^^ 
[It., L. care (L. calx, lime)], tr.: chalk, 
trace, copy; imitate. -quoir^', m.; 
tracer (tool). 

calumet -^^ [chalumet], to.: =, pipe. 

tcalus = cal. 

calvaire ^'^ [L. -varia, skull; sense fr. 
Heb. golgotha (skull), 'place of a skull'], 
TO.; Calvary, hill of the crucifixion (also 
proper name). 

calville ^^ [town C], to.; = (apple). 

calvitie -^^ [L. -vities (-vus, bald)], /.; 
CALVITIES, baldness. 

camaïeu^^ [1. L.*-mateum, Gr. kamateuein, 
work], TO.; = (cameo; picture in one 

cam.ail^^ [Prov. capmalh, 'head-mail'], 
TO. ; = (mail covering for neck ; kind of 
hood ; garment or robe). 

cam.ara^de ^^ [Sp. -da (câmara, room)], 
TO. or/.; COMRADE, intimate friend, -de- 
rie ^^, f. : comradeship, comradery ; mu- 
tual support among friends. 

camard^^ =arde [1. L. caTOWS (Gr. A;emos) 
muzzle for horse], adj. : snub-nosed, pug- 
nosed, flat-nosed. 

cam.arilla^^ [Sp., dim. of câmara, room], 
/.; =, group, clique of advisers of a king. 


CAm-histe^^ [It. -bista (-bio, change)], 
m.: cambist (one versed in exchange 
values), speculator. H^-bium^^ [1. L. (L. 
-bire, change)], m. : = (zone of cells be- 
tween wood and bark). 

cambouis^'* [?], m.: coom (dirt from 
grease on wheels ; dirt in a horse's 

cat^ibre ^®, adj. : cambered, curved, arched : 
pied — , foot strongly arched ; taille — e, 
waspish body. {{■^'hrer° [p. L. *cameràre 
(camera, vault)], tr. : camber, make slightly 
convex, curve, -breur ^^, m.: camberer. 
-briflon^'^, m.: stiff ener (of shoe-heel). 
-brioleur^^ [fr. slang cambriole, room], 
m.: flash-man, porch-climber, burglar (of 
upper chambers), -brure^^/.; convex- 
ity, arch ; pigeon-breast. 

cawibuse^^ [Holl. kabuys (ak. to Eng. 
cabin)],/.: caboose, cook's galley, stew- 
art's room (on ship) ; (fam.) drinking place. 

fcaiiibuser = combuger, 

cawibusiei'^^ [-se], m.: steward, purser. 

I. came ^^ [Ger. kamm, comb], /.; cam, 
camwheel ; cog. 

2.tcaine = chame. 

camée ^'^ [It. -meo, ak. to -maîeu], m.: 

camélée^'^ [L. -laea], f.: widow- wail, 
spurge-flax (shrub). 

cam.éléoit^^ [Gr. ckamai-lêon, 'ground- 
lion'], m. ; chameleon; fickle person. 

tcam.éléoparcl = camêlopard. 

camélia ^^ [botanist Camelli], m. CAMEL- 
LIA, Japan rose. 

cameline^^ [Gr. chaimai-mélinos 'like' 
earth-apple'],/..' camomile, aster. 

ca-melle^'' [Prov. -melo, camel], /. ; salt 
pile (heaped up to evaporate). -mélo- 
pard^^ [1. L. -melopardus, Gr. kamelo- 
pardalis, 'camel-leopard'], m.: giraffe. 
Il'-'m.elot^^ [chameau], m.: coarse cloth, 
CAMLET ; slop-goods ; slop-peddler, -me- 
lote ^"^j /. ; shoddy article, -melote?^ ^^, 
tr,: make roughly. -melotier ^'^, m.: 
tsmuggler; slop-goods maker, coarse 

camé-rier ^^ [It. -riere (L. camera, room)], 
m.: CHAMBERlain (of the pope), -riste^^ 
[Sp. camarista], f.: lady-in-waiting (of 





office of pope's chamberlain. earner^ 

litjgite^* [It. -lingo (L. camera, room)], 

m.; cardinal camerlingo. 
I -camion ^^ [?], m: pin, minikin, small 

teasle ; child's shoe.^^ [?], m.: =, gun-carriage; 


truck, dray ; paint pot. 
m.: trucking, drayage. -miounêr 
tr.: move, transport with trucks. 
vfcamionneri^ [-mion, pin], tr.: pin. 

camus 97 

camionneur ^^ [-mion, dray], m.; dray- 

fcami-^sade ^^ [It. -ciata (-cia, shirt, 
worn over armour at night-attacks)],/..* 
= (night attack), -sole^^ [It. -cioa],f.: 
= (overblouse ; straight jacket). 

fcamme = came. 

camomille 1*^ [L. -lia (Gr. thamai-melon, 
earth-apple)],/.; camomile, aster. 

ça mon, see 2.mon. 

camouflet ^^ [?], m.; whiff of smoke 
(blown purposely into one's face) ; affront ; 
= (powder mine to stifle or shut off under- 

camourlot^^ [?], m.: kind of mastich, 

I .fcanip = khan.^ [It. -po, L. -pus, field], m.: 
camp ; fight ; side ; farena : prendre le 
— , accept combat; decamp, -pa^rnard^^, 
=arde [-pagne], m., /.; rustic, country- 
man, -par/ne ^^ [It. -pagna], f. : country ; 
plain ; field (of battle) ; campaign, -pa- 
grnol^'^ [-pagne], m.: field-mouse, vole. 

campa-ne^^ [1. L. -na (?), bell],/.; fbell 
(campana) ; bell-shaped ornament ; head 
( of Corinthian column ) ; ornament of 
tassel or fringe; tuft; drop; (arch.) 
campana (drop) ; bell-shaped soap-kettle ; 
tumour (on a horse). ^-nelle^^ or 
-nette, /.; (dial.) bindweed, -nile^"^ 
[It.], m.: = (bell-tower). -nulaee^^ 
[1. L. -nula, little bell], adj. : of bell-wort 
family. -nule^'^ [1. L. -nula], f.: cam- 
panula ^( plant), bell-flower, bell- wort. 
-nulé^'^ [1. L. -nula, little bell], adj.: 
campanulate, bell-shaped. 

campe ^^ [?], m.: corded drugget (cloth). 

campe-ehe^^ [Campeachy in Mex.], to.; 
bois de — , log-wood. 

cant-pement ^^, m.: camping. Il-^per 
[carp], intr. : camp ; tr. : put in camp, 
encamp (an army) ; set, place ; leave in 
the lurch, desert : cheval campé, spradling 

cant per-ehe ^^ [chant, side, perche], f. : 
certain cross-piece (in weaving frame or 

cant-phre^^ [1. L. -phora], to.; camphor. 
-phré^^, adj.: camphorated, -phrer^^ 
tr. : treat with camphor, camphorate. 
-plirier^'^, TO.; camphor tree. 

canipine-^" [C, in Belgium],/.; = (fat 

cainpo8^^ [students' L. habere — , 'get 
leave to go into the country'], to.; holi- 
day, vacation. 

ca~mus^2, =use [? ak. to L. -mums, 
curved], adj.: snub-nosed, flat-nosed, pug- 
nosed; sheepish, bashful, -muset^^, 
=ette, adj.: somewhat sheep-oosed, 
-muson ^®, /. ; flat-nosed woman, 




canAtl^le ^^ [It. canaglia (L. canis), 
'pack of dogs'], /. ; =: (gang; rabble); 
brats (children) ; rascal ; adj. : rascally ; 
low. -lerie'^^ , f. : blackguardism. 

cana-^1^^ [h.-lis], m.: =, CHANNEL, -lisa- 

. ble^^ [-User], adj.: that may be canalized. 
-lise?^^^, tr.: canalize. 

canamelle = cannamelle. 

canapé ^^ [L. -nopeum (Gr. konopeîon, 
mosquito-curtain)], m.: sofa, divan ; bench 
(of syrup refiner) : — d'anchois, bread 
spread with anchovies. 

canapsa^^ [Ger. knappsack], m.: knap- 
sack; foot-soldier. 

canar-«'d^^ [cane], m.: duck; = (fabri- 
cated story, hoax) : prendre un — , dip 
lump of sugar in rum, or tea, etc. ; 

faire un — , make a false sound in 
music ; donner un — à moitié, catch, 
trap one ; chien — , water spaniel. 




duckling, -der* ^^, tr 

shoot (fr. a blind, as in duck-hunting), 
ambush; intr.: quack (like a duck), make 
false notes (in music) ; ship water for- 
wards, -dière^^, /.; duck-pond; blind 
(for duck-shooting) ; gun for duck- 

cana-ri^® [Sp. -rio], m.: CANARY-bird. 
-rie^® or -ries [Canary Islands], m.: cer- 
tain dance. 

canas-se^^ or -tre [Sp. -tro (L. canistro, 
basket)], m.: box (for tea, tobacco, etc.) ; 
kind of tobacco. 

ca»i'*caii^^ or qitanqitan [L. quam- 
quam, 'although' (university harangues» 
usually began so)], m.: (formerly) univer- 
sity speech ; hubbub, great ado ; cancan 
(vulgar dance), -caner^^, intr.: make 
much ado ; dance the cancan, -caniei' ^^, 
adj.: noisy; m.,f.: noise-maker. 

can-^-cel^^ [L. -cellus, balustrade, lattice 
work], m.: chancel; seal case, or room. 
-caller ^^ [L. -cellare], tr.: cancel, annul. 

can-^-eer [L.], m. : =. -eéreinur ^', =:ense, 
adj.: cancerous. 

cat^eh.e^'^ [?], /.; hairgrass, bent grass, 

can.cre^^ [L. -cer], to.; crab, crawfish; 
slow student ; grasping man. 

cancrElat^® [Holl. kakerlak], to.; Amer- 
ican cockroach. 

ca.n-o.ela.hTe^^ [L. -delabrum], to.; can- 
delabrum (chandelier ; group of street 
lamps on one post ; ornament in archi- 
tecture). -dElette^^ [Prov. -deleto, 
'small candle'],/.; fish-tackle (on ships 
for raising anchor to gunwale). 

candenr^^ [L. -dor], /.; candour, frank- 

catidi^^ [Ar. qandi, cane sugar], adj.: 
sucre —, candied sugar, candy. 

candi-dat-^^ [L. -datus (-dySj white, 


Rom. candidates dressing in white)], to.: 
candidate, -datnre^^ [-de], /.; candi- 
dacy. IKde^^ [L. -dus, white], adj.: can- 
did (sincere, frank, ingenuous). -de- 
ment ^^, adv.: frankly. 

candir ^^ [-di], intr. : CANDY ; crystallise. 

cane ^^ [ak. to canard], f. : duck ; faire la 
— , escape danger (f r. duck's habit of 
avoiding an enemy). 

cane^fice ^^ [Sp. canafistola], f : cassia^ 
guava (shrub), -•eier^'^, to.; (vulg.) cas- 
sia shrub. 

canepEtiere^^ [cane, petiere], f: little 

canéphore^^ [L. -ra (Gr. kdne, basket, 
phérein, carry)], /. ; canephore (maiden 
that bore the sacred utensils among the 

canepin^^ [?], to.; fine lamb or kid-skin. 

ca-ner ^^ [71e], intr. : fquack ; funk ; 
fcacare. -neter ^^ [-ne], intr.: quack ; 
waddle (like a duck). 

canetiere^^ [2. -nette], f: spooler (woman j 
or machine that winds thread on bobbins), j 

ca-neto»t^^ [-ne], to.; duckling, i. -net- 
te ^^, /.; young duck, young teal; cannet 
(duck on escutcheon). 

s.fcanette = cannette. 

canevas ^2 [ak. to chanvre], to.; canvas; 
plot ; design. 

canevette^^ [It. -navetta (dim. of -nova, 
cave)], /. ; liquor-case (on ship) 



[?], TO.; bodice, corsage. 

tcangrène = gangrène. 

cauQue^"^ [Chinese kang, carry, kia, col- 
lar], /. ; = (portable wooden stocks for 
the neck, as punishment). 

cani^^ [Prov., 'canine'], to.; rotting tim-' 
•ber (of ship), 

cani-'-ce^^ [cane], to., /.; water spaniel,' 
poodle. i.-clion^^ to.; poodle-pup. 
2.-eh.qn^^ [cane], to.; duckling. 

canicu-laire ^^ [L. -laris], adj. : canicular. 
||'«'le [L. -la (canis, dog)], /.; Sirius (the 
'dog-star') ; dog days (July 24 — Aug. 24). 

caniere-^^ [ak. to chien], f: large 
meshed seine (for porpoises := chiens de 

canif ^^ [Norse knifr], to.; knife, pocket 
knife : (fam.) donner un coup de — dam 
le contrat, stab the contract (of marriage), 
i.e. be slightly untrue. 

caniti^^ [L. -ninus (-nis, dog)], adj.: ca- 
nine ; /. pi. : canine teeth : muscle — ^ 
snarling muscles 

canitie^'-^ [L. -ties], f: canities, hoari- 

canivean^^ [? ak. canal], to.; kbnnel- 
stone, gutter-stone. 

fcanivet^^ [ak. to canif], to.; knife 

can-nage^'^ [-ner], to.; fmeasuremenl 
(with 'yard-stick); caning (chairs) 


-naie'", /. ; cane-brake, -namelle^^ 
[1. L. -namella (L. -na, cane, mel, honey)], 
/.; sugar-CANE. H-^ne^^ [L. -na, reed], 
/. ; CANE (plant ; walking-stick ; bamboo ; 
rattan) : — d'Inde, Indian shot ; — de 
jonc, Malacca cane ; — à pèche, fishing 

canneberge ^^ [?],/••' cranberry. 

can-nelad*e^^ /. ; falcon cake (for fal- 
con), -las^^ [Prov. -nelat], m. ; sugar- 
plum (with cinnamon flavour), -neler ^^, 
tr. : groove ; flute ; striate, -nelier ^'^, 
m.; cinnamon tree. H-^nelle-^*^ [canne], 

f. : little tube, hence : cinnamon ; faucet ; 
groove, CHANNEL, -nelure^^ [-neler],/.: 
=, chamfer, flute ; ribbing ; fluting ; rifling 
(of gun). 

canneqitin^^ [Chinese], m.; == (cloth). 

can-^ner ^'^ [-ne], tr.: measure (with a 
yard-stick); cane (chairs), -netiile^^ 
[It. -utiglia], f. : ribbon-wire ; gold or sil- 
ver-thread, -nette ^* [-ne], f.: little 
tube ; faucet ; fuse (for blasting) ; bob- 
bin ; mug. 

canniba-'le^^ [Sp. canibal (Carib.)], m.; 
cannibal. -lisme^^ to.; cannibalism; 

cannier* ^^ [-nne], m. : CANER (of chairs) ; 

canole^" [Prov. -naulo], /.; kind of 
pastry.^^ [It. -nnone {-nna, tube)], m.; 
cannon (gun) ; barrel (of firearms) ; nose 
(of bellows) ; trouser-leg ; pipe (of liquid) ; 
stick, bar, tube, stalk : — rayé, rifle-bore 
gun. 2.||-.^noîi^^ [L. (Gr. kanon, rule, 
kâne, reed)], m. ; =: (church law ; rule ; 
decree ; list of saints ; size of type equal 
to four-line pica ; books of the Bible ; an- 
nual rent) : — de la messe, canonical law 
that tells of the mass ; tablet containing 
the law on the altar of Catholic church ; 
— emphythéotique, ground-rent (on an 
emphyteutic tenure or perpetual lease). 
-nonial^^, pi. =anac [chanoine and L. 
-nonicalis], adj. : canonical, -nonicat ^^ 
[l.L.-nonicatus], to.; canonship. -noni- 
■eité ^® [-nonique], f. : canonicity. -noni- 
qite^^ [L. -nonicus], adj.: according to 
the canons, canonical ; âge — , age of forty 
years (minimum age of female servants of 
an ecclesiastic) : elle a l'âge — , she will 
never see forty again, -noniquement ^^ 
[-nonique], adj.: canonically. -nonisa- 
tiqn^^,f.: canonizing, -noniser^^ [1. L. 
-nonizare], tr. : canonize, -noniste ^^, 
TO.; canonist (one versed in canon law). 

canon-nade^^,/.; cannonade, -nage^'^, 
TO.; gunnery H-^ner^^ [canon], ir.; 'can- 
nonade, fire upon: — une voile, reef a 
sail (lit. put it into roll), -nerie^^ 
[canon],/.: foundry (for big guns) ; attack 



(with ordnance), -nie?^^* [canon], to.; 
cannoneer, -nière^^ [canon], /.; ftent 
(for cannoneers) ; floophole (in a wall) ; 
gunboat ; popgun ; certain graver's tool. 
ca-^not-^^ [Sp. -noa (fr. West Ind.)], to.; 
iff.) : CANOE ; cutter, -notage 



boating, -noter ^^ intr.: row a boat. 
-notier^'^, TO.; boatman (of barge or 

i.fcan^t = 2.chant. 2.can-t^^ [Eng.], 
m. : = (formalism, perfunctory talk, insin- 
cerity), -tabile^'' [It.], to.; = (music 
or words easy to sing). 

cantal ^^ [mount C], to.; = (Auvergne 

cantaloup) ^^ [Cantalupo, near Rome], to. ; 
= (muskmelon). 

canta-nette ^^ [It. -retta],/.: stern post 
(of ship) ; small locker. 

canta-te^^ [It. -ta], /.; cantata. 
-title ^', f. : little cantata, -tri-ee ^^ [It. 
f r. L. -trix], f. : professional songstress. 

cant/iaride ^^ [L. -ris],f.: blister-beetle, 
Spanish fly, cantharis. 

can-thère^^ [L. -tharus], to.; black 
bream (fish), -t^tus^^ [1. L., fr. Gr. 
kanthos], to. ; = (corner of eye where lids 

cantile-ne^^ [It., L. -na],f.: cantilena, 
chant, ballad, twang. 

canti-^ne^^ [It. -na (? ak. to L. canaba, 
hut)], /. ; CANTEEN (suttler's shop ; mili- 
tary provision-chest) ; dram-shop ; bottle 
case, -niet'^'^, =ière, to., /. ; canteen- 

cantique -^^ [1. L. -ticum], to.; canticle. 

ca»t-^ton^^ pt. -tone (L. cantus, corner)], 
m.: = (district, division), -tonade^® 
[It. -tonata], f. : place behind the scenes, 
slides, slips, -tonal ^^, pi. -aua?, adj.: 
= (of the cantons), -tonnement ^^ 
[-tonner], to.; cantonment (quarters, 
housing, stationing ; game preserves ; 
portion under one's control), -tonner ^^, 
tr.: canton, station; adorn (a church). 
-tonnier^^, to.; road-mender. -ton- 
nière^^ /.; valance, drapery; anchor 
ropes ; sheet-iron trimmings. 

cantre^'' [?], to.; (weaver's) bank, creel 
(for holding bobbins or spools). 

ca-nnle-^^ [L. -nula (canna, tube, reed)], 
/. ; canula, tube (in surgery) ; clyster- 
pipe. -nut°, =use [-nnette], to., /. ; (dial.) 

fcaolin = kaolin. 

caouane^*" [?],/••' loggerhead (sea- turtle). 

caoiit-ehouc ^'^ [So. Am.], to.; =, rubber. 

cap^'-^ [L. caput, head], to.; fhead; knob, 
block ; knot ; head (of a ship) ; end ; cape 
(of land) : — de mouton, dead-eye, sheave- 
less block (on ship) ; — -de-more (head 
of a moor), a roan horse with black head. 



oapa'^ble^^ [L. -bilis], adj.: fiiolding, 
able to contain ; eflScient, able, -cito^* 
[L. -citas],/.: capacity. 

oa'^pade [Prov. -pado (lit. a CAPE-ful)], /. ; 
=, bat (certain quantity of wool or hair 
in hat-making), -paraçon^* [Sp. -para- 
zon (capa, cape)], m.: caparison, housing 
(of a horse), -paraçonnei'^*^ [-para- 
gon], tr.: caparison, -para-eonnier*^^ 
[-paraqori], m.: maker of trimmings or 
trappings for a horse. H-^^pe-^'^ [form of 
chape f r. It. cappa], f. : =, mantle ; monk ; 
outer fold of a cigar : n'avoir que la — et 
Vépêe, be without fortune, have nothing 
but a name, or nobility ; rire sous — , 
laugh in one's sleeve, --péer^^ or -peyer 
[Prov. -peiar], intr. : try, lie to in a gale, 
be under storm sails, -pelage ^^ [-peler], 
m.: rigging (of ship); crew! -pela»i^^ 
[Prov.], m. : fneedy priest ; =, kind of 
codfish, -peler ^® [Prov. -pelar], tr.: 
rig (a mast), -pelet^^ [Prov.], m. ; 
capellet (wenlike lump on a horse's leg). 
-peline^^ [Prov. {capel, hat)], /.; = 
(fskull-cap of iron ; lady's riding cap ; 
bandage as for amputated limb). 

capendu^^ [?], m: court-pendu (apple). 

caperoii = capron. 

capbarnauxn. ^^ [town C, Capernaum], 
m. : lumber-room ; rubbish-room. 

ca^pie ^"^ or -peuse [? cap], f. : end (of 
yarn passed around a skein), -pier^'^, 
tr.: fasten (thread or yarn by passing it 
around the skein). 

capil-'laire^^ [L. -laris (-lus, hair)], 
adj. : capillary, hair-like ; m. : maiden's 
hair, (fern) ; hair-line. -larite ^^, /. ; 
capillarity, capillary attraction ; hairlike 

capilotade ^^ [for Sp. -pirotada (-pirote, 
hood), lit., sauce covering food like a 
hood], /. ; hash. 

capion^^ [Prov. capioun], m.: stern (of 
ship) ; sternpost. 

oapiscol ^^ [Prov. (1. L. capi-scholus, head 
of school)], m. ; head of chapter of canons. 

capi-^taine^^ [1. L. -taneus (L. caput, 
head)], m.: captain, -tainerie •'^^, /.; 
captaincy, -tal-^^, pi. ^aua? [L. -talis], 
adj. : := ; m. ; = (letter ; chief town ; 
head of a column ; money), -tale- 
ment^^ adv.: excellently. -talisa- 
tiort-^^ [-taliser], f.: =. -taliset'^^ 
[-tal], tr.: capitalise, change into funds. 
-taliste-^^ [-tal], m.: capitalist, -tan^^ 
[It. -tano], m.: bully (in the old plays). 
-tane ^^, /. ; the captain's galley, -tan- 
pacha [It. -tanpascia], m. : admiral ; 
admiral's vessel (among the Turks), -ta- 
tien^^ [L. -tatio],f.: poll-tax. -te^^ [L. 
-tatus], adj.: capitate, ending in heads, 
-tena?^^, -^jiue [L. caput, head], adj.. 


heady, strong : un boisson — , drink 
that goes to the head quick. -ton^* 
[It. -tone], m.: cappadine (waste silk- 
flock) ; tuft (in upholstering). -ton- 
ne r^^ [ton], tr.: tuft, quilt (furniture). 
-toul^^ [Prov.], m.: =, any one of 
the earliest magistrates of Toulouse.' 
-toulat^^ [-toul], m.: office of capitoul. 
-tulaire^^ [L. -tularis {-tulum, assem- 
bly)], adj., m.: capitulary, capitular. 
-tulairement -^^ [-tulaire], adv.: in ses- 
sion, -tula^it^^ [1. L. {-tulum, chapter)], 
adj., 771.; hav'g a vote (in a chapter). 
-tulatiort^^ [-tuler],f.: =■ (agreement, 
convention, condition), -talc [L. -tulum, 
chapter (lit. *a little head')], m.: =, les- 
son (in church) ; capitulum (in botany). 
-tuler*^^ [1. L. -tulare (-tulum, article, 
clause)], intr.: make terms, capitulate. 

fcaplan = capelan. 

capnomar^eie ^^ [Gr. kapnomanteia (kap- 
nos, smoke, manteia, divination)], /. ; cap- 
nomancy, prophesying by smoke. 

I. capon ^® [Prov. (cap, head)], m.; cot, 
stock-tackle (on ship).^pon^^ [for chapon, under infl. of L. 
capo], m. : coward ; tell-tale, tattler ; cheat 
(at play) ; adj. : charge caponne, empty 
office, i.-ponner^^, tr.: wheedle, fawn 
on; intr.: cheat; tattle (esp. at school). 

2.caponner^^ tr.: hoist, cat (anchor). 

caponniere^^ [It. capponiera (lit. COOP, 
i.e. place to fatten capons, cf. Sp. capo- 
nera, coop ; tunnel)], /. ; caponiere (pas- 
sage, gallery in fortifications). 

capora-*l , pi. =ajix [It. -le (L. caput, 
head)], m.: corporal; shag (tobacco); 
chieftain (in Corsica) : faire venir quatre 
hommes et un — , use force (as though 
summoning four soldiers led by a corporal). 
-lisme-^^, m.: military influence.^pot^^ [cape], m.: fmonk's cloak; 
mantle ; seaman's overcoat ; hood (over a 
stairway on ship); hot-bed. 2.-po<;^^ 
[perhaps extension of meaning in sense of 
faire — ], m.: = ; adj. indecl. : être — , 
fail to score (in a game) ; faire quelqu'un 
— , slam, keep one from scoring, t-po- 
tage^^ [cap, head of a ship], m.: sighting 
(of 'course by the pilot). i .-pote ^'^, /. : 
cloak with hood ; soldier's cloak ; hood (for 
head; of carriage; bandage). 2.-pote^^ 
[3--pot], f. : play that makes capot for an 
opponent, -poter^* [? cap; cf. chavirer 
r= cap virer], intr. : capsize. 

capouliere ^'^ [Prov. -ro (lit. 'header')], 
/.; net (to prevent fish escaping from a 

Cappado-ee, /.: Cappadocia (in Aaia 

fcappe = cape. 

capre ^® [Holl. kaaper], m.: corsair; — à 


la part, sailor who goes on shares of 

c$pre^* [It. capper (L. capparis)], f.: 
caper (plant) ; — capucine, pickled nas- 

oapri-cant^^ or f-sant [L. caper, goat], 
adj.: caprizant, jumping, -ee^^ [It. -ccio], 
m. : —-, whim ; capriccio (in music) ; ir- 
regular mine, -cieusement^® \_-cieuse'\, 
adv.: capriciously, -cieux^^, =euse [It. 



-ceiosd], adj. : capricious. 




-cornusi, m.: capricom (constellation; 

câprier ^^ [caprel, m.: caperbush. 

oapri-fication^'^ [L. -ficus, goat-fig, wild 
figtree], /.; = (forcing the maturity of 
figs). -figuier* ^'^ [L. -ficus], m.: wild 
fig. capri-w,^^ [L. -nus, caper, goat)], 
adj.: goatlike, goatish. t-ol^» etc. =: 
cabriole, etc. f-sant or f-zant = -cant. 

ca'^'proti-^® [câpre (from its flavour)], m.; 
pineapple strawberry. -pronnier*-^", 
TO.; the plant. 

cap-selle^^ [L. -sella],/.: capsella, shep- 
herd's-purse (plant). -sulaire^^, adj.: 
capsular, hav'g a pod. H'-^sule ^^ [L. -sula, 
dim. of capsa, box],/..' = (seed case; 
shallow dish ; little box ; envelope ; per- 
cussion cap ; cap of a bottle), -sulerie ^^, 
/. ; factory of percussion caps. 

cap-tage-^^ [-ter], m.: piping (of a spring 
at its source), -tatenr^^, -tatri-ce [L. 
-tator, -tatrix], m.,f.: user of undue in- 
fluence, briber. -tation^^ [L. -tatio], 
f.: use of undue influence, bribery. 
-tatoire^*, adj.: of undue influence. 
||**ter^^ [L. -tare, reach after (capere, 
seize)], tr.: influence unduly; captivate; 
pipe (an entire spring at its source). 
-tienseiiient ^^ [-tieuse], adv. : captiously. 
-tieua?^*, =e^se [L. -tiosus], adj.: cap- 
tious, specious. -tif^^, =ive [L. -tivus], 
adj.: captive, -tiyrer^^ [L. -tivare], tr. : 
fcapture ; hold captive, captivate ; fse 
— , submit. -tivité^* [L. -tivitas], f. : 
captivity. -ture^* [L. -tura], f.: =. 
-turer^^ [ture], tr.: capture. 

capu-^-ce^® [It. -ccio (cappa, CAP, chape)], 
m.: monk's hood. -eh.e^^, /.; (lady's) 
hood or bonnet. ||-ehon^^ [It. -ccio], 
TO. .' hood (on a cloak), cowl, -ehonné ^'^, 
adj. : hood-shaped. -ehonner* ^^, tr. : 
cover with a hood, --ein^^, --cine [It. 
-ccino (lit. 'hooded')], m., /.; capuchin 
(monk, nun) : barbe de — , long beard ; 
des — s de carte, cards in a row, ready to 
fall, -einade^'^ [-cin],f.: (fam.) monk- 
ish talk, or action. -cine^^ [-ce], /. ; 
nasturtium (plant) ; band, strap (of iron, 
as on a gun) ; drip-stone; earthen dish 
with handle. -einièTe^"^ [-cin],f. : (fam.) 

capulet^^ [dim. of cape], m.: (dial.) sort 
of hood. 

ca-qi/ age ^'^, m. : barreling, packing. 
-qi«e,/*; keg, barrel ; furnace (of wax- 
workers). Il^qiter^^ [Flem. kaaken (lit., 
clean the jaws)], tr. : cure (fish) ; pack, 
barrel up. 

tcaqwerolle = casserole. 

caqite-satigwe ^^ [It. caca-sangue (L. 
cacare. It. sangue, blood)],/.; dysentery. 

c&-quet ^* [-quêter], m. : cackling (of hen) ; 
chatter, -quetage ^^ [-quêter], m. : cack- 

tcaqtiète = -quette. 

ca^qiteter ^* [echoic], intr. : cackle ; 
chatter. -queterie^'^, / ; palaver. 
-qiteteur-^^ =euse, to., /.; chatterer. 
-qiietoir^^ to.; gossips' den. -que- 
toire ^^, / ; fhighbacked chair ; causeuse ; 
rung (of plough tail). 

ca-qiiette ^'^ [caque], f. : fish-basket (keep- 
ing fish in water). -qiteur*^"^, =euse 
[-quer], to., / ; herring cleaner, packer ; 
knife (for cleaning fish). 

fcaqtf eua?, =euse := cagou. 

car° [L. quâ-rë, by which thing], conj.: 
for, because ; to. ; why, wherefore, reason. 

caraba ^^ [?], to. ; kind of oil. 

carabas^^ [Marquis C, in a tale by Per- 
rault], TO. ; kind of heavy carriage. 

I. carabe ^^ [Sp. -ba], /.; kind of skiff; 
chair for carrying. 

2. carabe -^^ [L. -62is, crayfish], to.; beetle, 

carabe ^^ [Port. (fr. Ar.)], to.; yellow 

cara'^bin ^^ [?], to. ; fscout, skirmisher ; 
player who quits ; sawbones (medical 
student). f-^ii^ade^^ / ; skirmish. 
-binage -^^ [-bine], to.; rifling (of guns). 
-bine ^^, / ; carbine, rifle ; flight har- 
quebus, -biné^'^, adj.: stiff (said of a 
gale not contrary), i.f-biner'^^ intr.: 
skirmish. 2. -biner* ■^'^ [-bine], tr.: rifle 
(a gun), -binier ^^ [-bine], m. : carbineer 
(formerly select foot-soldier ; now cavalry- 

caracal^'' [Sp.], to.; =, lynx. 

caracara^'' [echoic], to.; =:, carrion- 
buzzard or vulture hawk. 

caraco ^^ [? Sp.], to.; loose corsage. 

caraco^le^^ or fcaracol [Sp. -I, snail], 
/ ; spiral, helix ; corkscrew ; certain 
plant ; figure (in training horses ; in drill- 
ing soldiers, caracole) ; escalier en — , 
spiral stairs. -1er ^^, intr. : make cara- 
coles, wheel right and left in sudden 

carac-^tere ^^ [L.-Gr. character (Gr. cha- 
rassein, cut, engrave)], to. ; character (dis- 
tinctive mark, sign ; trait, disposition ; 
moral excellence), -teriser^^ tr.: char- 




■16 [?],/; CARANX (flatfish). 


acterise (mark; distinguish), -térisme^', 
m.; specific power of plants to heal by 
virtue of analogy of parts). -teris- 
tiqtte^^ [Gr. charakteristikos], adj. : char- 

oara-fe^^ [It. -ffa, fr. Ar.],/.; =, water- 
bottle, decanter. i.-fon , m.: little 
carafe (esp. of fixed size). 2.-\-îqn'^^, 
[It. -ffone, big bottle], m.: big carafe (to 
be placed in ice). 

caragne^^ [Sp. -rana],f. : caranna (gum). 

Caraïbes, /. pi. : Caribbean Islands. 

oarambo-lage -^^ [-1er], m.: carom, can- 
non (at billiards). i.t-le^^ [Sp. -la 
(? bola, ball)], /. ; red billiard ball. 

2.carambolei^ [Sp. -la], /.; carambola 

carawibo-ler 1^ [i--^^], intr.: make a 
cannon (at billiards). 

carambolier-^^ [Sp. -Za], m.; CARAMBOLA 
tree (of India). 

cara-«'iiiel 1*^ [Sp. -lo (fr. Ar.)], m.: = 
(candy). -meliser^^ tr.: make into 
caramels or burnt sugar ; mix with car- 



carapa-ce^^ [Sp. -pacho], /. ; = (upper 
part of turtle shell, of armadillo, etc.). 

caraqiie^^ [It. -racco, ak. to L. carrus, 
car],/.; carack (large merchantman). 

carat 1^ [It. -to (Ar., fr. Gr. keration, 'little 
horn,' a seed)], m. : = (four grains, jew- 
eller's measure of weight ; ■^:^ part) ; little 

carat-ch.16 [Turk. Ar. = tribute], m.: poll- 
tax on foreigners in Turkey. 

carature i" [-rat], /. ; alloying (of gold or 

cara-^vane^^ [Pers. karwan, group of 
travelers], /. ; caravan ; cruise, -va- 
nie?" 1^, m. ; driver (of a caravan), -van- 
sérail ^^ [Pers. karwan-serai, house of 
the caravan], m.: caravansary. 

I. caravelle 1* [It. -lia], f.: flarge Turk- 
ish warship ; Portuguese caravel ; herring 

2.tcaravelle = carvelle. 

carbatine-^^ [L. -tina, Gr. karhatîne], 

f. : green hide, pelt. 

carbet^® [Carib.], m.: big hut ; shed (for 

carbona-risme ^^ [-ro], m. : carbonarism. 
Il-^ro^^, pi. -ri [It., 'charcoalman'], m.: 
= (member of a revolutionary secret 

carbo-nate ■'^ [-ne], m.: =. -naté^^ 
[-nate], adj.: reduced to a carbonate. 
Il'-'ne-^'^ [L. carbo], m.: carbon, -né^^, 
adj.: carbonated, -nifere^^ [L. ferre, 
carry], adj.: containing carbon, -ni- 
qite^^ adj.: carbonic. -nlsatlon^^ 

[-niser],/.: carbonisation, -nicer *^ [L. 1 
carbo, carbon], tr. : reduce to carbon, coal. ■ 
-ii(n)adei^ [It. -nata, coal, carbon], /.: 
carbonate (fish, etc., scored and broiled). 

csLT-honille° [L. -bunculus, little char- 
coal],/.; (dial.) rust (of grain), -bura- 
tion 1^ [-burer],f. : carburisation (combin- 
ing of carbon and an element). H-^bure^'^ 
[L. -bo, carbon], m.: carbide (compound 
of carbon and an element), -buré-^^, adj. : 

fcarcaiiler* = courcailler. 

carcaise ^^ [form of carquois, quiver], /. ; 
furnace (in glass works). 

carcajou 1'^ [?], m.; Labrador badger, 

carcan 11 [OHG. querca, neck], = (iron 
collar for punishment) ; yoke (on a breechy 
hog) ; necklace. 

carcasse 1^ [It. -ssa],f.: (fam.) skeleton; 
CARCASS, body ; framework ; coarse basket 
or crate. 

car-eerule [dim. of L. career, prison], /. : 
= (dry many-celled fruit). 

car-eini^ [Gr. karkînos], m.: crawfish. 
-einomateuor; 16, =ense [-cinome], adj.: 
cancerous, -cinome i^ [Gr. karkinôma], 
m.: carcinoma, cancer. 

cardagei"^ [-der], m.: carding (of wool). 

cardaminei^ [L. -na],f.: = (plant). 

cardamome 11 [L. -momum], m.: carda- 
mom (India plant of ginger family). 

cardasse i^ [It. -sso], f. : cardass, card (for 
waste silk) ; nopal (cactus called "Indian 
fig" on which cochineal bugs feed). 

car^dei^ [Prov. -da (L. -duus)],f.: edible 
rib (of artichoke leaves) ; teasel ; card ; 
carding board, -deei^ [-der], f.: card- 
ful (of wool). -der*i^ tr.: comb, card. 
-dèrei'^ [-der], /.; teasel. -deuri^ 
=^se [-der], m.,/.: carder. 

cardi-ai^ [Gr. kardia, heart], m.: = 
(opening fr. the throat to the stomach). 
-a-eçi^ [Gr. kardia], adj.: heart-shaped 
(said of certain mollusks. -algie i^ [Gr. 
kardialgia (algos, pain)], /. ; pain about 
the cardia, -aqne i^ [L. -eus], adj. : car- 
diac; of the heart; of the cardia; m.: 
CORDIAL (medicine). 

tcardieri^ =ière [-de], m., /.; seller of 

cardina^lii, pi. =a.xDc [L. -lis (cardo, 
hinge, pivot)], adj.: = (pivotal; principal); 
m. ; = (any one of the seventy electors of 
the pope, who wear red cloaks and caps, 
hence : red-bird, red-shelled mollusks, cer- 
tain red butterflies, flower, etc.). -lati^ 
[1. L. -latus], m.: cardinalate. -li-eei^ 
[It. -lizio], adj.: of cardinals. 

cardite i'' [Gr. kardia, heart], /. ; = (bi- 
valve mollusk) : carditis (inflammation of 
the heart). 


car-don ^^ [Prov.], m.: cardoon, prickly 
artichoke (with edible leafstalks), f-don- 
mette = chardonnette. -dua-ce^^ [L. 

-duus, teasel], adj.: thistle-like. 

oareme" [p. L. *quarësima, L. quadra- 
gêsima (se. dies), fortieth (day before 
Easter)], m. : Lent ; faire le — , keep Lent ; 
provisions de — , fish and vegetables ; ar- 
river comme mars (or marée, for 'fish') 
en — , come apropos, come in the nick of 
time ; face de — , wan-face. -prEnant ^^, 
m.: (lit. 'Lent beginning,' hence:) the 
three days before Ash-Wednesday, Shrove- 
tide ; carnival ; masquerader. 

carénage ^^ [-Tier], m.; careening: gril 
de — , grounding place, 

caren-ce^* [1. L. -ntia (L. car ens, lacking)], 

/. : absence of assets (law term). 

oa'^rène ^^ [It. -rena (L. -rina, keel)], /. ; 
keelj petal, etc., of certain plants, -ré- 





né^'^, adj.: keel-shaped. 

careen, repair (a boat). 
cares-sant^^ adj.: caressing 

tionate. -se^^ [It. carezza], f: caress. 

||->-ser^* [It. carezzare (L. cams, dear)], 

tr. : caress, fondle ; stroke ; entertain, 

i.caret^^ [dial. dim. of char], m.: roller, 

reel (for rope-making). 
2.caret^^ [Sp. carey fr. Malay], m.: hawk's 

bill sea-turtle. 

•^^ [L.], TO.; sedge, reed-grass. 

carez ' 


oar-gaison ^^ [Prov. -gazon (-gar, CHARGE, 
load)], /.; cargo. -gtfe^^ /. ; brail. 
W'^guer^^ [Prov. -gar, load], tr.: clew up 

cari^^ [Malabar], m.: curry (a food). 

caria ^^ [?], to. ; white ant (of the Antilles.) 

cariatide ^^ [It. (Gr. karuâtis, priestess 
of Caryae, in Laconia)], /. : caryatid (fe- 
male figure as column). 

caribou^'^ [Indian], to. : =, No. Am. rein- 

carica-ture^'^ [It. -tura\, f: picture in- 
tended to ridicule ; poor image, -turer* ^^, 
tr. : caricature ; misrepresent. -tu- 
riste^^, TO.; caricaturist 

ca^rie^^ [L. -ries, waste], /. ; caries, wast- 
ing away (of teeth) ; blight, rust (of plants). 


-rier '■", tr. : rot ; smut. 
carii^-^'lon" [p. L. *quatrinio, union of 

four], to. ; =, chime (of varied notes) ; 

tone, music, ringing; clinking; squared 

bar (of iron, etc.). -lonne ^^, adj. : (fam.) 
fete — e, fête announced by chimes, -lon- 

ner*^^, tr.: ring a chime from; make 

peal, -lonneur^^ [-ZoTiTier], TO.; chimer, 

fcariopse = caryopse. 
carisel^^ or crésean [Eng. kersey], to.; 

fcoarse serge ; coarse canvas. 
I. carlin ^^ [It. -no, dim. of Carlo (king 

èarnier 1Ô3 

of Naples)], to. ; carline (old coin worth 

seven cents). 
2.carlin^'^ [Carlo Bertinazzi, actor with 

black mask], to. ; black-nosed pug dog. 
carline ^^ [It. -na (?ak. to carde, thistle)], 

/. ; = (sudorific thistle). 
carlingue^^ [?],/. ; carline, keelson ; mast 

socket (in the carline), 
carmagnole ^^ [city C.], f, to.; = (jack- 
et ; revolutionary song, or dance ; violent 

carme^^ [L. quaternum (quatuor, four)], 

TO. : cast in trictrac where two dice count 

four each. 
carniEline^^ [Sp. -na], adj.: laine — , 

carmeline-wool (second grade). 



[1. L. -minium (? kermès, mi- 
nium)], TO. ; carmine (purple ; rouge) ; adj. 
indecl.: carmine., 

carminatif ^^ =ive [L. -nare, card, clean 
(wool)], adj.: carminative. 

carminé ^^ [-min], adj.: carmine red. 

car-nage-^^ [It. -naggio (L. caro, flesh)], 
TO.; carnage (flesh for beasts of prey; 
slaughter, butchery). 

carnal ^^, or -nan, pi. -a.p.x [Prov., cf. 
I. came], to.; tackle (to raise galley- 
awning), end of yardarm ; corner of sail. 

car-nassief^^, =ière [Prov. cam, flesh)], 
adj: CARNivorous (as lion, tiger ; insect). 
-nassière^'^ [Prov. -ssiera], f: game- 
bag, -nation^* [L.caro, flesh],/.; flesh- 
colour. '\-iia.p.=: carnal, -naval ^^, j)Z. 
=als or =anx [It. camevale, 'meat-fare- 
well '], TO. ; carnival (last three days before 
Lent) : costume de — , fantastic dress ; 
c'est une vrai — , a true masquerader. 
-navalesqne-^^ [It. -valesco], adj: car- 

i.carne*' [L. cardo, hinge], /.; CORNER, 
angle.^^ [It. (L. caro, flesh)], /.; (low) 
'bad meat,' cagmag; ;grub; carrion, (as 
low insult) lump of carrion, trull, hag, 
jade, -né^^ [L. caro, flesh], adj.: flesh- 

car-neau ^^ [for créneau], to. ; flue hole 
(of pottery furnace). H-'nElei^ ^^ [form of 
créneler], tr. : mill (coin) ; embattle, en- 
circle, -nolle ^^/.; milled circle, border 
(of coin). 

carnet^* [dim. of L. quaternum (cf. ca- 
hier)], TO.; note-book, memorandum: — 
d'échéance, book of bills payable or receiv- 
able ; — de visite, pocket case for visiting 

car-nior^'^ [It. -niere (came, meat)], to.; 
gamebag. -nification ^^ [1. L. -nificatia 
(caro, ûesh, facere, make)],/.; = (morbid 
change in tissue, as of the lungs), -ni- 
fieri'^ [L. caro, flesh], tr.: carnify. 
-nivore^^ [L. -nivorus (vorare, eat)], 



adj. : carnivorous, flesh-eating, -nosite ^^ 
[1. L. -nositas], f. : fleshy growth, carnos- 

capoÉfne^^ [dial, for charogne],/.: (low) 

fcarolus^* [Charles VIII], m.: an old 
coin (legend Karolus Francorum rex, 
Charles king of the French), worth one 

caronade^^ [Eng. carronade fr. town 
Carron], f.: short-chambered ordnance- 

caroncule ^^ [L. -la, dim. of caro, flesh], 
/. ; caruncle (little fleshy prominence). 

caroti-de -^^ [Gr. karotîdes], f.: carotid 
(artery of the neck). -dieii^^, =enne 
adj.: carotid, -qite-^^ [Gr. karotikos], 
adj.: carotic, stupefying. 

caret- te ^^ [L. carota], f. : carrot : vivre 
de — s, live niggardly : jouer la — , stake 
small sums ; (/am.) tirer une — à quel- 
qu'un, 'bleed' one a little, get money out 
of. him by fraud, -ter^"^, intr.: (fam.) 
stake little ; tr. : — de l'argent à quel- 
qu'un, — quelqu'un, wheedle money from 
one, wheedle one. -tenr^^, =ense [-ter], 
m., f. : {fam.) small bettor ; sharper. 
-tior-^', =ière, m,, /. ; {fam.) small 
bettor, penny-player. 

carou-^be^^ [1. L. carrubia (Ar.)], m.,f.: 

CAROB, locust 
carob-tree. t-l 

I. carpe ^^ [Gr. 

2. carpe ^^ 
-peau-^^, m. 






»e = -be. 
carpos], m.: 
[L. -pa], /.; 
little carp. 

carpelle ^^ [Gr. karpos, fruit], m. ; 
(seed vessel, pistil ; part of pistil). 

toarpendu = capendu. 

carpette ^^ [Eng. -pet (1. L. -pita)], /.; 
carpet; rug. 

car-pier -^^j f^içre [2.-pe], m., f: carp 
pond. -pilloti^^ m.: young carp. 
-pion^^ [It. -pione], m.: speckled Alpine 

carpologie^"^ [Gr. karpos, fruit, logos, 
speech], f. : science of fruits. 

toarquaise = carcaise. 

carqwEron ^^ [? ak. to L. calcare, press], 
m. : lever, cross-lathe (in weaving). 

carqwois^^ [1. Gr. tarkasion], m.: quiver 
(for arrows). 

carrare^® [town C. in Tuscany], m.: 

tcarrassin^® [?], m.: kind of carp. 

c^r~re^* [-rer], f: square; crown (of 
hat) ; shape (back and shoulders of a 
man) ; toe (of shoes) ; side (of a sword) : 
d'une bonne — , broad-shouldered, -ré" 
[L. quadratus, squared], adj. : square ; 
rectangular ; quadratic ; haVg four sides, 
full (as a phrase) ; m. : square ; quadri- 
lateral ; quarter ; die (for striking medals, 


etc.) ; key-post (of clocks), -reau** [1. L. 
*quadrellum (L. quadrum, square)], m.: 
little square (of chessboard, carpet, flooring 
tile) ; floor ; pane (of glass) ; tailor's goose ; 
diamonds or knave of diamonds (at cards) : 
cushion ; square file ; paving brick ; 
square-mesh seine ; disease of the mesen- 
tery : avoir garde à — , be looking out 
each direction, be ready for anything; 
sur le — , in the floor, on the ground. 
-ree^'^ [-rê], f: square-sail; cordage, 
roping (of a bed) ; slate ; {old) music 
note ; fcanopy (of a bed), -refour** [p. 
L. quadrifarcum, four-fork], m.: cross- 
roads ; public place ; poètes de — , 
Grubstreet poets. 

carre-ger^'^ [Prov. -jar, ak. to Fr. char- 
rier], intr. : sail strong (with many sails 

carre-lage -^^ m.: paving: pavement, 
li-^ler-^^ ' [carreau], tr.: pave (with 
square tile); cobble (shoes). -let^^ 
[carreau], m. : net (for fish, birds) ; 
filter (on crosspieces of wood) ; flat-fish ; 
shoe-av/1 ; file ; edged needle ; sword ; 
chisel, -lette ^^ [-let], f : flattened file. 
-leur ^^, m. .• paver; street-cobbler, -lier^^ 
[carreau], m.: tiler, -lure^*, /. ; cob- 
bling, carré-meîit-^^ [carrée], adv.: 
at right angles ; squarely ; {fam.) up and 
down, decidedly. carre-t'° [L. qua- 
drâre], tr. : square, make square : se — , 
shape one's self ; take a good position. 

carrick^^ [? prop, name, C.],m.: kind of 

car-rier ^^, m. : quarry-man. || i .-'rière^^ 
[p. L. quadraria (cf. carrer)], f: stone- 

QUARRY.ère^^ [It. -riera {-ro, car)], /.; 
race course (for CHARiots) ; career, 
course, -riole^^ [It. -riuola], f: little 
tilt cart. 

carros-sable -^^ adj.: practicable, pas- 
sable (for vehicles). ||-*se-^^ [It. -za {carro, 
car)], m. : coach, carriage ; (rope- 
maker's) truck ; round-house (on ship). 
-sée■^^/.; coachful. -ser^^ tr.: {fam.) 
se faire — , go by coach, ride ; sail strong 
(carrying much sail). 

carrousel ^^ [It. carosello (?)], m. : tourn- 
ament ; carousal (merry-go-round). 

fcarrousse -^^ [Ger. gar-aus, end (of the 
night)],/.; carouse, debauch. 

carrure ^^ [-rre], /. : shoulder-breadth, 
shape at the shoulders ; distribution 
(musical term). 

cartable ^^ [-te], m.: {dial.) falbum; 

carta7iu ^^ [?], m. : whip (on ship), rope. 

cartayer* [? ak. to charrette], intr.: 
quarter (avoid ruts in driving). 

car-te^^ [L. -ta], f: card; pasteboard; 


map ; bill of fare ; ticket : basses — s, 
low cards (sixes and down) ; — s hautes, 
ace and face cards : fausse — , not ad- 
vantageous; — fausse, false, marked card 
(to beat with) ; filer la — , cheat with 
cards ; voir le dessous des — s, look at 
one's cards ; tours de — , card tricks : — 
muette, map with no names ; — de visite, 
calling card ; fille en — , ticketed (licensed) 
girl, i.a prostitute, -tel^^ [It. -tello], 
m. : = (card of challenge ; challenge ; 
tagreement for exchange of prisoners) ; 
field of a shield ; tablet ; clock-case ; 
clock : bâtiment — , cartel ship, -telle ^^ 
[It. -tella], f : fi^usic parchment ; veneer 
wood ; plank (that holds the millstone). 

fcartEron := quarteron. 

osLTthame^^ [1. L. -mus], m.: carthamus 
(saffron thistle). 

cartier^^ [-te], m.: card maker or seller"; 
back layer (of playing card). 

carti-lage/^ [L. -lago], m.: = (gristle). 
-lagineûx ■^^, =euse [L. -laginosus], 
adj.': cartilaginous. 

caP'^'tisane^® [It. -teggiana (L. -ta, 
card)], /. ; cardboard (covered with gold 
thread, etc., used in lacemaking and fancy- 
work), -tographie -^^ [-te, Gr. graphein, 
write],/.,* art of map-making, -toman- 
■cie^^ [-te, Gr. manteia, divination], /.; 
cartomancy, fortune-telling (by cards). 
-toxnan-cieti ^^, =ienne, m., /.; card 
fortune-teller, -tqn^^ [It. -tone], m.: = 
(pasteboard ; pasteboard box or case, etc., 
box) ; cartoon : — à chapeaux (rubans, 
etc.) hat box, bandbox, etc. ; — de des- 
seins, portfolio of drawings ; personnage 
de — , person of no importance ; battre 
le — , play cards a great deal, -ton- 
nage ^^ [-tonner], m.: =, boarding 
(working with pasteboard as in bookbind- 
ing) ; pasteboard work. -tonner ■^' 
[-ton], tr. : bind in boards ; wrap (on 
boards for glossing). -tonnerie^^ 
[-ton], f. : pasteboard factory ; art of 
making pasteboard, -tonnier^^ [-ton], 
m. : pasteboard maker or seller ; pigeon- 




m.: = 

holes of desk), -ton-pierre 
(paper-pulp and plaster mixed), -tou-ehe^^ 
[It. -toccio],f., m.: = (scroll; cartridge; 
round case, etc.). -tou-cherie ^^ [-touche], 

f: cartridge factory. -tou-chier ^'' 
[-touche], m. : box for cartridges ; shot 
belt (of sailors), -tulaire^^ [1. L. char- 
tularium], m. : archives, register. 

earns ^"^ [1. L. (Gr. karos, heavy sleep)], 
m.: = (profound coma). 

capvelle^^ [Holl. karviel, frame nailed 
fast],/.; ship-nail (square-headed). 

carvi^^ [1. L.], m.: caraway (plant, 

toaryatide = cariatide. 

caryo-phyllé ^" [L. -phyllon (Gr. karuon, 
nut, phullon, leaf)], adj.: of the clove- 
pink family, -pse^^ [Gr. opsis, likeness], 
TO.; caryopsis (seed-like fruit such as 
wheat, rye, etc), -te-^^ [Gr. karuôtis, 
date], TO.; palmtree. 

I .cas ^^ [L. -sus i-dere, fall)], to. ; case ; 
instance ; situation : peu de — , little im- 

2. cas", =f^sse [L. quassus (part, of qua- 
tere, quake)], adj.: cracked, hoarse. 

casanier ^^, =ière [It. -re (casa, house)], 
adj.: domestic, homekeeping. 

casa-que^^ [It. -cca], f: sleeved-cloak; 
cassock ; (livery) coat ; (woman's) gown* 
-quin^^, TO.; jacket. 

casca-de [It. -ta (-re, fall)],/.; =. 

cascariile^" [Sp. -rilla, dim. of -ra, 
bark, rind],/; cascarilla (aromatic bark 
of West-Indian shrub). 

cascatelle^^ [It. -tella (-ta, cascade)],/: 
little cascade. 

c^se^^ [L. casa, house],/; hut, cabin; 
space (stall; square on chess-board); 

caseeux ^'^, =euse [L. -sens, cheese], adj. : 


casema-^te ^^ [It. casa-TOai^a, * dim house '], 
/.; = (bomb-proof chamber); fpj'otected 
gun-platform ; tunderground gallery ; fmoat 
shelter ; cavern, den. -ter ^ '^, tr. : supply, 
with casemates. 

caser ^^ [-se], tr.: (fam.) place; adjust; 
make a point (at backgammon). 

caserette ^"^ [L. -seus, cheese], / ; cheese 

caser'^ne^^ [? ak. to L. quaterna (qua- 
tuor, four) meaning place for four men], 
/ ; barracks, -nement^^, to.; quarter- 
ing, lodging (in barracks); boarding, (at 
school), -ner-^'^, tr.: put, lodge; intr.: 
live in barracks ; be subject to rules of 

casernet^^ [Prov. -zernet (cazern, note- 
book)], TO. ; time-book ; log-book (at 

casette^'^ [case], /; annealing pot (to 
protect delicate pottery from flame). 

caseum^^ [L.], to.; =, casein (of milk). 

easier ^^ [case], to. ; bureau ; police regis- 
ter ; bownet, 

Casimir ^^ [Eng. for prop, name of region 
in India], to.; cashmere (a cloth). 

casino ^^ [It., dim. of casa, house], to. ; = 
(pleasure resort). 

easoar^'^ [Malay], to.; cassowary (bird). 

cas-i'qite^^ [Sp. -co (lit., skull)], to.; =, 
helmet; tuft, top-knot, -qicé^"^, adj.: 
helmeted. -qitette^^./; cap. 

eassade^^ [It. -data, hunting], / ; pre- 
tence ; fib. 

cas-saille^^ [-ser],f.: breaking up (first 



ploughing), -sant^^ [ser], adj.: brittle; 
snappish, abrupt, -sation^* [-ser], /. ; 
=, annulment ; appeal (law term). 

cassavc^^ [Guarani],/.; cassava, tapioca. 

I. casse ^^ [Prov. -ssa, ak. to L. catinus, 
bowl],/..- metal basin; dipping spoon; 
porcelain pot. 

2. casse ^^ [It. -ssd], f.: (printer's) case: 
haut de — , upper case (that contains 
capitals, figures, etc.). 

3.casse^^ [L. -ssia, Gr. kasîa],/.: cassia 

4. casse ^® [sser], f.: breakage, break; 
cashiering ; donner de la — à quelqu'un, 
discharge one (in allusion to ^.casse). 

cassé° [-sser], adj. : navire — , ship with 
its keel out of true ; m. ; sucre cuit au — , 
sugar boiled to brittleness (when dropped 
in water). 

casseau^'^ [2.-sse], m.: (printer's) half- 
case ; drawer ; spindle-box ; grooved cylin- 
der (used in castration). 

casse-cou^^ \_-sser\ m.: (fam.) break- 
neck (e.g. rickety stairway); cry (of cau- 
tion in blindfold); daredevil, f-lim©*- 
tes =^ hrise - lunettes. -ment ^^, m. ; 
breaking: — de tête, anxiety. -mot- 
tes ^^, m. : clod-crusher, roller ; sparrow. 
-museau^*, pi. — cc, m.: punch, blow (in 
face) ; cake, -noisettes ^^, pi. — , m. ; 
nut-cracker ; figure en — , face with nose 
and chin meeting, -noioc; ^^, pi. — , m. ; 
nut-cracker ; crow, -pierre ^^, pi. — , 
m. ; saxifrage ; stone-hammer. 

casser® [L. quassare], tr. : break, shatter, 
crumble ; abrogate ; dismiss, discharge : 
se — la tête, make great effort ; se — le 
nez à la porte, find one's self shut out ; se 
— le cou, make a grave mistake. 

casserole ^^ [i.-sse], /. : = (stew pan). 

casse-tete ^^ [-sser], m. ; club ; weary 
work, worry; noise ; heady wine ; net 
overhead to prevent accidents fr. falling 
objects : — chinois, puzzle. 

cas-setin ^^ [It. -settino], m.: drawer; 
pot (for molten metal): — du diable, 
waste box (for old type), li-^sette-^^ [It. 
-setta, dim. of cassa, box],/.; little box 
(as for jewels, treasure). 

cassewr^^ =euse \rsser\m.,f.: breaker: 
un — d'assiettes, blusterer ; un grand — 
de raquettes, boaster of being strong (i.e. 
he breaks tennis rackets). 

cassie-^'^ [Prov. cacio, L. acacia],/.: acacia 

i.cassier^^ [3.-sse], m.; cassia tree. 

2.cassier^^ [i.-sse], m.; case-holder, 

cassine^^ [It. -na],f.: = (country house). 

I. cassis ^'^ [?], m. ; black-currant; ratafia 
(liquor made of black-currants). 

2.cassis^^ [-sser, break (fr. broken stone)], 


m. ; water-bar (across a road on a hill- 
side, to prevent washing). 

cassiterite ^^ [Gr. kasslteros, tin], /.; 
peroxide of tin. 

cassole^^ [2.-sse], /.; glue-pot (of paste- 
board makers). 

cassolette ^^ [Sp. cazoleta, dim. of -zuela, 
vase],/.; = (perfume dish, incense burner). 

cas-i^sott-^^ [-ser], m.: broken glass (to 
be remelted) ; crushed cacao or sugar. 
-sonade ^^, /. ; =, raw crushed sugar. 

cassot^^ [i.-sse], m.: sorting box (for 

cassure ^^ [-sser],/.: break, fracture. 

casta^nette^^ [Sp. -taneta {-tana, L. 
-tanea, chestnut)], /. ; castanet. 

caste ^'' [Port, -ta [(L. -tus, pure, chaste)], 

/.; caste. 

castel^® [Prov.], m.; fcastle; (humor.) 
lordly house. 

CastUle, /. ; Castile (in Spain). 

castiile^* [?],/•' (/<xwi.) little quarrel. 

castine^^ [Ger. kalk-stein],/: lime-stone. 

cas-tor -^^ [L.], m. ; beaver ; cloth or hat 
of beaver skin, -torenm [L.], m. ; castor 
(secretion fr. the beaver, used in medi- 
cine), -torine^**,/.; = (cloth). 

castram,é-tatiow. ^^ [L. -tari, lay out 
camp (castra, camp, metari, measure)], 

/; =: (planning or laying out camp). 

castra-t^"^ [It. -to], m.: castrated male, 
gelding, eunuch ; castrato (man castrated 
in boyhood to preserve his soprano). 
-tion^^ [L. -tio (-trare, castrate)], =. 

casua-lite^^ [1. L. -litas (L. -lis, acci- 
dental)],/.; casualty, accident. 

casuarine -^^ [casoar],/.; casuarine (hard 
wood tree of Australia). 

casu©-l^*, -He [L. casualis], adj.: casual; 
m.; profit. -llement^^, adv.: acci- 

casuis'^te^^ [L. casus, 'case' of con- 
science], m.; casuist, moraliser; sophist. 
-tique^^,/.: casuistry; sophistry. 

catacTtrese-^^ [L. -sis, Gr. katachresis, 
abuse (of words)], /. ; catachresis (mixing 
of metaphors). 

cataclysme ^^ [L. -mus, Gr. kataklusmos 
(katâ, down, kluzein, overflow)], to. ; cata- 
clysm ; deluge. 

fcatacois = cacatois. 

catacowibe^^ [It. -ba (? Gr. kata, down, 
kumbe, hole)], /.; catacombs (vault for 

catacoustiqtte ■^'^ [Gr. katakouein, listen], 
adj. : pertaining to sound-reflexion ; /. ; 

catadioptriqiie^'^ [arbitrary word fr. 
catoptrique and dioptrique], adj.: of 
light-reflection and refraction, catadiop- 
tric ; / ; catadioptrics. 

cata-donpes-^^ or -dupes [L. -dupa, Gr. 


katâdoupa, lit. rushing down], /. joZ. ; cata- 

catafalqite^^ [I. -falco], m.: scaffold 
(cf. Fr. chafaud); stately bier. 

cataire ^^ [1. L. cattaria {cattus, cat)], /.; 

catalec-te8 ^^ [L. -ta, Gr. katalekta (lêgein, 
gather)], m. pL: choice collection (fr. old 
authors), -tiqite^^ [L. -ticus (Gr. kata- 
légein, cease], adj.: vers — , catalectic 
line, classic line ending in an incomplete 

catalep-sie^^ [L. -sis, Gr. katalepsis, 
seizure],/.; catalepsy, spasm, -tiqtte^'^ 
[L. -ticus], cataleptic ; m.,f.; person sub- 
ject to fits. 

catalo'-'gite ^^ [L. -gus, Gr. katd-logos 
(lêgein, gather)], m.; =, list: un époux 
du grand — , a husband of the large list 
(of deceived ones),'^^, tr.: list, 

catalpa ^'^ [?], m.: catalpa (tree). 

cata-lyse^^ [Gr. katdlusis (luein, loosen)], 

/.; catalysis, contract-action (in chem- 
istry), -lytiqite^^ [Gr. -lutikos], adj.: 

cataplasme ^^ [L,, Gr. katdplasma (plâs- 
sein, form on)], m. ; poultice, cataplasm. 

cataplexie^" [Gr. katdplexis, stupor 
(katâ, down, pléssein, strike)], /.; cata- 
plexy, nervous shock causing paralysis. 

catapulte ^^ [L. -ta], /.; catapult, hurl- 
ing machine. 

catarac^te^^ [L. -ta, Gr. kataraktes (kata- 
râssein, tear down, ardssein, clatter), 
cataract, falls. — The sense seems taken 
fr. 'falling-door, portcullis'],/.; cataract 
(water; disease of the eye), -té^'', adj.: 
haVg a cataract (of the eye). 

catar-r^al ^^, pZ. -anx^ adj.: =. ||ca- 
ta.T'^The^'^ [L. -rhus, Gr. katdrrhoos (kata 
down, rheîn, flow)], m.; catarrh (disease 
of the mucous membrane), -rheux^^ 
=çuse, adj. : afflicted with catarrh. 

catastrophe-^^ [L. -pha, Gr. kata-strophê, 
return ; end], /. ; = (end ; disaster ; great 

catau [nickname for Catharine], f. : bar- 
maid ; girl of loose morals. 

caté-ehèse -^^ [L. -sis, Gr. katéchesis 
(echeîn, echo, sound)],/; catechism, oral 
instruction. catE-ehète ^^ [Gr. kata- 
chétês], m.: catéchiser, -cliiser^^ [L. 
chizàre], tr.: catechise. -ehisme^^ [L. 
-chismus], m. : catechism, oral instruction. 
-■ehiste^^ [L. -chista], m.: catechist. 
-cJ'iumène-^^ [L. -chemenus], m.,/; cate- 
chumen, new convert, -gorie ^^ [L. -goria 
(Gr. kategorîa (kategoreîn, assert)], /; 
category (class ; summum genus ; concept 
a priori). -gorique^^ [L. -icus], adj.: 
categorical : l'impératif — , absolute claim 



of moral law to our obedience. -gori- 
q^iement^^ [-gorique], adv.: categori- 

fcaterole ^^ [se catir, crouch], / ; rabbit- 

cat7tar-te^^ [Gr. kathartés, purifier], m.; 
vulture. -tiqtte^^ [Gr. katkartikos (ka- 
tharos, pure], adj.: purging; m.: purga- 
tive, cathartic. 

cat^té-dral ^^ [1. L. -dralis (Gr. kathédra, 
seat)], adj. : =. f-dratit ^^ [1. L. -drans], 
m. : chairman (in judging a thesis). 

cat^érétiqite ^^ [Gr. kathairetikos], adj. : 
catheretic (mildly caustic, as for warts). 

ca-t^ète^^ [L. -tus, Gr. kdthetos, lowered 
{kata, down, hiénai, send)], /.; cathetus 
(imaginary line, axis) ; fperpendicular. 
-teeter ^'^ [L.], m.; = (tube, as for the 
urethra), -t/tétérisme ^'^ [L. -theteris- 
mus], m.: application of the catheter. 
-t^tétomètre ^^ [Gr. kdthetos, plumb, 
mêtron, measure], m. : cathetometer (meas- 
ure for vertical distances). 

catTio-li-eisme ^'^, m. ; Catholicism, -li- 
■eité 1^, / ; catholicity ; body of Catholic 
nations. -lico?i^^ [1. L. (Gr. katholikon, 
universal)], m. : = (panacea, cure-all medi- 
cine). Ikliqite^'-^ [1. L. -licus, Gr. kathc- 
likos, universal], adj., m.,f.: Catholic, of 
the Roman church ; general, universal. 
-liqitemewt^^, adv.: like Catholics. 

cati^^ [-tir], m.: gloss (on cloth). 
t-tiche ^^ [se catir], f. : otter's hole. 

catilinaire" [conspirator Catiline], /. ; 
angry speech (like Cicero's orations against 

catii-lac^'^ or -lard [?], m. ; =, pear. 

catimini ^^ [Gr. katamênia, (katd, by, 
men, mouth)], m. : catamenia, menses ; 
adv. : en — , stealthily. 

i.catin^^ [nickname for Catherine; cf. 
catau], f. : {pop.) loose girl, whore. 

2.catiw^* [L. -nus, basin], m.: pot (for 
molten metal). 

ca^-'tir'* [*p. L. coactire (L. cogère, press)], 
tr. : glaze, gloss (cloth, etc., to give lustre) ; 
gild, -tissage -^^ m.; pressing; glossing. 
-tisseur ^'^, 'm.; presser, -tissolr^'^ 
m. : gilder's knife. 

fcatoga^i = cadogan. 

i.caton^^ [censor Cato], m.: stern man. 

2.catoii^^ [? -tir], m.: triangular iron 
(ready to be drawn). 

catoptriqite -^^ [Gr. kaloptrikos {kâtop- 
tron, mirror)], adj. : of reflection ; /. ; 
catoptrics, science of reflection of light. 

cau-ehemar ^* [OFr. chaucher (L. calcare, 
oppress) and Ger. mar, sprite], m. ; night- 
MARE. -•cher' ^'^ [OFr, chaucher], m. : folio, 
mould (to press gold leaf, etc.). 

cau-dal^^ [L. -da, tail], adj.: =. -da- 
taire^^ [L. -da], m.: train-bearer (of 



cardinal, pope, etc.). -do^^ [L. -da], adj.: 
tailed, CAUDATe. 

candebec [town C], m. ; hat. 

oa.udex^^ [L.], m.: = (stem, trunk). 

caudrette^'^ [ak. to chaudière, caldron], 

/. ; net for crabs. 

can-les-eent ^', =çnte [L. -lis, stem], adj. : 
=, hav'g stem, -licole^^ [It. -licolo (L. 
-liculus)], f. : =, leaf -stem (on a column). 
-Ucule^^ [fr. L. dim. of -lis], /.; little 
stem, caulicle. 

cauris" [Bengal, lit. 'shell'], m.: cowRy 

oan-sal^^ [L. -lis], adj.: =. -salite^^ 
[-sal],f.: causality, laws of cause and 
effect, i.-sant^^ =ante [2.-ser], adj.: 
effective. 2.-sant, =ante [i.-ser, talk], 
adj.: talkative, -satif^*, =ive [L. -sati- 
vus i-sa, cause)], arfj. ; causative. II -^se^^ 
[L. -sa], f. : cause (reason ; lawsuit ; party, 
side) : — grasse, mock cause (alluding to 
mardi gras: cf. Eng. grass widow!). 
i.-sef^^ [L. -sari, give reasons], intr.: 
chat; gossip; chatter. 2.-ser*^^ tr.: 
cause, make, -série ^^ [i.-ser],f.: chat; 
gossip, -sette^^ [i.-ser],f.: (/am.) little 
chat. -seur^^, =:euse, adj., m., /.; 
talker ; tattler ; /. ; =, reverse seat or 
sofa for two. 

caisse ^^ [Prov. (L. calx, lime)], m.: limy 

oans-ti-eité ^'^, /.; sharpness, causticity. 
Il-^tlque^^ \L. -ticus, Gr. kaustikos 
{kaiein, bum)], adj.: corrosive, caustic, 

cau-t^^, =a^te [L. -tus, cautious], adj.: 
wary, -f-tèle^^ [L. -tela], f.: caution: 
à — , on condition, -teleusement ^^ 
[-teleux], adv.: CAUTiously, cunningly. 
-teleuac^^, =euse [-tele], adj.: wary, 

cau-tère^* [L. -terium, Gr. kautêrion 
(kaiein, burn)], m.: CAUTERy; searing 
iron ; searing : — sur une jambe de bois, 
useless act ; — royal sur épaules, crimi- 
nal's brand. -térisatloti^^ [-teriser], 
f.: =:. -tériser^^ [L. -terizare], tr.: 
cauterise, sear. 

cau-^tion^"-^ [L. -tio (cavere, beware of)], 
/.; z= (bond; pledge; bondsman), -tion- 
nemçnt^^ [-tionner], m.: security. 
-tionner^^, tr: secure, bail. 

cavaÊrnole -^^ [It. -la (cavagno, basket)], 
m.: gone. 

cava-loade^^ [It. -lcata],f.: =, ride (by 
several); cavalry on the march. -lea- 
dour -^^ [It. -Icatore], adj. m.: of the 
prince's horses: êcuyer — , prince's master 
of horses, H-le^^ [It. -lia (/. of -llo, L. 
caballus, nag)], /. ; mare (in poetry). 
-lerie ^^ [It. -lleria], f. : cavalry ; stable 
of horses, -lier^*^, =ièpe [It. -Here], 


m., f. : = (horseman) ; knight (at chess) ; 
hill over a rampart ; spoil-bank ; gallant ; 
escort, partner ; royal (paper). -lière- 
ment ^® [-Hère], adv. : like a horse-man. 

oavatine^^ [It. -na],f.: cavatina, simple 
aria, song of one part. 

I .ca^ve® [L. -vus, hollow], /. ; =: ; wine 
cellar. 2.oave^^, adj.: hollow: veines — s, 
venae cavae (trunk artery) ; mois — , 
lunar month, -veau ^2, m.: little cave, 
cavity ; little cellar, vault (for burial). 

3.cave [-ver, bet],/.; stake, pool. 

ca~vè-ee^^ [Sp. cabeza (L. caput)], /.: 
head : cheval — de more, black-headed 
horse, -ve-ce ^' , adj. : — de noir, — de 
blanc, black-headed, white-headed (aud 
body another colour). -veçon^® [It. 
-vezzone (L. capitium, hole for a head)], 
m. ; CAVESSON (head-stall for unruly 

ca-vee^®, /..' hollow way (in a woods). 
I . Il-^ver* ^* [L. vare {-vus, hollow)], tr. : fur- 
row, make hollow; undermine. 2.-vor^* 
[It. -vare, draw out (money fr. the 
pocket)], intr.: bet, stake money. 
-verne^^ [L. -verna], /; cavern, cave, 
cavity, -verneuo?^^, =eTgise [L. -verno- 
sus], adj.: full of caves, of cavities, 
spongy ; râle — , hollow rattle (of diseased 
lungs), -vet^^ [It. -vetto, dim. of cavô\y 
m.: = (grooved moulding). 

caviar ^^ [It. -viale], m.: = (Russian dish 
of roe). 

tcavillation^^ [L. -tio], /.: cavilii^, 

tca-vitî-^^ [-ve], m.: hollow-way, pass. 
-vite^^ [L. -vitas (cavus, hollow)], /.: 
cavity, -voir^^ [-ver], m.: tool (for 
working glass). 

caye^^ [Sp. -ys], /..* KEY, low coral or 
rocky island. 

cayenne ^^ [?], /.; waiting place (for 
sailors), vessel so used ; ship's kitchen set 
up on land. 

feayeu = caieu. 

cazelle ^' [?], / ; spool (for gold thread), 

I .€E° [p. lj.*ecceoc (L. ecce, behold, hoe, this)], 
pron. indecl. : this ; that ; it (expletive) : 
c'est-à-dire, that is to say; c'est vous, it 
is you; quelle heure est-ce? what time i3 
it? qu'est-ce que c'est que cela? what is it? 
ce que je sais le mieux, c'est . . ., what I 
know best, is . . . 

2.€E**,or (before a vowel, or h mute) -eot, 
m., -cette, /. ; pi. m., f. -ees [L. ecce, 
behold, istum, that], demons, adj.: this, 

■céans ^'^ [ça (cela), ens (L. intus, within)], 
adv. : inside ; in this house. 

■CE-ci^^ [i.ce, ci (L. ici, here)], demons, 
pron.: this (here), that: — et cela, one 
thing and another. 


«é-eité ^^ [L. caecitas (caecus, blind)], /. ; 

«édçne^^ =^nte, adj.: yielding; m.,/.; 
céder, yielder. -der^^ [L. -deré], tr.: 
give up, abandon, cede; intr.: yield, 
submit ; give way, give in. 

«ediaei^ [Sp _iic^^ * ijttie c'],/. ; cedilla (ç). 

«é-drat^'^ [It. -drato {cedro, citron)], m.; 
=, citron. -dratief^^ [-drat], m. : 
citron tree, i .-cèdre ^^ [It. -rfro, citron], 
m. : only in aigre de — , an acid drink of 
green citrons. 

2.-eè'*dre^^ [L. -drus, Gr. kédros], m.: 
cedar, «é-drel^^ [1. L. -drela, because 
of stately cedar-like size], m.: cedrela, 
Jamaica cedar, -ce-drie^^ [L. -drid\,f.: 

«édule^^ [L. schedula, leaf of paper 
(scheda, strip of bark, scindere, split, 
tear)], /. ; document (in law), list ; bill, 
warrant. Cf. Eng. cedula. 

I .cclrt'-'dre*' [L. cingere], irr.^ ; tr.: gird; 
encircle ; enwreathe. -eein-te ^^, /. ; girdle 
(of ship). 

§ Ind. : Pr. cet'n-s, -s, -t ; ceignons, etc. 
1^1. ceignais. Fut. (Cond.) ce indrai(s). Prêt. 
ceignis. — Subj. : Pr. ceigne. Ipf. ceignisse. 
— Part. : Pr. ceignafit ; P. ceint. 

«èln^trage^^ \rtrer\ m.: f rapping, plank- 
ing over "the wales of a ship, -trer ^^ 
[1. L. cincturare (cinctura, belt)], tr.: 
girdle (a ship) ; intr. : — sur son câble, 
get foul of the anchor cable, -ture" 
[L. -tura], f. : belt ; zone ; waist ; sash ; 
cincture, -turelle^^ [L. -ture],f. : little 
belt; shroud (of ship), -turette^^ [-ture], 
/.; strap (of hunting horn), -fturier^^ 
i-ture], m. : belt maker or seller, -turo^i^^ 
[-ture], m.: belt (for sword, etc.) -tur- 
ronnier^^ \turon], m.: belt maker or 

eEla^^ [ce, that, là, there], indecl. demons, 
pron. : that, all that .• comme — , like that ; 
so so ; ceci et — , one thing and another ; 
il ne manquait plus que — , that was the 
last straw. 

«éjadott^® [lover C, in a novel], m. ; 
mawkish lover ; sea-green colour. 

«élatiori^^ [L. -tio], /.; =, conCEAL- 
ment (law term). 

•célé-brant ^^ [-brer], adj. m.: le prêtre 
— , officiating priest (at mass), -bra- 
tiqn'^^ [L. -ebratio], f. : =. Hcélè-^bre^^ 
[L.-e6m, noted], ac(;..- celebrated, -brer^^ 
[L. -ebrare], tr. : celebrate ; solemnise. 
-brité^^ \L. -ebritas], f. : celebrity; fame. 

«Eler** [L. -tare], tr.: conceal, keep 

•céleri ^^ [It. dial, selleri for It. seleni (L. 
selinum, parsley)] m.: celery (plant). 

«olerin^^ [?] m.: sardine. 

«élérité ^^ [L. -tas], f. : celerity, speed. 

cens 109 

«éleste^'^ [L. coelestis (caelum, heaven)], 
adj.: heavenly; le — empire, China. 

•coliaque^^ [L. coeliacus, Gr. koUiakos 
(choilia, belly)], adj. : of the intestines : 
artère — , celiac artery. 

•céliba-^t^^ [L. coelibatus, coelebs, unmar- 
ried], m.: celibacy, -taire ^^, m., f.: 
single, unmarried person. 

t-eelle see celui. 

cel-lérier ^^, =ière, m., /.; cellarer, 
keeper of food and wine in a monastery ; 
butler. Il--lier° [L.-larium], m.: store- 
room, CELLAR. 

■cellu-laire ^'^, adj. : cellular ; haVg cells, 
apartments. H'^le^^ [L. -la (dim. of cella, 
cell)], /.; cell, -leux^^, =e^e, adj.: 
having cells, -loïd^^ [Eng. (L. -la, cell, 
Gr. eîdos, form)], m. ; =, parkesine (imi- 
tation ivory, shell), -lose^^, /.; = (cell 
tissue in plants). 

•CElui", /. -celle, pi. m. -eenac;, /. -celles 
[p. L. *ecc-illui, *-illa, *-illos, *-illas (L. 
ecce, behold, ille, that one)], demons, pron. : 
that, that one. — --ci, -celle-ci, etc., 
this one (near) ; the latter ; — -ci, — -là, 
this one and that one. -là, that one (re- 
mote) ; the former ; the one we spoke of. 

■cémen-^t^^ [L. caementum, block of stone 
(caedere, cut)], m. : =. -tatiati^^ [-ter], 
f.: =z. -tatoire^^ [-tation], adj.: ce- 
mentatory. -ter ^^, tr : cement, modify a 
metal by cementing, by packing and heat- 
ing in another metal : acier cémenté, car- 
burised steel ; cuivre cémenté, bronzed, 
oxydised copper. 

•cénacle ^^ [L. cœnaculum, dining room 
(coena, supper)], m. ; room of the last 
supper ; society or coterie. 

-cen-'dre" [L. cinis], f. : cinders ; coals ; 
embers ; ashes ; penitence : mercredi des 
— s, ash-Wednesday ; le feu couve sous la 
— , fire (revenge) lurks under the ashes ; 
— de plomb, fine-shot, -dré^* adj.: 
ashy gray. -drée^^/. ; very fine shot; 
oxide scum on molten lead ; mixture, ce- 
ment of coal and lime, -dreuo? ^^, =fipse, 
adj. : fall of ashes ; fer — , iron that 
doesn't polish clear, -drier* ^^, m. : ash- 
catcher, ash-pan. -driilott [girl C. of 
the fairy story], /. ; a Cinderella, drudge. 
-drures^^,/. pi.: flaws (in metal). 

-cene^^ [L. cœna, supper], /. ; Lord's 

-CEnelle^^ [? L. acinum, berry],/.; haw. 

■cenobi-'te ^^ [L. cœnobita (Gr. koinobion : 
koinos, common, bîos, life)], m.: monk. 
-tique ^^, adj.: cenobitic, monastic. 

-cénotaphe ^^ [L. -phium, Gr. (kenos, 
empty, taphos, tomb)], m. ; cenotaph, mon- 
ument without a grave. 

■emi^s^'^ [L. -sus], m.: census (estimation 
for taxing) ; feudal rent ; rating (voter's 



qualification tax), f-se^*' e long [1. L. -sa], 

/.; farm, -se^^ [ser (L. -sere, judge)], 
adj : tcounted ; assumed : si le prince est 
prisonnier, il est — être mort, if the 
prince is a prisoner he is supposed to 
be dead, -sèment ^^ [see], adv.: sup- 
posedly, -seur^ [L. -sor], m.: CENSOR, 
judge, critic, monitor, if-aier^^, =ière, 
adj. : pertaining to the census, -sltaire ^'^, 
m.: le — d'un fief, holder of a fief ; voter 
(qualified by his property), -sive^^ [1. L. 
-sira (sc.) terra, taxable land], /. ; land, 
farm ; tax. -sorial ^'^, pi. =auaj [L. 
-sorius], adj.: tribunal — , censorship, 
t-snel^^, t=©llc [L- -sualis], adj.: feu- 
dal, under tax. -surable^^ [-surer], 
adj.: =, blameworthy, -sure^^ [L. -sura], 
f. : = (blame) ; censorship ; body of cen- 
sors; penalty, -surer ^^ [-sure], tr.: 

■een^t** [L. -turn, HUNDred], num. adj. or 
m., /.; =, hundred; hundredth part: 
pour — , per cent ; un — pesant, hundred 
pounds, -talne^^, /.; group of a hun- 
dred, hundred of a kind ; thread that binds 
a skein. 

■eentaure^^ [L. -rus, Gr. kêntauros], m.: 
centaur, -rée^^ -to- [L. -rea], f.: cen- 
taury, star thistle. 

■eeji-tenalre^^ [L. -tenarius (cf. cent)], 
adj. : a hundred years old ; m., f. : cente- 
narian ; m. : hundredth anniversary, -te- 
nier^^ [L. -tenarius], m.: centurion, 
captain of a hundred, -tésimal^^, j^L 
=aiix [L. -tesimus, hundredth], adj.: =. 
-tiare ^^ [L. -turn, hundred, Fr. are], m.: 
=, centare, square meter (about 1} square 
yards), -tième^^, adj.: hundredth: — 
dernier, one per cent tax (on purchase of 
realty) ; m. ; hundredth part, -tigrade ^^ 
[L. -turn, hundred, gradus, degree], adj. : = 
(divided into 100 degrees). -ti- 
grainme^' [L. -turn, hundred], m.: =, 
T^ïï gram, -ti -litre ^® [L. -turn, hun- 
dred], m.: =, T^7 litre, -time^^, m.: 
=, j^-u franc, -ti-metre^'^ [L. -turn, 
hundred], m.; =, x^^ meter. 

•certton^^ [L. -to, (jr. kéntron, patchwork 
garment], m.: cento, patchwork (in poe- 
try, music, etc.), medley. 

■een-tral ^^ [L. -tralis], adj. : =. -trali- 
sateur^^, =tri-€e [-traliser], adj.: that 
brings to a centre, -tralisation^"^ [-tra- 
liser], f.: =. -traliser ^'^, tr.: central- 
ise, «en-'tre ^^ [L. centrum (Gr. kéntron, 
point)], m. ; ^ : être dans son — , be in 
one's element, -trer^'', tr.: adjust (as 
lenses), -treur^^ m.: wick-holder (of 
candle mould). -trifuge^'^ [L. fugere, 
flee], adj.: centrifugal! -tripète^'' 
[L. petere, seek], adj.: centripetal. 
-trisque^^ [Gr. kentriskos (kéntron, 


spur)], m.: centriscus (fish with tubular 
mouth), -troliarique ^^ [Gr. bâros, 
weight], adj.: centrobaric (supposing all 
the weight to be at the centre). 

•cent-suisse ^^ [les cent Suisses de la 
garde, the hundred Swiss of the guard], 
m.: soldier of the French king's guard. 

■centum- vir ^^ [L.], m.: one of the cen- 
tumvirs, or hundred judges, -viral ^^, 
pi. =aux [L. -viralis], adj.: of the cen- 
tumvirs. -virat^'^, m. ; centumvirate. 

•centu-^ple ^^ [L. -plus (centum, hundred)], 
adj.: ^, hundred-fold, -pler^^ tr.: 
centuple, increase hundred times, or many 

■eeritu-riateur^^ m.: centuriator (a 
writer of the Magdeburg Centuries). 
Il^ric-^^ [L. -ria],f.: century, hundred (of 
anything) : les — s de Magdebourg, cer- 
tain work on church history (divided by 
centuries), -rion^^ [L. -rio], m.: = 
(commander of cohort of one hundred 

•eep" [L. cippus, stake (Gr. skêpein, 
brace ak. to shaft)], m, ; vine-stock ; sole 
(of plough) ; rod ; fclog, fetters, -eepage ^^, 
m. : vines of one place, -cèpe^^ [(Gascon], 
m.: large mushroom, boletus, -cépau^-^, 
m.: matrix-holder (in stamping coin). 
■cépée ^\ /. : sprouts (about a stump or 
tree) ; young wood. 

•CEpendant^^ [ce, pendant], adv.: fdur- 
ing this ; however (nevertheless). 

•cépha-lalgie-^^ [L. -lalgia (Gr. kephalê, 
head, algeîn, pain], /. ; headache, -liqwe^^ 
[L. -licus], adj.: cephalic, of the head. 
-lopode ^^ [Gr. kephalê, head, poûs, podôs, 
foot, m.: cephalopod (mollusk). -lop- 
tère^^ [Gr. pier on, wing], m.: Brazil fly- 
catcher, umbrella bird ; ox-ray (fish). 

t-ceps = cèpe. 

céra-*mie^® [1. L. -mium (Gr. kerâmion, 
jar)],/.; ceramium, red algae, -miqtte^^ 
[Gr. keramikos (kêramos, pottery)], adj.: 
ceramic, -miste^^ m. ; ceramist, expert 
in pottery. 

•cérasine ^^ [L. -sus, cherry], /. ; gum (of 
cherry, peach, etc.). 

•céraste ^^ [L. -tes (Gr. kêras, horn)], m.: 
Egyptian viper (with horny scale over 
each eye). 

-cérat ^^ [L. -turn (cera, wax)], m. : cerate 
(unctuous compound). 

cérauuite ^* [Gr. keraunos, thunder], /. : 
= (meteoric stone). 

■cerbère ^^ [L -rus, Gr. kérberos], m.: 
dog Cerberus (the three-headed guardian 
of Hades). 

•cercaire^'^ [Gr. kérkos, tail], m.: CER- 
CARIA, fluke, larval distome. 

•cer-ce^'-^ [ak. to cercle],/.: hoop (of sieve, 
barrel) band ; curve of a vault, -eeau' 

^*, =euse, 


[p. L. circdlum (circus, ring)], m. : hoop ; 
part of a hoop ; arch ; pinion-quill. 

f-eer-eelle = sarcelle. 

•cer-dage^^ [-cler], m.: hooping (of bar- 
rels). Il-^cle** [L. circulus (dim. of circus, 
ring)], m. : circle ; (vulg.) circumference ; 
society ; series ; hoop, ring. -cleT ^^, tr. : 
encircle, hoop, -dier* ^^, m. : hooper. 

•cerco-pe -^^ [Gr. kerkope f r. its tail-like 
(kêrkos, tail) egg-dropper], m.: frog-hop- 
per (insect), -pit/ieqite^^ [Gr. pîthekos, 
monkey], m. ; long-tailed monkey. 

•cercueil" -ken'y [L. sarcophagus (Gr. 
sarx, flesh, phagein, eat)], m.; coffin, 


•céréale ^^ [L, -lis (Ceres, goddess of 
grain)], adj.f.: cereal. 

•céré-belleuac ^*^, =euse [L. cerebellum, 
little brain], adj.: of the cerebellum. 
-bral ^^, pi. =aux [L. -brum, brain], adj. : 
=. -bro-spinal ^^, pi. ^aux [L. spina, 
thorn; backbone], ac(;.; =. 

•eérémo-nial^^, pi. =a.ux [L. -nialis], 
adj.: =, ritual; m. (sing, only): =, 
solemnities, rites, forms. H-^nie^^ [L. 
-nia (ak. to Skt. kar, make)], /. ; cere- 
mony, rites : formalities, -niel ^^, =elle, 
adj.: ritual, formal, -nienx 
adj. : ceremonious, too formal. 

«erf ° [L. cervus], deer, deer-kind. 

•cerfeuil" [L. cœrefolium (Gr. cMrein, 
rejoice, phullon, leaf)], m.: chervil 

•cer/- volant ^^, pi. — s — s, m.: (vulg.) 
staghorn beetle ; kite (toy). 

•CE-risaie ^^ /. ; cherry grove. H-'rise" 
[p. L. *-resia, L. -rasus],/.: cherry ; adj. 
indecl. : cherry-coloured, -risette ^^, /. ; 
(dial.) dried cherry; plum, -risier*^^, 
m.: cherry-tree. 

•cérite p. L. -thium, inexact for Gr. keru- 
kion, shell (kêrux, herald)], m. or/.; = 
(univalve mollusk). 

•cer-^'ne*' [L. cercinus (Gr. kirkinos, pair 
of compasses)],/.; circle, ring (about the 
eyes, moon, on end of log, etc.). -neau^^ 
[-Tier], m.: kernel of green walnut. 
-ner ^^, tr. : envelope, inclose entirely ; 
cut around (a tumor) ; deaden, girdle (a 
tree) ; ditch around, f-^^oir ^^, m. : knife 
(to open green walnuts). 

•cer'»'tain°, =aine [p. L. *-tanus (L. tus, 
sure)], adj.: = (fixed; sure, confident). 
-tainemertt 11, adv.: certainly, -tes^*^ 
[p. L. *-tas for L. certo], adv.: surely. 
-tificat^^ [h. -tijicatuvi], m. ; certificate. 
-tificatenr ^^ [L. -tiftcator], m. : certifier, 
voucher, receipter; giver of certificates. 
-tifie^ii [1. L. -tijicare (L. certum, cer- 
tain, /acere, make)], tr.: certify; guar- 
antee, -titude^^ [L. -titudo], /.; =, 



•eeru'^men [1. L. (L. cera, wax)], m.: ear- 
wax, -mineuo?!^, =euse [1. L. -mino- 

sus, waxy], adj. : of wax. 
■ceruse 1^ [L. -ssa],f.: white lead. 
•cervaismi^^ [cerf],f.: deer-season. 
•eer-»'veau° [p. L. -ebellum (L. -ebrum)], 

m. : brain : rhume de — , nasal catarrh 

(falsely thought to come from the brain) ; 

— creux, hollow brain, cracked brain ; 

un — brûlé, an extremist. -vElas ^^ [It. 

-llato], m.: fsort of bassoon; saveloy 




m. : cerebellum. 

-velle ° [L. -ebellum], f. : brain matter : 
— rompue, tired mind. 

•cervical!^, pi. -aux [L. -vix, neck], adj. : 
=, of the neck. 

■eervier [L. -varius], adj.: attacking 
deer; loup- — , deer-killer (wolf). 

■eervoise" [L. cervisia (fr. Celt.), beer], /. ; 
ancient beer (of grain and herbs). 

■ees, see ce. 

■eésa.'^r^^ [Caesar], m. : emperor, -rien^^, 
=enne [L. Caesar, child cut from the 
womb (caedere, cut)], adj.: operation 
— ne, Csesarean operation (cutting a child 
from the mother, over the pelvis). 
-risme^^, m.: empire like Caesar's. 

-césium 1^ [L. caesius, bluish], m. : white 
metal caesium (named for its spectrum). 

•ces-satio^t i'^, / ; ==. -se ^^, f. : stop, 
CEASE. Il-'ser" [L. -sâre (cêdere, yield)], 
intr., tr.: cease, quit. -siblei*^ [L. 
-sibilis], adj.: assignable, transferable. 
-sion-i'-^ [L. -sio], /,; ^, ceding, abandon- 
ment, (esp.) assignment. -sionairei^ 
m.,f.: assignee. 

I. «este 1^ [L. caestus (caedere, hew)], m.: 
CESTUs (ancient boxing glove). 

2.t-ees-tei^ [L. -tus, Gr. kestos (lit. 
stitched)], m.; CESTUS, girdle (of Venus, 
etc.). -toïdei^ [Gr. eîdos, form], adj.: 
m. : vers — s, cestoid worms (like adult 
tapeworms), -treau^'^ [L. -trum, Gr. 
kêstron, pointed iron], m.: betony 

■césure 1^ [L. caesura (caedere, cut)], /.; 
caesura (pause in a poetic line). 

■cet, see 2. ce. 

•céta^cé^^ [L. cete], m.: any CETACEAN 
(whale, porpoise). 

■cétéraci'* [1. L. (1. Gr. kitarax, fr. Ar.)], 
m. : ceterach (scaly fern). 

■cétoine 1^ [1. L. -tonia], f.: floral beetle. 

■cette, see ce. 

■ceux, see celui. 

■eevadiile^^ [Sp. -ZZa (cebada, barley)],/.; 
insect-powder (of cevadilla plant). 

■cliabin-" [ak. to chèvre, goat (dial, chabre)], 
m. : (dial.) cross (of goat and sheep). 

■cha-blage^^ [i.-bler], m. ; towing; pilot- 
ing (on "rivers), fll-el^â^ble = câble. 
t-bleau, or -blçt = cableau, I t-bler 1^, 



tr. : haul, pull, lift (by a cable) ; fmake 
into a cable. 

2.-ehabler° [for chapeler], tr.: (dial.) 
shake nuts down. 

■ehablQsr^^ [i.-bler], m.: water-bailiff. 

i.ehablis^^ [2.-hler\y m.: windf alien tree 
or wood. 

2.-eh.a'bli8^^ [town Ch. in France], m. ; 
Chablis (wine). 

■chabot ^-^ [for *chevot (chef, head)], m.: 
miller's thumb (fish). 

chabottei^?],/.; anvil-bed. 

f-ehabraqtie = schabraque. 

■ehacal^'^ [Turk.], m.: jackal (wolf). 

«haconne^^ [Sp. -cond],f.: = (slow song 
or dance) ; necktie (as worn by the 
dancer Pécourt). 

■eh.a.^c-an°, =uiie [p. L. *casc-ûnus (L. 
quisque, each, unus, one)], pron.: each 
one (distributively) ; everybody. -cu- 
llière^^/..* (humor.) home. 

•ehafau^^d" [p. L. *catafalicum (Gr. katâ, 
sense of ' like,' L.fala, platform], m. : scaf- 
fold, platform to dry codfish. -dier^", 
m.; platform-maker. 

■chafouin ^^, =ine [chat, fouin], m., /.; 
(dial.) skunk ; sneak ; wretch ; adj. : sly ; 

I. ■chagrin^* [?] adj.: (fam.) fretful ; sad ; 
m.: =, vexation. 

2. -chagrin -^^ [Turk, saghri (form infl'd 
by I.)], in.: shagreen (muleskin, horse- 

«hagri-nant^^ a<y.; vexatious, i .||'*ner^^ 
[i.-n], ir. ;" CHAGRIN, vex. 

2.-chagriner^''' [2.-71], tr.: grain (leather). 

•cha^ = schah. 

■chai ^® [? L. cavea, cave], m. ; liquor ware- 

>chai-l° [L. calculus], m. : (dial.) gravel ; 
stone : — aigre, silex ; — de moulin, mill- 
stone. -Ile**, /. ; (dial.) broken stone (for 
roads) ; Jurassic flint. 

«hai-nag^^^ [-Tier], m. : survey, chaining ; 
iron of a 'house, chain-bond. ||-eh^.<^ne'' 
[L. catena], f.: chain (linked iron; 
measure of 100 links ; warp ; fetters ; 
series); right and left (dance), -ner^^, 
tr.: survey (land): -netier*^'^ [-nette], 
m.: maker of necklaces, etc. -nette ^^, 
/. ; little chain, chainlet ; catenary : ma- 
chine à — , sewing machine with chain- 
stitch, -neur^^ [-ner], m.: land sur- 
veyor, -nier^^ or -niste, m.; maker 
of watch-chains, -non ^^ m. : link ; atlas, 
top-vertebra ; little range (of mountains). 

I. ■chair*' [L. caro],f.: flesh (of men, ani- 
mals, fruits, etc.) : — de poule, goose 
skin or pimples ; — baveuse, proud flesh ; 
l'aiguillon de la — , the thorn in the flesh ; 
convoitises de la — , lusts of the flesh. 

2. -chair ^^ [Eng., seat with a back], m.: 


— (iron support between the tie and the 
rail). Ikhai-^re** \L. cathedra, (GT.hêdra, 
seat)], /. ; fseat ; stage, platform ; pulpit, 
chair (professorship), «hai-se^* [for -re], 
f.: chair; frame; chaise: — longue, 
lounge ; — percée, night-stool, -siet*^®, 
::ière [-se], m., /. ; chair- maker ; renter 
of seats (in a church). 

t-chako =: schako. 

I .■chaland ^^ [1. Gr. chelandion f r. ?], m. ; 
barge, lighter. 

2.-chalan-»'Cl^^ =ande [-loir], m., f.: 
customer; (fam.) wooer, f-dise^^ /.; 

chala.sti-que^^ [L. -eus, Gr. -kos (cholâ- 
ein, yield)], adj.: soothing, chalastic. 

c/talaze^^ [Gr. -za, hailstone],/.; chalaza 
(pullet-sperm ; seam of the ovule where 
the coats join). 

tc/tal-cite^^ [L. -citis, Gr. -kites (chalkos, 
copper)], /.; chalcites. -cographe^'^ 
[Gr. graphein, write], m.: engraver (on 

C/taldee, /. : Chaldea. 

■ch^le^^ [Eng. shawl, fr. Pers.], m.: 
shawl; scarf. 

t-chalemie ^^ [1. L. calamaula (L. cala- 
mus, reed, Gr. aulos, flute)], /. ; reed-pipe. 

■chalet ^^ [ak. to château], m.: =■ (Swiss 

■cha'-i'leur*' [L. calor], f. : heat ; fever ; 
passion, -leur easement ^^, adv. : warm- 
ly, -leureujc^^ =euse, adj.: warm. 

f-eh^lit [p. L.* catalectum (Gr. katâ, 
L. ledum, bed)], m.: bedstead (of wood). 

•chaloir" [L. calëre, be warm], intr. im- 
pers, (used only in 3d pers. Près. Ind., 
chaut and Près. Subj., chaille) ; il ne m'en 
chaut, I don't care for it. 

-ehalon^^ [?], m. : drag-net (for two boats). 

•chaloupe ^^ [Sp. -lupa (HoU. sloep)], f.: 

■chalumeau" [L. calamus, reed], m.: 
stalk ; tube, shawm, flute ; = (lowest re- 
gister of clarinette) ; blowpipe ; limed stick 
(to catch birds). 

■chalut ^'^ [ak. to -Ion], m.: drag-net (for 
one boat). 

c/»aly-bé^' [L. -bs, Gr. châlups, steel (fr. 
tribe Châlybes)], adj.: hav'g iron, chalyb- 
eate (as mineral water). 

t^cha-made^^ [It. chiamada],/.: = (signal 
for parley). H-^maitler*** [L. clamâre, 
shout], intr. : squabble ; tr. : se — , scuflîe ; 
brawl, -mailiis^^, m.: squabble, row; 

■chamar'-'rer^^ [ak. to simarre], tr.: 
array, dress out ; fbedizen ; fheap ridicule 
upon. -rure^^, /.; finery, ribbons; 

■chantbellan ^^ [OHG. chamarlinc (dim. 
of chamar, chamber)], m. ; CHAMBERLAIN. 




■ehsLfiihonrin^^ [?], m. ; strass (white 
sand to make paste diamonds). 

chairibra^jle^^ [?], m.: = (casing of 
doors, etc.). 

chawi-'bre® [L. camera, Gr. kamâra, 
vaulted room (kâmptein, arch)],/..- cham- 
ber (room, space ; assembly hall) ; ship's 
cabin ; association ; story (of a house), 
deer's hiding place : ouvrier en — , home 
worker (who keeps no shop) ; garder la 
— , stay indoors (from sickness) ; — haute, 
house of Lords. -"brée^%/. ; occupants 
of a room ; (Jam.) audience ; level, stage 



(in slate quarry). -brEla»» 
flodger, roomer ; home v/orker (hav'g no 
shop), -brer ^^, intr. : room, lodge ; rest 
(as a deer) ; tr. : closet, confine ; hollow, 
CHAMBER. -brette^\ /.; (Jam.) little 
room, -brière^^,/.; chambermaid, serv- 
ant ; (hence :) prop, rack ; hook ; stay (of 
rigging) ; poker ; horsewhip. -bririo»t^% 
/. ; errand girl. 

•ebame^^ [L. -ma; Gr. chême (ckainein, 
yawn)],/.; chama, heart coccle (mollusk), 
giant clam. 

«ha'^meau", pi, — x [L. camëlus, Gr. 
kâmélos, fr. Heb.], m.: camel (the ani- 
mal ; float to help a ship in shallow water)]. 
-niElier' -^^ m.: cameldriver. -melle^^, 
/.; female camel. 

«ha'-'inqis ^^ [OHG. gamuz, cf. Ger. gemse 
(? Eng., game)], to. ; shammy, -xnoiser ^^, 
tr.: SHAMOY, dress (like chamois), -moi- 
serie-^'^ [-moiser], J: shamoy leather 
business, -moisenr ^'^ [-moiser], to.; 
leatherdresser (who imitates chamois). 

i.f-cliamp = 2. chant. 

2.-éha;nip° [L. campus], to.; field (in all 
senses) ; pi. : country ; = (in architecture) : 
les — s Elysées, the Elysian fields, heaven ; 
avenue in Paris ; — de Mars, field of 
battle ; place in Paris ; se mettre aux 
— s, become angry ; prendre la clej des 
— s, take to one's heels ; sur-le- — , on the 
spot, at once ; le tambour bat aux — s, the 
drummer summons to march, -par/ne" 
[p. L. -pânia, of the field],/.; = (wine) ; 
tCHAMPAiGN (country, plain) ; champain 
(lower third of coat-of-arms). -part^^ 
[champ, part], to.; champ art (land-rent 
in shares of the crop), -parter^'^ 
[-part], tr. : share (crops). -partEresse ^^ 
[-part], adj., /.; grange —, barn for 
share-crops, -parteur^^ [-parler], to.; 
crop-renter (holder of rights to a crop, to 
field-rent), "f-^pearix^^, m. pi.: prairies. 
-petre** [L. campestris, of the fields], 
adj. : of the country, rural, f-pi = -p^'s. 
-pififnon^^, TO.; mushroom, toadstool ; 
hence : snuff, thief (of a candle) ; proud 
flesh (in a wound) ; form (for peruke) ; 
button (on sword point) : — de couche, 

hot-bed mushroom ; blanc de — s , mush- 
room-spawn, -pififnonnîère ^^ [-pignon], 
/; mushroom-bed. -pioR^'^, to.; =, 
defender ; fighter. t-pi^ ^^ =isse, m., 
J: (dial.) ffoundling. 

t-ehaw.pleure = chantepleure. 

■ehawip-lEver ^^, tr.: groove (in enamel- 

I .-ehawtplure ^' [?],/." frost-blight. 

2.t-eharHplure-^^ = chantepleure. 

■ehan-ce° [p. L. *cadentia (cadere, fall)], 
/ ; = ; feast (of dice) ; game of dice : 
donner la — , cast dice first ; bonne — , 
good luck (to you) ! 

t-eban-cel = cancel. 

chari-eE-lant ^^, adj. : tottering. ||'»'ler ^^ 
[1. L. -Hare (L. cancellus, bar)], intr.: 
(lit. cross legs in walking) stagger, totter ; 
vacillate. -lier^° [L. -llarius, who stays 
at the bars, door-keeper], to. ; chancellor, 
keeper of the seal, -liere^'^ [-Here], /.; 
(Jam.) chancellor's wife ; foot-muff. 

chaii-eel-lement^^ [-er], to.; keeping 
the seal, -lerie-^^ [-i^r^J: chancellery 
(house or office of chancellor). 

chan-eeux -^^j =euse [-Tice], adj.: risky; 

chan-cir^^ [?], intr., or rejlex.: become 
mouldy, --eissure ^^ /. ; mouldiness. 

■^cre° [L. cancer, crab], to.; =, 
syphilitic ulcer; canker, -creux ^^, adj. : chancrous ; cankerous. 

chaij-dEleur^^ [p. L. *candelorum gen. 
pi. : L. Jestum candelarum, fete of can- 
dles], /. ; candlemas. -dElier ", to. ; = ; 
candlestick ; (candlemaker's) frame, rock : 
être sur le — , be in full view. H-^'delle 
[L. candela], J. : candle ; light ; stanchion : 
moucher une — à vingt pas, snuff a candle 
at twenty feet, (shoot accurately with 
pistol) ; excommunier à — éteinte, give 
one time to recant' till candle burns 

t-eh.ati'^'fraindre ^*,or -freindre [chant, 
side, Jraindre (L. Jrangere, break)], irr. 
(cf. peindre) ; tr. : chamfer, groove ; edge. 
I. -frein ^* [past part. "^-Jraint], to. ; bevel ; 

2.-ehanfreitt^^ [?], chamfrain (armour for 
horse's head). 

■chatifreiner* ^^ [i.-Jrein], tr.: CHAMPER, 
rabbet ; bevel. 

t-ebanfrEnean = chinjreneau. 

•ehari-ge ^^ to. ; = ; exchange ; trade ; 
shift o*ff the scent ; le cerj donne — aux 
chiens, the deer shifts the scent for the 
dogs, lets another deer take his place. 
-gear» t ^^, adj. : changeable, -gement ^^, 
TO. ; change, alternation. II '►ger** [p. L. 
*cambiàre, L. cambire], tr., intr: change ; 
trade, -geur^^ =eusc, m.,J.: exchanger. 

•ebanlat'te ^^ [chant, side, latte],/. : chant- 



LATE, eave-lath (projecting edge of a roof) ; 
pole (to support a dam) ; rack (to smoke 
fish on). 

elianoi^ne ^'^ [1. L. canonicus, lit., regular 
priest (Gr. kanon, rule)], m. ; canon ; preb- 
endary, -nesse^^, /.; canoness. -nie^\ 
/.; canonicate (office of canon). 

€h.&u^aqn° [p. L. cantio (L. cantare, sing)], 
/. ; song ; chorus ; nonsense, -sonnette ^^, 
/.; little song, -sonnier-^^, m. ; song- 
collection ; adj. : (fam.) muse — e, muse 
of song. I .-t° [L. cantus], m. : = (reci- 
tative rythmic or non-rythmic song ; air, 
melody ; psalm) ; canto, book. 

2. -chant ^^ [L. canthus, Gr. kanthos, corner], 
m. ; edge : de — , on edge ; roue de — , 
wheel with cogs perpendicular to its plane. 

■cliati-tage ^"^ [-ter], m. : shouting (to scare 
fish into fa net) ; hush-money ; blackmail, 
extortion, -tant^^, adj.: to be sung; 
drawling ; (recent) café — , concert, or 
singing café. 

•chanteau^^ [chant, edge], m.: cantle, 
slice, cut, strip ; holy bread ; cut loaf ; 
piece of barrel-head ; felly of wheels : 
couper du pain au — , cut bread by the 
slice (i.e. to have influence). 

•chart-tepleure ^^ [pleurer (in I've)], /. ; 
big funnel, gully-hole ; scupper (on for- 
tress) ; faucet ; sprinkler, watering-pot. 
Il-'ter" [L. cantare], tr., intr.: sing; 
sound; celebrate : /aire — quelqu'un, make 
one pay hush-money ; une porte mal grais- 
sée chante, a door ill oiled creaks (i.e., one 
must be paid or he tells), i. -ter elle ^^ 
/. ; = (highest string of violins, etc.) ; 
decoy-bird ; spindle (of gold-wire worker) ; 
musical-glass : appuyer sur la — , press 
on the fifth string (insist on the main 
point) ; — du bourreau, hangman's fifth 
(the gallow's rope). 

2.-chatiterelle-^^ [? chant, edge],/. .* bevel. 

3.-elianterelle^'^ [1. L. cantharella (Gr. 
chantharos), waterjar],/. ;= (mushroom). 

t-ehatiterme = i. -relie. 

■chanteur ^\ =euse [-ter], m.,f.: singer. 

•chantier" [L. cantêrius, gelding], m.: 
truss ; skid ; stool, gawn-tree (for barrels) ; 
block ; stand ; dock ; ship-yard ; timber- 
yard ; pile : être sur le — , be started. 

•chantif/nole -^^ [chant, edge], f. : bracket 
(supporting rafters of roof) ; small tile 
(for fire-places, etc.). 

■chantonner ^^ [-ter], intr., tr.: hum. 

■chantourner^^ [chant, edge, tourner], 
tr. : cut in profile, saw round or curved : 
un chantourné, piece of a bedstead. 

•chan-^tre" [L. cantor], m.: chanter; 
singer, poet, -trcrie ^^, or f-tErie, /. ; 
chantership ; chantry (chapel). 

•chanvre" [L. canahis], m. : hemp ; hang- 
man's rope. 


c/ia-^os^* [L., Gr.], m.: =, confusion. 
-otique^^ adj.: chaotic. 

■cha-^pe" [p. L. cappa, of une. orig.], /.: 
= ; fcape, fiïiantle ; cover ; lid ; CAP, 
cope; sleeve (of metal), -pe^", adj.: 
cowled, clad in a cope : blé — , corn with 
its husk on. -peau ^°, m. : hat ; cardinal's 
hat ; upper part or piece (top crust ; top 
of mushroom ; top-timber, etc.) : enfoncer 
son — , pull his hat down well, i.e. to 
show assurance ; mettre son — de travers, 
put one's hat on sideways, be defiant ; 
frère — , monk who attends a priest ; verse 
made for the sake of the rhyme only. 
-pe-chute-^^ [chute (fr. choir) fallen], 
/. ; (lit. dropped hat, hence :) good-luck 
(from some one's ill-luck), windfall. 

■chapelain ^^ [-pelle], m.: chaplain; 
prebendary: = du pape, auditor at the 

•chapeler*' [L. capulâre, strike {capulus, 
sword-hilt)], tr. : cut off the top, chip : 
— le pain, rasp the bread. 

■cha-pelet-^'-^ [-peau], m.: f^ittle hat; 
chaplet, string of beads ; reciter son — , 
say one's beads ; défiler son — , unstring 
one's beads (i.e. tell everything without 
reserve), -pelier^*^ [-peau], m.: hatter. 
I. -pelle ^^ [-peau], /.; faire — , broach 
a ship to. 

2-chapel->'le^*^ [-pe],f.: place where holy 
CAPES, relics, etc. were kept ; chapel ; 
company (of officiating church-men, mu- 
sicians) ; fcongregation ; church-plate ; 
objects domed like a chapel : mettre en — , 
send to prayers (a criminal about to be 
executed, in Spain) ; place pottery for 
baking. -lenie-^* [-ain], f: benefice. 
-lerie^^ [-ier],f. : hat factory, or business. 

■chapelure ^^ [-1er], /.; fine chipped or 
crumbled crust. 

■cha-«^peron^^ [-pe], m.: = (matronly 
companion to a young woman in public ; 
head-dress worn in middle ages ; hood) ; 
pad ; shoulder-knot ; caul, -peronner -^^ 
tr. : hood (a falcon) ; top (a wall) ; act as 
chaperon (to young people). -pier^^ 
[-pe],m.: fwearer of a cope (robe); robe- 
maker ; wardrobe (for vestments). 

■cha-piteau -^^ [L. capitellum, little head 
(caput)], m.: capital (of a column); head, 
top, CAP. Il-'pitre^^ [1. L. capitulus (L. 
caput, head)], m. : (bible-) lesson ; chapter 
(of a book ; assembly ; theme), -pitre r ^^ 
tr. : reprimand (a priest in assembly) ; 
advise sternly. 

■cha'-'pon-" [L. capo], m. : CAPON (castrated 
cock) ; barren vine ; bread-sop : vol du — , 
ground around a mansion (measured by the 
flight of a capon), -ponneau^^ m.: 
young capon, -ponner-^^, if?*. ; caponize. 
-ponnifre^^/.,- fstew-pan ; COOP or run 


for fattening fowls, -poter^^ tr.: trim, 
plane (wood) ; smooth up (unbaked pottery). 

f-ehappe, t-eliappé, = chape, chape. 

■eh.a.-aue^'^ [-cmti], adj.: each. 

char [L. carrus, (of Gallic orig.)], m. .• 
CHARIOT ; CAR ; CART ; wagon. 

•eharabia^^ [Sp. Algarahia, Arabic], m. ; 
(fam.) dialect of Auvergne ; jargon. 

«ha-rade^^ [Prov. -rrado, talk (charra, 
' speak ' of une, orig.], /. ; = (game with 

eharan-con ^^ [?], m. ; weevil, -çonné ^^, 
adj. : hav'g weevils. 

char^boH" [L. carbo], m.: carbon, char- 
coal ; coals, live coal ; carbuncle ; smut 
(of grain) ; scab (of sheep) : — de 
terre, pit-coal ; — de pierre, anthracite. 
i.f-'bonnage^'^ [-honner'], m.: CHARRing, 





esp. smut (of crops). 2.-bonnage 
coal-mining ; pi. : mines. -bonnée ^^, 
/. ; roast (of beef, etc.) ; bed of coals : 
charcoal sketch, -bonner-^^, tr. : char ; 
become smutty (as crops) ; blacken ; 
sketch. -bonnerie^^ [_-honnier\ f.: 
coal yard ; secret political society {car- 
bonari) during the Restoration, -bon- 

nevDc ^^, =eiase, adj. 
-bonnier ^^, =ière 


wi., /.; charcoal- 
seller ; coaler, fireman ; coal-bin ; coaling- 
vessel ; /. ; charcoal-kiln, or pit ; deer- 
clay (place where a deer burnishes off his 
new horns) ; certain dark coloured animals. 
-bouille" [L. carbunculus], /. ; (dial.) 
smut (of grain), -bouiller^^ [-bouille], 
tr.: char, smut. -bouiZlon^^ [-bouille], 
m.: pituitary sore (of horse). 

•cliarcn-ter -^^ [ak. to -tier], tr.: mince, 
cut up, chop, -terie^^/.; pork; pork- 
business. IKtier^^, =ière ["fchar (L. 
caro, meat), cuite, cooked], m.,f.: pork- 
dealer, pork-butcher. 

cbar'-'dmi*' \L. carduus], m. : thistle ; 
spike (on gates, walls, etc.). -don- 
neret^^, m.: goldfinch. 

•cbardo'^nnet ^'^ [L. cardo, hinge], m.: 
door-post (on pivots). i .-nnette ■^^, /. ; 
wedge (on ship). 

2.-€hardonnette^^ [-don], /.; prickly 

ebar-ge ^^, f. : = (load ; expense ; tax ; 
position, office ; indictment ; condition ; 
attack ; liability ; poultice) caricature ; 
(pop.) joke, jest : femme de — , house- 
keeper ; cahier de — s, book of conditions ; 
ligne de — , load-line (of ships) ; à — et 
à de — , for and against (the accused). 
-gemeiit ^^, m. : loading ; registry (of 
le'tters). -geoir^^, m.: ladle (for can- 
non) ; loading-rack, holder (used in load- 
ing the hod). Il^ge?' ° [p. L. *carricàre (L. 
carrus, cart) cart], tr.: charge (load; 
fill ; attack ; commission ; accuse) ; en- 

cumber ; register (letters) ; exaggerate, 
caricature : charge d'affaires, diplomatic 
agent ; chargé de cours, acting professor ; 
se — de la dette, stand surety for a 
debt ; coiffure chargée, weighted head- 
gear, overdressed ; monnaie chargée, 
money with too much alloy ; — une chose, 
carry a thing to extremes, overdo a thing ; 
en chargeant, ranting (of an actor). 
-gette^^ /.; measure (for gun-load). 
-geur ^^, m. : loader ; gunner, -genre ^'^, 
/.'; charge (on coat of arms).' -iot^^ 
[char], m.: wagon ; cart ; wain (constella- 
tion) ; go-cart ; cradle, slide. 

•chari-table ^\ adj. : =. -tablEme^it ^^ 
[-table], adv.: charitably. |Kté^^ [1, L. 
and L. caritas],/.: charity; love. 

■charivari ^^ [pref. chari-, -vari Ger. 
wirren, confuse, tangle], m. : = (shiveree, 
mock serenade) ; loud quarrel ; clattering 
frame (in weaving) ; four queens (in one 
hand at ombre). 

charla'-'tan -^^ [It. ciarlatano (ciarlare, 
talk blatantly)], m. : =, mountebank ; 
quack ; pretender, -taner ^^, intr. : be 
a charlatan ; tr.: cheat, -tanerie^'^/.; 
charlatanry, quackery, -tanisme^'', m.; 
being a quack. 

■ehar-lEmagne '^ [Emperor Ch.], m.: king 
(at cards) : faire — , win and quit, -lot^'^ 
[name Ch.], m.: curlew (bird), -lotte ^^ 
[name Ch.],f.: = : — russe, =, whipped 
cream dessert, or custard. 

■char-mati t ^^ [-mer], adj.: CHARMing. 
2.||'^nie^^ [L. carmen, magic word], m.: 
CHARM ; mysterious power ; attraction. 

2.-eharnie° [L. carpinus], m.: hornbeam, 
iron-wood, yoke-elm. 

■ehar-^mer^^ [i.-me], tr.: charm, bewitch ; 
captivate. -menr^^, =ense or f-mE- 
resse, m.,f.: charmer. 

•ehar-mUle ^^ [2--me],/.; young yoke-elm ; 
nursery, walk of yoke-elm ; thicket ; 
arbor, -moire ^'■^, /. ." yoke-elm grove. 

■eharnage^^ [chair, flesh], m.: meat time 
(when Catholics may eat meat). 

■eharnaigre ^^^ [?], m.: setter, cross be- 
tween harrier and greyhound. 

•ehar^nel, =:elle [1. L. carnalis], adj.: 
carnal (not spiritual). -nellement ^^, 
adv.: carnally. t-iieux", =euse [L. 
carnosus, of flesh], adj.: carnose. 
I. -nier ^"^ [chair], m.: meat-room, larder; 
fcemetery ; fcHARNEL-house. 

2. -charnier -^"-^ [p. L. *cardinârium (cardo, 
hinge)], m.: prop, -niere^-^ [p. L. *car- 
dinâria],f.: hinge, -nqn^^ [L. cardo], 
m.: knuckle (of a hinge). 

•ehar-nu ^^ [chair], adj. : fleshy, -nure ^^ 
[chair], f: (fam.) flesh, fleshiness. 
-of/ne^^ [p. L. *caronia (L. caro, flesh)], 




«harottc^^ [dial, for charrette], /.; cart; 
basket (to carry bird-traps). 

■eliar-pe»i-te ^^ [-penter], f.: frame. 
-penter*^^ [p. L. *carpentare], tr.: cut, 
work (wood) ; form : un homme forte- 
ment charpenté, well-built man. -pen- 
terie^^, /. ; carpentry; timberyard (for 
ship-building). -pe»itier°, -iere [L. 
carpentarius (carpentum, chariot)], m.: 
carpenter; whale-cutter;/..- boring insect. 

■ehar-pi ^^ m. : charpie ; cooper's block, 
-pie^'"^,/.; lint (for wounds): viande en 
— , meat shredded by much cooking. 
Il-^pir" [p. L. *carpire, L. carpere, pluck], 
tr.: shred ; cut, work (wood). 

"Cliarrée^^ [? L. cinerata], f. : buck-ashes. 

•char-retee ^^, f. : cart-load, -retier ^^, 
=ière or t-tier, =ière, m., /. .• driver ; 
adj. f. : porte — e, cart entrance ; voie 
— e, wheel-gauge (distance between wheels). 
||'«'rette^*^ [char], /.; cart; tumbrel. 


m. : CARTAGE. I .-rier 



-royèr [char], tr. : carry ; cart, haul. 

2.-cliarrier^* [-rrêe], m.: bucking-cloth. 

•ehar-roi ^^ [-royer], m. : cartage ; ff weight 
(of an army). H-^roti^^ [char], m.: 
wagon-maker, -ronnage^^, m.: business 
of wagon-making, -ronnerie-^^,/.; art 
of making wagons. ^-rojer = -rier. 

•eharrue*' [L. carrûca, wagon], /. .• plough 
(with wheels) ; (fig.) agriculture ; /erme de 
deux — s, farm of two carucates, or 
tillage enough for two ploughs. 

•diarte" [L. -ta, paper], /. ; record, deed ; 
CHARTer: — partie, charter-party (docu- 
ment divided so either half fits the other). 

•cliar-tier = charretier, -til^'^ [-rette], 
m. : fCART-bed ; hay-cart ; shed (for carts, 
etc.). -ton^^ [-rette], m.: carter. 

I .-char-tre*' [L. -tuldi. (dim. of -ta, paper)], 


2.-cliartre'* [L. career, prison], /..• fdu- 
ress ; consumption of the mesentery. 

■ehar'-'trense ^^ [name of a place],/.; = 
(Carthusian monastery; aromatic liquor, 
made by monks) ; perdreaux en — , quails 
enclosed in vegetables, -treuo?^^, =euse, 
m.,f.: Carthusian; Chartreuse or Maltese 
cat; bluish-coloured mushroom, pink or 

■cliar-trier^^ [-ie record], m.; archives, 
charter-chest ; keeper of charters. 

C^iarybde^^ [L. -dis], m.: Charibdis 
(fabulous whirlpool near Sicily by the rock 
Scylla) : aller de Scylle en — , escape one 
evil by running into another. 

I .■eh&.s^'^ [châsse], m.: eye of a needle; 
metal disk (pierced by mason's plumb-line. 

2.-chas^® [?], (weaver's) starch; paste; 

«basse ^^ [-sser],f.: CHASE, hunt, hunting ; 
party of hunters ; speed (of vehicles, 


water, etc.) ; chase (in tennis) ; play (of 
machinery) ; set (to be placed on wedges, 
circles, nails, etc., for driving them in) : 
donner — , pursue ; soutenir — , keep up 
a running fight ; prendre — , sheer off (as 

-ehâsse° [L. capsa, box], /.; casket (for 
relics), shrine ; frame (of spectacles, jew- 
elry) ; handle (of a lance) ; knife-edged 
fulcrum (of scales). 

•ehasse-avatifc ^^, pi. — [chasser, avant], 
m.: foreman, -boiidien^^, pi. — , m. ; 
wedge-set. -"bosse ^^, pi. — ["f basse, 
pest],m..* lysimachia (plant). --cbieH-^^ 
or -coqiti»i^^,pZ. — , m.: (humor.) beadle 
of a church, -cousin ■^^, m. ; bad wine 
(to drive away distant relatives) ; stiff- 
foil, -ebassé-croisé ^^, pi. — s — s, 
m.: = (zigzag figure in dancing). 
-fleuree^^, pi. — , m.: scum ladle (of 
dyers), -goupille ^^, pi. — , m.: pin- 
driver (conical instrument to clear holes 
in guns). 

€bassela.s^^ [? village Ch.], m.: = (white 

cbasse-maree ^^ [chasser], m.: express 
coach (to carry fish, oysters, etc., rapidly 
to interior towns) ; lugger (coasting boat). 
-mou-cbes^^, pi. — , m.: flybrush. 
-neige ^^, pi. — , m. ; strong wind ; snow- 
storm*; snow-plough, -pierres ^^, pi. — , 
m. ; guard-irons ; cow-catcher ; life-guard 
(of street-, or tramcars) ; piece set in 
front of car- wheels, -poi^ite-^'^, pi. — , 
m. : nail-set ; riveting hammer. 

•ebassepot^^ [inventor Ch.], m.: =^ (rifled 
needlegun, used by the French till 1871). 

•cbasse-punaise^^, pi. — , m.: bugbane 
(stinking plant). Hcbasse-^r*' [p. L. 
*captiâre (L. captâre, snatch at)], tr.: 
chase, pursue ; drive away, urge on ; im- 
pel ; intr. : hurry, be driven ; be spaced 
too far (type) ; dance the chassé or zigzag. 
-rage^^, /. ; pepperwort (formerly used 
for rabies), f-resae see chasseur, -ri- 
vet ^'',pl. — , m. : RiVET-set. -rondelle ^^, 
pi. — , m.: ring-set (for wheel-hubs). 
-rone-^^ m.: spur-post, wheel-guard. 
■ebasseur ^'', m.: = (hunter, liveried 
servant, foot-man, light cavalry-man). 
-ebassense or f-cbasseresse, /. ; hun- 
tress : adj. : Diana chasseresse, Diana 
huntress ; araignée chasseuse, lumping 
spider. -ebasse^; - décbasses; , m.: 
across and back (in dancing chassé), 
•éhassez'hjiit^^, m.: execution of the 
chassé-croisé, by four couples. 

■ebas-'sie-^^ [?], /.: eye-wax. -sieTLX^\ 
=ense, adj.: blear-eyed. 

■ebassis^^ [-sse], m.: (printer's) chase; 
frame, CASing, sash ; matched cardboard 
(cut similar to another fpr secret writ- 


ing) : — dormant, sash-frame ; — à fiche, 

•ehassoir^^ [sser], m.: hoop-driver or set. 

«lias-^te^^ [L. castus], adj.: =, pure: les 
— s sœurs, the Muses, -temetit^-^, adv.: 
chastely. -tcté^^ [L. castitas], /.; 

•eliasu-'ble^^ [1. L.* casupula, casula 
(L. casa, house)], /.; = (priestly robe). 
-blcrie^® [-blier],/.: chasuble-business. 
-bller-^^, 771.; chasuble-maker or seller. 

•ehat**, -ehatte [p. L. cattus (L. catus)], 
m., f. : CAT ; CATkin ; grapnel ; searcher 
(tool to test whether a gun is loaded) : 
appeler un — un — , call a spade a spade ; 
c'est le — , it was the cat (to excuse one's 
self) ; — à neuf queues, cat-o'-nine-tails ; 
— à crinière, cheetah, hunting leopard 
of India ; — musqué, civet cat ; — -cer- 
vier, lynx ; œil-de- — , snap-dragon (plant) ; 

patte-de , ground ivy ; emporter le — , 

leave on the sly. 

■cha-^taiÊf ne** [L. castanea], f. : CHESTnut 
(nut; callosity on horse's leg; colour). 
-taigneraie ^^ [-taignier], /.; chestnut- 
grove, -tai^rnier ^^, chestnut - tree. 
-tain^^ m. adj.: chestnut -coloured, 

fcliataire = cataire. 

■eha t -brûlé ^~, pi. — s — s, m.: pear. 
-•cervier* ^^, pi. — s — s, m. : Asiatic lynx. 

•ehâ^tean" [L. castellum {castrum, fort)], 
m. : CASTLE ; court ; elegant house ; — 
d'avant, fore-castle (on ship) ; — de 
cartes, card-castle for children ; — d'eau, 
large reservoir; or fountain (with dif- 
ferent levels), -telain^^, =^aine, m.,f.: 
CASTELLAN (occupant or owner of a 
castle) ; lord, lady ; judge (in name of 
lord) : adj. : chaîne châtelaine, string of 
keys, -telo^^, adj.: turreted (coat of 
arms). -telet^\ m.: little castle; 
court; prison; stanchions (of loom). 
-tellenie^^, /. ; castelry (realm of a 

"Cbat-Tiuant^^, pi. — s — s [huerl, m.: 

•ehatier** [L. castigàre, whip], tr.: casti- 
gate ; chastise ; correct. 

■ebatière ^^ [chat], f. : cat-hole ; draining- 
hole ; peep-hole ; cat-trap. 

■ebatiQon^^ [Prov. -loun], m.: baby- 

"Cba-timent^^ [-tier], m.: chastisement. 

■eha-toiement ^^ or -toiment [-toyer], 
m. : CHATOYMENT (play of colours, esp. in 
minerals). -ton^^ [chat], m.: kitten; 
catkin (on trees). 

«ba-tguiaei^ [? ak. to -touiller],/.: 
baby-lamprey. -tonillenient^\ m.: 
tickling; prickling. Ihtouifler^^ [? ^k. 
to ehat], tr.: tickle; prickle, -tonil- 



lenx ^^, =eiise, adj. : ticklish ; sensitive ; 

■ebato-yant ^", adj. : =, lustrous, -yer ^"^ 

[chat], intr.: changing lustre (like a 

cat's eye, according to the light). 
■ebat-pard ^^, pi. — s — s, m.: European 





if am.) eunuch. H-^tror* 

[L. castrdre], tr. : castrate ; spay ; trim ; 
mutilate : — une truie, spay a sow ; — 
une ruche, partly rob a hive ; — une roue, 





shorten the felloes. 

pert gelder. 

cbaf-ro-ehier'^^, pi. — s — s, m.: dog-fish. 
-{t)ée^^,f.: litter of kittens, -temite^^ 
[? ak. to L. mitis, sweet],/.; hypocritical, 
treacherous. -ter^^ [ehatte], intr.: 
kitten, -terie^^ [chat], f: coquetry; 
dainty, -tigre ^'^, pi. — s — s, m.: kind of 

■ehaucbe-bran-cbe^'^, pi. — ["fchaucher, 
press],/., or m.: lever; "branch presser," 
whip-poor-will (which rests lengthwise on 
a branch), -poule ^', pi. — , m.: (dial.) 
" hen-presser," hen-hawk. 

•ehau'«'d° [L. calidus, hot], adj.: warm, 
hot ; ardent ; quick, lively ; interesting ; 
m. : heat, warmth ; / ; fire ; tempera- 
ture ; heating : nouvelle chaude, fresh 
news ; à la chaude, quickly, at once ; 
jeu de la main chaude, (game) hot-hand 
(where one guesses who slapped his hand) ; 
battre la chaude, hammer-heated gold. 




etc. ; adv. : hot ; quick, 
egg-nog. -dement ^^, adv.: warmly: 
être vêtu — , be warmly dressed, -deret ^"^ 
or -dret [-dière], m.: folio for beating 
gold-leaf, -d-froid ^^, m. : delicacies to 
be eaten cooled, -dière** [L. caldaria 
(calda, hot sc. aqua, water)],/.; caldron, 
boiler ; boiler-house (where sailors have 
rations cooked); (from the shape), kind of 
fishnet ; part of a lime-kiln, -drée ^^ 
[-dière], f: fboilerful ; batch of silk (for 
dyeing), if-dret = -deret. f-drette 
= caudrette. -dron^^ [-dière], m.: 
little kettle ; (fam.) poor piano, etc. 
-dronnee -^^ [-dron],f. : boilerful. -dron- 
nerie ^^ [-dronnier], f. : boiler business 
or supplies, -dronnier ^'^, =ière [-dron], 
m., /.; maker, seller of boilers, brass 
■cban-fFage ^^, m.: heating; cramming 
(for examination). -ebaia-fFe ^'^, /.; 
heater ; furnace ; heating surface, -ffe- 
assiettes^^, pi. — , m.: plate-warmer. 
t-ffe-cire^^, pi. — , to.; wax-warmer, 
sealer of documents, -ffe-linge ^', pi. 
— , m.: clothes-warmer (for bathers). 
-fPe-lit^^, pi. — , TO.; warming pan. 
-£Fe-pieds ^'^, pi. — , to.; foot-warmer. 
ll-^fFer** [p. L. ^calefare^ L. calefacer9 



{calidus, warm, facere, make)], tr. • heat, 
warm, calefy ; intr. : grow warm. 
Serette ^^, /. ; warmer, esp. for feet. 
-Serie^^, f.: chaffery (where iron is 
reheated and cast in bars), -ffeur^^, m.: 
fire-man, = (robber who tortures with 
fire), -ffeuse^^,/. ; low chair, -ffoir^'^, 
m. : warming-place ; dryer ; warmed linen 
(for the sick), -ffgre^^, /.; scaly iron 
(from too much heating). 
•ehau^four^^ [chaux, four], m.: lime kiln. 
-fournies ^^, m.; kiln workman. 




liming. [[-"^ler^' 

[irreg. fr. chaux], tr.: lime (treat with 
lime, limewater ; whitewash). 

chau-mage^^ [-mer], m.: stubbling 
(clearing ' off stubble). ||-ehau^aie° 
[L. calamus, reed], m.: stalk, straw (esp. 
of wheat, etc., halm), stubble, -mer^^ 
tr. : clear of stubble ; scorch (trunks of 
live trees with straw to kill them), -met ^'' , 
m. .* stubble-hook, -mière^^,/. ; thatch- 
roofed cottage, -mine^^, /.; little cot- 

•chaune^'^ [?],/••* tin-clippers (in making 

«haus-sa^it ^^ [ser], adj.: easy to put on 
(as a stocking). H-chaus-^se" [p. L. *cal- 
cea, L. calceus, shoe {calx, heel)], /.; 
stocking ; drawers ; pipe, tube (in a 
privy) ; strainer- cloth ; shoulder-knot (on 
university gown) ; mail for the legs 
(emblem on shield), -se, adj.: hav'g the 
emblem chausse. 

■ehausée ^^ [p. L. *calciata (sc. via), paved 
road (L. calx, gravel, limestone)], /. : =, 
CAUSEWAY, highway, street: rez-de- — , 
level of the street. 

•ehaus-se-pied ^^, pi. — or — s, m. ; shoe- 
horn ; faid. Il-'ser" [L. calceare], tr.: 
put on (footwear, stirrup, spurs) ; fit, ad- 
just : se — d'une idée, have an idea fixed 
stubbornly; — une vache, wrap a cow's 
ankles (when she is tired); — une arhre, 
wrap a tree ; se faire — , have shoes made ; 
(fam.) cela me chausse, that just suits 
me. t-s^tier*^^ [-sette], m.: t^osier. 
-se-trape •^■'^, pi. — , /. ; foot-snare (for 
foxes, etc.) ; caltrop, -sette^^ [-sse],f.: 
sock, short stocking, -son^^ [-se], m.: 
oversock (extra sock to prevent slipping 
in games, or on ice ; esp. with a 
flat sole) ; foot-fight (cf. savate) ; dump- 
ling, -sure^^, /.; footwear, esp., of 

■elianve" [L. calvus], adj. : bald, calvous. 
-souris''', /.; bat (animal). \-té^^, f: 
baldness, calvities. 

■éha.p.'^-vin^^ [overzealous admirer of Na- 
poleon, Nicolas Ch.], m.: =, jingo, 
bigoted patriot, -vinisme •'^^, m.; chauv- 
inism, blind patriotism. 


fchanvir^^ [ak. to chouette], intr.: — ! 
les oreilles, prick up the ears. 

^h.a.Tix° [L. calx, limestone], /. ; lime : — 
hydratée, quicklime ; être bâti à — et à 
sable, be strongly built. 

•chavirer ^'^ [Prov. capvirar, (lit.) turn 
head, go headlong], intr.: CAPsize, upset; 
stagger ; shift (ropes). 

■ehEbec-^'^ [It. sciabecco], m.: xebec (Med- 
iterranean three-master, often pirate 

che-^f " [L. caput], m. : fhead ; front end ; 
CHIEF, leader, first ; personal right ; count, 
charge (in law); heading, -/-d'oeuvre ^^, 
pi. — s — , m.: =, masterpiece, ^-te-eier 
^ -vecier. -fferie^^/.; territory under 
an oflflcer of engineering corps ; office (of 
such), -f-lieua? ^^ j?Z. — s — , m.: chief, 
town, county seat, -ehé-gros^^ [chef, 
gros], m.: waxed end (of shoemaker's 

■clieiki^ -èyk [Ar., (lit.) old man], m.: 
Arab chief. 

c/ieiroptercs^'^ key. [Gr. cheir, hand, 
ptéron, wing], m. pi. : bat-family. 

•chelem ^^ [Eng. slam], m.: faire le — , 
take all tricks, slam an opponent (at 

cil'ielidoine-^^ [L. -donia (sc. herba, or 
gemma), swallow-plant, or gem (Gr. -don, 
swallow)], /.; celandine (swallow-wort, 
poppy-plant) ; swallow-stone (kind of 
agate : petite — , pilewort. 

c/teloniens^^ [Gr. -lone, turtle], m. pi.: 

f-ehêmer^^ [It. scemar-si (ak. to L. semi-, 
half) lit. reduce one's self half], rejl.: pine 

•chEnii^i° [p. L. *camminus (Celt.)], m.: 
way (route ; course) ; track ; path ; strip 
of carpet ; — de V école, roundabout way ; 
couper — , put a stop to ; — de la croix, 
way of the cross (sufferings, or pictures 
of the fourteen pains of Christ on Cal- 
vary) ; {fam.) aller son petit bonhomme de 
— , jog on one's way ; — de Saint- Jacques, 
milky way. 

■chEminée^^ [p. L. *caminâta (L. cami- 
nus, fireplace)],/..* fireplace, chimney; 
mantle-piece ; smoke-stack ; pipe ; gulch : 
se chauffer à la — du roi René, warm 
one's self in the sun ; corps de — , smoke- 

•ehEmi-ncment ^*, m.: marching; ap- 
proaching, progress (in sieges). -ner^^ 
[-min],intr: march; approach, progress 
(in besieging). 

■chEjni-^se" [p. L. camisia (? Celt.)], /.; 
= ; shirt ; covering ; envelope ; layer (of 
mortar on a wall, etc.) : — de change- 
ment, canvas (laid to heap grain on in a. 
ship's hull) ; mettre en — , reduce to a 


shirt (i.e. ruin), -série ^^ [sier], /.; 
shirt business, or factory. -sette ^^, f. : 
= ; dicky, -sier^^, =ière, m.,f.: shirt- 
maker, or seller. 

c/iémosis^^ [L., Gr. (Gr. chéme, hole)], 
m.: = (eye disease). 

chênaie ^^ [chêne],/.: oak grove. 

•eh£iial° [L. canâlis], m.: canal, chan- 
nel ; mill-race ; eaves-trough. 

•cliEnapan ■'^''' [Ger. schnapphahn (lit. 
catchcock, i.e. chicken thief)], m.: (/am.) 

chç-^ne^^ [p. L. *caxanuin, of Gallic orig.], 
m. ; oak. -ehé-neau^^ [? ak. to chêne, 
not to chenal], m. : eaves-trough, gutter. 
-neau ^^, m. ; young oak. 

■ehuiiet^^ [chien], m.: andiron, firedog; 
jack (for curving ship-timber). 

«he-neteau ^^ [-ne], m.: young oak. 
-nette ■^^, /. ; germander, wood-sage. 

€hè'»'nevière ^^ [cheneve, old for chan- 
vre], /.; HEMPfield. -nevis^^ [OFr. 
cheneve, hemp], m. ; hempseed. -ncvotte^* 
[OFr. cheneve], /.; hemp-straw. -ne- 
•votter^^ [-nevotte], intr.: shoot up weak 

•ehEni^ ^^ [chien], m. : dog-house, kennel 
hunter's lodge. H-^^niile^'-^ [chien], f. 
(lit. little dog from shape of the head) 
caterpillar ; = (fabric) ; helmet-crest. 
-ni?lère^®, /. .' nest of worms, -nil- 
lette^^,/.; (vulg.) bean-plant. 

c/iénopo^de^^ [Gr. chén, goose, pons, 
foot], m.: pig-weed, chenopodium, all- 
good, -dees^^, /. pL: chenopodiaceae, 
goosefoot family. 

•ehEnu° [p. L. canûtus (L. canus, hoary)], 
adj. : tgray (from age) ; white (with snow, 
foam) ; (pop.) choice (wine, etc.). 

•ehejotel** [1. L. capitale], m.: cattle- 
contract ; cattle - lease ; cattle of a 

•clièqite^^ [Eng. check], m.: negotiable 
draft; check. 

■ehèr°, =ère [L. cârws], ad!/.: dear; costly. 

i-t-cherclie = cerce. 

2.t-elier-ehe ^^, /. ; (dial.) search, -ehé ^^, 



adj. : artificial. 




-pojttte, m.: (locksmith's) square punch, 

searcher. ||-«'-eher*° [p. L. circare, go in 

a cikcle], tr.: search for, seek; — à 

(with inf.), try to. -eheur^^ =ense, 

m.f.: SEARCHER, seeker. 
■chère** [p. L. cara, Gr. kâra, head)], f.: 

fface ; cheer, mood. 
•chèrement ^'^ [chère, dear], adv. : dearly. 
■chérif^° [Ar. charif, (lit.) famous], m.: 

=, SHERIF (descendent of Mohammet; 

•ch-érir^i [cher], tr.: CHERISH, -eris- 

sable^^, adj.: lovable, -erte^i [cher], 

/.; expensiveness. 

■chém'bijt •^'^ [Heb. -bim (pi. of -b), angels]; 
m.: cherub. 

■ehervis^^ [for carvi (Sp. cherivia)], m.: 
skirret, water parsnip. 

•ehé-^tif°, =ive [L. captlvus, captive], 
adj.: tprisoner; wretched, caitiff. 
-tivement^^ adv.: basely, meanly. 

■ehetodon^'^ [Gr. chalte, hair, mane, 
odous, tooth], TO.; =. (fish of the cheto- 
dontidse family). 

■chétroïi-^^ [? for chatron fr. OHG. chasto, 
CHEST." cf. Sp. NMex. dial, catron, * bull- 
dog,' i.e. * box-headed dog' if the words 
are akin], to. ; till (of a chest). 

■chEvage^^ [-ver],m.: rounding (of glass). 

■ehEva'^l°, pi. =aua? [L. caballus, pack- 
horse, nag], TO. ; horse ; rack ; horse- 
power : à — , on horseback ; loger à ■ — , 
lodge the people (who come) horseback ; 
à — donné on ne regarde pas la bride, ^ 
don't look a gift-horse in the mouth ; 
changer son — borgne contre un aveugle, 
make a bad trade ; cela ne se trouve dans 
le pas d'un — , that is as rare as hen's 
teeth ; — de frise, (= Frise, Friesland, 
where first used), cheval-de-frise (fort. 
piece of timber traversed with iron-pointed 
spikes, spiked fence) ; rack ; — simulé, 
stalking horse ; — de bât, pack-horse, 
drudge ; — sous la main, off -horse ; — 
de gauche, near-horse; — entier, stallion; 
— à une main, horse for driving, but not 
for riding (or vice versa) ; être bon — de 
trompette, be surprised at nothing; réponse 
à — , rude answer; il n'est si bon — il ne 
devienne rosse, no horse is so good he may 
not become a plug (age weakens all) ; le — 
fondu, game of leap-frog; — du Cap, 
quagga ; — cerf gnu ; — marin, walrus. 
-leme^it^^ [-1er], to.; bracing (of a 
structure), -ler^*, intr.: rack, pace (of 
a horse) ; tr. : watch (pace back and 
forth after one) ; brace, prop, -leres- 
qiie^^ [-Her, infl. by It. cavalleresco], 
adj.: knightly, -lerie^'^ [-Her], /.; 
knighthood ; chivalry, -let ^^, m. : horse 
(wooden support for clothes, for harness ; 
frame for punishing ; rack ; saw-buck ; 
easel ; roller ; bar on which the sheet- 
traveller slides ; jack-stay) ; prop ; bridge 
(of violins, etc.) ; rod (to train retrievers), 
-lier^^ TO.; = ; cavalier; knight; 
(often used in irony) : — de l'aune, 
knight of the yardstick ; — du lustre, 
hired applauders (who sit under the chan- 
delier) ; green-shank (bird) ; ombre — , 
certain fish, -lière^^ [-lier],f: (fam.) 
knight's wife; ring with a set. -lln^^, 
=ine, adj.: equine, chevaline. 

■chEvan-ee^^ [-vir],f.: =, property. 

■chEvanne^^ [? ^^g^]^ y;. CHEVEN, CHUB 

(cf. barboteau). 



•chEvau-ehoe^^,/. ; fhorserace ; cavalry 
service (due a feudal lord) or pay instead. 
-eh.eia.cnt ^^, m. : f horseback-riding ; 
overlapping. H-^-cher^'^ [i>.L.caballicare 
{cahallus, horse)], intr.: fride (horse- 
back) ; tr. : — une femme, cohabit with 
a woman; overlap, -léger* ^^ [fr. pi. 
chevaux-legers], m.: horseman (of the 
king's guard). 

•ehEve-ehe ^^ [ak. to "fchavan, chat-huant], 
/.; sparrow-owl. 

«chevc-cier* ^^ [f r. old form of chevet], m. : 
church warden, dean. 

•cheve-le^^, sheu- [cheveu], adj.: hav'g 
hair (of a distinct colour, on a shield) ; 
hav'g roots, -lu^^ [cheveu], adj.: long- 
haired, hairy, -lupe^*^ [cheveu],/.: head 
of hair ; scalp ; tail (of a comet). 

■eh.Ever° [L. cavare (cavus, hollow)], tr.: 
make concave. 

•ehEvet" [L. capitium, hole for the head 
in a garment], m.; = (polygonal east end 
of a church) ; head (of a bed) ; bolster, 
pillow ; prop ; fender. 

■chEve-^tre" [L. capistrum], m. : fhalter ; 
bandage; binding- joist, -trier* ^^, m. ; 

chEveu**, pi. — X [L. capillus, hair], to. ; 
hair (of persons) : en — , bareheaded ; 
fendre un — en quatre, split hairs; — du 
diable, — de Vénus, etc. (plant names). 

■chE-'vitle*' [L. clâvîcula (clâvis, key)], 
/. ; pin, boit ; ankle ; key (to violin, etc.) ; 
skewer (for meat) ; plug ; spike ; bung : 
— ouvrière, king-bolt (of wagons) ; autant 
de trous, autant de — s, so many holes, so 
many plugs (have answer for every argu- 
ment) ; en — , neither first nor last. 
-viWé^^ adj.: antlered ; pinch-shouldered 
(horse). i.-viiler^^ tr.: bolt; pin; 
plug; pad out (lines for sake of meter, 
without adequate sense). 2.-'viller = 
-viUier. -viJlette^'^ /.; little pin or 
plug; peg; (rfiaZ.) fire-wood. -vi^ier^\ 
m. : peg-box, handle (of violins, etc.) ; 
horse en cheville (i.e. in tandem, or single 
file between two), -viilori ^'^, m. : wooden 
pin. -villot^^, TO.; belaying-pin (on 
ships), -vi^lûre-^^ /.; antlers (after 
the first prong), 

«hEvir" [p. L. *capire (L. capere, take)], 
intr.: manage. 

•eli-^'èvre** [L. capra], f: goat, esp. she- 
goat ; (hoisting) crane ; lever (for wagons) ; 
sawbuck : (fam.) prendre la — , get angry 
quick ; où la — est liée, il faut bien qu'elle 
y broute, the goat must eat where she's 
lariated (one must adjust one's self). 
-Evreau^^, to.; kid. t-©vrEfeuil° or 
-èvrEfenille [L. caprifolium, goat-leaf], 
m.; honeysuckle. -ovrB-pled^^ arf;.; 
goat'footed; m.: satyr, -«vrette^^,/,; 


tkid ; (dial.) fbag-pipe ; net (for the 
hair) ; {vulg.) crayfish (from its jump- 
ing motions) ; doe ; tripod ; fire-dog. 
-Evreuil^o [L. capreolus, little goat], 
TO.; roe-deer. -Evrier^'-^, =ière, to., /. ; 
goat-herder. -Evriilar/d ^^ [-reuil], 
TO. ; roe-deer fawn. -Evrçn ^^, to. ; 
rafter ; = (bands on shield ; stripe on a 
coat-sleeve). -Evronné^^ [-ron], adj.: 
hav'g CHEVRONS. -Evrotant^^ [-roter], 
TO. ; tkidding ; trembling. -Evpoter ^^, 
intr. : fkid (drop young) ; be irritable ; 
sing or talk tremulously. -Evotm^^, 
TO. ; fawn (of roe) ; chevrotain ; goat- 
leather. -Evrotine ^"^ [-rotin], f: buck- 

•elie^:** [L. casa, hut], prep. : at, or to, or 
in the house or country of : — lui, at his 
house ; home ; — nous, at our house, with 
us ; at home ; porter la guerre — l'en- 
nemi, carry the war into the enemy's 
country; — les Anglais, amongst the 
English, in England ; je viens de — lui, 
I come from his house ; to. ; le — soi, 
home ; interior of a house. 

■chiaoua?^^ [Turk.], m.: Sultan's messen- 
ger or envoy. 

■ehiasse^^ [chier], /.; fly-specks, insect 
dung ; dross (from molten metals) : ce 
n'est que de la — , it's mere trash. 

■ehibouqrte^^ [Turk.] /.; = or CHIBOUK, 

■chic^^ [abbreviation of chicane, infl. by 
Sp. chico, small], to.; = (trick, knack, 
nattiness) : ce chapeau a du — , hat is 
becoming ; un tableau fait de — , picture 
made off-hand, without a model. 

■cMcawibaut ^^ [?], to.; bumpkin, boom- 
kin (of ship). 

•chica-ne^^, /.; = (sophistry in conduct), 
quibble ; trumped-up lawsuit or quarrel ; 
fcertain tennis term : gens de — , petti- 
foggers ; chercher — à quelqu'un, try to 
pick a quarrel. ||-^ner^^ [?], intr.: chi- 
cane, quibble, pretend fairness ; tr. : over- 
reach, chicane with ; argue, dispute (a 
matter) ; — le vent, hug the wind, sail 
close to the wind, -nerie^'*, /.; chi- 
canery, -neur^*, =ense, m., f: quib 
bier, shuffler, -nier 

i.€hi-eh.e^^ [L. cicer], to.; chick pea. 

2.-clii-^-elie^^ [? ak. to Sp. chico, small], 
adj.: scanty, stingy: — récompense, poor 
return ; il n'est festin que de gens — s, 
the niggardly entertain royally (when they 
once get at it), -ehemmit^^, adv.: mis- 
erly, close, t-eheté ^'^, /. ; closeness. 

t-ehicon^'^ [?], to.; Roman lettuce. 

•ehico-ra-eees ^^, /. pi. : CHICORY family. 
-rée^* [It. cicorea, L. cichorium], /..' 
chicory, endive. 

16 -ière, TO., /.; 


•chl'-cot^^ [?], m.: stump (of tree, tooth, 
limb). -cotet^ ^^ inlr. : dispute over 

•chicotin^* [Island Socotra], m.: amer 
comme — , bitter as aloe juice, as bitter- 

«hie-en-lit^^ or -ehiettlit [chier], m., 
f. : {qui cacat in lecto, hence :) one with 
shirt-tail out ; masquerader (in fantastic 

■éhien°, =ienne [L. canis], m.,f.: dog 
(animal ; shovecart ; constellation ; cock 
of a gun, eta ; names given f r. resemblance 
in shape or habits) ; — barbet, spaniel ; 

— basset, badger-dog, terrier; — couchant, 
setter ; — de bois, raccoon ; — d'arrêt, 
pointer ; le — de Jean de Nivelle, i.e. a 
dog that runs away when you call him ; 
entre — et loup, at dusk ; ne pas attacher 
ses — s avec des saucisses, not to tie one's 
dogs with sausages (i.e. be miserly) ; ban 

— chasse de race, it will tell in the blood ; 
un — regarde bien un évêque, a dog 
watches (suspects) a bishop ; je lui garde 
un — de ma chienne, I am keeping a pup 
of my bitch for him (will be revenged some- 
fime) ; c'est Saint Roch et son chien, the 
two are inseparable ; jeter sa langue aux 
— s, give it up (riddle), -chiendent ^^, 
m. : couch-grass : voilà le — , there's the 
rub. -ehiennee^^ /.; litter of pups, 
brood, -ehienner* ^^, intr. : pup ; whelp. 

•chief** [L. cacâre], intr.: void dung. 

■chif-feis [? ak. to Eng. chip], f,: rag, 
poor stuff, -fon ^^, m. ; = ; rag ; frip- 
pery ; doll duds ; scrap, -fonné ^'^ [-/ow- 
ner], adj. : minois — , saucy pretty face. 
-fonner^^ \rfon\, tr. : rumple; muss; 
intr. : dress, -fonnier ^^, =ière [-fon], 
m.,f.: ^ (rag-picker; bureau). 

«hif^fre^^ [1. L. cifrum fr. Ar. sîfr, zero], 
TO. ; figure ; cipher ; = (in music) ; char- 
acter (of secret correspondence), figurative 
language, parable ; initial, -frer* ^^ in- 
tr. : figure, cipher ; tr. : number ; count ; 
write in cipher. -frenr^^ [-ffer], m.: 

chignon" [p. L. *caténio (catena, chain)], 
m. : = (mass of back-hair in a roll) ; *nape 
of the neck. 

•chimère ^^ [L. -mœra, Gr. -maira], f.: 
CHIMERA, fancied monster ; delusion, -mé- 
riqiie^^, adj.: chimerical, fantastic. 

•ehi-^mie^^ [1. L. -mia (cf. alchimie) of 
une. orig.], /.; chemistry. -laique^^, 
adj.: chemical, -miqnement -^^ [-mi- 





que], adv.: chemically, -miste 


■chimoine^^ [?], m.: imitation marble. 
chimpanzé ^'^ [native Congo word], m.: 

«hi-na^^ [China], m.; china-root, smilax. 

-nage ^^ [-ner], m. : colouring (working in 
of colours) ; tinting. 

■ehin-che^^ [Sp. (L. cimex, bug)], m.: 
Brazilian skunk, -chi^la [Sp.], m.: = 
(Peruvian rodent or its fur). 

■CJliiiie, /. .• China. 

■chiner ^^ [country China], tr.: work 
colours into ; work a pattern into. 

•chinfrEnean ^^ [chanfrein], m.: gash, 

•chi-^nqis ^^, =oise [country China], m.,f., 
or adj. ' Chinese (person ; oranges ; wares). 
-noiserie^^ /.; Chinese thing, curio; 
nonsense ; pi. : red tape. 

■ehiourme ^^ or •chiorme [It. ciurma f r. 
Gr. kéleusma, song of oarsmen], /. ; crew 
of a galley ; squad of convicts. 

■chipage^^ [i--p€r], m.: Danish process of 

•chipeau^'^ [?], m.: gadwall (duck). 

I .■chipef ^^ [?], tr. : tan by Danish process. 

2.-chi-per^^ [? ak. to Eng. chip], tr.: 
ifamJ) crib, hook (steal), -pie^^ [? -po~ 
ter], f. : (fam.) prude, pert girl (cf. Eng. 

•chipolata ^'^ (It. cipollata (cipolla, onion)], 
m. or/.; kind of stew. 

•chipolin ^^ [? same as cipolin], m. : dis- 
temper (painting). 

■chipo-tage^^, m.; puttering; haggling, 
lifter* ^* *[OFr. chipe, rag], intr.: fmince, 
nibble (eat daintily) ; dally ; haggle ; con- 
tend over trifles, -tier^^ =ière, to.,/.; 
trifler; hair-splitter. 

i.-chiqne^^ [? scarcely ak. to chic], /.; 
tmarble to play with ; quid (of tobecco) ; 
scanty cocoon, or silk from it. 

2.-chiqnei^ [?],/..* CHIGOE, JIGGER, CHIGRE. 

•ehiqiienande^^ [?],/.' snap, fillip. 

■chi-qiter^^ [-que, quid], tr.: chew; (pop.) 
eat. -qiiet^^ or t-q^*ettc [-quêter], m., 
/.; tmorsel, drib ; wad (of wool), -qtte- 
tef^* [?], tr.: shred; spot, stripe, vein 
(marble in painting) ; ridge. 

■chir'»' [Gr. cheir, hand], i.-agre^^ [L. 
-agra, Gr. cheiragra (âgra, seizure)], /. 
chiragra, gout of the hands. 2.-agre 
m.,f. : gout-patient, -ographaire ^^ [L. 
-o-grapharius (Gr. graphein, write)], adj.: 
in writing, by manuscript, -ographe ^^ 
[L. -ographum, Gr. -ographon (graphein, 
write)], TO.; chirograph (document with 
autograph signature ; voucher for debt ; 
charter from the pope or a prince), -olo- 
gie^'^ [Gr. logos, word],/.; (rare) chi- 
fology, sign language, f-oman-ce^^ or 
-oman-cie [1. L. -omantia, 1. Gr. cheir o- 
manteia (Gr. manteîa, divination)], /.; 
chiromancy, palmistry. -oman-cien ^^, 
=ienne [-OTOttTicie], TO.,/; hand fortune- 
teller, -urgioal^^ [1. L. -urgicalis], 
adj,; SURGICAL, «upgie^^ [L. -urgia, 




Gr. cheir-ourgîa (êrgon, work)], /.; sur- 
gery, -urgie»!^^ [-urgie], m.: surgeon. 
-urg;iqite^^*[L, -urgicus],adj.: surgical. 

tc/tiste = kyste. 

■chiure^® [chier],f.: fly-specks. 

c/ilamyde^" [L. -mys, Gr. -mus], f.: chla- 
mys (short classic mantle) ; priestly cope. 

c?tlo-ral^^, m.: = (soporific drug). 
-TBLuthie^^ [Gr. anthos, flower], /..• 
chloranthy, transformation (into leaves) 
of various organs of a plant, -rate^^, 
m.; =. ||-€lilo--re^^ [Gr. cAZoros, green], 
m. .' CHLORine (chemical element), -reux ^^, 
adj. : hav'g CHLORine. -r 7iy drate 
hydrochloric. -riqite 



-r/iydrique^^, ac(/. 
^^, adj.: chloric, 
rite^^, m.; = (the chemical salt), -ro- 
forme^^ (abrev. tor formique], m. : chloro- 
form (anesthetic), -roformer ^^, or f-ro- 
formiser [f-roforme], tr.: chloroform. 
-rophylle^^ [Gr. phullon, leaf],/. ; chlor- 
ophyll (colouring matter of leaves), -rgse^^ 
[1. L. -rosis], f. : chlorosis, greensickness 
of young woman, -rotiqiie^^ [1. L. -ro- 
ticus, fr. Gr. chlorates, green colour], adj. : 
hav'g, or of green-sickness, -rure^^, 
m.: chloride. 

■ehoc^^ \_-quer], m.: shock (blow; collision, 

■ehocola'^f ^'^ [Sp. -te], m.: chocolate, 
-tier^^, m.: maker, or seller of chocolate. 
-tière ^^, /. ; pot for chocolate. 

c7iceur° = œu ■= eu [L. chorus, Gr. chores], 
m. : CHOIR ; chorus. 

t-ehoir° [L. cadere, fall], irr. § ; intr. : 

§ Occurs only in Pr. Ind. : j'e chois, tu 
chois, il choit. — Part. : chu (with être) 
and Inf. 

■elioi-^sir^^ [ak. to Ger. kosten (L.gustare), 
taste], tr.: choose, -ehoi-a)", m.: choice ; 
selection ; option ; best part. 

cholé-doqiie^^ [Gr. -dôchos (cholê, bile, 
déchesthai, receive)], adj. : canal — , bile 
duct to the duodenum, -ra^^ or colera 
[L., Gr.], /. : cholera. -rine^^, or 

colerine, /. ; =, violent diarrhœa. 
-riqite^^, or colériqice [L. -ricus], adj.: 
of, or hav'g cholera. 

c^toliainbe^^ [L. -bus, Gr. -bos {lit. limp- 
ing iambic)], m. ; choliamb, scazon (kind 
of meter). 

•cho-maljle ^*, adj.: jour — , holiday. 
-mage^'^, m.; vacation, suspension (of 
workj, standstill : le — des canaux, time 

of low water. 


[p. L. *caumare. 

rest during heat (Gr. kauma, heat)], intr.: 

suspend work, lay off ; lie idle ; lie fallow. 
c/tmidrologi^^''^ [Gr. chondros, cartilage, 

logos, speech],/..- chondrology, treatise on 

the anatomy of cartilages. 
■eho-pe-^^ [Ger. schoppen], /. ; beer-glass. 

choragus (cho- 
is [Gr. 


ll^pine^^ [Ger. sc^ojoj9en], /.; half -bottle 
(of wine) ; strainer, perforated pump-cyl- 
inder (on ship-pumps to keep out trash 
but let water through to valve), -pi- 
ner^*, intr.: keep drinking chopines. 
-pinette^*, /..• little glass; sucker (at 
the strainer). 

t-eliopper ^^ [? ak. to Ger. schieben, shove], 
intr.: stumble. 

•ehoqKanfi^ [-quer], adj.: SHOCKING. 

■choq^te-^^ [?], m.: stamper (hatter's tool). 

choquer* ^^ [?], tr. : shock, bump ; sur- 

t-elioqwetage = souchetage. 

ohO'^T . . . '[Gr. choreia, dance] : -raï- 
qite-^^ [i.-rêe, infl. by trochaique], adj.: 
having trochees. -ral^^ [L. -rus], adj.: 
= (to be sung in a choir). i.-rée^'^ [L. 
-reus, Gr. -reios)], m.: foot of one long 
and one short (trochee, — •-'). 2.-rée-^^ 
[L. -rea], /.; chorea, St. Vitus' dance. 
-roge^* [Gr. -regos], m 
rus,* or band-leader). -regie 
-regia],/.: office or expenses of 'choragus. 
-rographe^^ [Gr. graphein, write], m.: 
choreograph (composer or manager of a 
ballet), -rographie 1"^ [Gr. graphein, 
write], /.; art of dancing, choreogra- 
phy, -rographiqite ^^ [-rêgraphie], 
adj.: art of dancing. 

c?ioréveque ° [1. L. -repiscopus (chora, 
country, and cf. évêque)], m.: chorepis- 
copus, assistant bishop ; dean. 

cJiori-anihe^'^ [L. -ambus], m.: choriamb 
(foot of a choree and an iambus, —■----'—). 
-anihiq^ue^^ [L. -ambicus], adj.: chori- 

c/iorign^^ [Gr.], m.: = (membrane enclos- 
ing the foetus). 

cZioriste^^ [1. L. -sta], m.: chorus-singer. 

c/torogra-phie^^ [L., Gr. -phia (Gr. 
chora, country, graphein, write)], /.; 
chorography, description of land. 
-phiqite^^ [Gr. -phikos], adj.: of chorog- 

c^ioroïde^^ [Gr. -reidês {chorion, fetus 
sack, eîdos, form)], adj. : choroid, chorion- 

chorus 1^ [L.], m.: = (music refrain): 
faire — , join in, chime in. 

•€hO'«'se° [L. causa, cause],/. ; thing, object ; 
fact ; affair ; business : (/am.) so and so, 
fflotsam ; case (at law) ; — de pure forme, 
matter of course ; monsieur — , Mr. what- 
do-you-call-him ; quelque — , something, 
anything, somebody ; devenir — , become 
somebody, amount to something; grand 
— , something great ; {fam.) un pas grand 
— , one of little importance ; je suis trop 
peu de — , I am too insignificant, -sette^ , 
/.' {fam.) little thing. -sier^^ m.: 
{humor.) it y a bien des choses dans un 


—, there are lots of things in the world 
(that you will understand later). 

choit ^^ [Ar., (lit.) river-bank], m.: salty 

i.-ehou°, pi. — X [L. caulis or colis, stalk], 
m. : cabbage ; rounded knot ; cake (cab- 
bage-shaped) : planter ses — x, retire to 
the country (quit business or profession) ; 
il s'y entend comme à ramer des — x, he 
knows how to stake cabbages (i.e. he doesn't 
know anything about it). The word chou 
is often used in phrases in sense of ''an ax 
to grind " : faire ses — x gras de quelqu'un, 
use anyone for one's own ends ; feather 
one's nest ; il a été trouvé dans un — , 
his antecedents are unknown ; ménager la 
chèvre et le —, exploit two who are out 
with each other ; manage the fox and the 
geese at once ; revenir à ses — x, return 
to the subject, to return to our muttons : 
faire — blanc, draw a blank (in lottery) ; 
tout au travers des — x, right across 
things, pell-mell. 

2.€hou^'^ [?], inter].: seek 'em! (to set a 
dog on) ; — -là, hunt 'em up ! — , pille, at 
him ! 

•ehon-an [1. L. cavannus'], m.: brown owl ; 
royalist (during French revolution), -an- 
nerie^^, /.; =, revolt of royalists. 
Il-arti^ [OFr. choc (OHG. kawa), owlet], 
m.: white owl. 

■ehoucas^^ [Germ'c chouch], m.: chough 

«houcronte -^^ [Ger. sauer-kraut], f: 


I. chouette 11 [OFr. choe (OHG. kawa)], 
f: owl; Athenian coin (with an owl sacred 
to Minerva) ; night moth. 

z.-ehonette^^ [?], adj.: (slang) admir- 

■chou-flenri^, pi. — x — s [infl. by It. ca- 
volifiori], m.: cauliflower. 

«hou-piilei^, pi. — [2. chou, pille, Y\e of 
piller], m.: hunting dog (that hunts only 
when there is a gun along). 

•chouqueti^ [-que dial, for souche], m.: 
wire-drawer's bat ; cap (for a mast). 

•chou-rave 1^, pi. — x — s, m.: turnip- 

«hoyer^^ [?], tr.: fondle; guard. 

chTème^^ [1. L. chrisma; Gr. chrisma], 
m.: chrism (holy oil) ; character, -chré- 
mean ^^, m. : confirmation cap, baptismal 

c?ir©stoniat7iiei^ [Gr. -theia (chrestos, 
useful, mâthein, learn)],/.; chrestomathy 
(easy selections for learning a language). 

c?ir©-*tieH°, =ienne [L. christiànus], adj : 
Christian. -tiennemment ^^, adv. : 
like a Christian, -tienté^^, /.; Chris- 
tianity (people) : marcher sur la — , walk 

' barefooted. 



ichrie^'^ [L. chria], f: chria (essay on 
some famous event). 

C^rist°, or -st silent in Jésus-Christ [L. 
-tus (Gr. -tos, "annointed," transi, of Heb. 
mâshîah, messiah)], m.: Christ. 

c^triste^^ [Gr. chrêthmos], f: — marine, 
sea-fennel (plant). 

c/tristianismei^ [L. -mus, Gv.-mos],m.: 
religion Christianity. 

c/iro-matei^, m.: = (the chemical salt). 
-matiqitei^ [L. -maticus, Gr. -matikos], 
adj. : chromatic (hav'g colour ; proceed- 
ing by semi-tones) ; /. ; la — , colouring, 
blending of colours. Wclir^'^va.e^'^ [Gr. 
cAroma, skin ; colour], m.: = (pigment). 
-miqifei", adj.: chromic, -molit/to- 
graphie^^ [lithographie], f.: chromo- 
lithography, process of stone-engraving in 

c7*ron . . . [Gr. chronos, time]: -icit©i^ 
[-ique], f: chronicity, permanent nature 
of a disease, i.-iqiie^^ L. -icus], adj.: 
CHRONIC, lasting, returning from time to 
time. 2.-iquei^ [L, -ica (pL), chronicles, 
records],/,; historical account, chronicle, 
-iqncur^*, m. ; historian, chronicler; par- 
agraphes -ogramme 1''^ [Gr. gramme, 
letter], m. : chronogram (writing in which 
the letters express a date in Roman nu- 
merals), -ographe^^ [Gr. graphein, 
write], m.: frecorder; chronograph (in- 
strument to measure minute intervals of 
time), -ologiei^ [VjY.-ologid], f: chro- 
nology, -olôgiqitei^ [-ologie], adj.: 
chronological. ' -ologiquemcwt ^^ [-0I0- 
gique], adv.: in order of time, -olo- 
giste^^ [-ologie], m.: chronologist. 
f-ologite^^ [Gr. -ologos], m.: authority 
on dates, -omctrei^ [Gr. métron, 
measure], m.: chronometer, -oscope ^'^ 
[Gr. skopein, inspect], m.; = (to mesurea 
minute intervals of time). 

c7irys . . , [Gr, chrusos, gold]: -alide^''^ 
[L. -allis], f: chrysalis, pupa of an in- 
sect. -ant7i©mei^ [L. -anthemon, Gr. 
chrusanthemon {anthemon, flower)], m.: 
chrysanthemum (shrub), -ocale^^, or 
better -ocTialque [Gr. chalkos, copper], 
m.: pinchbeck (alloy of zinc and copper). 
-ocollei^ [L. -ocolla, Gr. chrusokolla 
(kolla, g\ne)], f: borax, mountain green. 
-ocomei^ [L, fr, Gr. chrusokome (kome, 
hair)],/.; goldenhair (plant), -olithe^^ 
[L. -solithos, Gr. chrusolithos (lithos, 
stone)],/; chrysolite ; topaz, -soprase^i 
[L. -soprasos, Gr. chrusophrasos (prason, 
leek)],/; = (leek-green and golden pre- 
cious stone). 

t<;hu-chet©r, -chetenr = choter, etc. 
-chi^lement ^^ ["^-chiller same as -choter], 
m. ; pretended whispering, -chotage^', 
m.; whispered conversation. chots- 





whispering. H'^clioter^''^ 
or t-c^Et«î" [echoic], intr., tr. (fam.) 
whisper, -choterie^'^, /.: conversation 
in whispers, --choteur ^^, =©pse, m.,f. : 

•ehuln-tant^^, adj.: hav'g palatal sibilant 
sound, like sh. -tement^^, m.: hooting. 
Il-'ter^^ [echoic], intr.: hoot (as owls); 
give the s^-sound (e.g. with ch, j). 

•chut^^ [echoic], inter j.: hist! hush! m.; 
les — s de parterre, call for silence from 
the parterre. 

dm-^te^^ [choir],/.: =, fall; water-fall; 
failure ; decline ; close ; mur de — ,wall be- 
low a certain lock (in a canal), i.-ter*^^, 
intr. : (pop.) fizzle, fail. 

2.€huter^^ [chut], intr.: hiss (for silence) : 
tr.: hiss at (an actor). 

chy-'le^'^ [L. -los, Gr. chulos, juice], m.; 
= (secretion of the lacteals of the small 
intestines), -lifere^^ [L. ferre, bear], 
adj.: carrying chyle, -lifîcatîon^® [L. 
facer e, make],/.; := (formation of chyle). 

chyme ^* [L. -mos, Gr. chumos, fluid of the 
body], m.: = (solution of food ready to 
leave the stomach). 

i.-ci^*^ [for ici], adv.: here; now: cet 
homme-ci, this (here) man ; ces jours-ci, 
these days ; ci-après, later ; farther down. 

2. -ci 18 [for ceci], pron. : if am.) this : comme 
— , comme ça, so-so, half and half. 

■eibandière" [?],/.; mullet-seine. 

■cible 1^ [Ger. scheibe, disk],/.; target. 

•ciboire 11 [1. L. -barium (Gr. kibôrion, 
cup)], m.: ciborium (vessel for the eucha- 
rist; altar cupboard; altar itself; pyx 

•eibou-lei^ [Pro v. cehola, L. cœpulla], f. : 
ciBOL (Welsh onion; shallot), -lette^^, 
/. ; (vulg.) CHIVE (kind of leek). 

•eica- trice 1^ [L. -trix],f.: cicatrix, scar. 
-irisation 1^ [-triser], /.; = (healing of 
a wound), -triser* i^ [L. -tricare], tr.: 
cicatrise, close up a wound) ; scar. 

"Ci-eeroi* [Cicero], m.: pica (type; the 
first edition of Cicero in this type). 

•ci-eerolei^ [L. cicer], f.: (vulg.) chick 

■ei-ce-rone 1^ [It. for L. Cicero: name 
given in jest to guides in Italy], m.: =. 
-ronieni^, =ienne [L. -ronianus], adj.: 
Ciceronian (like Cicero's style). 

■ci-cindèlei'^ [L. -la (candela, candle) glow- 
worm], /.; tiger-beetle or any of ciciN- 


t-ei-eisbee = sigisbêe. 

■cicutairei^ [L. -ta],f.: cicuta, cowbane ; 

American water hemlock, etc. (poisonous 

•cidre" [L. slcera, Gr. sîkera (fr. Heb. 

shëkâr, strong drink)], m.: cider. 
«iel** pL cf. below [L. cœlum], m.: sky 


(air, climate) ; heaven (upper abode) ; 

tester (canopy); ceiling ; top; pi.: cieux, 

skies, heavens ; ciels, artificial skies (as 
in pictures, etc.); clime; testers; juste 
— ; good Heavens ! être au septième — , 
be in bliss, enraptured ; à — ouvert, with 
open top, uncovered ; in the open air. 

■cierge*' [L. cëreus, waxen (cëra, wax)], 
m.: large wax taper: — pascal, taper 
blessed on Easter-eve ; il doit un beau — , 
he ought to be thankful ; — du Pérou, 
Peruvian torch-thistle ; — d'eau, jet of 
water ; — de Notre-Dame, muUen plant. 

•cigale 1^ [Prov. -la (L. cicada)], /.; ci- 
cada, locust ; cricket ; fluke (of anchors, 
grapnels, etc.). 

•ci-«'gare 1 '^ [Sp. -rro], to.; cigar, -ga- 
rette^^,/ ; = (little cigar), -garierei'', 

/.; woman cigar-maker. 

•cigo'^f/ne 11 [L. ciconia], /.; stork; bent 
lever ; winch ; crank (to turn grindstone, 
etc.) : contes de la — , fairy stories. 
-Êfneauii, to.; young stork. 

■ciguë ^1 [L. cicuta],/.: hemlock. 

■ci-^l" old pron. ■eil [L. -Hum], to.; eye- 
lash ; fringe, filaments (on certain plants). 
-liairei® [h. -Hum], adj.: hav'g fringe. 

■cilice 1* [L. -cium, cloak of the Cilicia 
(Asia Minor) goat], to.; = (coarse hair- 
cloth shirt for penitents). 

ci-liei^ I^L -liatus], adj.: ciliated, hav'g 
lashes. -tlementi^, to.; winking, 
nailer 11 [cil], tr.: wink ; seel (falcons) ; 
intr.: un cheval qui {se) cille, horse 
whose eyebrows turn gray. 

cimaise 11 or t-cy***9J?^ \h- cymatium 
(Gr. kuma, wave)], / ; cyma, ogee (of a 
column), any cap molding; un tableau 
posé sur la — , picture set even with the 

fciwibalalre = cymbalaire. 

cim-e** [L. cyma, Gr. kuma, cabbage stalk], 
/. ; top, summit : cyme. 

cimen-"'**' [L. cœmentum, stone chip 
(caedere, cut)], to.; cement, -teri^, tr.: 
cement, unite. 

cimeterre 1^ [It. schimitarra fr. Pers.], 
TO.; simitar, sabre. 

cimetière 11 [1. L. cœmeterium, Gr. 
koimetérion, sleeping chamber, burial 
place (koimâin, sleep)], to.; cemetery. 

cim.icaire 1 '^ [L. -mex, bug], /.; bugbane. 

I. cimier 1^ [-me], to.; crest. 

2.cimierii [? ak. to sain, sound], to.; 
rump (of deer, ox). 

cimoleei^ [L. -Ha, Gr. kimoli],/. : cimolite 
(earth f r. the island CiMOLUS) ; cutler's 

cinabre i^ [L. cinnabaris, Gr. kinnâbari], 
CINNIBAR (sulphide of mercury). 

cincenellei^ [? L. cincinnus, Gr. kikin- 
nos, curl],/.; boat- rope, cable. 


«inc Conine ^'^ [1. L. -chona, Peruvian 

bark, quinine],/.; =. 

•cinéma-tique^^ [Gr. kinematikôs (kîne- 
ma, movement], adj. : kinematic ; /. ; kin e- 
matics (theory of motion), -tographe^^ 
[Gr. grâphein, write], m.; kinematograph, 
machine to show motion pictures. 

«ineraire^^ [L. -rarius (cinis, ashes)], 
adj. : urne — , funeral urn ; /. ; South 
African aster (of the cineraria shrubs). 

i.-cinglage^^ [-1er, sail], m. ; one day's 

2.«iri-glage^^, m.: shingling, blooming 
(of metals). i.|Kgler^^ [L. -gulum, 
i-gere, gird) thong, strap], tr. : lash ; 
chalk (with a line ; shingle (metals). 

2.-cingler^*^ [Skand. sigla], intr.: sail (as 
ship, or swan). 

•cinna-me ^■^, or -mome [L. -mum, -mo- 
mum fr. Gr.], m. : cinnamon (spice). 

«iit'^'q, before cons, -ein^q [L. quinque], 
m. : five ; indecl. adj. : fifth, -quan- 
taine^^ [-quante], /.; group of fifty, 
about fifty, -qitatite** [L. quinquaginta], 
indecl. m. : fifty ; adj. : fiftieth, -qttan- 
teniet*-^^ [-quantaine], m.: commander 
of fifty men. -quantième ^^ [-quante], 
adj. : fiftieth ; m. : fiftieth part. 

t-einqitenelle^^ [for cincenelle], f. : boat- 
rope (to bind pontoon boats). 

•einqttiè-'m.e -^-^ [cinq], adj.: fifth; m.: a 
fifth part. -Taement^^, adv.: fifthly. 

•t-ein-trage = ceintrage. -cin-tre^^, 
m. ; arcK ; semicircle ; dome ; centre 
(support of arch while building) : plein 
— , arch of exactly half a circle ; — 
surbaissé, eliptical arch (the long way) ; 
— surmonté, eliptical arch (the short way, 
with short axis). H-^trer^^ [for ceintrer], 
tr.: arch, curve. 

-cioutat^" [place C. in south of France], 
m.: = (variety of grapes). 

•cipaye^^ [Eng. sepoy fr. Pers.], m.: sepoy 
(Indian soldier in English service). 

«ipolin^'^ [It. -llini {-lia, onion)], m.: = 
(impure Italian marble with wavy lines of 

«ippe^'^ [L. -ppus], m.: cippus (stone pil- 
lar as boundary mark, or tombstone). 

•cirage^® [-rcr], m. ; waxing; blacking 
(for 'boots) ; camaieu painting (on yellow 

circaète ^^ [Gr. kirkos, falcon, aetos, 
eagle], m.: short-toed eagle. 

•cir-eée ^^ [L. -cœa, bewitching (f r. enchan- 
tress Circe)], /.; nightshade (poisonous 

•cir-com-polaire -^^ [L. -cum, around, 
polus, pole], adj. : circumpolar. 

■eircoii-"' [L. circum, around]: H-^^-cire-^^ 
[L. circumcidere, cut around (caedere, 
cut)], irr. § tr.: çirçumçise. -eis^^, m.: 

cire 125 

Jew. -cision^^ [L. circumcisio], /.; 
circumcision, -ference^^ [L. circum- 
ferentia (ferre, carry)],/.; circumference; 
distance around. -Ilexe^^ [L. circum- 
Jlexus iflectere, bend)], adj.: accent — , 
circumflex accent (as over e in être). 
-locutioii^'^ [L. circum-locutio (loqui, 
talk)], /,; circumlocution, indirect or 
roundabout expression, -scriptimt ^^ 
[L. circumscriptio (scribere, write)], /.; 
circumscription (inclosing with a figure) ; 
district, -scrire^'^ [L. scribere, write)], 
irr. (cf. écrire) ; tr. : circumscribe, 
write or draw around ; limit, -spect ^^ 
[L. spicere, look], adj.: circumspect, 
prudent, -spection ^^ [L. -spicere, look], 
/.; circumspection, caution, -starj-ee^'-^ 
[L. stare, stand],/.; circumstance, inci- 
dent; condition. -stan-eiel^'^, =elle 
[-stance], adj.: expressing time, place or 
manner (grammar term), -stan-cier^* 
[-stance], tr.: state in detail, give par- 
ticulars of. -vallatioti ^® [L. vallum, 
wall],/.; circumvallation. -venir ^^ [L. 
venire, come], tr. : surround ; circum- 
vent, -vention^^ [L. circumventio], 
/.; circumvention, trickery, -voisiit^^ 
[1. L. circumvicinus (L. vicinus, neigh- 
bour)], adj.: neighbouring, surrounding. 
-volutiort^^ [L. circum-volutus, rolled 
up],/.; circumvolution (winding; rotation). 

§ Ind. : Pr. circon-cis. Ipf. -cisais. Prêt. 
-cis. Fut. (Cond.) -cirai{s). — Subj. : Pr. 
-cise. Ipf. -cisse. — I've -cis. — Part. : Pr. 
-cisant ; P. -cis. 

•circuit ^^ \L.-cuitus (circum, around, ire, 
go)], m.; = ; circuitous way : cour de — , 
circuit court. 

circu-'laire -^^ [L. -laris, little circle], 
adj. : circular, of a circle ; m. : turn, 
once around (of bandage) ; /. ; letter 
(sent to several) : folie — , periodic mad- 
ness ; nombre — , whose powers end in 
the figure of the root (as 6, 36, 216, etc.). 
-lairement ^^, adv. : in circles, -lant ^^ 
[-1er], adj.: in circulation. t-latCB^^^ 
[-1er], m.: circulator (charlatan who 
speaks to a circle of men about him ; 
believer in the theory of the circulation of 
the blood). -lation^^ [L. -latio], /.; 
=: ; traffic ; currency ; frevolution (of a 
heavenly body), -latoire^^ [L. -lato- 
-rius], adj.: circulatory. -ler^^ [L. 
-tare], intr. : frevolve ; move in a circle ; 

•circumnavigation^^ [1. L. -cumnavi- 
gatio],f: =. 

•ei-^re [L. cera], /.; wax (of bees, of the 
ears, etc.) ; wax candle ; light ; sealing 
wax ; seal ; cere (wax-like membrane 
of bird's beak) : ils sont égaux comme 
de — f as though frpm the same mould- 

126 ciron 

-per^^, tr.: wax; varnish; polish, black 
(shoes): toile cirée, oil-cloth, -reur^^ 
[-rer], m. ; waxer ; (esp.) bootblack. 



m. : chandler ; wax-tree ; bay- 
berry ; tallow-shrub, -rière ^^, /. ; wax- 
bee, -roène^'-^ [1. L. ceroneus, waxen], 
m. .' wax-plaster. 

■eirqn^'^ [for *siron, OHG. siuro], m.: 
mite (of cheese, flour, etc.). 

■eirqiie^^ [L. -reus], m.: circus; amphi- 
theatre ; ciRCULar plateau surrounded by 

■clr^re^^ [L. -rrus, tuft], m.: cirrus 
(tendril ; tentacle ; barbule ; antenna). 
-ripède ^^ [L. pes, foot], m. ; one of the 
cirripedia (sub-class of crustaceans). 

t-eirsakas = sirsakas. 

■cirse^''' [L. -sion, Gr. kirsion],/.: horse- 

•eirso-cèle^^ [Gr. kirsokéle {kîrsos, dilated 
vein, kéle, tumor)],/.; =, variocoCELE. 

•cirure^^ [-rer],f.: waxing, coat of wax. 

•eis-, -eis- before vow. [L., 'this side'], adv.: 
(used in comp. only, as :) cisalpin, cis-alpine. 

■ei-s&ille^^, f.: parings (of metal). 
-saifler-^* \rsailles'\, tr.: pare, clip; 
flute (linen). -saisies ^^ [fr. root of 
-seau\, f. pL: shears (for metals). 
||-^seau°, pi. — X [p. L.*cisellum (L. cœ- 
sum, cutting)], m. : chisel : — à froid, 
with blunt edge (to open boxes) ; pi. : 
scissors, -seler^^, tr.: chisel, sculp- 
ture ; shear (velvet for fancy-work), 
-selet^\ m.: little chisel, -seleur^^ 
[-seler], m.: sculptor, -seliire^^ [-seZer], 
/.; sculpture (art or object), -soir^** 
[f r. root of -seau\, m. : graver, goldsmith's 
chisel, -soires^^ [fr. root of -seau\,f. 
pi.: bench-shears. 

•eis-^se-^^ [L. -sos, Gr. kissos, ivy], m.: ivy- 
grape, wild grape, etc. -soïde^" [Gr. 
kisso-eidés, ivy-like], /..* cissoid (certain 
geometrical curve). 

i.-eis-te^^ [L. -tos, Gr. Mstos], m.: ciSTUS 
(rock-rose shrub). 

2. -ciste ^'^ [L. -ta, Gr. kiste, basket], /.; 
cist (casket in the Eleusinian proces- 

•cistre^^ [It. citara under infl. of sistre], 
m. : ZITHER, kind of guitar. 

•eita^delle ^^ [It. -delta (città, town)], 
/. ; citadel, fortress to protect a town. 
-din^^, =ine [It. cittadino], m.,f.: town 
inhabitant, citizen ; /. ; hackney-coach. 

•cita-teur ^"^ [citer], m.: {rare) quoter, 
-tiqn^^ [L. -tio],/.: = (summons ; quota- 

■cité" [L. civitas, state], /. ; body of citi- 
zens ; city. 

■citer* ^^ [L. -tare], tr.: cite (summon); 
quote ; mention. 

■eitoriftur^^ [L. -terior, of this side], 


adj. : nearer, hither : Vlnde — e, hither 

•eiter^ne^^ [L. cisterna], f. : cistern: — 

flottante, tank boat, -neau^'^, m.: little 

■citeur^^, =euse [-ter], m., /.: citer, 

■cit^iare^^ [L. -ra, Gr. kithâra], f.: 

■citoyen ^^, =enne [cite], m.,f.: citizen. 

■ci-trate-^^ [L. -trus, lemon], m. ; — (the 
chemical salt), -trin^^, =ine [L. -tri- 
nus], adj. : lemon-coloured, -triqite^" [L. 
-trus], adj.: citric. ||-*tron^^ [L. -trus], 
m.: =:. -tronné^^, adj.: hav'g citron 
juice, -tronnelle^^ /. ,* balm (mint), 
ground-cypress (named for their fra- 
grance) ; citron drink. -tronnier ^^, 
m.: citron-tree, -trouille ^'^ [It. -truolo 
(citro, citron)],/.: gourd, pumpkin. 

■eivadiere-^^ [Prov. -ra (civada, oats) as 
though a bag of oats],/.; bowsprit-sail. 

•ei-^ve° [L. cœpa, onion],/.; chive, -vet^^, 
m.; jugged rabbit (dish of wine and 
chives), i.-vette^^ /.; chive-garlic (of 
various kinds). 

2. -civette^"* [Ar. zabad, musk], /.; civet 
(the musk ; civet cat). 

■civière ^^ [p. L. *cibaria, food carrier 
(L. cibus, food)], /. ; handbarrow ; rope 
to a sprit-sail. 

■civi-^1^^ [L. -lis (civis, citizen)], adj.: = : 
mort — e, forfeiture of rights. -le- 
nient ^^, adv. : civilly ; politely. -lisa- 
teur^^, =tri-ce [-User], adj.: civilizing; 
m. : le — de la Russie, Peter the Great. 
-ligation ^^ [-User],/.: =. -liser^^, 
tr.: civilise. -lite^^ [L. -litas, polite- 
ness],/.; civility, courtesy, -qite^^ [L. 
-eus], adj.: civic; of a citizen, -sme-^^ 
[L. civis, citizen], m.; civism (devotion to 
the government). 

clabau^tl^^ [? ak. to Ger. klapp, clap], 
m.: ranger (dog that bays much, has 
flopping ears, hence :) liar (dog) ; babbler : 
chapeau en — , slouch hat, with flopping 
rim. -dage^^ [-der], m.: barking; 
brawling, -der ^^, intr. : bark hard, or 
at nothing ; (jam.) frail at ; tr. : tpi"o- 
claim, extol (in order to sell), -derie^^ 
[-der], /.; denouncing, outcry (against a 
person), -deur^^, =ense [-der], m., f.: 
brawler ; barker. 

claie ^^ [1. L. *cleta, fr. Celt.],/.; hurdle, 
wattle ; sieve ; screen ; bow-net. 

tclain = din. 

clai-^r", =aire [L. clarus], adj.: CLEAR; 
transparent ; limpid ; weak (of soup, tea, 
etc.); plain, simple (to understand); 
ra.; clearness (of sky); light; dépêche 
en — , in ordinary language (not in 
cipher); /.; CLARlfying boiler (for sugar); 


cupel (for gold) ; oyster reservoir ; adv. : 
clearly : parler clair et net, speak 
right out plain, -rcage^^ [-rcer], m.: 
decolouring (of sugar), -rce^"^ {-rcer^f,: 
finings (syrup used in decolouring crystal- 
lised sugar), -r-ee/' ^^ [clair infl. by êclair- 
cir], tr.: decolour (sugar), whiten, -re, 
see /. under clair, -reiaent^^, adv.: 
clearly. -ret^\ =ette, adj.: rather 
clear; coarsely meshed; m.: claret (wine); 
(too pale) precious stone ; coarse mesh (of 
a seine) ; /.; lamb's lettuce, corn salad; 
disease (of silkworms, that makes worm 
transparent), -re-voie^^, pi. — s — s, /.; 
grating; frame, door, etc., made of lattice- 
work, wire, netting, etc. : panier à — , 
basket not closely made ; toile à — , 
coarsely woven cloth ; semer à — , sow 
grain thin. -rière^^, /. ; thin grove; 
thin place (in cloth) ; clear (water between 
ice cakes at sea), -r-obscur^^, pi. — s — s, 
m.: clare-obscure; light and shade, -roii,^*, 
m. : bugle, clarion ; bugler ; torch (for 
fishing) ; cornet register (of organs). 
-rsEme^^ [semer], adj.: thin-sown; 
scattering, sparse, -rvoyan-ee^^ [-rvoy- 
ant], f.: clear perception; shrewdness. 
-rvoyant^^ [voyant, part, of voir, see], 
adj. : clear-sighted ; shrewd. 

cla-inenr° [L. -mor], f. : clamour, cry ; 
outcry. -TaevLX^^, =euse [L. -mosus, full 
of clamour], adj.: noisy, clamourous. 

clawi^)!^ or clait [Norse klampi, cramp- 
iron], m. ; clamp ; cramp-iron ; sheave ; 
sheave-hole (mortise) ; stretcher, frame 
(of parchment maker). 

clatn-pm^'^ [?], m.: (fam.) tail-man, hind- 

'.fcla^t = clamp. 

2.clan^'^ [Gael, clann], m.: = (tribe; 

ilandes-^titi ^^, =ine [L. -tinus (clam, 
secretly, dies, day, adj. ending tinus)], 
adj. : clandestine, secret ; /. ; coralwort 
(plant), -tinement^^, adv.: secretly. 
-tinité ^^, /. ; secrecy. 

cla-pet^^ [Ger. klappe], m.: clapper, 
valve, ll^pier^^ [ak. to Ger. klappen, 
clatter, and klaffen, brawl; gape], m.: 
openings, holes, burrows of rabbits ; 
warren, rabbit-hutch ; deep-seated sore. 
i.-pir^'^ [ak. to Ger. klappen, cry out], 
intr.: cry (as rabbits). 2.-piri" [fr. root 
of -pier], rejlex. : se — , take to its burrow, 
flee, -potage ^'^ [-poter], m.: splashing. 
-poter*^^ [Gér. root klapp-], intr.: splash, 
be choppy, -poteua?^^, =euse [-poter], 
adj.: splashing, sugar-loaf. -potis^^ 
[-poter], m.: noise (of ^choppy water). 
-ppement^^ [-pper], m.: popping (of the 
tongue), -pper^^ [ak. to Ger. klappen], 
intr,: cluck, click, pop (with the tongue). 



1» [-que], tr.: fit' with 
clock (that shakes 

cla-qite ^^, /. .' slap, clap (of the hands) ; 
= (hired applauders) ; overshoe ; clog ; 
m.: theatre hat, crush hat. -i|ife-"bois^^, 
m.: wooden harmonica. -q«e-deiit^'^, 
pi. — - — s, m. : beggar (whose teeth chat- 
ter), -qwernent^^ ra.: chattering; 
clapping. -qtiera\Lv&v^^ [old à claque- 
mur, 'butt wall'], tr.: imprison, imMURE. 
-qwe-oreiile^*^, pi. — — s, m.: (fam.) 
slouch-hat (with a broad brim that knocks 
the ears). i-IKqiter^^ [echoic], intr.: 
clap ; chatter (as teeth with cold) ; snap ; 
crack (as a whip) ; tr. : slap ; ifam.) 
applaud. 2.-qiter " 
clogs, -qriet^'^, m 

hopper in mill), -qitette^^ /.; rattle; 
knocker ; gabbler (prattler) ; musical in- 
strument (sounds like whip), -qiteur^^, 
m.: hired applauder. 

fcla-riere = clairière, -rification^^ 
/. ; = (making a liquor clear). H^vrifier ^^ 
[L. -rijlcare (clarus, clear, /acere, make)], 
tr.: clarify; fglonfy- -rine^^ [clair], 
f.: bell (on neck of goat, etc.). -ri- 
nette^'^ [-rine],f.: = (wind instrument). 
-rte" [L. -ritas, clearness], /.; light (of 
sun) ; torch ; transparency ; plainness, 
manifestness, truth, fknowledge. 

cl^S'^se^^ [L. -sis], f.: class (in all 
senses) : faire la — , give instruction ; 
suivre la — , take a certain study, -se- 
m.ent^'' [-ser], m.: grouping, -ser^'^, tr.: 
class, classify. -sificatio/i^'^ da- [as 
though fr. L.], /. .• =, order, -siqiie^^ 
da- [L. -sicus], adj.: classic. 

tclatir ^^ [glatir infl. by clapir, yelp], intr. : 

claude^'^ [Emperor Claudius], m.: (fam.) 
fsimpleton ; adj. : weak-minded. 

claudi-catioM^'^ [L. -catio (daudus, 
lame)],/.; limping. 

clan-se [1. L. -sa for L. -sula (-dere, close)], 
/.; =, section (of law). t-?oir = clo- 
soir. -stral^^ [1. L. -stralis (-strum, 
cloister)], adj.: =, monastic, of a con- 

cla-vaire^^ [1. L. -varia (L. dava, club)], 

/.; club-top (mushroom). i.-veau^^ 
[clef, infl. by L. clavis, key], m. ; keystone 
(centre-stone of an arch). 

2. claveau ^^ [L. -vellus (-vus, nail)], m.: 
scab, rot (in sheep). 

clave-«^-ei»t^* [1. L. davicymbalum (L. 
clavis, key, cymbalum, cj^mbal)], m.: 
harpsichord, -ciniste ^*', m., f: harp- 

cla-vele^'* [-veau, scab], adj.: scabby, 
-velee^* [-veau, scab], /. .* rot (of 

clavette ^^ [cZe/ infl. by L. clavis], f: key 
bolt ; cotter pin ; collar-pin. 

clavicorne '■^ [L. dava, club, cornu, horn], 



adj. : hav'g clublike antennae ; m. pi. : les 
— s, CLAVICORNIA, group of beetles. 

olavicu'^le ^^ [L. -la, little key], /. ; clav- 
icle, collar-bone. -le^^, adj.: hav'g 

clavier ^^ [clef, infl. by L. clavis, key], 
m. ; tturn-key ; fkey-ring ; key-board (of 
stringed instruments) ; register (of voice, 
piano, etc.). 

clavi-gère^^ [L. -ger, club-bearer], m.; 
clavige'r (insect), -palpe ^^ [L. clava, 
club, Fr. palpe], adj.: hav'g antennae 
CLOVATE and compressed ; m. pi. : les — s, 
the clavipalpi (family of insects). 

cla-yere^^ [claie], f.: oyster-bed or park 
(fenced off by hurdles fr. the sea), -yet- 
te^^ [claie],/.: basket of mushrooms. 

dai/more^^ [Eng. fr. Gael, claidheamh, 
sword, mor, large], /. ; = (heavy two- 
handed broadsword). 

dç-'yon.^'' [claie], m.: little hurdle, grate 
(to drain cheese, etc.). -yonnage ^''j m. ; 
wicker, wattling, hurdling (to prévent un- 
dermining by water). 

clef*, or tel© [L. clavis],/.: key (in all 
senses) : i/am.) mettre la — sous la porte, 
leave on the sly ; prendre la — des champs, 
escape and be at large. 

clématite -^^^ [L. -litis, Gr. klematUis 
(klêma, brittle twig, vine ; fr. klaein, 
break)], /.; clematis (woody climbing 

dé-men-ce-^^ [L. -mentia], /.: clemency 
(mildness in a judge or ruler), -ment^* 
[L. -mens], adj. : clement, mild. 

clgnche^^ or clen«liette [Ger. klinke, 
(klingen, clink, snap)],/.; door-handle; 

clephte^^ or kleplxte [mod. Gr. 
klephthes, {lit.) robber], m.: klepht (one 
of the mountaineers who resisted Turk- 
ish rule for centuries). 

clepsydre ^^ [L. -dra, Gr. klepsudra (klep- 
^6171, "steal, hudor, water)] /.; clepsydra 

cl-^erc [1. L. -ericus, Gr. klerikos, clergy- 
man (klêros, lot)], m. : fdivinity student ; 
ecclesiastic ; fscholar, learned man; clerk, 
assistant ; student (with lawyers), -©rge 
[1. L. -ericatum], m.: clergy, -ergeon 
lawyer's junior clerk, -ergie ^^,/. ; scholar- 
ship of a CLERGYman ; th'e seven studies 
(for the ministry) ; clergy, -erical ^^ 
[1. L. -ericalis], adj.: =, of the clergy. 
-ericalement^^ [-erical], adv.: like 
clergy, -éricatnre-^* [1. L. -ericatura], 
/.; student life (for ministry). 

oli-chage^^, m.: stereotyping, -elié^^, 
m. ; sterèotype-plate; negative; (/am.) ster- 
eotype expression, platitude. H-^cher^'^ 
[ak. to -quêter], tr. : stereotype, -cheur^^ 
m,: stereotyper, 



clien-^t^^ cliente [L. cliens], m.,/.: 
tplebeian dependent ; client (esp. at law) ; 
patron, -tele ^^ [L. -tela], /. : = (body of 
vassals, dependents or patrons). 

clifoire^^ [for clique-/oire, Fves of OFr. 
cliquer, click, and Fr. /oirer], /.: squirt- 

di-f/nement ^^ m.: squinting; winking. 
-f/ne-musette ^* [I'ves of -gner, and 
musser], /. : hide - and - seek (game). 
Il-'f/ner*' [p. L. *cllmâre (L. -nâre), in- 
cline], tr.: fbat (the eye); intr.: wink. 
-gnotant^^ [-gnoter], adj.: nictitating 
(as the lateral eyelid of birds, crocodiles, 
etc.). -firnotement ^^ [-gnoter], m. : wink- 
ing; nictitating, -gnoter ^^, intr.: wink 
often, -mat^^ [L. -ma, Gr. klima {lit. in- 
cline, slope sc. to the sun)], m. : climate ; 
clime. I .-matériqtte ^^ [L. -maktericus, 
Gr. klimakterikos {klimaktér, ladder)], adj. : 
climacteric, critical. 2.-inatériqtte^^ 
[-mat], adj. : of the climate, -xuatolo- 
gie ^^ [-mat, Gr. logos, speech], /. ; cli- 
matology, study of climates, -mato- 
logiqti-e^^ [-matologie], adj.: climato- 
logical. i.diri^^ [OFr. -Tier], m.: fslant, 
slope, clincher-work (fastening of ship 
ropes) ; bevel (of barrel staves). 2.clin^ , 
m.: wink, -namen^^ [L.], to.; = (ob- 
lique motion of objects). 

fdiricaiile, etc. = guincaille, etc. 

dinfoc^^ [Ger. klein Fock, small jib], to.; 
flying-jib (sail). 

dini-que^^ [L. -eus, Gr. klinikos {kline, 
bed)], adj. : clinic (by bedside ; /. ; bed- 
side lecture). 

clinqttant^* [OFr. -quer, clink], to.: 
tinsel ; Dutch gold. 

cli-qifart^^ [OFr. -quer, CLINK (cf. Ger. 
klingen, ring)], to.; (Portland) building 
stone, -qtte^^ [OFr. -quer, be noisy],/.; 
= (set, party, gang), -qttet^^ [OFr. 
-quer, rattle], to. ; fclank (of millhopper) ; 
fcatch (of lock) ; pawl (of ratchet-wheel), 
click. Il-'qiteter^^ [OFr. -quer, make 
noise, rattle], intr.: {/am.) jingle (as iron, 
money or glass), click, clack, clank, 
-qttetis ^^, TO. ; jingle, tinkling, -qitette^* 
[OFr. -quer, rattle], /.; bones (to play 
with), castanets ; sinker (pierced stone to 
weight down a seine). 

dis'^se^^ [eclisse], /.: wicker. -ser 
tr. : plait with wicker work, wicker. 

clitoris ^^ [Gr. kleitoris {kleiein, close)], 
TO.; =. 

di-vage^''^, to.; cleavage (of diamonds, 
crystals). II-^ver^' [Ger. klieben], tr.: 
CLEAVE (crystals, etc.). 

cloaqwe^^[L. cloaca], to.; cloaca; sewer; 

clo-ehc^^ [1. L. -cca], /.; bell ; (fr. shape) : 
vase ; glass cover ; receiver ; corolla ; cup 



(for blistering): — à plonger, diving- 
bell ; se sauver à la — de bois, escape by 
the wooden bell, i.e. furtively. 

do-^chement ^^ m.: limping. -elie- 
pieci ^^ in adv'l expression à — , by hops. 
I .||^€het'° [p. L. *-ppicare], intr. : t(/am.) 
limp ; hobble. 

2.clO'<'-eher^'^ [-che], m.: bell-tower; stee- 
ple ; parish : course au — , steeple-chase. 






turret, -ehette^^ [-che], 

f. : little bell ; corolla. 

doi-^soji^^ [p. L. clausio (L. clausus, 
shutting)], /. .' partition ; septum ; = : — 
Hanche, bulk-head ; — de briques, nog- 
ging (bricks in a frame wall), -son- 
nage^^ m. ; wainscoting; partitioning; 
(by 'anal. :) enameling with wire patterns. 
-sonné ^'^, adj.: =, enameled (with flat 

cloî*tre^^ [1. L. claustrum (L. claudere, 
close)], m.: cloister (covered walk, 
arcade ; monastery) ; dormitory (for eccle- 
siastics), -trer^^, tr.: cloister, seclude. 
t-trier*^^, =ière, m.,f.: cloisterer (monk, 

clo-pin-clopant ^^ [part, of OFr. eloper, 
hobble], adv.: on one foot, hobbling. 
Il^piner ^^ [OFr. -pin, lame], intr. : (fam.) 
limp, hobble. 

cloporte ^^ [? L. porca, sow], m.: wood- 
louse, sow-bug. 

cloque ^'^ [dial, for cloche], /.; blister; 
blight of leaves, esp. of peach. 

clo'-^re" [L. claudere, close], defect. § ; 
tr. : close, shut ; end : à huis clos, 
with closed doors, secretly; être clos et 
couvert, be well housed ; lettre close, sealed 
letter, esp. order of the king ; a thing not 
understood, clo-s ^^, m. : close, enclosure. 
clo-seau^^ [clos], m.: little yard, or en- 
CLOSure. do-serie^^ [clos], /.; (dial.) 
little farm ; finishing (of a willow basket). 
clo-soir^^, m.: keystone (closing the 
arch) ; moulding plank (in laying cement) ; 
(basket maker's) wicker tool. 

§ Ind. : Pr. clos, clos, clôt, no pi. Fut. 
(Cond.) clorai{s), etc. — Subj. : Pr. close. — 
Part. : P. clos. 

fclossement, etc. = gloussement, etc. 

clo-stre^^ [L. claustrum or clostrum, bar, 
lock], TO.; baluster (of pottery), fclç- 
toir = closoir. clô-^ture" [p. L. *clau- 
sitûra for clausura, infl. by claustrum, 
lock], /. ; enCLOSure ; grating or fence 
(about a cloister or a choir) ; seCLUSion ; 
conCLUSion, close, end : la sainte — , the 
church (as separated fr. the world), clô- 
turera^, tr.: conCLUDE, close. 

clou** [L. clâvus], m. : nail (for fastening) ; 
(pop.) pawnshop (where pledges hang on 
nails) ; police quarters (where one is de- 
tained) ; (recent, fam.) chief attraction ; 

CLOVE, bud ; sore (of. claveau) : — (de 
rue), nail-sore (of hoof) ; river son — , 
clinch his nail, i.e. reduce him to silence ; 
cela ne vaut pas un — , that isn't worth a 
straw, -er ^^, tr. : nail fast ; pierce, 
transfix ; fix. -et ^^, m. : little nail ; oakum 
chisel, "f-ière ^ cloutière. -tGr^^,tr.: 
stud with nails (to adorn), "^-tère =: -tier e. 
-terie ^^ [-tier], f. : nail business, -tier ^^, 
m.: nailer (maker ; seller), -tière^*,/.; 
nail-bore, heading-tool (mould) ; nail-anvil ; 
nail-box. f-vière = -tière. 

clovisse ^^ [Prov. clauvisso (claure, shut, 
close)],/.; clam (mussel), winkle. 

clo-wn^^ cloun [Eng.], m.: =. 

cloyere^" [OFr. cZoie, hurdle], /. ; (twenty- 
five dozen) oyster-basket. 

clu-^b^^ [Eng.], m.: =. -biste^"^, m.: 
club man. 

cluse ^^ [dial. fr. clore], f: break, pass (in 
a range where mountains on each side 
come down to the plain). 

cly-soir -^^ [f r. root clys-], m. : CLYSter- 
pipe. -sopotnpe^^ [fr. root clys-], m.: 
injector pump. H-'stere^^ [L. -ster, Gr. 
klustér (kluzein, wash)], m. : enema, 

cnémide •^'^ [Gr. knemîs (knéme, lower 
leg)],/.: greave. 

CO-' [L. cum, with] : -accusé ^''^, =ée, m., 

f: fellow-culprit. -acquéreur -^^j m.: 
joint-purchaser. -actif ^^ =ive [I. L. 
-activus (L. cogère, compel)], adj.: com- 
pulsory, -actioti.^^ [L. -actio], f: =, 
compulsion, -adjuteur^^, =tri€e [1. L. 
adjutor], m., f. : coadjutor (assistant to 
prelate ; monk or nun under superior). 
-adjutorerie ^^ [-adjuteur], f. : coad- 
jutorship. -agulable-^^ [-aguler], adj.: 
=. -agulatioii^^ [-aguler], /.; =. 
-aguler -^^ [-agulare], tr.: coagulate, 
clot, congeal, curdle (as milk, blood, etc., 
by heat, cold, chemicals, etc.). -agu- 
lum ^^ [L.], m. : =, clot ; coagulant. 
-alitiow^^ [L. -alitus, allied (-alescere, 
unite)],/.; = (voluntary union, esp. against 
common enemy). 

coctltar ^^ [Eng.], m. ; =, tar obtained f r. 

coas-sement^^ m.; croaking (of frogs). 
Il^gg^is |^L_ coaxare, Gr. koax, quack 
(echoic)], intr.: croak. 

coassocié ^^ [associe], =ée, m., /.; co- 

coati ^^ [Brazil], m.: = (raccoon-like 

cobaea^^ -bé- [Cobo, missionary], m., 
tcobée, / ; cob^a (tropical plant of 
phlox family). 

cobalt ^^ or cobolt [Ger. kobalt], m. ; 
cobalt (chemical element). 

cobaye ^^ [for cabiai],m.: CAVY, guinea-pig. 

130 coca 

coca^® [Sp.], m.; = (So. Am. shrub). 

i-cocagrne^^ [? ak. to L. coquere, cook], 

/. ; tpleasure ; cockaigne (imaginary land 
of luxury) : pour lui Paris est la — , 
Paris is a Utopia for him ; mât de — , 
greased (prize) pole. 

2.cocaf/ne-^* [Prov. eocanha (coca, conch 
shell)],/..* porcelain pastel. 

cocaïne ^^ [coca], /. : = (white, bitter 
alkaloid used as local anaesthetic). 

cocar-de ^^ [for coquarde], f. : COCKADE, 
rosette, badge (as on a hat) : prendre la 
— , enlist, -deau^* [OFr. coquard, cock], 
m.; plant. 

cocasse ^'^ [? coq, cock], adj. : funny, queer. 

coc-einelle^^ [L. -nus, scarlet red {coc- 
cum, scarlet-oak berry)], /. ; lady-bug. 

coc-eyx^^ -sis [Gr. kokkux, cuckoo], m. ; 
=, tail- bone (in man and other tailless 
vertebrates).^^ [1],f.: notch; tally. 

2.tco€he^^ [OHG. coccho], m.: large pas- 
senger boat. 

S-tcoche^* [?],/.; sow. ^^ [Ger. kutsche], m. : COACH : 
manquer le — , miss one's carriage, lose 
an opportunity. 

co-clie-niilage^'^, m.: cochineal bath. 
Il'-'iime-^^ [Sp. cochinilla (L. coccinus, 
scarlet)],/.; cochineal bug. -niller^^, 
intr. : collect cochineal bugs ; tr. : dye 
scarlet (with bugs).^^ [coehe, notch], tr.: tally. 

2.oo-elier^^ \_coche, coach], m. ; coach- 

cocher ^^ or fco-elier* [L. calcare, 
trample], tr.: tread (as male bird): œufs 
cochés, fertilized eggs. 

co-elière-^^ adj.: porte — , carriage en- 
trance or door. 

fco-chet^^ [coq.], m.: cockerel (young 

co-ehevis^^ [?], m.: crested lark. 

coc/tléaria ^•^ [L. fr. -lear, CONCHshell], 
m.: ^, scurv3'--grass family. 

co-choir ^'^ [-cher, notch], m.: (cooper's) 
notching knife ; (chandler's) squaring tool ; 
(roperaaker's) guide. 

co-^-chon ^^ [coche, sow], m. : hog ; boar ; 
porker ; sloven : fromage de — , head- 
cheese ; amis comme — s, drinking, carous- 
ing chums ; nous n'avons pas gardé les — s 
ensemble, we were not swineherds together 
(said when one is too familiar) ; — d'Amé- 
rique, peccary ; — cuirassé, armadillo ; 
— d'Inde, guinea-pig. -chonnaitle -^^ 
/. ; pork. -chonne ^^, f. : slattern. 
-■chonnée^^ [-chonner], f : litter of pigs. 
-chonner^*, intr.: farrow, pig; intr.: 
botch (a job), -ehonnerie ^S /. .• filth; 
dirt ; obscenity, -chonnet ^^ m. : young 
pig; jack (bowl); duodecahedron (with 


numbered facets) ; cylinder (for printing 

I. coco [Port., lit. bushy head (Egypt. 

kuku)], m. : cocoanut ; cooling drink ; un 

marchand de — , lemonade man. 
2. coco ^^ [echoic], m. (fam., to children), 

egg ; baby-stocking ; pet, darling. 
cocon -^^ [Prov. coucoun (coco, cock)], m.: 


cocotier ^'^ [coco, cocoanut], m.: palm. 

I. cocotte ^^ [echoic], /.; pullet (child's 
talk) ; darling ; loose girl ; soreness (of 

2. cocotte ^^ [coque], f: sort of skillet. 

coctio?!^^ [L. -tio (coquere, cook)],/.; = 
(boiling ; digestion ; ripening of sores). 

cocu-^* [for coucu echoic like coucou], m.: 
cuckoo; cuckold. -age^^ m.: cuckol- 
dom. -fier^^ [L. fdcere, make], tr.: 

coda ^^ [It., lit. tail], /. ; = (finale of a 

code-^^ [L. -dex], m.: = (body of laws); 

co-.'débitenr^^, =tri-ce, m., /.; joint 
debtor, -décimât eur^"^, =tri-ee, m.,f. : 
fellow tithe-holders. -demandeur ^^ 
=dEresse, to.,/. ; joint plaintiff, -deteii^ 
teur^^, =tri-ce, to., /.; joint holder. 
-détenu ^^, =nue [détenir], to., /. ; one 
detained with another, fellow-prisoner. 

co-'dex^^ [L., tablet, code], to.; = (collec- 
tion of medical formulae), -di-cillaire -^^ 
[L. -dicillaris], adj.: in a codicil, codicil- 
lary. -di-cille^^ [L. -dicillus], /.; cod- 
icil (added clause in a code or will). 
-dification^^ [-difier], /.; = (embody- 
ing in a code), -difier ^^ [code, -fier (L. 
facere, make)], tr. : codify. 

codUle^^ [Sp. -llo (dim. of codo, elbow)], 
TO.; = (term at ombre). 

co-donataire ^^, m.,f.: joint donee. 

t-eœcum se- = caecum. 

co-efficient^'^, to.; = (lit. joint agent). 

t-eœliaqite se- = céliaque. 

co-emption ^"^ [L. -tio (co, with, emere, 
buy)], /. ; = (form of civil marriage 
amongst the Romans : each bought the 
other). -équation ^^ [L. œquare, 

equal], /.; equalizing of tariffs, -erci- 
hilité^^ [-ercible], f: coercibleness, 
condensibility. -er-eible ■^'^ [L. -ercere, 
press together], adj.: =, condensible 
(said of gas), -ercitif ^^, =:ive [L. -erci- 
tum], adj.: coercive, -ercition-^^ [L. 




-ercitio], /. ; coercion. 
CO-ESTATE, joint state. -éternel ^^, 
=elle [L. œternus], adj.: eternally co- 
existent, -éternité ^^ [1. L. -œternitas], 
/.; coeternity. 

cœur" œu = evL [L. cor], m. : HEART ; breast : 
stomach ; soul ; courage ; love ; sympathy, 


feeling ; conscience ; thing heart-shaped, 
or centrally located, center : — serré, 
oppressed ; avoir le — gros, heart swollen 
with sighs ; valet de — , knave of hearts 
(at cards) ; par — , by heart ; diner par 
— , i.e. not dine at all ; ouvrir son — , 
reveal one's secret thoughts ; avoir le — 
sur la main, sur les lèvres, tell every- 
thing to anybody ; mal de — , qualms ; 
tenir au — , lie heavy on one's heart ; à 
contre- — , unwillingly. 

coexis-taiif ^^ adj. : coexistent, -ten-ee^^ 
[co-, existence], /. ; =. H-'ter •'^•^ [co-, exis- 
ter], intr.: coexist. 

coî-îiu^-^ [L. cophinus, basket, Gr. kôphi- 
nos], m. : little basket ; box (for whet- 
stone). -ûne^'^l-Jin],/.: curved slate (for a 
dome). ||cof^fre° [L. cophinus], m. : box, 
coffer ; trunk ; (fam.) chest, breast ; 
carcass ; — d'amarrage, floating buoy. 
-frer^^, tr.: (fam.) jug (imprison). 
-tret^^, m.: case (for jewels, etc.). 
-frEtier ^'^, m. : trunkmaker or seller. 

cofidéjnssenr^" [co-, Jidéjusseur], m.: 
joint surety or bail. 

co<;nas-^se^^ [coing], /.; wild quince. 
-sier^^, m.: quince-tree. 

cogna-t^^ [L.-tus (co, 'with,natus, born)], 
m.: kinsman, -tiqft^'^ [L. -tio], f. : kin- 
ship (through the female side). 

co-grnee** [p. L. *cuniata, wedge-shaped 
hatchet, fr. L. cuneus],/.: ax; hatchet. 
-firne-fétu° ^*, pi. — , m. : busy do-nothing, 
hog-shearer. \\'^° [L. cuneàre {cu- 
neus, wedge)], tr. : hammer, drive (nails) ; 
thump ; pound ; knock, -grnoir ^^, m. : 
(printer's) shooting-stick (for driving 

eohahi-tatiqn^^ [L. -tatio, living to- 
gether],/.; =:. -ter ^^ [L. -tare], intr.: 
cohabit, live as husband and wife. 

co-hérGfi-ee^^ [L. -hœrentia (cum, with, 
hœrere, stick)], /. ; ^ ; union ; agree- 
ment, -hérent^^ [L. -hœrens], adj.: 
coherent ; consistent. 

cohéritière*, =ière [co-, héritier], m., 
f. : joint heir. 

co/iesiott^^ [L. -hœsio (co-hœrere, stick 
together)],/.; =, union. 

co/to-bation^®, /. ; =, distilling over. 
Il-wber^^ [1. L. -bare (Ar. cohbé, deep 
colour)], tr.: cohobate, re-distill. 

coft^orte^^ [L. -rs (cf. cour)], /.; cohort, 
one tenth of a Roman legion ; troop ; 

oohne^ [? L. coitus (fr. co-ire, go to- 
gether)],/.; tpnblic mart; crowd; rabble, 

coi", coite** [p. L. quitus (L. quietus)], 
adj. : if am.) quiet, coy, still : chambre 
coite, cozy room; demeurer — , live 



coif^fe^'^ [p. L. cofea, seems ak. to Ger. 
kopf, head], / ; coif (head-dress), hood, 
cap ; envelop ; veil : — de nuit, night- 
cap ; -fer ^'^, tr. : coif, invest with a coif ; 
dress hair of : — sainte Catherine, be old 
maid ; ressembler à un chien coiffé, dressed 
like a jackdaw ; né coiffé, born in luxury; 
se — en cheveux, make a hood of her hair, 
be bareheaded ; se — le cerveau, befog 
one's brain, be tipsy; se — de quelque 
idée, have a certain idea on the brain ; 
— son mari, fool her husband, -feur^®, 
=euse [-fer], m., f. : hair-dresser ; barber. 
-fure^* [-fer],f.: =, head-dress. 

fcoigrner, or '\--n.ier = cognossier. 

com° [L. cuneus], m.: wedge; die (for 
striking medals, coins, etc.) ; corner ; 
quoin : jeu des quatre — s, game pussy- 
wants-a-corner. -■eev^'^, tr.: wedge up. 

coin-ei-deti-ce ■^*, /.; =, agreement (in 
time, space or details), -dent^^ adj.: 
coinciding, agreeing. H'-^der^^ [1. L. 
-dere (L. co-, with, in-cidere, fall in)], 
intr.: coincide, agree, correspond (as 
different dates, opinions, etc.). 

coing° [L. cotoneum malum, Cydon apple], 
m.: QUINCE. 

fcointe" [L. cognitus, known], adj. : pleas- 
ant, affable. 

co-ititéressé e^ [L. cum, with], adj.: 
jointly interested person, share-holder. 

co-'iqu^^ [It. coglione {lit. testicle)], m.: 

lazy-bones ; poltroon. 




coglionare], tr. : treat as a coward ; intr. : 
act like a coward. -ïonnerie^^ [It. 
coglioneria], f : dastardliness. 

coït^^ [L. -tus {cum, with, ire, go)], m.: 
coitus, sexual intercourse. 

tcoïte = couette. 

cojouissan-ce^^ [co-, jouissance], f. : joint 
use (in law). 

coke^'^ [Eng.], m.; = (coal minus its 
volatile constituents). 

co-l° [L. collum, cf. Fr. cou], m. : neck (of 
bottles, dresses, etc., or {rare) of man and 
animals): le — du fémur, neck of femur 
bone : le — du Simplon, Simplon pass, 
depression between ^mountains ; un — de 
femme, lace fichu ; — d'un habit, lapel 
of a coat; — -cravate, neckkerchief. 
-larin^^ [It. -llarino], m.: collarino, 
gorgerin, astragal (moulding on column). 

colature^^ [L. -lare, filter, strain], /.; 

colback^^ or kalpack [Turk.], m.; 
colback, black cap. 

col-chique e^ [L. -chicum (fr. province 
Colchis)], m.: colchicum, meadow-saffron 

colcotar^^ [Ar.], m.: colcother, red 
peroxyde of iron. 

cold-cream e^ [Eng.], m.: = (cosmetic). 



co-légatalre^'^, Tn.,f.: joint legatee. 

coléoptère -^^ [Gr. koleôpteros (koleôs, 
case, ptéron, wing)], m.; coleopter, beetle. 

oo-léra = choléra. H-^lère^'^ [L. choiera, 
bile], /. ; choler, anger : une — bleue, 
when the face looks purple from anger; 
les enfants de — , the children of wrath ; 
adj. : ifam.) enraged, angered, -^-lérer ^^, 
reflex.: (vulg.) get mad. -léreuac^^ 
=e^se, adj. {vulg.) wrathy, mad. -le- 
riqtte ^^, adj. : choleric, of temper 
easily angered. 

fcoli = colis. 

coliart^^ [?], m.; skate (fish). 

colibri ^^ [Carib.], m.: = (humming-bird, 
smallest of birds). 

coli-eita»it^^ [L. licitans, seller at auc- 
tion], m. ; co-litigant (selling at auction). 

colifi-chet^^ [? coller, T^âste,ficher, fasten], 
m. ; fclipping (of paper) ; knick-knack 
trinket, gewgaw ; cracker, bird-cake ; tri- 
pod (for pottery in furnace). 

colimaço^i^^ [cal, limaçon], m.: snail. 

colin ^^ [name Nicolin (Nicholas)], m.: 
shepherd (in comic opera) ; moor-hen ; 
quail ; coal-fish. 

colirt-maiilarci^^ [name], m.: blind- 
man (in game blind-man's-buff). 

coliïi-tawipoîi-^^ [name], m.: ifam.) se 
soucier, se moquer de quelqu'un (de quel- 
que chose) comme de — , not care a straw 
for a person (a thing). 

coliqwe^^ [1. L. colica, se. passio, colon 
suffering],/.; colic; (fam.) avoir la — , 
be afraid. 

colis ^'^ [It. 'lli (pi. of collo, neck-load)], 
m. : baggage, luggage. 

collabo-rateur^^, =tri€e [L. -rare, 
labor together], m.,/.; colaborer. H-^ra- 
tlon^^ [L. -rare (con, with, laborare, 
labor)], intr.: work with. 

col-lage-*^^ [-1er], m.: pasting, sticking; 
glazing (of paper) ; clarifying (of wine 
with fish-glue); (pop.) common-law mar- 
riage, concubinage, -lant^^ [-l^f], adj.: 
sticky ; close, tight ; un pantalon — , 
close-fitting; (frivol.) une femme — e, 
woman hard to shake off. 

collapsus^^ [L., fr. cum, together, labi, 
fall], m.: collapse, break down (of nerves). 

colla-taire ^^ [1. L. -tarius (based on L. 
-turn, past part, conferre, carry together)], 
■ m. ; beneficiary (of church appointment). 

collateral ■''■^, pi. =aux [1. L. -lis (cum, 
with, latus, side)], adj. : =, along the sides; 
side by side ; m,, /. ; collateral kinsman. 

coUa-tenr ^'^ [1. L. -tor], m. : = (one who 
confers a benefice). -tif ^^ =ive [1. L. 
-tivus (L. -turn, borne together)], adj.: 
coUative, bestowable ; who confers. 
||-^tio>j^"^ [L. -tio (conferre, bring to- 
gether)],/.; =: (bestowing a benefice, or 


university degree; comparison; light re- 
past), -tionnei^^^, tr.: collate, com- 
pare (texts) critically ; proof-read ; intr. : 
eat a lunch. 

i.colle° [L. -lia, Gr. kolla], /.; paste, 
mucilage ; finings (to clear wine, etc.) : 
— forte, glue ; — à bouche, that must be 
moistened with the lips (as on postage 
stamps) ; c'est une — qu'il vous a contée, 
it's a lie (allusion is to bird-lime) he has 
told you. 2, colle ^^ [-ller],f.: (college 
slang) stumper, poser (hard question that 
sticks the candidate). 

coUec'-'te ^^ [L. -ta, (col-ligere, collect)], 

/. ; collection (of taxes) ; church con- 
tribution ; tax-list ; short prayer (recited 
before scripture lesson). -teur^'^ [L. 
-tor], m.: collector (of taxes; of contri- 
butions) ; main (as a ditch into which 
others empty), -tif ^^ =ive [L. -tivus], 
adj. : collective, general, -tiqn ^^ [L. -tie], 

/; =:. -tionner^^ [-tion], tr.: make col- 
lection of, collect (curios, paintings, etc.). 
-tionnenr ^^, =euse [-tionner], m., /.; 
collector, collection maker, -tivemetit ^^ 
[-tif], adv.: collectively, -tiviste^^ [-tif], 
m. ; collectivist. -tivité^^ [-tif],f'-' col- 
lectivity, socialism. 

col-i'lège^^ [L. -llegium], m.: = (body of 
persons ; school ; group of associates for 
state or church duties). -legial ^'^, p/. 
=aua?, adj. : =, of a college ; une (église) 
— e, collegiate church (hav'g body of 
ecclesiastics but not episcopal authority). 
-légieii^^, m.: student. -lègtte^^ 
[L. -lega], m.: colleague. 

coller ^^ [-lie, paste], tr.: paste, glue; 
(student slang) stick, stump ; glaze, size 
(paper) ; clarify (wine with finings) ; intr. : 
fit close ; (student slang) flunk. 

colle^ret ^^ [Hier, collar], m. ; drag-net. 
-rette-^^ [-llier],f.: fluted collar, second 

coUe'^t^^ [col], m.: neck (of bottles, 
teeth, garments, and things so shaped) ; 
dead-eye ; clew ; handle (of violins, skillet, 
etc.) ; neck-band ; collar ; noose, snare : 
patte de — , shoulder-strap ; petit — , 
preacher's collar ; preacher ; — monté, 
stiff collar of 16th Cent. ; hence : affect- 
edly grave, quaint or prudish person. 

-tage-^", m.; collaring (of weaving loom). 
-te/'^^, tr.: collar, seize; intr.: set 
snares (as for hares). 

colleur ^^ [-lier], m.: bill-poster; paper- 

col-'lier® [L. -larius (-lum, neck)], m.; 
collar ; necklace ; ring (around the 
neck) ; circular sore ; throat-beard ; band 
(of iron, etc.) ; astragal, ornament of a 
column : chien au grand — , leader ; — de 

force, collar with pricks (used in training 


dogs) ; un coup de — , fresh attempt ; 
cheval franc du — , good puller ; tirer à 
plein — , make desperate effort, -lière ^"^ 
[OFr. -Her, street-porter], /. ; sleeper 

colliger* ^^ [L. -gere], tr.: funite; col- 
lect '(extracts for writings). 

tcoUimation =^ collinéation. 

colline ^^ [It. -na (L. collis)],/.: hill: la 
ville aux sept — s, Rome ; la double — , 
two-peaked Parnassus. 

collinéation^'^ [L. -neare, aim (cum, 
with, linea, line)], /.; =, truing (of 
lenses, or telescopes) ; aim or direction 
(of instrument or ray of light). 

colliqua-^tif ^^ =ive [L. colliquere (cum, 
together, liquere, be liquid, melt)], adj.: 
colliquative, having excessive discharges. 
-tion^^ [L. colliquere],/.: =, wasting of 
solid parts of the body, excessive dis- 

collision-^* [L. -sio (cum, together, lœ- 
dere, clash)],/.; = (shock, concussion). 

collocatioH-^* [L. -tio (cum, with, locare, 
place)], /. ; classifying (of creditors) ; debt 
(in its line or order with other debts). 

col-lodio»!-^^ [Gr. kollodes, glue-like (kolla, 
glue, eîdos, form)], m.: = (solution for 
coating wounds, or photographic plates). 
-loïde^^ [Gr. kolla, glue, eîdos, form], 
adj. : colloid, jelly-like. 

colloqite^^ [L. -quium (cum, together, 
loqui, talk)], m. : fdialogue ; discussion. 

collo-qitei'^^ [L. -care (cum, together, 
locare, place)], tr. : (fam.) dispose of ; 
rank (a creditor, list him with others in 

collu-der^^ [L. -derê\, intr.: collude, 
conspire, play into each other's hands. 
Il-^sion^^ [L. -sio (cum, together, ludere, 
play)], /,; =, secret understanding. 
-soire^^ adj.: collusory, collusive, 
secretly concocted, -soireme^it ^^ adv. : 
in collusion. 

collyre ^^ [L. -rium, Gr. kollurion (dim. 
of Tcollura, pastry)], m.: collyrium, eye- 
salve (like dough). 

colmatage ^^ [It. -ta, road, fr. colmare, 
heap up], 'm. : warping (flooding poor land 
to fertilise it). 

colocasie^^ [L. -sia, Gr. kolokasta, Egyp- 
tian bean], /.; colocasia (plant of the 
arum family). 

co-lot»iljage^*, m.: uprights (posts 
on which weather-boarding goes), 
lli.'^'lowilie'' [form of colonne fr. L. 
columna], f. : fcOLUMN ; joist, upright, 
stanchion ; (cooper's) bench or jointer."be^^ [L. -lumba], f.: dove, 
pigeon ; receptacle (dove-shaped for the 
eucharist. i .f-lowibelle ^^, /.; little 
dove, squab. 



2.coloiw.-lïelle^^ [-be, joist], /.; flittle 
column ; flead-line between printed col- 
umns, column-rule, i.-bier^^ [-be, joist], 
m.; ship-prop, shore. 

2.colowt'bief'' [L. -barium (-ba, dove)], 
m.: dove-cot; too great space (between 

3.coloi»tbier'^'^ [paper manufacturer C], 
m. .' columbier (large writing paper). 

colotïibiît-^^ =ine [L. -binus (-ba, dove)], 
adj.: columbine, dove-coloured, purple 
(like dove's neck) ; m. ; lead ore ; /. : 
pigeon-dung ; certain lac ; columbine 

colonic [L. -nus], m.: colonist; farmer; 
farmer (who farms on shares). 

cèlq^i^^ [L., fr. Gr. kôlon (lit., member)], 
m.: COLON (large intestine). 

colonat ^^ [Ion], m. : condition of a colo- 

colo-^nel^^ [It. -nnello, fr. -nna, column 
(of army)], m. ; = (army oflScer). -nelle^^ 
/. ; colonel's wife ; ffirst company (of 

colo-nial ^^, J9Z. =aux, adj.: =. H-^nie^^ 
[L. -nia], f.: colony. -nisateur^®, 
=tri-ee [-niser], adj.: colonising; m.,f.: 
settler, -nisatimi -^^ [-niser],/.: coloni- 
sation, settling in colonies, -niser ^^ 
[-n], tr.: colonise, settle. 

colon-nade ■^'', /. ; = (series of columns). 
Il-^ne" [L. columna], f.: column (in all 
senses) ; pillar ; monument ; bedpost, 
-nette ^^,/.; little column, columella. 

colophane^* [L. -phonia, Gr. kolophonia, 
rosin from Colophon], f. : colophony, black 
rosin (for violin bows). 

colo-qiiinelle^'^, /.; false COLOCYNTH. 
-qifijite^^ [L. -cynthis, fr. Gr.], /.; 
bitter-apple (gourd fruit, size of orange, 
used as a purgative). 

colo-ra>it^^, adj.: colouring, giving 
colour. -ratio^t^*, /. ; =, colours. 
||^j.çpii [L_ -rare], tr.: colour, dye; 
give a false colour, varnish, pretend : un 
style coloré, brilliant style, -riage^^ 
[-rier], m.: colouring (of maps, e'tc). 
-rier^*" [-ris], tr.: colour (maps, engrav- 
ings), -ris^'' [It. -rito, (colorire, colour)], 
m.: colouring, tinting (of lithograph 
work, maps, etc.). -riste^^ [-Hs], m.: 
colourer ; brilliant writer. 

colos-sal^^, pi. =aux, adj.: =, immense. 
-salement ^^ [-sal], adv.: in colossal 


|*se^^ [L. -sus, Gr. kolossos, 

gigantic statue], m.: colossus, giant; 

monster : — aux pieds d'argile, image 

with feet of clay (in Bible). 
colostrum ^^ or t-§tre [L.], m. : = (first 

milk, beestings). 
colpor-tage ^'', m.: =, selling from place 

to place. ' ll-^ter^^ [col-porter, carry on 



the neck], tr.: peddle, carry and sell. 
-teur^^ m.: peddler, distributer. 

coltis^^ [?], m.: front bulkhead; bob- 

coluwibarium ^'^ w = o [L., lit, dove- 
cot, pigeon-holes], m. : = (large sepulchre 
with niches for cinerary urns). 

columelle^^ [L. -Ha (dim. of columna)], 
/..• columella (axis of spiral shells, of 
moss, of seed capsules), flittle column. 

colure ■^' [L. -rus, Gr. kolouros, mutilated, 
because colures cut each other (Gr. kolos, 
docked, oura, tail)], m.: = (great circle 
of the earth). 

colza ^'^ [Holl. koolzaad (lit. cabbage-seed)], 
m.; =, COLESEED, summer-rape (field-cab- 

coma^^-' [Gr. kôma, deep sleep], m.: =, 
morbid heavy sleep. -teux^^ =etise, 
adj.: COMATOSE, abnormally sleepy. 

eqniba,-t^^, m.: =, fight, struggle : — ju- 
diciaire, (medieval) duel between accuser 
and accused ; — à outrance, deadly com- 
bat, fight to the uttermost, to a finish ; 
hors de — , out of the fight, out of condi- 
tion to fight ; au fort du — , in the thick 

r of the fight ; faire branle-has de — , 
clear the deck for action. -tivité^^, 
/. ; combativeness (term in phrenology) 

10 ^ ._ 

, fighter. Il-ttre" [p. L. 
-itvere (L. cum, with, battuere, strike)], 
intr. : fight ; struggle ; compete : tr. : 
combat ; resist. 

cowibe^^ [L. cumha, Gr. kumhe, skiff],/.; 
hollow, valley (on a plateau). 

cqnihien^'^ [comme, bien], adv.: how 
much ; how many ; conj. : how ; falthough : 
— y a-t-il qu'il est parti ? how long has 
he been gone ; — d'argent, how much 

cqmhi-Jia.isqfi^^ , f. : combination, union. 
Il-'iier^^ [L. -nare {cum, with, bini, pair)], 
tr. : COMBINE ; unite. 

Lcotn-^ble* [L. cumulus, heap], m..: heap, 
top, summit ; utmost, extreme, height ; 
rafters, frame of roof. 2.-ble, long o, 
adj.: full, heaped-up; grown over (as hoof 
over shoe that has been on too long). 
-blement^^ [-bier], m.: filling up (as 
vessel, ditch). -bler° [L. cumuler e, 
heap, pile up], tr.: fill full, fill up ; com- 
plete ; load : homme comblé d'honneur, 
man greatly honoured. 

comblète^'^ or -blette [-be],f.: cleft (of 
deer's foot). 

co-wibriere ^® [Prov. -briero], f: large 
seine (for tunny-fish). 

cotiibuger^^ [Prov. em-buga ak. to Fr. 
huer], tr.: soak (to swell a wooden vessel). 

oowibu-ratit -^^ [L. -rens, burning], adj.: 
aiding combustion, -stible^", adj.: =, 
inflammable; susceptible. H^stion^^ [L. 


-stio i-rere, burn)],/.; =, burning; com- 
bining of substance with oxygen ; tumult. 

coiné'«^die -"^^ [L. comœdia, Gr. komoidia 
(kômos, revel, aeidein, sing)], / ; comedy, 
merry play; playhouse; comedy company: 
— à tiroir, comedy of episodes ; donner 
la — aux gens, be laughing-stock to 
people ; c'est le secret de la — , it is an 
open secret ; un personnage de — , a 
character not to be taken seriously. 
-dicH-^*, ^eniie, m., f: comedian; de- 

comestible ^^ [L. -stum (com-edere, eat 

up)], arfj.; EATABLE, EDIBLE. 

comète ^^ [L. -ta, Gr. kométes (long-)haired 
(kome, hair)],/.; comet (star with lumi- 
nous train or tail ; (her.) blazing star ; 
old card game) ; narrow ribbon. 

coani-ees-^^ [L. -milium, assembly-place 
{lit., assembly fr. cum, together, ire, go)], 
m. pi. : political meeting, comitia for vot- 
ing ; sing. : comice agricole, grange meet- 
ing (for improvement of agricultural 

tcom.iiige^^ [count C, aide of Louis XIV], 
m.; (large oval) bomb. 

com.i-'-qtte^'* [L. -eus], adj.: comic, comi- 
cal, funny ; m. : comic actor ; funny part. 
-€iiiem.Bnt^^, adv.: comically. 

comité ^^ [It., fr. L. comes], overseer (of a 
galley-crew or gang). 

com.ité^^ [Eng. committee fr. commit, en- 
trust], m.: committee, board (acting for 
a larger group) : se former en — secret, 
go into secret session ; se réunir en petit 
— , form a little group of friends by 

comma ^^ [L. (Gr. komma, slice ; piece f r. 
koptein, cut)], m.: = (in all senses)^ 

eojn.m.a;n-d^^ , m.: fcommandment ; tcom- 
mander ; principal, purchaser (through 
agent). -da^it^^, adj.: commanding; 
timperious ; tart ; m. ; = ; /. ; command- 
ant's wife, commati-de, /. ; ordinance 
(religious rule or rite) ; order (for grocer- 
ies, etc.) ; guy-ropes ; safety rope : {fam.) 
maladie de — , sickness to order, pre- 
tended; pleurs de — , crocodile tears, -de- 



m. : command ; order ; set rule ; 
commandment : authority; position (of an 
army), facing, exposure : signature en 
— , king's signature ; — d'huissier, suit 
for debt, dun through an ofllicer ; — mili- 
taire, signal given by an officer ; le — de 
lafortresse est advantageux, the fort has 
a good command or view (of country round- 
about). \\^der° [p. L. -dare (L. cum, 
with, mandare, order)], intr.: command, 
be in authority ; tr. : rule, control ; order ; 
dominate over : — un habit à un tailleur, 
order a coat of a tailor ; — à ses passions, 
control one's passions ; — sur quelqu'un, 


have control over one ; — une expédition, 
be in command of an expedition; la citadelle 
commande la ville, the citadel commands 
(overlooks) the town, -derie^^ [-deur], 
/.; commandery (rank ; officer's quarters). 




commander (esp. in orders 

of knighthood) ; (American) oriole, -di- 
tajre^' [-dite], m.: silent partner. 
-dite^^ [OFr. -d, free disposal],/.; société 
en — , joint stock company (business or- 
ganization hav'g silent partners who put 
their investment at the disposal of active 
members), -Aiter^^ [-dite], tr.: aid, sup- 
port (a firm) as silent partner. 
I. comme® [L. quô-modo, by what means, 
how], adv. : as ; like ; how : froid — glace, 
cold as ice ; faites — il vous plaira, do as 
it pleases (will please) you; agir — il faut, 
do as one ought ; (fam.) un homme — il 
faut, a person of the right kind ; je sais 

— je parle, I kuQw what I am saying ; 
(fam.) — quoi, how ; vous savez — quoi 
je vous suis tout acquise, you know how 
wholly devoted to you I am ; if am.) c'est 
tout — , its exactly so ; {pop.) — aussi, 
besides, moreover ; — en effet il le doit, 
as indeed he ought ; — qui dirait, what 
you might call ; — il est changé ! how he 
is changed ; {pop.) — de juste, just ex- 
actly right ; conj.: — que ce soit, how- 
ever that may be, be that as it may.° [L. cum, quum, when], conj.: 
since, because, seeing that ; when, while : 

— l'heure est avancée, since it is late ; il 
vint le soir — fêtais seul, he came in the 
evening when I was alone. 

commémo-raisott^^ [f-rer infl. by L. 
-ratio], f: commemoration (mention of 
a saint, as in prayer, and not on his day). 
-ratif^^, =ive ["^-rer, recall], adj.: com- 
memorative, in memory, -ratioti^'* [L. 
-ratio], f: = (honour, solemnity, memorial 

commen-çaiit ^^, =çante, m.,f.: begin- 
ner, novice, -cement •^■^, m. : =, begin- 
ning : (prov.) il y a — à tout, everything 
must have a beginning ; il demeure au — 
de la rue, he lives at the beginning (or end 
of the street. W^-eey^ [p. L. *cumini- 
tiâre (L. cum, with, initium, start, begin- 
ning)], tr., intr. : commence, start : la 
neige commence à tomber, snow begins to 
fall ; Dn commence de (or a) faire quelque 
chose, one begins to do something. 

commeii-dataire^* [1. L. -datarius (L. 
-dare, entrust)], adj.: commendatory, 
holding a benefice " in eommendam," or 
pro tempore; m. : holder " in commendam." 

oommende^^ [1. L. -da, fr. L. -dare], f: 
church living pro tempore; concession "in 

oommen^sal^^, pi. -avix [1. L. -salis (L, 

commissaire 135 

cum, with, mensa, table], m.: =, table 
companion. -salite^^,/. ; being a com- 
mensal, esp. at the king's table. 

comme»isu-rabilité ^"^ [L. -rabilis {cum, 
with, mensura, measure)], /.; commensu- 
rability, being of similar or proportionate 
measure, -rable^^ [L. -rabilis], adj.: com- 
mensurable, hav'g similar proportions. 

com.mient^'^ [-mme], adv.: how; why; 

commeti'«'taire^° [L. -tarium], m.: com- 
mentary (explanation ; records), -ta- 
teur^^, =tri-ee, m., f: commentator, 
author of a commentary. ||-«'ter^* [L. 
-tari {cum, with, mens, thought)], tr.: 
comment on, explain. 

teom.mer-^^ intr.: make comparisons, 

com.m.érage ^^ [-re], m.: relation of god- 
parents ; gossip ; {dial.) baptism. 

fcommerçable ^'^ [-^er], adj.: negotiable. 
-çaut^^, ^atite, adj.: trading, mercan- 
tile; m.: merchant. H-^-ee^^ [L. -cium 
{cum, with, merx, goods)], m.: =, trade, 
business ; intercourse ; game ; tradesmen : 
le haut — , body of great business men ; 
être d'un — sûr, be reliable ; n'être plus 
dans le — , be out of business, out of 
print, out of date; — interlope, smug- 
gling ; homme d'un bon — , man pleasant in 
company, -cer^*, intr.: deal, trade, be 
in business, --eial ^''', j^Z. =aux [L. -cium, 
traffic], adj.: =, of business. 

commère ^^ [1. L. commater (L. cum, with, 
mater, mother)],/. ; {fam.) =, godmother : 
{dial, and humor.) — babillarde, god- 
mother's proxy; {fam.) gossip, chatty 

commet-tage^^, m. 

laying (of ropes, 
i.e. assembling the strands for final twisting 
into rope), -ta^it^^, m.: employer, prin- 
cipal ; constituent ; purchaser. ||~tre° 
[L. com-mittere, entrust {cum, with, mit- 
tere, send)], irr. (cf. mettre) ; tr.: commit ; 
entrust, assign ; lay (rope, i.e. join strands 
and twist them) ; appoint ; put, expose : 
se — à la furie de l'océan, expose one's 
self to the fury of the ocean ; sa fortune 
y est commise, his fortune is involved ; il 
se commit une indiscrétion, he committed 
an indiscretion. 
comminatoire^^ [1. L. -natorius fr. L. 
-nari, threaten {minœ, turrets)], adj.: 


com-inis^^ [-mettre], m.: clerk; depu- 
ty: — voyageur, traveling salesman. 
-mise^^ [-mettre], /.; fexposure, pit- 
ting (hostile persons against each other) ; 
forfeit (esp. of fiefs). 

coinmisératioti ^1 [L. -tio {cum, with, 
miserere, pity)],/.; =, sympathy. ^^ [1. L. -sarins, infl. by L. 



emissarius, emissary fr. emittere, send 
out], m.: commissary; commissioner; 
agent ; delegate ; steward : — de marine, 
secretary of the navy ; — priseur, apprai- 
ser and seller. -sariat^' [saire], m.: 
= (duties or oiRce of commissioner ; body 
of commissioners). l|-^sion^^ [L. -sum, 
committed {committer e, entrust)], /.; == 
(trust ; charge ; deed, act ; agency ; per- 
centage for an agent ; errand ; order ; 
document giving authority), -sionaire^^, 
m.: =, toommissioner pro tempore ; seller 
on commission : supplier of branch-house ; 
porter ; conveyor, messenger : — de rou- 
lage, carrier by land (by wagon) ; — 
chargeur, carrier by boat, -sioner ^'^, tr. : 
commission, authorize ; appoint as buyer 
on commission. -scire -^^ [L. -sorius], 
adj. : clause — , binding clause (of a con- 
tract), stipulation ; pacte — , pawn con- 
tract (by which pledges are forfeited on 
non-payment), -sure^^ [L. -sura], /.; 
=, junction, uniting line : grande — 
cérébrale, great commissure uniting the 
two hemispheres of the brain. 

oommit-timus^^ [L., lit. *we entrust'], 
m.: = (granting of change of venue). 
-titur^^ [L., lit., 'it is entrusted'], m.: = 
(formula used in appointing a judge, a 
secretary, etc.). 

oommo^dat^^ [L. -datus fr. -dare, lend 
{cum, -with, modus, measure)], m.: loan 
(of something to be returned, as a horse, 
a tool). -dataire^^, m. ; borrower. 
-de^^ [L. -dus], adj.: fitting; convenient; 
suitable : une vie — , an easy life ; m. : 
le nécessaire, le — , le superflu, the neces- 
sity, the convenience, the superfluity ;/. ; =, 
chest of drawers, -dément ^^ [-de], adv. : 
comfortably ; fappropriately. -dite ^^ 
[L. -ditas],/.: convenience.; ease; oppor- 
tunity ; conveyance (means of travel) ; 
pL: privacy. 

commodore ^^ [Eng. fr. OSp. commenda- 
dor, commander], m. : = (officer next in 
rank to rear-admiral). 

comimotion ^^ [L. -tio {cum, with, mover e, 
move)],/.; =, stir, quaking. 

oom-muable^^ adj.: commutable, 
ll-'^m.uer'^^ [L. -mutare {cum, with, mu- 
tare, change)], tr. : commute, reduce : le 
droit de — les peines, the right to make 
penalties less severe. 

com~mmi°, =une [p. L. *-mûnus, L. -mu- 
nis], adj.: COMMON, usual, ordinary; fre- 
quent ; mediocre : nom — , common noun ; 
un point — à deux droits, point of inter- 
section of two straight lines : lieu — , 
common-place ; champs — s, commons, 
public ground ; en — , in common , to- 
gether ; sens — , common sense ; m. : 
vivre sur le — , live on the rest, on the 


public ; le — des martyrs, the service for 
general use, adapted to any martyr ; le — 
des mortels, the majority of mortals ; pL: 
servants' quarters, outhouses ; esp. privy. 
I .-munal ^^, pi. =aua?, adj. ; = ; of the 
community, of general use ; champs com- 
munaux, common ground (where all may 
pasture). -munauté^'-^ [-munal], /.; 
community (equal ownership ; people of a 
place ; parish). -inune° [p. L. *-mûna 
(L. -munia), common things], /. ; ffree 
town ; fthe people ; township ; munici- 
pality ; and cf. -mun = : la chambre des 
— s, the house of commons. -muné- 
ment^^, adv.: usually. -muniant^^, 
=aute [-munier], m., /.; communicant, 
partaker of the eucharist. -munica- 
ble ^^ [-muniquer], adj. : t^ccessible ; 
to be imparted or communicated : cause 
— , cause to be brought before some au- 
thority, -municaiit ^^ [-muniquer], adj. : 
communicating (by a common passage). 
-municatif^^, =ive [-muniquer], adj.: 
communicative, ready to give information ; 
infectious. -municateur^^, ^trice 
[-muniquer], m., f. : communicator, inform- 
er, -municatioii^^ [L. -municatio], f.: 
= (information ; telling, conversation ; 
connection). -munier*^ [1. L. -muni- 
care], intr.: commune, partake of the 
eucharist ; tr. : — quelqu'un, give one the 
sacrament. -munio»i.^^ [1. L. -munio], 
f. : = (common faith ; partaking of the 
eucharist, esp. by priest), -muniqife^^ 
[-muniquer], m.: communication, -mu- 
niquer ^^ [L. -municare], tr.: communi- 
cate, tell, inform ; transfer ; intr. : ftake 
part ; communicate : le conseil pourra — 
avec l'accusé, the counsel could commu- 
nicate with the prisoner, -munisme-^^ 
[-mun], m. : communism (theory of society 
or government), -muniste^^ [-7nun], adj. : 
of communism ; m. : communist (believer 
in theory of greater equality). 

commu-tateur ^^ (L. -tare {cum, with, 
mutare, change)], m.: commutator (appa- 
ratus for modifying an electric current). 
-tatif^^ =ive [L. tare, change], adj.: 
commutative, exchangeable, reciprocal. 
-tatioti^^ [L. -tatio], /.; = (making 
punishment less severe). 

coîn-pa-eité ^'^, /.; {rare) compactness, 
density. ||-^pact^^ [L. -pactus fr. -pin- 
gere {cum, with, pangere, fasten)], adj.: 
=, dense. 

co»i-paf/ne^^ [/. of OFr. -pain; see co- 
pain], f. : COMPANION ; mate ; wife, -pa- 
f/nie^'^ [OFr. -pain],/.: company (society; 
group ; visitors) : homme de bonne — , 
gentleman ; être en — , have callers, be 
occupied with visitors ; règle de — , fellow- 
ship rule (for estimating each partner's 



proportion of loss or gain) ; (humor.) être 
bête de — , be a gregarious animal, not 
fond of being alone. W^-pagnqji^^ [p. L. 
*-panio (L. cum, with, panis, bread), mess- 
mate], m. ; companion ; fellow ; c'est un 
petit — , he's a little fellow ; un hardi — , 
an enterprising fellow ; ouvrier — , work- 
man under boss ; vivre de pair à — , live 
like boon companions, -pagrnonage ''^^, 
m. : mastership ; companionship (of work- 

cowtpa-rable^^ [-rer], adj.: =^, similar 
— à un roi, like a king, -raison' 
[rrer\ f. : comparison ; comparing ; sim- 
ile; en (or par or fa) — de, in compari- 
son with ; toute — est odieuse, ' compari- 
sons are odorous'; rien n'est grand ou 
petit que par — , nothing is large or small 
but by comparison ; pièce de — , precedent 
(at law), model ; il n'y a pas de — entre 
ces deux, there's no comparison between 
these two ; — n'est pas raison, analogy is 
not proof. 

cotiipa^raltre^^ [L. -rere], irr. (cf. 
paraître) ; intr.: apPEAR (before a judge). 
-rant^^ [-roir], adj.: appearer; de- 

cotïtpa-ratif^^, =ive [L. -rativus], adj.: 
comparative, esp. in grammar, -rative- 
ment^^ [-rative], adj.: comparatively. 



by comparison. 



adj. : anatomic 

— e, comparative anatomy ; philologie — e, 
comparative philology. H'^rer*^^ [L. -rare 
fr. compar, equal (cum, with, par, like)], 
tr. : compare (with or to : av9c, a).'^roir ^-^ [L. -rere, appear], intr. 
(only in Inf.) : refus de — , refusal to ap- 
pear (in court) ; comparant en leurs per- 
sonnes, appearing in (their) person(s). 
-rse^^ [It. -rsa],f.: t jousting; body of 
knights in a tourney; m.,f.: dumbplayer, 

cowtpar-timetit^^ [It. -timento (L. -tiri, 
divide (cum, with, partiri, distribute)], 
m. : compartment ; division ; cell ; rib- 
wall (in mines) ; panel, f-titeur^^ [L. 
-<m, divide (pars, part)], m.; dissenting 
judge (whose opinion differs from the 
majority report). 

cotjiparutioii^^ [rraitrel, f. : appearance 
(before a judge). 

coiupa-s^'^ {-sser in ancient sense of 
'measure'], m.: compasses (for measur- 
ing), dividers; size-stick (of shoemakers) ; 
(mariner's) compass : — de réduction, 
double compass ; avoir le — dans l'œil, 
have an accurate eye. -ssement ^^, m. : 
measuring (by compasses). Hisser" [p. 
L. *-ssare (L. cum, with, passus, step, 
pace)], ir.; *arrange; consider; do with 
precision, fastidiously : — un livre, mark 
with compasses (before binding) ; une per- 

sonne compassée dans ses discours, person 
over-nice, formal, stiff in his talk. 

cotiipa-ssiotj^^ [L. -ssio, fr. past. part, of 
com-pati, suffer with], /.; =:, symPATHY, 
mercy, -tibilité^^ {-tihle], f. : compat- 
ibility (congeniality ; logical consistency). 
-tible^* [L. -ti], adj.: = (congenial, 
consistent). |I*tir^^ [L. -ti, suffer with], 
intr. : fsuit, agree with ; have pity, sym- 
pathise; à ses malheurs aucun ne compa- 
tisse, none pity in his distresses, -tis- 
sant ^^,a4/.; sympathetic, kind. 

cot>ipatrio-te ^^ [1. L. -ta (L. cum, with, 
patriota, native)], m. or/.; COMPATRIOT, 

cotïipellatif ^^, =ive [L. -Hare, address 
(pellere, strike, move)], adj. or to.; appel- 

competi-dieusexnent ^^, adv. : in short ; 
in detail, t'^dieuac ^^, =euse [L. -diosus 
(-dere, weigh together)], adj.: com- 
pendious, abridged, succinct, f-dium^^ 
[L.], m. : =, summary, -sateur ^®, =tri-ee 
[-ser], adj.: compensatory, -sation^^ 
[L. -satio^, f.: =, counterbalancing, set- 
off; equalizing of losses and gains, -ser^* 
[L .-sare (cum, with, pensare, weigh)], tr.: 
COMPENSATE, balance, make up for : — les 
frais en justice, proportion the court ex- 

cotit-perage ^^, to.; COMPATERNITY, al- 
liance (of 'godparents to parents, or to 
each other) ; confederacy, understanding 
of a capper, a decoy. H'-'pere^' [1. L. 
-pater (L. cum, with, pater, father)], to. ; 
godfather ; fellow ; bonneter, decoy gam- 
bler, by-bidder, confederate, -pere- 
loriot°, pi. — s — s, TO.; sty (on eye). 

cowtpersonnier^^ [L. cum, with, O.Fr. 
parçonier (L. partitio, partition)], to.; 
ally, associate, accomplice. 

cotïipé-teminent ^^ -tam-, adv.: in a 
competent manner, -ten-ee-^* [L. -tentia, 
symmetry],/.; competency, fitness; fcom- 
petition. ||-^tent^^ [L. -tens fr. -tere, 
COMPETE (cum, with, petere, seek)], adj.: 
= (legally proper) ; capable : âge — pour 
le mariage, legal age to marry ; partie — e, 
legal party to a suit, -ter^^ [L. -tere], 
intr.: belong: la part qui compete aux 
héritiers, the portion which belongs to the 
heirs, -titeur^*, ^trice [L. -titor], to., 
/ ; ^competitor, rival, -tition^^ [L. -titio], 
/.; =, rivalry. 

cot»ipi-lateur^^ [L. lator], to.; compiler, 
composer of materials found in previous 
works, -lation^^ [L. -tio],f.: =, book 
made fr. other books. H-^ler*^^ [L. -lare 
(cum, with lipilare, plunder)], tr.: com- 
pile, collect materials fr. previous au- 

cqni-jfla,ign.&nt^^, =f|nt€, adj. or m.,f.: 



PLAlNtiff. Ilt-plaiïidre^i [1. L. -plan- 
gere (L. plangere, strike)], irr. (cf. 
plaindre] ; reflex.: complain, -plainte ^^, 
/. ; complaint ; plaint, wail. 

cotR-^plaire ^^ [L. -placere, please much 
(pZaoere, please)], irr. (cf. plaire); intr.: 
be pleasing ; reflex. : be pleased ; je ne 
songe qu'à — à Monsieur, I think only of 
pleasing you. Sir ; de me — on ne prend 
nul souci, no one takes the trouble of 
pleasing me ; j'aurais beau me — en ma 
propre beauté, it would be useless to 
delight in my own beauty; elle se com- 
plaît en ce fils, she takes satisfaction in 
this son. -plaisammeîit^® [-plaisant], 
adv.: complaisantly, with satisfaction. 
-plaisan-ce^^ /.; =, wish to please; 
complacency; kindliness, -plaisa^it^^, 
adj : COMPLAISANT ; obliging ; time-server ; 

com-plant^^ [OFr. -ter, plant together], 
m. ; t orchard ; vineyard (esp. set out by 
lessee in lieu of rent). 

ootitplectif ^^, =ive [L. -ti, embrace, en- 
close], adj.: hav'g buds wrapped up to- 
gether in a leaf. 

cowi-^plemetit^^ [L. -plementum (cum, 
with, plere, fill)], m.: = (what must be 
added to complete a fixed measure) : le 
— d'un angle, enough to make a right 
angle ; le — d'un astre, angular distance 
to the zenith ; le — d'un verbe, what be- 
longs with the verb idea in a sentence. 
-pleinentaire^^, adj.: complimentary, 
necessary to fill out. -plet-^*, =ète [L. 
-pletus], adj . : complete, full, entire ; m.: 
suit (of clothes) : nous sommes au — , we 
have no more room, we are at the end. 
--plétexaent^^ [-plèté], adv.: completely. 
-pléter^'^ [-plet], tr.: complete, fill out. 
-pletif -^^ =ive [L. -pletivus], adj .: com- 
plétive, making complete (in grammar). 

•oiW/'«'plexe ^"^ [L. -plexus fr. -plecti, en- 
close (cum, with, plectere, braid)], adj.: 
complex, hav'g diverse elements or parts. 
-plexion^^ [L. -plexio], f.: :=, aspect, 
make up ; funion of diverse things, a com- 
plex, -plexité^"^, /.; complexity, in- 

cotH-plication^^ [L. -plicatio, folding 
together],/.; =, combination. ||-^pli-ee^^ 
[L. -plex, participant (cum, with, plicare, 
fold)], adj.: accessory; m.,f.: accom- 
plice, confederate, -pli-eite^^, /. ; com- 
plicity, participation (in wrong-doing). 

com-plies^^ [OFr. -plir, finish (L. -plere, 
fill up) ; pi. is due ' to infl. of heures, 
vêpres, etc., cf. Eng. vespers, matins], f. 
pi. : COMPLINS (last service for the day, 
after vespers). 

corw-pli-^ment ^^ [It. -mento (L. cum, with, 
plere, fill)], m. : = (laudatory address or 


poem ; praise, congratulatory greetings ; 
formalities), -méditer* -^^, tr.: compli- 
ment, address praises to. -menteur^®, 
=euse [-menter], adj.: complimentary. 

cowipli-qite ^^, adj.: complicated, intri- 
cate. Il^quer ^^ [L. -care, fold together], 
tr.: complicate, involve. 

co»»i-plot^^ [?], m.: =, conspiracy. 
-ploter^^, tr.: complot, plot together, 

eqni-pqn^^ [-pone], m. ; compony part (of 
two tints, on a shield). 

cotJiponctioii ^^ [1. L. -punctio (L. cum, 
with, pungere, pierce)], /. ; compunction 
(sting of conscience). 

cotiipone^^ [for couponnê, fr. coupon], 
adj.: (her.) compony (hav'g two tints). 

coritponetide ^^ [f r. 1. L. sense ' payable,' 
L. -dum, put together], m.: papal fees; 
fee office. 

corjipor-tem.ent ^*, m.: =, conduct. 
Il-'ter^'^ [L. -tare (cum, with, portare, 
carry)], tr.: accord with, fit, match; re- 
flex.: comport, conduct one's self, present 
one's self : le navire se comporte bien à la 
mer, the (new) vessel behaves beautifully 
at sea. 

cowi-posant^^, =sante,adj.orf.: compo- 
nent; constituent element, jl-^poser^-^ [L. 
-ponere (ponere, T^ui)], tr.: compose (put 
together ; combine ; create ; write ; set 
type; calm); intr.: agree, come to terms : 
fleurs composées, compositse family; 
mouvement composé, resultant, compound 
motion ; temps composé, compound tense ; 
— avec sa conscience, make peace with 
one's conscience, -posite ^^ [L. -positus], 
adj.: = (made of several elements or 
styles of architecture : m. : Italic archi- 
tecture), -positeur^^ [h. -positor], m.: 
fwriter ; composer (of music) ; composi- 
tor, type-setter ; adjuster (of legal differ- 
ences), -positioîi^'^ [h. -positio], f. : = 
(make-up, composure ; compound ; essay ; 
payment), -post^*^ [Eng., fr. OFr.], m.: 
manure, fertilizer, -posteur-^^ [It. -po- 
store, fr. -porre, compose], m.: (printer's) 
stick ; form (for printing gilt on bindings) ; 
transfer-picture, --pôt^^ [OFr. compost, 
composed], m.: composition, character; 
(dial.) esp. succession of crops, -pote^^ 
[for OFr. -poste fr. post, composed],/.; 
=, stew (where fruits keep their shape). 
-potier^' [-pote], m.: ^=, dish for com- 

coïît-pré/iensible^* [1. L. -prehensibilis], 
adj. : ==. -prélie>îsio»i ^* [L. prehensio], 

/.; =, ability to understand ; extent, con- 
tent. ||'«'pre»jdre^^ [L. -prehendere (cf. 
prendre)], irr. (cf. prendre); tr.: compre- 
hend (include ; comprise, contain ; under- 


lOMt-'presse^^ [OFr. -presser (L. -pres- 
sure, press together)],/.; compress, soft 
pad, wet cloth, -presseur ^^ [L. -pressor, 
presser], m.: compressor (fmuscle ; sur- 
gical instrument). -pressibilite ^^ 
[-pressible], f. : compressibility, compress- 
ibleness. -pressible ^® [-pressus, pressed 
together], adj. : =. -pressif ^^, =ive [1. L. 
-pressivus], adj.: compressive, exerting 
pressure, -pressimt^^ [L. -pressio], 
f.: =; condensation under pressure. 
-primer ^^ [L. -primere], tr.: compress, 
reduce by pressure. 

ompro-metta^it^^, adj.: compromising. 
'iP^mettre-^^ [L. -mittere, promise mutu- 
ally to abide by a decision], irr. (cf. 
mettre); intr.: compromise; (fagree to 
arbitration, imperil]. -m.i8^^, prêt, or 
part, of -mettre ; m. : compromise ; flaw- 
suit ; critical situation, -mission •^^, /. ; 
fcompromise ; surrender of one's principles. 
owip-tabilite 1'^ [_-table'\, /.; accounts, 
bookkeeping. -tqh\e^'^,adj.: accountable; 
m.: accountant, paymaster: — à sa patrie, 
responsible to his country, -tatit^^, adj. 
m. : l'argent — -, spot cash ; adv. : payer 
une marchandise — , pay for goods in 
cash; m.: le — , the cash, eqmp-te^^ 
[form of conte ; in comp. it is fr. -ter], m. : 
=, count ; account ; number ; reason, mo- 
tive ; bill : un — rond, number with no 
fractions; — borgne, one-eyed (i.e. odd) 
jaumber; à bon — , at fair price; être à 
ion — , be on his own expenses ; demander 
\— à quelqu'un de ses actions, ask one for 
an explanation of his conduct ; à — , on 
iccount; à votre — , according to your 
utory; au bout de — , on the whole, after 
jiU ; solde de — ,. payment in full ; nous 
\ummes loin de — , we are far from 
agreeing, -te-fils ^^, pi. — , m. : magni- 
ying glass (to count threads in fabric). 
jitc-gouttes^^, pi. — , m.: burette, drop- 
ping tube, -te-pas ^^, pi. — , m. ; pedom- 
ter, walking-wheel (to measure distance 
valked]. W^ter" [form of conter], tr.: 
!OUNT, calculate ; number ; price ; intr. : 
iount ; cipher, figure, reckon ; frender an 
iccount ; intend : on peut — sur lui, one 
It; ian depend on him ; tout compté, every- 
,12 I hing considered ; se — pour quelque chose, 
|,; jBgard one's self as somebody; à pas 
jj, j omp^és, with measured step, slowly; qui 
ji. lompte sans son hôte compte deux fois, 
je who reckons without his host reckons 
ij]^ Iwice ; il faut — avec V opinion des hom- 
|j| lie», we must consider people's opinions. 
00- 'konr-^^, =euse, m.,f.: numberer; meter 
for gas, water, bicycles, etc.). -toir^^, 
I.: =z (counter, table, or desk for 
ounting money; counting house, com- 
lercial agency). 



co»Hpnl-ser ^'* [L. -sare, press violently], 

tr. : fdemand (a copy legally) ; inspect. 
-sif^"'^, =:ive [L. -sus, fr. compellere, 
compel], adj.: compulsive. H-'sion^^ 
[L. -sio (cum, with, pellere, push)],/.; =, 
constraint, -soir^^ [L. -sus, fr. com- 
pellere], m. : warrant, order (to inspect or 

com-pn^t^^ [1. L. -tus, fr. -tare, count], 
m.; computus (set of church calendar 
tables). -tation^^ [L. -tatio], /.; 
reckoning (of movable dates), -tiste^® 
[1. L. -tus], m.: computer (of church 

cotn-tal^^, pi. =aux, adj.: of a count or 
earl, t-tat = -té. \\coni'^te° [L. comeSy 
associate, sc. of a king (cum, with, ire, 
go)], m. ; COUNT, earl, -té ^^, m. : county, 
earldom, -tesse^^,/.; countess. 

concamératioti ^^ [L. -tio, vault {cum, 
with, camera, arch)], /.; = (vault ; cham- 
ber of nautilus, etc.) ; sound wave's 

coti'-'casser -^^ [L. -quassare, shake vio- 
lently (cum, with, quassare, intens. fr. 
quatere, shake)], tr.: pulverize, bray, 
crush, -casseur ^^, m.: (grain) crusher. 

concaténation^^ [L. -tio (cum, with, 
catena, chain)],/.; =, chain-like series. 

conca-ve^^ [L. -vus (cum, with, cavus, 
hollow)], adj.: =, incurved (as the inside 
of a sphere) : verbe — , Arabic verb hav'g 
semi-vowel in root, -vité^^ [L. -vitas], 
f. : concavity, concave surface, hollow. 

con-céder»^* [L. -dere (cum, with, cedere, 
yield)], tr.: concede, give over, grant; 

con-cen-tration ^' [-trer], /. ; = ; in- 
tenseness. -trer^^ [L. cum, with, Fr. 
centre], tr.: concentrate, intensify; in- 
close. ||--triqne^^ [L. cum, with, Fr. 
centré], adj.: concentric, hav'g common 
centre ; approaching the centre, -tri- 
qnement^^, adj.: concentrically. 

con-cep'-'t^* [L. -tus (cum, with, caper e, 
take)], m.: =, general and abstract idea 
or notion, -tade^^ [L. -taculum], m.: 
=, seed sack (of certain low plants). 
-tion^^ [L. -tio], /.; = (beginning of 
the foetus ; idea) : une — originale, an 
original theme (for a painting) ; avoir la 
— vive, have a quick perception, mind. 
-tualisme^^ [1. L. -tualis] m.: concep- 
tualism (doctrine of general abstract types 
without concrete instances). 

con-cer-ner^* [1. L. -nere, lit., mix with], 
tr. : concern, pertain to. 

con-cer'-'t^^ [It. -to], m.: =, combination, 
united action, esp. in music, -tant^'^ 
[-ter], adj.: playing, singing (in concert), 
-ter^^ tr.: plan together; arrange; 
compose; intr.: take part in a concert. 



-to^"^ [It.], m. ; = (pretentious musical 

con-ees-'simi ^^ [L. -sio (cum, with, 
cedere, yield)],/.; = (deeding, grant, sur- 
render of property or claims), -sion- 
naire^^, m.,f.: grantee, concessioner. 

coȔ/-eetti^^ [It. pi. of -cetto, concept, 
notion], m.: witty conceit, fancy, --ce- 
vable^^, adj.: conceivable, imaginable. 
ll-^-CEvoir" [L. -cipere (cum, with, capere, 
take)], irr. § ; tr. : conceive (become 
pregnant ; think, plan ; fancy). 

§ Ind. : Pr. conçois, -s, -t ; co7ice-vons, 
-vez, cofiçotvent. Ipf. concevais. Prêt, con- 
çus. Fut. (Cond.) concevrai(s). — Subj. : Pr. 
conçoiv-e , -es, -e ; conce-vions, -viez, conçoi- 
vent. Ipf. conçusse. — I've conçois. — Part. : 
Pr. concevajit ; P. conçu. 

i.coti-ehe^^ [It. -ncisy lit., with which],/.; 
en — , in order, in trim. 

2.coti'*€lie^^ [L. -cha, sea-shell; hollow 
place],/.; (dial.) brine-pona, salt-basin (to 
evaporate sea-water). -cMte^''' [L. -chd], 

/.; clay petrified in an empty shell. 
-choïàe^^ [Gr. konchoeidês (kônche, shell, 
eîdos, form)], adj.: =, shell - shaped : 
courbe — , conchoid curve in geometry. 
-chjlien^^, =enne [L. -chylium, Gr. 
konchulion, shellfish, oyster], adj.: ter- 
rain — , ground hav'g shells, -c/iylio- 
logie^'^ [Gr. konchulion, shell, logos, 
spe'ech], /. ; conchiliology, science of 
shells, -c/tyliologiste^'^ [-chyliologie], 
m. : conchiliologist, 'student of shells. 

cmi^ier'^ge^^ [?], m.,S : '-= (door-keeper, 
porter, janitor), -gorie^^,/. ; = (tj^ni- 
tor's lodgings ; at ' Paris chief judge's 
dwelling and the prison ; prison). 

con-ei-^le^^ [L. -liur (cum, together, 
calare, call)], m.; (ecclesiastic) council. 
-liable ^^ [-Her], adj.: reconcilable, 
capable of harmonizing, -liabule^^ [L. 
-lum, place of assembly], m.: =, fun- 
sanctioned council; cabal. -liant ^', 
adj.: conciliating, -liateur^^, =tri-ce 
[L. -liator], adj.: reconciler, peace-maker. 
-liation-^^ [L. -liatio],/.: =; reconcili- 
ation, -liatoire-^^, adj.: conciliatory. 
-lier*^^ [L. -Hare], tr.: conciliate, make 
agree, harmonize : — le plaisir avec le 
travail, unite work and pleasure. 

eqn-ei'-'S^^, =-eise [L. -sus, cut up, fr. 
concidere (cœdere, cut)], adj. : concise, 
terse, compact, -sion^^,/. ; =, concise- 

concitoyen ^^, =enne [L. cum, with, Fr. 
citoyen], m.,f.: fellow-citizen. 

con-'clave ^^ [L., closed room (lit., with a 
key)], m.: = (college of cardinals electing 
a pope), -claviste -^^j m.; attendant (on 
cardinal during conclave). 

con-clnant ^^, adj. : decisive. Inclure ^'^ 
[L. -cludere (cum, with, claudere, close)], 


irr.^; tr.: conclude (finish; infer, di 
cide). -clusif, =ive [1. L. -clusivusl 
adj.: conclusive, -clusimi ^'■^ [L. -clusio 
/.; =, decision, final solution. | 

§ Ind. : Pr. conclus. Ipf. concluais. Prei 
conclus. Fut. (Cond.) co-nclurai{s). — Subj 
Pr. conclue. Ipf. coficlusse. — I've conclu\ 
— Part. : Pr. cojiclna/it ; P. conclus. ; 

fconcoction^^ [L.-tio (cwm, with, coquer 
cook)],/.; =^ (digestion; maturation of 

cqnconi^Te^'^ [L. cueumis], m. ; CUCUMBEI 

concomi-tan-ee^^ [L. -tari, accompar 
(cum, with, comes, companion)], /.; = 
subsistence together, -tant-^^ [L. -tans 
adj.: =, accompanying. 

concor-dan-ce^^, /.; = (agreement 
index). -dant^^, adj.: ^, agreeing 
-dat^^ [1. L. -datum], m.: = (agreemei 
between the papal see and a secula 
power) ; terms (with creditors), -da 
taire ^^ [-dat], adj. : Ifévêques — s, bishop 
approving the concordat ; failli — , certif 
cated bankrupt (who has made terms wit 
his creditors), -de^^ [L. -dia], /.; cor 
cord, harmony. H-^der*^^ [L. -dare (curtl 
with, cor, heart)], intr.: be of one mine 
be in harmony, concur. 

cmt-couraiit^'^, adj.: concurrent (meel 
ing at a point). 1 1 -^courir ^^ [L. -curren 
run together], irr. (cf. courir) ; intr. : cor 
verge, meet; cooperate; compete, -cours ^ 
[L. -cursus], m.: concourse, meeting; cor 
vergence (of lines) ; contribution ; com 

con-cret^^, =ète [L. -cretus, lit., grow 
together], adj.: concrete, solid; not ab 
stract. -crétiqn^^ [L. -cretio],/.: 
clot, solidifying. 

co^icubi-nage ^*, m.: =, living as thoug' 
married, -naire^^ [1. L. -narius], m. 
concubinarian, one hav'g a concubine 
-nat^^ [L. -natus], m. : concubinage 
IKne^^ [L. -na (cum, with, cubare, li 
down)],/; =, mistress. 

concupi-s-cen-ee-^^ [1. L. -scentia (cum 
with, cupiscere, desire)], /; ==, lustfi] 
desire, -scible^ [1. L. -scibilis], adj. 
=, lustful. 

concur-rement^^, adv.: unitedly; wit 
equal right ; competitively, -retvee, f. 
= ; competition (emulation) : faire — û 
compete with, oppose ; jusqu'à — de, t 
the amount (extent) of. ||-^rent^' 
=ente [-rens (concurrere, run together) 
adj.: =, contributory; m., /.; com 
petitor ; contributor : jours — s, extr 
days (needed to make civil year equa 
solar year). 

concus--sion^* [L. -sio fr. concuten 
scare, blackmail (cum, with, quaten 
shake)],/.; extortion. -sionn^re^'f 
adj. : (un juge) — ; extortioner. 


tnà&ni-nahle^^, adj.: blâmable, -na- 
iqn ^'^, f. : condemnation ; censure, 
ilame. H-'^ne?^^^ [L. condemnare {cum, 

". i/ith, damnare, harm ; doom)], tr. : con- 
iemn; convict; sentence; declare against: 
- à (or "^de) payer, fine ; Dieu condamne 
e mensonge, God censures lying ; les mé- 

; 'ecins l'ont condamné, the doctors have 
■iven him up (to die). 

mden-satenr^^, m.: condenser (of 
lectricity). -satimi^^ [L. -sa^io],/.; =: 

: volume-reduction ; concentration ; accu- 

i tiulation). W-^^er'^^ [L. -sare {cum, with, 
'ensns, dense)], tr.: condense, consoli- 
ate (by pressure, cold, etc.); accumulate. 
seur^^, m.: condenser (of steam). 
■>»ide-s-eendari,-ee^^, /.; condescension, 

; ompliance ; pL: act of condescension. 

\ ■seendant^^, adj.: condescending, com- 
iliant. W^s-eendre^^ [L.-scendere {cum, 
nth, de, down, scandere, climb)], intr.: 

: ondescend, stoop, deign : — à la vo- 
lOnté de quelqu'un, concede to one's 
,dsh ; t — envers quelqu'un, be affable 

indi^gue^^ [L. -gnus {cum, with, dignus, 
vorthy)], adj.: condign, fitting, merited. 
gnité ^^, /. .• condignity, fitness. 
mdiment-^^ [L. -turn, spice {condere, 
ay up)], m.: =, seasoning, sauce. 
Imdisciple^"^ [L. -pulus {cum, with, 
liscipulus, learner)], m.: fellow-student. 
riidit^^ [L. -tus, preserved (see condi- 
ment)], m.: candied fruit. 
rtidi'^'timi^^ [L. -tio, -cio {condicere, 
peak together, agree)],/.; = (station; 
■ireumstances ; terms of agreement) ; 
itandard. -tienne ^^ [-tionner], adj.: 
; onditioned ; fixed (drunk), -tionnel^^ 
elle [L. -tionalis], adj.: conditional 
vent ; mode of a verb), -tionnellc- 
ietit^^ [-tionnel], adv.: conditionally. 
ionnement^^ [-tionner], m.: drying 
of silk), -tienne r ^^, ^r.; make, manu- 
acture in a fixed way : — un act, add 
;onditions to an act. 

mdolean-ee ^"^ [-douloir infl. by dolê- 
mce], /.; condolence, expression of sym- 
)athy in grief. 

ïndor^^ [Sp., fr. Peruv. cuntui'], m.: = 
Andes vulture). 

mdottiere^^ [It. 'CONDUCTOR'], m.: =, 
>1. -ri, leaders of bands of military ad- 
'enturers in Italy in the 14th Cent. 
mdouloir^^ [L. -dolere {cum, with, 
lolere, grieve)], irr. (cf. douloir); rejl.: 
ondoie, express sympathy: se — avec 
ux de la perte, condole with them over 
he loss. 

m-dncteur ^^, =tri-ee, m., f.: con- 
luctor (leader ; overseer ; grooved stick 
guide an instrument in certain opera- 



tions) ; adj. : leading ; conducting, -dnc- 
tibilité^^, /.; conductivity (power to 
transmit heat, electricity, etc.). -duc- 
tiqn^^^ \h. -ductio],f. : renting. ||-«'duire*' 
[L. -ducere {cum, with, ducere, lead)], 
irr. § ; tr. : conduct, lead, drive ; guide, 
escort; train; manage, -duiseur^\ 
m. : twindlass-man (in slate quarry) ; 
wood-agent, -duit ^^, m. .• = (pipe ; pas- 
sage ; channel). -duite^^ /.; conduct 
(management ; behaviour) ; series of con- 
duits (as for air). 

§ Ind. : Pr. condiii-s, -s, -t ; -sons, -sez, 
-sent. Ipf. conduisais. Prêt, conduisis. Fut. 
(Coud.) cojid7iirai{s). — Subj. : Pr. conduise. 
Ipf. cojidnisisse. — I've conduis. — Part. : Pr. 
co7iduisajit ; P. co7iduit. 

condupliqué^^ [L. -catus, doubled 
{cum, with, duplicare, double)], adj.: 
conduplicate, doubled lengthwise (as 

coHdy-.^le^^ [L. -lus, Gr. kôndulos, 
knuckle; cf. Skt. kandas, lump], m. ; =, en- 
larged end of a bone, -lome ^^ [L. -loma], 
m.: condyloma (wart-like growth usually 
near the anus). 

conc^^ [L. -nus, Gr. kônos], m.: cone 
(geometrical figure ; strobila ; strobile ; 
fruit of pines ; pencil of light). 

coHfabu-latign^* [L. -latio],f.: CONFAB, 
chat. Il^ler-^^ [L. -lari {cum, with,/a6M- 
lari, talk)], intr.: confabulate, chat. 

coHfarreatioii^^ [L. -tio {cum, with,/ar, 
grain)],/..- = (patrician form of mar- 
riage, presenting spelt cake to Jupiter). 

coiifec'^tion^^ [L. -tio fr. conjlcere, pre- 
pare (cum, with, /acere, make)],/ .• mak- 
ing, construction ; ready-made garment ; 
remedy. -tionner ^^, tr.: complete; 
construct ; make, -tionneur ^^, =euse 
[-tionner], m., f.: maker: — de vête- 
ments, maker of ready-made clothing. 

confédé-ratif-^^, =ive, adj.: {rare) al- 
lied, -ration ^^ [L. -ratio], /.; fleague 
of powers, temporary alliance ; permanent 
union, federation, -ré^"^, m.: ally, 
livrer ^^ [L. confœderare {cum, with, 

fœdus, bond)], tr.: unite, ally. 

coHfé-reu-ee^^ [1. L. -rencia], f.: fcolla- 
tion (texts) ; =, discussion ; lecture ; 
class : maître de — , professor in charge 
of a course, -reii-eier^^ [-rence], m.: 
chairman of a conference ; lecturer, 
livrer ^^ [L. conferre {cum, with, ferre, 
carry)], tr.: confer; collate, compare; 
take counsel. 

coîtferve^'^ [L. -va fr. -rvere, boil to- 
gether, heal {cum, with, fervere, be hot)], 
/ .• conferva (plant). 

eqnÎGs-se^^,/.: aller à — , go to confes- 
sion. Il-i'ser^^ [L. -sus fr. conjiteri, avow 
{cum, with, fateor, acknowledge)], tr.: 
confess. -segr^^ [1. L. -sor], m.: pro- 



fessing Christian ; confessor. -slon^* 
[1. L. -sio], /.: = (acknowledgment, 
avowal). -sional^^, pi. =aua? [It. 

-sionale], m.: = (cabinet where priests 
hear confession) ; high-backed chair. 

oon-^fiaii-ee ^■^ [L. -Jldentia fr. -fidere, 
CONFIDE (cum, with, fido, trust)],/.; con- 
fidence, reliance, -fiant ^^ [-fier], adj.: 
confident, trusting ; reliable, -fidem- 
ment^^ -dam- [L. -fidens, trustful], 
adv. : twith confidence ; confidentially. 
-fidettce^^ [L. -fidentia], /.; =, faith, 
trust: en — , confidentially, secretly; 
tenir un bénéfice en — , have the income 
while another has the title of a benefice. 
-fident^*, -ente [It. -fidente], adj.: 
fhav^g one's confidence; m., /.; confident, 
trusted person. -fidentialre ^^ [L, 
-fidentia], m.: trustee of an oral bequest ; 
beneficiary par or en confidence, by private 
understanding, -fidentiel^'^, =elle [L. 
-fidentia], adj.: confidential. -fiden- 
tiellement ^"^ [-fidentiel], adv.: confi- 
dentially, -fier*^^ [L. -fidere], tr.: CON- 
FIDE, entrust. 

cotifigu-ratiott^^, /.; =, structural 
form, outline, [[-«^rer^^ [L. -rare {cum, 
with, figura, shape)], tr.: configure, 
form after a model. 

confi-nement ■^*, m.: = (of prisoners). 
-ner ^*, intr. : lie adjacent, border ; fen- 
close (fields, etc.) ; confine, shut in ; im- 
prison. Ilconfî-'ns^^ [L. pi. of -nis, 
bordering], m. pL: confines, borders, 

confire" [L. -ficere (cum, with, facere, 
make)], ir.; preserve, pickle; candy; dip 
(hides, in curing them, into the sour water 
called confit) ; and cf. confit. 

confip-matif^*, =ive, adj: confirma- 
tive, substantiating, -mation^'^,/.; = 
(support of higher authority, ratification ; 
church rite). W^^''^ [L. -mare (cum, 
with, firmus, strong)], tr.: confirm 
(strengthen, ratify ; establish as a church 
member) ; slap (in allusion to stroke of 
confirming priest). 

ootifis-cabie^^ [-quer], adj.: =, liable 
to be confiscated. f-cant = -quant. 
-catiott^^ [L. -catio], /.; =:, appropria- 
tion of private property by the state ; 
property seized. 

confi-serie ^'^, /. ; confectionery. 
Il-^seur^^ =ense [-re], m., /.; confec- 

confisquer" ^^ [L. -care, (cum, with, fiscus, 
basket; public treasury)], tr.: confiscate, 
take as forfeited ; escheat. 

confi-t^^ [-re], part.: preserved, pickled; 
candied ; steeped ; accomplished, perfect, 
consummate ; ruined ; m. : sour water (in 
tanning shammy) ; (dial.) preserved fowl. 


confiteor ^^ [L., ' I confess'], m. : = (praye' 
beginning thus). 

confi-^ture ^^ [-t], f.: preserves (fruit) 
-turerie^^ [-turier], f.: preserving fad 
tory, t-turier-^^, =ière, m., f.: selle 
of preserves. 

conflagration^^ [L. -tio, (cum, witl 

fiag7'are,hmTï)],f.: := (fire; excitement 

conflit ^^ [L. -flictus fr. -fiigere (cun 
with, fiigere, strike], m.: confiict, clasl; 
ing; contest. 

con-fluent ^^ [L. -fluens, running together 
m. ; confluence, juncture (of tw 
streams); adj.: =, uniting: variole — < 
confluent variola (where the pustules unite 
-fluer^^ L. -fluere, flow together], intr. 
unite (as streams), flow together. 

confondre® [L. -fundere (cum,mth,fu'n 
dere, pour)], tr.: confound (mix ; confuse 
silence, overwhelm ; put to shame). 

confor-mateur ^^ [-mer], m.: conforma 
tor (measure for hats). -mation^j 
[L. -matis], f.: =^, general form or ai! 
rangement of parts, -me^'^ [L. -mis] 
adj. : conformable (like in form ; suit 
able ; proper), -mexnent ^^, adv. : corj 
formably, in conformity. H-^mer^ 
[L. -mare (cum, with, forma, form)], trJ\ 
conform (form like ; suit to ; complj 
with ; adopt), -miste^^ [Eng. -mist], m\ 

/.; conformist, member of the ofiicial 
church, -mité^^ [L. -mitas], /.; con! 
formity, harmony. 

I. con-fort ^'^, m.: encouragement, support 
2.-fort^^ [Eng. comfort], m.: comfortj 
well-being. -fortable^^ [Eng. comfort, 
able], adj.: agreeable, enjoyable, -forta 
blcment^^ [-fortable], adv.: COMFORT; 
ABLY. -fortant^^ or f-fortatif^'' 
=ive, adj.: strengthening (as medicine) 
corroborative. -fortation ^*, /. ; = 
making strong. ||-«'forter° [L. -fortâr 
(cum, with, fortis, strong)], ^r. ; strengther 


con-fraternel^^ [frère (infl. by f rater 
net)], adj.: mutual and brotherly, -fra 
ternité^^ [1. L. -fraternitas], f: confra 
ternity, brotherly association. H-^^frère^ 
[1. L. -frater (cf. frère)], m.: =, fellow 
member. -frérie^'-^, /.; fraternity 
entrer dans la — , become a married mar 

conf ron-tation ^^ [1. L. -tatio (cum, wit! 

/rons, face)],/.; =, facing, -ter^* [1 
-tare], intr.: tface, look; tr.: confroni 
bring face to face. 

confu-s^^, =use [L. -sus, poured together 
adj. : confused ; mixed ; disconcertec 
-sèment^'* [-s], adv.: confusedly, indi.^ 
tinctly. ||^sion^° [L. -sio (cum, witl 
fundere, pour)],/.; = (bewilderment, pei 
plexity ; shame). 

confutation^^ [L. -tio, fr. confutare, n 


press boiling liquid (cum, with, *futàre, 
mtens. of f over e, be hot)],/.; =, disproof. 

cqnge^^ [L. -gius, measure of three quarts], 
m. :' ore basket. 

co»jgé° [L. commeatus, going to and fro 
{cum, with, meâre, go)], m.: = (leave- 
taking ; permission to leave ; dismissal ; 
tpermission ; apophyge of pillar), f-gea- 
"ble^^ [OFr. -geer, let leave], adj.:' dis- 
missable, dischargeable. -gédier*^^ [It. 
-gedo, congé], tr.: discharge,' dismiss. 

coHgElable^^, adj.: congealable, liable 
to harden, -gelation ^^ [L. -gelatio], f. : 
freezing, hardening. H^gEler^^ [L. 
-gelare {gelu, frost; chill)], 'tr.: congeal, 
harden with cold. 

congé-nère^^ [L. -ner (cum, with, genus, 
kind)], adj.: of the same genus, congene- 
ric, -nial^^, pi. ~avLX [L. genius, spirit], 
adj.: =, of same kind, alike, -nital^^, 
pi. =aiia? [L. -nitus, born with], adj.: =, 
existing from birth. 

cotiges-^tion ^^ [L.-tio (cwm, with, ^ererc, 
bear)],/.; =, unhealthy accumulation (esp. 
of blood), -tionner^^, tr.: congest, 
mass together. 

congiaire^^ [L. -giarium {-gins, three- 
quart measure)], m. : congiary, gift, 
largess to the people. 

conglo-batioti ^^ [L. -batio, heaping to- 
gether], /. ; summary of arguments. 
Il^-bei'i^ [L. -bare (cum, with, globus, 
sphere)], tr.: conglobate, gather into a 
lump, -luerat ^^ [L. -meratum, piled up], 
m.: conglomerate (concretion of frag- 

ments of older rocks). 




, -merare (cum, with, glomus, ball ak. to 
. globus)], tr.: conglomerate (collect in con- 
cretion or lump). 

'.owgluti-nation^^ [L. -natio], / ; =, 
. gluing together, sticking together. 
J iKner^^ [L. -ware fr. cuw., with, gluti- 
; Tiare, stick (gluten, glue)], tr. ; congluti- 
nate, unite (as fractures or wounds). 
Dongratu-latiwi^^ [L. -latio], /.; =, 
f felicitation (expression of sympathetic 
[ satisfaction). H^^ler^^ [L. -lari (cum, 
! with, gratulari, show delight (gratus, 
! pleasing; cf. Skt. hary, love)], tr.: con- 

30Hgre^^ [L. -grus, Gr. gongros, sea-eel], 
VI.: cONGER-eel. 

îOM-gréage^^, worming (of ropes). 
-grée r^'^'P OFr. conreer, arrange], tr.: 
worm (wind spun yarn, etc., along a rope 
to fill grooves and make rope smooth). 
jongréganiste ••^'^ [L. -gregus, one of a 
flock (grex)'\,m.: lay-member; adj.: école 
— , denominational school, -grégation^^ 
[L. -gatio (cum, with, grez, flock)], /. ; = 
(church membership ; audience ; body of 
. priests ; committee of cardinals). 

oonjngaison 143 

congrès ^^ [L. -ssus, meeting (cum, with, 
gradi, go)], m.: congress, meeting of 

con-gru^'^ [L. -gruus, suitable, fr. 
-gruere, agree], adj.: congruous; fappro- 
priate : grace — e, ample grace (fitting the 
conditions of the man) ; réduire quelqu'un 
à la portion — e, leave one just enough to 
live on. -gruent^^ [L. -gruens], adj. 
tbecoming (as clothing), -gruisme^'^, 
m. ; congruism, doctrine that divine grace 
is dependent on the character of the re- 
cipient, -gruiste^^, m.; congruist, be- 
liever in congruism. -gruité^^, /. ; 
congruity (fharmony; receptivity of 
divine grace, assumed in congruism). 
-grume» f^^, adv.: properly. 

coni-cine^^ [L. -um, Gr. koneion, hem- 
lock],/.; CONINE (poison principle of hem- 
lock). Il'-'fère^^ [L. -fer (conus, cone and 
/erre, bear)], ac(7.; conifer; m.pL: pine 
family, -qiie^^ [Gr. -kos (konos, cone)], 
adj.: CONIC, -rostre ^^ [L. conus, cone, 
rostrum, beak], adj. : hav'g cone-like beak ; 
m. pi. : sparrow family. 

co**jec-tural^^ pi. =aux, adj.: =, 
doubtful. -turalemenf ^^ [-tural], 

adv.: on conjecture, -tiire^'^ [L. -tura], 
/.; =, supposition. il-^^turer^'^ [L. 
-turare fr. con-jicere, throw (facts) to- 
gether], tr:: conjecture, guess. 

con-j oindre-^ [L. -jungere (cf. joindre)], 
irr. (cf. joindre) ; tr. : fJOiN together ; join 
in marriage. -joint ^^, adj.: conjoint, 
united, associated ; married. -jointe- 
me^it ^^ [-joint], adv. : conjointly, unitedly. 
-jonctif^'^, =ive [L. -junctivus], adj.: 
conjunctive, uniting: la membrane con- 
jonctive, the conjunctiva (membrane lin- 
ing the eyelids). -jonction ^^ [L. 
-junctio], f. : = (part of speech; appar- 
ent approach of stars, etc. ; sexual union). 
-joHctivite^^ [-jonctive], /.; conjuncti- 
vitis, inflammation of the conjunctiva. 
-joncture^^ [It. -giontura], f. : conjunc- 
ture, combination of circumstances. 

tcgu '«'jouir ^^ [L. -gaudere, cum, with, 
gaudere, rejoice (gaudium, JOY)], reflex.: 
rejoice. -jouissan-ee^'^, /.; rejoicing. 

cmjju-gaison^^ [L. -gatio], /.; conjuga- 
tion (all the forms of a verb) : f — d^s 
nerfs, nerves by pairs ; trous de — , nerve 
holes in the vertebrae. H^gal^^, pi. 
=auac [L. -galio (-gium, marriage)], adj.: 
=, of married people. -gaiement -^^ 
[-gal], adv.: (rare) conjugally, matri- 
monially, -gue^^ [L. -gatus], adj.: con- 
jugate (coupled, paired). -giter^^ [L. 
-gare], tr.: fJOiN together; conjugate 
(verbs), -jungo^^ un =^ q [L., *I join 
together' fr. the marriage formula], 7/i. ; 
(Jam.) prononcer le — , pronounce the 



wedding ceremony ; après le — , after the 

couju-rateur^^, m.: conjurer, magician. 
-ration ^^ [L. -ratio], /. : conspiracy 
(against government) ; adjuration ; spell, 
magic, -ré^^ [L. -ratus], m.: sworn con- 
spirator, il-i^rer^^ [L. -rare {cum, with, 
jurare, swear)], tr.: conjure; adjure; 

connai-ssable ^^, adj. : knowable ; 
-ssa.n-ee^'^ , /.: KNOWLedge, understand- 
ing ; intelligence ; acquaintance : une 
vieille — , an old friend or acquain- 
tance ; les — s, the tracks (of an animal). 
-sseiaent ^^, m. ; bill of lading, -sseur ^^, 
=euse, m.,f.: connoisseur, experC^riti- 
cal judge, -connai-^tre** [L. cognos- 
cere (cum, with, noscere, know)], irr. § ; 
tr. : KNOW (well ; by experience : carnal- 
ly) : be acquainted with ; recognise : ne 
— autre, not know any one else (i.e. 
know him as well as one knows one's 
self) ; gagner à être connu, improve on 
acquaintance ; gens à ce connaissants, peo- 
ple aware of these matters ; je me con- 
nais à ces sortes de choses, I am at home in 
such things ; tribunal chargé de — des 
affaires correctionnelles, tribunal whose 
duty is to take cognisance (judge) of mat- 
ters liable to penalty. 

§ Ind. : Pr. connais, -s, con7iai-t ; con- 
naissons. Ipf. cofinaissais. Prêt, conflits. 
Fut. (Cond.) conna}trai{s). — Subj. : Pr. con- 
naisse, Ipf. connusse. — I've connais. — 
Part. : Pr. connaissant ; P. cofinu. 

conné^''^ [L. -nnatus (con, with, nasci, be 
born)], adj.: (rare) connate, joined (as 
leaves) ; congenital. 

connectif -^"^ [L. -tere, twine together], m. ; 
connective (stamen filament uniting the 
anther lobes). 

conné-table** [L. comes stahuli, COUNT of 
the stable], m.: constable (equerry; 
chief of cavalry ; commandant of fortress, 
or town, or whole army) ; /. .• constable's 
wife, -tablie^^, /.; marshal's tribunal 
(formerly presided over by constable ; 

conne-^xe^^ [L. -xus (connecter e,'bmà to- 
gether)], adj. : connected, related, -acion^^ 
[L. -xio], /.; connection, -xité^^, /. ; 
connexity, connection, relation. 

conni--» §n-ee ^^ [L. -ventia, lit., winking], 
/.; connivance, silent or secret or guilty 
assent, -vent ^"^ [L. -vens, winking], adj. : 
converging, touching (as certain insect 
wings, or stamens with each other). 
Ilt^ver^^ [L. -vere, wink (cum, with, ni- 
vere, nicere, shut, ak. to Ger. neigen, in- 
cline)], intr. : connive, passively assent to 

connu [-nnaîtré], m.: aller du — à 
Vinconnu, go from known to unknown. 


conoïde^^ [Gr. konoeidês (kônos, cone, 
eîdos, shape)], adj.: conoid. 

conqite^^ [L. -cha (cf. Fr. conche)], /.: 
CONCH (trumpet of the Tritons; concha, 
spiral of the ear ; certain mollusk). 

cotiqité-ratit ^^, =ante, m., f.: CON- 
QUEROR, ll-^rir" [L. -quirere (cum, with, 
quaerere, seek)], irr. (cf. acquérir); tr.: 
CONQUER, overcome, win. fconqieet^^ 
[-quest, old part, of -quérir], m.: realty 
acquired after marriage. conqifete^'^ 
[-quest, old part. fr. -quérir],/. : conquest, 
country acquired, fconqtieter^^ [-quête], 
tr.: conquer, acquire. 

consa-cratit ^^, adj.: évêque — , conse- 
crating bishop ; m. : consecrator, blesser. 
Il-'crer'^^ [L. -crare (cum, with, saeer, 
sacred)], tr. : consecrate, make sacred, 

cqnsa.U'^e^iiin}'^, =ine [L. -guineus (cum, 
with, sanguis, blood)], adj. : hav'g one 
parent the same, half- (brother, sister). 
-guinite^^ [L. -guinitas], f.: consan- 
guinity, blood-kinship (of half-brothers by 
the same father). 

coti~s-eien-ee ^^ [L. -scientia (scientia, 
knowledge)], /. .* = (the moral guide of 
right and wrong, corresponding to the 
physical guide taste); consciousness: vous 
ne pouvez le faire en bonne — , you cannot 
do that with a good conscience ; la main 
sur la — , with his hand upon his heart 
(gesture of sincerity) ; — large, broad 
(easy) conscience ; avoir — de soi, be 
conscious of one's self, -s-eien^ieuse- 
-ment^^ [-sciencieux], adv.: conscien- 
tiously, -s-eieti-eietuc^^, =eTjse, adj.: 
conscientious. -s-eietit-^^ [L. -sciens, 
knowing with], adj.: CONSCIOUS. 

con-scription^" [L. -scriptio (cum, with, 
scribere, write)],/. ; =, enrolment for tht 
militia, -scrit^'^ [L. -scriptus, written 
with], adj. : pères — s, conscript fathers ; 
m.: CONSCRIPT, drafted soldier; novice, 

coHsécra-teur^^ [1. L. -tor], m.: conse- 
crator (of priest ; of eucharist). ||*tio»i^^ 
[L. -tio, consecrare (cum, with, sacer, 
holy, sacred)],/.; =, dedication, blessing. 

corisécu-tif ^^, =ive [L. -tus, following 
(cum, with, sequi, follow)], adj.: consec- 
utive, successive; consequent, -tiqn^^ 
[L. -tio, a following],/.; logical sequence : 
mois de — , consecution month (lunar 
month), -tixenicnt^^ [-tif], adv.: in 

con-seil" [L. -silium, -sulere, take coun- 
sel], m.; COUNSEL (advice ; adviser, attor- 
ney; plan); council, tribunal. i.-seiller° 
[p. L. *-siliare, L. -siliàri], tr.: counsel, 
advise; prescribe. 2.-se£/le»^°, -ère 
[L. -siliarius], m., /.; counselor, ad- 


viser ; councilor, advocate ; councilman. 
-seiileur^^ [seiller, advise], m.: ad- 

consen-suel^^, =elle [L. -sus, consent], 
adj.: consensual, founded solely on mu- 
tual consent, -temsjit^^, m. ; consent, 
acquiescence. ||*tir° [L. -tire (cum, with, 
sentire, feel)], intr. : consent, get out of 
place (as a mast) ; tr. : approve ; admit, 
agree to. 

cqnsé-quemment^^ -kam-, adv.: log- 
ically ; accordingly : — à quelque chose, 
consistently with a thing. \\^q\ien-ee^^ 
[L. -quentia (-qui, foWow up)], f.: = (log- 
ical result ; fimportance) : en — , in con- 
sequence, accordingly. -qiterit^^ [L. 
-quens], adj.: = (consistent, logical; re- 
sultant) ; m. : =, conclusion. 

conser-vateur ^^ =tri-ee [L. -vator, -va- 
trix], m., f. : preserver ; conservative 
(in politics) ; adj. : preservative, saving. 
-jratiqu^^ [L. -vatio], /.; =, keeping, 
conservancy, preservation, -vatoire^^, 
adj. : conservative ; m. : conservatory 
(place to keep or preserve music or art, 
or collections), -ve^^, /. ; =; consort- 
ship : naviguer de — , sail in company 
(with other ships for protection) ; sail 
same course ; aller de — , go with escort ; 
pi.: dark eyeglasses. H'^ver^ [L. -vare 
(cum, wil-x, servare, keep)], tr. : conserve, 
preserve ; guard ; (fam.) keep (one's hat, 
cane); raise (a child), f-viteur^^ [L. 
cum, Fr. serviteur], m. : fellow-servant. 

cotisidé-rable^^, adj.: =, important. 
-Tohlement^'^ [-rable], adv.: considera- 
bly, in large measure, -rant^^, m.: pre- 
amble, whereas, -ratioii^^ [L. -ratio],/. : 
=, esteem, regard, f-ré ^*^, adj. : prudent, 
well determined: H-^rer^'^ [L. -rare, lit. 
view the stars (cum, with, sidus, star)], 
tr.: consider, estimate, think over, es- 

jon-siÊfnataire^^, m.: CONSIGNEE; depos- 
itary. -si</natioti ^^, /..'=; consignment. 
■signe^^,/.: orders (to sentinel); sentinel, 
gate-keeper ; keeping in (of pupil as pun- 
ishment) ; baggage-room. |Ksif/ner^* 
[h. -signare (cum, with, signum, sign)], 
tr. : consign ; deposit (as guarantee) ; de- 
tain (under orders) ; keep in (pupil) ; 
mention, itemize (in report). 

consis-tan-ee^'* [L. -tentia], f.: consist- 
ence, thickness, solidity ; quantity, matter. 
-tant ^^, adj : consistent, firm, solid. 
Il-^ter^^ [L. -tere (cum, with, sister e, 
stand)], intr.: consist; fbe solid: en (or 
fa) quoi consiste son revenu, of what does 
his income consist. 

oonsi-'Stoire ^^ [1. L. -storium, L. -stere, 
sense of 'sojourn'], m. ; consistory (au- 
thoritative church assembly), -storial^'^, 



pi. =aua7, adj.: of the consistory, -sto- 
rialement^^ [-storial], adv.: accord- 
ing to the consistory (its rulings or 

cçnso-lable ^* [L. -labilis],adj.: =, able 
to be comforted, -lant^^, adj.: consol- 
ing, soothing. -lateur^^, =tri-ce [L. 
-lator, =trix], m., /.; consoler, comforter ; 
adj. : côm.f orting. t-latif ^^, =ive [L. -lati- 
vus], adj.: consoling. Halation ^^ [L. 
-latio (solar^i, soothe)], /.; =, comfort, 
SOLACE : fiche de — , fish, counter (in play- 
ing) given to a loser, -ler^* [L. -lari], 
tr.: console, comfort. 

coîisoli-datif ^^, adj.: =, tending to heal 
wounds. -datiqu^^ [L. datio], f.: = 
(uniting ; fcentralization ; making solid. 
||--der^^ [L. -dare (cum, with, solidus, 
firm)], tr.: consolidate, sOLiDify; cen- 
tralize ; fund : les consolidés, consolidated 
funds, consols. 

I. consommateur^^ [1. L. -summator (L. 
summa, sum)], m.: consummator, finisher, 

2.con-sommateur^" [h.-sumere (sumere, 
take)], m.: consumer; guest (at a res- 
taurant). i.||-^sommation^* [-sommer, 
consume],/, consumption, using. 

2.con-sommatioîi^^ [L.* -summatio], /.: 
=, completion, i. -sommé -^^ [-sommer, 
complete], adj.: accomplished, finished, 

2.cqn-sovoLjn.é^^,m.: ==, broth. i.|i-.'Som- 
mei'^^ [L. -summere (ci^m, with, sumere)]; 
tr. : consume, use up. 

2.consommei^^^ [L. -summare (cum, with, 
sumrnare, fr. summa, sum)], tr.: consum- 
mate, complete, perfect. 

tconsotJtp-^ f 1^, =ive [L. -ptus, part. fr. 
consumere, consume], adj.: caustic, con- 
suming, -ption^^ [L. -ptio], /.; con- 
sumption (using up ; the disease). 

conso-'naii-ee^^ [L. -nantia (-nare, sound 
together)],/. ; =, musical accord; rhyming. 
-liant ^^ [L. -nans], adj. : =, alike in sound. 
-nne^"^ [L. -na /.; consonant (letter 
sounded with a vowel). 

coiisort^^, =sorte [L. -sors, hav'g same 
fortune (cum, with, sors, lot)], m., /.; 
fsharer, partner , = : prince — , queen's 
husband (in England) ; un tel et — s, such 
a one and his partners, ass' nates. 

consoude° [L. -solida (solidus, ûrm)],/.: 
consound, black briony (astringent). 

conspi-rant 1'^, adj.: CONSPIRING, -ra- 
teur^'^ =tri-ce, m., /.; CONSPIRATOR. 
Il-'^ratioti^^ [L. -ratio (cum, with, spirare, 
breathe)!, /. • conspiracy, fcon vergence, 
common tendency, -rer^^ [L. -rare], tr.: 
tpursue together; plan, plot together; 
intr. : conspire ; tend (to a common 



conspuer ^'^ [L.-re, spit upon], tr.: treat 
contemptuously, grossly insult. 

constable ^^ [Eng.], m.: =, petty officer. 

co*i-stauiineHt ^^ [stant], adv.: con- 
stantly; firmly; faithfully. ll--stan-ee^'^ 
[L. -stantia, lit., standing together], /. ; 
constancy; loyalty, -stanf^^ [L. -stans], 
adj.: =, firm; proved; established; loyal. 
-stat^^ [L.,'it is evident'], m.: = (certi- 
ficate of record ; attested copy), -sta- 
tatioH^^ [stater], /.; verification, evi- 
dence, -stater^'' [L. -stat, *it is evident'], 
tr.: establish, prove. 

co>istel-^latio?i ^'^ [L. -latis (cum, with, 
Stella, star)],/.; =, named group of stars, 
-lé^^ [fr. root of -lation], adj.: made 
under the influence of stars, magic. -1er ^^ 
[L. -lare], tr. : stud or set with stars. 

conster-^^ [L. -stare, be manifest], impers, 
intr. : be ascertained, evident, or proved. 

conster-natioR^*' [L. -natio], f.: =, 
dismay, panic. i.||-«-ner^^ [L. -nare (cum, 
with, sternere, strew)], tr.: overwhelm, 
confuse with terror. 2.f-ner^^ [L. -nere, 
strew], tr.: beat down. 

cojisti-pation^^ [h. -patio], f. : =, stop- 
page. Il'-'per^^ [L. -pare (cum, with, 
stipare, stuff, crowd full)],^r. .• constipate, 
stop up. 

consti-tuant^^, adj.: constituent, com- 
ponent; authorizing. H'-^tuer^^ [L. -^were 
(cum, with, statuere, establish)], tr.: con- 
stitute, establish legally ; make ; com- 




-i-ve [L. -tutus, estab- 

lished], adj.: constitutive, establishing. 
-tutiçH-^^ [L. -tutio], f.: = (establish- 
ment ; make-up, composition ; form of 
government ; bodily habit or temper). 
-tutîonnalité ^'^ [-tutionnel], f. : consti- 
tutionality, accord with the constitution. 
-tutionnel^', =elle [-tution], adj.: 
constitutional (inherent in the consti- 
tution ; according to a written constitu- 
tion), -tutionnellement -"^^ [-tution- 
nel], adv.: according to the constitution. 

con-stricteur ^'^ [L. -strictus, squeezed], 
m. ; constrictor, squeezer; sphincter 
(muscle). II '^striction ^'^ [L. -stristio, 
cum, with, stringere, bind tight (cf. Gr. 
stranx, squeezed out, drop ; and Eng. 
strong)], f.: =, tightening. -strin- 
gent^^ [L. -stringens], adj.: =, binding. 

construc-teur ^^ [L. -tor],, m.: builder. 
||'«'tion^^ [L. -tio fr. cum, with, struere, 
pile up, arrange (cf. Gr. stronnumi, I 
spread; Skt. upa-star, make ready)],/.; 
= (building ; form ; structure ; sentence 
arrangement), construi-re ^^ [L. con- 
struere], tr.: construct, build; form; 
interpret (by syntax of words). 

consubstan-^tialité^"-^ [LL.-tialitas (L, 
cum, with, substantia, matter)], /.; con- 


substantiality (coexistence in same sub- 
stance), -tiatioîi^^ [1. L. -tiatio], /.; 
=, Lutheran doctrine of real presence. 
-tiel^^, =elle [\.h.-tialis], adj.: le Fils 
est — au Père, the Son is consubstantial 
with the Father (has the same substance). 
-tiellement^^ [-tiel], adv.: les trois 
personnes de la Trinité sont unies — ,the 
three persons of the Trinity are united 
consubstantially (by being of the same 

consu^^l^^ [L. fr. cum, with, root of salire, 
leap], m.: = (magistrate or officer of 
varying functions), -laire^'^ [L. -laris], 
adj.: consular, of a consul, -laire- 
ment^® [-laire], adj.: in a consular way. 
-lat^'^ [L. -latus], m.: consulate (dignity 
or rule of a consul). -Itant^^ [-Iter], adj. : 
consulting; m.: one taking or giving 
counsel. -Itatif^'', =ive [-Iter], adj.: 
consultative, advisory. -Itation^^ [L. 
-Itatio],/.: = (counseling with specialists, 
as doctors or lawyers), i.f-lte^*' [-Iter], 
/. ; ((ZiaZ.) consultation. 2.-lte-^'^ [It. -Z^a], 
/. ; COUNCIL : la — cisalpine, formed to 
establish the cisalpine republic. -Iter-^* 
[L. -Itare], intr: ftake counsel, seek 
advice; tr.: consult; fsubmit (a case) for 
advice. -Iteur^* [-Iter], m.: counselor, 
esp. adviser of the pope. 

cqnsn-Tn.ant^^,adj.: consuming. Ij-^mer 
[L. -mere (cum, with, sumere, take)], tr.: 
consume, use up, exhaust ; fconsummate 
(see 2. consommer). 

contabes-cen-ee^^ [L. -cere, waste away 
(tabes, dwindling)], /.; =, atrophy. 
-■eent^^ [L. -cens], adj.: =, suffering 

conta-ct-^^ [L. -ctus (cum, with, tactus, 
touching fr. tangere, touch)], m.: = 
(coming or being together), -gieuo?-^^, 
=euse [L. -giosus], adj.: contagious, 
catching, communicable, -gion^^ [L. -gio], 
/. ; =, infection, tendency to spread. 
-minatioît-^^ [L. -minatio (root tag, 
touch)], /.; =, defilement, -miner^^ 
[L. -minare, soil], tr.: contaminate (fsoil, 
pollute ; infect by disease). 

conte ^^ [-ter; cf. compte], m.: tcouNT, 
tally; story, narration : les — s de la mère 
Voie, Mother Goose tales ; — s bleues, fairy 
stories ; — s à dormir debout, stories about 
sleeping standing (fish stories, cock-and- 
bull stories). 

contetJipération^^ [L. -tio, mixture 
(cum, with, temperare, qualify ; tempus, 
time)], /.; = (doctrine that the will is in- 
clined by divine grace, but not controlled). 

contein-«'plateur ^^, =trice [L. -plator, 
-trix],m.: observer; thinker, -platif^^, 
=ive [L. -plativus], adj.: contemplative, 
meditative ; m, pi. : contemplatives, her- 



mits given up to meditation. H-^plation^^ 

. [L. -platio, cum, with, templum, temple 
(taken fr. the language of augury)],/.; 
=, meditation. -pler*^|^ [L. -plari], tr.: 
'. contemplate, think on. 

contem^po-'rain^* [L. -raneus (cum, 
with, tempus, time], adj.: contempora- 
neous, of the same time, -ranéité^', 
/.; contemporaneousness, existence at one 

contem-pteur ^* [L. -ptor f r. -nere (cum, 
with, temnere, despise)], m.: contemner, 
despiser. ^--ptihle^'^ [L. -plibilis], adj.: 
=, odious. 

cqnte-nan-ee^^ [-nir], f.: holding capac- 
ity, contents ; extent ; countenance, 

fco^iteiidre ^-^ [L. -dere (cum, with, ten- 
dere, stretch)], irr. (cf. prendre); intr.: 
contend, dispute. 

co/i-^tenir" [p. L. *-tenire, (L. -tinëre, 
tenere, hold)], irr. (cf. tenir); tr.: con- 
tain, hold; control, -tent^^ [L.-tentus], 
adj.: content; satisfied, -tmitement^^ 
[-tenter], m.: contentment; satisfaction. 
-tenter ^^ [-tent], tr.: CONTENT, satisfy. 

cotiten-tieusemeiit^*, adv.: conten- 
tiously. IKtieux^"^, =euse pj. -tiosus 
fr. -tio, quarrel (contendere, contend)], 
adj. : CONTENTIOUS, fond of disputing. 

conten-tif^^, =ive [-ir], adj.: bandage 
— , bandage to hold together (severed 
parts). i.-tion^'^ [-if], f.: holding 

2.cmttention^^ [L. -tio fr. -dere (cum, 
with, tendere, stretch)],/.; =^ (fdebate ; 


oonter° [L. computare], tr.: relate, tell, 

îontes-table^^, adj.: =, to be striven 
for. -tation^* [L. -tatio], /.; contest- 
mg, struggle, -te^^, /.; contest, dispute. 
Il-^ter^^ [L. -tari (cum, with testari, 
TESTIFY, f r. testis, witness)], tr. : contest ; 
dispute; contend. 

conteur ^^, =euse, [-ter], m.,f.: narrator ; 
story-teller: grand — de fleurettes, great 
teller of fibs. 

contex^te^^ [L. -tus, joining (cum, 
with, texere, weave)], m. : context, pas- 
sages or verses preceding and following a 
certain text, or place. -ture^^ [L. 
-tus, connection], /.; == (made up of 
woven or connected materials). 

conti-'gu^^, =uë [L. -guus (cum, with, 
tangere, touch)], adj.: contiguous, ad- 
joining, -guïté^'*, /.; contiguity, ad- 

conti-nen-ce^^ [L. -nentia],/.: =, self- 
restraint (in desires, passions, etc.). 
Il'^nent^^ [L. -nens fr. -nere (cum, with, 
tenere, hold)], adj.: =, self-restrained; 



continuous, uninterrupted ; m.; =, grand 
division of land (as Europe), -netital^^, 
pi. =aua?, adj.: =, of a continent, esp. 
contin-gen-ee ^^ [L. -gentia (cum, with, 
^aw^ere,' touch)],/.; contingency (touch- 
ing; possibility of happening). -genÉ^'\ 
[L. -gens], adj.: =, touching. 
conti-nu^^ [L. -nuus], ad!/ ;* continuous, 
lasting ; unbroken, uniform : à la — e, 
cease. -nuateur ^^, =:tri-ee 
m., /.; continuer (of what 
began), -nuatioti-^^ [L. -nua- 
' =, carrying on, duration. 
=elle [L. -nuus (continere, 

tio], f. 

hold together)], adj.: continual, con- 
stant. -nxLellemGnt^^, adv.: con- 
tinually, -nuer^^ [L. -nuare (-nuus, 
lasting)], tr.: continue, carry on; intr.: 
last ; extend, -nuite ^^, / ; continuity 
(endurance ; extension) : amputation dans 
la — , amputation of the bone (not at the 
joint), -nument^^ [-nu], adv.: con- 

contondre-^^ [L. -tundere (cum, with, 
tundere, pound, thump)], tr.: fbruise, 
pound: as adj.: instrument contondant, 
bruising, blunt instrument (as a club). 

contorniate-^^ [It. (L. tornare, turn, 
round off, fr. tornos, lathe)],/; = (coin 
with circular furrow on each side) ; adj. : 
médaille — , medal furrowed on each 

contorsioii^^ [L. -sio (-quere, twist to- 
gether)], /.; CONTORTION, twisting, wry- 
ness ; fdistortion (of the truth). 

coti'-'tour^^ [It. -torno, infl. by tour], m.: 
=, outline, -tourner -^^ [It. -tornare 
(L. -tornare fr. tornos, turner's wheel)], 
tr. : make round ; warp, distort ; en- 

tcontrac-tant^^, =ante, adj.: contract- 
ing, m., /.; contractor, -te^^ [L. -tus], 
adj.: contract(ed), shortened, i.-ter^^ 
[L. -tus, agreement], tr.: contract, 
agree, covenant ; acquire, get. 2.-ter ^^ 
[L. -tus, shortened], tr.: contract, short- 
en, -tile^^ [L. -tus, shortened], adj.: 
^, capable of drawing together, -ti- 
lite^^ [-tile], /.; contractility, ability 
to shorten up. H^tion^-^ [L. -tio (con- 
trahere, lit. draw together)], / ; = (short- 
ening, in all senses). -tuel^^, rzelle 
[L. -tus, bargain], adj.: contractual, 
according to contract. -ture^^ [L. 
-tura], /.; =, permanent contraction or 
rigidity ; diminution (of a column). 

contradic-teur ^^ [1. -tor], m.: contra- 
dictor, opponent, esp. an advocate. 
Il-^tion^^ [L. -tio, (contra, against, dicere, 
speak)],/ ; =, denial, opposition, -tgire^^ 
[L. -torius], ac(/. ; contradictory, incon- 



sistent, opposite, -toiremejit ^^ [-toiî'e], 
adv.: negatively. 

CQn-traif/nable^'^, adj.: constrainable, 
compellable. f-traif/naut ^'^, adj. : 
constraining, forcing. ||--traindre^^ 
[L. -stringere {stringere, bind)], irr. (cf. 
peindre), tr. : constrain (compel, urge ; em- 
barrass), -tfaint^^y aci!j. ; CONSTRAINED, 
ill at ease : basse — e, bass that con- 
tinues on the same note while the song 
changes. -trainte^'^, f.: CONSTRAINT 
(uneasiness ; force ; detention). 

coH-^traire^'^ [L. -trarius (contra, 
against)], adj.: contrary, opposed, op- 
posing, adverse : — aux lois, contrary to 
the laws ; m. : contrary, opposite : au 
— , on the contrary, -trairement-^^, 
adv.: in contrary way, -tralto^'' [It. 
(contra, against, alto)], m.: = (low 
feminine voice). -trapoïitiste •^'^ [It. 
-trappuntista], m.: contrapuntist (mu- 
sician skilled in counter-point), -trari- 
ant^^ \:-trarier\ adj.: vexatious, contra- 
dicting, -trarier^*^ [1. L. -trariare (L. 
-trarius)], tr. : oppose, thwart ; vex, tease. 
-trariété^^ [L. -trarietas], /.; contra- 
riety, contradiction, inconsistency : fvex- 
ation, opposition ; repugnance. 

contras-tattt ^^, adj.: contrasting, un- 
like. Il-^te^^ [It. -to (L. contra, against, 
stare, stand)], m.: fstruggle, conflict; 
contrast, unlikeness. -te»'^^ intr.: 
contrast, be unlike ; tr. : compare (unlike 
things), show differences in. 

contrat ^^ [L. -tractus (trahere, draw)], 
m. ; CONTRACT, agreement ; deed. 

coîttraventioii^^ [L. contra-venire, go 
against],/. ; ^, violation (of law, or obli- 
gation), offence. 

contrayerva^^ [Sp., lit. 'herb against' 
(sc. poison)], m.: = (tropical tonic 

contre® [L. contra], prep. : against; pref. 
contre- before vow., contre- before 
cons' t : COUNTER — , etc. : pied — pied, foot 
to foot ; sa maison est — la mienne, his 
house is close to mine ; tout — , close by; 
ci- — , at hand ; la porte est tout — , the 
door is slightly ajar ; adv. : pour et — , 
pro and con, for and against ; de — , on 
the other hand; à — , in the opposite 
way ; par — , per contra, on the other 
side ; — -à- — , alongside (as ships), -ac- 
cusation^^, /.; counter-charge (against 
one's accuser). -allée ■^'^, /.; walk 
(running with the main walk in a 
park or garden), -amiral ■^^, pi. -ap.x, 
m.: rear-admiral. -appel ^^, m.: sec- 
ond call (of a name) ; caveating (certain 
sword shift). -appro-elie.s^®, /. pi.: 
counter-approach (zig-zag trench to meet 

enemy's mines). 


^'^, m.: counter- 


arch (part of keel where the masts 
foot). '^'^, adv.: à — , contrary 
bowing (drawing the bow wrong), -arê- 
tier^', m.: oblique slate (cut to go next 
to hip or arris of a roof), -attaques ^*^, counterworks, breastworks (thrown 
up by the besieged), -aube^*^,/.; coun- 
ter-paddle (board between paddles of 
water-wheel), -balan-eer^^, ^r.; counter- 
balance, -ba^ide^^ [It. contrabbando, 
'contre le ban'],f.: contraband (smuggling 
or smuggled goods), -ba^ide •^'*,/. ; (her.) 
half-band, -handé^^ [-bande], adj.: hav- 
ing bands of different halves. -ban- 
dier^^, =ière [-bande],m.,f.: smviggler. 
-barre ^^, /,; counter-bar (of shield). 
'•ha.rré'^'^ [-barre], adj.: having counter- 
bars. t-ï>a'«**'^^> adv.: — , (or better) 
en — , at a lower level, -basse ^^ [basse], 
f: double-bass, contre-bass instrument 
or player, -bassiste -^^ [-basse], m.: 
player of bass-viol. -basson ^^, m.: 
deep bassoon, -batterie ^^, f : counter- 
battery, cross-battery, -battre •^"^, tr.: 
cannonade (a hostile battery), f-l^iai^ ■^®> 
adv.: contrary-wise. -biseau ^'', pi. 
— ac, m.: counterbevel (piece of a pipe in 
reed-organ). -bitte •^^, /.; bitt sup- 
port or brace (on ship). -bot'd^^, 
adv.: à — , on opposite tack, -bordée ^^, 
/. ; opposite tack, -bouqit e ^^, /. ; funnel 
net. -boutant^* [-bouter], m.: buttress. 
-bouter ^^, tr. : buttress up. -brasser ^', 
tr. : counter-brace (a sail). -brEte-ehe ^', 
/.; one of corresponding bretesses (on 
bratticed coat-of-arms). -brEtê-ché^® 
[-bretêche], adj.: counter bretessé, em- 
battled on both sides, -brodé ^'', m.: 
cheap black and white beadwork trimming. 
-buter = -bouter, -calqi/er^", tr.: 
counter-trace, reverse by drawing (as a 
picture). -caniveau ^^, m. ; paving 
(next to the gutter, or kennel stone). 
-capio^i^", m.: brace (to stern-post of 
ship), -c^rre^^ [-carrer], f. : counter- 
stake (at cards). i. -carrer ^^, tr.: 
thwart, oppose. 2. -carre »^^^, refl.: 
double the stake (at card game bouil- 
lotte in order to win from one who has 
doubled), -caution ^^, /.; second bail, 
counter security, -ehawi branle ^^, m. ; 
counter moulding (of cornices). 
-■ebarge^', /.." counterpoise, balance 
weight, 't-ebarme ^^, m. ; counter-charm. 
-chassis ^*^, pi. — , m.; outer sash, 
storm-window. -chEvron ^^, m. : counter- 
chevron (bar in a coat-of-arms correspond- 
ing to another bar). -chEvronné^^ 
[-chevron], adj . : counter-chevronny. -ci- 
vadiere^^,/.; sprit-sail, -clavette ^^, 
/. .• nose-key, fox-wedge, -cle/^'^, /. ; key- 
stone course (masonry next to keystone). 


I. -cœur ^\ m.: shoulder, middle-rib (of 
beef) ; back (of a fireplace). 2. -cœur ^^ 
adv. : à — , reluctantly. -compone 1^, 
adj.: (her.) counter-compony (hav'g two 
rows of square and alternating colours). 
-corbeau ^^, m..' counter-corbel, -cor- 
nière ^^ /.; hawse-piece (in stern of 
ship). -cou2)^^ m.: =, rebound, con- 
cussion, -coupe ^^,/.; odd cut or shape 
(of a sail). -courant -^^j m.; counter- 
current, -courbe ^^, or -courbure, 
/. ; counter-curve (upper one of two curves 
in half arch), -critiqite^^,/.: counter- 
critique (answering criticism), -da^ise^^ 
[Eng. country-dance],/.: ancient dance; 
contra-dance, quadrille, -declaratioti^^, 
/.; counter-declaration, -défense ^^,/.; 
outer breast- works (to fortify other breast- 
works), -dégagement^'', m.: dodging 
(a parry blow in fencing). -dégager ^'', 
intr. : counter-disengage ; escape à blow 
struck as a parry (in fencing.), -dé- 
non-eiatign^^,/..' agreement to release 
(a debtor from certain obligations). 
-digne ^^, /.; dike (made to protect 
another). -dire° [L. -dïcere], irr. (cf. 
dire)', tr.: contradict; confute; fdispute, 
oppose, -disant ^^ [dire], adj.: contra- 
dictory, -dit^^ [-dire], m.: contention, 
plea, dispute, cwitree-^*^ [p. L. *-tràta 
(L. contra, opposite)],/.; country; cli- 
mate; soil, -écaitle^^, adv.: à — , against 



the grain, -écart ^'', m.: division of 
counterquartered shield), -écartèle- 
inent-^^, m.; sub-quartering (division of 
a quarter into quarters). -écartEler^^, 
tr.: counter-quarter (redivide a quarter 
of a shield into quarters), -é-chaîige^^ 
[OFr. -échanger], m.: counter-exchange. 
-édit-^", m.: counter-edict (reversing a 
previous edict), -émail ^''^, pi. =aua?, 
m.; enamel at the back, -éjnailler^^ , 
.tr.: counter-enamel (enamel the back 
of). -entpoise -^^j /.; counter-bushing 
or bearing. -etnpreinte^^, /. ; raised 
mould (left by fossil), -enqitete^'^, /.; 
counter-inquiry. -epaulette -^^j to.; 

fringeless epaulet. 

■épreuve ^^, /. , 

counter-proof ; feeble copy ; verification 
of a vote. -espalier ■^^, TO.; counter- 
espalier, second trellis, -étawibot ^^, to. ; 
knee (of stern post), -étrave^^,/.; apron, 
backing-piece (bolted to a vessel's stern). 
-expertise ■^^, /. ; counter expert- evi- 
dence, -extension ^^,/.; counter-exten- 
sion (as of a broken leg), -façon^^, /.; 
counterfeit, fraudulent imitation ; forgery. 
facteur^' [-faire], to.; counterfeiter; 
pirate, -faction^'^ [-/aire], /.; counter- 
feiting, -faire ^^, irr. (cf. faire) ; tr.: 
COUNTERFEIT, imitate for fraud ; disfigure. 
-faiseur ^^ [-faire], ^ejase, to.,/.; (fam.) 

forger; mimic, -fanmt^^, to.; bunt-line 
(to truss up middle of a sail), -fasce-^^,/ ; 
(her.) counter-fess ; fess of two enamels. 
-fascé-^^ [-fasce], adj.: hav'g counter- 
fesses. i.-feu^^ pi. — x, to.; plaque 
covering the fire-back. 2.-feu^^, pi. — a?, 
TO.; counter-fire (to burn before an ad- 
vancing fire and so head it off), -fiche ^^, 
/.; brace, strut, -fil^^ to.; à — , wrong 
way ; against the grain, f-fi^^esse ^^, /. ; 
counter-trick, counter-plot. -forger* ^^, 
tr.: forge by hammering both sides at 





buttress ; counter 

(of shoes) ; spur of mountains. -frac- 
ture ^^, /. ; counterfracture. -frase^^ 
[-fraser], /.; last kneading (of bread). 
-fraser ^^, tr. : finish kneading, -fruit ^®, 
TO. ; talus wall (plumb on one side, sloping 
on the other). -fugtte^^, /.; counter- 
fugue (in music). -garde ^^,/.; coun- 
ter-guard (in front of a bastion ; stones 
around pier to reinforce it), -ha-cher ^^, 
tr. : cross-hatch ; counter-etch (shade 
picture by cross-lines). -ha-ehure^" 
[-hacher], /.; shading, cross-hatching, 
-hâtier^^, to. ; kitchen fire-dog. -haut-^'^, 
adv.: en — (or t — ), at a higher level. 
-heurtoir ^'^, to.; knocker-stop, plate 
(of door-knockers), -indication^", /.; 
contraindicant (symptoms suggesting dif- 
ferent remedy), -issant^^, adj.: (her.) 
counter-salient (rampant with its back 
toward another similar animal), -jan^"^, 
TO.; wrong cast (at trick-track), -jour^^, 
TO.; counter-light (spoiling the effect). 
-jumelle^^,/; kennel stones (side-stones 
of a gutter), -latte ^^,/.; counter-lath. 
-latter ^"^ [-latte], tr.: counter-lath. 
-lettre ^'■^y / ; defeasance (document an- 
nulling previous one), -lobe^^, to.; leaf 
(of clover, separating the lobes of a rosette 
on a column), -maître-^'*, to.; boatswain's 
mate; foreman, -ma^ider^^, tr.: coun- 
termand. -m.anœuvre^^, /.; counter- 
manœuvre. -mar-che^",/. ; countermarch, 
back march; riser (between steps of stair). 
'•jn.aree^'^ , f. : eddy (tide), -marqtte^*, 
/ ; counter-mark, second mark ; check (of 
theatres), -marqi/er-^^ [-marque], tr.: 
counter-mark. -m.esure^^, adv 
by counter-measures (in music), -mine- 
/.; counter-mine ; underplot, -miner ^^, 
tr.: counter-mine, -mineur ^''^ [-mine], 
TO. ; counter-miner, "f-uiont ^'^, adv. : up- 
hill ; up-stream. -mot ^^, to.; counter- 
sign, -mur^^, TO.; counter-mure (wall 




to protect another wall). -murer 
[-mur], tr.: counter-wall. -note^^/.; 
diplomatic note (in response to a note). 
-ongle ^^, TO.; reverse direction: pren- 
dre le — , follow trail (as of deer) 
the wrong way. -opposition ^^, /.; 



counter-opposition, -ordre ^^, m.: coun- 
ter-order, -ouverture ^^, /.; contra- 
aperture (incision near previous one, as to 
aid discharge), -pal^^, pi. =aua?, m.: 
(her.) pale (of two kinds of enamel or 
metal), -palé^^ [-pal], ddj.: counterpaled. 
-paneton ^^, m,; counter-bit (of lock). 
-partie ^^, /.; counter-part; reverse. 
-pas^^,jt)Z. — , m.; counter-pace (to catch 
step), -passation ^'' [-passer],/. : signing 
back (draft to drawer), -passe ^^, adv.: 
à — , across the grain, perpendicularly to 
the grain, -passer» ^^, tr.: sign back 
(draft to order of drawer). -pente -^^j 
/. ,• drain stop, descent ; gutter sides. 
t-pEser^^, tr.: counter-poise, counter- 
balance, -peterie-^^ [OFr,-j?é^er],/.; sort 
of galimatias (as trompez sonnettes for 
sonnez trompettes), -pied^^, m.: back- 
scent; opposite sense. -platine ^^,/..* 
screw-plate (of gun), -poids ^^, pi. — , 
m. ; counter-poise, balance-weights. 
-poil-^^, adv.: à — , against the hair, 
nap. -point ^^, m. ; counter-point (in 
music), -pointe •^'^, /, ; edged part (of 
back of sword) ; edge and point fencing. 
I .-pointer ^* [courte-pointe], tr. : coun- 
terpoint, tie (a quilt). 2. -pointer* ^^, 
tr.: point against (as one cannon against 
another) ; set point to point (as emblems 
on shield) ; fthwart. t-poJ»^tiste =: 
contrapontiste. -poison^*, m.: counter- 
poison, antidote. -porte ^^,/.; storm- 
door, double door; second entrance or 
gate, -poten^e^", /.; end-stone of bal- 
ance staff (socket of balance wheel axle 
in a watch). -pression ^^,/.; counter- 



pressure (to piston). -projet 
counter-project. -proposition^'^, /,.• 
counter-proposition, -qnitle^^,/.; false 
or upper keel, -retable ^'^, m.: altar- 
piece, panel (back of altar). -revo- 
lution^'^, /.; reaction fr. a rev- 
olution, -révolutionnaire^^, adj.: 
against revolutionary results. -ri- 
poste ■^^, /.; counter-thrust. -ruse^^, 
/,; counter-ruse, -sangle ^^, /..• or 
-sanglon, m.: girth-strap (of saddles), 
-scarpe-^^ [escarpe], /.; counter-scarp 
(slope opposite the parapet of a ditch), 
-s-eel^^, m.: counter-seal (reverse side 
of pendent seal), -s-eeller^^ [-seel], 
tr.: counter seal. -seinÊf-^^, m.: 
counter-signature, -sens^^, m.: wrong 
sense, misinterpretation ; wrong side (of 
cloth, etc.). -sif/ner*^*, tr.: countersign. 
-sommier' ■^^, m.: sommer-cover (of 
parchment makers on which to roll skins) ; 
footing, winter base (supporting a print- 
ing press), -sujet ^^, m.: counter-sub- 
ject (in music). -taitle^'^,/.; counter- 
tally; counter-lines or cross cuts in en- 


graving, -tai^er^^, tr.: cover with 
cross lines, -ternps^^, pi. — , m.: == 
(awkward incident; wrong time in music): 
jouer à — , play in wrong time. -ter- 
rasse ^"'^, /.; counter-terrace (joining 
one of different level). -tirer ^^, tr.: 
take a counter-proof of; ftrace, copy, 
-vair^^, m.: counter-vair (of shields). 
-vallation^^ [L. vallatio, breastworks], 
/.; contravallation (ditches and breast- 
works made by besiegers to resist sallies 
fr. the besieged). -vsnant, =ante, 
part, used as adj. or noun fr. -vEnir^* 
[L. contravenire], irr. (cf. venir) ; intr.: 
CONTRAVENE, infringe upon, violate : — à 
un règlement de police, break a police 
regulation, --vent^^ [vent], m.: wiNDow- 
shutter ; straining -piece. -venter ^^ 
[-vent], tr.: brace (with straining-beams). 
-vérité ^^, /, ; mock truth ; mock praise, 
-visite ^^, /,; second visit (to search or 
inspect a place). 

contri-buable ^*, m. ; tax-payer, -buer^^ 
[L. -buere], tr. or intr.: contribute, aid, 
ll^bution-^^ [L, -hutio (-buere, allot by 
tribes')] ,7*. •• =, tax. 

contris-ter -^-^ [L. -tare (tristis, sad)], tr.: 
grieve, afflict. 

contri-t^^ [1. L. -tus (L. ter ere, rub) 
bruised], adj.: contrite, repentant. 
-tion^^ [1. L. -tio],f.: =, repentance. 

contrO'«'le^* [contre, rôle], m.: control 
(check-list, double register; guidance; 
power to regulate) ; administrative stamp 
or check-mark ; official verification or 
sanction, -ler-^*, ^r.; enter in register ; 
control ; check up ; censure, criticise. 
-leur^^ [-1er], m.: controller; time- 
keeper ; check-taker, official stamper. 

controuver^ [L. con {cum, with), Fr. 
trouver], tr.: fabricate, invent, state 

controver-sable-^^, adj.: controversial, 
ll-^-se^^ [L. -sia {contra, against, vertere, 
turn)],/.; controversy, discussion, -sé^^, 
adj.: controverted, questionable, -ser^^ 
[-se], tr.: controvert, attack (doctrine) in 
debate, -siste^^, m.: controversialist, 

i.contuma'«'-ce^^ [L, -cia, pride {cum, 
with, temnere, despise)], /,; contumacy 
(fstubbornness ; contempt of court), 
2.-ee^^ or =x [L, -x], adj.: contumacious ; 
m. or /.; refractory, obstinate person, 
t-cer-^''^ [2.-ce], tr.: declare (one) to be 
in contempt. 

contu-s^^, =use [L, -sws], adj.: contused, 
ll-^-sion^^ [L. -sio {cum, with, tundere, 
beat) bruise],/,; =, -sionner^^, tr.: 
contuse, injure by a blow. 

con-vo-incant^^, adj.: convincing, 
ll-^vajncre^^ [L, -vincere {cum, with, 


vincere, conquer)], irr. § ; tr.: convince, 
CONVICT ; tpi"Ove. -vainqii . . ., cf. 

§ c becomes Ç7i before vowels except t(, — 
Ind. : Pr. j'e vaincs. Prêt, je vainquis. — 
Part. : Pr. vainquant ; P. vaincu ; etc. 

cçnvale-s-een-ee ^* [L. -scentia (cwm, with, 
valere, be weH)],/. .• =, recovery of health. 
-scent ^^, =ente [L. -scens, recovering], 
adj. or m.,/..- =. 

corive-nable^^, adj.: fit, proper, suitable. 
-nablEmeut^^ \_-nahle\j adv.: properly; 
decorously, -naiice ^\ /. ; = (propriety); 
expediency, -nant ^^, =aiite, adj. : fsuit- 
able; m.; fitness, propriety. ||convE-«' 
nir° [L. -nlre, agree {cum, with, venire, 
come)], irr. (cf. venir) ; intr. with avoir: 
suit, please, become; with être: agree; 
harmonize ; concede, admit. 

fconvett-t = couvent, -ticule ^^ [L. -ticu- 
lum], m.: conventicle, secret religious 
meeting. H^^tion^^ [L. -tio, meeting; 
agreement],/.; = (agreement, contract; 
social propriety ; assembly of delegates). 
-tionnel^'^, =elle, adj.: conventional 
(usual) ; according to tacit agreement ; 
m.: delegate (to convention of 1792 in 
France), -tionnellement^''^ [-tionnel], 
adv.: conventionally, -tualite^^ [-tuel], 
f.: convent life, -tuel^'^, =elle [1. L. 
-tualis], adj.: conventual. -tuelle- 
ment^* [-tuel], adv.: as in convents. 

conver-gen-ce -^^j /.; =, gradual ap- 
proach. * ll-^gent^^ [L. -gens fr. -gere 
{cum, with, v'ergere, turn, incline)], adj.: 
= (converging, tending to one point). 
_gç^i7 ^i^ -gere], intr.: converge, ap- 
proach gradually. 

coiiver-s^^, =verse [L. -sus, turned 
{cum, with, vertere, turn)], adj.: con- 
verted (to God's service, esp. flate in 
life) ; employed (at a convent) ; /. ; con- 
verse (proposition or statement), i .-ser ^° 
\L. -sari, be with], intr.: converse, talk; 
deal, associate : — avec soi-même, solilo- 
quize. 2.-ser'-^^ [L. -sus], intr.: face about 
(as soldiers), -sion^^ [L. -sio], f.: = 
(change to another religion ; changing into 
something else ; facing about, change of 
front ; transposed statement of proposi- 
tion), -tible^'^ [L. -tibilis], adj.: =. 
II -tir ^ [L. -tere, turn with], tr.: convert 
(turn ; change ; fconvince ; transpose a 
statement), -tissement ■^■^, m. ; exchange 
(of values) : le — d'un billet en espèces, 
conversion of a note to coin, -tisseur ^^, 
m.: convert-maker; converter (cementa- 
tion apparatus for iron). 

cotivex-^e^^ [L. -us, rounded {cum, to- 
gether, vehere, bring)], adj.: convex, 
curving out. -ité ^^, /. ; convexity. 

fconvi -^^ [-vier], m. : finvitation. 



convic-t^^ [Eng., fr. L. -tus {cum, with, 
vincere, conquer)], m.: = (criminal con- 
demned by law), -tiqn^^ [L. -tio],f.: :=, 
opinion ; fproof of guilt. 

cow.-vier^^ [OFr. -vi, banquet; L. -victus 
{cum, with, vivere, live)], tr.: invite ; urge, 
appeal to : — à une fête, invite to a fes- 
tivity ; mon roi me convie à parler, my 
king asks me to speak ; les conviés, the 
guests, -vive^^ [L. -viva], m. or/. ; guest. 

coiivocatiott-^^ [L. -tio (cum, together, 
vocare, call)],/.; =. 

convoi ^^ [-voyer], m.: convoy (escort; 
fleet or baggage-train or squad under 
escort) ; train of cars ; funeral proces- 
sion, -table ■'^\ adj.: covetable, desi- 
rable. ||-«'tet''* [OFr. coveitier (L. cupi- 
ditas, desire)], tr.: covet, -teuoc^^, 
=euse, adj.: covetous, lustful, -tise^^, 
/. ; covetousness ; lustfulness. 

convoler ^^ [L. -lare, flock together ; re- 
marry {cum, with, volare, fly)], intr.: 
marry (esp. of widows). 

convo-lute^^ [L. -lutus, rolled about], 
adj.: convolute. -Ivule^^ or -Ivulus 
[L. -Ivulus], m.: =, bind-weed, morning- 

convo-qn-er* ^^ [L. -care {cum, together, 
vocare, call)], tr.: convoke, summon. 

convo^yer^^ [p. L. *-viare {cum, with, 
via, road), go with], tr.: fescort ; convoy, 



m. : con- 

escort for protection, 

coiivul-^ser^* [L. -sus, convulsed {cum, 
together, vellere, pull)], tr.: CONVULSE, 
twist by spasms, -sif ■^®, =ive, adj. : con- 
vulsive, spasmodic, -sion^^ [L. -sio],f.: 
= (spasm; agitation). -sionnaire ^''^, 
m.; convulsionary, Jansenist (who had 
miraculous fits at grave of Deacon Paris). 
-sivement^^ [-sif], adv.: convulsively. 

cooblige^^, =ée [L. co-, with, Fr. obligé], 
m.,f.: 'coobligor, joint obligor. 

tcoolie = couli. 

coope-rateur^^, =tri-ee [L. -tor, -trix], 
m.,f.: cooPERATOR, member of coopera- 
tive society, -ratif^^, =ive, adj.: co- 
operative, -ration ^^ [L. -tio], f.: =. 
W^rer^^ [L. -rari {cum, together, operari, 
work)], intr.: cooperate. 

coop-tation^^ [L. -tatio], f.: ==, admis- 
sion (by special favour, as at a university), 
-ter^^ [L. -tare], tr.: admit (even though 
not all conditions are fulfilled). 

coor-dination-^^ [L. -dinatio {cum, with, 
ordinatio fr. ordo, order)],/; := (making 
or being of same class or rank), -don- 
ner^'^ [L. CO- {cum), Fr. ordonner], tr.: 
coordinate, arrange with reference to each 

fcopa/jier = copayer. 

copa-7iine^^, /.; principle of copaiba. 



IK^u^^ [S. Am. copay-ba, copay-tree], m.: 
COPAIBA (nauseous balsam for certain mu- 
cous affections), 't-ïer = copayer. 

co-papt^^ [fr, old nom. compain, compan- 
ion (L. cum, with, panis, bread)], m.: 
ifam.) chum. 

copal ^^ [Sp. fr. Mex. copal, gum], m.; ^ 
(hard resin used in varnish). 

copartageajit ^^, =ante [L. co- {cum, 
with), Fr'. partageant], m.,f.: coparcener, 
sharer, joint-heir. 

copayer ^''^ [S. Am. copay], m.: COPAifera 
(see copahu). 

coprean, pi. — x [for coupeau], m.: chip, 
shaving ; strip (to make combs of). 

fcopeck = kopeck. 

copermutant ^*' [L. co- {cum, with), per- 
mutant, changing], m.: exchanger (esp. 
of a benefice). 

co-i^pie^^ [L. -pia, plenty {cum, with, opes, 
wealth)],/..* COPY, -pier^^, tr.: copy, 
reproduce, imitate. -pieTisement^^ 
[-pieux], adv.: copiously. -pieua?^*, 
=e^se [L. -piosus, abundant], adj.: fco 



m. or 

pious ; ample ; plentiful, 
/.; copyist. 

ooprEneur^'^ [L. co- {cum, with), Fr. pre- 
neur], m.; co-lessee, co-renter. 

copro-lit/ie^^ [Gr. kopros, dung, lîthos, 
stone], m.: coprolite (petrified dung of 
extinct animals), -phage ^'^ [Gr. -phagos 
{phâgein, eat)], adj.: coprophagous, dung- 

coproprié-taire ^'^ [propriétaire], m. or 
/. ; joint PROPRIETOR, -té^^ [propriété], 
/.; joint-property. 

coprose^^ [Ger. klapper-rose, corn poppy], 

/.; {dial.) red-poppy. 

cop-tée^^, /.; chime, tolling. ||--ter^^ 
[ak. to coup], tr.: clapper (a bell, strike 
it repeatedly on one side). 

oopula-teur^^, =tri-ee [ak. to couple], 
adj.: coupling, connecting, -tif^^, =ive 
[L. -tivus], adj. : copulative. H-^tion^^ [L. 
-tio {copula, thong, tie; co-apere, fasten, Gr. 
hdptein, touch)],/.; =, sexual connection. 

copule^* [L. copula], /.; fsexual union; 
copula (in grammar). 

Lcoq^*^ [Holl. kok], m.: ship's cock; tar- 
warmer (of rope-makers). 

2.coq^^ [echoic], m.: cock (male fowl; 
things resembling a cock in some way) : 
— d'Inde (pron. co-), turkey ; — puant, 
male PEWet; — gaulois, cock formerly 
on the French flag ; — hardi, cock with 
right foot lifted to strike ; — de bruyère, 
black grouse ; — de mer, goldfish ; sea- 
duck ; box-crab ; au chant du — , at day- 
break ; avoir des mollets de — , {fam.) 
have legs like broomsticks ; être comme 
un — en pâte, be like a fattening cock, 
i.e. have all one's wishes, -à-l'âne^'^ 


[(talk going from) cock to ass], m.: 
cock-and-bull story; nonsensical, wild 
tale, -souris ^^, pi. — s- — , m. : certain 
sail (on a sloop, or galiot). coqitard^^, 
m. ; bad cock, old cock; fidiot ; hybrid 



(pheasant and hen). coqitâtre^ 

coqite^"-^ [? L. concha, shell],/.; shell (of 
eggs, nuts, etc.) : œuf à la — , (soft) 
boiled egg; — d'œuf, imperfection on 
porcelain surface ; — de cheveux, knot of 
hair ; — de perle, pearly lump in a sea- 

coqiie-eigrue^^ [?], /.; bugaboo; fiddle- 
faddle, scary story : à la venue des — s, 
on the Greek calends, i.e. never. -fpE- 
donille^^ [?], m. : duffer, ninny, -licot^^ 
[echoic for cock], m.: corn-poppy (fr. its 
red color like a cock's comb), -lourde -^^ 
[?], /; rose-campion; pasque (Easter) 
flower; anemone; velvet pink, -lu-ehe^* 
[?], /. ; ancient hood ; watersparrow (f r. 
its crest) ; whooping-cough (formerly a 
cough for which one wore a hood). 
t-lu-elion^^ [-luche], m.: (monk's) hood. 

coqifemar^^ [? L. cucuma {coquere, cook), 
kettle], m.: boiler. 

tcoqiiemelle = coucoumelle. 

co-qi*eret^^ [coq, the redness of the fruit 
suggesting the crest of a cock], m.: 
winter cherry, strawberry-tomato (of 
nightshade family). -qitErico^^ [echoic], 
m. : cock-a-doodle-doo. 

coqiierie^^ [coq, cook], f.: wharf cooking- 
room, harbor-cookery, kitchen to cook 
for ships. 

co-qwet^^, =ette, m., /; flirt, beau, 
coquette ; adj. : coquettish, affected ; 
vain. W'^qiieter^^ [coq, cock], intr.: 
act like a cock ; flirt, play the lover, 
COQUET. -ipietier^^ [coque], m.: egg 
or poultry-dealer; egg-cup. -qitette- 
ment^^ [-quet], adv.: coquettishly. 
-qKetterie^^/.; coquetry, flirting; af- 
fectation ; finicalness. 

coqifiJ-lade-^^ [Prov. -lada, wearing a 
hood {-le)],f.: tufted lark; blenny (fish). 
-lage^^ m.; mollusk, shellfish; sea or 
rivei" shells. -lard^^, m.: (formerly) 
egg-cup; conchitic rock. Ilcoquii-^le^^ 
[L. conchylium, 'shell' infl. hj coque], f.: 
shell (of mollusks), cockle-shell ; (shell- 
like thing :) egg-shell (esp. empty or open); 
husk ; sauce-dish ; arch ; spandrel (of stair- 
case) ; firepan ; lid ; thimble ; demy paper ; 
blister in bread-crust; (printer's) error: — 
à boulet, bullet mould ; — de St. Jacques, 
mollusk ; portez vos — s ailleurs, take 
your trash elsewhere, i.e. don't try to fool 
me with such stuff. -le^^, adj.: pain 
— , blistered bread. t-1®»^ only in re- 
coquiller, -lier^^, =ière, m.: mollusk 

coq^uin - 

collection ; paint case ; adj. : conchitic. 
-loti ^^, m. : little shell ; leaf-like silver. 

eo'^q^uin^^, =ine [? coq or L. coquina, 
kitchen], m., /.; fbeggar; rascal, scamp ; 

/. ; (esp.) whore ; adj. : ver — , tape-worm ; 
un air — , tricky look ; — fieffé, arrant 
knave ; un heureux — , a lucky devil ; 
mon — de neveu, my rogue of a nephew. 
-qttinerie ^^, /. ; knavery ; rascality. 
-qiiinef^', =ette, m.,f.: little rogue. 

fcoqifiole^^ [Pro v. -lo (lit.) cuckoograss], 

/.; (dial.) wild oats. 

cor° [L. cornu, horn], m.; HORN (of ani- 
mals, or made of ivory, tin, etc.) ; horn- 
blower ; CORN (as on toes) ; pi. : antlers 
(only in cerf (de) dix — s, etc., five- 
pronger, i.e. six-year-old deer) : — de 
chasse, French horn ; à — et à cri, with 
hue and cry. 

coracoïde^^ [Gr. korakoeidês (kôrak, 
crow, eîdos, form)], adj.: coracoid (beak- 
like process on the shoulder-blade). 

co-^rail^^, pi. =aux [L. -rallium, Gr. ko- 
rallion], m.: coral: — des jardins, ail- 




-rai/leur-^'', m.: coral-diver. 

rallin-^^, =ine [L. -rallinus], adj.: 
tcoralline, red ; /. ; coralline (algae or 
sea- weed). 

corail ^^ [Ar. qoran, (lit.) reading], m.: 
KORAN, bible of the Mohammedans. 

cor-beau^^ [OFr. corp (L. -vus)\, m.: 
raven ; crow ; corvus (constellation) ; 
(jest.) undertaker (who brings away the 
dead) ; grappling-iron ; anything like a 
crow's beak (hook on a pole to tear down 
walls ; jutting stone in a wall) : — blanc, 
white- beaked vulture ; — de mer, cor- 
morant; — de fer, iron rest for a 

corbeille" [L. -hicula, dim. of -his, bas- 
ket], /.; basket (hence: clump, bed of 
flowers ; space in the Bourse surrounded 
by railing; basket of flowers, by exten- 
sion the flowers themselves). 

fcorbigeau ^^, pi. — oc [corbeau, -geau 
(L. gallus)], m.: (dial.) curlew. 

corbi^arcl^^ [Town Corbeit], m.: boat 
or carriage (running between Paris and 
Corbeil) ; state carriage; hearse. 

corbiîlat^^ [-beau], m.: young crow. 

corbiÙott [-beilW], m.: little basket; 
bread basket (on ships) ; crambo (game). 

cor^'bin^^ [ak. to -beau], m.: fcrow; 
bec-de- — , battle-ax. -bine ^'^, /. ; carrion- 

corbleu^i [euphemistic for corps (de) 
Dieu], inter j.: oath something like "good 
1 gracious." 

corbule^^ [L. -la, little basket],/.; heart- 
cockle (sea-shell). 

fcor-celet = corselet. 

cor-dage^^, m.: ■=, rope ; cording (meas- 

uring of wood). ||-^de° [L. chorda], f: 
CORD (rope ; chord ; bow-string ; measure 
for wood ; cord-like organs as spinal cord, 
vocal cords, or corded muscles): un homme 
de sac et de — , a man fit to be drowned 
or hanged ; il file sa — , he will be hanged 
yet ; montrer la — , be threadbare ; la — 
sensible, sensitive point ; "f grosse — , main 
point ; cheval qui fait la — , horse that 
shows its sinews, windbroken horse. 




little cord, string ; rope ; 

hangman's halter. t-dEler^^ [-rfeaw], 
tr.: twist into a rope. -dtlette^^ 
[-delle], f: little string. -dElier^^, 
i.=ière [-delle], m., f: =, gray friar 
(who wore a knotted cord) ; sur la mule 
des — s, afoot. 2.-dElière^^ [-délier], 

f. : monk's cord, girdle ; vignette. -dE- 
line^^ [-delle], f: selvedge; ferret (of 
glassworkers). -delle ^^, /.; tow-line. 
-der^^, tr.: twist, make into a twist, or 
rope; tie up ; measure (wood), -derie^^ 
[-dier], f : rope factory ; rope business. 

cordia^l ^*, pi. =anx [L. -lis (cor, heart)], 
adj.: = (of drinks; hearty), -lement^^, 
adv. : cordially, heartily. -lite ^*, /. : 

cordier^^, =ière [-de], m., f: rope- 
maker, or dealer. 

cordiforme^^ [L. cor, heart, forma, 
shape], adj.: cordiform. 

cor-^doH^^ [-de], m.: = (ornamental cord 
to show rank ; line of sentinels or forts ; 
jutting stone-course) ; strand of rope ; 
bell-rope, rope ; string (of bonnet, purse, 
shoes, apron, etc.); hangman's rope; milled 
edge of coin ; ligament, cord : grand — , 
emblem (by extension, member) of the 
Order of the Holy Spirit, -donnage^^, 
m.: perfecting (of the cordon, or milled 
edge of a coin-die). -donner* ^^, tr.: 
twist (into rope). 

cordonnerie^^ [-nnier], f: shoe-busi- 
ness, or store or factory; shoe-room (in 
certain buildings). 

cordonnet ^^ [-don], m.: CORD, braid, 
twist ; milling (of coins). 

cordonnier ^^, =ière [pop. etym. f r. OFr. 
cordouanier, worker in Cordova leather], 
m., f. : shoeman : — en neuf, shoemaker ; 
— 671 vieux, shoe-mender, cobbler. Cor- 
doue,/.; CJordova. 

fcorée = choree. 

coreligionnaire^^ [co-, religionnaire], 
m. : coreligionist, one of same sect. 

coria-^-ee^^ [L. -ceus (eorium, leather)[, 
adj. : coriaceous, leatherlike, tough, -eé ^'^ 
[L. -ceus], adj.: thick, leathery, -eite^^ 
/.; toughness, thickness. 

fcoriawibe = choriambe. 

coriandre ^^ [L. -drum], f.: CORIANDER 

154 corindon 

corindon ^'^ [E. Ind.], m.: CORUNDUM 

corint/iien^^ [CorintK\, adj.: Corinthian. 
fcori.s = cauris. 



[? L. -nus, cornel-cherry], /. ; 
sorb (fruit of service-tree, mountain ash), 
-mé^*^, m.: sorb-cider. -mie»'^'^, m.: 

cormoran ^^ [OFr. corp, raven, moran, 
marine], m.: cormorant. 

cornac ^^ [E. Ind.], m.: elephant driver. 

corna-eées^^ [L. -nus, cornel-cherry], /. 

pi. : dog-wood family. 

cor-nage^^ [-ner], m.: ftooting (of a 
horn) ; * wheezing distemper (amongst 
horses, etc.). -naline^^, /.; carnelian- 
stone. I .-nard ^"^, m. : one with horns ; 
(humor.) cuckold ; glassworker's hook (to 
lift crucibles); 2.-nard^^, =arde [-Tier], 
adj. : wheezy, roaring, -naret ^' [i .-nard], 
m.: unicORN plant, i .\\^-n.e° [L. -nu], f. : 
HORN (of ox, snail, rhinoceros, devil, 
moon) ; plough handle ; dog's-ear of a 
book or card ; horny substance as hoof : 
il entend de — , he hears like horn, i.e. 
hears hard ; — d'abondance, cornucopia ; 
donner un coup de — à un cheval, bleed 
a horse by a punch in the palate. 2.-ne° 
[L. -num], f.: cornel-cherry. -né^'^ 
[i.-7ie], adj.: horny. 

I. corneal! ^^ [?], m.: dog (cross between 
mastiff and hound). 

2.tcorn6'au = créneau. 

cornéenne^'^ [-ne];f.: HORN-stone. 

cor-nei/lard ^^, m. ; young crow. 
i.||-.^neiile° [p. L. *-nicla (L. -nlcula, 
dim. of -nix, crow],/.; crow : — manteUe, 
or bedeaude, hooded crow; — des clo- 
chers, jackdaw ; bayer aux — s, gape and 
gaze, waste time. 

2.corneiile^^ [ak. to -nêole],/.: (vulg.) 
lysimachia, poley grass. 

coTiieil-lqn^^ [-le, crow], m.: young 

cor-néite^^ [-née], f.: corneitis (inflam- 
mation of the cornea). -nEment^^ [-ner], 
m. : roaring (in the ears) ; droning (of a 
reed organ fr. an imperfect joint). -nE- 
muse^'^ [-ne, horn, museitte)], /.; bag- 

cornéole^^ [1. L. -la (?)],/.; \vulg.) dyer's 
weed, lysimachia. 

cor-ner ^° [-ne, horn], tr. : trumpet ; bray ; 
roar, wheeze (as a sick horse) ; horn, 
hook ; make horny (as leather) ; dog-ear 
(leaves of book) ; intr. : sound, blow a 
horn ; fsmell bad (like burnt horn) : — 
requête, excite, urge on dogs in hunting. 
-nErotte^'^ [-Tie,],/.; {vulg .) o^sil. -net^^ 
[-Tie], nfi.: = (little horn; trumpet; cor- 
net-stop of organs) ; (horn-shaped things :) 
dice-box ; cornucopia ; vase ; spiral ; cone ; 


ear- trumpet : agiter le — , shake the dice ; 
— de mâts, vertical planking about the 
foot of masts. -nEter^^ [-Tie^], tr.: cup 
(a horse). ■\-TiTtier'^^ [-ne\ m.: horn- 
worker, -nette ^"^ '[-Tie] , /. ; CORNET, mob- 
cap (with big bow, like horns, under the 
chin) ; broad band (worn as badge in 
certain professions) ; swallow-tail pen- 
nant ; ensign, standard, then the officer 
(cornet) bearing ensign, -néiile-^^ [-née], 

f. : facet (unit of the compound eye of in- 
sects), -neur^"-^, =euse, m., /.; horn- 
blower ; adj. : cheval — , wheezy horse, 
i.-ni-che^*" [-Tie], /.; flittle horn ; {vulg.) 
water- nut, caltrop. 

2.corni-ehe^^ [It -ce (? fr. Gr. koronis, 
wreath)],/,; cornice (ornamentation of a 
column ; scroll-work on a ship) ; narrow 
path (along precipice). 

cor-ni-ehon^^ [-ne, HORN) ; cucumber 
pickle ; kind of grape ; kind of mollusk ; 
greenhorn, -nicule^^ [Tie], /; little 
horn ; cup (for cupping sick man), -ni- 
culé^^ [-nicule], adj.: like a little horn, 
-nie?^^^, =ière [-Tie], adj.: at a CORNER; 
/. ; corner-channel (of roofs that meet) ; 
angle-iron ; corner iron. 

cornii-lat-^^ [corTieiZZe, crow], tti.; young 
crow, i.-lon^* [corneille], m.: young 
crow ; jackdaw. 

2.cor-niilon^^ [-Tie, horn], m.; bony core 
(of cow horn), -nion^^ [-Tie], m.: point, 
end (of bownet). -niste-^^ [cor], m.: 


Gornouaille8, m. pi. : Cornwall : la 
Pointe de — , Land's End. 

cor-nou/ï^le^^ [p. L. -nucla (L. -nus fr. 
its horny hardness)], /.; cORNEL-cherry. 
-nouUler-^^, m.: cornel-cherry tree, dog- 
wood. Il'^'nu" [L. -nûtus {-nu, horn)], adj.: 
HORNED : lièvres — s, horned hares, i.e. 
fantastic ideas ; raisons {visions) — es, 
crazy reasons (visions) ; argument — , the 
sophism : you have what you haven't lost ; 
you haven't lost horns, therefore you have 
horns ; cheval — , horse with too prominent 
hips ; blé — , grain with spurs or beard. 
-nude^"^ [Prov. -nudo], /.; bucket (with 
spout used in soap-works), -nue^^ [-nu], 
f. : wooden vessel for grapes ; retort (of 
chemists, or in gas-works), -nuelle^^ 
[-fiu], /.; water caltrop (plant; cf. 
corniche), -nuet^^ [-nu], m.; bident, 
two - pronged fork ; bidens (plant) ; 

corol^laire ^'* [L. -larium wreath (as 
present)], m.: corollary (an obvious in- 
ference) ; tnew argument. -le ^^ [L. 
-la, dim. of corona, crown], /.; corolla of 
flower. -lé'^^[-le] adj.: corolla- like. 

i.cormi^^ [?], TH.; end (of iron bar cooled 
too soon) ; fluff (of wool). 





2.coro»i^° [?], m.: quarters (for coal- 

coro-^naire^^ [L. -narius {-na, crown)], 
adj.: coronary, -nal^^, pi. =aua? [L. 
-nalis\, adj. or m.: =. -nelle^'^ [L. 
-na], f.: wire-wing (of bobbin); tooth- 
holder (in weaver's comb), -ner ^' [Eng.], 
m.: =. -niile-^" [Sp. -nilla],f.: chick- 




{L., fr. Gr. koronis],/.: = 

(apostrophe ['] as sign of crasis ; a paraph 
or flourish). 

coronoïde ^ '^ [Gr. korone, crow, eîdos, 
form], adj. : coronoid, beak-shaped. 

coronule^^ [L. -la, dim. of corona, 
crown], /. ; = (circle of spines at apex of 
tibia in certain insects). 

corosso^l ^^ [? island Curaçao], m. : custard 
apple : — des marais, cork wood, alligator 
apple, -lier^^, to.; custard apple-tree. 

corpo^'ral ^^, pi. =atia? [1. L. -rale (L. 
corpus, body sc. of Christ)], m.; corporal- 
cloth (spread over the altar during com- 
munion service), -ralier^^, to.: case 
where communion cloth is kept, -ralite ^^ 
pj. -litas],/.: corporality, not spirituality. 
-ratioji^'^ [Eng. (1. L. -rari, form a body)], 
/. ; = (extent of a town ; business asso- 
ciation), -réité^^ [1. L. -reitas], /.; cor- 
poreity, bodily existence, -rel-^^, =:elle 
[L. -ralis], adj.: bodily, material, -rel- 
lement^^ [-rel], adv.: corporally, bodily, 
materially, -rifier^^ [L. corpus, body, 
facere, make], tr.: corporify, embody, 
give body to, materialise. 

coT-ps° [L. corpus], to. ; = (of an army), 
body ; person ; corpse : — de maîtres, 
faculty of a school ; à son — défendant, 
in self-defence, reluctantly ; en — , in a 
body ; à — perdu, headlong, with might 
and main ; prendre à — , seize, wrestle 
with ; se tuer le — et Vâme, work one's 
self to death ; un drôle de — , a queer 
chap ; un malin — , mean fellow ; femme 
folle de son — , woman who lives disorder- 
ly ; faire rentrer à quelqu'un ses paroles 
dans le — , make one swallow his words, 
take back what he said ; les gardes du — , 
body guards ; les petits — , atoms (of Epi- 
cure) ; le — calleux, corpus callosum of 
the brain ; vin qui a du — , wine of good 

1 strength ; esprit de — , = (interest in the 
body one is member of, common spirit 
pervading an association of men), -pu- 
len-ee^^ [L. pulentia {-pus, body)], /. .' 
":=, largeness of body, -pulenf^* [L. 
-pulentus], adj. : =, fat. Ikpus ^^ [L.], to. ; 
=, body ; holy bread (as being body of 

' Christ) : le — (juris), whole of Roman 
law. -pusculaire ^"^ [-puscule], adj.: 

■■ corpuscular, atomic. -puscule ^^ [L. 
-pusculum], TO.; corpuscle, atom. 

corre-ot^^ [L. -cius (cum, together, rectus. 

right)], adj.: =. -ctEineni'^^ [-cte], 
adv.: correctly, -cteur^^, =tri-ee [L. 

-ctor], TO., /. ; corrector ; tpunisher : — 
d'imprimerie, proof-reader, -ctif^^, =ive 
[1. L. -ctivus], adj.: corrective, tending 
to set right, or improve, -ctimi^''^ [L. 
-ctio], f. : = (improvement, setting right ; 
emendations ; punishment, discipline ; cor- 
rectness ; proof-reading) : sauf — , sub- 
ject to correction ; maison de — , reform 
school for minors. -ctionnaliser^^ 
\_-ctionnel], tr.: bring (a crime) under 
penalty. -ctionnel^^ =elle [-<;tion], 
adj. : haVg penalty, -ctionnellemetit ^^ 
\_-ctionel], adv.: by way of prosecution. 
corré-gidor^^ [Sp. 'ruler'], to.; = 
(chief m'agistrate of a town). 

correla^tif ■^^, =ive [1. L. -tivus (L. cum, 
with, relativus, connected)], adj.: cor- 
relative, -tiqn^^ [1. L. -tio], f: =, 
reciprocal connection, -tixement^^ [-tif], 
adv.: in mutual relation. 

corres-pondati-ce ^^, /. ; correspondence 
(likeness ; relation ; exchange of letters) ; 
harmony: voiture de — , branch coach, 
transfer coach, -pondant ^^ [1. L. -pen- 
dens], adj.: correspondent; correspond- 
ing ; like ; guardian (over child away f r. 
home). Il-'pondre^^ [1. L. -pondère (L. 
cum, with, respondere, respond)], intr.: 
correspond (be like ; answer to, respond ; 
communicate by letter) ; transfer (take 
passengers fr. connected line). 

corridor ^^ [It. -dore (correre, run)], m.: 
= (covered way around fortification; 
wide gallery or hallway). 

corri-'ger^^ [L. -gere], tr.: CORRECT (set 
right; 'read proof; punish), -geur^^, 
TO.; corrector (who makes changes indi- 
cated by proof-reader), -glble^^ adj.: 
=, not hopelessly bad. 

fcorrival^^, pi. =auap [L. -lis (cum, with, 
rivalis, rival)], to.; rival. 

corrobo-rant^^, adj.: corroborating, 
establishing, -ratif^^, =ive [-ration], 
adj.: corroborative, strengthening. |Kra- 
tion^^ [L. -ratio (cum, with, robur, 
strength ; lit. 'oak')],/.; =, confirmation. 
_j,çy.i3 ["L^ -rare], tr.: tstrengthen (by 
medicine, etc.) ; corroborate, support by 

corro-dant^^, to. or adj.: corrodent. 
Il^der^^ [L. -dere (cum, with, rodere, 
gnaw)], tr.: corrode, consume, rust, eat 
away gradually. 

cor^roi^^ [-royer], to.; = (puddling, 
claying, plaster; cement for ship-hujls, 
etc.) ; CURRYING (of leather) ; bench '(to 
work cloth). -roierie^"^ or -roirie 
[-royer], f: currier's shop, or business. 

cor'-'roiHpre ^^ [L. -rumpere (cum, with, 
rumpere, break)] (cf. rompre) ; tr. : coR- 



RUPT (spoil ; make worse ; bribe) ; modi- 
fy, change : — le cuir, soften the 

"fcovTond = coron. 

corro^sif ^■'^, =ive [L. -sivus (cum, with, 
rodere, gnaw)], adj. or m.; corrosive. 
-siqn^^ [L. -sio],f.: = (rustiness ; grad- 
ual decay). 

corro-yage^^, m. ; currying (of leather, 
etc.). Il-^yer^*^ [OFr. conreer, prepare], 
tr.: prepare; curry (leather), work 
(iron) ; dress (wood) ; make mortar of ; 
puddle (plaster) ; coat over ; plaster 
(cisterns) : f — l^s balks, squeeze the 
water out of printer's pads (so they will 
take ink better), -yere^^, /.; sumac 
(shrub used in tanning), -yeur^^, m.; 

corrude^^ [L. -da],f.: wild asparagus. 

corruga-teur^^, =tri-ee, adj.: corrugant; 
m.: corrugator (muscle which wrinkles 
the skin). IKtiort^^ [L. -tio (cum, with, 
ruga, wrinkle)],/.; =, muscular wrin- 

corrup-teur ^^, =tri-ee [L. -teur, -trix], 
m.,f.: corruptor ; briber; adj.: corrup- 
tive, vicious, -tibilite^* [L. -tibilitas], 
/.; corruptibility, -tible^^ [L. -tibilis], 
adj. : = (liable to spoil ; open to bribery) ; 
m.: tiinpuî*ity, dirt. Il-'^tion^^ [L. -tio, 
cor-rumpere, break up],/..* =, bribery, 
vitiation (of health ; of integrity ; of a 
text ; of a person). 

fcors = cor. 

corsac^'^ [fr. Russ.], m.; = (Asiatic 

corsage ^^ [corps], m.: t=^ (waist gar- 
ment) *; woman's bust ; fbody, person : 
les gens de — , serfs. 

cor-salre-^* [It. -saro (L. cursus, COURSE, 
run)], "fadj.: cruising, sailing; m.: cor- 
sair, pirate, robber: à — , — et demi, 
out-Herod Herod. 

cor-sé^^ [corps], adj.: well-bodied, strong: 
drap — , thick cloth ; vin — , strong wine. 
-sElet^^ [corps], m.: =^ (tbody armour; 
thorax of insects), -ser^^ [corps], tr.: 
tgrapple with ; (recently) spike (as wine, 
to put whiskey into it ; strengthen), 
-sef ^^ [corps], m.: = ; fwaist of a dress. 
-sEtie?^!^, ::ière [-set], m., f.: corset- 
dealer or maker. 

cor-tege^^ [It. -teggio (corte, court)], m.: 
= (procession, esp. historical or symbolic), 
-tès^^ [Sp.], pi. /.' = (national legisla- 

cor-tical ^'^, pi. ^slxlx [L. -tex, bark, rind], 
adj.: outer, exterior. -ti-eine-^^ [L. 
-tex], /.; corticin (tannin obtained fr. 
vegetable rinds). 

cortine-^^ [L. -na, cauldron, esp. one 
sacred to Apollo; anything spherical],/..- 


CORTINA, CURTAIN, veil (on margin of 

coruscatio»!.^^ [L. -catio (-care, flash)],/.; 
=, scintillation. 

cor-véable ^^ adj.: subject to feudal 
duty; m.; base tenant. Il-^vee^^ [1. L. 
-rogata (L.-rogare, call together, fr. cum, 
with, rogare, ask)], / ; = (feudal obliga- 
tion, statute labor such as mendyig roads); 
tiresome task. 

corvette ^■^ [L. -bita, freight ship (-bis, 
basket)],/.; = (war vessel of wood). 

corvidés ^^ [L. -vus, crow], m. pi.: cor- 
vidae, crow-family. 

cory-'bajite ^^ [L. Gr. -bas], m.: corybant, 
priest to Cybele. -bantiqtte^^ [Gr. 
-bantikos], adj.: corybantic, frenzied; /. 
pi. : festival to Cybele. 

co-«'rytiibe -^^ [L. -rymbus, Gr. korumbos 
(korus, helmet)], m.: corjrmb, flower 
cluster. -ry»»ibifère^'^ [L. ferre, bear], 
adj. : coryriibif erous ; /. pi. : the family 
of the corymb-bearing plants, -ryphée ^^ 
[L. -phaeus, Gr. koruphaîos (koruphé, 
head)], m. : corypheus, chorus leader ; i 
leader of a ballet ; (in irony) leader, 
-ryza^^ [L. ; Gr. koruza, cold in the head], 
m.: = (nasal catarrh, common cold); 
similar affection in animals. 

cosaque ^^ [Russ. kosaku], m.: Cossack; 
(fam.) brutal man ; /. ; fcosaque (dance). 

coséca^ite ^'^ [co-, sécante], /.; cosecant, 
secant of the complement of an angle. 

coseiÊfneur -^^ [co-, seigneur], m.: joint- 
owner or lord (of feudal property). 

cosignataire ^^ [co-, signataire], m.,f.: 
fellow-signer, joint signer. 

cosinus ^"^ [co-, L. sinus, curve], m.; i 
cosine (of angle). ' 

cos-métiqtte^^ [Gr. kosmetikos, ornamen- , 
tal], adj. or m. : cosmetic ; /. ; art of 
using cosmetics. Il-^miqtte^^ [Gr. kosmos, 
order ; world], adj. : cosmic ; cosmical : » 
l'espace — , space where heavenly bodies 
are ; lever — d'une étoile, rising of a 
star close with the sun. -mogonie-^^ 
[Gr. -mogonia (gonos, birth)], /.; cos- 
mogony, theory of the origin of the world. 
-mogonique^^ [-mogonie], adj.: cosmo- 
gonie, -mographe -^^ [L. -mographus, 
fr. Gr.], m.: cosmographer. -mogra- 
pbie ^^ [L. -mographia, Gr. kosmographia], 

f. : cosmography, description of the world. 
-mologie^'^ [Gr. kosmologîa], /.; cos- 
mology,* science or theory of the world. 
-mologique^^ [Gr. kosmologikos], adj.: 
cosmolo'gical. -mopolite -^^ [Gr. kosmo- 
polites (polîtes, citizen)], adj.: cosmo- 
politan ; m. : citizen of the world, cos- 
mopolite, one at home an3rwhere. -mopo- 
litisme^^ [-mopolite], m.: cosmopolitan- 
ism, broadmindedness. -morama^^ [Gr, 


hôramë,, view (horân, see)], m.: = (exhibi- 
tion of views fr. over the world). 

tcos-sa^8^^, m. pL: (dial.) pod- heap, 
ll-'-sc^^ [?],/••* pod; husk; (nav.) anti- 
chafing ring, thimble ; upper layer (of 
slate-quarry) : parchemin en — , rough, 
unfinished sheepskin. 

cosser^^ [It. -zzare], intr.: butt, bunt. 

i.cosson^^ [ssus], m.: cossus, larva of the 
bombycid moth ; weevil. 

2.cosson^'' [?], m.: shoot (of vine after 

cossu ^^ [sse], adj.: (dial.) podded, hav'g 
husks ; ifam.) well-off ; rich. 

cos-tal^^, pi. =a.xLX [L. -ta, rib], adj.: ==. 
t-tiere = cotiere. 

costu'^me ^^ [It. fr. L. consuetudo], to.; 
= (fcuSTOM ; dress ; style of dressing ; 
wardrobe, outfit of clothing), -mer^'^, 
tr.: costume, dress. -mier*^^, =ière, 
m.,f.: costumer. 

cotangente^" [co-, tangent],/.: cotangent. 

cote^^'[l. L. quota (L.quotus, how much)], 
/.; quota, proportion; quotation (of stock); 
rank; number; figure: fune — mal taillée, 
an approximate estimate. 

oç~te° [L. Costa, rib],/.: rib (of the body; 
of a ship ; ridge) ; coast ; side ; slope : 
faire — , strike bottom ; être à la — , be 
stranded, -té^'^, to.; right or left half; 
side ; flank ; direction : le — de Vépître 
{de Vévangile), right (left) of the altar ; 
{old) le — de la campagne {de la ville), 
right (left) of the stage ; {now) le — cour 
{'\du roi), the right of the stage ; le — 
jardin {de la reine), the left of the stage; 
à — de, near ; aside ; du — de, towards ; 
à — , away off ; de — , obliquely, askance ; 
at one side, alone, co-teau^^, pi. — x, 
to.; hillock; vineyard; member of the 
ordre des — x, wine club (of seventeenth 
century). -telé^\ adj.: =, ribbed, hav'g 
many sides, -telette ^^ /. ; =, cutlet, 
chop, co-teline^^ [?], /.; = (muslin 
fabric usually corded). 

cotepalis^^ [?], to.; cloth (of silk and 
goat hair). 

coter ^* [-te], tr.: quote (stocks, assess- 
ments; passage fr. a book, etc.); number; 
assess ; grade, graduate. 

fcoteret =^ cotret. 

coterie ^^ [-tier],/.: {old) cotters (of one 
landlord) ; inheritance (subject to a tax) ; 
club, =. 

cot/iurne^^ [L. -nus], to.; cothurnus, 
buskin ; loop, strap (of a shoe). 

ooti-«'€e^* [?], /. ; {her.) narrow band 
(diagonal fr. right to left), -eé^^, adj.: 
having bands. 

cotier ^^, =ière [OFr., cot], adj. : subject 
to a vassal tax. 

loo^'tier'i^, i.=ière [-te], adj.: of the 



coast ; hilly : {cheval) — , horse for hills ; 
{pilote) — , coasting pilot ; fleuve — , river 
in a basin. 2.-tière^^ [-te],/.: {old) slope, 
hill-side ; fcoast ; {now) shelving garden 
bed ; half (of a mould for lead pipe) ; side 
rock (in furnace or chimney). 

co-tièrement ^^ [-ter], adv.: by feudal 
title, or tenure. 

cotigrnac^^ [Prov. coudougnat, L. cotoneum, 
QUINCE (fr. city Cydonia)], to.; =, quince 

cotiiloii^"^ [-tte], TO.; petticoat; girl, 
woman; bloomer-like drawers; = (dance). 

cotiit^*" [L. -tinus], to.; fustet, Cuba wood, 
Venetian sumac. 

cotitjga^'' [S.Am.], to.; = (bird). 

cotique^^ [?], to.; univalve mollusk. 

fcotir^"^ [? ak. to cosser], tr.: bunt; bruise. 

coti-satioti-^^, /.; quota; assessment. 
W^s&r^^ [côte], tr.: {old) assess; {now) 
se — , contribute, club together. 

tcotissure -^^ [-tir],/.: bruise (on fruit). 

co-«'ton^^ [fr. Ar.], to.; -cotton; down: 
filer mauvaise — , have poor health, have 
hard luck, -tonnade^^, /.; = (cheap 
cotton cloth). -tonner^*, tr.: {old) 
furnish with cotton ; {now) cover with 
down ; make spongy, -tonnerie ^ ' [-ton- 
nier],/: cotton plantation, -tonnette^®, 
/.; kind of cotton cloth, -tonneua? ^^, 
=euse, adj.: downy, cottony; pithy, 
spongy. I. -tonniez* ^^ to.; cotton-plant. 
2.-tonnier*^^, =ière, ac(/.; cotton, -ton- 
niere^^/.; cotton-weed, -tonnine^^ 
/.; sail-cloth (of cotton). 

côtoyer ^^ [-te], tr. : fgo side by side with ; 
coast, sail along ; approach. 

cotre ^^ [fr. Eng.], to.; cutter (ship). 

cotret ^^ [?], TO.; fagot; stick; slat. 

cottage^^ [Eng.], to.; =. 

i.cotte^^ [1. L. -ttus], TO.; miller's thumb 

2.cot-^te^^ [ak. to Ger. kotze, rug], /.; 
fcloak ; petticoat : — morte, property a 
monk leaves, f-teron^^, to.; little skirt. 

cottiere^'^ [?],/••* (thick) bar (of iron). 

cotuteur^^, =tri-ee [co-, tuteur], to.,/.; 

coty^le^^ [Gr. kotule, cavity], to.; = 
(bone-socket ; measure half-pint), -le- 
dqn^^ [Gr. kotuledon, socket], to.; coty- 
ledon (embryonic leaf ; area of the uterine 
placenta). -lédoné^^ [-lédon], adj.: 
cotyledonous. -let^^ [Gr. kotule], to.; 
house- leek, -loïde^^ [Gr. eîdos, form], 
adj.: cup-shaped. 

cou° [L. collum], TO.; neck: — -de-pied, 
instep ; — de cygne, crane-neck (curved 
bottom of carriage for front wheels) ; — 
de chameau, narcissus (plant) ; — -blanc, 
fallow-finch ; — -jaune, warbler (of St. 
Domingo) ; — -coupé, grosbeak (of Sene- 



gal) ; — -torSy wry-neck ; prendre ses 
jambes à son — , flee precipitately. 

couac^^ [echoic], m.; quack, false note. 

couagga^'^ [echoic], m.; QUAGGA, kind of 

cou-ajile^" [queue, tail], /.; tail-wool, 
breech-wool ; backwater arm (of pond), 
lizard ^"^ [queue, tail], adj.: COWARD (turn- 
ing tail ; cowardly); m.: poltroon; rump, 
haunch ; head (of scythe blade), -ards- 
ment^-, adv.: cowardly, -ardise ^*^, /. .• 

cou-chant ^^, adj.: =, couching; setting; 
m. : west : chien — , setter ; faire le chien 
— , cringe. -eh.e^^,f.: couch (bed, floor ; 
layer ; first coat of paint) ; marriage-bed ; 
child-bed, confinement; swaddling clothes; 
stakes, bet; cheek-piece (of a gun): fausse 
— , miscarriage, -ehé^^, adj.: =, lying 
down, -ehée ^^, /. ; fsleeping ; lodging 
station. i.||-^-cher** [L. collocàre, place 
together], tr.: couch (cause to lie down; 
put to bed ; deposit ; lay ; layer ; lay on ; 
write down ; bet, wager) ; intr. : be abed, 
lodge, sleep : se — , set (of sun, stars, 
etc.) ; — en joue, aim, aim at ; — gros, 
bet heavily ; — par écrit, put in black 
and white ; ifam.) allez vous — -, be off 
with you ; f — de, pretend to ; — d'impos- 
ture, impose on one by lying. 2.-cher^^, 
TO. : going to bed ; sleeping ; flodging ; 
bed ; setting : le petit — , the time a king 
withdraws and prepares for bed. -ché- 
rie •^^,/..' (pop.) sleeping (with a woman). 
-cliette ^'\ /. ; little bed : "^mignon de — 
young gallant, -cheur^^, =euse, m.,f. 
bed-fellow ; coucher (of paper pulp) ; /. 
woman coucher (in Alençon lace), -chis^^, 
pi. — , TO. : bed (for paving) ; layer (to 
form a new plant) ; lathing ; boards (of 
the trusswork of a vault), -eligir^®, to.; 
tool (for handling gold-leaf), -ehnre^^, 
f. : couching (of steel comb-teeth ; of the 
first threads in lace-making). 

cott-ci-cou-ei ^^ [It. cost cosi], adv.: 
so so. 

coTi'»'Cou -^^ [echoic], to.; cuckoo; cuckoo 
clock; any wooden clock; cry (of chil- 
dren at hide-and-seek) ; barren straw- 
berry plant ; Parisian buggy (for travel- 
lers), -couer*^^, intr.: utter cuckoo cry. 

couconmelle ^^ [Prov. -melo (? ak. to L. 
cucumer, cucumber)], /.; kind of mush- 

coucourelle^^ [Prov. -relo (ak. to coque 
fr. its red interior)], /.; kind of fig. 

cou^de" [L. cubitus], to. ; elbow (angle ; 
turn ; bend) : lever or hausser le — , be 
fond of drink ; jouer des — s, elbow one's 
way. -dée-^^, /.; =, cubit, eighteen 
inches; elbow-room, -der^*, tr.: bend, 
put an elbow into, -doiemeiit ^^ [-doyer], 


TO.; elbowing, shoving, -doyer ^^, tr.: 
elbow, jostle ; touch, join with. 

coudraie^^ [i.-dre],f.: hazelnut thicket. 

fcoudraii, etc., = goudron, etc. 

I .fcoudre" [p. L. *colurus (L. corylus)], 
TO.; hazelnut bush. 

2.coudre° [p. L. *côsere (L. con-suere, 
sew together)], irr.^; tr.: sew; stitch 
together ; bind with wire or willow ; fix 
to ; nail fast : — la bouche, keep a close 
mouth, keep silent ; joues cousues, thin, 
sunken cheeks ; un visage cousu de petite 
vérole, a pock-marked face. 

§ Ind. : Pr. caiids, couds, coud ; cotisons, 
cousez, cousent. Ipf. cotisais. Prêt, cousis. 
Fut. (Cond.) coudraiis). — Subj. : Pr. couse. 
Ipf. cousisse. — I've couds. — Part. : Pr. cou- 
satit ; P. cousîi. 

cou-drement ^^, to. ; soaking (of hides to 
loosen hair). |('»'drer^^ [? ak. to chau- 
dière], tr.: soak (prepare for tanning), 

cou^drette^^ [^'-dre\,f.: flittle hazelnut 
bush; hazel-thicket, -drier ^^ [\.-dre\, 
TO.; hazelnut bush. 

couen-«'ne° kwan [p. L. *cutinna (L. cutis, 
skin)],/.; pig-skin; porpoise-skin; yel- 
lowish, jaundice skin ; buffy coat (of 
blood) ; false membrane (in diseases of 
the throat) : une — de lard, rind of ba- 
con, -neua?^^, =euse, adj.: buffy. 

couet^'^ [écoute, rope], to.; sheet (rope at 
the lov/er corner of a sail). 

i.couette° kwat [L. culcita], f: feather- 
bed ; cushion, socket. 

2.tcouette^^ [queue], f: little tail. 

couffe^^ [ak. to coffin], f: flexible basket- 
work (for cotton, coffee, etc.). 

couguar^^ [fr. Brazilian], to.; cougar, 

coui^'^ [Creole word], to.; calabash tree. 

fcouier ^' [queue], to.; (dial.) pa(i)nter 
(rope at bow to tie up skiff). 

couiilard ^*, adj.: (low) well hung (hav'g 
large testicles) ; to. ; beam (each of two 
timbers supporting dome of windmill) ; brail 
(to truss up middle of a sail). Hconiile*' 
[p. L. *côlia (L. côleus) sheath], /.; 
(low) cod (scrotum); — -de-loup, house- 
leek. covLillqji^'^, TO.; (low) testicle; 
teat (made in a sail to attach a line); 
projection (on an anchor shaft, to fit 
grooves and hold anchor steady) ; runner 
block (for rope) : ■ — -de-chien, stander- 
wort ; - — de-prêtre, prick-wood. 

cou-^lage^^ [-1er], to.; leakage; draw- 
ing off,' pouring; waste.^^ 
[-lant], adv.: fluently. ï.-lant^^ [-1er], 
adj.: running; fluent; flowing; nœud — , 
slip-knot. 2.-la.nt^^ [-1er], to.; runner; 
slide (a sliding ring, locket, weight, etc. ; 
groove, place, or object where a thing 
slides) : — d'une larape, burner of a lamp. 

coulavaui'^ [Chinese], to.; kind of oriole. 


tcoule° [L. cuculla], f.: cowl, monk's 

cou-lé ^'^ \rler], m.: molten metal, cast; 
= (slide in dancing ; slur in music ; run- 
ning together of letters) ; push (at bil- 
liards), -lee^*^ {rler\, /.; flow, flux; =, 
lava stream ; cursive script ; repair (of a 

fcoulemelle-^'' or f-snotte [ak. to colon- 
ne], /.; kind of mushroom. 

eou-lement^^, m.: fAow (of liquids); 
glizade (gliding stroke in fencing). |I^ler° 
[L. côlâre, strain (côlum, strainer)], tr.: 
pour ; cast (metals) ; drain ; leach ; make 
leak and sink ; drown ; exhaust ; while 
away, scald, bleach (wash with lyewater) ; 
slur over, glide over ; slide over ; pass 
over ; transfer, put ; refl. : spread ; be- 
come current, transpire ; slide ; intr. : 
flow, be abundant ; drip ; leak ; sink ; be 
drowned ; run ; glide ; sneak ; drowned 
(by rains) creep : — une affaire, investi- 
gate or discuss an affair thoroughly ; un 
homme coulé, a used-up man ; — une taille, 
engrave parallel lines. -leresse^°, /.; 
(old) strainer ; (now) vat. -les&ng ^^ 
[I've of -1er], m.: Martinique viper, 
-lette -^^j /. .• spindle (for winding spools or 
bobbins) ; (Garonne river) hoop-net. 

couleur° [L. color], f.: color (tint, hue; 
complexion ; paint ; show, appearance ; 
pretence, disguise ; flag ; badge) ; livery ; 
fib : les pâles — s, green sickness ; de 
quelle — tourne-t-il ? what is trumps ; 
donner de la — , follow suit ; nommer la 
— , make the trump (at ombre) ; prendre 
— , stake and cut (the cards at lansque- 
net) ; peindre à pleines — s, paint with a 
"^ull brush ; l'affaire prend — , the matter 
begins to show improvement. 
'ou-««leuvre° [p. L. *colôbra, L. colubra], 
.: COLUBER, adder: avaler des —s, show 
?reat forbearance. -leuvreau^^, m.: 
/oung snake. -leuvree^^, /!; white 
briony. -leuvri»i^*', =ine, adj.: colu- 
brine, snake-like. -lEvrine^^, /.; CUL- 
VERIN (cannon) : sous la — , v/ithin range. 
jouli^^ [servant caste in India], m.: 
COOLIE (Chinese or Indian contract labor- 
er, porter or menial in employ of for- 

!Ou-linage^^, m.; singeing. ||-~liner^^ 
[? -1er], ir.: singe (trees with torches on 
account of insects). 

'.ou-^lis^i, =sse \rler], adj.: vent coulis, 
draft of wind ; m. ; grout (fluid metal, mor- 
tar, etc., to be poured in to fill up chinks 
and holes) ; groats, porridge, -lisse, 
f.; coulisse (grooved timber; theatre 
slide ; space between slides ; purlieus of 
the theatre) ; behind the scenes ; un- 
authorized part of the stock exchange; 



board, case, drawer, etc., sliding in a 
groove ; port-cuLLis ; fold (for curtain 
rod ; for drawstring) : faire les yeux en 
—, look slyly at one ; — de galée, print- 
er's galley, -lissé ^*^, adj.: {her.) hav'g 
a port-CULLis. -lisseau^*, m.: groove 
(for bed rollers, for drawers ; tongue for 
a groove) ; guide (to keep roller, slide, 
etc., in place), -lisser*-^^, tr.: groove. 
-lissier 1^, m.: stock-jobber (non-licensed 
exchange broker), -lissoire^' [-sser],/.; 
grooving-tool, groover. 

tcoul-melle, -motte see coulemelle, etc. 

cou-loir^^ [ler], m.: side-entrance, pas- 
sage-way ; log-slide, milk-strainer ; fbile- 
duct ; fglizade (in fencing), -loire^^ 
l-l^f],f-- sieve, strainer; funnel; draw- 
plate (in making pins). 

tcoulmi" [L. Columbus], m.: {dial.) 

coulotte^^ \_-ler], f.: slide (where the 
lead plate is lifted fr. the mould). 

coulpe° [L. culpa], f.: fmistake ; sin: 
dire sa — , confess one's sins ; battre sa 
— , repent (beating one's breast). 

cou-lure^^ [-1er], f.: =, drowning (loss 
of pollen by rain) ; leakage, spilling ; 
sinker : — s d'une seine, leaded up-and- 
down cords of a seine. 

coumaitle^^ [?], /, ; rock (fr. coal 

coumarou^" [Guiana], m.: =, Tonka 

coumier^''^ [Guiana], m.: cuma tree. 

co\ip° [p. L. *colapus (L. colaphus)], m.: 
blow (stroke, hit, knock ; cuff ; kick) ; 
act, motion of a limb or instrument ; shot 
(discharge of a firearm) ; clap of thunder 
slash, cut ; pinch ; push, thrust ; haul of 
a seine ; pull ; poke at the fire ; play of a 
machine ; throw at dice ; move at chess ; 
crunch of the jaws, bite ; crack of a whip ; 
beat of a drum ; time ; attempt : — d'ceil, 
cast of the eye, {jig.) glance, look ; ogle ; 
sight ; aspect ; penetration ; bird's-eye 
view ; — de grâce, mercy stroke, finishing 
stroke, death-blow ; — de temps, sudden 
occasion ; - — de jarnac, treacherous or 
unexpected blow ; faire — double, kill 
two birds with one stone ; porter — , have 
its effect ; donner un — de mains (or 
d'épaules) à, lend a helping hand to ; 
donner un — de chapeau, tip one's hat ; 
— de feu, shot ; shot-wound ; great heat ; 
scorch ; busy time ; être dans son — de 

feu, be very busy ; — de tête, act of des- 
peration, sudden resolution, impulse ; — 
de maître, master-stroke ; — d'essai, first 
trial, effort ; — d'état, =, stroke of state 
policy ; — de main, surprise, attack ; — 
de théâtre, dramatic turn ; unexpected step; 
clap-trap ; boire un — , take a sip, {Jig.) 



drown ; tout d'un — , all of a sudden ; 
revolver à six — s, six-shooter ; — amorti, 
spent shot ; — de partie, decisive blow ; 
— de revers, back-stroke ; — de sang, 
apoplectic stroke ; — d'air, a cold ; à — 
perdu, in vain ; — sur — , one after an- 
other, without stopping ; après — , too 
late; à — sûr, to a certainty; — de 
cannon à Veau, shot between wind and 
water ; — fourré, mutual stab (where 
each wounds the other), 

cou-^paMe° [L. culpabilis], adj.: culp- 
able; sinful; guilty; m., f.: culprit. 
-■pahl^m.ent'^^, adv.: culpably. 

cou-page^* [-per],m.: fcutting; diluting. 
-païit^'^, =ante [-per], adj.: cutting, 
sharp; m.: edge (of a blade), i.-pe^^ 
[-per],/.: cutting (of hay; of wood; of 
cards) ; cut (of pattern of garment ; of 
hair) ; style ; division ; section : mettre 
un bois en — réglée, apportion woods for 
cutting (so much to be cut each year), 
(fig.) impose on one constantly ; acheter 
un melon à la — , plug melon before pay- 
ing for it ; nager à la — , swim sailor- 
fashion ; faire sauter la — , restore the 
cards after the cut ; être heureux à la 
— , win by cheating ; être sous la — de 
quelqu'un, play first at cards, be at a dis- 
advantage ; (jig.) be dependent on some 
one ; — de verre, lump of molten glass (on 
the blower's pipe). 

2.coupe° [L. cuppa], f : cup (drinking 
vessel ; fcommunion cup ; wine) ; basin 
of a fountain : il y a loin de la — aux 
lèvres, there is many a slip twixt the cup 
and the lip. 

coupé ^'^ îrper], m.: = (carriage arched 
for the front wheels ; front compart- 
ment of French diligence or of railway 
coach ; coupée) ; rise (in the bridge 
of a ship over the cabin) ; one quarter of 
a shield ; slash ; staccato note : — -lit, 
sleeping-car ; berth in sleeper, i .-peau^^, 
pi. — X [-per], m. : chip, shaving (fof wood ; 
f r. an engraver's tool) ; sheet (of five 
playing cards in process of manufactur- 

2.tcoupeau^^, pi. — x ['^.-pe], m.: top, 

tcoupe-^ [couper] : t-"bourgé»on^", m. : 
(dial.) vine-grub, -bourse ^^, m.: cut- 
purse; thief, -cercle -^^j m.: measur- 
ing compasses ; round-punch, -ehoua? ^^, 
m.; cabbage-cutter (case-knife; menial). 
-cors^^, m.: (toe) corn-cutter. t-c«^^^. 
adv.: if am.) jouer à — , play game of 
cards without revenge. coupée ^^ 
[part, of couper], f: rise (over cabin, 

cf. coupé). -faucille 




lion's-mouth, snap-dragon (plant), -flle^^, 
pi. — , m. : pass (cutting the line of car- 


riages at a reception). -îoin^^, pi. — , 
m. ' mowing-machine. -gazo)t ^^, pi. — , 
m. ; turf- or sod-cutter (machine). 
-gorge ^''^, pi. — , m.: =, cut-throat 
place ;* cutlas ; curved timber (under the 
head of a ship) ; t(term at lansquenet) 
when the dealer leads, dealer loses all ; 
sweeps all. 

coupeUloti^^ [Prov. -payoun (?)], m.: 

coupe-"' [couper]: -jarret ^^ m.: cut- 
throat ; assassin (who approaches fr. 
behind). -la^tde^^, /.; heavy hoe. 
-légumes ^^, pi. — , m.: vegetable knife. 

coupel-latio»».^'^ [-1er], /.; cupellation, 
assaying. H-^^le^* [coMjoe, cup],/..' cupel; 
powder ladle, charger (of gunners) ; ftest. 
-Ibv^"^, tr.: cupel, cupellate. 

cou-pe-mariage ^^, pi. — , m.: thread- 
guide (to prevent threads touching in 
winding silk fr. the cocoon). -pe- 
■paille^' , pi. — , m.; straw-cutter, -pé- 
pite, pi. — , m.: dough-knife. -pe- 




m. : docking-knife ; 

(leather-dresser's) tail-trimmer ; (chan- 
dler's) evener. W'^-per^^ [coup], tr.: cut 
(divide, sever ; carve ; slice ; chop ; trim ; 
clip, shear ; amputate ; castrate ; pass 
through ; cross ; stop, shut off ; inter- 
rupt) ; dilute, adulterate (liquids) ; break 
(as cloth or leather) : — le sifflet à 
quelqu'un, cut one's throat ; (fam.) make 
one keep mum ; pour — court, in short ; 
se — , be galled ; (of horses) to interfere ; 
se — la gorge, fight a duel ; — court à 
quelqu'un, cut one off short ; — par le 
plus court, take the shortest cut ; — dan» 
le pont (or dedans), get into the trap. 
-pe-ra-eine.s^^, pi. — , m.: root- breaker 
(for cutting up turnips, etc.). -peret^^, 
m. ; chopping-knif e ; (enameler's) file ; 

i.coupero-se^^ [?], /.; copperas: — 
hleue (blanche, verte), blue (white, green) 
vitriol. 2.-se^^ [? same as i. ]?/••' stone- 
pock, -se^^ [2.-se], adj.: blotched (by 

fcou-peru^'^ [Imv. of -per, ru, brook], 
m.: (dial.) little seine, -pe-seve^^, pi. 
— , m.: girder (to deaden trees). 

coupet^^ [? OFr., summit], m.: (cone- 
shaped) sea-shell. 

fcoupetée, -ter see copiée, -ter. 

cou-pe-tete -^^ [-per], fheadsman ; leap- 
frog, -peur^^, =euse [-per], m., f: 
cutter ; (esp.) tailor ; vintager ; hound 
(that takes short cut to head off game) ; 
clipper, trimmer ;/. : bee (that cuts leaves) : 
— de bourse, pickpocket ; — d'eau, cut- 
water; scissor-bill. -pis^^ [-J^er], m.: 
riser (of the Pont coupe). 

cou-plage^'' [-pier], m,: (joined) pair (of 


boats on the Loire); one-sixteenth one sec- 
tion (of a log float), ||cou-^ple° [L. copula], 
/.; copula, tie, bond; couple, two; m.: 
pair (man and wife ; twins ; two friends ; 
male and female ; yoke of oxen ; span of 
horses ; two hooks to a line, etc.) ; two 
parallel forces (acting on a lever), -pler^^, 
tr.: couple (unite, join, put together). 






= (two rhyming lines ; a 

song of such rhymes) ; tirade ; hinge 
-plEter^'^ [-plet], tr.: satirize one (in 
couplets), -pliere^'^, /.; willows (hold- 
ing raft together). 

coupoir^" [-per], m.: cutting instrument 
(knife ; shears ; blade ; dressing bench ; 
folder ; worm ; groover ; puncher-chisel ; 
mortise machine). 

coupole ^^ [It. cupola (cupa, cup)], /..• 
cupola, dome. 

cou-pmi^^ [-per], m.: = (part cut off or 
to be cut off ; remnant of cloth ; share or 
dividend warrant ; ticket, note) ; division, 
section, of a raft. -pure^*^ [-per],f.: 
= (passage cut through a glacis ; ditch 
behind a breach) ; cut ; break ; water- 
trench ; fractional part ; bank note (of 
low denomination). 

cour° [p. L. *curs,h. cohors, cors, pen, yard], 

/. ; COURT (residence of a ruler ; state 
council ; court council ; government ; vas- 
sals, or retinue of a sovereign ; homage ; 
courting, obsequious attention ; palace ; 
tribunal ; hall ; seat of judgment, law 
court ; judicial body ; yard, enclosure) ; 
{dial.) f country estate; testate of a 
sovereign : — -basse, poultry yard ; — de 
comptes, audit office ; — du roi Pétaud, 
Bedlam, where everybody talks ; hors de 
— , out of court, non-suited ; m. ; dis- 
missal, non-suit ; — ■■ pleniere, full court 
of the king ; (fam.) great crowd ; — 
d'assises, criminal court ; le côté — , left 
of the actor ; l'eau bénite de — , empty 

courable^^ [-H?*], adj.: bête — , beast 
that may be hunted. 

tcourade^'^ [1],/.: (dial.) sardine. 

Doura^ge^^ [cœur], m.: = (heart; brav- 
ery, daring ; will, resoluteness, spirit) ; 
fdisposition : tenir son — à deux mains, 
summon up all one's courage, -geuse- 
meiif^^, adv.: courageously. -giBUJc^^, 
=euse, adj.: courageous. 

I'courai, -rayer see corroi, corroyer. 

Bou-raiilei'^^ [-rir], intr.: run back and 
forth ; {fam.) lead an irregular life. 
-ramme/it^^, adv.: fluently, easily. 
ll^raHt^*^, =aiite [-rir], adj.: current 
(running ; present ; usual ; ordinary, regu- 
lar) ; fluent; flowing; lineal, length; m.: 
current, stream (of air, water, etc.) ; 
length ; runner (moving rope in a pulley) ; 

/. ; running-hand ; upper millstone ; cou- 
rant (dance) ; {low) diarrhœa : main — e, 
day-book, blotter ; monnaie — e, current 
coin ; titre — , title (repeated on every 
page) ; être au — , keep up with the times ; 
be well informed ; se mettre au — , pay 
one's debts ; compte — , standing account ; 
prix — , market price. -ratttiile ^ '^ 
[Prov. -rrentilho],/.: drifting seine (for 
tunny). -rantin^^, =ine, m., /.; un- 
stable person ; errand-boy ; line-rocket. 

courba-che^^ [fr. Turk.], /.; courbash, 
bastinado whip. 

courbaril^^ [?], m.: = (locust-tree; gum 

courbaton^^ [Sp. curvaton, Eng. curve], 
m.: futtock. 

courba^tu^* [court, battu], adj.: knocked 
up, over-fatigued, bruised ; foundered 
(as horses) ; lumbaginous. -ture ^^, /. ; 
over-fatigue, extreme lassitude ; founder ; 
lumbago, -turei*^^ [-turé],tr.: knock up, 
tire, wear out. 

cour'>'be° [p. L. *curbus (L.curvus)], adj.: 
CURVED, rounded ; /. .• curve (any curved 
object ; railroad curve ; arch ; curved 
beam ; curve pattern ; double-tree ; joint, 
elbow ; knee) ; windgall ; stifle ; curb (of 
horses) : à double courbure, tortuous 
curve ; — rampante, string-board (of 
stairs). -bEment^^ [-ber], m.: bend; 
bending, -ber" [L. curvàre], fr., intr.: 
bend, curve, -het^^, m.: bow (of pack- 
saddle) ; large pruning bill. -bEton^'^ 
[-bet], m.: {dial.) yoke pin. -bette-^^, 
/. ; curvet (of horses) ; scraping and bow- 
ing (of persons). -better^® [-bette], 
intr.: curvet, prance. -bure^^ [-^er], 
/. ; curve, curvature ; arch ; sagging. 

coxiTcsLil^ler^^ [echoic], intr.: cry (as 
quails), -let^*, m.: cry (of quail). 

fcour-ce-^^ [ak. to accourcir (L. curtus, 
short)], /. ; trimmed stalk (of vine). 
t-eet^^ [OFr. acourcier, shorten], m.: 

fcour-eive = coursive. 

courçoM^^ [court], m.: trimmed vine or 
branch; short bar; pile, stake; (gun 
mould) hoop, band. 

coureau^^ [-rir], m.: yawl (for fishing or 
lighterage) ; channel, pass(between islands). 

i.fcourée = corroi. 

2.tcourée^^ [cœur], /.; {dial.) fentrails. 

coureur ^^, =euse [-rir], m.,f.: runner 
(any animal that runs much or rapidly, 
cursorial bird, etc. ; esp. race-horse, or 
driver ; bootman, valet ; messenger) ; 
scout ; deer hunter in Canada ; frequenter 
esp. of vile places ; bad character ; layer, 
course (a thing lying lengthwise of some- 
thing else) : filon — , surface vein of coal. 

i.courge° [L. cucurbita], f. : gourd. 



2.conr'~ge2'* [? ak. to courbe], /.; yoke 
(for carrying two buckets) ; console, 
bracket (for chimney- mantle), i.-gée^^, 
/.; yoke-load. 

2.courgée^^ [? OFr. corgiee, thong], /..* 
trellise'd branch or vine. 

courir ^''^ [courre], irr.^; intr.: run 
(move rapidly; speed; hurry; rush; race; 
flow ; pass ; circulate ; sail ; spread) ; tr. : 
make run (chase ; risk ; travel over ; 
overrun) ; attend, frequent ; look over, in- 
spect ; sail ; extend along : — après son 
argent, try to recover lost bets ; en con- 
rant, quickly ; faire — une santé, make a 
toast go around, make all guests drink a 
health ; les appointements courent du 
premier janvier, the obligations must be 
met the first of January; il court le 
cachet, he gives lessons in town ; — les 

filles, run after women ; — la paste, jour- 
ney rapidly ; {fig.) act with great haste ; 

— des bords, or bordées, tack ship ; (fig.) 
to go f r. wineshop to wineshop ; — le bon 
bord, attack a merchantman for booty ; 
devancer en courant, out-run ; — à l'hôpi- 
tal, be ruining one's self ; — la prétan- 
taine, gad about. 

§ Ind. : Pr. cours, etc. Prêt, courus. Fut. 
(Cond.) caiirraiis). — Subj. : Pr. coure. Ipf. 
courtisse. — I've cours. — Part. : Pr. courant ; 
P. couru. 

courlieu^^ [echoic], or courlis, m,: 

curlew (bird). 

fcouroi = corroi. 

cou-roir^^ [-rir], m.: passageway (on 

couron^nade^^ [-ner]/.: surrounding (in 
order to attack). |Kne° [L. corona, chaplet], 
/. ; CROWN (garland, wreath ; sovereign's 
crown ; CORONET ; shapely top of anything ; 
corona; coronary; crown-works; hair; ant- 
lers, etc., coin or paper bearing a crown ; 
fig., sovereignty ; sovereign) : — impérial, 
crown imperial (flower) ; — royal, trefoil ; 

— de terre, ground ivy. -nement^^ 
[-ner], m.: crowning (coronation, topping 
off ; coping ; finishing) ; taffrail ; military 
occupancy; roof -timbers ; (horse's) bare or 
broken knee : — d'un arbre, trimmed tree- 
top ; withering tree-top. -ner^°, tr.: 
crown (put on crown, wreath, garland or 
cope or tonsure, etc.) ; occupy (with 
troops) : ouvrage couronné, prize work ; 
spire couronnée, apex of seashell sur- 
rounded by points ;c^e?;aZ couronné, broken- 
kneed horse. 

fcourratier = courtier. 

tconrre° [L. currere], def. (only in Inf.) ; 
intr., tr.: run: — un cheval, gaWoi^ at 
top speed ; — une lièvre, hunt a hare ; le 
laisser — , the moment to let loose the 
dogs ; m. : un beau — , good region for 
coursing, i. courrier ^^ [It. corriere]. 


m. ; courier, riding messenger ; post ; mail 
or express coach ; mail ; journal ; race- 
boat ; seine-float ; (vulg.) wader, courser 

2. f courrier ^^ [ak. to corroi], m.: stew- 
ard (of bishop, abbot of a convent). 

tcourroi = corroi. 

courroie° [L. corrigia, rein (regere, rule)], 
/. ; strap ; belt : étendre la —, make the 
most of one's means ; lâcher la — à quel- 
qu'un, give one more rope ; faire de cuir 
d'autrui large — , ride a free horse to 

cour-^rou-eer" [p. L. *corruptiâre (L. 
eorruptus, spoil)], tr. : make angry, enrage. 
-roux^'^, m.: wrath, anger. 

fcourroyer, etc., see corroyer, etc. 

courts" [L. cursus (currere, run)], m.: 
COURSE (stream ; movement ; route ; run ; 
orbit, path ; layer ; scope ; distance ; prog- 
ress ; continuation ; space ; curriculum ; 
series); voyage; public drive; circulation; 
market price ; currency ; fseries of text- 
books : salle de — , lecture-room ; faire 
(suivre) un — , give (attend) course of 
lectures ; premier (dernier) — , opening 
(closing) price ; — de*plinthe, range of 
stone ; — de pannes, purlins ; — d'assi- 
ses, continuous stone-course ; — civil, 
Justinian code ; — canonique, monk 
Gratian's decretals ; — ecclésiastique, 
hours for prayer, -se^^,/.; run, running 
(course; race; career; trip; excursion); 
quick march ; tilt, joust ; cruising ; fora- 
ging; play of (piston, etc.); range, f-sie 
= coursive, -sier^^, m.: courser, fleet 
horse ; gangway, passageway (between 
benches of rowing convicts) ; mill-race ; 
shuttle-race, -sive^*, /.; gangway, pas- 
sageway, walk (on ships). 

fcourson = courqon. 

court". =te [L. curius], adj., adv.: short; 
CURT : vue — e, short-sightedness ; vent 
— , wind requiring short tack ; avoir 
les bras courts, lack credit ; tirer au — 
fétu, draw straws ; fpour le faire — , in 
short ; prévôt de robe — e, judge of limited 
authority ; jésuite de robe — e, layman 
suspected of favoring Jesuitism ; vo'tiloir 
la vie — e et bonne, go in for a good time 
at all hazards ; — e honte, surprise ; fail- 
ure ; tourner — , turn short; demeurer — , 
stop short ; rester (tout) — , come to a 
standstill, forget what one wanted to say. 

courtage ^^ [-tier], m.: business of a 
broker ; commission, brokerage. 

cour-taiile^'^ [court], f.: short pin (too 
short to be used). H'-taud^'* [court], 
adj. : docked (haVg ears or tail cut off) ; 
thickset, dumpy ; m.,f.: short and stubby 
person or thing ; dumpy, thick-set person ; 
docked horse ; punch ; ancient mortar- 


gun ; duiii^)}^ bass instrument : un — de 
boutique, lout ; étriller en (or comme un) 
chien — , beat like a dog. -taude-r ^'^, tr. : 
dock ; ifam.) mistreat. 

court-bâtou ^^, pi. — s — s, m.: cour- 
bash, bastinado cudgel: f tirer quelque 
chose au — , contend furiously for a thing. 
-bouiilon^®, pi. — s — s, m.: wine-sauce 
(to boil ûsh in), Polish fish-broth. -bouU- 
ioner^^ [-bouillon], tr.: cook in wine- 
sauce. t-bouton =^ courbeton. -car- 
reau^', pi. — s — s, m.: upright shaft 
(of triphammer), -côté^'^, pi. — s — s, 
m.: overcheck (of bridle), t-cireau = 

courtE-botte^"^, pi. — s — s, m.: (pop.) 
short man, dumpy fellow. -boule ^^, 

/. ; short bowls, -épée®, pi. — s — s, f. : 
short weapon (dagger, poniard, etc.). 
-épine ^', j?Z. — s — s,f.: porcupine-fish. 
t-graisse, /. ; manure (fr. privies). 
t-/taleine^^ kourf^alen, f.: asthma. 
-lettre ^^, pi. — s — s, f.: clipped type 
(to make letter show better), -ment ^^ 
[court], adv.: curtly. -paiTle", /.. cut, 
straw (for drawing cuts), -paume ^^, f. : 
indoor tennis. 

courtE^pomte^^ [OFr. coûte, cover], 
/.; counterpane, -poiiitier^'-^, m.: coun- 
terpane maker or seller. 

courtE-qiteue^^, pi. — s — s, f.: (short 
tailed) Carolina turtle ; short-stemmed 

fcourtErole^^ [cour], f.: (dial.) larva 
(of may-bug) ; mole-cricket. 

fcourt-fétu see court and fétu. 

courtier ^'^, -ière [? ak. to courir], m., 
f. : broker, middleman ; go-between ; 
match-maker : — marron (or non breveté), 
unlicensed broker, 

courti^i^^ [cour], m.: (dial.) flittle 
garden, -liere^^/.; mole-cricket. 
•-ourtine" [L. cortina], f. : curtain (fbed- 
drapery ; rampart) ; staked seine ; mantle 
(of moss). 

îourti^an^^ [It. corti§iano (corte, 
court)], m.: courtier; fawner; courter. 
-sane^^ [It. cortigiana], f.: courtesan. 
-sanerie 1^ /. ; court-flattery (fawning); 
courtesanship (harlotry). -ser^^ [cour, 
infl, by -san], tr.: court, pay court to. 
îOurt-joÎHté 1^, adj.: short-jointed (in 
the pastern) ; short-legged (of falcons).^'^, tr.: pin up, skewer up 
(leg of mutton, etc., by doubling it up 
close), 'va.onté'^^, adj.: sway-backed. 
our^tois^"^, =oise [cour], adj.: COURT- 
EOUS, polite : -farmes — es, harmless 
weapons ; (Jig.) polite terms ; chambre 
—e, privy, -toisement ^'^, adv. : politely. 
-toisie ^^, /. .• courtesy. 

■ ourton^^ [court], m.: short hemp. 



fcourf-pendu = capendu. 

cour ?- vêtu ^^ -vé-, adj.: dressed in short 

cour^-vite [courir], m.: courser, runner 
(bird), tcourue^^ [courir],/.: flooding 
(fr. pond to float raftwood). 

couscou^^ [Antilles], m.: soaked seed (of 
corn and red millet). 

couscous ^^ [fr. Arab.], m. : = (meat 
dumpling cooked in oil). 

fcouseau^^ [?], m.: (dial.) bundle (of 
barley and wheat straw). 

cou-seur^^, =euse [-dre], m.,f.: sewer; 
/. ; (esp.) stitcher (of books to be bound) ; 
{rare) sewing-machine. 

i.cousift° [p. L. *culicïnus (L. culex)], 
m. : gnat ; mosquito. 

2.cou-^siit*', =ine [p. L. *cosinus (L. con- 
sobrinus)], m., /.; cousin: petits- — s, 
second-cousins ; être — s, be good friends. 
-sinage^^, m.: cousinhood (kinship as 
cousins ; body of cousins), -siner^^, tr.: 
treat like a cousin ; intr. : be good friends. 
-sinette^^ [i.-sin],f.: variety of apples, 
i.-siniere^'', /..• (humor.) hot bed, nest 
of cousins. 

2.tcousinière^'' [i.-sin],f.: mosquito-bar. 

cou-soir^^ [-dre], m.: sewing-press (for 

cous-'siti® [p. L. *ooxinus (coxa, hip)], m.: 
CUSHION (bag filled with hair, or feathers, 
etc., to prevent hard impacts ; pad ; bol- 
ster ; bumper ; anything like a cushion) : 
— de mire, bed of a cannon ; — d'amure, 
yarning, wrapping to save friction of the 
leech-rope. -siner^^, tr.: pad: se — , 
pad out one's form, -sinet^'-^, m..* little 
cushion (pad ; rest ; pulvinus ; pulvillus ; 
pulvinar; coussinet," rest; chair under 
iron rails) : — oculaire, haw of horse's 
eye ; — planturé, frog of horse's foot. 

fcousto»! = courton. 

coût^^ [-ter], m.: costs ; expense, if -tant 
see -ter. 

fcoutarde^^ [?],/••' (dial.) custard. 

Cousteau®, pi. — oc [L. cultellus], m.: 
knife ; fshort sword ; couteau ; heads- 
man's ax : — de tripière, two-edged knife ; 
le — de Jeannot, same old knife with new 
blade and new handle ; — de feu, searing 
iron (for horses) ; — de chaleur, sweat 
shingle ; — sourd, scraping-knife ; — 
pliant, clasp-knife ; — à découper, carving 
knife ; — à pied, circular knife, -telas ^^, 
m. : cutlas : — de boucher, (vulg.) sword- 
fish, -teler^^, tr.: fcut (with a knife) ; 
damage (with shaving tool in dressing 
hides), -telet^^, m.: little knife; en- 
trance (to a crawl), -telle r^^, =ière, 
m., f.: cutler; m.: long-shelled bivalve; 
/.; fknife-box. -tellerie^^ [-telier], f. : 
cutlery (business or wares), -telure-'^'^ 



flaw (made in parchment by 

[-teler], f. 

coû-^ter** [L. constàre], intr., tr.: cost: 
tout lui coûte, everything is an effort to 
him; coûte que coûte, at any price; 
— cher, — bon, be dear, be expensive ; 
cost much; en — , cost; cost effort, be 
painful, be a trial. -teiiseme« t ^^ [-teux], 
adv. : expensively, -teu^c ^^, =euse [coîi^J, 
adj.: expensive. 

cou-tier-i^, =ière [-te], m., f.: (old) 
mattress-maker ; (now) ticking-maker. 
-±il^^ [-te], m.: =, ticking. 

tcou-ti^adel^/..• stab. \\-^tille^^ [ak. 
to -teau], f. : t^arge knife ; fescue-grass. 

coutissée^^ [?], /.; side piece (of em- 
broidery frame). 

couton^^ [ak. to côte], m.: pin feathers. 

con^tre** [L. cutter], m.: colter (knife 
ahead of ploughshare) ; riving knife ; ax. 
t-trier ^^, m. : plough (with a large colter). 

coutu-^me" [L. consuetûdo], f.: custom 
(habit ; usage ; practice ; tax, tariff) : de 
— , usually. i.-mier^^, =ière, adj.: 
customary (habitual ; usual ; common) : 
pays (de droit) — , country under common 
law. 2.-miGr^^, m.: customary (embod- 
iment of laws and customs of a country). 
-mièrement ^^, adv.: according to cus- 

coutu-^re® [p. L. *côsetûra (L. eon-suer^, 
SEW together)],/.; seam (joint; crack; 
ridge ; scar ; wrinkle ; mould-mark) ; pock- 
marks ; oakum (in joints) ; SE wing ; 
needlework. -TeT^^,tr.: seam, -rerie-^* 
[-rier], f.: fîieedlework ; sewing-room. 
-rier^'^, =ière, m.,f.: ftailor; seamster, 
seamstress ; m.: sartorius (longest muscle). 

cou-vage-^^ [-i^er], m. : brooding, setting (on 
eggs). ' --vain^^ [ver], m.: brood, group 
(of insect eggs) ; brood-comb (of bees). 
-vaison^^ [-ver],f.: brooding-time, period 
of INCUBATION, -xée^'^ [-ver], /.; nest; 
brood (cf. covey). 

couvent^® [1. L. conventum (L. con-venire, 
come together)], m.: convent (cloister; 
Catholic school for girls). 

couver" [L. cuhâre, lie down], tr.: sit on, 
hatch out ; brood on ; brood over ; incu- 
bate ; intr. : lie hid, smoulder : — quelque 
chose des yeux, keep the eyes set on a 
thing; la maladie qui couve, the disease 
which is about to appear. 

cou-ver-ceau° [p. L. * coper cellum], m.: 
fcovER ; covering (for furniture) ; cap (of 
a millstone). H-'^vercle*' [h. co-operculum 
(operire, cover)], m.: lid, cover: (pop.) il 
n'est si méchant pot qui ne trouve son — , 
every Jack has his Jill, -verseau, see 
-verceau. -vert^^, part, of -vrir ; m.: 
cover (envelope ; protection ; pretence, 
pretext); all the table furniture (usually 


for one person); (esp.) fork and spoon: 
petit — , prince's or king's ordinary meal ; 
grand — , official formal meal ; mettre le 
— , set the table ; être à — de quelque 
chose, be protected against a thing ; be 
protected by a thing, -verte ^^ [-vrir],f.: 
fcovering, fcover ; large tail feather (of 
falcons); glaze, enamel : vol à la — , swoop 
at game under cover of a hedge, etc. 
t- vertement ^^ [-vert], adv.: covertly. 
-verture" [-vert], f.: cover (covering; 
roof ; bed-cover ; counterpane ; pretext ; 
of books) ; tectrices ; security ; guaranty ; 
privilege (in Spain of keeping one's hat on 
in presence of the king) : troupes de — , 
frontier troops to protect settlers ; — 
piquée, quilt ; faire la — , turn down the 
bed. -verturiet^^® [-verture], m.: 
maker of blankets. 

cou-v«t^® [-voir], TO.; foot-stove (of pot- 
tery or metal), -veuse^^ [-ver],f.: set- 
ting-hen; incubator, -vi^^ [-ver], adj.: 
œuf — , rotten egg. -voir ^^ [-ver], m. : 
fnest (for setting hen) ; foot-stove ; incu- 

couvraiile^^ [-vrir],f.: (dial.) covering 
(grain with earth) ; sowing. 

cou-vrE-bouelie ^^, pi. — , m. ; (leather) 
hood (for mouth of cannon), -chef^^, 
pi. — s, TO.; (humor.) head-gear. -vrE- 
culasse^^, pi. — , to.; leather hood (for 
breach of cannon). -vrE-feu^^, pi. — , 
TO. ; curfew signal ; fire-cover (to keep 
fire). -vrE-giberne^^, pi. — , to.; cart- 
ridge-box cover or hood. -vrE-joint^^, 
pi. — , TO.; joint hider. -vrE-lit^^, pi. 
— , TO.; bed drapery. -vrB-lumiere^^, 
pi. — s, TO.; apron (of cannon). -vrE- ( 
pie<Z(s) ^^, pi. — , TO. ; foot- coverlet. -vrE- 
plat^^, pi. — s, TO.; dish-cover (to keep , 
food warm). -vrE-platine ^'^, pi. — , to. ; ^ 
lock cover (of guns). -vrE-shako^^, p/. 
— , TO. ; shako cover, -vrfiur ^^, to. ; roofer < 
(tiler; slater; thatcher). H-^^vrir" [L. 
co-operire (cover)], irr. § ; tr. : COVER 
(overlay, overspread ; envelop ; roof ; 
dress ; protect ; hide ; disguise ; excuse ; 
guarantee ; leap) ; set (table) ; meet (ex- 
penses) : se — , put on one's hat ; le temps 
se couvre, the weather is cloudy; — 
une carte, match a card ; — un tableau 
d'or, pay high for a picture ; allée cou- 
verte, shady walk. 

§ Ind. : Pr. couvre, etc. Ipf. couvrais. 
Prêt, couvris. Fut. (Cond.) couvrirai{s). — 
Subj. : Pr. couvre. Ipf. couvrisse. — I've 
couvre. — Part. : Pr. couvrant ; P. couvert. 

covendeur ^^ [co-, vendeur], m.: joint- 
covet ^" [?], TO.; whelk (sea-shell). 
co-wpox^^ cou- [Eng.], to.; =. 
oox^al^^ , pi. =a^ax [L. -a, hip], adj.: =. 


-algie ^^ [Gr dlgos, pain], /.; coxalgia, 
hip-disease, -o-femoral ^^, pi. =aux, 

adj. : of the hip and femur. 

i.coyau^^, pi. — X [ak. to queue], m.: peg 
(to noid a float of a waterwheel) ; chant- 

2.coyau^^, pi. — X [?], m.; tench (fish). 

I. coyer ^^ [queue], m.: fi'ump (of an ani- 
mal) ; hip-rafter. 

2.coyer^^ [queux], m.: (dial.) scythe- 
stone case. 

I. crabe ^'^ [Port, cravo], m.: clove-myrtle 
(of America). 

2.cra^be^^ [ak. to Ger. krdbhe], m.: 
CRAB; crab-yaws (sores on the foot-sole). 
-"bier^", m.: crab-eater; (night-heron, 






crabier ; craber, water-rat) 
= (fossil crab). 

crabrwi^^ \L.-hro, hornet], m.: fbornet; 
fcritic ; digger-wasp. 

crabs ^'^ [Eng., 'two aces'], m.: craps 

crac [echoic], interj.: crack! pop! m.: 
back- worm (disease of hawks). 

era-chat ^^, m.: spit, saliva; spot, flaw 
(in glass) ; cuckoo-spit (vegetable blight) ; 
badge, star : — de lune, or de mai, frog- 
spittle (green algse) ; maison faite de 
boue et de — , house built of very poor ma- 
terial ; se noyer dans un — , let little 
things perplex one. -■ebe^'*, /. ; fspit- 
tle; dripping metal (that runs over). 
-chement ^^, m. : spitting ; blowing (of 
powder by loose firearms). H'-^-eher*^^ 
[Germ'c, ak. to Sw. krdkas, spew, AS. 
hrœkan], intr., tr. : spit, spit out ; sputter ; 
spout; spill, waste : — sur quelque chose, 
disdain ; — au bassin, be obliged to pay 
down ; la plume crache, the pen scatters 
ink ; le revolver crache, the revolver blows 
(wastes) powder; c'est son père tout 
craché, he is a chip of the old block. 


eur ^'', =euse, 

,15 '^' 


f.: spitter. 
-•eboir ^^, m. : spittoon : tenir le — , hold 
the floor, keep on speaking, -choter^*^, 
intr. : spit often. 

Cracovie, /. ; Cracow. 

crag 18 [Eng.], m.: = (shelly sand). 

craie** [L. crëta], f.: chalk; crayon; hard, 
stony dung (disease of falcons) : loger à 
la — , lie in quarters (assigned by chalk 
marks) ; — coulante, rock-milk. 

crail-lement^^, m.: cawing (of crows), 
il^ler^^ [echoic], intr.: caw. 

erain, see i.cran. 

crain-'dre*' [p. L. *cremere, L. tremere, 
tremble], irr. § ; tr.: fear; dread: à —, to 
fear ; to be feared ; formidable, dreadful, 
-te 12^/.; fear; awe: de — qu'il ne le fasse, 
lest he should do it. crain-tif i^, =ive 
[-te], adj.: fearful, timid. crai?i-tive- 
m.çnt^^[-tif], adv.: timidly. 

§ Ind. : Pr. craùi-s, -s, -t ; craign-ons, -ez, 
-eut. Ipf, craigfiais. Prêt, craignis. Fut. 
(Cond.) craiiidraiis). — Subj. : Pr. craigne. 
Ipf. craigfiisse. — I've cratfts. — Part. : Pr. 
craig7ta7it ; P. craint. 

era-mail^ [1. L. -maculum (? ak. to Ger. 
krampe, hook)], m.: {dial.) fpot-hook. 
-maitler^"^, m.; fpot-hook; notch-wheel. 

crambe^^ or -be [L., fr. Gr. krdmbe], 
m.: ■= (sea-kale). 

crainider^'^ [? ak. to Ger. krampe, hook], 
tr.: stretch (hides preparatory to tan- 

cramoisi 1* [Ar.], adj.: crimson; bright 
coloured ; m.: crimson (cf. fEng. cra- 

cratïi-pe^- [Germ'c kramp], adj.: curved, 
hooked; /.; hook; cramp (of muscles): 
goutte — , distorting gout. -pon^^, 
m. : = (cramp-iron ; crampit ; calkin, 
frost-nail ; aerial root ; climbing spur) ; 
click, ratchet; sash-lock, -ponner^* 
[-pon], tr.: clamp, fasten with cramp- 
irons ; (fig.) stick close to. -ponnet ^^ 
[-pon], m.: little crampon; (esp.) lock- 

I.cran" [p. L. *crennum (L. créna)], m.: 
notch (nick of type ; sight of a gun ; hole 
for a peg ; cog) ; cleft, fissure, cranny. 

2. cran 1^ [caréner], m.: careening (of 

S-cran'^'' [Slavic], m.: wild horse-radish. 

I. cranage 18 [-ner], m.: notch. 

2.tcranâge = carénage. 

craii-eelik I*' [Ger. krdnzlein, little 
crown], m.: (her.) part of a crown on a 

I. crâne 1^ [L. cranium], m.: cranium. 

2.crânei^ [?], m.: (fam.) fblusterer; 
positive fellow ; adj. : smart, -ment ^^y 
adv.: (fam.) swaggeringly. 

craneqifin^* [LGer. kraeneke, crane], 
m. : = (arbalest ; rolling purchase to set 
a bow-gun or arbalest). 

i.craner^^ [cran, notch], tr.: notch, 

2.tcraner = caréner. 

crânerie^^ [2. crâne], f.: (fam.) bluster- 
ing, swaggering. 

crangoni^ [Gr. kraggôn, crab], m.: =, 

cranie^^ [1. L. -nia],f.: crania (brachio- 

crânien 18, =enne [crâne], adj.: cranial. 

cranio-logie 18 [Gr. A:ramon, skull, logos, 
discourse],' /.; craniology. -tomiei^ 
[Gr. tome, a eut],/.; craniotomy. 

cranoiri8 [i.-ner], m.: file (for indent- 

fcranologie = craniology. 

crapau^clii [Germ'c orig.], m.: toad; 
(fig.) homely little fellow (brat, urchin) ; 
easy chair (hav'g all wood covered) ; 




waterfall (of hair) ; mortar carriage (of 
a gun) ; bufonite (mineral) ; crepance ; 
goose-neck (of helm) ; flaw (in diamonds, 
etc.) : — de mer, toad-fish ; — volant, 
churn-owl ; — ailé, wing-shell (mollusk) ; 
— pêcheur, fishing-frog ; pierre de — , 
crapaudine ; avaler un — , take a bitter 
pill ; être chargé d'argent comme un — de 
plume, have as little money as a toad 
has feathers, "f-daille = crêpodaille. 
-dière^^,/.; toad-hole. -dine ^^, /. ; =, 
ulcer (of horse's hoof) ; bufonite, toad- 
stone ; doubling (of pigeon to broil giving 
it a toad shape ; punishment of tying 
soldier's legs) ; iron-wort ; toad-fish ; 
socket ; pivot support ; hollow half of 
hinge ; escape pipe ; pan (of printing- 

crape ^^ [ak. to crafe], f.: (dial.) fdung; 
filth; dirt (collected on a mill-stone). 

crapelet-^^ [-paud], m.: (fam.) little toad. 

craponne^'^ [town C.],f.: watchmaker's 
flat square file. 

crapoussiîi^^, =ine [-paud], m 
(low) dumpy or dwarfish person. 

tcraps = crabs. 

crapu-^le^^ [L. -la],f.: excess, intemper- 
ance (drunkenness ; gluttony) ; (low) 
drinkers and eaters ; drunkard or glutton, 
t-ler^^, intr.: be intemperate, commit 
excess. -leusement ^^ [-leux], adv.: 
excessively (like a guzzler or glutton). 
-levLX^^, =euse [L. -losus], adj.: crapu- 
lent, intemperate. 

i.cra-qjie^^ /.; gull, fib, humbug, lie. 

process of crackling (of china, etc.) 
-qwele^'^ [-queler], m.: crackled ware, 
cracklin. -qtteler^^, tr.: crackle. 
-quelin^^, m.: cracknel, fancy cracker ; 
soft-shell (crab) ; creaky ship ; (slang) 
shaky man. -qtielot^'^, m.: crackler; 
red-herring; slightly cured herring. 
-qiielotière^^ [-quelof], f.: herring- 
curer (woman), -qitelure-^^ [-queler], 
/.; crackle (of china-ware, paintings, 
etc.). -quement^^, m.: crackling 
sound ; crepitation (in disease). H-^qt^er^^ 
[crac], intr.: crack (give short sharp 
sound; snap); (low) fib, lie (cf. fEng. crack, 
'brag'). -qi*erie^", /.; (low) fibbing, 
-qttet^^, m.: sea-wrack, -q^tèteinetit^® 
[-quêter], m. : crackling sound, -quetei^^^, 
intr.: crackle, sound short and sharp; 
gnash, -quette^", /.; scum or dirty de- 
posit (fr. melted butter) ; (tailor's) notch. 
-qiteur^'^, =ense, m.,f.: (low) fibber. 

erase ^'^ [Gr. krâsis, mixture], /.; crasis 
(coalescence of vowels ; characteristic 

tcrassane = cresane. 

^^ [Eng. crack], /.; cluster of 
qwelage^^ [-queler], m. 



cras-satellc^" [coined by naturalist 
Lamarck], /. ; crassatella (mollusk). 
Ihse^^ [L. -sus], adj.: crass (thick, 
dense ; coarse ; gross) ; /. .• dirt, filth ; 
pi. : dross (of metals) ; coarseness ; rude- 
ness ; squalor; miserliness. -seme^it^^ 
[-ser],m.: fouling (of firearms), -ser^ 
tr.: foul, make dirty (guns), -seujc" , 
=eTise, adj. : soiled, dirty ; sordid, 
-sier^^, m.: slag, dross, -sula-eees^^ 
[-sule], f. pL: crassulaceae, houseleek 
family, -sule^^ [1. L. -sula],f.: crassula 
(thick-leafed plant). 

cratère ^^ [L. -ter], m.: crater (bowl; 
cup ; volcano). 

fcraticuler* = graticuler. 

crava^-ehe^'' [Ger. karbatsche, ak. to Fr. 
courbache], f. : cowhide (whip), -ehée^®, 
/.; whipping, -clier^^, tr.: whip. 

cravaw-^^ [?], m.: brant, wild-goose; 
(dial.) barnacle (crustacean). 

crava-'te^^ [nation Croatia], m., /.; 
CROAT (Croatian horse; Austrian light 
cavalryman) ; cravat, necktie ; knot (of 
a lance) ; coil (to hold the after-anchor) : 
— -blanche, shrike; — -noir (-verte, do- 
rée), black (green, golden) humming- 
bird, -te?^^^, tr.: put a tie on. 

crayer^^ [?], m.: clinker (in coal). 

cra-yere^^ [craie],/.: chalk-bed. -jenx^^, 
=euse [craie], adj.: chalky. H-yori^^ 
[craie], m.: marl; crayon (chalk or 
charcoal pencil ; pencil ; crayon- or pencil- 
sketch), -yonner^®, tr.: sketch; mark 
upon, -yonneur^^, i.=ouse [-yonner], 
m.,f.: sketcher. -yonneux, 2.=ense, 
adj. : marly ; chalky. 

crean-ee^*^ [croire],/..- credence; belief; 
credit : lettre de — , credentials ; letter 
of credit ; une — douteuse, bill receivable 
hard to collect, crea^i-eier^^, =ière, 
m.,f.: creditor. 

créa'«'t^^ [It. -to, pupil (L. -tus^ created)], 
m. : creat, riding-master's attendant. 
-teur-^^, -tri-ce [L. -tor], m.,f.: creator, 
maker ; adj. : creative. 

creati-^ne^^ [Gr. kréas, flesh], /.; crea- 
tin (chemical substance found in muscle). 



,/. ; creatinine (alkaloid). 

créa-^tioii ^^ [L. -tio (-re, create)], /.: 
creation (making; the thing made). 
-ture^*^ [L. -tura], f. : creature (created 
thing ; living being ; dependent, tool). 

cré-^-eelle ■^''^ [? p. L. *crepicella (L. crepi- 
tacillum)], f.: fEng. cresselle, rattle, 
-■cerelle ^^, /. ; kestrel (hawk). 

crèche ^'-^ [OHG. krippja], f.: crib, maji- 
ger ; creche (public nursery ; foundling 

cré-ey-^^ [town C.],f.: carrot. 

cré-«'d§n-ee^^ [It. -denza (L. -dere, be- 
lieve],/.; credence (ftrust ; assaying food ; 


tcredence-table ; side-table ; cupboard). 
-den■eier•^^ m.: assayer, taster of food ; 
steward, -dibilité ^*^ [1. L. -dibilitas], 
/.; credibility. -dit^^ [It. -dito], m.: 
credit (ffaith ; confidence ; trust ; power ; 
influence ; favour) : en — , in good repute ; 
à — , on credit ; établissement de — , 
bank ; le — fonder, mortgage-bank. 
-diter-^~ [-dit], tr.: credit. -diteur^* 
[L. -ditor], m.: creditor; fbeliever; adj.: 
compte — , credit account or side, cre- 
do ^^ [L. 'I believe'], m.: creed (what one 
belieTie). -dule^^ [L. -dulus}, adj.: 
credulous ; superstitious, -dulite ^^ [L. 
-dulitas], f. : credulity; superstition. 

créer ^^ [L. creare], tr.: create; make: 
— une rente, settle an annuity. 

crEma^^ [? L. -mare, burn], m.: oxyda- 
tion (of iron fr. fire). 

cré-maiilère^^ [cramait], f.: pot-hook; 
rack, toothed rack ; = (zigzag line of 
fortifications) : (fam.) pendre la — , have 
a house-warming. -maiilon-^^ [OFr. 
-maille], m.: small pot-hook. 

cremaster^^ [Gr. kremastêr], m.: cre- 
master (groin muscle). 

crematimt -^^ [L. -tio (-re, burn)], /.; 
cremation (burning of a body). 

crème -^^ [? cf. L. cremor, thick juice], /.; 
cream (rich fat of milk; choice; cosmetics; 
cordial ; skin of hot milk ; delicacy of milk, 
etc.) : — de riz, sweetened soup ; fromage 
à la — , cream-cheese ; — fouettée, whipped 

crément^"^ [L. -tum, increase], m.; fAC- 
CRETION of ; increment (in words). 

cré-mer^^ [crème], intr.: cream, mantle 
(form cream), crè-merie^^ [-mier],f. 
creamery (in all senses). -menx 
=euse [crèm£], adj.: creamy, -mier, 
=ière [crème], m.,f.: milkman or woman. 

•»réniiilée^^ [cramait], f.: (dial.) fpot- 
hook ; ward (of a lock). 


town Cremona], m.: 
■ window fastening. 
.; nicking (of type). 
-nique], m.: crenate 
-té ^^, adj. : hav'g 

'îrémone^'' [Italian 

Cremona (violin) ; /. ; 
crénage^^ [-ner], m. 
créna-^te^^ [ak. to 

(salt of crenic acid). 

cré^nean ^^ [cran, notch], m.: crenelle, 

embrasure (of battlements) ; space between 

troops ; aperture (in a furnace) ; shaft ; 

wastepipe (on ships), -nelage" [-neler], 

m.: notching; milling (of coin)*, -neler^^, 

tr. : crenelate (notch) : roue crénelée, cog- 
. wheel ; le crénelé, perch (fish), -nelure^^ 

[-neler], f: crenature; indentation. 

-ner^^ [cran], tr.: kern, nick (type) ; cut 

off. -nerie " 
tcrEneti^ [?]^ 

créneur^^, m.; kerner ; signature cutter 
I (in type). 

^"^ [-ner],f.: kerning (of type). 
m.: ((ZiaZ.) curlew (bird). 

cresson 167 

crénique^^ [Gr. kréne, fountain], adj.: 
crenic (of an acid formed in springs). 

cré-nort^^ [cran], m.: first splitting (of 
block of slate, in quarry). -nure^^ 
[cran], f. : point hole (in printing press). 

créole^® [Sp. criollo], m., f: créole (old, 
a white born of Sp. parents in the tropics ; 
now, one born in a European colony in the 

créo-sol^^ [ak. to -sote], m.: creosol (aro- 
matic liquid). -sote^^ [Gr. kréas, flesh, 
sozein, preserve], /. ; creosote (an anti- 

cré-page^^ [crêper], m.: glossing (of 
crape).* cre-pe° [L. crispus, curled], m.: 
CRAPE ; mourning veil ; /. ; pancake : — 
crêpé, real crape ; — lisse, crêpe-lisse, 
smooth crape. Hcre'-^'per'*' [L. crispare], 
tr. : curl ; frizzle ; gloss : (cheveux) crêpés, 
frizzles ; (pop.) se — le chignon, pull each 
other's hair, -pi^^ [-pif], in.: rough-coat, 
rough-cast (of plaster). crê-pière^^ 
[crêpe], f: pan-cake woman. 

crépin see saint-crépin. 

cré-pine^'^ [crêpe], f: lace-work, fringe 
(of showy tassels, tufts, tinsel, etc., as for 
a dais) ; epiploon, omentum, caul, i .-pi- 
nette^^ [crêper], /.; bird spurry (knot 
grass). 2,-pinette^^ [-pine],f.: brain- 
sausage (in a caul). 

-pinière^^ [? crê- 
per], f: berberry (plant). ||~pir^^ [OFr. 
crespe, frizzed], tr.: (old) curl (hair; friz- 
zle ; grain or pommel leather) ; ( now ) 
rough-coat (with plaster). -pissage^^, 
m.: rough-coating, -pissure ^^, /.; rough- 
casting; rough-coat. 

crépi-tant^* [-ter], adj.: crepitant; (esp.) 
râle — , rattling sound (in the lungs). 
-tatioti^^ [L. -tatio],f.: crepitation (grat- 
ing of ends of bones ; rattling of the 
lungs in disease), -ter^^ [L. -tare], intr.: 
crepitate (crackle ; rattle). 

cré-podaiQe^^,/. ; gauze crape. IKpon^^ 
[crêpe], m.: ffrizzle; false curls ; crepon 

tcreps = crabs. 

cré-pu^^ [crêpe], adj.: CRISPY, wooly. 
-•pxire^^ [-per], f. : curliness ; curl. 

crépuscu-laire^^, adj.: crepuscular, ob- 
scure. ||~le^''^ [-lum (crêper, dark)], m.; 
twilight (after sunset ; then also at 
dawn ; fEng. crepuscle, -cule). 

tcrè^qite^^ [Ger. krieche], m.: wild-plum. 
cré-qwier^'*, m.; wild-plum tree; (her.) 
seven-branched tree or candlestick. 

crEsane^^ [? name of a place],/.; berga- 
mot (autumnal pear). 

crescendo!^ [It., INCREASING],, adv.: = 
(in music). 

créseau, see carisel. 

cres-'son ^^ [OHG. chresso], m. : crbbs : — 
alénois, garden cress ; — des près, lady's 



smock ; — sauvage, water plantain ; — de 
roche, or — doré, golden saxifrage ; jus 
de — , dépurant, purgative, -sonnière ^^, 
/.; cress bed. 

cresus ^^ [Lydian king Croesus], m.: very 
rich man. 

cresy-liqite^^ [ak. to créosote], adj.: 
cresylic. -lol^^ [ak. to creosote], m.: 
cresyl (extract fr. coal, or beech-wood, 

créta-eé^^ [L. -ceus (creta, chalk)], adj.: 

create" [L. crista, tuft],/.; crest (top- 
knot, comb; cresting; ridge of helmets, 
hills, roofs, etc.); 'excrescence; high head- 
dress ; baisser la — , come down a notch ; 
dresser la — , show boldness ; blé en — , 
heaped up grain, -té^^, adj.: crested. 
-te-dE-coq ■^^, pi. — s- — - — , /..* cocks- 
comb (louse-wort, etc., plants with red- 
tufts ; hog's- ear, etc., mollusks with 
plaited valves) ; morbid growth, proud- 
flesh ; mass of crystals. 

fcreteler-^^ or krèt- [echoic], intr. : cackle. 

fcrételie^'^ [crête],/.: (dial.) dog's-tail, 
rattle grass. 

terete ^-marine see christe. 

creter^^ [-^e], tr.: fbristle up; (dial.) 
seize by the comb, tread ; crest ; fringe. 

cré'«'tin^'^ [Alpine patois (L. christianus. 
Christian-)], m.: cretin, deformed imbecile ; 
idiot, -tiniser^^, tr.: (•fam.) make a 
cretin of. -tinisme^^, m.: cretinism 
(incurable deformity and idiocy). 

crEton^^ [?], m. ; fat (greaves, tallow- 
scraps ; cracklings). 

crEtonne-^^ [town Creton],f.: = (cotton 
fabric for curtains). 

•^'^ m. ; digging; excavating; 

semetit , m.: digging; 



hole dug. Il-^ser*^^ [creux], tr.: dig; 
deepen ; make hollow : — la tête, med- 
itate over something earnestly ; rack one's 

creuset ^^ [ak. to croix], m.: crucible 
(melting pot, cruset ; cupel) ; hearth (of 

creu-seur^^ [-ser], m.: {rare) investi- 
gator, -soir^'^ [ser], m.: gouge (for 
making violins, etc.). -sure-^^ [ser], 
f.: hollowed piece (of clocks, etc.). 
Ilcreu-^a?^^, =euse [OFr. crues (?)], adj.: 
hollow ; deep ; empty ; loose ; m. : hollow, 
cavity; pit ; trough ; mould ; hull ; vessel ; 
bowl ; ifam.) deep voice : songer — , have 
day dreams. 

crE-vaf^e^^ [-ver], f.: bursting; (low) 
feed, stuffing (over-eating). -vaisoii^^ 
[-ver], /.; (low) death (of animals). 
Il-^vasse^^ [-ver],f.: =, crevice; crack 
(in chapped hands); break (in engraved 


-vassej^^'", tr.: crack, -vé 




[-i;er], m.; gash, slit. 

tcrève-ehieu^^ krèf-, pi. — [crever], 
m.: (dial.) black nightshade (weed). 
-cœur^\ pi. — , m.: heart-break, afflic- 

fcrEvelle = caravelle. 

crEver° [L. crepâre], tr., intr.: burst 
(crack, break, rend, explode), cram (stuff); 
swell ; die (of animals) ; (jest.) die, kick 
the bucket ; destroy, use up ; (nav.) bilge. 

crEvet^'^ [?], m.: stay-lace (with tags). 

crEvette^^ [dial, for chevrette],/.: prawn ; 

crève-vessie-^^ [-l'er], m. : bladder burster 
(vessel closed with bladder which collapses 
when vessel is exhausted, apparatus shoW' 
ing atmospheric pressure). crEvure 
[-ver], /.; (dial.) fcrevasse; break (in 
lines of engraving). 

crex^^ [Gr. kréx (echoic)], m. ; avocet 
(shore wader). 

jjyiio [crier], m.: cry (loud sound of the 
voice ; natural call or voice ; scream ; 
yell ; shout ; roar) : — perçant, shrill cry ; 
— de guerre, watchword ; cri d'armes, 
motto, device on a shield ; donner du — 
à la soie, to sulphur silk ; à cor et à — s, 
with hue and cry. -age^'^ [-er], m.: 
public crying. -ailler ^^ [-€f]y intr.: 
clamor, cry for something. -aiilerie-^^ 
[-ailleur], f. : clamoring, bawling, crying 
for something. -ailleur^^ =eusc 
[-ailler], m.,f.: habitual crier. -atit^® 
[-er], adj.: un abus — , a crying shame; 
une injustice — e, a crying, rank injustice. 
-ard^^ -arde [-er], adj.: crying, squall- 
ing ; shrieking, discordant ; m.,f.: bawler, 
scold : dette criarde, urgent debt ; ton — , 
poor tone ; couleurs criardes, loud colours. 

cri-blage-^^ [-bier], m.: sifting. ||cri'«' 
"ble^^ [L. criblum], m. : cribble, sieve; 
riddle; cribrum ; ancient vizor, -bler-^^ 
tr. : sift ; riddle : visage criblé, pock- 
marked face. -bleur^*, =euse [-bier], 
m., f.: sifter, -bleux^^, =euse, adj.: 
cribriform, -blure^'^ [-bler],f.: siftings 
(residue). -"bratioH^^ (L. -brare], f. : = 
(act of cribbling). 

cric^* [? ak. to OHG. kriec, attempt], m.: 
jack-screw (for lifting). 

eric crac^^ [echoic], inter j.: crack! rip! 
(imitative of a breaking or ripping sound). 

criceal^^ [Gr. krikos, circle], adj. or m.: 
cricoid (of fish). 

criekef^^ [Eng.], m.: = (ball-game). 

cricoïde^^ [Gr. krikoeidés, ring-like], adj. 
or m. : cricoid (bone of larynx). 

cricri ^^ [echoic], m. : shrilling (of cricket); 
cricket ; creeper (bunting). 

fcrid = criss. 

cri-ée^^,/.; tpi"oclamation (of sale) ; auc- 


tion ; audience des — s, auction hall (for 
selling houses and land). \\^er° [p. L, 
*critâre (L. quiritâre, wail ; orig. appeal 
to the citizens, L. quirîtes)], intr.y tr.: 
CRY (utter the natural voice aloud ; 
shout ; call ; shriek ; screech ; creak ; 
scold; clamour; proclaim; hawk): — au 
secours, shout for help ; les boyaux crient, 
bowels rumble ; f — quelqu'un, upbraid 
one ; — à l'injustice, cry out against 
the injustice ; — haro sur quelqu'un, 
raise a hue and cry after one ; — une 
marchandise, offer at auction, -erie^^, 
/.; clamour, -eur^^, =euse, m.,/.; crier 
(bawler ; hawker ; auctioneer). 

crime ^^ [L. -men, (lit.) judgment], m.: = 
(offence against law ; against society ; sin ; 
iniquity ; felony) : — qualifiée, indictable 
offence ; — de lèse-majesté, lese-majesty, 
treason ; porté au — , prone to guilt. 

Crimée,/.; Crimea. 

crim.i-naliser^^ [L. -nalis, guilty], tr.: 
fspeak against, accuse ; transfer (fr. the 
civil) to the criminal docket, to the crown 
side, -naliste.^^ [L. -nalis], m.: crim- 
inal lawyer. -nalite ^^ [L. -nalis], f. : 
(rare) criminality. -nel^*^, =elle [L. 
-nalis], adj.: criminal (guilty; pertaining 
to crime); m.,f.: criminal, culprit; m.: au 
— , in criminal court; le grand (petit) — , 
criminal court for grand larceny, etc. (for 
petty larceny, etc.). -nellement ^^ [-net], 
adv.: criminally. 

crin° [L. crinis], m.: hair (mane; tail; 
fhuman hair) ; cheval à tous — s, horse 
with full mane and tail ; un homme à tous 
— s, a man with much hair and beard ; 
(fig.) à tous — s, in the full sense, in 
every respect ; sommier de — , hair mat- 

criticrm^^ [echoic], m.: poor fiddle. 

cri-nier^^ [crin],m.: horse-hair worker. 
-nière^^ [crin], f.: mane (of horses, 
lions, etc.). 

crinole ^"^ [Gr. krinon], f. : crinum (kind 
of lily). 

crinoline 1^ [crin], f.: = (stiff fabric, 
originally haircloth; stiff skirt, hoop- 

crio-bole^'^ [Gr. kriobolion, ram-slaying], 
m.: sacrifice of a ram. -eère^" [Gr. 
krios, ram, kéras, horn], m.: crioceras 
(grain insect). 

i.criqite^^ [Norse kriki],/.: creek, small 
bay; ditch. 

t2.criqite = criqûre. 

cri-quer-i^ [echoic], intr.: (dial.) fcrac- 
kle ; become brittle (as wool f r. gluing) ; 
crack in cooling (as steel). i-qiiet^^, 
m.: CRICKET (house cricket; locust). 

2.criqiteti^ [?], m.: little horse; little 
man ; small wine. 

croc 169 

^.criquet = cricket. 

cri^queter^^ [-quer], intr.: crackle 

crepitate slightly, -qure^^ [-quer], f. 

crack (in metal, etc.). -qitetis^^, m. 

sharp sound (fr. poor copper in engraving). 



[L. -sis],f. 



cris-patif^^, =ive, adj.: crisping, shriv- 
eled, -pation^^, /.; shriveling; thrill; 
fidgets. W^-per'^'^ [L. -pare], tr.: crisp, 
shrivel ; make nervous. 

Crispin ^^ [valet C. in [Molière], m.: typ- 
ical valet ; short cloak. 



[Malay krîs], m. : creese, poniard. 

cris-^ser* ^^ [echoic], intr. : grate the 
teeth, -sure^'^,/.; surface flaw (in wire). 

crista'«'l ^'^, pi. =ap.x [L. crystallus, Gr. 
krustallos], m.: crystal (clear solid; 
colourless quartz, rock - crystal ; flint 
glass; regularly formed solid fr. a liquid) ; 
pure water ; ■\cristaux de lune (de Mars, 
de Vénus), sait of silver (iron, copper); 
— d' Island, Iceland spar. -llerie^'^, 
/.; flint-glass business or manufacture. 
-llier^^, m.: glass-cutter; glass-closet. 
-lliere^^,/. .' rock-crystal mine; cutting- 
table (for glass). -llifere^*^ [L. ferre, 
bear], adj.: crystalliferous. -llin^^ 
[-llinus], adj. : crystalline, crystal : le 
(corps) — , the crystalline lens ; capsule 
— e, membrane around the lens; (phlyc- 
tène) — e, phlyctenosis ; (ficoide) — e, fig- 
marigold, -llisalïle^^ [-Riser], adj.: 
crystallisable. -llisation^^ [-Riser], f. : 
crystallisation. -lliser*^®, tr. or intr.: 
crystallise : — la soie, let alum crystallise 
on silk. -Uographie ^'^ [Gr. graphein, 
write],/.; crystallography, -llometrie ^^ 
[Gr. métron, measure],/; crystallometry. 

criste^^ [L. -tatus, crested], adj.: having 
crest- like appendages (as shells). 

fcriste = christe. 

fcristi = sacristi. 

fcrit = criss. 

cri-tère^'^ or (L. form) -terinm [Gr. 
kritérion], m. : criterion, basis, test, 
-ticisme^^, m.; criticism, -tiqwable ^'^ 
[-tiquer], adj.: exceptionable, open to 
criticism. i.||~tique^^ [L. -ticus, Gr. 
kritikos, decisive (krinein, decide, judge)], 
adj.: critical; m.,f.: critic. 2.-tique^^ 
[Gr. kritiké], f. : critique, censure, critical 
review; body of critics, -tiqner*^^, ^r.; 
review, criticise; censure, -tiq^teur^^ 
[-tiquer], m.: criticiser, censor. 

tcro-aii^ler = croasser, -assement^^, 
m. : cawing, croaking. H-.^asser^* [echoic], 
intr.: caw, croak (as crows). 

I. croc ^^ [echoic], inter j.: crunch! 

2.cro~c° [p. L. *-ccum (?)], m.; crook; 
hook ; grapnel ; fang, dog-tooth : — à 
émerillon, swivel-hook, -c-en-jawtbe-^^, 
pi, — « , m. ; tripping up ; supplant- 




ing. -che^^ [ak. to -c], ifadj.: crooked, 
hooked at the end ; /. ; anvil- tongs (with 
curved handles) ; quaver ( in music ). 
-■che»'^^, tr.: hook, seize with hook; 
bend, crook : — une note, put a stem or 
a hook to a note. -ehet^^, m. ; hook 
(crook ; crotchet in forts ; pole or rod 
with crook at the end ; boat-hook ; bill- 
hook ; pot-hook ; clasp ; crochet-needle ; 
bracket in printing) ; skeleton-key, pick- 
lock ; two-bladed hoe ; claw ; fang ; canine- 
tooth ; horse's wolf-tooth ; turn in the 
road ; fembrace : sur les — s de quelqu'un, 
at some one's expense. -chetable^^ 
[-cheter], adj.: serrure — , lock that may 
be picked, -chetage^^, m.: lock-pick- 
ing; raking, hoeing. ' -éhetée^^ [-chet], 

/.; one stretch (what one crochets with- 
out stopping). -eh.eter^^ [-chet, skel- 
eton-key], tr. : pick, force, i .-cheteur ^^ 
[-cheter], m. : lock-picker, burglar. 2.-ehe- 
teur^^ [-chet], m.: street-porter, --ehe- 
tqn^^ [-chet], m.: little hook, esp. of 
street-porter's pole, -«hu^-^, adj. : hooked: 
cheval — , narrow-hipped horse ; avoir la 
main — e, be close-fisted. 

crocodile ^^ [L. -lus], m.: =; (hinged, 
metal) shingling-press (suggesting jaws) ; 
automatic railroad-signal (suggesting alli- 
gator's back). 

crocus ^^ [L.], m.: = saffron (herb). 

fcroie = craie. 

croiler = crouler. 

croire" [L. credere], irr.^', tr., intr.: 
believe (trust ; credit ; have faith in ; 
think ; suppose, etc.) : — aux revenants, 
believe in ghosts. 

§ Ind. : Pr. crois, -s, -t ; cro-yons^ -yez, 
croiejtt. Ipf. croyais. Prêt. crus. Fut. 
(Cond.) croirai{s). — Subj. : Pr. croie. Prêt. 
crusse. — I've crois. — Part. : Pr. croyant ; 
P. cru. 

croi-sade ^^ /. ; crusade, -se, see -ser. 
-see ^^, /. ; crossing, intersection ; win- 
dow-cross ; window-sash ; window ; cross- 
piece ; transept : — cintrée, arched win- 
dow ; — d'ogives, pointed arches, -sè- 
ment ^^, m. : crossing ; cross-breeding. 
Il'^ser^'^ [croix], tr.: CROSS (intersect; 
pass through or over ; mix in breed- 
ing; make the sign of the cross over; 
put a cross on ; lay cross-wise ; cut) ; 
intr. : CRUISE : ( tissu ) croisé, kersey, 
serge ; les (bâtons) croisés, crosses sup- 
porting a tight-rope ; rimes croisées, 
alternating rhymes ; les fils des croisés, 
sons of crusaders, i.e. of ancient ancestry, 
-série -^"j/. ; wicker-work, -seté ^'■^ [-sette], 
adj.: (her.) having crosses. -sette -^^ 
[croix], f. : little cross ; fencing-master's 
sword; St. Andrew's cross (shrub), 
-seur ^^, m. ; CRUISER; cross vein (ore 
that crosses another vein) ; sea-swallow. 


■sière^", /..• intersection, cross; cross- 
ing (of two railroads) ; cruise, voyage ; 
cruising vessels ; cruising region, -si^^le ^^ 
[croix], f. : little cross ; whirl-carrier (in 
rope-making). -si/lojt^^ [croix], m.: 
cross-bar ; pi. : braces (within a cylinder). 
-soire^^,/.; stamp, marker (for sea-bis- 

crois-saii-ee" [L. crescentia], f. : growth, 
growing ; petrified vegetation (for adorn- 
ing grottoes). i.-sa^it^-^ [croître], m.: 
ttime of the waxing moon ; crescent 
(waxing or waning moon ; curved loaf of 
bread ; defect in a hoof, fr. fallen coffin- 
bone ; Moslem flag) ; anything of crescent 
shape (pruning-hook ; rack for shovel and 
tongs ; bout of violin ; paper with crescent 
grain ; arm to hold back a curtain ; etc.). 
2.-sant^" [croître], adj.: increasing, 
growing, -sèment [croître], m.: grow- 

croisure^* [-ser],f.: intersection, cross- 
ing (of two lines, of two threads, of two 
fibers) : la — de Vécu, central point of 
a shield; — des rimes, alternating of 

m. : increase (esp. of flocks) : — 



de cens, tax over and above the feudal 
quit-rent ; bail à — , lease on shares of 
the increase. ||croî-^tre° [L. crëscere], 
irr. § ; intr. : grow, inCREASE ; swell ; "ftr. : 
(fig.) augment. 

§ Ind. : Pr. croz-s, -s, -t ; croi-ssojis, -ssez, 
-ssent. Ipf. croissais. Prêt, crtis. Fut. 
(fZona.^ croitrai{s). — Subj.: ^x. croisse. Ipf. 
crusse. — I've croîs. — Part.: Pr. croissant; 
P. cru. 

croijc° [L. crux],fi.: cross (all senses ex- 
cept : cross in breeds, willing defeat and 
swindling surrender of a race or any con- 
test) : jouer à - — ■ et à pile, play heads or 
tails ; — de par Dieu (or de Jesus), primer 
with a cross in the title ; alphabet ; mys- 
tère de la — , dogma of the incarnation ; 

foie de la — , acceptance of the dogma of 
incarnation ; — de mérite (or de sagesse), 
reward of merit at school ; — de cheva- 
lier, water-chestnut. 

tcrol(l)er = crouler. 

cTomlech^^ [Brittany, "curved stone"], 
m.: = (ancient monument). 

cromorne-^^ [Ger. krummhorn, crooked 
horn], m.: cromorna (ftrumpet; clarinet- 
like organ stop). 





wash-out (on a bank). 
kran], m.: crane (at 

2. crone' 

cro-quade^^ [-quer], f.: hasty, rough 
sketch, i.-qifanf ^^ [-quer], adj.: crisp, 
brittle ; /. ; crisp dessert (tart, almond- 
cake) ; m.: gristle. 2.-qMa^jt^^ [sus aux 
croquants, "down with devourers of the 
people," cry of the revolting Guyenne 


peasants], m.: peasant, boor; worthless 

croqwe-abei^e^'^, /.; bee-eater, tit- 
mouse, -au-sel {à la) see croquer. 
-en-bou-che^^, m.; crisp or crackling 
tarts, cakes, etc. -lardon ^^ m.: 
sponger. -mitaine ^^, ra.; bugbear. 
-xnort^^, m. .• if am.) hearse-driver. 
t-noisette^^ or t-»oi^» wi.; {dial.) 
dormouse. -note^'^, m.: (fam.) mu- 
sician (of little ability). i.||croqite'^r^^ 
[echoic croc], intr.: crackle; tr,: crunch; 
devour ; sketch, dash off, outline : manger 
quelque chose {quelqu'un) à la croque au 
sel, or croque-au-sel, eat a thing with salt 
only (devour a person tooth and nail) ; 
{fam.) — le marmot, wait forever for 
some one ; — une poulette, make a pullet 
one's prey ; — une note, skip a note. 

2.croqi«er^" [Prov. crouca], tr.: grapple, 

fcroqtte-sol = croque-note. 

i.cToquet^^ [Eng.], m.: = (the lawn 

2.cro-qttet^^ [i.-quer], m.: crackling, 
brittle cake, snap, -quette^^ [i.-quer], 
f,: = (flattened ball of rice, meat, 
etc.). -queur^^, =ense [i.-quer], m., 

/.; gormandizer, devourer. -qitir/nole ■^*' 
[? i.-quer], f.: fillip, nose-pull; cracknel, 
brittle fancy-biscuit, -quis^'^ [i.-quer], 
m.: = (hasty sketch, first draft). 

crosne ^^ [village Crosnes],/.: Japan sal- 
sify (with edible roots). 

cros^se^'' [ak. to croc], f.: stick with 
curved end (crook ; crosier ; cricket-bat ; 
crutch ; stake) ; butt-end (of fire-arm) ; 
cricket (ball-game) ; bar (of iron to be 
soldered) : vivre sous la — , have a church- 
man for a master, -sé^^ [ser], adj.: 
haVg a crosier, -ser-^^, tr.: bat; kick; 
intr. : play cricket, -sette ^^, /. ; layer 
(of a vine) ; = (shoulder-piece, elbow, 
ancon of buildings). -seur^*', =euse 
[-ser], m.,f.: cricketer. 

©rotale^'^ [L. -lum, Gr. krotalon], m.: 
crotalum (rattle ; sleigh-bell) ; snappers, 
castanets ; rattlesnake. 

fcrotesqwe = grotesque. 
•■ orototi^^ [Gr. kroton, castor-oil plant], m.: 

= (genus of the spurge family). 
scrot-^te^^ [?],/..■ dung, esp. in pellets (as 
treadles, crotels) ; mud. -ter ^'^, tr. : 
dirty, soil. -tin ^^, m. : pile of dung. 
-ton ^'', m. : { lit. ) little dung ; sugar- 
lumps (in the sieve). -tu^'^, adj.: pock- 

opon-ebant^^ [? ak. to croupe], m.: crutch 
(part of a ship's knee-timber). 

crou-latit ^^, adj. : un édifice — , a crumb- 
ling, tottering house, f-le^^ [?-^er],/..- 
(dial.) snipe-hunt. '\-leia.e7it^^, m.: 

cru 171 

settling, collapsing. ||-^ler** [p. L. *crotu- 

lâre (? ak. to Fr. ci'otale)], intr. : go to ruin, 

crumble, fall in; tr.: shake; v/ag; launch; 

drop dung (as falcons), -lier*^^, =ière, 

adj. : miry, quaggy ; /. ; mire. 
croup ^^ [Eng. fr. Scotch], m.: croup (acute 

inflammation of the throat). 
croupade^^ [-pe],f.: = (leap where the 

horse draws his hind legs close to his 

croupal^^ [croup], adj.: of croup. 
crou^pe^*^ [ak. to Ger. kropf], /.; rump ; 

{poet.) tail ; hump, peak ; dome-roof (at 

one end of a church) ; gable (of hip-roof) : 

ride behind. 




monter en 

cheval bien — , horse hav'g good croup. 
-piader^'^ [-piat], intr.: cast anchor 
astern, -piat^^ [ProY. -pias], m.: spring 
(on cables), --pieu^^, =enne, adj.: of 
the rump, -pie/*^®, m.: frider behind; 
(gambler's) croupier, assistant ; secret 
ally, capper; backer, -pion^*, m.; rump, 
buttocks, -pionner ^^ [-pion], intr. : buck 
behind (as though about to kick), -pir^^, 
intr. : {old) sit on haunches ; (now) stay, 
lie; stagnate, become foul: — dans la mi- 
sère, wallow in wretchedness, -pissant-^^ 
[-pir], adj. : becoming foul ; standing. 
-poR^"^, m.: rear half (of a hide). 

crousi/le^*" [Prov. -silho],/.: fish crawl 
(at edge of salt lagoon). 

crous-tade^^ [It. -tata {-ta, CRUST)],/.; 
pot-pie (of meats and crusts), -tillant^'' 
[-tiller], adj.: tfunny; crackling, crusty, 
ll-tiae^^ [Prov. -tilho],/.: little CRUST; 
lunch. -tiZle/*^^, intr.: eat crust; 
crackle. -tilleyisejn.ent^^ [-tilleux], 
adv.: {fam.) funny; obscenely, -til- 
leu.r ^^, =euse, adj. : funny ; smutty. 

croù^te° [L. crusta], f: CRUST (hard 
outside of bread, pie, the earth, etc.) ; 
crumbs ; morsel ; toast ; scales, scab ; old 
painting ; poor painting, daub ; old fogy, 
fossil. t-telette^^, /.; little crust. 
-teux^^,, adj.: incrusted, crusty. 
t-tier^^, m.: dauber, poor painter. 



n.: end crust (of a long loaf); 
toast ; drudge. 

cro-yable^^ [croire], adj.: credible, trust- 
worthy, -yaîi-ee^'^ [créance], f: fhe- 
lieving; belief; creed, -jant^^ [croire], 
adj.: believing; m., f: believer: com- 
mandeur des — s, leader of the faithful. 

i.cru° [L. crûdus], adj.: crude, raw; 
rude ; indigestible ; not ripe : à — , with- 
out any extras ; monter à — , ride bare- 
back ; maison à — , house without a 
foundation, built right on the ground ; 
eau — e, very hard, or poor water. 

2.cru^^ [croître], m.: native growth: vin 
du — , native wine ; bouilleur de — , dis- 
tiller of brandy for his own use, not to 




sell ; œuvre de son — , original produc- 

crû, crûs, part, and prêt, of croître. 

cruauté** [p. L. *crûdalitas (L. crudeli- 
tas)],f.: CRUELTY. 

cru*-ehe^^ [Germ'c kruka (ak. to Ger. 
krug)], /. ; pitcher, jug, CROCK; (fam.) 
dolt, -eliée ^^, /. ; pitcherful. -éhqn^^, 
m.: little pitcher. 

cruci-al^^, pi. =aua? [L. crux, cross], 
adj.: cross-like, -fère^'^ [L./erre, bear], 
adj. : tbearing a cross ; crucif er (plant) ; 
pi. : crucif erse (family of plants) . -ûant ^^, 
adj. : crucifying, subduing the flesh, -fie- 
ment^^ or -fiment, m. ; crucifying, 
crucifixion. H^^fier^^ [1. L. -Jigere (L. 
cruXf cross, Jigere, fix)], tr.: crucify (in all 
senses), -ûx^^ [1. L. -fixus, crucified], 
m.: = (cross with the image upon it). 
-fixio^i^ [1. L. -fixiolf.: =. 

erudite ^^ [L. -ditas], f.: crudity; raw- 
ness ; hardness of water ; indigestible 
food ; bitterness. 

crue-^^ [croître],/.: fgrowth; increase (in 
price) ; rise (of water), flood. 

cru-'^el", -elle [p. L. *crûdalis (L. cru- 
délis)], adj. : = ; /. ; heartless woman. 
-ellement^^, adv.: cruelly; (/am.) very. 
crû-ment^^ [cru, CRUDE], adv.: bluntly, 

crural -^^j pi. =aua? [L. -lis {crus, leg)], 
adj.: =. 

crusta-eé^'^ [L. -ta, crust], adj.: hav'g 
a shell ; m. pi. : Crustacea (all crabs, 
prawns, etc.). 

oryp-te^"^ [L. -ta (Gr. krupte, hidden place, 
kruptos, hidden)],/.; crypt (vault under a 
church; follicle of skin or mucous mem- 

cryptO'^ [Gr. kruptos, hidden in] : -game^'^ 
[Gr. games, marriage], adj.: cryptoga- 
mous, hav'g invisible seed-organs, -ga- 
rnie ■^'^ [Gr. gâmos, marriage], /.; crypto- 
gamia. -gramme ^^ [Gr. gramma, letter], 
m.: cryptogram, secret message, -gra- 
phie -^^ [Gr. ^raj?^em, write], /.; crjrptog- 
raphy, secret writing. 

t crystal, etc. = cristal, etc. 

ctenite^^ [Gr. kteîs, comb], m.: pectinid 

tcu see cul. 

cu-bage^"^ [-her], m.: cubing, measuring 
in uniform solids, -bature^^, /. ; =, 
reducing to a cube. H-^be^^ \L.-hus, Gr. 
kubos], m.: ^. 

cubèbe^^ [1. L. cubeba, fr. Ar.], m.: 

cuber ^^ [cube], tr.: cube, measure the 
solid contents of ; intr. : contain. 

cubilot ^^ [?], m.: cupola (furnace). 

cubi-qwe^^ [L. -eus, Gr, kubikos], adj.: 

pi. =aux, adj.: 
ll-tusi^ [L]^ ^^ 

= (of the 
radius (of 

cubital I*', 


cu-bocube^^ [Gr. kubokubos], m.: ninth 
power, cubocubocube. -boïde^^ [Gr. kubo- 
eidês], adj., or m.: cuboid. 

fcu-eermi = cusseron. 

cucubale^''' [L. -lus], m.: cucubalous 
(plant of the pink family). 

tcucuUe^^ [1. L. -lia],/.: cucullus, monk's 
cowl; scapular. 

cucurbi-ta-eees-^'^ [L. -ta, gourd],/, pi.: 
cucurbitaceae, gourd family, -te^^ [L. -ta, 
gourd], /. ; cucurbit (body of an alembic). 
-tJR^^ [L. -tinus], adj.: gourd-like; m.: 
tape-worm (fr. its joints like gourd seeds). 

eneil-la.^e^'^ keu-, m. : gathering (of fruits ; 
of molten glass on blow pipe), -laisoti^^ 
/. ; gathering time, -le ^^ k&gJy, f. : (dial.) 
gathering (of fruits) ; breadth (of sail 
cloth), -lette^^, /.; gathering (esp. of 
olives and apples) ; collection (of money 
contributions ; of rags) ; mixed cargo. 
-leur ^'^, =euse, m., /; fruit-picker or 
gatherer ; ladler, dipper (of molten glass). 
-lie^*, /.; batch (of plaster); bundle (of 
wires for needles). Il-^lir° [p. L. *colli- 
gire (L. colligere)], irr.\', tr.: collect; 
(esp.) cull, pluck, pick ; coil (rope); ladle 
out (molten glass, etc), -loir ^^, m. : fruit- 
basket ; fruit-scissors. 

§ Ind. : Pr. cueille. Ipf. cueillais. Prêt. 
cueillis. Fut. (Cond.) C7ieillerai{s). — Subj, : 
Pr. cueille. Ipf. cueillisse. — I've cueille. — 
Part. : Pr. cîieillant ; P. cueilli. 

cuflPat^^ [? Ger. kufe, vat], m.; hoisting 
bucket, or cage (in a mining shaft). 

tcuider*" [L. cogitâre, think], tr.: be- 
lieve : se — , put on airs. 

cuii--lère° or -1er [L. cochlearium], f. : 
spoon ; ladle ; gouge : biscuit à la — , bis- 
cuit made with a spoon ; — s des roues, 
axle-caps ; le héron — , spoon-bill crane ; 
herbe à — s, spoonwort. -leron ^^, m. : 
bowl (of a spoon) ; hollow (at base of in- 
sects' wings). 

cuine ^^ [Ar. qanina, glass vessel], / ; re- 
tort (for making nitric acid). 

cui^r" [L. corium], m. : fskin ; hide (of 
pachyderms) ; tanned hide ; leather : — 
de laine, a thick wool cloth ; — s bruts, 
raw-hides ; — chevelu, scalp ; — bouilli, 
leather hardened by boiling or soaking ; 
ifam.) faire des — s, link French words 
badly. -rasse^^ /.; cuirass (breast- 
plate ; bony plate, carapace ; armour of 
boats) : le défaut de la — , end of the 
cuirass ; (fig) the weak spot. -rasse- 
ment^^ [-rasser], m.: casing with iron, 
plating (of ships). -rasser -^^ [-rasse], 
tr. : arm with a cuirass ; case in iron ; 
(fig.) harden, toughen : un (navire) cui- 
rassé, an iron-clad, -rassier^^ [-rasse], 


m.: =, heavy armed soldier, f-ratier^^ 
[Prov. curatie], m.: leather-worker. 

cuire" [p. L. *cocere (L. coquere)], irr. 
(cf. conduire)]; tr., intr: COOK (bake ; 
boil ; roast) ; digest ; burn ; smart : vin 
cuit, syrupy wine ; terre cuite, terra 
COTTA ; (fig.) il vous en cuira, you will 
suffer for it ; trop gratter cuit, too much 
scratching hurts ; better not talk too 

cui-rer^^ [cuir}, tr.: cover with leather. 
-ret^'-^ [cuir], m.; unhaired hide; leather 
(of the hatter's bow). -rier*^^ [cuir], 
m. : leather apron. 

cui-sage^^ [-re], m.: fcooking; charring 
(of wood), -sant^^ [-re], adj.: burning, 
smarting, severe. -seur^^ [-re], brick- 
burner ; wine boiler. Il-^sine® [L. co- 
cina], /.; kitchen, cuisine, cookery; 
cooking ; fspice-box : batterie de — , cook- 
ing utensils ; "[avoir —froide, have poor 
fare. -siner ^^, intr. : do the cooking. 
-sinier> ^'^, =ière, m., /. ; cook ; m. : 
cook book ; /. ; meat-oven. 

cnis-sard ^^, m. : CUISH (thigh-armour) ; 
thigh-piece (of an artificial leg). H-'se* 
[L. coxa, hip],/.; thigh: aide des — s, 
thigh exercise (of cavalry) ; — de noix, 
part of a nut ; — de triglyphe, tablets of 
a triglyph ; — de verrerie, pillar of lat- 
eral (glass-) ovens, -seau^^, m. : fillet (of 
veal), t-sedame, or -se-madame ^^ 
/.; pear (gourd-like, yellow variety). 
-sette ^^, /. ; (fam.) flittle hip ; half a 
gang (of threads). -siere^^, /.; thigh 
leather (on the left hip of drummers). 

cuissoji° [L. coctio {coquere, cook)], /.; 
cooking (of food) ; dressing, preparing ; 
burning, smarting. 

cuissot ^^ [-sse], m.: haunch. 

\cuistre-^^ [? cf. OFr. coudre, fr. p. L. *c'us- 
tor (L. custos), guardian], m.: funder- 
steward (of a college) ; pedant ; boor. 

cuite -^^ [cuire], f.: baking; cooking; 
burning ; batch : (low) se donner une —, 
get drunk. 

cui-vrage ^^ [-vrer], m. : coppering, oui-- 
vre° [p. L. *coprium (L. cuprum fr. 
island Cyprus)], m.: copper: — jaune, 
brass ; — de rosette, pure copper ; — 
vierge, native copper ; fonte de — , pig 
copper ; cuivres, plates for engraving ; 
brass horns, -vre^^, adj.: copper-col- 
oured; metallic (voice), -vrée^^ [-I'rer], 
/. ; copper gilding, -vrer ^'^, tr. : copper, 
cover with copper, -vrette ^^, f. : reed, 
mouthpiece (of bassoon, etc.). -vreux^*", 
=epse, adj.: like copper, coppery. 
-vriqite^^, adj.: cuprous, -vrot-^^, m.: 
chill-box (of time-pieces). 
cu'«'i° or feu [L. cuius], m.: buttocks; 
bottom ; poop, stern ; wash-out ; corbel ; 



tail ; tail-piece (in printing) : être à — , 
be at one's wits' end ; montrer le — ; be 
ragged ; run away ; in many self-explain- 
ing names of birds ( — -blanc, — -rouge, 
— -rousset, — d'or); — d'âne, seanettle 
(fish) ; — -d'artichaut, artichoke root ; 
— de basse-fosse, hole in a dungeon ; 
— -de-chapeau, rounded end of a bolt ; 
— -de-chaudron, pot-hole fr. an explosion ; 
— -de-four, =, spherical vault ; — -de-hotte, 
medlar ; — -de-lampe, = ; breach of a 
cannon ; univalve mollusk ; — -de-mulet, 
variety of fig ; — -de-niche, convex circular 
lid ; — -de-plomb, sluggish person ; — -de- 
pot (or incorrect, -de-porc), wall-knot ; 
— -de-poule, pouting lips ; touch-hole of a 
gun, etc. ; — -rond, round stern fishing 
smack ; — -de-sac, blind alley ; washout 
by the sea ; — -de-singe, purple sea shell ; 
— -de-verre, cataract spot in horse's eye ; 
couleur — -de-verre, deep green ; — -de- 
voûte en pendentif, dome on pendentive 
vaulting, -lard^'^, m.: bracket (holding 
the spring of a trip-hamm^er). -lasse ^^, 
f. : breech of (guns) ; crown (of an 
anchor) ; pavilion (of a diamond) ; — de- 
jatte, cripple (who drags himself in a 

culave^'^ [?],/••" baking-pot. 

cut-blatic, see cul. 

cultu-te ^^ or fculebute, /. ; somerset : 
au bout du fossé la — , follow a fatal 
career ; être à la — , be topsy-turvy. 
||--ter^^ or Ifcnlehuter [cul, buter], 
intr. : turn a somerset ; tumble headlong ; 
tr.: throw down, upset : pigeon culbutant, 
tumbler pigeon. -teur^*", to.: tumbler 
(acrobat; toy), -tis^^, to.; jumble. 

cui^-dE- . . . , see under cul. 

tcuiebutis = culbutis. 

cu-lée^^ [cul], f: tail-end (of hides); 
stump (of trees) ; bank-abutment (of 
bridges) ; buttress, pier ; stern-way, back- 
ing up, or grounding of a ship. -ler^* 
[cul], intr. : back up, fall astern ; veer ; 
strike bottom. -lerqn,^'^ [-Her], to.; 
crupper, -leton^^ [cut], tail-end (of bel- 
lov/s). -lier^^, =ière [cul], adj.: boyau 
— , rectum ; (sangle) culière, breech, hip- 
strap, turn-back (to a saddle). 

fculière == cuillère. 

culinaire ^^ [L. -narius], adj.: culinary. 

culmi-narjt^", adj.: culminating, highest. 
-nation ^^/.; = (of stars). H-'^neT^'^ 
[L. culmen, top], intr.: culminate, pass 
its zenith. 

culot^^ [cul], TO.; bottom (of hanging 
lamps, etc.) ; = (cup with an issuing 
scroll ; cup of a Minie ball) ; residuum ; 
youngest (chick, child, etc.). 

culot-tage^^ [-ter], to.; (fam.) brown- 
ing (of a' tobacco-pipe). Il/^te^® [cwZ], 



/. ; rump ; trunk-hose ; (often pi. in) 
breeches, trousers, bloomers ; branched 
pipe or tube ; upright tube (of tube- 
boiler) ; heel-plate (of pistols) : — -de- 
suisse, branded or striped drinking-glass 
with stem ; banded shell ; striped pear ; 
— -de-velours, velvet cock; — -de-chien, 
orange-tree. -ter^^ tr.: put trousers 
on ; brown (a pipe) : nez culotté, rum blos- 
som, -tier^^, =:ière, m., f.: dealer in 
trousers; (esp.)/.; pants-maker, -tin^^, 
771. ; (fam.) flittle trousers ; child in first 
pants, "little man." 

culpabilité^^ [L. -hilas],f.: culpability. 

cu/-rouge, etc., see cul. 

culte -^^ [L. -tus], m.: cult (worship ; cere- 
monies): — de latrie, worship of God only, 
latria ; — de dulie, saint-worship, dulia. 

cultellation ^^ [L. -llus, knife], /. ; = 
(dropping something to mark the foot of a 

culti-vable^^ adj.: =. -vateur^^, 
=tri-ee, m., f.: tiller of the soil; cul- 
tivator (plow). t-vation^^ /.; =. 
Il-^ver^^ [1. L. -vare (L. colère)], tr.: 
CULTIVATE (till ; raise ; train, educate ; 
exploit), culture -^^ [L. cultura], f.: = 
(tillage; refining, training); crop, growth. 

cumin ^^ [L. cuminum, Gr. kûminon], m.: 
cumin : — des prés, caraway seed ; — 
cornu, or faux — , black cumin. 


m. : accumulation, junction, 

plurality : — du pêtitoire et du possessoire, 
combining ownership and possession. 
-lard^^, m.: (fam.) pluralist, place-man 
(disposed to hold several offices at once). 
-latif^®, =ive, adj.: cumulative, -lati- 
vement^^ [-latif], adv.: all together. 
W'^Ibv^^ [h. -tare, pile up], tr.: combine 
(different causes in one action at law ; 
hold different offices at one time). 

cunéiforme ^^ [L. cuneus, wedge, forma, 
form], adj.: cuneiform, arrow-shaped. 

cunette^® [It. (la)cunetta, lagoon], f: 
=, cuvette (deep ditch in a moat). 

cuniculaire ^^ [L. -lus, hare], adj.: bur- 
rowing ; m. pi. : burrowing rodents. 

cupi-'de^^ [L. -dus], adj.: feager ; covet- 
ous, -demerit ^^, adv.: covetously; 
eagerly, -dite ^'^ [L. -ditas], f : cupidity 
(tpassion ; avarice). Cupidoii^^ [L. 
Cupido, son of Venus], m.: Cupid ; beau- 
tiful child or youth. 

cuprate^^ [L. -prum, copper], m.: = 
(salt of cupric acid). 

cupressinée.s ^^ [L. -nus, of Cyprus], /. 
pi.: Cyprus group of pines. 

cu-priqtte^^ [L. -prum, copper], adj.: 
cupric. -prite^^ [L. -prum], m.: = 
(cuprous oxide). 

cupu-laire ^'^, adj.: cupular. ||-^le^'^ [L. 
-la, cup], /. ; = (involucre, burr of nuts). 


-lifère ^^ [L. ferre, bear], adj. : cupulife- 
rous ; /. pi. : cupulif erse, oak-family. 

curable ^'^ [L. -bills (cura, cure)], adj.: 
(rare) =. 

curaçao ^^ [island C. in Antilles], m.: = 
(the liquor). 

I. curage ^^ [for cul-rage], f: water-pep- 
per, sm'artweed.^^ {_-rer], m.: cleansing, cleaning 
(of sewers, wells, etc.) ; (dial.) bleaching 
(of cloth). -ra^idier^"^, =ière [-7*er], 
m.,f.: (dial.) bleacher. 

curare -^^ [Brazil], m.: = (arrow-poison). 

cura-telle ^"^ [1. L. -tela as if /. of L. -tor, 
keeper], /.; guardianship, trusteeship. 
-teur^^, -tri-ce [L. -tor, -triz], m., f: 
guardian ; trustee : — an ventre, guardian 
for unborn child ; — à la mémoire, ad- 
ministrator for deceased convict, -tif ^*, 
=ive [L. curare, cure], adj.: curative. 
-tion-^^ [L. -tio],f: treatment. 

curcuma ^^ [Sp. fr. Ar., 'saffron'], m.: = 
(genus of ginger family). 

cu-'re" [L. cura, care],/. ; = (church cure ; 
benefice ; rectory ; treatment ; healing) ; 
dose (for falcon) : armer la — , put meat 
with the dose (to tempt the falcon). 
-ré ^-, m. : = (priest of a Catholic par- 
ish) : Gros-Jean qui veut en remontrer à 
son — , the clerk would teach the parson ; 
M. le — n'aime pas les os, que lui donne- 
t-on? children's game where one must an- 
swer with a word hav'g no o. 

cureau^^ [?], m.: (clothshearer's) stick, 

cure-denf ^'* [-rer], m.: tooth-pick. 

cur ée^^ [cuir], f. : quarry; food: sonner 
la — , give the call to the quarry ; dé- 
fendre la — , keep the dogs off till the 
signal ; mettre les chiens en — , give the 
dogs the quarry to excite them ; âpre à la 
— , greedy for one's part ; la — des places, 
scramble for ofl^ce. 

cure-feu, pi. — a?, m. : poker, stithy-pick 
(to clean furnaces). -la^igite^'', m.: 
tongue-scraper, -mole^^ rnol, m.: dredg- 
ing machine, -ore j' île ^^, 771.; ear-spoon. 
-piecl^^, 771, .• horse-picker (to clean 
hoofs). i.||cure^r° [L. curare], tr.: 
cleanse, clean up ; pick ; fattend to, care 
for. 2.cure-r' [cure, pill for falcons], 
intr. : treat falcons. 

curet^^ [for cuiret], m.: skin, buffalo- 
leather (used in gilding). 

cu-rette^'* [-rer],/. ; == cleaner; scraper. 
-reur^^ [-rer], 777,; cleaner (of sewers, 
wells, etc.). I. -rial ^'', pi. =au5c [cure], 
adj. : of a church cure or living, rectorial : 
maison — e, parsonage. 

2. curial ^^, pi. =aux [L. -rialis], m.: 
member of the Roman curia, -rie^^ [L. 
-ria], f: curia (Roman tribal division; 


place of meeting ; senate-house ; town- 
council ; body of officials of papal govern- 

cn-TievLsement^^, adv. : fvery carefully ; 
curiously, with curiosity. H-^rieux^^, [L. -riosus], adj.: tCAREful ; curi- 
ous ; interested in ; interesting, amusing ; 
m.,jf.: curious or inquisitive person. 

curioH^'^ [L. -rio], m.: chief of a curia; 
sacrificer (for a curia). 

curiosité ^^ [L. -tas\, /.; fcarefulness, 
t interest ; curiosity. 

curie ^'^ [?]>/••* twisting- wheel, cord- wheel 
(for rope-making). 

curoir^^ \curer], m.: scraper (to clean a 
plough, shovel, etc.). 

cur-seur^'^ [L. -sor, runner], m.: frunner ; 
cursor (movable piece on measuring in- 
struments ; indicator), -sif ^", =ive [1. L. 
-sivus (L. -rere, run)], adj.: cursive;/.; 
flowing hand. 

curule^'^ [L. -lis (currus, chariot)], adj.: 
chaise — , curule chair ; magistrature — , 
magistracy privileged to use the cerule 

curures^^ [curer], f. pi.: dirt (cleaned fr. 
wells, sewers, etc.). 

cur-vatif^^, =ive [L. -vare, bend], adj.: 
curvative (bav'g margin slightly curved). 
-vilif/ne^'^ [L. -vus, curved, Fr. ligne], 
adj>: curvilinear, -vité^-^ [L. -vitas], f. : 
(rare) curvity. 

cuscute ^^ [fr. Ar. (Gr. kasutas)], f. : cus- 
cuta, bindweed, dodder. 

cuspidé^^ [L. -pis, spear], adj.: cuspi- 
date, sharp-pointed (as thistle leaves). 

cus-seroH-^'^ [ak. to cosson, weevil], 7re. .* 
(dial.) grain-insect. t-so»i = cosson. 
-sonné ^^ [-soti], adj. : worm-eaten. 

I .custo-«'de ^^ [L. -s], m. ; custodian; 
warden (monk). 2.-de ^'^ [L. -dia, custody], 
/.; curtain (fof beds 
pyx-cloth ; sacraments ; 
flap (of pistol holster), 
province (of monk), 
'guard us'], m.: acting clergyman (hold- 
ing a living in trust). 

cu-tané^^ [L. -tis, skin], adj.: cutaneous 
-ticule^^ [L. -ticula, little skin], /. 
cuticle, epidermis. 

tcutter = cotre. 




of high-altar) ; 
carriage pillov; ; 
-die^"',/.: v/ard, 





[-?;er], m.; fermenting (of 
wine) ; fermenting outfit. ||cu-^vc° [L. 
cûpa, cup],/.; vat; tank; waterwheel- 
pit. -veau ^^, m.; little vat, tub. -vée^'^, 
/.; vatful. -vêlage ^^ [-veler], m: tub- 
bing, -veler'^"^, 'tr.: tub (case inside, 
line a shaft), -ver^^, intr.: work, fer- 
ment; tr.: sleep off (drunkenness), 
t-verie^^, /. ; (dial), fermenting place 
(cellar or ship), -vette^^, /.; = (bowl; 
basin ; pot ; receiving vessel for moltea 

glass ; cunette, ditch) ; cap (of a watch) ; 
cistern (of barometers) : — d'un plomb, 
funnel-mouthed pipe (to receive water fr. 
eaves, etc.) ; — de jauge, waste water 
basin ; — d'un canal, bed of a ditch, 
-vier^-^, m. ; drip-tub (for lye; for tem- 
pering steel ; for washing kaolin). 

fcuzcuz = couscou. 

■eyame^^ [1. L. -mus, Gr. kuamos, bear)]^ 
m. : cyamid, whale-louse. i 

•eyan^ [Gr. kuanos, blue] : -Ztydriqtie-'^ 

[ak. to -ogène and hydrogène], adj. : cyan- 



hydric, prussic, hydrocyanic 
[ak. to -ogène], adj.: cyanic, -ogéne 
[Gr. gennân, produce], ra. ; cyanogen 
(colourless gas), -ometre^" [Gr. mêtron, 
measure], m.: cyanometer. -ose 
kuanosîs, bhieness], /.; cyanosis, 

18 [Gr. 



jaundice ; cyanosite (mineral) 
[ak. to -ogène], m.: cyanurate. 

■eyat/ie^' [L. -teus, Gr. kuathos], m.: 
cyathus (pouring cup ; measure). 

cycl^ [Gr. kuklos, circle]: -ade^^ [Gr. 
kuklas, rounded], /.; cyclas (mollusk). 
-amen^"^ [L. (Gr, kuklaminon)], m.: 
=, sow-bread (plant). -eycl-e^^ [L. 
cyclus], m.: ^ (period of time which re- 
peats itself ; series of processes in phy- 
sics which brings back to the first condi- 
tion ; entire turn of a spiral leaf-struc- 
ture ; body of poetry or legends on one 
theme ; curative process where the remedy 
was gradually increased). -iqite-^^ [L. 
-icus], adj.: cyclic, -oïdal^''', pi. -slxix 
[-o'ide], adj.: cycloidal. -oïde^^ [Gr. ku- 
koeidês, circular], /.; cycloid (curve 
traced by a point in a rolling circle). 
-one 18 [Eng. (Gr. kuklon, turning)], m.: 
=, great wind-storm, -ope^^ [L. -ops (Gr. 
kuklops, circle-eye)], m.; cyclops (one-eyed 
mythological giant; one-eyed person ; crus- 
tacean of the cyclopidae). -opéen^^, 
=enne [-ope], adj.: cyclopean. -os- 
touî.ei8 [Gr. stoma, mouth], adj.: hav'g 
rounded mouth (as certain fish and mol- 

■eyÊfncii [L. -nus (Gr. kuknos)], m.: swan ; 

■eyli»»-dragei8 [-drer], m.: mangling (of 
linen). H-ey'liti^drei^ [L. -drus (Gr. kulin- 
dros)], m. : cylinder (the geometric solid ; 
anything resembling it, esp. in machinery ; 
roller ; mangle ; calender ; etc.) : — à 
braise, bucket (for heating water by put- 
ting live coals into it), -drer^^, tr.: 
mangle (linen), -driqife^^, at^j. ; cylin- 
drical, -droïde^'^ [Gr. eîdos, form], adj. 
or m. ; cylindroid. 

t-eymaise =: cimaise. 

■eymba-laire i'^ [L. -laria],f.: toad-flax 
(fig-wort), fl^le 12 [L, .i^m (Gr. kumbalon)], 
/.; cymbal, -lieri^, m.: cymbal-player. 



«y-me^^ [L. -mo], /.; = (flat topped clus- 
ter of flowers), -mette i^, /. : sprout (of 
Brussels cabbage). 

■ejn^ [Gr. Mon, dog] : ■]-&ti^ie = es- 
quinansie. -égétiqite^" [Gr. kunege- 
tikos], adj.: cynegetic ; /.; cynegetics, 
art of hunting with dogs, -ips^^ [Gr. 
îps, wood insect], m,: =, gall-fly. -ique^^ 
[L. -icus], adj.: cynic, sneering, cynical; 
impudent ; m. : cynic philosopher ; sneerer ; 
impudent person, -iquement^^ [-ique]. 

adv. : cynically. 



[L. -ismus]. 

m.: cynicism; impudence, -o-eephale^^ 

[L. -ocephalus, Gr. kunoképhalos (kephalê, 
head)], m.: dog-headed baboon, cynoce- 
phalus. -oglosse^'^ [L. -oglossus, Gr. 
kunoglosson (glossa, tongue)], /..• cyno- 
glossum, hound's- tongue, -osure^^ [L. 
-osura, Gr. kunosoura, dog's tail], /.; 
cynosure (constellation containing the 
pole star) ; rattle grass, dog's-tail grass. 

•cypéra-cées^^ [L. -ros, Gr. kupeiros, 
galingale],/. pi.: cyperacese, sedge family. 

■cypres ^^ [L. -pressus], m.: cypress (the 
tree ; grief ; death) : le petit — , orna- 
mental hedge aster. 

■cyprin ^'^ [L. -nus, carp], m.: cyprinoid, 
carp-like fish. 

■cyril-lien^^, =emxe or -liqtie [Slavic 
saint Cyrille], adj.: Cyrillic : alphabet — , 
original of the present Russian alphabet. 

■cyst'*' [Gr. kustis, bladder] : -algie ^^ 
[Gr. algos, pain],/.; cystalgia, neuralgia 
of bladder, -i^cerque^^ [(jr. kérkos, 
tail],, m.: cysticercus, encysted young 
tape-worm. -ique^^, adj.: cystic, 
-ite^^, /. ; cystitis, inflammation of the 
bladder, -oïde^^ [Gr. eîdos, form], adj. 
or m.: cystoid, bladder-like, -otome^^ 
[Gr. tome, section], m.: =: (instrument 
for cutting the bladder). -otomie^^ 
[Gr. tome, section],/.; cystotomy, opera- 
tion for the stone. 

■cytise ^^ [L. -thisus], m.: cytisus, bean- 

■cytoth-èqtte^^ [Gr. kutos, cell, théke, 
case],/.; cytotheca (integument covering 
the thorax of pupas). 

t-czar, tsar, etc. = tzar, etc. 

d dE or older dé [L.], m.; d (the letter) : 

D., sign for Dame, Don; D, sign for 

(Rom.) 500. 
d' for de before vowels or h mute. 
-da^*^ [?], adv. suff.: (fam.) indeed: oui- 

da, yes forsooth ; nenni-da, no, indeed. 
da-capo ^"^ or da capo [It. 'from the 

head or beginning'], adv.: da capo. 


Da-cie, /.; Dacia (land of the old Daci, 

Eastern Europe). 

dacty-^le ^^ [L. -lus, Gr. daktulos, finger ; 
dactyl (ref. to three joints)], m. ; dactyl 
(— w v-x) ; sort of plant, -lique ^^, djdj. .;. 
dactylic, -lographe ^^ [Gr. -los, fgrâ- 
phein, write], m.: keyboard for communi- 
cation between blind or deaf-mutes. 
-lolalie^'^ [Gr. -los, lâllein, talk],/. ; finger 
language (as used between deaf mutes). 
-loptère^^ [Gr. -los, pteron, wing], m.: 
dactylopterus, flying-fish. 

dada^^ [echoic], m.; (child-lang.) horse; 
(fam.) hobby. 

dadais ^° [?], m.; booby, dolt. 

tdagorne ^^ [? dague, corne],f. : one-horned 
cow ; beldame. 

da^gue 1-^ [?], /. ; ancient DAGCer (fEng. 
dag), dirk ; scraper ; knout (for flogging 
sailors) ; dag (unbranched antler of a 
young deer) ; boar's tusk, -giter^^, ir.: 
fstab ; strike with the horns ; (hunt.) rut ; 
if ale.) fly with spread wings. 

daguerreotype^^ [Daguerre, the in- 
ventor, -type], m.: daguerreotype (early 
kind of photograph). 

daguet^^ [-gue], m.: bracket (young deer). 

da/tlia^' [1. L. (Dahl, Swedish botanist)], 
m.: = (aster). 

daif;ner° [p. L. dignâre, L. -ri (dignus, 
worthy)], int.: deign, condescend, vouch- 

dail^*, daii-le, m., /; (dial.) scythe; 
whetstone ; pholas (shell). 

fdaillot = andaillot. 

d^aim" [p. L. *damus (L.-ma)], m.; deer; 
(male) buck : chasseur de — , deer-hunter, 
deer-stalker ; des gants de — , deerskin 
gloves, -aine^*',/; doe. 

daititie?'° [fr. old -tie, L. dignitas, ' honor/ 
so 'piece of honor, dainty'], m. (us'ly pi.) : 
dowcet (testicle of a stag). 

dais° [L. discus, disc, table], m.; = 
tplatform; canopy): — de verdure, ar- 

daïs^'^ [1. L. dais], m.: exotic shrub. 

dalbergia ^'^ [1. L. (named after Dalberg)], 
m.: black-wood. 

fdalean = dalot. 

Dalécârlie , / ; Dalecarlia (province of 

dal-lage-^^, m.; paving with flagstones; 
flagstone pavement, flagging. Il^le^* 
[? cf. E. deal, plank], /.; slab (of stone or 
timber), flagstone, flag ; slice ; gutter, 
spout; (nav.) scupper; powder-tub. -ler^^ 
tr. : pave with flagstones, flag. 

Dalma^^tie, /.; Dalmatia (land east of 
the Adriatic), -tiqire^^ [1. L. -tica, tunic 
worn in Dalmatia], /.; dalmatica (priest's 
vestment at mass). 
dalot ^^ [dalle], m. : scupper (-hole). 


daltonisme ^^ [Z^aZ^OTî, physician affected 
by it], m.: daltonism, colour blindness. 

dani^ [L. damnum, DAMage], m. ; fdam- 
age ; (theol.) privation of the ^ight of 
God. ' 

i-Da-^ma-s [fr. Hebr.], m..' Damascus 
(city in Syria), da-mas^*, m..- damask; 
Damascus blade, damaskin ; DAMson (Da- 
mascus plum), -masqjfin^^ [It. -mas- 
chino], adj. : of Damascus, damascene ; 
m.: damaskening. -masqjtinage^*' 
[-masquiner], m.: damaskening. -mas- 
qjfinage^*' \_-masquiner], m.: damasken- 
ing. -masquiner ^^ [-masquin], tr.: 
damaske(e)n (decorate steel, etc., with in- 
laid or etched patterns). -masqui- 
nerie-^^ [-masquine?'], f.: damaskening. 
-masqifineur-^'^ [-masquiner], m.: da- 
maskener. -masquinure ^^ [-masqui- 
ner], f.: damaskening. -masser ^^ [da- 
mas], tr.: damask (esp. textile fabrics); 
damassé, damask, -massure-^^ [-masser], 

f.: damasking (word, design). 

i.dame° [L. domina, mistress], /. ; = 
{anc. noble lady ; married lady ; woman 
generally ; figure in certain games, as) 
queen (in cards and chess), king (double 
in checkers), counter or man (in backgam- 
mon) ; rammer (of pavers) ; bolt ; row- 
lock ; (in comp'd names of birds, flowers, 
etc.: belle -dame, etc.); inter j.^'^ (fr. 
Notre Dame, cf. below) : on my faith ! in- 
deed ! well ! etc. : Notre Dame, our Lady, 
the blessed Virgin, Virgin Mary; — 
d'atour, (queen's, etc.) lady of the toilettes 
or bedchamber ; ■ — s de France, daughters 
of the King of France ; — d'onze heures, 
(bot.) star of Bethlehem ; faire — , 
("checkers) become queen (doubled); jeu 
ie — s, game of draughts or checkers. 
dame-^** [Ger. damm], f.: dam, bank 
across a water course). 
■ame-jeanne^^ [Prov. damajano (? Ar.)], 
JEMi-JOHN (as in Fr. by pop. etym.). 
ia-mer*-^^ [i.-me], tr.: queen (a pawn at 
chess), crown (at checkers); tamp (with a 
paver's rammer) ; puddle (clay) ; pion — é 
(or incor. dame damée), queened pawn (at 
chess) ; — le pion à quelqu'un, outdo any 
one. -meret^^ [i.-me], m.: man of ef- 
feminate elegance, dude, ladies' man ; adj. : 
dudish, foppish, -merette^'^ [i.-me], /.; 
moth. t-mette^"^ [i.-me], /.; flass ; 
{dial.) wagtail. -mier^^ [i.-me], m.: 
checkerboard; chessboard; (arcA.) checker- 
work, fretwork ; name of various spotted 
animals and plants (kind of petrel, butter- 
fly, mollusk, etc.). 

.atH-nable ^^, adj. : =. -nablement ^^ 
\rnable],adv.: damnably. -natio»i^^ [L. 
-natio], f.: =. -né, =ée, adj. or n.: 
damned : être l'âme — née de quelqu'un, be 



somebody's tool, be wholly in his power. 
Il-^ner^^ [1. L. -nare (-num, damage)], <r. ; 
damn (doom to perdition ; condemn as 
bad) : faire — , drive to mortal sin (esp. 
by anger), cause to be damned, drive 

damoi^seau" [p. L. *domnicellus (dim. of 
L. dominus)], m.: (midd. ages) aspirant to 
knighthood, page, (/am.) ladies' man, spark, 
beau, -selle" [p. L. *dGmnicella], f: 
DAMSEL {midd. ages, young gentlewoman ; 
then young lady gen'ly). 

da)i-di»t ^^, m. : ninny, -dinant ^^, adj. : 
waddling, -dine^^, /. ; whipping rod. 
-dinemen^:^^, m. : waddling, swaying mo- 
tion. Il-^diner^^ [echoic (ak. to O.Fr. 
-din, table bell), * move like a bell-clapper'], 
intr.: sway to and fro (naturally or af- 
fectedly), waddle : se — , sway, twist 
one's self (one's body). 

Aan^dj^^ [Eng. (? ak. to -din.)], m.: =. 
-dysme-^^, m. ; dandyism. 

Danemark,/.; Denmark. 

daneau^^, pi. — x [dain], m.: young deer. 

dan--ger° [p. L.*domniàrium (L. dominus, 
lord),* power], m.: = (fpower; power to 
harm; peril, risk), -gereusement ^^ 
[-gereux] , adv. : dangerously, -gereua? ^^, 
=euse, adj.: dangerous. 

danois, =oise [1. L. Dani], m.,f.: Dane; 
m. ; Danish language ; adj. : Danish : 
chien — , great Dane. 

dans^^ [de, OFr. ens (L. intus), within], 
prep.: in, within; into; with ; according to; 
at ; — ce but, with this end in view ; avoir 
fait — le temps, have done formerly ; être 

— l'abattement, be in a state of dejection, 
be downcast. 

dan-sa?tt ^^, part. : dancing : soiree — e, 
dancing (evening) party. d§,n-se ^^, /. ; 
dance, dancing : en — , a-going, started ; 
mener la — , give the impulse ; donner 
une — à, shake up, give a drubbing to ; 

— de corde, rope-dancing ; — de St. Guy, 
Saint-Vitus dance ; — des morts, — ma- 
cabre, dance of death ; maître de — , 
dancing-master. ||-ser^^ [OHG. -son, 
draw, form a row], tr., intr.: dance ; leap : 
faire — quelqu'un, dance with some one ; 
faire — quelqu'un sans violon, give some 
one a drubbing ; maître à — , dancing 
master, -seur, =ense^*, m,,f.: dancer: 

— de corde, rope-dancer. 

Daphne [Gr. daphne, laurel], /. ; Daphne. 
daphne, m.: daphne (shrub). 

tdar-ee = darse. 

dar^d^^ [fr. Germ'c], m.; dart, short 
javelin ; sting (of serpents, scorpions, bees, 
etc.) ; (pointed objects of various kinds, 
as) brass tip (of scabbard) ; point (in a 
moulding), pistil ; shell rocket (also — à 
feu) ; dart (sort of carp) : sans — , stingless. 



-der ^*, tr. : dart, hurl, beam, -dillqn^^, 
m. : little dart ; barb (of a fishhook). 

dare^^ [echoic], adv.: (fam.) in great 

dariole^^ [?], /. ; cream-cake. 

darne^^ [Bret.],/.; slice (of large fish). 

darse^^ [It. -sena (Ar.)],/. ; wet dock. 

dar-tre-^* [? Celt.], /. ; herpes (eruption 
of the skin), -treux^'^, adj.: herpetic. 

dar-winisxnf^ ^^ [Darwin], m.: Darwinism. 

dataire-^^ [L. -tarius (L. -turn, given)], m.; 
datary (papal officer in charge of the da- 
taria or appointment office). 

da-^te^^ [L. -ta (L. -re, give), given],/.; 
= : prendre — , take rank at a certain 
date ; être le premier en — , be the first 
applicant (etc.), have priority ; faire — , 
form en epoch, -ter^^, tr., intr.: date; 
make an epoch. 

daterie^^ [-taire],/.: dataria. 

i.da-^tif^* [L. -tivus {-re, give), *to be 
given', sc. casus, case], m.: dative. 
2.-tif^*, =lve, adj.: dative (given by a 
judge or testamentary disposition), -tion^^ 
[L. -tio],f.: giving, assigning (by a judge 
or testamentary disposition). 

datisme-^^ [Gr. -mos (Datis, character 
in a comedy by Aristophanes)], m.; 

dat'-'te^^ [L. dactylus, Gr. -los, finger],/.; 
date (the fruit), -tier^^, m.: date palm. 

datura 1^ [fr. Sanskr.], m.: =, thorn- 

dftu-^'be^^ [It. dobha (-bbare, fit)],/.; stew- 
ing (meats) and garnishing ; garnished 
stew, i.-ber^*^, intr.: prepare a rfaw6e, 

2.dau-'l>er'^^ [?], tr.: cuff, drub; scold, 
jeer ; (fam.) — des mâchoires, eat with 
great appetite. -beur^^, m.; jeerer, 

dau"bière^^ [daube], f: stewpan. 

dau^phin" [p. L. *dalfinus, L. del- 
phinus (Gr. delphis, dolphin)], m.: dolphin 
(fish ; constellation) ; {nav.) curved wooden 
brace ; curve of a tunnel ; curved nip- 
pers; dauphin (old title of counts of 
Vienna, conferred on the French Crown- 
prince when, in 1349, Dauphiny was 
bequeathed to Philippe de Valois), -phi- 
nelle^'^ [Gr. delphînion], /.; lark-spur 

damrade ^^ [Prov. -da = Fr. rforée,'gilded '], 
/.; gilt-head (fish). 

davantage ^^ [de avantage], adv.: more, 
longer (without complement; arch, also 

davier ^^ [? Davi(d)], m.: forceps; 
tongs, crow, cramp ; (nav.) davit ; roller. 

dE** [L. de], prep.: of, out of, from; 's 
(possess.) ; some, any (partit.) ; by, with ; 
for; at; expletive (after adverbs of 


quantity, etc.): — près, near; — loin, 
afar ; se moquer — , laugh at ; d'entre 
Cfrom amongst') of; — par le roi, in the 
king's name ; beaucoup — livres, many 
books ; cinq de tués, five killed ; du (de V), 
de la, des, some, any. 

I. dé" [p. L. datus, given, thrown], m.: 
DIE (for playing ; of a pedestal, between 
base and cornice ; metal block of ma- 
chinery ; various other die-shaped or 
cubical parts of instruments, etc.) ; piece 
of domino : jouer aux — s, play at dice ; 
avoir le — , be the first to play ; flatter le 
— , slide the dice ; soften a thing down ; 
à vous le — , it is your throw (turn) ; 
tenir le — (de la conversation), do ail the 
talking (not leave it to others) ; — pipé, 
loaded die. 

2.dé° [OFr. deel, p. L. *ditâle (for digitale, 
L. digitus, finger): dé, by anal, to i.dé], 
m. : THIMBLE ; ferrule or mounting (of 
the handle of a banner) : — Panurge, 
harness ring (for the reins). 

dé- [L. dis-],pref.: dis-, un-, apart. 

t-dea, old for -da. 

débâ-cher ^^ [dé, bâche], tr. : uncover (car- 
riages) ; put back, let down, tilt off. 

dé-bâclage^'', m.: clearing (of a port), 
-bâcle ■^®,*w.; breaking up (of the ice in 
a river) ; break up, overthrow ; debacle ; 
clearing (of a harbour). -baclEment ^^, 
TO.; breaking up of the ice. H-'^bâder^^ 
[dé-, bâcler], tr.: funbar (doors etc.); 
clear (a harbour of unloaded vessels and 
make room for loaded) ; intr. : break up 
(of the ice in a river), -baclenr, to.; 
clearing officer (of a harbour). 

débadiner ^^ [dé-, badiner], intr.: re- 
move a mark (in playing). 

débagou^-ler^^ [dé-, OFr. bagouler (? ba, 
bah ! goule = gueule, mouth), abuse], tr.: 
(vulg.) spew, vomit ; launch into abuse 





bâillon], tr.: un- 

ra. ; unpacking. -1er ^® 
unpack ; fremove pack- 

against, abuse, 
scurrilous abuser. 

débâi^onner ^^ 

[dé-, balle]', tr. 

déban-dade ^^, f : disbanding, break up, 
confusion : à la — , in great confusion, 
helter-skelter. -dement ^'^, to.; dis- 
banding; leaving the ranks. i.||~der [dé-, 
I. bander, 2.bande], tr.: i. remove a band 
or bandage from, unbind, relax, unbend 
(a bow), uncock (fire-arms), unbrace 
(drums) ; 2.tdetach from a troupe: se — , 
I .be relaxed, unbent, etc. ; fg^ow milder 
(of weather) ; 2. disband (be broken up), 
leave the ranks. 

i.débanqiter^'' [dé-, banque], tr.: break 
the bank of (at play), 

I débanquer 

.débanquer^^ [dé-, banc], tr.: (nav.) 
take away the thwarts (seats) from; intr.: 
quit a fishing bank. 

léba^itiser^^ [dé-, baptiser], tr.: fannul 
the baptism of (déchristianise) ; change 
the name of: se faire — , renounce one's 

lébarber^"^ [de-, barbe], tr.: funbarb; 
prune the roots of (vines). 
lébarbouii-^ler^^ [dé-, barbouiller], tr.: 
clean ; wash the face of : se — , (fig.) wash 
one's face ; clear or extricate one's self. 
-loir^*^, m. .• (fam.) towel, napkin. 
lébarcadère, f-dour^^ [-barquer], m.: 
landing-place ; terminus (of railways). 
lébar-dage ^^'j m.: unlading (of w^ood). 
Il-^de**^'' [dé-, bard], tr.: unload (a boat, 
etc., esp'ly of wood) ; transport (a broken 
up raft or felled wood) to the place 
of lading, clear off; break up (an old 
boat), -deur^^, m.; man that unloads or 
transports wood, lumper ; sort of ulcer. 
:ébar-queine»it^^, m.: disembarkment, 
landing. W^qiier^^ [dé-, barque], tr., 
intr.: disembark, land; step off (from a 
train, etc.) : un nouveau débarqué, a new- 
comer; il fut arrêté au débarqué, he was 
arrested as he landed (or stepped off), 





m. ; riddance, disencum- 

brance ; lumber-room. ||-^rasser^® [dé-, 
the radical of em-barrasser], tr.: dis- 
embarrass, disencumber, rid, clear (away), 
free : se — , disencumber or rid or free 
one's self, get rid or clear (of), extricate 
one's self ; -rassé, part. : disembarrassed, 
untrammeled, free. 

.ebarrer^^ [dé-, barrer], tr.: unbar. 
ébat^^ [-ttre], m.: debate, discussion; 

ébâter-i* [dé-, bât], tr.: unsaddle. 
âébâtiri^ [dé-, bâtir, build], tr.: pull 

own (a building), demolish. 

iebatir^^ [dé-, bâtir, baste], tr.: un- 
jaste (a dress), untack. 
débattre ^^ [dé-, battre], irr.; tr.: de- 
bate, discuss, argue ; contest : se — , 
struggle, strive, writhe. 
.e-ban-che^^,/. ; debauch(ery), revelling. 
-bau-ehe^^, =ée, adj.: debauched, dis- 
solute; m.,f.: debauchee, dissolute person, 
rake. Il-i^bau-cher*^^ [dé-, old bauche, of 
uncert. meaning], tr.: debauch, -ban- 
«beur^^, =euse, m., /.; débaucher, se- 

débelle»' 13 [L. -Hare (bellum, war)], tr.: 
subdue by war. 

.ébet^^ [L., 'he owes'], m.: debit, debt: 
— d'un compte, balance of an account. 
débifFer^^ [dé-, biffer], tr.: wear down, 
weaken : être tout -ffé, be quite out of 
.ébi^-le^^ [L. debilis]; adj.: feeble, weak. 

(fEng. débile), -lament ^S adv. : feebly. 
-litant 1^ [-liter], adj. : (med.) débilitant ; 
m.: débilitant (drugs, bleeding, etc.). 
-litatimi^^ [-liter], f: debilitation, en- 
f eeblement. -lite ^^ [L. -litas], f. : debility, 
feebleness, -liter ^^ [L. -litare], tr. : de- 
bilitate, enfeeble. 

débiaar-der^^ [dé-, billard], tr.: 
(carp.) cut (a log, bille) into pieces ; cut 
into cantles. -dement i', m.: (carp.) 
cutting diagonally. 

débiaer^^ [dé-, bille], tr.: take off, un- 
harness (horses drawing a boat). 

débi-ne^^ /.; (economical) embarrass- 
ment, straits, misery. H-^ner^^ [?], 
intr.: decline, fall into misery; tr.: 
belittle, slander, bring into trouble. 

I. débit 1^ [L. debitum (-bere, owe), thing 
due], m. : debit. 

2.débi-t^^ m.: retail sale, traffic; retail 
shop ; market ; cutting up or into pieces 
(as wood, etc.) ; apportionment ; delivery 
(of an oration, etc.) ; recitative : de — , 
saleable ; marchandises de (bon) — , com- 
modities that sell well ; — de tabac, tobac- 
conist's shop ; un beau — , a fine delivery. 
-tage^^, m. 

cutting up (of wood, etc.). 
-tant, =tante, m., f: (retail) dealer. 
I. II -''ter [? L. debitum (-bere, owe), thing 
due], tr.: (sell by) retail, sell; give out, 
circulate, spread; cut up or into pieces (as 
wood, etc., for certain uses); perform suc- 
cessively ; give forth or yield successively 
(of liquids, etc.) ; recite or deliver (an ora- 
tion, etc.), utter, give expression to : — en 
gros (en détail), sell wholesale (by retail) ; 

— son rôle, recite one's part ; — des 
nouvelles, spread news. 

débi-^ter ^"^ [i. débit], tr. : debit, i .-teur i^, 
-tri-ee [L. -tor, -trix], m., f: debtor; 
(leg.) obligor. 

2. débiteur i*^, =:euse [-ter], m., /.; re- 
tailer ; reciter, teller, newsmonger : — 
de sornettes, teller or hawker of idle 

débitter^^ [dé-, bitte], tr.: unbitt (a 

déblai 1^, -blaiment ^'^ [-blayer], m.: 
clearing away (earth, rubbish), levelling, 
excavating ; riddance ; (-blai, esp. in pi.) 
earth or rubbish (cleared away); detritus: 
être en — , be levelled away or excavated. 

déblan-chir 1'^ [dé-, blanchir], tr.: skim 
the crust of (metals in fusion), 

déblatérer 1" [L. de-blaterare ('babble, 
blatter'), slander], intr.: give vent to 
abuse, scold, slander. 

déblayer 12 [dé-, blé: formerly 'rid of the 
grain'], tr.: free from encumbrance or 
rubbish, clear (away) ; level down, cut : 

— un rôle (theat), pass rapidly over the 
less salient parts of a rôle. 

180 déblocage 

déblo-cage-^^, m.; (print) removal of a 

turned type. i.-quev^' [dé-, i Moquer, 

turn a type], tr.: remove (a turned type 

to put in the right one). 
2.débloqîteri^ [de-, 2Moquer], tr.: raise 

the blockade of. 
déboire ^"^ [dé-, boire], m.: disagreeable 

after-taste ; disappointment, mortification. 
dé-boisement^^, m.: clearing of trees. 

Il-.'boiser^^ [dé-, boiser], tr.: clear (land) 

of trees. 
déboî-tement ^^, m.: dislocation (of a 

joint), luxation. H^ter^^ [dé-, boîte], tr.: 

unbox, remove from its cover or casing; 

unsocket, disjoint, dislocate. 
débowi-ber*^^ [dé-, bomber], tr.: press 


m. , 

out (the crown of a hat), -boir 
flattening instrument. 

débort'-'der ^^ [dé-, bonde], tr.: unbung (a 
cask, etc.); open up; intr. or refl.: escape 
by the bung-hole or sluice, pour out; gush, 
give vent to one's feelings, burst forth. 
-dounement [-donner], m.: unbunging. 
-donner ^^ [dé-, bondon], tr.: unbung. 

débon-^naire -^^ [de bon, OFr. aire (not 
mod. Fr. aire), disposition], adj.: good- 
natured, compliant, -nairemew t ^^, adv.: 
in a good-natured manner, compliantly. 
-naireté ^^, f. : compliance. 

débonneter-^^ [dé-, bonnet], tr.: deprive 
of the cap ; un-corol (of fruit) ; uncap (a 
fuse) ; intr. : shed its blossom. 

deboqifeter^^ [dé-. Pic. bosc = Fr. bois], 
tr. : strip of planks. 

dé-bord ^^ m.: = -bordement; part of 
the street bordering on the sidewalk; edge 
or rim of a coin ; border lining, -bordé, 
part. : overflowed, etc. ; dissolute, de- 
bauched, lewd. -bordement^'*, m.: 
overflow(ing), inundation, flood, irrup- 
tion; defluxion; dissoluteness, debauchery. 
II -^border* -^^ [dé-, bord], intr.: pass or 
flow over its borders or banks, overflow, 
run over, burst forth, spread ; project, 
put out, bulge ; be dissolute ; tr. : send 
over the borders or banks ; pass beyond ; 
outrun ; project beyond ; {mil.) outflank ; 
{plumb.) edge ; remove from the border ; 
remove the border from, unborder : se — , 
pour itself out, overflow, spread ; {nav.) 
get clear, sheer off. -bordoir^^, m.: 
edging- tool (of a plumber). 

débosseler ^^ [dé-, bosseler], tr.: free 
from creases or dents, smooth. 

débosser^® [dé-, bosser], tr.: {nav.) free, 
unstopper (a cable). 




taking the boots off. 

lifter ^^ [dé-, botte], intr.: pull (anybod)^s) 
boots off ; as noun, taking the boots off : 
surprendre quelqu'un au — {débotté), sur- 
prise some one just as he returns. 
débou-ehé -^^^ i .f-chenient ^^ [2.-cher], 


m. ; opening, outlet, issue ; expedient ; 
{com.) channel, market ; water-way (of 

2.débou-ebeinenfc^^, m.; unstopping, 
clearing (pipes, etc.), uncorking, 
i-ll'^-eher^'^ [dé-, boucher], tr.: unstop, 
free from obstruction, uncork, clear. 

2.débou-eher-^^ [dé-, bouche], intr.: issue 
(from a narrow space into a more open), 
DISEMBOGUE, fall into ; DEBOUCH, march 
out ; relieve the bowels. 

débou-ehoir ^'^ [i.-eher], m. ; clearing in- 
strument ; lapidary's tool 

déboucler ^^ [dé-, boucle], tr.: unbuckle, 
uncurl ; smooth : — un prisonnier, set a 
prisoner free ; — une jument, unring a 

débouii-^lir^^ [dé-, bouillir], tr.: {dyeing) 
boil, -li, m.: boiling. 

débouler ^"^ [dé-, bouler], intr. : {Jam.) roll 
down like a ball, tumble down ; déboulé, 
m. : tumbling down ; {hunt.) start (from a 

déboulonner^^ [dé-, boulonner], tr.: 
unbolt, unpin. 

débou-qitemmit^^, m.: {nav.) issuing 
from a narrow channel ; strait, narrow 
channel. Jl-^quer^^ [dé-, bouque], intr.: 
sail out of a strait or narrow channel. 

débourber-^^ [dé-, bourbe], tr.: free from 
mud, cleanse ; polish ; pull out of the mud 
or mire : — du vin, draw off wine after 
fermentation; — le poisson, put the fish in- 
to clear water to disaccustom it to the mud. 

débourgeoise r-^^ [dé-, bourgeois], tr.: 
polish (the manners of). 

débourrer ^° [dé-, bourré], tr.: free from 
hair (as skins) or wool, etc.; unstop, clean 
out, worm (fire-arms) ; render less clumsy, 
polish ; break in (a horse) : se — , become 
less thick or clumsy, become more polished, 

dé-bours^^. m.: disbursement; extra 
freight expense (out of port, as for repair, 
duty, etc.). -bourse ^^, m.: disburse- 
ment, money laid out, advance, -bourse- 
ment^^, m.: disbursement, paying out, 
expenditure. H-^bourser^^ [dé-, bourse], 
tr. : DISBURSE, pay out, expend. 

debout ^^ [de,bout], adv.: on end, upright; 
on one's feet, standing, up (not lying 
down) ; subsisting ; {of goods) unloaded, 
without examination ; {nav., also de bout) 
'by the end, viz. prow (of the vessel)', 
hence: ahead (of the wind, etc.), head- 
against ; contrary ; inter j. : arise ! up ! 
être — , stand (up), be (up); be stirring; 
bois — , wood worked according to the 
graining ; droit — , right ahead ; tomber 
—, fall upon one's legs ; avoir vent — , 
have a head-wind ; être — au vent et au 
courant, head to wind and tide. 


àéhon-ter^ [dé-, bouter], tr. : (leg.) over- 
rule, reject the claim of. -to, m. ; (leg.) 

débouton-né^^ [dé-, bouton], adj.: 
stripped oi buttons, or of buds ; (part, of 
-ner) unbuttoned : fleuret — , bared foil 
(i.e. with the point stripped of its cover- 
ing), -ue?'^^ [dé-, boutonner], tr.: un- 
button : se — , unbosom one's self. 

dehrsiiller^^ [dé-, old brail (cf. braie, 
bosom)], tr.: bare, uncover the breast of: 
— lié, open-breasted, bared, naked ; un- 

débraiser ^^ [dé-, braise], tr.: free (a 
heated oven) from embers (to bake), 
rake out. 

I .débrayage ^^ [i--yer], m.: removal of 
tar or pitch*. 

2. débrayage -^^ [2.-yer], m.: (tech.) un- 
coupling, disengaging. 

I .débrayer ^^ [dé-, brai], tr.: free from 
pitch or tar. 

2. débrayer ^^ or déseiribrayer [em- 
brayer], tr.: uncouple, disengage. 

débrEdomiler^^ [dé-, bredouille], tr.: 
(trick-track) save from being in the lurch, 
save from complete failure ; break (some- 
bod/s) bad luck, restore the chances of. 

débri-dée^^, /.; fshort stop at an inn 
(while 'unbridling' the horse); fexpense 
during such a stop ; troop or crowd 
stopping at a place : il a eu toute la — , 
they all lodged with him. -demerit ^^, 
m.: unbridling; uncoupling; freeing from 
restraint ; hurrying over, dispatching ; 
(surg.) relieving constriction by incision. 
Il-^der^* [dé-, brider], tr.: unbridle; free 
from restraint; hurry over, dispatch; free, 
untie ; relieve constriction by incision ; 
intr. : unbridle, halt, stop : au débridé, at 
the arrival ; sans — , without unbridling 
or stopping, at a stretch ; it aura bientôt 
iébridé, he will soon have dispatched. 
-deur^^, =ense, m., /.; one who detaches 
stones from cables (in quarries) ; performer. 

lébris^^ [OFr. -ser (cf. briser), crush], 
m.: tcrushing; débris, rubbish, ruins, 
remains, wreck. 






removal from the 

spit; unstitching. W^'^'^ [dé-, i. broche, 
2. brocher], tr.: unspit ; unstitch. 
lébrouii-lard^^, m.: (fam.) artful 
dodger, one who knows how to disentangle 
himself or get out of a difficulty, -le- 
ment^^, m.: disentangling; unravelling. 
Il^lçy.15 y^^_^ brouiller], tr.: clear up, 
disentangle, unravel ; se — , be cleared 
up, be disentangled, unravel. -l^B^*» 
=ense, m., f.:' disentangler. 
lébrûler^^ [dé-, brûler],tr.: disoxygenise. 
lébru^tir^'^ [dé-, brut], tr.: rough-polish. 
-tissement ^'^, m. ; rough-polishing. 

dé-^bucheî^^^ [dé-, bûche], intr.: (hunt.) 
start (from the bush or wood) ; tr. : dis- 
lodge, start ; m. : starting ; starting- 
signal, -hnsiiiieinent^'' [-busquer], m.: 
driving (an enemy) from the wood, dis- 
lodging. -hvLsqtier^^ [other form of 
-bûcher, through Ital. influence], tr.: drive 
(an enemy) from the wood, drive out, dis- 
lodge ; (hunt.) start. 




I .opening play or throw ; 

outset ; début (first attempt, first appear 
ance before the public) ; opening, beginning; 
2. displacing (a ball from its position); po- 
sition for displacement : être en beau — , be 
in a favourable position for displacement 
(i.e. where a ball may be easily hit); be 
a good shot ; l'oiseau est en beau — , 
the bird is a good shot, -tant, -tante, 
m., f.: =, beginner, actor or actress ap- 
pearing for the first time. H-^^ter [dé-, 
but], I. intr.: open a game (by placing the 
ball as little removed 'from the mark or 
limit' as possible, usually in order to 
decide who is to have the first play; hence) 
make a first attempt, make an appearance 
on one's debut publicly ; open, begin, set 
out; displace (an adversary's ball) 
from near the mark or jack (but), knock 

dEçà^^ [de, ça], adv.: (on) this side, here; 
prep. : this side of : de (or par, en) — , on 
this side. 

déca-ehetage^^, m..* unsealing. ||-^-che- 
ter^^ [dé-, cacheter], tr.: break the seal 
of, unseal, break open. 

décade ^^ [L. -cas (Gr. déka, ten)], /.; 

déca'«'deii-ee-^^t[l. L. -dentia (cadere, fall)], 
/.; decadence, decay, fall, -û.ent^'^ , adj . : 
decadent, deteriorating. 

déca^ [Gr. déka, ten] : -di ^' [L. dies, 
day], m. : tenth day of the decade (French 
Revol. calendar), -èdre^^ [Gr. hédra, 
base], adj.: decahedral; m. ; decahe- 
dron, -gonal-^^, ^Z. =SLVLX [-gone], adj.: 
decagonal, -gone^^ [L. -nus (Gr. gonos, 
angle)], m.: decagon. -gramme -^^ 
[gramme], m.: decagram, -gyne^" [1. L. 
-nus (Gr. guné, female)], adj. :' decagynous. 

décaisser ^^ [dé-, caisse], tr.: take out of 
the box, unpack. 

décaler -^^ [dé- caler], tr.: unwedge. 

déca-'^litre ■^" [déca-, litre], m.: decalitre 
(about 21 gallons), -logue^* [1. L. -gus 
(Gr. logos, word)], m. : decalogue. 

décalotter^' [dé-, calotte], tr.: uncap, 

décal-qi/e^^, m.; counter-drawing, copy. 
Il-^quer^" [dé-, caique], tr.: counterdraw, 
trace : papier à — , tracing paper. 

décamètre^'^ [deer-, mètre], m.: deca- 
meter (393.7 inches). 



décati -peinent ^^, m. : decampment. 
Il-^per-*^ [dé-, camp], move off. 

déca-^nal ^^, pi. =ayix [1. L. -nus (decern, 
TEN), dean (cf. doyen)], adj.: decanal, per- 
taining to a DEAN, -nat^^ [I. L. -natus 
i-nus)], m.: deanship. 

decan-dre-^', adj. /decandrous. H^-^drie^^ 
[1. L. -dria (Gr. déka, ten, anér, man), 
'having ten stamens 'J,/.; decandria (class 
of plants). 

fdecaniiler^^ [? L. canis, dog], intr.' 
{low) take one's self off. 

décan-tage^^,m.; decanting, -tation^'', 
/.; (chem.)' décantation. W^ter^^ [1. L. 
decanthare (canthus, mouth of a jar)], tr.: 
decant, pour off gently (from one vessel 
into another and so as not to disturb the 
sediment), -teur^^, m.: decanter. 

décapage -"^^ l^.-per], m.: removal of rust, 

decapeler* •^'^ [dé-, capeler], tr.: strip off 
the yards or rigging ; unfix. 

I. décaper-^'' [dé-, cap], intr.: sail beyond 
a cape, weather, double a cape. 

2.déca'^per'-^'^ [? dé-, cape], tr.: clean 
(from rust or oxyde), polish, -peur^^, 
m.; metal-cleaner. 

decapi-tation^*, /.; decapitation, be- 
heading, lifter ^^ [L. -tare (caput, head)], 
tr. : decapitate, behead. 

décapodes ^^ [Gr. déka, ten, pous, foot], 
m., pL: decapoda. 

décarbonater ^^ [dé-, carbonate], tr.: 

décarburer-^^ [dé-, carbure], tr.: de- 

decarreler ^^ [dé-, carreau], tr.: deprive 
(a floor, etc.) of its tiles or paving, un- 

déca'^ [Gr. déca, ten]: -stère^^ [stère], 
m.: decastere (10 cub. metre), -style -^^ 
[L. -stylos (Gr. stulos, column)], m. : deca- 
style (10-columned portico), -syllabe -^"^ 
[L. -syllabus (cf. syllabe)], adj.: decasyl- 
labic ; m. : decasyllabic \7ord. -sylla- 
biqwe^'^ [-syllabe], adj.: decasyllabic. 

déca-i'tir ^'^ [dé-, catir], tr.: sponge 
(woolens), -tissage ^^, m.: sponging 
(woolens), -tisseur -^^j m.; sponger (of 

décaver^^ [dé-, 2'<^<^'^^]> i^-' g^-iii the 
whole stake or pool from ; ruin, beggar ; 
bring into disrepute : un homme -vê, a 
ruined man ; il a été -vé, he has lost all 
his money. 

dé-eé-dé, =ée,part.: died, dead, deceased; 
m., /.; (person) deceased. ||-«^der^^ [L. 
de-cedere, de-part], intr.: depart (by 
death), die, expire, decease. 

déceitidre -^^ [dé-, ceindre], irr.; tr.: 

dé-c element ^^, m.; disclosure; revela- 


tion. -celer -^^ [dé-, celer], tr.: disclose, 
reveal ; betray. 

dé-eewibre^^ [L. december (-cem, ten), 
10th month, Rom. calendar], m.: December. 

dé-eemment ^^ -sam- [décent], adv.: de- 
cently, in a decent manner. 

dé-cem-^vir ^^ [L. (decern, ten, vir, man)], 
m.: decemvir (one of ten Rom. magistrates). 
-viral ■^'', pi. =aua7 [L. -viralis], adj.: 
decemviral. -virat^^ [L. -viratus], m.: 

dé-een-ee ^^ [L. decentia (-cere, be proper)], 
/. ; decency, propriety. 

décennal ^^, pi. =a.\LX [L. -lis (decern, 
ten, annus, year)], adj. : decennial. 

de-cent^* [L. -cens (-cere, be proper)], 
adj. : decent, proper. 

fdécentoir = décintroir. 

deeentrali-sation^^, /.; decentralisa- 
tion. Il-'ser^^ [dé-, centraliser], tr.: 

décentrer ^^ [dé-, centre], tr.: (tech.) put 
out of centre. 

fdécep-'tif ^^, =ive [L. -tivus (de-cipere, 
deceive)], adj.: deceptive, -tion-^^ [L. 
-tio],f.: deception (the being deceived). 

décercler -^-^ [dé-, cercle], tr.: deprive of 
its rings or hoops. 

décerner -^^ [L. de-cernere, decide], tr.: 
decree (determine); issue (a writ); award 

décès ^° [L. de-cessus (-cedere, depart)], 
m. : DECEASE, death, demise. 

fdéce- vable ^^, adj. : deceivable. -vant, 
adj.: deceiving, deceptive, li^voir** [p. 
L. de-cipere (L. -pere, capere, take), catch, 
insnare], tr.: deceive. 

décbaî-nement ^^ -chè-, m. : unchaining, I 
breaking loose ; unrestraint ; passion, wild- ' 
ness. Il'-'ner ^^ [dé-, chaîne], tr. : unchain ; 
let loose, give free course to ; exasper- 
ate : se — , break loose (from one's chains), 
be unchained ; run riot ; inveigh. 

fdécbalander = désachalander. 

décha-lement^^, m.: high and dry posi- 
tion (of a ship, of a bank at ebb-tide). 
Il^lç^is |-?]^ intr.: be left high and dry 
(of a ship, a bank) : la mer -le, the sea 
withdraws from the shore. 

fdécbanger-^^ [dé-, changer], tr.: (rare) 
rechange. ' 

décban'-'t ^^ [dé-, chant], m.: DESCANT 
(double song ; variation of an air, by or- 
nament of the plain song), i.-ter-^^, tr.: 
sing as descant or variation ; intr. : descant. 

2.dé-«'Cbante?^-^^ [dé-, chanter], intr.: sing 
differently, change one's tones ; sing an- 
other tune, lower one's pretentions. 

décbaper^^ [dé-, chape], tr.: take (the 
model) out of the mould. 

décbaperonner^^ [dé-, chaperon], tr.: 
unhood ; dismantle (a wall) of the coping. 


dé«har-ge ^^, /. ; discharge (unloading, 
unlading; flowing out, outfall, evacua- 

j tion ; firing off ; exoneration, acquittance, 
release, dismission) ; place for unloading 
(rubbish, etc.), lumber-room ( — publique, 
dumping-place) ; reservoir ; relief ; (leg.) 
defence ; discolouration or staining (as 
from a newly painted or printed object) ; 
(print.) blotter : à — , for (in favour of) 
the prisoner ; en — , in full ; pièce de — , 
lumber-room ; entendre les témoins à charge 
et à — , hear the witnesses for and against. 
-gzsment ^^, m. : unloading, unlading. 
-geoir^*, m.: what serves to discharge 
of unload ; outfall or drain, mill-dam 
sluice ; roller (of a loom). W^ger^^ [dé-, 
charge], tr.: discharge (unload, unlade, 
disburden ; lighten ; empty, emit ; vent ; 

. shoot or fire off, let fly ; exonerate, ex- 
culpate, release, set free ; dismiss) ; give 
off colour, taint ; rub the ink off ; se — , 
discharge or free one's self ; disembogue, 
empty itself, flow off : go off (of a gun) ; 
change, fade (of colours); se — d'une faute 

. sur quelqu'un, lay the blame of a fault on 
any one. -geur ^^, m. : unloader ; wharf- 

] man ; discharger (spec, of electric wires). 

dé-eharné ^^ [-ner], adj. : stripped of flesh, 
fleshless, emaciated, gaunt. 

.fde-charnEler^^ [dé-, charnier], tr.: 
{dial.) unprop (vines). 

de-ehamer^^ \dé-, charn (L. caro), flesh], 
tr.: strip of the flesh, exCARNATE ; ema- 
ciate, render meagre. 

fde-eharpir ^'^ [p. L. dis-carpire (L. car- 

I pere, pluck)], <r.; fseparate, part (persons 

dé-eliasser^^ [dé-, chasser], tr.: drive out 

. (nails, pegs, etc.) ; intr. : (danc.) take a 
step to the left. 

ié-ehau-niage^^, m.; digging or plough- 
ing up the stubble. Il-^mer' ^^ [cJe-, chaume], 
tr. : dig or plough up the stubble of, break 
up (fallow land), -meur^^, m.: plough 
(to break up a stubbled field). 

dé-ehanssé, adj.: bare-footed; cf. also 



-chausser, -ehaussement 




ing the roots (of trees, fEng. ablaquea- 
tion) ; baring (teeth) ; lancing (the gums). 
-ehausser° [p. L. *dis-calciâre (L. cal- 
eeus, cf. Fr. chaussure)], tr. : pull off shoes 
and stockings ; bare at the base (as roots 
of trees for airing, teeth, walls, etc.), lay 
bare ; se — , take off one's shoes and 
stockings ; become bare ; scratch the 
ground (said of the wolf), -ehanssoir ^^, 
m.: gum -lancet. --ehaussure^^, /. ; 
(hunt.) place where the wolf has scratched 
the ground ; wolf's lair. f-chaux ^^, 
adj.: barefoot. 
tdè-ehe^^ [? déchoir],/.: (low) want, pov- 

dé-ehéance -^-^ [-choir], f.: decadence, 
decline, fall ; falling due, forfeiture. 
-■ehet^* [-choir], m.: decadence; waste, 
loss ; deterioration. 

de-eherrai -ré, =ais -rè, Fut., Cond. of 

tdé-chEveler* ^^ [dé-, cheveu], tr. : dis- 

tdé-chevêtrer" ^^ de- [dé-, chevêtre], tr.: 
take off the halter from ; set free. 

de-eheviiler^^ or de- [dé-, cheville], tr.: 
unpeg, unpin. 

dé-ehif-frable ^^, adj. : decipherable. 
-frEinetitp, m.: deciphering, '«'frer*^* 
[dé-, chiffre], tr.: decipher; make out. 
-freur^^, =euse, m.: decipherer. 

dé-eliique^ter^^ [dé-, chiqueter], tr.: 
cut up, lacerate, jag, indent ; pink ; -té, 
laciniate (leaf), -ture •^^, /. ; cutting up, 
laceration, jagging, indentation, pinking. 

de-chi-rage ■^''^, m.; tearing up, breaking 
up (esp. boats), -ratit^^, adj.: tearing; 
heart-rending, harrowing. -remenf^*, 
m.; tearing, rending, laceration, livrer -^^ 
[dé-, Frank, skërran (ak. to Eng. shear), 
cut], tr.: tear, rend, lacerate, mangle, har- 
row ; slander, traduce ; cut up (of sounds); 
tear up or off; -ré, torn, rent, ragged; 
tattered ; — en arrière, backbite ; — à 
belles dents, cut to pieces ; — de toutes 
pièces, tear in pieces, -reur^^, =euse, 
m., f. : tearer, render ; breaker up. 
-rure^^,/. .' tear, rent. 

de-choir ^"^ [dé-, choir], irr. and def. § ; tr. : 
fall, fall down or off; decline, decay; 
loose, forfeit : être déchu d'un droit, to 
have forfeited a claim. 

§ Ind. : Pr. déchois, -s, -t or déchet ; 
-choyons, -choyez, -choient. Ipf. — . Prêt. 
déchus. Fut. (Cond.) dé-cherrai{s), rarely 
-choirrai{s). — Subj. : Pr. déchoie. Ipf. dé- 
chîisse. — I've déchois. — Part. : Pr. — ; P. 

dé-chouer"^^ [dé-, échouer], tr.: set afloat 

(a ship aground). 

dé-chu^^, part, of -choir: fallen, etc. 

dé-ciare^'^ [deci- (L. c^ecimMS, tenth), are], 
m.: 'declare' (lOth of an are). 

dé-ei-dé^'^, adj.: decided, determined. 
-dément ^^, adv.: decidedly, positively. 
Il-^der*-^* [L. -dere [cœdere, cut)], tr.: 
decide, settle ; determine, resolve ; make 
(somebody) determined, induce, lead : se 
— , decide, resolve, make up one's mind; 
be decided. 

dé-cidu^*" [L. -duus, falling], adj.: de- 

dé-ci-"' [L.decimus, tenth] : -gramme ^''^, 
m. ; decigram (10th of a gramme). 
-litre ^^, m. ; decilitre (10th of a litre). 

dé-ciiler^^ [dé-, ciller], tr.: unseal (the 
eyelids), open. 

dé-ei-mable ^^ [L. -mus], adj.: tithable. 



-mal^^, pi. =anx (L. -mus), adj.: fof the 
tithe; decimal, -mateur^^ [1. L. -mator], 
m.: tithe-owner. -matioH-^'^ [L.-matio], 
/.; decimation. IKme [L. i.decimus, 
2,-ma, tenth], i.m.; décime (10th of a 

franc); war-tax;/.; tithe, -mer 



-mare\ tr. : decimate (* kill every tenth/ 
then gen'ly slay, destroy), -mètre ^^, m. : 
decimetre (10th of a metre). 

decin-trage ^^ or -trEmenf ^^, m, : 
(arch.) taking away the centres. ||-*tre»' ^^ 
[dé-, cintre], tr.: (arch.) take away the 
centres of (an arch), -trolr^^, m.: cut- 

do-eirer [dé-, ciré], tr.: take the wax 

dé-ci-«'sif^*, =ive [i.L. -sivus, L. de-cider e 
(cœdere, cut), decide], adj.: decisive, con- 
clusive, positive. -sion^^ [L. -sio], f.: 
decision; determination, -sionnaire^^ 
[sion], m.: one who decides everything. 
-sivement ^^, adv. : decisively, positively. 
-soire^^ [1. L. -sorius], adj.: (leg.) deci- 

dé-ci vlliser -^^ [dé-, civiliser], tr.: un- 

déola-matenr ^^ [L. -mator], m.: de- 
claimer, orator ; declaimer, flowery talker ; 
as adj.: declamatory, high-flown, -ma- 
tion*^ [L. -matio], f. : declamation (rhe- 
torical delivery ; empty rhetorical display) ; 
elocution, -matoire^^ [L. -matorius], 
adj. : declamatory (with rhetorical display, 
high-flown). H^mer" 
(clamare, cry out)], tr. 
spout out ; intr. : declaim ; inveigh 

décla-rateur ^^ [L. -rator], m.: declarer. 
-ratif-^^, =ive^^ [L. -rativus], adj.: de- 
clarative, declaratory. -ration^'* [L. 
-ratio], f.: declaration; notification; affi- 
davit; disclosure; (leg.) schedule; statute 
(of bankruptcy); verdict : — d'entré, dec- 
laration of goods (at the custom-house) on 
entering, -ratoire^^, adj.: declaratory. 
IKrer^* [L. de-clarare (clarus, clear)], 
tr. : declare, make known ; make a declar- 
ation of ; certify ; proclaim ; denounce, 
impeach ; (leg.) find (guilty or not) : se — , 
declare one's self (one's mind, itself) ; 
break out ; set in (of the weather) ; -ré, 
declared, open ; — par écrit, make affi- 
davit of; la peste s'est -rée, the plague 
has broken out. 

déclas-sement^^, m. ; changing or change 
of class; neglect (of a fortified place). 
Il-^ser*^^ [de-, classe], tr.: change the 
classing of ; -sé(e), lowered from one's 
class, degraded; m.,f.: person who has 
lost his social position ; fort -se, neglected 
fort ; ville -see, city whose fortifications 
are no longer kept up. 

^^ [L. de-clamare 
declaim ; recite ; 


déclen-chement-^^, m.: unlatching, un- 
clicking. W^'^^ [dé-, clenche], tr.: 
unlatch (a door) ; ungear. 

déclic -^^ [-cliquer], m.: click-spring; de- 
tent-spring. I .-cli/i ^'' [for -clinc = -clic]^ 
m.: mainspring (of firearms). 

2.dé-cliH^^, m.: decline; wane; ebb; 
close. -clinaMe^^ [L. -clinabilis], adj.: 
declinable. -clinaison ^'^, /. ; (astr., 
phys.) declination ; deflection (of the com' 
pass); (gram.) declension. -clinant^*^, 
adj.: declining, -clinateur^^, m.; de- 
clinator (surveyor's compass). -clina- 
toire, adj. or m.: (leg.) declinatory (plea), 
exception ; (geom.) serving to measure a 
declination ; surveyor's compass; declina- 
tor. ||-^cliner^° [L. -dinar e], intr.: 
decline (bend aside or downward ; be on 
the wane, fall off ; deflect) ; tr. : decline 
(turn aside, reject ; inflect) : — son nom, 
state one's name ; — une jurisdiction, 
except to the jurisdiction. 

décli-quer^^ [dé-, root of cliquet], tr.: 
(mach.) unclick, ungear, -qiteter-^^ [dé, 
cliquet], tr.: (mach.) uncog, untooth. 

dé-'clive-^^ [L. -clivis (clivus, slope)], adj. : 
decliv(it)ous, sloping ; (surg.) declining. 
-clivité^^ [L. -clivitas], /.; declivity, 

déclqîtrer^^ [dé-, cloître], tr.: withdraw 
from a cloister ; secularise. 

dé'-'clore^*^ [dé-, clore], irr.; tr.: unclose, 
throw open, -clos, part. : unclosed, open. 

décloue»' ^^ [de-, clouer], tr.: unnail. 

déco-ehemeiit ^^, m.: discharge (of ar- 
rows), shooting. ll-^-eher-^"-^ [dé-, coche, 
notch], tr.: discharge (an arrow), let fly; 
bring out. 

décoc'«'té^^ [L. -tus (coquere, cook)], m.: 
decoction (extract), -tiqn [L. -tio], /.; 
decoction (act or product). 

dé^cor/çoir ^^, to. ; (print.) shooting- 

décoiffer^^ [dé-, coiffe], tr.: take off the 
head-dress of; disorder the hair of; un- 
cap (a bottle ; a fuse) : se — , undo one's 
head-dress, take off one's cap ; rid one's 
self (of). 

décolère?' ^^ [dé-, colère], intr.: (fam.) 
get over one's anger. 

décollation^^ [L. -tio (collum, neck)], 
/..• decollation, beheading. 

décol-lem.en<:^°, m.: ungluing; (surg.) 
separation of two tissues. i-H-i^ler^ [dé-, 
coller], tr.: unglue, unpaste, remove the 
gum from ; (hill.) get (a ball) from the 
cushion ; disengage. 

t2. décoller^ [L. -Hare (collum, neck)], 
tr.: decollate, sever from the neck, be- 

décolleter ^"^ [c?é-, collet], tr.: bare the 
neck and shoulders of ; cutlow: se — , wear 


low-cut dress ; -tê, in a low dress ; low- 
necked (of dresses). 

decolo-ranf ^^, adj.: discolouring; m.: 
discolouring substance. -ratioti^^ [L. 
-ratio],/.: discolouration. H-^rer^^ [L. 
-rare (color, colour)], tr. : despoil of 
its colour, tint, or hue ; discolour, -ri- 
mètre ^^ [-rer, Gr. wé^roTi, measure], m.; 
instrument for measuring discolouration. 

decoDibant ^^ [L. de-cumbens, lying down], 
adj.: decumbent. 

de-cowibre-^^, m.: fclearing away of rub- 
bish ; pi. : rubbish (of a demolished build- 
ing), débris. H-^cowibrer'^^ [dé-, 1. L. 
combrus (? L. cumulus, heap ; cf. Engl. 
cumber), barrier], tr.: clear of rubbish. 

décommander'^^ [dé-, commander], tr.: 

décotnpléter ^^ [dê-y compléter], tr. : 
render incomplete. 

décorn.po-sable ^'^, adj. : decomposable. 
Il-^ser*^ [dé-, composer], tr.: decompose; 
discompose ; dissolve ; distort (of features). 
-sition ^^, f. : decomposition ; discompo- 

fdecompot^^ [dé-, compôt], m.: (dial.) 
change of the order of cultivation. 

dé-cotîijjte ^■^, m. : discount, deduction ; 
deficiency; disappointment. W'^comp- 
ter*^^ [dé-, compter], tr.: discount, de- 
duct; reckon off; intr.: lose one's illu- 
sions, be disappointed ; count wrongly : 
une pendule qui décompte, a timepiece 
which passes one or more hours without 

décon-eer-temi ent-^^, m. ; disconcertion ; 
discomposure, lifter ^^ [dé-, concerter], 
tr.: disconcert, make dissonant, disarrange, 
confuse, baffle. 

tdécon--fire° [p. L. *disconfecere (cf. con- 
fire)], tr. : discomfit, baffle ; nonplus. 
-fiture^^, /.; discomfiture, defeat, over- 
throw ; (leg.) insolvency. 

déconfor-t ^^, m. ; discomfort, f-ter^*^ 
[dé-, conforter], tr.: discomfort, grieve. 

déconseille?^ ^^ [dé, conseiller], dissuade. 

déconsi-dération^'^, /. ; loss of co'nsid- 
eration, disesteem, discredit, -dérer*^'^ 
[dé-, considérer], tr.: bring (refl. fall) 
into disrepute, discredit ; -deré, fallen into 
disrepute, discredited. 

déconstiper ^^ [dé-, constiper], tr.: re- 
lieve (from constipation). 

déconstruire ^^ [dé-, construire], tr.: 
unbuild, demolish. 

fdecontenan-eement •^®, to.; discompo- 
sure. Il-i^-ee?^^^ [dé-, contenance], tr.: 
discountenance, put out of countenance, 
discompose, disconcert, abash. 

déconvenue -^^ [old des-convenir], f. : dis- 
comfiture, disappointment, mishap. 

dé-cor ^'^ [-corer], m.: decoration (esp. by 



painting, gilding, etc.), ornament ; (theat.) 
scenery : — en bois, graining in imitation 
of wood ; peintre en — , grainer ; une 
pièce à — s, a decoration piece (one de- 
pendent on the richness of its scenery). 
-corateur^^ [-corer], m.: decorator, or- 
namental or scene-painter, grainer. -co- 
ratif^^, =ive [-corer], adj.: decorative, 
ornamental. -coration^^ [L. -coratio 
(cf. -corer)], f.: decoration, ornamenta- 
tion ; (theat.) scenery ; decoration (mark 
of honour, as a cross, medal, or ribbon of 
an order of knighthood ; esp. star of the 
Legion of Honour). 

décor-'^der ^^ [dé-, corde], tr.: untwist (a 
cord or rope). -donnage^^, to.; un- 

décorer ^^ [L. -rare (decus, ornament)], 
tr.: decorate (ornament, adorn, embel- 
lish); honour with the insignia of an order 
of knighthood (esp. with the star of the 
Legion of Honour) : décoré, decorated ; 
knighted ; to. ; knight ; knight of the 
Legion of Honour : — d'un titre, dignify 
with a title. 

décorner^^ [dé-, corne], tr.: deprive of 
horns, dehorn ; turn back the dog's-ears 
of (a book, etc.). 

décorti-cation ^'^ [L. -catio],f.: decorti- 
cation. Il^qiter^^ [L. de-corticare (cor- 
tex, bark)], tr.: decorticate, strip of its 
bark or envelope, bark, peel ; pulp : 
légumes -quées, preserved vegetables. 

décorum ^^ [L. (decor, comeliness)], to.; 
decorum, dignity. 

décou-ehe»'^^ [dé-, coucher], ftr.: turn 
out of bed ; intr. : sleep out (of one's bed 
or home). 

découdre ^^ [dé-, coudre], irr.; tr.: un- 
sew, rip up ; tear open, gore ; (nav.) un- 
nail ; '\intr.: (fam.) — or en — , have a 
fight (a "ripping up" with the sword), 
fight, contend ; se — , come unsewed or 
unhitched ; décousu, unsewed, etc. (see the 

découenne»* ^^ [dé-, couenne], tr.: skin, 
strip off the skin. 

dé-coulement^^, to.; flowing off, dis- 
charge. Il-i'couler^^ [couler], intr.: 
flow (off or out), trickle ; proceed, spring ; 

décou-page^^, to.; cutting or carving 
out : — 'à V emporte-pièce, punching. 
||^pç^,ii yi^_^ couper], tr.: cut up (into 
pieces), carve ; cut off ; cut out ; pink 
(cut in small angles) : se — , be sharply 
outlined ; découpé, cut up, carved, etc. ; 
(paint.) too sharply outlined ; (her.) ser- 
rate ; (hort.) well designed ; to. ; nicely 
designed parterre. -peur^^. =^se, 
m.,f.: cutter out, carver. 

dé-couple ^^, TO.; (hunt.) uncoupling, un- 



leashing. |i-^coupîe/'^^ [dé-, coupler], 
tr. : uncouple ; unleash ; fseparate (a 
couple) ; disengage ; free ; — , m. : un- 
coupling, unleashing : -couplé, uncoupled, 
etc.; strong and agile, strapping; gaillard 
bien -couplé, big strapping fellow. 

décoxi-poir ^' [-per], m.: cutting press; 
punch, stamping press, -piire^'-^ [-per], 

/. ; cutting out ; pinking ; thing cut out, 
cut paper-work. 

décour a-gf?a «it '^'^, adj. : discouraging, 



m. ; discouragement ; de- 

spondency. IKger^^ [dé-, courage], tr. 
discourage, dishearten : se — , be dis- 

décourber [dé-, courber], tr.: straighten, 

découronner ^^ [dé-, couronne], tr.: dis- 
crown ; cut the top off ; (mil.) drive the 
enemy from the crest of (a hill). 

décours ^^ [L. de-cursus (currere, run)], 
m. ; decrease, wane (of the moon) ; pass- 
ing away. 

dé-cousu, part, of -coudre: unsewed, 
ripped up ; torn, gored ; unconnected, dis- 
cursive, desultory, -cousure ^^ [-coudre], 

f. : part unsev/n or ripped, rip ; goring, 
gash, as from tusks, 

décou-ve::*"^'^, part., cf. -vrir; m. : un- 
covered state or condition ; (com.) un- 
covered balance ; deficit : à — , uncovered, 
exposed, unsheltered, without protection ; 
openly ; in the open air ; (com.) unguar- 
anteed ; overdrawn (of accounts) ; on 
credit, -verte ^^, /. ; discovery; if am.) 
detection ; uncovering, exposure (in fenc- 
ing) ; {mil.) reconnoitering ; {nav.) look- 
out : faire un échec à la — , check (at 
chess) by discovering ; '\agir à la — , act 
openly. -vreur^-^, m.: discoverer. 
Il-^vrir^^ [dé-, couvrir], irr.; tr.: un- 
cover ; bare, expose, unwrap ; unroof ; 
unveil, disclose ; discover, find out, espy : 
se — , uncover one's self; expose one's 
self ; unbosom one's self ; be detected ; 
make one's self known ; clear up (of the 
sky) ; — son jeu, show one's game or 
hand ; — la Méditerranée, find a mare's 
nest ; — le pot aux roses, unravel the 
mystery ; venir à bout de — , sift out. 

décrasser ^^ [dé-, crasse], tr.: rid of 
dirt, clean, scour ; polish, free from 
coarseness or vulgarity. 

tdécrédi-teinent^^, m.: discrediting, 
lifter ^^, tr.: discredit; deprive of credit: 
se — , bring discredit upon one's self, 
disgrace one's self. 

décré-^pir^^ [dé-, crépir], tr.: deprive 
(walls, etc.) of rough-casting or plastering, 
-pissage^^, m.: unplastering. 

décrépi -i't^^ [L. de-crepitus (crepare, 
burst)], adj. : decrepit, broken down with 


age. I .-tatimi ^" [-ter], f. : decrepita- 
tion, crackling noise, -ter^'' [dé-, cré- 
piter], intr.: decrepitate, crackle, -pi- 
tude ^^, /. ; decrepitude. 

decrescendo ^' [It. (L. -scere, DECREASE)], 
adv.: =. 

dé-'cret^^ [L. de-cretum (cernere, de- 
cide)], m. ; decree (authoritative order ; 
edict of a council; writ), -crétale^'"^ 
[-cretalis], /.; decretal (authoritative 
letter of the pope). -crétaliste^^ 
[-crétale], m. : decretist (expert in the 
decretals). -créter ^^, tr. : decree ; 
enact ; (leg.) issue a writ against. 

décreus . . . = décrus . . . 

dé-cri ^*, m. ; fprohibition ; fcrying down 
(denunciation) ; disrepute, discredit. 
IKcrier^^ [crier], tr.: prohibit (by the 
public crier) ; decry, cry down, clamour 
against, disparage, discredit : se — , bring 
one's self into disrepute ; cry one another 

dé-'crire^^ [L. de-scribere], irr. (cf. 
écrire) ; tr. : describe, -crit, part. : 
described, -crivant, pr. part., describ- 



m. : unhooking ; 

(arch.) uneven moulding. ||~-clier^'^ [dé-, 
croc], tr.: unhook, unfasten; form (a 
curve) with several axes : ligne -chée, 
uneven line ; — la timbale, (pop.) fetch 
down the prize from a greased pole; over- 
come a diflSculty. -choir ^®, m.: un- 
hooking instrument. 

fdécroire -^'^ [dé-, croire], irr.; tr.: dis- 

décroi-sement ^^, m.: uncrossing, un- 
folding. Il-^ser^^ [croiser], tr.: change 
so as not be crossed, uncross, unfold 

dé-crqissan-ee ^^, /. .* decrease, -crois- 
sant^'^, adj.: decreasing; (math.) de- 
scending (progression), -crqissement ^\ 
m.: decrease, -erqit^^, m.: decrease; 
wane ; decrease of leased cattle. 
Il^'croître^^ [dé-, croître], irr.; tr.: de- 
crease, grow less, diminish ; wane. 

décrot-taçe ^^, m.: cleaning of mud. 
Il-^ter ^^ [dé-, crotte], tr.: clean from mud or 
dirt; clear, brush; polish, -teur-^^, =euse, 
m.,f.: shoe-cleaner, bootblack, -toir^*, 
m.: scraper (for shoes), door-scraper, 
-tqire^*,/. ; brush-scraper (for shoes). 

décroû-tage^^, m.: freeing from the 
crust, cleaning. W^ter^^ [dé-, croûte], 
tr. : free from the crust ; rub (off) ; clean 
(esp. diamonds from the dirt). 

décruage^^ [-cruer], m.: lye-washing. 

Aé-crix.,' part, of -croître; -crue^^, /.; 
decrease, fall (of water). 

dé-cruer-^^ [dé-, cru], tr.: (dye.) lye- 
wash (thread), scour, -cruenr^^, m.; 


lye-washer, -crûment ^^, m. : lye-wash- 
ing, scouring. -crusage^'^, -cruse- 

ment^^ [-cruser], m.: lye-washing (of 
cocoons), -cruser^' [from Prov. = Fr. 
-cruer], tr.: lye-wash (cocoons) ; ungum. 

i.déçu, part, of décevoir: deceived, etc. 

2.fdéçu = dessu. 

decubitus^'' [L. {cubare, lie down)], m.; 
(med.) decubitus, lying attitude. 

décnire^^ [dé-, cuire], irr.; tr.: (change 
the cooking of, hence) thin (syrup, etc.) ; 

deciilasser^^ [dé-, culasse], tr.: un- 
breech (a gun). 

decu^ple^^ [L. -plus (decern, ten)], adj.: 
decuple, tenfold, --pier, tr.: make ten- 
fold, (fEng. decuple). 

decu-i^rie^^ [L.-ria (decern, TE}i)],f.: dec- 
ury (Rom. squad of ten men), -riori^^ [L. 
-rio], m.: decurion (chief over ten men). 

de-current ^~ [L. -currens (currere, run)], 
adj. : ( bot.) decurrent. -cursif , -ive 
[L. -cursus], adj.: (bot.) decursive. 

decurta-tion ^^ [L. -tio (curtus, short)], 

J". : cutting short (trees with withered top), 
(fEng. decurtation). 

decus-sation ^^ [L. -satio (decussis, form 
of X, ten)],/.; decussation (crossing at 
an acute angle), -sé^^ [L. -satus], adj.: 
decussate, crossed. 

décu-vage^^, m., -vaison-^^, /. ; pour- 
ing from the vat or cask, tapping. 
Il-^ver^^ [dé-, cuve], tr. : pour or tap (wine, 
etc.) out of the vat or cask. 

de-'daif/ner' ^^ [dé-, daigner], tr.: dis- 
dain, scorn. -daiÉfueusement-^^ [-dai- 
gneux], adv.: disdainfully, scornfully. 
-daignevLXj =euse^^ [-dain], adj.: dis- 
dainful, scornful; haughty. -dain^^, 
m.: disdain, scorn; token (expression) of 
disdain or disregard. 

dédale ^^ [Dédale, Daedalus (builder of 
the labyrinth of Crete)], m.: labyrinth, 

iedaller^^ [dé-, dalle], tr.: unpave. 

lédame?^^^ [dé-, damer], tr.: discrown 
(a wrongly crowned piece at checkers) ; 
intr. : open one's kingrow at checkers. 
ïjià&ns^^, adv.: within, inside, in ; fprep. 
inside, into ; m. : inside, interior : de — , 
from within ; en (par, au) — , inside, 
within, on (at) the inside ; mettre — , put 
in prison, imprison ; put into hole ; (of a 
target) hit the mark ; take in, trick ; get 
into a scrape ; se mettre — , be taken in, 
be tricked, get into a scrape ; donner — , 
get into a snare, be taken in or deceived ; 
être — , be imprisoned ; be in for it ; aw — 
et au dehors, within and without ; at home 
and abroad. 

Le-dica-ee^^ [L. -dicatio], f. : dedication; 
inscription, -dioatoire^^ [L. -dicare], 



adj.: dedicatory, -dier^^ [1. L. de- 
cîicare, declare], ^r.; dedicate; inscribe. 

dé-dire ^-^ [dé-, dire], irr.; tr.: gainsay, 
contraDlCT ; unsay : se — , unsay, revoke 
(go back on) one's word, retract, recant, 
take back, -dit, part. : gainsaid, etc. ; 
m. : unsaying, retraction ; f orf eit(ure) : 
au — de, on the forfeiture of ; avoir son 
dit et son — , retract what one says. 

dédoler'^'^ [L. -lare, hew smooth (cf. 
doler)], tr.: (surg.) remove the surface of 

dédomma-gement '^^, m.: reparation of 
damage, indemnification, compensation, 
amends. H'^ger^^ [dé-, dommage], tr.: 
compensate *(for damage), inDEMNify, 
make amends to, make up. 

de-dor er^^ [dé-,doTer],tr.: ungild : -dorê^ 
ungilded ; lacking money. 

dédou-blage ^^, m.: undoubling; re- 
moval of a covering, unsheathing (a 
vessel); diluting (alcohol). -"blEment^®, 
m. : undoubling ; dividing into two ; 
analysis. ||--bler-^* [dé-, doubler], tr.: 
undouble ; take out the lining of, unline ; 
unsheath (a vessel) ; reduce to one half ; 
divide into two ; cut (stones) lengthwise ; 
(chem.) decompose ; dilute (alcohol) : -hie, 
undoubled, etc. ; m. ; diluted brandy. 

dé-ductif^^, -i-ve [L. -ducere], adj.: 
deductive, -duction^^ [L. -ductio],/.: 
deduction (inference ; taking off part of a 
sum due) ; defalcation ; enumeration, re- 
cital. Il-'duire^'^ [, draw off], 
irr. (cf. conduire) ; tr. : take off, deduct, 
subtract ; deduce, infer ; enumerate, nar- 
rate, -duit, part. : deducted, etc. ; "fm. : 
diversion, sport. 

déduper*^^ [dé-, duper], tr.: undeceive. 

déesse ^^ [L. dea],f.: goddess. 

détà^^ [dé-, fâcher], tr.: pacify: se 
— , be pacified, be pleased again. 

défaii-lan-ee^^, /.; trailing (absence, 
lack) ; exhaustion ; sudden weakness, 
fainting fit, swoon ; decay ; (leg.) non-ac- 
complishment, -lant^^, adj.: failing, 
coming to an end ; of declining strength, 
enfeebled, faltering, drooping, powerless, 
unnerved ; decaying ; defaulting (failing 
to appear in court); m.: defaulter (who 
fails to appear in court). H-^lir^*^ [dé-, 
faillir], irr.; tr.: ffail (come to an end) ; 
(of physical or mental powers), fail, be- 
come enfeebled, decline, grow weak or 
faint, faint away, swoon ; decay. 

dé'-'faire^^ [dé-, faire], irr.; tr.: undo, 
unmake, take asunder ; unpack ; decom- 
pose ; annul ; unfasten (untie, unpin, 
etc.) ; put in disorder ; deliver, rid ; do 
away with, destroy ; defeat, overthrow ; 
waste, emaciate : se — , rid one's self, get 
rid of; kill; ease one's self; leave oiï, 



forsake ; come undone, become loose ; 
weaken, lose its flavour (of wines, etc.) ; 
— un mariage (un marché), annul or 
break off a marriage (a bargain) ; se — 
d'un charge, get rid of an oflSce or com- 
mission ; se — d'un domestique, discharge 
a servant, -fait, part. : undone ; de- 
feated, etc. ; wasted, emaciated ; dejected, 
-faite ^*,/.; defeat, overthrow; getting 
rid of, sale ; fnieans of escape (evasion ; 
shift, sham) : (com.) être de — , sell well ; 
une fille de — , a marriageable girl ; 
c'est une — , that is a mere excuse. 

â.éfal-ca.tiqn^^,f. : defalcation, deduction. 
Il-^quer ^^ [1. L. de-falcare (L.falx, sickle)], 
tr. : defalcate, cut off, deduct. 

défaxisser^^ [de-, fausser], tr.: unbend, 
strengthen; refl.^"^ [dé-, fausse], throw 
away, discard (throw out poorest card). 




FAiLing, absence, lack. 

want, deficiency ; defect, flaw, fault, im^ 
perfection, break (of armour, etc.) ; 
default : faire — , be lacking, fail ; à (or 
au) — de, for lack of ; il sait votre — , 
he knows your vulnerable spot ; c'est là 
le — de la cuirasse, that's his blind side ; 
jugement par — , judgment by default, 
tll-^faute^^ [-faillir], f. : (old) lack, de- 

defa-venr^* [dé- , faveur], f : disfavour, 
disgrace, -vorable^* [dé-, favorable], 
adj.: unfavourable. -vorablEment^'^, 
adj.: unfavourably, t- voriser* -^^ [dé-, 
favoriser], tr.: disfavour, injure. 

defecation ^'^ \L. -tio (fœx, dregs)],/.; 
defecation, clarifying (by racking off). 

défec-^tif -^^j =ive [L. -tivus, de-ficere 
(facere, do), be wanting], adj.: defective. 
-tion^^ [L.-tio],f.: defection, desertion ; 
disloyalty. -tueusement -^^ [-tueux], 
adv.: defectively. -tueuac^^, =euse 
[1. L. -tuosus], adj.: defective, deficient, 
imperfect, -tuosité^* [1. L. -tuositas], 

f. : defectiveness, imperfection. 

de-fendable^^, adj.: capable of defence, 
defensible, (fEng. défendable), -fendour, 
-fender esse, m., f: (leg.) defendant. 
Il-i-fendre* [L. de-fendere (-fendere, 
strike)], tr.: defend (protect, shelter; 
fend off) ; (fEng. defend), forbid, pro- 
hibit : se — , defend, etc., one's self; 
excuse one's self, decline ; deny ; forbid 
one's self ; faire — sa porte, refuse to 
accept visitors, deny one's self; be denied; 

faute de — , (leg.) for want of being de- 
fended, -fendu, part.: defended; for- 
bidden, etc. t-f§**dude [Prow -do], f: 
(dial.) sign défense d'afficher, 'post no bills', 
-fens^^ [L. -fensum], m.: (old) defence: 
bois en — , young wood where cattle may 
not be let in. -fensable^^ [-fens], adj.: 
(old) defensible : bois — , young wood where 


cattle may be let in without danger to the 
trees, -fense^'' [l.h.-fensa (L. -fensio)], 
f: defence; protection; plea, vindication; 
(fort.) outwork; tusk; fang; (nav.) fender; 
prohibition, interdiction, disallowance i 
hors de — , incapable of defence (of being 
defended) ; donner ses — s, give one's plea, 
answer ; arrêt de — , decree to suspend 
the execution of another decree ; bois en 
— , cf. déf ensable; armé (muni) de — s, 
tusked or fanged. -fenseur ^^ [L. -fensor], 
m.: defender; advocate. 1f-fensihle^^ 
[L. -fensibilis], adj.: defensible, -fen- 
sif^^, i.^i've[\.L.-fensivus],adj.: defen- 
sive. 2.-fensive^^, /. ; defensive, -fen- 
sivement [-fensif], adv.: in defense. 

déféqner^^ [L. de-fœcare (fœx, dregs)], 
tr.: defecate, clarify. 

tdéfé-rant ^^, adj. : deferential, -ren-ce-^®, 
/.; deference, -rent^^ [L. -rens], adj.: 
deferent, carrying off ; deferential ; m. : 
deferent (circle in which heavenly bodies 
were supposed to be carried around : Ptol. 
astr. ; also cercle — e) ; name of place en- 
graved on a coin, etc.: canal — , excretive 
duct of the testicles, livrer ^^ [de-ferre, 
bear off], tr.: defer, submit, refer; ad- 
minister (an oath); confer, bestow, tender; 
intr.: yield or pay deference (to), defer, 
submit, comply : — un serment à, tender 
(administer) an oath to, put on oath. 

déferler* ^^ [dé-, ferler], tr.: unfurl 
(sails); intr. or refl.: break into foam 
(of waves). 

défermer-^^ [dé-, fermer], tr.: funclose 
(open, let loose) ; detach (a block in a 

fdé-ferre ^^, /. ; old horseshoes (coll.) ; 
old clothes, -ferrement ^^, m. : stripping 
of irons; unshoeing (horses). || -«'ferrer ^^ 
[dé-, fer], tr.: strip off (irons or tags, etc.); 
strip off (shoes), unshoe (horses) ; remove 
the fetters from, unfetter; (fam.) deprive; 
disconcert, confuse, unhinge ; fdraw the 
sword, fscorn : se — , come untagged ; 
lose its shoes ; be confused or nonplussed ; 
ce cheval est -ferré, this horse has lost a shoe 
(or several) ; être -ferré d'un œil, have 
lost an eye ; il se -ferre aisément, he is 
easily confused. 

défet^^ [L. de-fectus (facere, make)], m.: 
(old) defect; (print.) supplementary sheets. 

défeuiiler^^ [dé-, feuille], tr.: strip of 
leaves : se — , be stripped of or lose its 

dé-fi^^ [-fier], m.: defiance; challenge: 
porter (faire) un — , challenge, summon 
to fight a duel ; auteur d'un — , challenger; 
mettre au — , set at defiance, -fiance 
[-fier], f: (old) defiance; (now) distrust, 
mistrust, misgiving ; DIFFIDENCE ; fsus- 
picion : être dans la — , have one's miS" 


givings. -fiant ^^ [-fier], adj.: distrust- 
ful, suspicious. 

déficeler ^^ [dé-, ficelle], tr.: untie. 
défi-^cienf: ^^ [-ciens (deficere, lack)], adj. : 
deficient, -eit^** [L. de-ficit, it lacks], m.: 
deficit (lacking part ; deficiency). 
défier 1*^ [dé-, fier], defy, set at 
defiance, brave ; challenge, provoke ; refl. : 
defy and challenge each other; 2. (perhaps 
direct f r. L. dif-fidere) refl. (with de) : dis- 
trust, mistrust ; suspect ; be diffident ; 
tr. : (nav.) look out for (a wave, a sudden 
wind, etc.), bear off from : se — de soi- 
même, distrust one's self; qui se défit, 
distrustful, diflfident. 
défiger 1^ [dé-, figer], tr.: render liquid, 

défigurer -^^ [dé-, figure], tr.: disfigure, 
deface, mar ; disguise. 
défi-lade-^^ [^--ler],/.: defiling (marching 
off in a line), filing off. -lage^'^ [2.-ler], 
m.: picking out the threads (6f a texture), 
unthreading ; tearing up of rags (in paper- 
making), -lateur^^ [2.-ler], m.: defi- 
lading instrument, i.-lé^^ [i.-ler], m.: 
defile (narrow pass where troops can 
march only in a file, gorge, strait) ; filing 
past, military review. 2.-lé^^ [2.-ler], 
m. : torn up mass of rags, i .-lenient ^^ 
[i .-1er], m. : filing off or past. 2.-leiiient ^" 
[2.-ler], m. : defilement (protection, protect- 
ing from an enfilading fire): plan de — , de- 
filading plan; ligne de — , limit of a de- 
filement, i-ll^ler^^ [dé-, root of enfiler], 
intr.: defile (march file by file), file off or 
past, pass in review; "ftr.: pass in review; 
\m.: review. 2.||^ler^^ [dé-, fil ( in 
enfiler)], tr.: i.take from a thread or 
string, unstring ; defilade (construct so as 
to shelter from enfilading fire) ; t^-pick 
apart thread by thread, ravel ; unthread 
(a needle) ; tear up (rags in paper-making) : 
— son chapelet, say all one has to say ; 
give up devotions ; la chapelle se défile, 
the links (of the family, association, 
etc.) are falling away, the ranks are 
thinned, -leur^^. =euse [2.-ler], m.,f.: 
raveler; lint- maker: pile — , shredding 
défi-ni ^*, adj. : definite, determinate ; m. : 
(philos.) definiteness. H^-nir^^ [L. de-finire 
(finis, end), limit, define], tr.: define 
(determine ; explain ; describe), -nis- 
sable^^, adj.: definable. -niteur^^ 
[-niter], m.: ecclesiastic deputy (to a 
religious chapter), -nitif^^ =ive [L. 
-nitivus], adj.: definitive, positive: en 
-nitive, definitively; in short, -nition^^ 
[L. -Tiiïio], /.; definition ; decision, -ni- 
tivement^^ [-nitif], adv.: definitively, 

[positively, -nitoire^^ [L. -nitorium], 
m.: chapter-house, 



déflagration^' * [L. -gratio (fiagrare, 

flame)],/.; deflagration. 
déflé-ehir^^ [L. de-flectere, bend aside], 

tr. : turn aside, deflect. 
défleg-xnation^'', /.; dephlegmation. 
[dé-, fiegme], tr.: dephlegmate 



(clear of aqueous matter). 
défleu-raisoii, /. ; fall of the blossom. 

[dé-, fieurir], intr.: shed the 



blossoms ; tr. : strip of blossoms ; deflower 
pêche -rie, peach stripped of its down. 

déflexion ^^ [L. -xio (flectere, bend)], /. : 

déflo-raison ^^ [fioraison], f. : fall of the 
blossom ; season when blossoms fall. 
-ratioti ^^, /. .• defloration (of a virgin), 
livrer ^2 [L. -rare (fios, FLOWER)], tr.: 
DEFLOWER (strip of flowers ; deprive of 

défoliation ^^ [L. -Hare (folium, leaf)], 
/. ; defoliation. 

défon-çage-'^, /.; digging up; deep 
ploughing.* -cement ^^, m. : digging (up) ; 
trenching; staving in. IKcer^^ [dé-, old 
fons =zfond], tr.: knock out the bottom 
(fond) of, stave in, knock in ; tear 
asunder ; dig or plough deep, trench ; cut 
up (a road), cut deep cuts in. ^^, 
/. ; plough without mould- board. 

défor-mation^^ [h. -matio], f. : deforma- 
tion. Il-^mer^"^ \L.-mare (/orma, form)], 
tr.: deform, disfigure, put out of shape: 
se — , become deformed. 

défouetter ^'^ [dé-, fouet], tr. : unwhip ; 
(hook-hind.) untie. 

défourner^^ [dé-, oXàfourn ^four], tr.: 
take out of the oven. 

défour-rer^^ [dé-, fourrer], tr.: draw, 
take out of its sheath or cover ; unwrap ; 
thresh out. -rure^*^, /.; unsheathing; 
threshing: — des moutons, threshed sheaf 
given to the sheep. 

défrai ^^ [-frayer]"m. : defrayal, expendi- 
ture ; equipment. 

défraîchir ^^ [dé-, frais, fresh], tr.: de- 
prive of freshness or lustre, tarnish : se 
— , lose its freshness, fade. 

défrayer ^^ [dé-, frai(s), expense], tr.: 
provide for (at one's expense), defray (the 
expenses of) ; furnish a repast ; entertain, 
amuse ; amuse at one's expense (be the 
laughing stock of) : se — , pay one's ex- 
penses ; être -yé de tout, be provided with 

tdefri-chage or -chezne^it ^^, m. : clear- 
ing of lands, or land cleared ; grubbing 
up. -cher^^ [L. dé-, friche], tr.: clear 
(waste or fallow lands), cultivate ; grub 
up; unravel; polish. -cheur^^, m.: 
clearer (of lands), cultivator. 

défriper ^^ [dé-, friper], tr.: smoothe, 



défriser 1^ [dé-, friser], tr.: uncurl (hair); 

défrmt-cer ^'^ [dé-, froncer], tr.: unplait ; 
unknit (the blows). 

défro-qite ^^, /. ; clothes left by a monk 
(at his decease ) ; cast-ofF clothes ; old 
furniture, etc. Il^qifer [(/é-, /roc], ir.; 
unfrock, deprive of priestly character. 

tdéfu(b)lerii [cj^.^ root of affubler], 
tr.: take off clothing or hat, uncover. 

défuner [dé-, L. funis, cord], tr.: unrig. 

défunt ^^ [L. de-fundus (fungi, perform)], 
adj. : defunct, deceased. 

déga-gé^^, adj.: free(d), etc.; disen- 
gaged,* disembarrassed ; loose, easy, flip- 
pant ; apart, leading to a private en- 
trance (of rooms) : chambre -gée, room 
with a back-door ; escalier — , back 
stairs, -gement^^, m.: freeing, dis- 
engaging ; ' clearing, clearance ; release, 
discharge ; redeeming, redemption ; easy 
or flippant tone or bearing : (arch.) de — , 
private. Il-^ger-'^ [dé-, gage], tr.: redeem 
(a pledge), free, disengage ; clear ; with- 
draw (one's word) ; extricate, disentangle, 
loosen ; rake (fire) ; make a private en- 
trance to (rooms) : se — , be freed, dis- 
engaged, cleared, etc. ; (chem.) be evolved ; 
— la tête (poitrine), ease or relieve one's 
head (chest) ; (fenc.) — le fer, disengage, 

dé-gaine ^^,/.; faction or manner of un- 
sheathing a sword ; clumsy manner, awk- 
wardness : d'une belle — , in a pretty 
awkward manner, -gainement^*', m.: 
unsheathing. H^-'gainer [dé-, gaîne], tr.: 
unsheath, draw (the sword), open (the 
purse) : brave jusqu'au — , brave till it 
comes to drawing the sword, till it comes 
to the scratch. 

dégaler^^ [dé-, gale], tr.: clean (abide, 

déganter ^^ [dé-, gant], tr.: strip off 
glove, unglove. 

dégarnir ^'^ [dé-, garnir], tr.: disgarnish 
(strip of ornaments or furniture, etc., un- 
furnish ; dismantle) ; deprive of troops, 
(fEng. degarnish); thin ; unhang ; unrig (a 
vessel) : se — , strip one's self or be stripped, 
etc. ; grow thin ; put on lighter clothes. 

dégasconner^^ [dé-, gascon], tr.: free 
from Gascon speech or manners. 

dégât ^^ [old -gaster (cf. gâter), devas- 
tate], m.: devastation, ravage; damage, 

dégan^-cliir ^^ [dé-, gauche], tr.: smooth, 
straighten ; polish, -eliissement ^^, m. : 
smoothing, straightening. 

dé-gel ^^, m. .• thaw : être au — , be 
thawing, -gelée ^^,/.; (/aw.) shower of 
blows, thrashing. Ikgeler^-^ [dé-, 
geler], tr., intr.: thaw, 


dégéné-ration^^ [L. -ratio], f: de- 
generation, degeneracy. IKrer^^ [L. 
de-generare (genus, race, kind)], tr.: 
degenerate. -res-ee»i-ee ^^ [■rescent],f.: 
degeneracy, -rescent^^ [L.-rare], adj.: 

dégingandé ^^ [old -der (?)], adj.: dis- 
proportioned, ill-formed ; of a swinging 

dégluer^^ [dé-, glu], tr.: unglue, take off 
the bird-lime from, remove the gum from 
(the eyes). 

déglutition^^ [L. -tio],f.: deglutition. 




vomiting. ||-^ler 


[dé-, gober]', tr.: disgorge, vomit, spew. 
-lis ^*', m.: spewings, vomit. 
dégoiser^"-^ [dé-, root of gosier], tr.: 
(fam.j rattle of (words), blab; chirp, 





Il^mer^^ [dé-, gomme], tr.: free from 
gum, ungum ; (pop.) turn out of office, 
dé-gonflEment^^, m.: reduction (of 
swellings or volume), subsiding. H-^gon-^^ [dé-, gonfler], tr.: disinflate, re- 
duce (a swelling, etc.), come to subside or 
collapse, empty (a balloon of gas) : — son 
cœur, ease one's heart ; unbosom one's 




discharging tube, -gor- 
; disgorgement, discharge ; 



clearing, cleansing, -gorgeqir ^"^, m. 

place where waters are discharged, chan- 
nel of discharge ; discharging tube, spout ; 
discharging or clearing instrument (prim- 
ing wire, vent pricker ; scraper ; instru- 
ment for removing the fish-hook from the 
mouth of the fish). Il^gorger^"^ [dé-, 
gorge], tr.: disgorge, discharge; clear, 
cleanse; purge: se — , discharge, empty 
itself ; be cleansed ; faire — , cleanse ; 
purge (fish) ; — un canon, open its touch- 
hole with a priming wire. 

dégoter^^ [?], tr.: knock (a ball, etc.) 
out of its place ; fdisplace ; (pop.) oust ; 
get the better of. 

dégour-di^^, part.: quickened, etc., as 
adj. : quick, shrewd, sharp ; forward (of 
women), pert. H-dir^^ [dé-, gourd], tr.: 
free from numbness or dullness, quicken, 
revive ; sharpen, render shrewd ; polish ; 
restore the circulation to ; half-bake : se 
— , lose its numbness ; become sharp or 
shrewd, brighten up. -disseme nt-^^, 
m. : removal of numbness ; quickening, 

fdégout^^ [-Iter], m.: dripping, dribble. 

dégoû-t^^, m.: disgust, repugnance, dis- 
taste, dislike ; vexation, mortification : 
prendre en — , take a dislike to, loathe. 
-tammeitt^^ adv.: [-tant], disgustingly. 


-ta/tf^*^, adj.: disgusting, distasteful, 
loathsome, revolting. lifter ^^ [dé-, 
goût], tr.: disgust, make disgusted (with), 
give a distaste or dislike (for) ; put out of 
conceit : se — , take a disgust, distaste, 
or dislike (de, for), be disgusted ; nau- 
seate, feel squeamish, -té, =ée, dis- 
gusted, etc.; m.,f.: fastidious person: 
faire le — , be fastidious or squeamish ; 
eest un bon — , he likes good things. 

dégoût- ta»il; ^^ adj. : dripping, -tement, 
m.: dripping, lifter [dé-, goutter], intr.: 
drop, drip, trickle. 

dégra-daitt^^, adj.: degrading. -da- 
teur ^^, m. : photographic instrument for 
toning down pictures. -datio»i^^ [i.L. 
-datio; 2.-der],f.: i .degradation, debase- 
ment ; damage, dilapidation ; 2. toning 
down (of light and shade in a picture). 
Il^^çyii [i,i_ L^ -dare (gradus, step, 
degree); 2.1t. di-gradare (h.)],tr.: i. de- 
grade (deprive of rank, debase, disgrace) ; 
deteriorate, damage, dilapidate ; waste ; 
2. tone down (light and shade in pic- 

dégrafe?' ^^ [dé-, OFr. grafe (cf. grappe), 
hook], tr.: unhook, unclasp: se — , be- 
come unhooked, unclasped, or unfastened ; 
unfasten, unbutton one's clothes. 

dégrais-sage^^, -sèment ^^ m.: clean- 
ing (of grease or dirt), scouring. H-'sef ^'^ 
[dé-, graisse], tr.: clean off grease or fat, 
clear, scour ; skim off the fat of ; extort 
money from, fleece ; impoverish (land) : 
terre à — , fuller's-earth. -seur^^, 
^ejsse, m.: cleaner, scourer, -sis, m.: 
scourings. -soir^', m.: cleaning instru- 
ment, scraper. 

dégras ^'^ [? -graisser], m.: refuse oil; 

dégraveller ^^ [dé-, gravelle], tr.: clean 
(a pipe, etc.) of gravel or sand. 

dégra-voiment ^^ or -voimenf, m.: 
laying bare (by water). H^voyei'^' [dé-, 
gravoiis)], tr.: bare (a wall, etc., in speak- 
ing of waters), wash bare ; free from 

dEgré° [p. L. *-gradus (L. gradus, step)], 
m. : step, round (of a ladder), stair ; degree, 
GRADE : par — s, by degrees, gradually ; 

dé-gréement ^^, m. : unrigging ; dis- 
mantling (by the storm). H^gréet^ [dé-, 
gréer], tr.: unrig; dismantle (a ship). 

dé-grèvemerit ^^, m.: freeing from en- 
cumbrance ; reduction (of taxes). ||--grE- 
v©r^^ [grever], tr.: free from encum- 
brance, release ; reduce (taxes). 

dégri»igo-lade^*^, /.: tumble, fall. 
||--l©r^^ [?], intr.: tumble down, roll 
down, fall. 

dégri-semerit^^, m.: getting sober. 



Il-'ser^" [dé-, griser], tr.: sober, cure of 
intoxication ; sober down. 

dégro**der^^ [dé-, gronder], intr.: cease 

dégros-sage ^"^ [-ser], m.; reducing; 
drawing fine (wire), -ser ^^ [dé-, gros], tr. : 
reduce, draw fine (as wire). IKsir^^ [dé-, 
gros], tr.: reduce in bulk, or roughness, 
rough-hew, chip, trim ; grind (glass) ; 
make a rough sketch of. -sissage^^, 
-sissemeiif 1^, m.: rough-hewing, trim- 
ming, -sisseur^^, m.: cylinder of a 
flatting machine, trimmer. 

dégiteniile»'^^ [dé-, guenille], tr.: make 
ragged ; -llé(e), ragged, tattered, in rags; 
m.,f.: ragged person, tatterdemalion. 

dégiter'»'pir ^^ [dé-, OFr. guerpir (ak. to 
Ger. weifen, throw), quit], tr., intr.: 
quit, give up ; pack off. -pissement^^ 
m.: (leg.) giving over, yielding, 

dégîfeu-^ler^'^ [dé-, gueule], intr.: (vulg.) 
spew, vomit, f-leur^', m.: spouting fig- 
ure (of a fountain). 

dégrtif/nonne?'^" [dé-, guignon], tr.: 
free from ill-luck, change the bad luck of. 

dégHi-sement^^, m.: disguise(ment). 
Il-'ser^^ [dé-, guise], tr.: disguise ; mask ; 

dégus-tateur ^^, m.: taster (of wines). 
-tation^^ [L. -tatio], /.; tasting (of 
wines). H^ter^^ [L. -tare (gustus, taste)], 
tr.: taste (wines), try by tasting, (tEng. 

dé/ialer^^ [dé-, haler], tr.: haul or tow 
back (a ship) ; disembarrass, extricate. 

déhàler^^ [dé-, hâler], tr.: clear of sun- 

dé/iari-elié^^ part.: hipshot ; distorted; 
waddling. -ehement^^, m,: hipshot 
condition ; affected gait. W^'^^ [dé-, 
hanche], tr.: dislocate the hips, make hip- 
shot : se — , walk as if hipshot, waddle. 

dé/tarder ^'^ [dé-, harde], tr.: unleash. 

dé/jarna-ehement^'', m.: unharnessing. 
Il^-eher-^^ [dé-, harnacher], tr.: unharness. 

dé/<is-€en-ee^'^ [L. -cens], /.; dehiscence. 
-ceut^" [L. -cens (hiscere, gape)], adj.: 
dehiscent, bursting open. 

fdé/ion-té^^ [dé-, honte], adj.: shame- 
less, unblushing. fll'^ter^^ [dé-, honte], 
tr.: cover with shame, dishonour. 

dE7tors° [p. L. *deforis (L. foris, out of 
doors)], adj.: outside, out of doors, 
out ; externally ; (nav.) at sea ; spread (of 
sails) ; '\prep. : outside ; m. ; outside, ex- 
terior, pi. (outside) appearance, air, man- 
ners ; (fort.) out-works ; dependencies (of 
a house) : en — , without, outside ; de — , 
from without ; au dedans el au — , within 
and without ; at home and abroad ; sauver 
les — , save appearances. 

déi-^ [L. deus, God] ; --eide ^^ [1. L. -cida, 



(L. caedere, kill)], adj.: God- (Christ-) kill- 
ing ; m. : déicide ; profaner of the host ; 
destroyer of the faith in Christ. -fica- 
tion^^ [L. -Jicatio {facere, make)], /.; 
deification. -fier^^ [L. ficare {facere, 
make)], tr.: deify. -fiqtte^^ [L. -ficus 

{facere, make)], adj.: deific. 




deus], m.: deism, -ste-^^ [L. deus\, m.: 
deist, -té^^ [h. -tas], f. : deity, divinity. 

dé^à^^ [dés, ja], adv.: already. 

dejavTef^^^ [dé-, jarre], tr.: strip (skins) 
of coarse hairs, dress. 

dejection ^^ [L. -tio {jacere, throw)], /.; 

déjeter'^^ [dé-, jeter], tr. or refl.: warp, 

â.éjevLner^^[dê-,jeun], intr.: breakfast; 
(or part. '\-ne), m. : breakfast ; breakfast- 

déjoindre ^^ [dé-, joindre], irr.; tr.: 


déjouer ^^ [jouer], intr.: play or wave in 
the wind, flap ; take back a piece played 
(at chess, etc.) ; play at random ; tr. : 
foil (some one at play), baffle. 

déjour ^^ [dé-, jour], m.: space between 
the spokes of a wheel. 

fdé-juc ^^, m. ; time of leaving the roost. 
Il-^ju-clier'^^ [dé-, jucher], intr.: leave 
the roost; tr.: bring from the roost or 
perch ; dislodge ; oust. 

déjuger ^^ [dé-, juger], refl.: change 

dElà^'^ [de, la], prep.: beyond; adv.: on 
yon side ; yet more : an — {de), beyond, 
further than, on the other side of ; deqa et 
— , hither and thither, this side and that 
side ; il a regagné et — , he has more than 
got his money back. 

déla-brEmeut^^, m.: dilapidation, ruin, 
raggedness. H^brer^^ [?], ir.; bring in- 
to a condition of ruin or decay, dilapi- 
date, shatter, tear to rags or tatters, 
ruin : se — , fall into ruin or tatters, go to 
wreck, decay ; -hré, dilapidated, shattered, 
tattered, in rags. 

déla-eer'^'^ [dé-, lacer], tr.: unlace. 

dé-lai *^^ [dilayer (old del-)], m.: delay. 

délaiemeiit ^^ [-layer], m.: dilution. 

dé-lais ^"^j m.: 

{leg.) relinquishment. 
-laisaemmit^^, m.: abandonment; for- 
lornness, destitution; {leg.) relinquish- 
ment, abandonment (to a mortgagee). 
W'^la.isser^^ [dé-, laisser], tr.: abandon, 
forsake, desert ; {leg.) relinquish, abandon 
(mortgaged property) ; discontinue (a suit). 

délai-tage^^, -tement^^, m.: freeing 
butter from whey, -ter^^ [dé-, lait], tr.: 
free (butter) from whey ; fwean. 

délar-dEment ^^, m. : unlarding ; {arch.) 
trimming (a stone, a piece of wood), cut- 
ting off the edge, chamfering, splaying. 


ll'-'der^^ [dé-, lard], tr.: free from lard, 
unlard ; {arch.) free from thickness, trim 
down ; trim off the edge, chamfer, splay. 

dé-lassemeiit ^*, m. : relaxation (remission 
of application or attention), repose, ease ; 
recreation, diversion, pastime. || -las- 
ser ^^ [dé-, lasser], tr.: reLAX (refresh, 
rest ; divert). 

déla'«'teur ^^, -tri-ee [L. -tor {ferre, 
bring)], m.,f.: delator (accuser, informer). 
-tiqn^^ [L. -tio], /.; delation (accusa- 
tion by an informer, information). 

délatter^* [dé-, latter], tr.: unlath: se 
— , become unlathed. 




diluting, -vé, part. : 

diluted, etc., washy; faint (in colour), 
pale, dim. W'^^yrer^^ [dé-, laver], tr.: 
DILUTE, soak: se — , be diluted, become 
faint or pale, lose colour. 

déla-yage^^, m.: diluting, dilution. 
-yant^',' part.: diluting; m.: {med.) 
diluent, -yement ^^, m. : diluting, dilu- 
tion. Il'^yer^'-^ [?], tr.: dilute; draw or 
spin out ; temper (lime). 

de-'leatur ^^ [L., ' let it be effaced' {-1ère)], 
m.: {print.) dele, dé-lébile-^^ [L. dele- 
hilis], adj.: deleble. 

délec-table ^^ [L. -tabilis], adj.: delecta- 
ble, delicious, -tatimt^^ [L. -tatio], f: 
delectation, delight. H-ter^^ [L. -tare 
{de-licere, allure)], tr.: (or refl.) delight. 

délé-ga»it ^^, -gante, m.,f.: delegator. 
-gataire^^, ra.,/. ; delegate, -gateur^'"^, 
-gatri-ee [L. -gator, -gatrix], m., /.: 
delegator. -gation^^ [L. -gatio], f: 
delegation ; proxy ; assignment (of debts). 
-gif-é ^■*, m. ; delegate, deputy ; proxy. 
Il-i^guer^* [L. -gare {legare, send with a 
commission, lex, LAW)], tr.: delegate; as- 

délen-ter^^ [dé-, lente], tr.: free from 
nits, -toir^^, m.: nit-comb. 

déles-tage^^, m.; unballasting. ||-^ter^^ 



[dé-, leste], tr.: unballast, -teur 

délétère ^'^ [Gr. deletérios{-leisthai, 'hurt' 
ak. to Lat. delere)], adj. : deleterious. 

déliaisoYi ^^ [dé-, liaison], f : disjointing. 

délibé-ratit^^, adj.: fdeliberating ; de- 
liberative, -ratif ^^, =ive [L. -rativus], 
adj.: deliberative, -ration ^^ [L. -ra- 
tio], f: deliberation; decision, -ré^*, 
adj. : deliberate, resolute ; easy, free ; 
m. : deliberation (of the judges) : de pro- 
pos — , deliberately, -rémeiit^^ [-fé], 
adv.: deliberately, boldly. H-^rer-^* [L. 
-rare{librare, weigh, libra, weight)], intr. 
{tr.) : deliberate, consider ; determine, re- 
solve ; train (a circus-horse) : il en sera 
-ré, it shall be taken into consideration. 

deli-cat^* [L. -catus], adj.: delicate, 
dainty ; nice ; fastidious, ticklish : faire le 



— , be fastidious ; homme — , man of 
delicate health ; il est — et blond, he is 
hard to please. -cat^'me^it ^'^ [-cai], 
adv.: delicately, daintily, -f-cater^^, 
tr.: fondle, pamper, -catesse^^ [-cat] 
/.; delicacy; daintiness; nicety. ||-^-ee 
[L. delicium, -cere, delight (^acere, allure)], 
m.: DELIGHT. --ees^^ [L. de-liciœ], f., 
pL: delights : faire ses — de, delight in ; 
faire les — de, be the delight (darling) of. 
-eiews^'ineîit^^ [-cient], adv. : deliciously, 
delightfully, -eieux-^^, =euse [L. -cio- 
sus], adj.: delicious, delightful. 

délicoter ^'^ [dé-, licot], tr.: (esp. refl.) : 
slip (off) the halter. 

délictiieuo? ^'^, =euse [L. -tum, fault], 
adj. : unlawful, felonious. 

I. délié ^^ [L. delicatus, delicate], adj.: 
slender, thin, slim, cunning; m.: thin 
stroke, upstroke. 

dé-lié^^, adj.: untied, loose. ||-^lier^^ 
[dé-, lier], tr. : untie, unbind ; release, free : 
se — , come untied, be released. 

déligatioii ^^ [L. -tie (de-ligare, bind 
up)],/.; deligation, bandaging. 

délisai-tatio/i^^,/.; delimitation, fixing 
of limit. Il'^'ter^'' [L. -tare],tr.: delimit, 
fix the limits of, bound. 

délinéatio»! ^° [L. -tio {linea, line)],/.; 

délm-qitant^*, -quante, m.,f.: delin- 
quent, offender. iKqwer^^ [L. -quere 
(linquere, leave), fail], intr.: (leg.) 
offeaé, trespass. 

déliques-een-ee ■^", /. ; (chem.) deliques- 
cence. Il'-eeiit^^ [L. -cens iliquere, 
flov/)], adj. : deliquescent. 

deliquium^^ [L. (liquere, flow)], m.: =. 

àé-lirant ^'^, adj. : delirious : c'est — , it 
is enough to make one mad. -lire^^ [L. 
-lirium], m. ; delirium, frenzy. H^lire»'^^ 
[L. de-lirare (lira, furrow), go out of the 
furrow, rave], intr.: rave, be delirious, 
(fEng. delirate). 

de-lirium tremens-^® [L.], m. ; =. 

delis-sage-^", 7n.: smoothing, sorting. 
||--ser^^,* tr.: smooth (paper or rags for 
making paper), sort ; undo (the hair). 
-seur ^'^, = 31Î se, m., /. ; rag-sorter. 

I. délit 1^ [L. de-lictum (linquere, leave)], 
m.: legal offence, misdemeanour, de- 
linquency, crime : corps du — , material 
evidence of the crime; en flagrant — , in 
the very act. 






'unbedding' (cf. -ter), 

laying against the grain, -tage^^, m., 

shifting the bed (of silk- worms). ' H^ter ^^ 
[dé, lit], tr.: 'unbed' (shift the position 
of a stone with reference to its natural 
bed or stratification), lay against the 
grain ; split (a stone) in the line of its 
grain; shift the bed of (silk-worms); 

refl. : split ; break into scales, flake off. 
-tes-een-ce-^^ [-tescent], f. : breaking into 
scales, scaling. i. -tescent ^^, adj.: 
breaking into scales or flakes, scaling. 

2.délites-eeri-ce^^ [L. -scere, lie hid]; 
/.; (med.) delitescense. 

dé-livran-ce-^^, /.; deliverance, delivery; 
childbirth. i. -livre ^^, adj.: ffree ; 
(falc.) à — , lean. 2.-livre^^ m.; (vulg.) 
afterbirth, beam (of animals) ; ^^ canal or 
feeder of salt-basin, etc. ||-^livrer° [p. 
L. dê-llberàre(L. liber, free)], tr.: deliver 
(set free, release ; make over), -li- 
vreur ^^, m. ; deliverer ; distributor (of 
provisions) ; (manuf.) groom ; doflfer (of a 

délo-gement ^^, m.: removal, change of 
quarters. Il-^ger-^^ [dé-, loger], intr.: 
leave one's lodging, move, decamp ; tr. : 
turn out (of a house), oust ; dislodge. 

délof ^^ [old del = dé], m.: thumb-stall. 

délovet*^^ [dé-, lover], tr.: uncoil (a 

déployai ^^, pi. =a.xLX [dé-, loyal], adj. : dis- 
loyal, -loyalement ^^, adv.: disloyally. 
-loyauté ^'^j / ; disloyalty, perfidy. 

Delphes [Gr. Delphoi],f.: Delphi. 

delphine^^ [Gr. -nion, delphine], /.: 
delphinine (poisonous alcaloid). 

delphiqite [Delphes], adj.: Delphic. 

del-ta ^8 [Gr. name of the letter A, ' D '], m. ; 
=. -toïde ^^ [Gr. -to-eidés, delta-shaped], 
adj.: deltoid, triangular. 

déîiige^^ [L. diluvium (lucre, wash)], m.: 
deluge, flood ; torrent. 

déluré ^^ [? dé-, leurré], adj.: (fam.) 
Vv^ide-awake, quick. 

délustrer ^® [dé-, lustre], tr.: remove the 
lustre from. 

tdélusoire [L. -sum (ludere, play)], adj.: 

déluter^^ [dé-, lut], tr.: unlute, unputty. 

déma-gogie ^"^ [Gr. -gia],f.: demagogism. 
-gogiquè^^ [-gogîe], adj.: demagogical. 
-gogne^'^ [Gr. -gegos (demos, people, 
agogos, leading)], m.; demagogue. 

démaigrir ^^ [dé-, maigrir], tr.: thin (a 
piece of wood, etc.) ; intr.: (fam.) grow 
less thin, recover one's flesh. 

démiait-ler-^^ [dé-, maille], tr.: undo the 
meshes of ; (nav.) unlace. 

démaitloter ^^ [dé-, maillot], tr.: un- 

dEmain" [p. L. de-mane (L. mane)], adv.: 
to-morrow ; m. : to-morrow : après — , 
day after to-morrow. 

déman-ché, part, of -cher (which see) ; 
m.: (mus.) shift. -ehement^^, m. ; 
taking off the handle ; lack of a handle ; 
(mus.) shifting, -chef^^ [dé-, manche], 
tr. : deprive of handle ; take apart, dis- 
locate, disarrange ; intr. : shift the hand 



on the reel or finger-board C handle') of a 
violin, etc., to produce high notes ; (nav.) 
get out of a channel : se — , loose its 
handle ; go wrong. 
dEina/t-d^ ^^, /. ; demand, request ; re- 
quirement ; question, inquiry ; (com.) 
order, (leg.) suit : Voffre et la — , demand 
and supply. ||*der° [p. L. -dare; L. 
mandare (manus hand, dare give), give in 
charge, order], tr. (intr.) : demand, re- 
quest ; require ; question, ask, ask for ; 
solicit, beg; want; (com.) order: -dé, (com,) 
in demand, request, -deur^^, =euse, 
or -deresse, m., /.; demander, asker, 
deman-geaison^^, /.; itching; inor- 
dinate desire. linger ^* [dé-, manger], 
intr. : itch ; (jig.) have a strong or inor- 
dinate desire : la main me -ge, my hand 
is fairly itching (to strike) ; les pieds lui 
-gent, he is eager (longs) to go out. 
déman-tèlement ^^, m. : dismantling. 

-teler [dé-, manteau], tr.: dismantle. 
dema^i-tibuler^^ [dé-, mandibule], tr.: 
ifam.) break (the jaw-bone of), Ijreak 
demar-cage^^ [-quer], m. : unmarking, re- 
moving the marks. -catiow-^^ [Span. 
-cacion {cî.Fr. -quer)], f.: demarcation. 
démar-ehe^^, /.; step; walk, gait ; pro- 
ceeding, measure ; attempt, application : 
faire une — , take a step or measures, 
ll-^-eher^^ [dé-, marcher], intr.: walk: 
se — , walk with a proud gait, strut. 
démarger^^ [de-, marger], tr.: open 

(holes o*f an oven). 
demarier^^ [dé-, marier], tr.: unmarry, 
divorce : se — , get a divorce. 
démar-qite ^^, /. ; (play) withdraw the 
marks; unmark. -quement^^, m.: un- 
marking ; fraudulent removal of marks 
(on reserved trees). H-^qiter^^ [dé-, 
marquer], tr.: deprive of its mark or sign, 
unmark ; (play.) deduct (points marked) ; 
intr.: lose the mark of its age (in 
speaking of the teeth of horses). 
dexnar-rage ^', m. : unmooring. H-^rer -^^ 
[dé-, root of amarrer], tr. : unmoor ; pull 
out or ahead ; unbend (ropes) ; intr. : 
leave or break her moorings ; move off. 
dexuas-clage^^, m.: barking (cork trees). 
Il-^cler^^ "[mo(Z. Prov. -cla, EMASCULATE], 
tr.: bark (cork trees). 
deinasqtter-^^ [dé-, masque], tr.: un- 
demastiqif er^^ [dé-, mastic], tr.: deprive 

of mastic or putty. 
déma-tage '^'^, m.: dismasting. H-^ter*^^ 
[dé-, mât]', tr.: unmast; intr.: be un- 
masted, lose her masts. 
démê-lage^^, m.: unravelling, sorting 
(wool), -lé, m.; contest, strife, conten- 


tion. -lement^^, m.: unmingling, dis- 
entanglement. Il-'ler*^^ [dé-, mêler], tr.: 
unmingle, separate, disentangle, unravel ; 
distinguish ; settle (an affair) : se — , un- 
ravel, be disentangled, etc. ; fextricate 
one's self ; part one's hair ; avoir à — 
avec, have to do with ; avoir quelque 
chose à — avec, have an affair to settle 
with ; — le vrai d'avec le faux, distinguish 
truth from falsehood, -loir^^, m. ; sepa- 
rator ; comb for parting the hair. 

démefn-hnament ^^, m. : dismember- 
ment ; dismembered part. Il'-'brer*^*' 
[dé-, membre], tr.: dismember; cut up; 

déména-gement^^, m.: removal (change 
of residence), moving. Il-^ger^^ [dé-, 
ménage], tr.: remove (household goods); 
plunder ; intr. : remove (change res- 
idence) ; be off ; (fig.) become distracted 
or crazy, -geur^^, m. ; remover. 

démence -^^'[L. de-mentia (mens, MIND)], 
/. ; DEMENTIA, madness, insanity: tomber 
en — , become insane. 

démener ^'^ dèm- [dé-, mener], "ftr.: agi- 
tate ; refi. : throw one's self about, 
struggle, toil. 

dément^* [L. de-mens (-mens, mind)], 
adj. : mad, insane ; also noun. 

démeti-ti ^^, m. : exposure of an untruth, 
contradiction : donner le — à, give the 
lie to ; avoir le — de, be checked in, get 
the worst of. H-^tir^*^ [dé-, mentir], 
irr.; tr.: give the lie to, contradict, 
belie ; refute ; disown ; retract : se — , 
contradict one's self, belie one's self ; be 
f tradicted or proved to be false ; be 
inconsistent ; fall off, flag ; give way. 

démer-gement-^^, m. : diminished draught 
of a ship. Il'-'ger-^^ [dé-, root of im- 
merger], intr.: diminish in draught (of a 

deméri-^-te^^ [dé-, mérite], m.: demerit. 
Il-'^ter'^^ [dé-, mériter], intr.: demerit 
(deserve blame) ; sink in favour, -toire-^^, 
adj. : lacking in merit, blâmable. 

démesu'^ré^^ dèm- [dé-, mesuré], adj.: 
inordinate (in measure), excessive, huge ; 
immoderate, -rément ■^°, adj.: inordi- 
nately, excessively. 

démettre -^^ [dé-, mettre], irr.; tr.: i. dis- 
place ; dislocate, put out of joint ; 2. [di- 
rectly from L. de-mittere] toiSMiss ; (leg.) 

démeu-blEmenf ^^, m.: unfurnished, 
removal of furniture ; lack of furniture, 
nobler ^^ [dé-, meuble], tr.: unfurnish, 
strip of furniture ; deprive. 

dE-meuranf ^^, =ante, adj.: ftarrying; 
residing, dwelling; m.: tremainder (resi- 
due); m.: dweller, -meure ^^,/..* ftarry- 
ing, fdelay ; dwelling (act of ; or house), 

. demi 

j residence, abode. Il-^meurer** [p. L. *de- 
moràre, L. -moràri (mora, delay)], tr.: 
ftarry ; remain ; dwell, live, reside, stay ; 
stand, stop : — en arrière, stay behind ; 
— d'accord, agree; où en est-il -meure? 
where did he stop or leave off ? la victoire 
nous est -meurée, victory remained with 
us; — sur son appétit, not fully satisfy 
one's appetite. 

dEini°, =ie [p. L. *dëmedius (L. di-midius, 
fr. médius, MiDDle)], adj., or m., /., or 
adv.: half; demi- (invar.), in many self- 
explaining compounds (half, semi-), like 
demi-heure (also demie), half hour, demi- 
pied, half foot, demi-cercle, semicircle, 
demi-plein, half full, etc. (compounds of 
peculiar meaning explained below) : je 
suis corsaire et — , I am a corsair and a 
half, i.e. more than an ordinary corsair ; 
à trompeur, trompeur et — , set a cheat to 
catch a cheat ; à — , by halves, -ai- 
grette ^^,/.; blue heron, -amazone ^'^, 

/.; parrot (of Guiana). -Iiaiii^^, m.: 
hip bath, -batide^^, /.; inclination (of 
a ship) to the middle of the keel, -"ba- 
toH^'^, m.: pause-mark (in music), -bat- 
toir ^^, battledoor (at tennis), -dame, 
/.; middle-class lady, -dieu^^, pi. — a?, 
m.: demigod. 

demieller^^ [dé-, miel], tr.: take honey 

dEmi-fiîi^^, adj.: containing about one 
half of alloy, -fortune ^^, /. ; sort of 
buggy (for one horse), -futaie,/.; from 
40 to 60 year old tree, -jeu", pi. —a?, 
m.: playing between forte and piano. 
-lune^^, /.; (fort.) demilune, ravelin; 
semicircular place before a building, etc. 
-mondaine ^^, /.; woman of the. demi- 
monde, -monde ^^, m. ; demimonde (so- 
ciety of doubtful reputation), -place ^^, 
/.; place at half price, -reliure ^^, /. ; 
half leather binding, -soldier, vi.: 
soldier on half pay. 

demis'^sion^^ [-sio (mittere, send)], /. ; 
resignation (of an office, fEng. demission ; 
tgiving up of property to children). 
-sionnaire-^'^, adj.: resigned (officer, 
etc.) ; frecipient (heir). 

dsmi-tour ^'^, m.: half -turn : — à droite! 
(mil.) right about face ! 
Î démitrer [dé-, mitre], tr.: unmitre. 

démiurge ^^ [L. -gus, Gr. demiourgos, 
worker for the people, Creator], m.: 

iemobiliser [dé-, mobiliser], tr. : demob- 

iemocra-te", m.: democrat. H-^tie^^ 
[Gr. -tia (demos, people, krateîn, be 
strong)],/.; democracy, -tique ^^ [Gr. 
-tikos], adj. : democratic, -tiqitement ^^ 
[-tique], adv. ; democratically. 



démoder ^^ [dé-, mode],tr.: put out of 
fashion : se — , get out of fashion. 

dEmoiselle° [p. L. domnicella (L. domi- 
na, mistress)],/; tl^dy of noble birth; 
gentlewoman ; unmarried lady (usually) 
young lady, =, damsel; lady (married or 
unmarried, in an establishment, etc.) ; 
name of various animals (Numidian crane ; 
dragon-fly; titmouse) or tools, etc. (paving 
beetle ; cross-piece of a sawing-trestle ; 
glove buttoner ; hot-water bottle). 

démo-lir^^ [L. -liri (moliri, construct, 
moles, mass)], tr.: demolish, -lisse- 
ment^^, m. ; demolishment. -lisseur^^ 
m. : demolisher, subverter. -lition ^^ [L. 
-litio], f.: demolition, destruction; pL: 
materials (of a demolished structure). 

démoti^^ [L. dœmon (Gr. daimon)], m.: 
demon (anc. good or evil genius) ; fiend, 
devil ; (jest.) wild child or fellow : faire le 
— , play the devil. 

démonéti-sation^^, /.; demonetisation. 
ll-.^ser^^ [dé-, L. moneta, money], tr.: de- 

démo^n . . . [cf. démon] : -niaque^^ [L. 
dœmoniacus], adj.: demoniac(al) ; m., /.; 
demoniac, demon, -nographe^^ [-grâ- 
phein, write], m.: demonographer. -no- 
grapbie^^ [-nographe], f. : demonology. 
-nomanie^^ [Gr. daimono-mania (rage)], 
/; demonomania; belief in devils; demon- 

dénionstra-teur ^^ [L. -tor], m.: demon- 
strator, -tif, =ive^^[L. -tivus],adj.: de- 
monstrative. Il^tio^i^^ [L. -tio (mon- 
strare, show)],/; demonstration, -tive- 
ment^^ [-tif], adv.: demonstratively. 

démon-tage^^, m.: taking to pieces; dis- 
mounting, lifter ^^ [dé-, monter], tr. : dis- 
mount (unhorse ; take down or to pieces) ; 
run down (the weight of a clock, etc.); re- 
lax (a spring, etc.) ; put out of service ; 
unhinge, baffle, foil, nonplus ; unset ; un- 
ship (a rudder) ; (nav.) supersede in com- 
mand : se — , be taken to pieces, be broken 
up, get out of repair, be or become de- 
ranged ; be dislocated ; be baffled, etc. 

démon -trable ^^, adj. : demonstrable. 
-trer^^ [L. de-monstrare, show], tr.: 
demonstrate, prove ; show. 

démorali-sateur ^^, -satrice, m., / ; 
démoraliser ; adj. : demoralising, -ca- 
tion ^^, /.; demoralisation. IKser [mo- 
raliser], tr. : demoralise. 

démordre^* [dé-, mordre], intr.: let go 
one's hold with the teeth ; let go ; relax, 
desist, abate, change (one's ways, opinion). 

Démost/iène, m.: Demosthenes. 

démotiqne ^^ [Gr. -tikos (demos, people)], 
adj.: demotic, populous. 

démou-cheter ^* [dé-, moucheter], tr.: 
take the button off (a foil). 



dé-moulage ^^, m.: taking out of the 
mould, unmoulding. ||~mouler [dé-, 
moule], tr. : take out of the mould ; 
(metal.) dress. 

démouvoir ^^ [dé-, mouvoir], irr.; tr.: 
turn aside. 

démunir ^^ [dé-, munir], tr.: deprive, 
strip ; strip of ammunition. 

demurer* ^^ [dé-, murer], tr. : unwall, open. 

démuseler -^^ [dé-, museler], tr.: un- 

dénaire [L. denarius], adj.: denary, ten- 

dénaiitir^* [dé-, nantir], tr.: deprive of 

dénationaliser-^^ [dé-, nationaliser], tr. : 

dénatter ^^ [dé-, natter], tr.: untangle, 
unmat (hair). 

dénatu-rer^^ [dé-, nature], tr.: alter the 
nature of, pervert, distort, adulterate, 
misrepresent; (chem.) debase; deprive of 
natural sentiment, harden, -ré, part.: 
altered in nature, perverted, etc.; deprived 
of natural sentiment, unnatural, hardened, 

dmt'^-elié*' [p. L. *denticâtus (L. dens, 
tooth)], adj.: (her.) DANCETté, indented. 
-■cliure-^^,/. ; (her.) indented border. 

den-drite-^^ [Gr. -drlies (-dron, tree)],/.; 
(min.) =. -drolit/ie^^ [Gr. déndron, 
tree, Zli^os, stone], /.; dendrolite. -dro- 
phage-^^ [Gr. déndron, tree, phageîn, 
eat], adj.: wood-eating. 

dénéga-teur ^" [L. -tor], m.: denier. 
-tioît-^^ [L. -tio], f.: denial, (fEng. déné- 
gation), li-^toire-^^ [L. de-negare (ne, 
not), deny], ac(;.; negatory. 

dénéral^^, pi. =aua? [denier], m.: (coin.) 

déni^^ [-nier], m.: denial; refusal. 

déniai~ser^^ [dé-, niais],tr.: sharpen the 
wits of, render cunning ; fcheat (dupe) : 
se — , grow sharp or cunning, -se, cun- 
ning ; une fille -see, a girl who has lost 
her innocence, an impudent girl. 

I. dénicher ^^ [dé-, nid (cf. nicher)], tr.: 
take or drive out of the nest, drive out, 
hunt out ; intr. : leave its nest, fly away, 
quit ; -ché, flown, gone. 

2.deni->^^^ [dé-, niche], tr.: take out 
of its niche (a statue, etc.) ; (fig.) deprive 
of worship, i .-eheur ^^, m. ; remover of 
statues (from their niches). 

2.déni-eheur^^, =euse [i.-cher], m., f.: 
bird's-nester ; fortune-hunter, sharper: — 
de merles or fauvettes, adventurer. 

dEnier° [p. L. -nârius (L. déni, by ten)], 
m. : denarius (Rom. coin worth ten asses) ; 
denier (old Fr. coin, 72 of ^ sou); rate of 
interest; (esp. in pi.) money, specie, funds; 
ipharm.) scruple : — fort, big interest ; 


— à Dieu (or d'adieu), earnest; gratuity; 

— de Saint-Pierre, Saint-Peter's pence ; 

— de fin, de loi, standard ; le — de la 
veuve, the widow's mite ; à — s découverts^ 
in cash ; au — vingt, five per cent. 

dénier ^^ [L. de-negare], tr.: deny; dis- 
own ; refuse. 

déni-grant^^, adj.: denigrating, dis- 
paraging. -grEmeRt ^^, m. : denigration, 
defamation, disparagement. H'-'grer ^^ [L. 
-grare (niger, black), blacken], tr. : slander. 

Denis, or -ys, m.: Dionysius, Denis. 

dénive-i'ler^^ [niveler], tr.: put out of 
level, -latioii ^^, /. ; putting out of level. 

déno)it-brEme)it ^^, m. : enumeration ; 
census. H-^brer^^ [L. de-numerare (nu- 
merus, number)], tr.: number, count. 

déno-minateur ^^ [L. -minator, namer], 
m.: (arith.) denominator, -minatif^*, 
=ive [L. -minativus], adj.: (gram.) de- 
nominative, -minatioji^^ [L. -minatio], 
f: denomination; fdenominator. H-^mi- 
ner-^^ [L. -minare (nomen, name)], tr.: 
NAME, mention ; denominate, call. 

dénon'»'-eer ^-^ [L. de-nuntiare (nuntius, 
messenger)], tr.: announce or declare of- 
ficially, proclaim, (fEng. denounce) ; de- 
nounce, inform against, accuse, -eia- 
teur^'*, =tri-ee [L. -ciator, -ciatrix], 
m., f: denunciator, informer, accuser. 
-■ciatimi^^ [L.-ciatio],f.: public declara- 
tion ; denunciation. 

déno-tatio»t ^"^ [L. -tatio], f. : denotation. 
-ter-^'^ [L. -tare (nota, note)], tr.: denote, 

dé-nouemeni ^^, or -noument, m.; 
(rare) untying; denouement, unraveling 
(of a plot), catastrophe (of a drama, etc.), 
event» ||-^nouer^^ [dé-, nouer], tr.: 
untie, unknot ; solve ; unravel (a plot) ; 
set free : se — , become untied, unravel, 
come out. 

denrée ^^ [denier: "what may be had for 
a denier"], f: provision, food; com- 
modity : vendre bien sa — , make the 
most of one's talents. 

den-^se^^ [h. -sus], adj.: :=. -site [L. 
-sitas],f.: density. 

â.en^t° [L. déns],f.: tooth; notch, cog; 
TINE (of a pitchfork, etc.) : — angulaire, 
canine, canine tooth ; fang ; eye-tooth ; 
— s de lait, first teeth ; — 5 d'en haut, 
upper teeth ; — s d'en bas, lov/er teeth ; 
— s de devant, front teeth ; faire ses — s, 
eut one's teeth ; les — s percent à cet en- 
fant, that child is cutting his teeth ; le mal 
de — s, the tooth-ache ; avoir mal aux — s, 
have the tooth-ache ; avoir une — contre, 
have an old grudge against ; avoir des — s, 
be notched ; déchirer à belles — s, tear to 
pieces ; être sur les — s, be tired out ; 
prender le mors aux — s, take the bridle, 


run away ; be earnest in business ; rire du 
bout des — s, pretend to laugh, -tairc^ ' [L. 
-tarius], adj.: dental ; /.: dentaria, tooth- 
wort, -tal ■^*', pi. =aua?, adj. : dental (esp. 
of letters), -t-de-limi, m. ; dandelion. 
-t-de-loujî, m.; big pin or bolt; sharp 
crag, -té ^^, =ée, adj. : toothed ; (bot.) 
dentated ; cogged ; /. ; bite of a hound ; 
stroke, rip (of a tusk): -tée en scie, ser- 
rated, -telaine^^ [-tele],/.: lead-wort. 
-tele^^, adj.: denticulated, indented, 
notched, -teler*-'^^, tr.: indent, notch, 
jag. -telet-^^,m.; (arc^.) dentil, -telle ^^, 
/. : lace (as ordinarily denticulated) ; lace- 
work (in engraving or sculpture) ; facet 
(of a jewel). -telliere^^ [-telle], /.; 
lace-maker, lace-woman ; lace-machine. 
-telure^^ [-tele], f.: indented border, 
indenting, jagging, -ter^^, tr.: tooth, 
cog (a wheel), -ticulaire -^^ [-ticule], 
adj.: denticulate, -ticnle^^ [L. -ticulus], 
m.: (arch.) dentil, -tier^^, m.: fset of 
(natural) teeth ; set of (artificial) teeth ; 
metal plate for artificial teeth ; indented 
knife, -tifri-ce^* [L. -tifricium (dens, 
fricare, rub)], m.: =, tooth-powder; adj.: 
tooth- : poudre — , tooth-powder, -tiros- 
tres^^ [L. dens, rostrum, bill], m. pi.: 
family of denti-rosters (kind of sparrows), 
-tiste^", m.: dentist, -titimi^^ [L. -ti- 
tio],f.: :=, cutting of teeth, -ture^^, 
/. .' set of teeth ; (tech.) teeth-range. 

de-nudation ^^ [L. -nudatio], f.: =. 
-nuder^^ [L. -nudare], tr.: denude, lay 
bare, -nué, part.: bereaved, stripped; 
destitute ; void, -nuement ^^, m. : depri- 
vation, destitution. H^^nuer*' [L. -nûdàre 
(nûdus, NUDE, bare)], tr.: deprive, strip: 
se — , deprive or strip one's self, leave 
one's self bare or destitute ; -nuê, see 
above, -nument = -nuement. 

déontologie^^ [Gr. deon, duty, logos, 
doctrine],*/.; deontology. 

dépailler ^^ [dé-, paille], tr.: strip of 

dépalisser ^^^ [dé-, palisser], tr.: untrellis. 

dépaqtteter^'^ [dé-, 'paquet], tr.: unpack. 

fdéparager^^ [dé-, parage], tr.: degrade 
by unequal marriage, (tEng. disparage). 

dépareiller^^ [dé-, appareiller], tr.: 
unmatch, separate from its match, spoil a 
pair or set of. 

déparer ^*^ [dé-, parer], tr.: disadorn ; 
undress (esp. altars) ; disfigure, mark, 

déparier^® [dé-, parier], tr.: take away 
one of a pair, separate (male and female). 

déparler ^^ [dé-, parler], intr.: (fam.) 
cease talking. 

déparqtter^^ [dé-, parquer],' tr.: unpen; 

départie [4ir]^ 7^.; departure, setting 



out, start ; fparting, separation : être sur 
son — , be about to set out ; faux — , un- 
even start (of horses) ; point de — , start- 
ing point. 

départagera^ [dé-, partager], tr.: break 
the equality of (votes) ; decide between : 
— les voix, give a casting-vote. 

dépar-tEmeiit ^^, m.: department (fdis- 
tribution ; fa-ssigned lodging ; division of 
executive government, of an institution, 
etc., province; territorial division in France 
governed by a prefect), -tcmetital ^', pi. 
=aux [-partement], adj.: departmental, 
t-tie^*^,/. ; departure, separation. H-^tir 
[dé-, partir], irr.; tr.: fseparate ; distrib- 
ute, dispense, bestow : se — (de), depart, 
deviate or swerve (from), desist (from). 

dépasser -^^ [dé-, passer], tr.: go beyond, 
pass ; reach beyond ; overstep, exceed ; 
surpass ; outsail ; draw out ; (nav.) un- 

dépa-vage^^, m.: unpaving. H-'ver^^ 
[dé-, paver], tr.: unpave. 

dépayser ^^ -pe-i- [dé-, pays], tr. : trans- 
fer from one's country, send from home, 
transplant ; put out of one's element, 
course, or track ; put on a wrong scent. 




cutting or taking to 

pieces, cutting up, carving, dismember- 
ment, -pè-eement ^^, m. : cutting up or 
in pieces, dismemberment. H-^pE-eer -^"^ 
[dé, pièce], tr.: cut or take to pieces, 
carve, dismember. -pEceur, =euse, m., 
f. : one who cuts or takes to pieces. 

dépêche^*, /. ; dispatch (fexpedition, 
ffinishing up ; speedy message or com- 
munication) ; correspondence, mail : les 
— s, the post-bags ; faire les ■ — s, make 
up the mails ; une marchandise de mau- 
vaise — , a merchandise hard to dispose 
of ; à — compagnon, cf. -cher. ||-^-elier ^^ 
[dé-, root of empêcher], tr. (us'ly reji.) : 
frid of or free from (as a hindrance) ; 
dispatch (expedite, send off ; send prompt- 
ly ; make away with, kill); intr.: send off 
a dispatch or a speedy messenger ; make 
haste ! hurry up ! à -che compagnon, in a 
hurry, quickly ; without giving quarter. 

depEçoir^^ [-cer], m.: chopping-knife. 

dépeindre -^^ [L. de-pingere (pingere, 
paint)], irr. (cf. peindre), tr.: depict, 
describe ; old paint. 

dépelotonner ^^ [dé-, pelotonner], tr.: 
unroll, unwind (thread, etc.). 

dépEnail-'lé ^^ [OFr. de-pane (pan, in 
its early sense of 'rag')], adj.: tattered, 
in rags ; emaciated (of the face), -le- 
nient ^^, m. : raggedness ; emaciation. 

tdé-pendamment ^^ [-pendant], adv. : 
dependently. -pendan-ce^^ [i. -pendre], 

f. : dependence ; dependency ; appendage, 
out-house : être dans la — de, be de- 



pendent on. -pendant ^^ [^.-pendre], 
adj. : dependent ; {leg.) attendant. -pe»i- 
deur^"'^, -peitdeuse [2.-pendre], m.,f.: 
unhanger, detacher : un — d'andouilles, 
a tall lean fellow (capable of taking 
down the antlers over a butcher's shop). 
i-ll'^p©»t'dre^^ [L. de-pendere (pendere, 
hang)], intr.: depend, be dependent; be a 
dependency. 2.-pendre^^, tr.: unhang, 
take down. 3.-pe/idre° [p. L. dis-pen- 
dere, weigh out], tr.: expend. -pe?is^^ 
[1. L. dispensum (cf. 3.-joe7i(^re)], m., pi. : 
texpense(s); cost(s). -pense ^^ [1. L. t/is- 
pensa (cf. -pens)], f.: exPENSE, expendi- 
ture ; yield ; steward's office ; larder ; pi. 
supplies (of parliament) : — de bouche, 
expense for living ; ne pas plaindre la — , 
not to spare expense ; faire de la — , 
spend money, -penser ^'^ [-pense], tr.: 
expend, spend ; employ; consume, -pen- 
siez ^^, -pensiere [-pense], m.,/.: dis- 
penser, disburser, bursar ; adj. : fond of 
expending money, as noun SPENDthrift, 

déperdition^^ [L. de-perdere, lose grad- 
ually], /.; gradual loss or destruction, 
(fEng. déperdition); (med.) discharge. 

dépé-rir ^'^ [L. de-perire], intr.: die away, 
waste (away), perish, decay, go to ruin, 
dwindle. -rissement^", m.; dying or 
wasting away, decay, perishing ; wasted 
or withered condition. 

dépêtrer ^■•^ [dé-, root of empêtrer], tr.: 
funchain ; disentangle ; disengage, ex- 

dépeu-plEment^^, m.; depopulation. 
Il^ple?^ [dé-, peuple], tr. : depopulate, 
dispeople ; unstock ; reduce ; thin ( a 
forest) ; draw (a pond). 

dépiauter ^^ [dé-, piau, dial, for peau], 
tr.: ifam.) skin. 

fdépi-eage = dépiquage. 

dépié-eef^^ [dé-, pièce], tr.: take to 

dépéiter^^ [dé-, pied], tr.: expose at the 
foot or root. 

i.dépi-lage^^, -lement [2.-Zer], m.: re- 
moval of piles in a mine. 

2.dépi-lage-^^, m.: taking off the hair or 
fleece, fleecing. -latif^'^, =ivc, adj.: 
depilatory, -lation ^^, /. ; falling off of 
the hair, loss of hair ; depilation. -la- 
toire^'^, adj.: depilatory. i-H^ler^'' 
[L. de-pilare {pilus, hair)], tr.: depilate, 
strip of hair, denude : se — , lose the hair. 

2.depiler^^ [dé-, pile], tr.: remove the 
piles or supports of (a mine). 

dépi-qnage-^^ [Prov. dépicage (cf. -quer)], 
m.: treading of grain, i.-qiter^'^ [Prov. 
depica {espigo = Fr. épi)], tr.: thresh 
(grain, by treading of horses, or mules, 
or under rollers). 


2. dépiquer ^^ [dé-, piquer], tr.: unstitch, 
unquilt ; pacify (one piqued or offended), 
unruffle ; fconsole. 

dépister^" [dé-, piste], tr.: track, trace, 
trail, hunt out ; throw off the track or 
trail, put on the wrong track ; misdirect. 

i.dépi-t° [L. despectus (de-spicere, look 
down upon, despise); contempt], m.: 
t contempt; despite, spite; vexation, 
anger ; {old adj. : spiteful) : en — de, in 
spite of, despite ; en — qu'on en ait, in 
spite of all one may do, in spite of one ; 
avoir du — {contre), spite, be spiteful 
(against); be vexed (with), -ter^^, tr.: 
fdespise ; spite, thwart ; vex. -teua? ^^, 
=euse, adj.: {old) spiteful; {now only of 
falcons refusing to return when they have 
lost the quarry). 

dépla-eemenfc ^^, m. ; displacement, 
change of place. W'^-eer^^ [dé-, place], 
tr.: displace, misplace, remove, shift. 

dé-plaire^^ [dé-, plaire], irr. ; intr. (with 
à): displease, be unpleasant or disagree- 
able (to), offend ' (dat.) — {de), be dis- 
pleased (with), dislike ; pine (of plants, 
animals); displease each other; n'en dé- 
plaise {à), may it not displease ; with the 
leave of; with all due deference (to); ne 
vous (dat.) en déplaise, with your leave 
(cf. preceding) ; je ne me déplairais 
pas ici, I should not dislike living here. 
t-plaisan-ee-^^, /. ; dislike, aversion. 
-plaisant ■^^, adj.: displeasing, unpleas- 
ant, disagreeable, -plaisir ^'-^ [dé-, plai- 
sir], m.: displeasure; dislike, distaste; 
uncomfortableness ; affliction, trouble. 

déplait-tation ^^ , /. ; displantation. 
Il-ter^^ [dé-, planter], tr.: displant; tear 
up (plants, etc.) ; heave up (anchor). 
-teur, m. ; displanter, -toir, m. : {hort.) 

déplâtrer [dé-, plâtrer], tr. : unplaster. 

déplier ^^ [dé-, plier], tr.: unfold; expose 

déplisser -^^ [dé-, plisser], tr.: unplait; 

déploiement-^^ or -oiment [déployer], 
m.: unfolding, display; {mil.) deploy- 

déploniber* ^^ [dé-, plomber], tr.: unseal 
(customs); remove fillings (of teeth). 

déplo-rable^^, adj.: deplorable. -ra- 
blEjnent [-rable], adv.: deplorably. 
-rev^^ [L. -rare {plorare, wail)], tr.: 
fcry over ; deplore ; bewail, lament. 

déployer ^^ [dé-, ployer], tr.: unfold, un- 
furl, unroll ; display, put forth ; array ; 
spread (a sail); deploy (troops): à voiles 
-yées, under full sail. 

déplumer ^^ [dé-, plume], tr.: displume, 
unfeather, pluck : se — , shed feathers, 
moult ; {fam.) grow bald. 


dépo-^lir^^ [dé-, polir], tr.: remove the 
polish from; rough (glass), -lissage ^^, 

m. : unpolishing ; glass-roughing. 

déponent ^^ [L. de-ponens (ponere, put), 
Maying aside,' viz. the active form], adj.: 
(gram.) deponent. 

dépopulariser* ^'^ [dé-, populariser], tr. : 
render unpopular. 

dépopulation^^ [L. -tie {populus, 
people)], /. ; depopulation. 

I. déport ^^ [dé-, root of report], m.: (stock 
exch.) backwardation ; contango. 

2.dépor-t^^, m.: t^dministration (of a 
benefice or fief after the death of the in- 
cumbent); management, discretion, re- 
gard ; delay ; challenging one's self (of 
judges, etc.): sans — , without discretion 
(or regard); à payer sans — , to be paid 
without delay, -tation-^* [L. -tatio], f. : 
deportation, -té, cf. -ter. -tement^^, 
m. : fdeportment (conduct) ; bad conduct, 
misconduct ; enlargement (of a model with 
reference to its shrinkage in cooling). 
Il-i'ter^^ [i.dê-, porter; 2.L. de-portare], 
tr.: i.fconduct; fsustain, ffavour, fspare; 
2.^^ deport, send into banishment: fi-se 
— , divert one's self ; desist ; challenge 
one's self ; -té, part. : (as noun) person sen- 
tenced to deportation, transport, convict. 

dépo-sant^^, =ante, m., /.; deponent, 
depositor ; bailer ; as part. cf. -ser. 
dépo-se^^, /.; removal (of any fixture), 
ll-^-ser-^^ [dé-, poser], tr.: lay down, 
deposit ; lodge (a complaint) ; lay aside ; 
depose, dethrone ; divest ; remove ; intr. : 
settle, leave sediment ; give evidence : se 
— , be deposited ; settle ; t^bdicate. -si- 
taire ^^ [L. -si^aHws], m., /.; depositary; 
trustee. -sition^^ [L. -sitio], /.; de- 
position (laying down of testimony, 
evidence ; setting aside a sovereign, etc., 
divestiture); removal (en — de croix, re- 
presentation of the body of Christ de- 
tached from the cross). 

depos-'séder^* [dé-,posséder],tr.: dispos- 
sess, -sessenr, m.: dispossessor. -ses- 
sion -^^j /.; dispossession, ouster; fdeliver- 

déposter ^^ [dé-, poste], tr.: dislodge, 
drive from a post. 

depot ^^ [L. de-positum (ponere, put), de- 
posit], m. ; depositing ; deposit